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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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arguments on a long standing monument. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i am laura garcia. >> marcus washington has the day off. we will start with mike and traffic. >> it's sad news. at 1:00 this morning, this is video from earlier from the east county. antioch police on the scene off of highway 4 and from balboa court, and near the freeway itself, this continues to be the situation. this suv hit the tree and there was a car fire, a person trapped inside and that person did not survive until they could get them out of the vehicle, so the investigation continues and you see all the activity, people trying to work quickly but to no avail. on the traffic map, the possible
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closure that is continuing over here, buchanan just off contra loma there, and there's a couple gas stations in the area for those of you familiar with the area. there should not be a problem in that portion of antioch as the on and off-ramps are clear. and then mild slowing into concord. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on, and not appe a lot of build. it looks nice out there as you get ready to head out the door. with our mostly clear skies to start we will start to see a few clouds mixing in at willow glen and going from the low 60s to low 80s by this afternoon. overall, temperatures slightly cooler. we will talk about that ahead go into the weekend. in the meantime, breaking news in japan.
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33 people now confirmed or presumed dead in an attack at an an mission studio. authorities say a man broke into the studio with gasoline and set it on fire. at least 36 people were injured. authorities say the suspect survived and they caught him, he's in custody. it happened early thursday morning local time in kyoto. according to some reports there's no obvious connection between the attacker and the building. thousands of trump supporters are backing his attack on four minority congress women. today in the bay's tracie potts live in washington with more from a late-night campaign rally. good morning. >> scott, good morning. from that rally the video this morning that everyone is talking about, reminiscent of the 2016 trump campaign rallies with the lock her up chant regarding
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hillary clinton. this time it was a different chant and four new targets. >> send her back! >> trump supporters at last night's north carolina rally chanting send her back as the president took aim at four congress women of color. >> omar minimized the september 11th attacks on our homeland. talib also used the f-word to describe the presidency. she described contemporary america -- that's you, that's me, that's all of us, as garbage. she thinks people with the same skin color all need to think the same. they don't love our country. >> the house of representatives called the go back to your country comments racist but rejected the impeachment.
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al green argued president trump should be impeached because his comments could incite violence. >> some of us are getting death threats. >> and even some trump allies think he crossed the line. >> i wouldn't tell any american citizen to go back home because this is their home. 68% of americans consider his go home tweet offensive. the house is holding william barr and wilber ross in contempt for not complying with congressional subpoenas. >> thank you. a controversy over a cross. in just a few hours the battle over whether a cross should stay put in an east bay park hits the appeals court in san francisco. we have a look at the details with pete suratos.
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>> reporter: it's the albany cross at the center of the controversy, and the federal judge ruled it unconstitutional, and the cross is here in albany. it belongs to the lions club and sits on top of albany hill and it has been there for decades lighting up for christmas and easter. the lion's club was given a small space in 1971 during a land deal when a city councilman sold the land but a group of atheist want it removed. the appeals court will hear arguments for and against the cross. >> we just want to get -- get the city out of the business of trying to promote one religion
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over the other. >> reporter: an attorney representing the lion's club said the city knew the cross was there before the land deal was made and the city cannot disregard the easement deal because it was approved by the city years ago. the circuit accord will hear both arguments later starting at 9:00 a.m. >> thanks for the latest, pete. a city supervisor proposing new taxes on lyft and uber, and it comes after a report shows the companies are two-thirds responsible for a recent spike in traffic congestion. the tax would be 3% of the total cost of the ride. now if supervisors approve it it would head to the november ballot, and two-thirds of voters would have to approve it. both companies, lyft and uber, say they support the measure. it's 6:06 right now. fur clothing sales could be banned across the state.
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there's a final vote in the senate after lawmakers return from recess next month but gavin newsom said he doesn't know if he will sign it, and if passed it will take affect in 2022. a controversial weed killer is banned in some east bay picnic areas. the board voted to stop usie tkpwhraoeu phosphate. it is found to contribute to cancer and other lawsuits are now pending around the nation. a heat dome is arching over much of the country bringing dangerous conditions from the midwest to the east coast, triple-digit temperatures span 40 states, and of course it feels much hotter in the big
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apple. look at the road in wichita, kansas, buckling due to the heat. if you are headed anywhere in the 40 states, the advice is take it easy. >> the humidity and the high temperature takes it out of you real quick. >> it's very, very hot outside. it's hot! >> things are so bad in st. louis volunteers are delivering free air-conditioning units to around the city. kari, i remember some years ago a lot of people in chicago died. hundreds. >> yeah, people don't realize how dangerous the heat is. it's one of the leading killers for heat-related conditions. as we look at the temperatures now it's going to be in the 90s, but then when you factor in the humidity in some spots it will feel like it's over 110 degrees, so that's what is making it unbearable for a lot of the cities. as we look at what is happening here, we are seeing some milder weather right now even in the
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tri-valley. we start out with a cool morning in upper 50s and then we will only make it into the upper 70s and low 80s today. if you are planning to go to the park in san ramon today, expect it to be a cool start at 66 degrees, and then noon, 75 degrees and reaching the upper 70s there today with breezy winds. here's a look at the high temperatures in some of the hotter spots like ukiah, reaching 82. mostly 80s inland valleys and 60s for the coast. mike, so far the commute is looking good. that's right, so far, pretty good. we are looking at a nice drive on the freeways. standard over there in livermore. driving down the upper east shore, and as we see in the summer months more builds towards 7:00. highway 37 already indicating more traffic out of vallejo.
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and over here, the bay bridge from oakland, the left approach always very clear. fast track lanes over here, so if you bring cash you can make your way more quickly. back to you. up next, when it comes to life in the big city, who is the best? where does san francisco and san jose rank in the new list and which city is apparently better to live in, better than anywhere else. plus -- >> this is his signature move, and he might get tossed. >> oh, my goodness. you're out of here. some people are calling him a baseball brat. the young coach whose temper tantrum is not giving a lot of people laughs. you are watching "today in the bay." it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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elijah "pumpsie" green. good thursday morning, and it's 6:13. low 60s this morning to start and then to the mid-80s for the afternoon. there will be a quick warmup today with a lot of sunshine and some of the inland areas in the upper 80s. we will get a look at look at our microclimates in less than five minutes. in the peninsula, the volume picking up just a bit, and so we
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will check on the crash, 280 around woodside and see how the rest of the bay is shaping up. good morning. i am kate rogers with cnbc headquarters. wall street set to open in the red this morning after stocks fell for a second day yesterday. the s&p 500 had its worst day in three weeks. the watch list is unemployment and earnings for morgan stanley and microsoft. netflix reported its first quarterly decline in nearly a decade. a number of rivals including disney and nbc universal are launching their own service in the coming months. a new season of "stranger things" did that premiere until last month.
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many americans may prefer to live in rural areas but 80% of america call cities their home. a new study finds virginia beach is the best large city in the country to live, and 62 cities with the population of at least 300,000, tracking things such as affordability, life expectancy and job opportunities and property taxes, and virginia beach has the highest home ownership rate and lowest crime rate. san francisco is sixth on the list while san jose is eighth. back over to you guys. >> i am happy we made the top ten. >> thank you, kate rogers. we're out with a new episode of our podcast, san hill road. >> a weekly look inside of what makes the bay area go. elizabeth yen has a big issue with something she was asked. >> that shocked me, because
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frankly speaking nobody said anything like that to me before. at first i was angry and i thought it was an inappropriate comment. >> what was she asked? let me be clear, it was not my question. san hill road available on itunes and google play wherever you get your podcast. hopefully your kids could grow up to be great baseball players, and then other parents may have other ideas, like the parents of this guy. coach drake was not the only one getting tossed in the ejection, and he tossed bats around as well. the coach did not head to the showers or even stand in the corner for that matter, and it was all apparently in good fun,
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and he just maybe stirred the memory of managers in baseball past. we have weather out there, and a lot of people are getting out and enjoying time outside, and playing baseball but leave the temper tantrums at home. in palo alto, we are going to have a nice cool start and low 60s as you get ready to head out the door. a lot of sunshine today. at 1:00, we're at 80 degrees. it's going to be a really nice day. san francisco, we can see right now you are covered in low clouds and fog and that's going to be the case throughout the day. our model is not showing clearing today, and then tonight it will reach across the bay
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into oakland and also for the south county we will start out tomorrow morning with fog and cloudy skies. as you step out the door in antioch, it's about the upper 60s now. it's a warm start to the day but it won't be as hot as yesterday. we are reaching 85 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon. as we go through all of our microclimates and day planner, let's go into the 10:00 hour where it's 68 degrees in livermore, and 71 in san jose, and novato at 67 degrees. at lunchtime, it's still going to be nice with 70s for the inland areas, and then some low 80s at 4:00. in danville, 80 degrees and 81 in santa rosa, and palo alto at 76 degrees. the temperatures don't heat up that much today. in fact, this is our break from high heat. we cool it down again tonight. we have our typical summertime pattern with high pressure across the desert southwest, and
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cool coastal areas going into next week. the high pressure blocking off a storm system from moving into the pacific northwest, but if the high pressure can move out of the way this could provide cooling to the bay area. we will have warm weather from saturday through wednesday, and we reach into the mid-80s today and tomorrow. the inland areas, san francisco, low 60s today and foggy, but we should see a little more sunshine starting tomorrow and continuing through the weekend. mike, now you are seeing a delay for bart riders. yeah, bart alerted us to a delay and they are not saying how long but they are saying trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station, and that would be a big issue for the system as that's the gateway into and out of san francisco, but trains are not stopping. go to montgomery, and you can catch the trains or jump off there. we also have muni.
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trains are going through the embarcadero station but not stopping. we are looking at no major delays on the roadways. green pretty much everywhere. we are seeing the build out of hayward and across the san mateo bridge. we come down to the south bay where we are looking at a crash at morgan hill. approaching the area, just that volume out of the south county, that's really it. no problems to or from the santa cruz site as well. a smooth drive over here in concord, and we continue to follow the police activity from the crash on city streets. that's buchanan over in antioch. you can see from the drive it's a nice and smooth drive over towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the left approach is clear but all the other lanes
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are filled with friends. >> thank you. the housing plan just approved in san francisco amid concerns of fraud in a toxic cleanup. it's a story our investigative units have been covering for years. we'll have an update at 6:30. an even exchange, yet she's charged more than $1,000. nbc bay area responds next. we were talking about kids and their creativity, and last night i came downstairs and my son said he is going to start a baby hanger company for his sisters, and they could not find hangers to hang barbie clothes on. tiny baby hangers in a variety of colors, place your orders now. not really. i applaud his entrepreneurial spirit. i am on instagram and twitter, and that one i just posted on
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facebook. more ahead.
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welcome back. nbc bay area responds to a sonoma county woman stuck with an unexpected hefty credit card charge. >> she said it came up when she swapped items with a online store. >> last year she determined some supplements were not working, and americare agreed to exchange
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her unused bottles for something else, and the sales rep told her she would not have to pay anything extra, but they charged her credit card $1,200, and she called over and over for the next 12 months asking somebody to make it right. finally she called us, and we asked americare what happened and the ceo wrote her an apology, and she wrote due to an overnight in the billing department tracey's refund was not processed and when it was brought to our attention we sent her a check for $1,200 per her request. you can visit like it or not instagram is testing out removing likes from the app. >> right now it's a trial in australia. the company says users can see
6:26 am
the number of likes you can get on their own photos, but others will not. it's to remove the thought that people will seem unpopular if they don't get a certain number of likes. and then the station trains are skipping and we'll tell you why as well. the bay area company tried to succeed where in-n-out burger failed. also this morning, brand-new video into the news room showing car break-ins in morgan hill, and details on a scary encounter overnight. you are watching "today in the bay." [beeping]
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right now at 6:30, taking a live look outside at the san jose skyline and the sunrise that is going to be a beautiful day. thank you for joining us. i am in for marcus washington. >> i am laura garcia. we are going over to mike with breaking news. >> we are showing the video -- actually, pictures. this is the first look i am getting as well. we are showing folks squeegeeing off the platform. look at all that water. a huge water leak affecting the bart system and the muni system at the embarcadero station.
6:30 am
muni is not servicing the lines either because of the water, and they are a level just before where you are seeing right here. this is a huge problem. let's take you out to the traffic system to get the words on the page so folks understand what i am saying. for folks going to muni, you have to go to the montgomery station that is nearby, and for bart, the last station you can join is at montgomery because there are no other stops until you get to the oakland side. right now it's 6:30, so that's going to be a problem getting out of san francisco on bart and getting through the area. no boarding for muni underground at the embarcadero station. the buses are not affected because it's just water in the station, or falling through the station, i guess, in the embarcadero area. bay bridge as the metering lights on, and the rest of the bay is pretty smooth. on this thursday morning, as we get started we can see the clear sunrise over the south
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bay, but san francisco foggy right now and that's pretty much what we will see throughout the day. if you are on your way out the door in fremont, it's in the low 60s. a nice cool start to the day but a fairly quick warmup as we reach the low 80s by early afternoon. we will see the high temperatures come down for the inland valleys, and san francisco today, 62 with antioch today reaching 88 degrees. san jose up to 83, and santa rosa reaching 81. we will talk about the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. we will look forward to that. thank you very much, kari. new this morning a terrifying night for a morgan hill woman. two would-be thieves tried to get into her car in her driveway while she was still sitting in the drivers seat. >> reporter: that young woman said she was sitting in her car in the driveway when two young men in hoodies came up and tried
6:32 am
the doors on her car and ran away when she started to scream. there was a getaway car waiting for them down the street. it happened just before midnight in a neighborhood off cochran road. police in morgan hill could not give us information overnight so we will try them again. neighbors in some neighborhoods have posted videos like these of other recent car break-ins that was successful over the next couple of months. i asked morgan hill about the auto crime in the sentence and police say there was no major increase in the auto burglaries and a slight decrease of stolen vehicles in the first four months of the year. auto crime is mostly happening in commercial centers off the highway 101 corridor and not in neighborhoods like this one. but park your car and make sure
6:33 am
it's locked and your valuables are out of sight so it's not a tempting car for thieves. the woman says the would-be thieves seemed familiar based on the video she has seen. >> quite frightening nonetheless. thank you. the cleanup from the massive winter mudslide in sal saw hraet yo. you may recall this happened in february, a woman inside her home, the mudslide pushed it off its foundation and down the hill and she was treated for minor injuries. four homes that are considered hazardous are still off limits.
6:34 am
and then a battle in the east bay over a drive through. >> the city will meet tonight to propose a restaurant that a lot of people don't want, bob. >> reporter: scott, laura, at issue is the large area here, you will recall that in-n-out burger tried to build here a couple years ago but that was 86'd after residents complained about the traffic and noise. amy's drive-thru has natural and sustainable foods, and some people point out on the website that this issue is not about food, it's the long line of cars backing up traffic in the neighborhood and the noise being so close to their homes. as you mentioned, the city of
6:35 am
walnut creek's planning and review commissions will meet and discuss the proposal here, and that meeting is at 6:00 on the third floor of city hall. bob redell for today in the bay. new this morning, additional housing has been approved for construction at the hunter's point shipyard in san francisco. as the examiner reports, it talks about the cleanup of the old navel site. tech trau tech is accused of botching the cleanup there. if you would like to watch the reports you can head to nbc bay
6:36 am
area/investigations. council members report the new hotel will go up where two hotels were destroyed in a wildfire. marriott will have to first get architectural approval from a city board. a big update on the ongoing construction on the richmond san rafael bridge. caltrans says crews poured the final concrete to complete joint repairs on the upper deck, and the original joints were dated back to the 1950s, and now they are replaced with a rubber seal that wishrink with the temperate changes. additional work on the joints has to be completed this month. new today the vta revamping its website. the changes will help riders get real-time arrival updates for
6:37 am
trains and buses and will be able to look up schedules and find out about upcoming new projects. want to check in with mike, because you say we were experiencing delays and clearly on muni, and it's a water problem. >> drainage is coming from the upper level. this is a bart track, and above them, folks know that embarcadero station is muni, and muni has no service at the embarcadero station because of the water issue. apparently -- what i am presuming is the water is now not pouring down on the passengers, but bart service is restored as we get back out to the traffic system, we will lay it out in the red and white for the warning there. we have the warning on the traffic system saying there's no muni underground service at the embarcadero station because of water or drainage problem there, but the bart level has been
6:38 am
restored and that's good news for the city. the roadways, they are clear, and the bay bridge toll plaza and the rest of the bay clear -- >> to be clear, they are running through the embarcadero station. >> bart is stopping, yes. it's fully restored now. >> just bring your umbrella. >> well, imagine how clean it is now. water and the squeegees -- >> i like that you are seeing the positive spin on that. we are quickly approaching the weekend as well. >> we are going to have a great weekend. we are going to kick it off tomorrow with free ice cream in the san francisco area, and there's going to be a free concert before the giants' game. first pitch at 7:15. i will be at out there at 4:00 with free ice cream. the weekend, on saturday, we will see the coastal temperatures in the mid-60s and the bay reaching 83 degrees, and on sunday we will see more of
6:39 am
the same, still a wide range in temperatures. as we look at our events going on you may plan where you are going based on those temperatures and what you would like to feel. now in the tri-valley, livermore, we have art under the oaks. it's going to be a nice day starting out with low 70s on saturday. up to 80 degrees at 1:00, and eventually reaching up to 86 degrees. if you want to see mike, he will be at the mountain view buddhist temple obon on saturday and sunday. it's going to reach only about 82 degrees there with mostly sunny skies. for the cooler temperatures, head to santa cruz, on saturday reaching 65 and 67 degrees on saturday and sunday, and at times clouds drifting by. warmer in the receiver, still snow on the mountain tops as we reach up to 70 degrees on saturday and sunday. if you want to go to napa valley
6:40 am
this weekend, beautiful, highs in the upper 70s on friday. although it will be warming up, we have sunday, our warmest day reaching 83 degrees, and still that's pretty comfortable. we'l talk about our temperatures for today as it cools down just a bit. that's coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you. coming up next on "today in the bay," protests in puerto rico. a dramatic scene unfolding all about the governor of the u.s. territory. celebrities are getting involved and the south bay woman there in the thick of things. major police activity overnight at a south bay grocery store. we have new video. plus, what we are learning about what is going on, next. later, what do you want to be when you grow up? the top answers kids are giving these days might really surprise you. one bay area company will probably be happy. a lot more ahead. 6:40 right now. out to the big board in new york city. dow industries down 75 points, and netflix down 9% after the
6:41 am
company said it lost subscribers for the first time in eight years. you are watching "today in the bay."
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good thursday morning. it's 6:43. let's head over to walnut creek with a live look outside as you get ready to head out the door. the temperatures are going to be cooler today so maybe you can have the windows down and enjoy a little more time outside, especially with th low 80s in the forecast today.
6:44 am
we'll talk about that and the weekend ahead coming up next. it's raining on the bottom level of the embarcadero station. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic at the bart lines after the rainstorm cleared. it's coming from the muni station, and no service from the embarcadero station. these pictures are from earlier, and we'll talk about your commute coming up. breaking overnight, tension in the streets of puerto rico as thousands call on the governor there to resign. a fifth night of protest last night included fireworks, tear-gas, which riot police used to protect the governor's mansion. the anger springs from leaked text messages, and pop singer ricky martin posted video from the protest.
6:45 am
>> it's pretty much barbaric what he's doing. >> the text scandal follows a string of corruption allegations tied to his staff, including the arrest of several top administrators. among the protesters, a san jose resident. >> i would like the governor of puerto rico to step down. i think that it's enough. if management during maria was very poor, people like me should not have to be taking their vacation time to come and do his job. >> she was on the island as part of a local group's effort to rebuild homes destroyed after maria. and then new rules prevent migrants from seeking refugee protection if they pass through another country first without
6:46 am
asking for asylum there. the aclu already filed suit. today they will ask for a temporary retraining order until that case is decided. new this morning, police at a grocery store among reports of a possible robbery overnight. it happened on king street in san jose. new video just into the news room where officers are on the scene and it appears there's one man in custody. another man being treated by paramedics. rereach we have reached out to find out more information, and we will bring that to you if we do learn more. jeffrey ebstein will likely learn today if he will be free from jail while awaiting trial. on monday his attorneys argued he should be confined to house arrest with the new sex abuse chargers, and two accusers took the stand asking that ebstein
6:47 am
remain in custody. another blow for a controversial project in palo alto. according to the "mercury news," the environmental impact report says hundreds of more trips would be added, and neighbors have been fighting the expansion plan since 2016, some say adding fuel to the fire the school went over its enrollment cap for nearly 15 years. new today, kids would apparently like to be youtube stars than astronauts. >> you have a top job, and kids aspire to grow up and get, include, coming -- becoming teachers, and professional athletes, and musicians and then astronauts.
6:48 am
>> i am doing the thing i always wanted to do. >> you wanted to be a news tube guy. >> yeah, good point. >> i think about ryan, the little boy who played with toys on youtube, and now he's a multimillionaire with his own show. you can see why kids now might want to be youtube stars. >> or their parents want them to. >> yeah. let's start out this morning, as you think about what you would like to be today. it's going to be nice and clear for the inland areas, but look at this view. it's all cloudy at the vista point looking towards the golden gate bridge. you can see the low clouds that will linger throughout the day. look at the computer models showing our cloud cover and it doesn't clear up much there for today in san francisco, and along the coastline, it's going to be cool and foggy, and also a cooler day there while also
6:49 am
helping to cool off the inland areas. if you are going out to the park in san ramon, a few clouds. it's going to be a really nice one. low 80s in the south bay which is about normal for this time of year, reaching 83 degrees and downtown, while gilroy tops out at 82 degrees. we will see a high of 85 in concord today, and 75 degrees in hayward and half moon bay, only 60 degrees, and it will be a struggle to make it up to 60 because it's going to be foggy. redwood city, reaching 76 degrees. on the embarcadero, a high of 64 degrees and a breezy wind while the north bay temperatures reach the low 70s and 80s. it will be hot in yukiah reachig 92 degrees. and the coastal areas staying cool and cloudy while the valleys will be hot, but going into next week it looks like there will be a storm system
6:50 am
approaching the pacific northwest. that would provide cooling but it looks like that high pressure blocks it and keeps it hot here for the next several days. we will start to ht up going into the weekend. by saturday we are in the upper 80s in the inland areas, and that continues into at least the middle of next week. san francisco will see fog today but clearer tomorrow and extending into the weekend. you're back to the underground waterfall, mike? >> yeah, waterfalling from above here on the bart tracks. this video comes in from our friends at bart showing you the situation that had bart service stops or flowing through the embarcadero station, but they were not stopping but now they are. they have cleared up and cleaned up all the water, and we will get back out to the words, bart restored, but muni not restored.
6:51 am
that water coming from the muni level and working on the drainage issue is what we are hearing about. service above ground will be their option. for either case, bart restored, but muni not a good solution over there. bart may have one more problem and we'll talk about that in a second. anytime anybody hears about anything involving bart they tend to hit the roadways to avoid any problems, so we did see more folks in the cash lanes at the bay bridge toll plaza, and the map shows a smooth drive through the maze. on market at fifth, police activity there as well and that's where the above ground muni lines will be running if you can't get to the underground at the embarcadero. you can join on at montgomery and the other market stations. there's a nice drive for the rest of the build. we showed you a little more slowing for the san mateo bridge, and the south bay build
6:52 am
just kicked in. and then seizing a foreign oil tanker accused of smuggling oil according to iran state tv. there are reportedly 12 crew members onboard and it's not clear where that tanker was headed. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including controversial arguments over getting rid of a long-standing east bay monument. and then a fire at a company in japan, and this was an attack. we'll be back in just two minutes. show me the crown.
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welcome back. before you head out the door here are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news we are covering in japan, 33 people now confirmed or presumed dead at an attack at an animation studio. a man broke into the studio with gasoline and set it on fire. 36 people were injured, and the suspect survived and is in custody. the attack happened thursday morning local time in kyoto. authorities are not saying if they know how the attacker is tied to the studio but according to the reports, there's no obvious connection. 70 people were inside that
6:56 am
building when the attack took place. in a few hours the battle over a cross in the east bay heads to the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. it sits on top of albany hill and has been there for decades. the lion's club was given a small space to maintain the cross in 1971 during a land deal with a former city councilman. the mayor says it sends the wrong message that christianity is preferred. >> we want to get out of the business of promoting one religion over the other. >> one attorney for the lion's club said the city knew the cross was there before the land deal was made and they can't disregard it because it was approved years ago. now proposing new taxes on lyft and uber. the proposal comes after a report finds the two companies
6:57 am
are responsible for the spike in traffic congestion. if supervisors approve it it would head to the november ballot. two-thirds of the voters would have to approve it and believe it or not both companies say they support the measure. a woman scared off two would-be thieves as they cased her car in the driveway. she was in her car when two men in hoodies tried the doors. when she screamed they took off. neighbors in the lantana and other neighbors have been sharing videos of car break-ins that were successful in the last two months. morgan hill police are looking into the case. and then sizzling over a drive through, a proposed restaurant that a number of residents don't want. at issue is the large part of land at the corner of second and
6:58 am
main. amy's drive-thru proposing a new development there but residents say they don't want the back up of cars near their homes. and this is one of four fire stations in the city, and there was a vote to close it to save $3 million annually. the closure has no timeframe. the red sox paid tribute yesterday to elijah "pumpsie" green. he died yesterday. he was by his own admission, a reluctant pioneer that will be remembered for grace and perseverance. the red sox were the last major team to integrate. green grew up in the bay area, going to elsa rita high, and he
6:59 am
was 85 years old. weather look good today, and it will be clear for the inland areas. our temperatures are coming down a few more degrees, in the mid-80s today. keeping it cool in san francisco, and also foggy with a high of 62 this afternoon. mike, you have been keeping your eye on muni. >> yeah, muni said they were testing the water system, and they have now restored full service. muni no longer having service, so underground muni is not in service at the embarcadero station, and there's police activity at market and fifth so that could affect the traffic as well.
7:00 am
we will update you on the traffic, and of course we will have the latest updates at 11:00. have an absolutely wonderful day. ♪ good morning, the hot zone that massive heat wave gripping more than two-thirds of the country just getting warmed up this morning temperatures on the rise again warnings issued in dozens of states, nearly 200 million people coping any way they can al's got what to expect today and through the weekend. rallying cries the president takes his campaign against four democratic congresswomen on the road. >> they don't love our country i think in some cases they hate our country. >> just ahead why the president thinks running against the so-called squad is a political


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