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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 15, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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it's already july 15th, midway through our month of july, with a beautiful, live look outside san francisco. glistening with the lights. good morning to you and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington has the day off. let's get your monday started right. a check of the forecast. >> it looks pretty good today. still pretty hot for the inland areas. check out concord, starting out with some upper 60s at 8:00, and we'll go from the 60s to the upper 80s, in a few spots reaching the 90s again today. we'll talk more about that coming up and mike, you're talking about hopefully a smooth morning commute. >> i think it is. the sensors say that, and the reports for chp they calmed down. everything pretty much clearing as far as the crashes go.
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only overnight construction crews in a few spots because as we come in off the weekend, that tends to be the case. the cash lanes on both sides of the bay bridge approach look like they have a sizeable backup and the cash lanes are still in the same pattern, a few on each side have yet to open. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 4:31, developing right now by all accounts the president's promise to launch a nationwide roundup of undocumented immigrants so far has not come to pass, at least here in the bay area. >> the raids were supposed to more limited in scope. as of last night, i.c.e. agents detained a handful of people, none of them in the bay area. we do know i.c.e. agents did go into some neighborhoods in new york city, but there are no reports of arrests there, according to i.c.e. agents looking primarily for immigrants with deportation orders that have been signed by a judge. many communities still on edge with bay area volunteers doing everything they can to make sure that immigrants are informed.
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>> we have to do something, and if it means that i got to stand out here a few hours in the hot sun and hand out flyers, i'm going to do that, because i know there's children in those cages that are suffering way more than i am right now. >> that man an activist yesterday handing out "know your rights" pham threats in marins. supporters believe the raids could pick up as soon as today. we'll have team coverage throughout t morni with reporters following developments in the bay area and in washington. mexico is saying it will welcome any i.c.e.-related deportees with open arms. >> the people, the mexicans who are going to be deported are going to find in mexico an opportunity for a job, and support from the mexican government. >> over the weekend, the mexican foreign minister said he's expecting 1,800 deportees. he also plans to hire 300 attorneys and 100 consultants to
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help assist all deported mexicans. and of course one big part of the immigration debate continues to be those conditions at u.s. detention facilities. bay area woman anna eschu toured a processing center in mccallum, tex texas, this weekend and spoke with "today in the bay's" marianne favro. >> reporter: this is what congressman anna eshoo says she saw inside the mccallum border patrol processing center in texas, more than 40 men forced into a typy holding cell. >> they were all standing crammed shoulder to shoulder, no place to sit, no place to lie down, no place to shower. >> reporter: eshoo says because so many detainees have the flu and other illnesses she had to wear a mask during her tour. she saw young children sleeping on the floor with only mylar blankets. >> very difficult to see human beings like that. the stench alone was repelling.
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no showers. cold food. they were putting little notes of paper up against the glass saying "help me." >> reporter: on friday, vice president mike pence toured the same facility with a much different assessment. >> every family that i spoke to told me that they were being toric ared for, and different that we hear from democrats on capitol hill, our customs and border protection are doing their level best to provide compassionate care to these families in a manner the american people would expect. >> reporter: but eshoo says if americans could see these conditions for themselves, they coup woo condemn the care offered here. she says the u.s. needs to do more to improve the safety of people in central america to stop hundreds from seeking asylum in the u.s. >> these are people that are fleeing the most horrendous violence. >> reporter: eshoo says the treatment of these detainees is inhumane and america needs to do
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better. marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." in the meantime, president trump is facing new backlash, tied to tweets he made aimed at democratic lawmakers coming down hard on the migrant camps. he tweeted "progressive congresswomen, who originally came from countries whose governments are corrupt and inept should go back" it includes alexandria ocasio-cortez, pressley and rashida tlaib. all born in the u.s. lawmakers are outraged. >> that's a racist tweet. telling people to go back where they came from? these are american citizens elected by voters in the united states of america to serve in one of the most distinguished bodies in the u.s. house of representatives. >> the tweets came out after the four congresswomen condemned
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conditions at border detention facilities last week. house speaker nancy pelosi who has been at odds with the group called the president's tweets racist anddivisive. when "today in the bay" is off the air, you can follow all the latest on all the immigration-related stories for the most up-to-date information. just head to our website, it's 4:36 on your monday morning. coming up on "today in the bay," boeing 737 max planes are grounded still. american airlines keeping those planes out of the sky. we'll tell you about a new time line affecting passengers. and barney's is struggling. when the high-end retail store could file for bankruptcy. show me the crown.
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good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open slightly higher this morning, despite data out of china showing growth in the world economies slowed this spring. the markets are coming up positive friday, the dow, nasdaq, and s&p 500 posted fresh record highs. on the watch list, data, retail sales, manufacturing, housing and the consumer. earnings season gets under way with citigroup's numbers this morning. american airlines will keep the boeing 737 max off its schedule until at least november 3rd, two months longer than it had planned. american is canceling roughly 115 flights per day. the airline is confident the max will be recertified by the faa. united has extended cancellations until early november.
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the "wall street journal" reporting that fixing the max's flight control software and completing other steps will likely stretch into 2020. and barney's, new york, is exploring a bankruptcy filing as it struggled with high rent and changes in consumer taste. nearly 100-year-old store could file for chapter 11 in the coming weeks. 15 flagship regional and boutique department stores in the u.s. including on madison avenue here in new york, beverly hills, san francisco and chicago as well, this would be one of the highest profile victims. scott and laura, back to you. >> so many big names. >> rahel, thank you. kari, it looks gorgeous behind us at least right now for the start of our day. >> we have a clear start along the coast and inland areas. san jose starting out with some of those temperatures in the low 60s, and will be another very warm day. we'll talk about that, what's ahead for the rest of the week, coming up next. >> just a few minutes ago, both sides of the bay bridge approach backing up now.
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we have the right side, so that's the wrong side if you're. we'll show you how things shape a
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getting up early isn't so bad, right, skpt ask thef cam now would be a good time to get out the door. at palo alto. >> or sit and enjoy "today in the bay." a nice cool start to our emeryville. >> it doesn't look real. >> it doesn't. the moon is getting ready to set so it looks really large. >> looks animated. >> it's real. >> pixar, great work. >> right over in emeryville.
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>> that's right. >> and we head toward golden gate bridge right now, with the start out with some clear skies there, and our temperatures look at this ranging anywhere from 59 in san francisco to 75 in brentwood. it does feel very warm in some spots, as you get ready to head out the door. in antioch, we're going to cool it down a few more degrees around sunrise and warming up quickly, heading up to 82 degrees at 11:00 today. let's check out our high temperatures for this afternoon, with morgan hill headed up to 89 degrees. milpitas will see a high of 82. there will be a little bit more of a breeze especially for this afternoon, our winds picking up from the west but still reaching 90 in antioch today, while oakland will see a high of 72. we have some mid-60s for half moon bay. san mateo reaching 72 degrees, and 60s again in san francisco, but look at these winds coming in from the gusts, and still staying breezy in the north bay, but a very warm
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ukiah. we have our typical weather pattern with the cool and cloudy coast and some warm valleys as high pressure sets up across the desert southwest. as we go throughout the week, anot not a whole lot of changes as the weekend a low pressure approaches the pacific northwest. for us, that will bring in cooler and a stronger ocean breeze. as we go throughout the forecast, we once again see some mid 80s for today, as well as tomorrow. only some slight cooling going into the end of the week. we'll bring it down a few more degrees but i think we'll see more widespread low 80s rather than a few 90s, and then for san francisco, we're going to see all 60s throughout the week with a mix of sun and clouds. mike, you are checking out the view in palo alto. >> i wanted to pint of point out for those of you who might have caught flashing lights and brake lights that's your crew clearing. we don't have a full block, don't have a traffic break that i've seen over the last few but i have seen one lane with flashing lights starting to clear around willow, headed
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north of university and traffic flows smoothly on our sensors. no major closures for the freeways, great news as traffic flows around the bay, green sensors show up. here 101 around the sfo area reports of some debris on the northbound side. i haven't seen any slowing or traffic breaks there yet but we will watch that over the next ear, as well headed into the city. speed sensor no problems. congre appaching bay or here a richmond-san rafael bridge, we see a little glow for the lights. it's not a problem for visibility but we watch out, because there's some moisture in the air of course. with kari's temperatures we welcome any time, it's pretty cool. that's cool. back to you. >> very cool, thanks. 4:46 on your monday morning. it's been a little bit more than a year since london breed was elected san francisco mayor. >> how does she think year one went? bigad shaban talked to her one
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on one. >> reporter: mayor london breed could become one of the longest serving mayors in san francisco history that's because when she finishes her current term, which was left vacant after mayor ed lee passed away, she's still eligible to run for two more full terms. that's a total of nine and a half years, which means policies pun lasting effects. so we're taking a look at what she's done during her first year in office. marquis osby doesn't know where he'll sleep tonight. he's 30 years old and homeless. could you just walk into a shelter and get a bed? >> no. you have to go through the process of going to a shelter, signing up, waiting, coming back. it's a whole process. >> reporter: more than a thousand people are on the city's wait list to get into a homeless shelter. so marquise spends his night in a tent, that is until today when he says police forced him to hand it over. >> they came up and they took my
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tent. my tent was about right here. >> reporter: law enforcement has increasingly partnered with public works to clear homeless encampments across the city. since mayor london breed took office tents dropped 380. the number of homeless tents is down, but the amount of homeless people is actually up. so is the city really making progress? >> well, i would getting almost 1,500 people who were on the streets off the streets is real progress. i'm trying to address what we know is the biggest challenge our city faces and that is homelessness. >> reporter: the city says each week it takes about 50 more people out of homelessness and into housing, but at the same time, another 150 people wind up homeless in san francisco. over the past two years, the homeless population is increased to more than 8,000, that's a 17% spike. santa clara, contra costa, and alameda counties are
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experiencing even larger increases. but homeless advocates say san francisco is still spending too much time and resources shifting people from one block to the next. >> like this sidewalk shuffle, because they're not actually being given a real alternative. >> reporter: kelly cutler is with the coalition on homelessness. so in your view, fewer homeless tents isn't translating to fewer homeless people. it means homeless people sleeping outside are often having to do it without tents. >> yes, that's all it means. we have a housing and a health crisis, and this city is often responding with law enforcement. they're going through often taking people's belongings, giving people citations. >> reporter: vanessa tea got this ticket after police found her on a sidewalk with a tent. it's a misdemeanor that could result in a $1,000 fine and possible jail time. how many of these tickets have you received? >> maybe 20. >> reporter: 20? >> yes. >> reporter: that's just over the past year and a half. on any given night, there are
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more than 1,000 people on the wait list for shelters. will that change? >> my goal is to change that. i mean, since i've been in office, we've had almost 400 new shelter beds. i'm pledging to make sure that we have a thousand by 2020. >> reporter: the mayor is proposing to spend more than $364 million next year on the city's homeless crisis. that's $80 million more than this year. her plan is to expand housing grants to help keep families from becoming homeless, add shelter nurses and social workers, along with 820 permanent housing units for the homeless. another $4 million would go toward the city's efforts to clear away homeless encampments but it's unclear just how many homeless get housed, after they're forced to give up their tents and ordered to move someplace else. >> they're still homeless. >> reporter: matthew zimmerman and his fiance andrea boomer frame art and photos for a living but say the view outside their san francisco shop isn't
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so picture perfect. >> i actually just checked my revenue in the past from last year to this year and i'm down 25%. the last couple years, things have gotten worse as far as the amount of people that are on the streets, and amount of open drug use. >> thank you. >> reporter: while campaigning, breed said as mayor she'd work to have san francisco open the nation's first supervised injection site where people can openly use drugs under the care of medical supervision. la y actlly worked to rehab drug users. but when california lawmakers struggled to legalize the centers in san francisco, breed vowed to move ahead anyway, even though the sites would violate federal law. you had said that san francisco doesn't need to wait on the state to open a supervised injection site but the city still doesn't have one. what happened to your plan? >> well, if it were just me and you know, i was only putting myself at risk, it would be one thing, but it does potentially
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put unfortunately non-profit and city workers at risk of being imprisoned, and we need the support from the state. >> reporter: san francisco's dirty streets have also been a focus for the mayor. the city now has a dedicated four-person team to clean feces five days a week. a separate crew picks up used syringes 12 hoursh day. when will people be able to see real cng>>ell, there has been c. the fact is, the number of calls are down for needles, for feces, for trash pickup, all over the city, if you look at the data from the 311 calls, you'll see that they're down. >> reporter: complaints over needles and feces have declined in the last six months. compared to the mayor's first six months in office, but complaints to the city over trash have increased slightly. the mayor's budget plan for the next two years includes an extra
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$3 million for street cleaning. san francisco already outspends many other larger cities, including los angeles and chicago. and the mayor is expected to sign the city's new $12 billion budget into law by next month. >> bigad, thank you. if you have a story for our investigative unit,r visit our website, >> 4:53. happening now in the uk, ellen turralan turing is the ne face of the $50 bill. he helped to develop a machine that could crack germany's code. the bank of england says the new bill should entersirk sclags cn 2021. we'll be right back.
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good monday morning to you. a live look at the golden gate bridge. maybe people are up or maybe still on vacation. 4:56 right now. we have apy stolen from outside a market in san francisco. >> surveillance video shows a stranger walking up to a dog, a golden retriever named hemly morning the pup finally back home with her owner who spent a frantic tell us an officer saw a dog matching lily's description walking with a man and a woman near union square. police say the man did not match the description of the man in the video, but lily and her owner were later reunited. so a happy ending there. >> hmm. all right, kari's got your weather ahead. >> we are going to start out with a few clouds moving across parts of the bay area, but mostly clear. we'll talk about what's ahead in the forecast, coming up next. and we'll talk about a few
4:57 am
cars on the road, but mostly clear. this is the bay bridge span, a nice drive there. we'll talk about what just popped up on the reports for fremont. plus fear of raids still hoverings the bay area. so far, no sign of widespread immigration raids across the country. a live report is next. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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south bay 7-eleven, a young girl pepper sprayed. we'll tell you all the details. plus t is amazon prime day. huge deals online but other stores also getting into the summer shopping season. we'll break it down for you. you don't waste your time. you get your best deal on your insta pot or whatever it may be that you want. good morning to you. thanks for joining i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus. let's get a check of your weather on this monday morning. >> good morning. it's another warm one in the inland areas, while the coast stays cool. let's head out the door in pleasant hill, if you're going to the b.a.r.t. station it's cool to start with mid-60s and heating up again today. so short sleeves, feeling summer-like all throughout the afternoon, and as we look at our south bay high temperatures, morgan hill reaching the upper 80s, but we have some low 80s in downtown san jose. more on this in a few minutes and mike, you're tracking a crash in fremont. >> that's right, kari. overall green sensors around the
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bay, a nice smooth drive. over in fremont, 680 around the mission grade we have reports of a crash and there's a big rig on the shoulder. it doesn't sound like there are major injuries but i'll watch updates from chp. no slowing on the yet. a smooth drive through contra costa county, emerging with alameda county at the bay bridge, that's a smooth flow of traffic and 580, expect the


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