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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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today. plus shark warning ahead of a warmer weekend. the local beach that wants to have you on alert. and guns on the streets. what we know about two california law enforcement officials who just had their weapons stolen. it's happened again. "today in the bay" continues now at 5:00. and good friday morning to you. >> were you going to say monday? >> i did. >> you should go to the naughty corner for that. >> we have worked our way to friday, and thank you so much for starting your morning right here with us. i'm marcus washington. >> and i'm kris sanchez in for, go dprs. we a laura garcia. we're not going to rewind to monday although the weather was cooler. >> it was cooler, and we're going to heat up today. a live look in san francisco, a mostly clear view looking across the golden gate bridge even as the cars drive by. checking out concord, ooh, look at that. upper 60s to start. 91 at 3:00, so get ready for
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some hotter weather and mike, you're also checking out the golden gate bridge. >> we'll go back to the same shot, kari. you talk about mostly clear view for the drivers. i do want to point out, i always watch if you can see the lights over here, the towers, you can't, that means low clouds. everything is okay but crews moving alongside the shoulder, you see the glow from the headlights. fog may be a factor for some drivers but not now. a mild backup at the oakland side of the bay bridge. this is friday, so we have a lighter later build expected at the toll plaza. a crash west of highway 4 past 242 should be off to the shoulder, not a problem for contra costa county and a clear drive throughout the silicon valley and the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a live look for you right now at san jose. today immigrant advocates will be on hand there to help people navigate this weekend's planned i.c.e. raids. there are also massive protests planned here in the bay area and across the country. bob redell has much more of this developing story coming up in
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the next half hour. meanwhile, after days of hinting he would use an executive action to enter a question about citizenship on the upcoming census, president trump is using a new approach. instead, he's ordering federal agencies to use already existing data to gather that information. "today in the bay's" sarah dallof is in washington on how this new tactic is working. sarah. >> good morning, marcus. the president calling off the fight that saw the census turned into a political weapon. president trump backing off his bid to put a citizenship question on the 2020 census. >> the case is already in three federal district courts that have been, to be totally honest, extremely unfriendly to us. >> reporter: instead issuing an executive order for federal agencies to compile citizenship
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records from existing databases. >> knowing this information is vital to formulating sound public policy. we will leave no stone unturned. >> reporter: this as the president prepares for mass deportation raids this weekend, in at least ten major u.s. cities, prompting outrage across the country. several arrested in buffalo. >> abolish i.c.e.! >> reporter: advocates speaking out in chicago. in d.c., republican support. >> beginning to dpeport people who have gone through the process and lost their case to me is not cruel. it's reinforcing the rule of law. >> reporter: democrats furious. >> it means moms, dads, families being torn apart. it is absolutely disgusting. >> it has nothing to do with the security and safety of the united states. >> reporter: new moves from the president prompting new ripples of fear across immigrant
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communities. and the raids will target some 2,000 people who have been ordered deported previously, but he could also include immigrants who happen to be stopped on the scene. marcus? >> i've seen a lot of stories dealing with that, a lot of people are frightened about what will happen. thank you, sarah. there could be danger in the water. a shark warning for people headed to the beach, this weekend "today in the bay's" thom jensen is live in half moon bay. we don't like the warnings so close to home, thom. >> reporter: especially, kris, when it's so warm and so many people, you know, going out to the water, whether it be surfing, we're at mavericks surf shop in half moon bay and i talked to fishermen a couple minutes ago going out on a charter boat and they're talking about this shark that was spotted. pilots first saw it on the approach into the airport here at half moon bay, and san carlos pilot hearing that got on his plane, went up and got this picture of it.
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bart selby from san carlos a long with a friend on board this plane yesterday afternoon, the san mateo county sheriff's office then issued a warning to people that there was a great white shark spotted in half moon bay, and talking to the locals here, they say that you don't hear about it that much anymore, although you do from time to time see damage on fish or other creatures like elephant seals. they say when they were kids they used to see more great white sharks around half moon bay back in the '80s and '90s and see the elephant seals with their heads bitten off but to hear about something like this and to see these pictures really harkens back to that time, and it's really unusual and it can be a dangerous situation especially for surfers. you can bet they'll be talking about it here at maverick surf shop today. back to you guys. >> we'll talk about it here far from the water's edge, too. thank you very much, thom.
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a developing story this morning, the search is on for dangerous weapons stolen from an fbi agent's car in oakland. a semiautomatic rifle, a magazine loaded with bullets, and an fbi jacket all missing this morning. investigators say that theft happened wednesday night at the hagenberger shopping center across the street from the coliseum, near the in and out burger. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for the return of those items. and the top cop in san luis obispo is apologizing after leaving her gun in a restaurant restroom, which was then stolen. here is chief deanna cantrell. >> my actions were irresponsible and dangerous, and i'm so grateful that after our preliminary investigation, a child didn't find it. i was complacent and that's something you can never be with a firearm. >> surveillance video captured the possible suspect who took the weapon. here is a picture. the search for this man you see
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right here continues. these are not the only times this has happened. our investigative team has reported before on stolen law enforcement weapons, to watch all of those reports, you can head to and search "stolen guns." >> i can understand how that would happen, you're going to the bathroom, right? happening today, governor newsom is expected to sign a massive wildfire protection bill into law that makes rate payers share the burden of future wildfire costs caused by utilities like pg&e. the complex bill was approved yesterday by the legislature. it creates a new $21 billion fund for victims and about half of that money will come from utility customers. lawmakers say your bills will not go up, however but critics say this is a gift to the you tilts. the governor who supports the bill says the utilities will have to meet higher safety standards because they can't access the funds.
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the town of paradise ravaged by wildfires struggling months later. the town has lost more than 90% of its population since the wildfire last year, and surveyors are counting about 2,000 residents in april. that's it. back in 2010, there were about 26,000 people living there. 85 people died in the camp fire. about 14,000 homes were destroyed by the fire as well. 5:08. happening today, the judge meets with both sides now duking it out over the future of a home you can't help but notice above. we're talking about the so-called flintstone house. the town is suing the owner florence fang over recent additions to the home. critics call it a visual nuisance. the town says the modifications were done without proper approval. today's meeting lays out how the civil case will proceed. in louisiana, a hurricane warn something now in effect, and it could arrive as early as
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tomorrow. >> as we've been reporting to you, tropical storm barry is headed straight for the state's coast with new orleans possibly taking the brunt of the storm. so here's what's happening right now. sandbags are being put out in low-lying areas to try to move some of that flooding around. people are also leaving town. we've been showing you video of flooding from the rain all this week in new orleans, and now the mayor there is sounding the alarm. >> we cannot pump our way out of the water levels and the water falls that are expected to hit the city of new orleans. >> here is the big concern, the mighty mississippi is already at flood stage, and with more rain expected, things could get much worse and so many meteorologists are keeping their eyes on this one. kari, we have friends and family everywhere, right? >> yes, absolutely. i used to live in lafayette so i have a lot of people there who are closely watching this hurricane. right now a tropical storm, and it's a little complicated because there are hurricane warnings in effect along the coast, although we are expecting
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this to stay as a tropical storm over the next couplef days. we are not focusing so much on the intensity but the amount of rainfall that this slow-moving tropical system will dump on some areas, including lafayette and over toward the east over new orleans, and of course as we just mentioned the water levels are already very high, so this could cause a lot of problems aside from those high wind speeds going into tonight, as well as throughout the day tomorrow, as it slowly tracks off to the north. as we bring it back home, we take a live look outside in san jose, with the cloudy start. sunnyvale will have some warmer temperatures today, and normally we're at about 82 degrees. i think we're going to go slightly above that, as we go into this afternoon. i'll have more on that and the weekend forecast. mike, you're checking on something in the tri-valley. >> that's right, kari. we got a report and a clear report right now, where the roadways are showing great sensors, you see all the green here. we're going over here toward 680 southbound, right around sheridan, that little blip of
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slowing, there was a report of a roadway obstruction. i think it was a disabled vehicle but perhaps some debris. that quickly cleared from the chp report without a lot of detail. we see a little bit of slowing in the incident on the southbound 680, just past 84, but again, we'll track that, but the tri-valley still looking great right now, and a lighter flow of traffic, there's fremont 880. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:11 for you right now. coming up here on "today in the bay," on fire. a large fire in hawaii being engulfed by those flames this morning. the impact this is having on travelers here at home. and a lot of powerful people are weighing in on libra, the cryptocurrency from facebook. kris, it faces a lot of trouble. talk about happy feet, a different turn. new adorable video as young baby penguins in san francisco take to the water for the very first time. we are bird crazy this week.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. it is 5:14. happy friday morning. as the sun rises over walnut creek, we're starting out all clear and it's going to be a slightly hotter day today compared to yesterday. we're already going to be at 81 degrees at noon, and it will reach into the low 90s in a few spots. so we'll talk about that and the weekend forecast, in less than five minutes. the sun is not up over the golden gate bridge and we cannot see the lights on the tower. low clouds but visibility for drivers is just fine.
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we'll show you how things shape up for the drive around the bay. and a very good morning to you, and happy friday as well. take a look at this. the dow industrials crossing 27,000 for the first time. markets roaring ahead on hopes of rate cuts. let me be a downer here for a minute. rate cuts are like medicine. if you are happy getting your medicine, it's still because you're sick, and the dow rose partially because of a jump in health care stocks. look at anthem. this is up because the president's plan to lower your health care costs is not working. so a higher stock market is not necessarily good for everyone and everything. facebook was actually down as worries grow about its proposed libra cryptocurrency. what will congress do, asks politico. what about privacy? hidden costs, warns "usa today." india is not interested says
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cnn. president trump weighed in saying he doesn't like cryptocurrencies. he prefers the dollar and fed chairman powell raising concerns about money laundering. facebook has a long road ahead of it. google responding after a dutch news reporter discovered google contractors are listening to recordings of some of the things you say to your google home assistant. they do that to better program the voice recognition. google says that's actually true. amazon does this, too. ideally they're only listening to the recordings to the wake-up word okay google or alexa. of course they do that. this is how they get the devices to work. the genius project in oakland to teach young black men about programming but not just coding. leading and entrepreneurship too. this week on press:here -- >> we aren't going to lose sleep on the representation on a given
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night because we're helping young people understand how to build for themselves, how to build relationships, and how to find their pathway and make their pathways if they're not clearly established. >> dr. brandon nicholson saying i'm not doing this for google, uber or facebook. i'm doing this for the kids who will create their own ubers and googles and facebook. "press here" sunday mornings at 9:00. >> i have it set in my recorder. thank you very much, scott. >> 5:17 for you right now. penguin chicks learning how to -- what are you doing? what is that? >> what's going on? >> so look, these little chicks are learning how to swim. check out the adorable little ones at the san francisco zoo. look at them, hey, what is this stuff? >> get me out. >> this is their fish school, as they call it. the first time in the water. they're also learning how to eat and socialize. all five of the chicks born at the zoo two months ago. they're just little babies learning how to swim, so this
5:18 am
week, we kind of overdid it with the cute baby animals there. look at this. baby flamingos from oregon yesterday. okay. >> the ducklings in the sewer drainage. >> which ones are your favorite? we posted on my instagram stories. vote and let me know which one you like, it's m underscore dubworld on instagram. >> it's a bird world. >> this week it is. >> the bab >> no baby pandas. >> we had that, too. >> no. it makes me sound like a horrible person. naked no fur babies -- >> not your cup of tea. >> give me a couple months. >> weather this weekend i'm sure is something. >> you want to head to the san francisco zoo, where it's going to be cool and at times the fog drifting by.
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here is a live look in palo alto as you get ready to head out friday morning. check out the temperatures in the upper 50s at 6:00. we'll be at 62 at 8:00. 73 at 11:00, and at noon we're at 76 degrees, and then as you head out for your morning commute in antioch, it's also nice and cool for the start of the day, with some low 60s, and then if you're leaving a little bit later at 9:00, it's 71 degrees. those temperatures will be heating up fast today, low 80s by early afternoon. looking at our south bay, highs today east san jose reaching 86 degrees and see some low 90s in pittsburg and antioch, concord, danville into the tri-valley. oakland stays in mid-70s. redwood city a high of 80 degrees there. the embarcadero tops out at 65. highs in napa reaching 90 degrees so a wide range in temperatures continues as we get a weak onshore wind flow creating that natural air conditioning that we get this time of year for some of the coastal areas in san francisco.
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the inland valleys won't feel the winds picking up until later on this evening, but by then, we're already in the upper 80s and low 90s. then we're going to see those 90s continuing through the weekend, up to 92, even hotter in a few spots reaching 90 on sunday as temperatures come down just a bit. we're going to see more widespread 80s going into next week, and san francisco not changing as much, seeing mostly 60s, even through the middle of next week. mike, how is it looking now at the bay bridge? >> speaking of san francisco, heading from oakland got a little change in the configuration. we have the fastrak lanes just starting to show the buildup and the cash lanes all open in the last few minutes. they are just starting to see clearing. this is the plan on friday, 5:20, we should see the metering lights on but the volume of traffic not needing to be metered because it's so smooth and so light there. that crash still reported westbound highway 4 at 242 but we don't see problems and haven't had a problem. it's out of the lanes, the point where the two roadways are
5:21 am
merging. and also we have this disabled vehicle southbound 680, a shout out there, as you go toward sheridan, just always concerned because this is about the time even on a lighter friday we see more traffic heading down 680 in toward fremont out of pleasanton. a smooth drive throughout the entire area, south bay and peninsula as well. that's good news. the crash cleared 101 at san bruno. here is 101 at palo alto as kari showed you the light flow of traffic. it is still the summer. we have the summer flow, lighter traffic around the bay but in about another month this ikea will be crowded with kids and their parents to get ready for the dorm rooms. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, new ideas when it comes to tackling the homelessness crisis down in los angeles. what the city's police chief has when it comes to a bold plan for fighting the epidemic, and what he says he's willing to forgive in order to get people off the streets. show me the crown.
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a large brush fire started yesterday, bushed some 3,000 acres in maui and a nearby airport is finally back to normal. the smoke did cause some flights to be diverted. the fire is happening in maui's central valley, and late last night evacuation orders were lifted for people who live in the north kihei. there are no reports of homes being burned. the lapd is rethinking its strategy to try to help some of those who may need the help the most. new police chief michael moore is working on a new plan. he wants to clear thousands of old minor offense warrants for people caught in the grips of homelessness. the hope is that it helps get more of them off the streets and back on their feet. outstanding warrants can lead to hundreds of dollars in fees especially for people who don't pay or show up to court.
5:25 am
nbc bay area responds to complaints about robo calls every week. >> for more than a year our team has shown how the annoyance involves fraud as well. the major players in the industry are working to fight wok. consumer investigator chris chmura fills us in on the robo call summit held this week in washington. >> reporter: washington is well aware your phone is constantly ringing. >> we detect about 300 million illegal and unwanted calls a day. >> reporter: we watched a livestream from d.c. as industry leaders, tech experts and phone company reps brainstormed with the fcc about stopping illegal robo calls. they shared their latest weapons in the war p the biggest gun is still being built. it's called shaken/stir. it should alert you when a number is spoofed like when scammers make your caller i.d. read irs. >> shaken doesn't tell you the content, intent of the call.
5:26 am
it verifies the validity of the calling party number. >> reporter: phone companies have until the end of the year to voluntarily implement shaken/stir. if they don't, the fcc chairman says he'll make it mandatory. >> we are prepared to go to rules at the fcc in early 2020 if major providers don't meet that end of the year deadline. >> reporter: chris chmura, "today in the bay." happening today, a meaty appetizer being served up at wimbledon ahead of a huge weekend for tense. >> today roger federer faces rafael nadal. they met 11 years ago in a match it is said the best ever. serena williams faces simona halep in the finals. if she wins she would have the most wins ever with 24. usually i don't watch tennis but i'm watching. >> two pretty good matches. >> exciting. coming up, preparing for
5:27 am
raids. we are set to report on all of the developments in this, as the raids are supposed to get under way this sunday. what several bay area cities are doing to fight back. plus terrifying moments in santa rosa, after a toddler is hit by a car. the driver now under arrest. what we're learning about his criminal past. and we are looking live this morning at the san mateo bridge, and you see the sun trying to peek up over there on the horizon. it should be a beautiful sunrise this morning. the forecast is looking pretty warm as well.
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and a good friday morning to you. look at this right here, this is in fremont, statue in central park. it's called unity, meant to symbolize the synergy of frem t fremont, and the synergy of
5:30 am
"today in the bay." >> i feel it. it's like a tango. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez, i'm in for laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. right now we want to continue with this unity bringing in meteorologist kari hall getting us centered for the weekend. >> it's going to be a great weekend. just hotter. we have to plan accordingly and make sure you're always drinking water. here is a live look outside in san jose, starting out with some cloudy skies, and as we check out los gatos for our temperature trend for today, upper 60s, but then we go from 61 to 81. we're not done there. we'll get a look at how hot it gets for our weekend forecast, in about six minutes. mike, how does friday look? >> considering you said 81, we're not done there, we're just getting started at the bay bridge. the flashing lights is the crew telling you they have a larger cargo there. fastrak lanes backed up. the metering lights are on but notice the cash lanes very light, indicating a friday, and summertime friday so that's better news for the feeder routes in through the maze, contra costa county, joining up
5:31 am
with alameda county in toward fran county, a nice smooth flow toward the city and no problems outside of the bay bridge toll plaza. the toll plaza is not a problem. it's just a slower spot. everything else showing up green. back to you. >> thanks, mike. there's more shaking, this time up north in seattle. it was a 4.6 quake that hit the pacific northwest. happened around 2:51 this morning and there is a lot of seismic activity in the seattle area but this is a totally different fault system than the one that caused the ridgecrest earthquake. no reports of any major damage or injuries but we'll bring you updates as they come in. new overnight an apparent double stabbing in the south bay. so far, details are sketchy. the police are not confirming much for us at this point, but we could see a lot of officers in that area in the surrounding santa clara street in downtown san jose. this is near the guadalupe river.
5:32 am
the cameraman covering the incident told us two people were stabbed late last night, one of them multiple times. police are not confirming any of that nor are they telling us if they've located an attacker. we are still reaching out to police and as soon as they give us some information, we will bring that to you. continuing coverage of the raids scheduled for this weekend. immigrants rights groups are mobilizing in preparation. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live outside san jose city hall where one group will rally later on today. this is going to be a busy time for a lot of folks in the area. >> reporter: marcus, there's a few rallies planned for the south bay and peninsula later today. the rapid response network here in santa clara county are participating in a few rallies including one in san jose city plaza. this is a community group that hepds helps undocumented immigrants from being deported, and today they'll provide tips, hotline number to help migrants deal with this weekend's expected sweeps by i.c.e., the federal immigration customs
5:33 am
enforcement agency. starting sunday i.c.e. is expected to round up 2,000 undocumented immigrants in ten major u.s. cities, including san francisco. this was the scene yesterday in the city, where a number of people protested outside the i.c.e. office downtown, demanding an end to this weekend's planned sweep. through an interpreter, one mother tells us she escaped violence in guatemala with her two sons in february, even though her immigration case is still pending, she worries what might happen on sunday. >> translator: for my kids, yes, i'm a little fearful because i don't want to be deported and leave my children behind. >> reporter: immigration attorneys tell us that their phones are busy with calls from fearful undocumented immigrants who have a lot of questions. they say they are letting people know that they do have rights, including having access to an attorney, if they are taken into custody. back here in the south bay, rapid response network will host a news conference later this morning to educate undocumented
5:34 am
immigrants with rallies later this afternoon in palo alto, morgan hill and as i mentioned here san jose city hall plaza. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> certainly will be a busy weekend, bob, thank you. extensive coverage of this weekend's i.c.e. raids, as we continue here on, we have phone numbers listed to call throughout all nine bay area counties for more information on what your rights are. now to a shooting outside the taco bell restaurant in livermore that left a teenage boy dead. investigators released this picture of a white volkswagen. they believe the driver of this car was in that parking lot and may have witnessed the shooting. police believe jorge tayez shot and killed 16-year-old emmanuel mosy. tayez is still on the run and considered dangerous. moseby was a popular student at livermore high school. if you have any information about this case you're urged to call livermore police. authorities are optimistic a
5:35 am
2-year-old girl will recover after she was hit by a van in a crosswalk in the north bay. the driver of that van is facing dui and felony hit-and-run charges. she suddenly dashed into the crosswalk, they are shaken, especially is seeing the sandal left at the scene. >> it was a pink sandal left on the ground so yeah, yeah. i can only imagine what the family is actually going through. >> police got a vehicle description, found this van not too far away. the suspect was also in the area. they say he was inside his own home and they believe that he had been drinking. there are also new developments this morning surrounding the death of dewan armstrong at the santa rita jail in dublin. in dublin. >> our investigative reporter jackson van derbeken reported on the year-long search for answers. >> waited too long.
5:36 am
release the findings of dewan! >> activists poured into the district attorney's office yesterday demanding they release body cam footage of armstrong's death. the d.a.'s investigation found that he was asphyxiated after placed in a full body restraint device and had a spit mask covering his face. investigators say armstrong had taken drugs and was acting strangely while in his cell. when deputies tried to move him to a medical unit, deputies say armstrong got combati ivive whe was placed in restraints. he stopped breathing minutes later. a warning for those of you who like to hang ten. this is video post to chp marin's facebook page shows cars zooming by and then a surfboard that wasn't properly tied down flies off.
5:37 am
thankfully no one was hurt and a good reminder if you have anything on your car, secure it properly. it is that time of year and if you notice a spring in the step of your co-worker who wears his joe montana jersey every day on casual friday, we may have the answer. nfl training camps are about to begin. camp opens july 26th at levi stadium. starting today at noon, all fans can purchase tickets to attend about a dozen open practices. i think that sounds super cool especially seeing as the cost is only $5, and it a donation to the 49ers funation. you get a look at your team, do a good deed. >> wear the jersey friday. >> time to wash t mike. >> i should i know, but it's good luck. maybe better luck this season. fremont a smooth drive right now. southbound i was concerned south 880 just past the bottom of this
5:38 am
screen reports of a crash, but i didn't see any problem when i moved the camera and i don't see any problems as far as the flow of this traffic. watch warren, there may be something off to the shoulder, can't quite see that because of the trees in front of our cam rap. speed sensors, moving smoothly in toward the south bay. north 101 the first blip shows you not a major concern as you drive through the south bay, tri-valley, peninsula looking great. east bay no problem for 880 headed through oakland as well. in oakland the bay bridge toll plaza, we are now slowly starting to fill in those cash lanes because it's friday. the pattern is a slower build. >> thank you. we don't have to build to get to the weekend because we are here and sore the warmer temperatures. >> warmer temperatures but there will be some cool coastal areas. let's kick it off today with the oakland a's game, where it stays comfortable. a lot of sunshine and at first pitch, we're at 67 degrees. can you beat that? you'll want to put on a jacket as the game goes on, and it will drop into the lower 60s.
5:39 am
your saturday forecast will have a range of some upper 60s for the coast. the bay reaching 86 and inland valleys up to 92 degrees. on sunday, it's still going to be pretty hot, and widespread depending on where you are. going to the san jose obon festival this weekend, it's the upper 80s during the middle of the day, a lot of sunshine. try to find shade and drink lots of water and we're also going to have cooler weather for the bastille day festival in san francisco, reaching into the low 70s during the middle of the day, cooling off nicely at night. if you're going to be in the tri-valley, expect the hottest day on saturday reaching 93 degrees, and on sunday, it's still pretty hot but we're just coming down just a couple more degrees. if you're going up to lake shasta, 90s there as well. you want to go swimming, cool off, and maybe go camping with some air conditioning, if you can find it. if you're going to half moon bay, that's where it stays cool, only about 60 degrees all
5:40 am
throughout the weekend, with some gusty winds, and at times some fog rolling by. if you're hitting the road headed to l.a., we have some upper 70s in the forecast. all throughout the weekend, of course, the inland areas getting much hotter as well. let me know what you're doing, and where you're going, and also what festivals and things are going on around the bay area. i'm karihallweather on twitter, facebook and instagram. much more ahead here on "today in the bay," including some disconcerting moments for a member of team usa. fresh off of her world cup victory, one soccer star is without her wedding ring this morning. the award that was stolen as well. president trump has once again joked he is not going to leave when he is constitutionally required to leave the white house. we'll take a look, coming up, when "today in the bay" continues. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
5:41 am
it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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right now at 5:43, it is a cloudy start in the south bay, as you head out the door, and our temperatures will be heating up pretty fast, as the skies clear today, we're in the upper 70s at noon. today it's going to reach into the upper 80s. we're going to talk more about that, and the weekend forecast, coming up in less than five minutes. and looking at oakland, northbound the tail lights were starting to tap right around high street but it smoothed out again. things like that can happen.
5:44 am
we can show you whether it's better or worse for your drive. the former usc campus gynecologist accused of sexually abussing hundreds of women is expected in court today. george tindall pleaded not guilty on charges of sexually assaulting 16 patients over seven years. accusers said they were unappropriately fondled or photographed by tindall between 2009 and 2016, while he worked at the campus health center. tindall faces up to 53 years in prison if convicted. new this morning, more on that exclusive interview you'll see only here on nbc, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by billionaire jeffrey epstein, continues her one on one sitdown with savannah guthrie. >> jennifer araoz says she was raped by epstein when she was in high school. >> it was a process. >> it wasn't an overnight thing
5:45 am
and that's why i feel it was like really well thought out. >> epstein pleaded not guilty this week to sex trafficking charges in new york. araoz is not part of that federal case against him. she never contacted authorities to tell her story, but she says she did tell at least four people, and nbc news reached out to those four people, and they all confirmed that she did tell them years ago that she was sexually assaulted by epstein. you can watch the full interview on the "today" show starting at 7:00 this morning. the body of a healdsburg man who disappeared in the grand canyon appears to be found. he was found in the colorado river wednesday in a notoriously difficult rapid named lava falls. investigators believe it's 66-year-old peter schwab who disappeared. right now, it's not clear what exactly led up to his death. and at 5:45, new for you this morning, now to some
5:46 am
trouble for soccer superstar ali long. fresh off the team usa world cup victory she's been the victory of a robbery. long tweeted out after the sv awards someone stole her wedding ran ring, cash and the key to new york city. >> the ceremonial one? >> yes. >> obviously not a real one. >> that's still a big honor there. this happened after she left her hotel room. in her tweet she asked mayor bill de blasio whether or not he made copies, making light of that, and that she'd love a new key to the city. >> i think she sent the same letter to her husband, honey, did you make a copy of the wedding ring? i don't know. >> he might be mad about that one. but wow. now to decision 2020, former vice president joe biden and senator elizabeth warren are leading the pack of democrats in the presidential race, according to the first nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. biden has the support of 26% of likely voters. 19% backed warren.
5:47 am
the two front-runners are followed by senators kamala harris and bernie sanders, tied at 13%. there is room for big changes with just 12% of voters saying their minds are made up. the president has joked he may stay in the white house for decades. >> scott mcgrew a lot of folks say that's not funny. >> they see it more as a constitutional crisis. good morning. the president talking on twitter about those candidates that he may face that you just listed, calling them names and tweeting "when i leave office in six or ten or 14 years." a president is limited by the constitution to a total of eight years in elected office. this is not the first or the second time he's joked about not leaving. the president also speaking out against paul ryan, saying the former speaker of the house, a republican, is a failure who had an atrocious record in congress. ryan pushed the massive tax cuts through the house. the anger comes from the first reading of the book called
5:48 am
"american carnage" in which ryan says the president didn't know anything about government, and said don't call a woman a horse face. don't cheat on your wife. don't cheat on anything. be a good person, set an example. ryan may have tried to be a good person himself but ran into criticism from all sides as speaker and for many good reasons. he said he was a fiscal conservative but helped create the biggest deficit ever, opposed trump presidency, but is raising alarms about it now, went along with the white house in public, while speaker. when ryan stepped down, president trump said speaker ryan was "a truly good man, who will leave a legacy of achievement that nobody can question." other news, a fight to put the citizenship on the census is over. president trump announcing that in a rose garden press conference on thursday. >> i'm hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide of
5:49 am
commerce with the record of citizen answer noncitizens in our company, furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately. >> that's well within the president's legal rights and frankly, agencies already do much of that anyway. the census was critical because it and not the various federal agencies, is used for apportionment, used to divide the seats in the house of representatives. it's why california keeps gaining seats. we'll watch this new fight between republican ryan and republican trump. we'll do it on twitter. find me there, i'm @scottmcgrew. women are not the only ones who get a boost from facial cosmetic surgery. a new study out of georgetown finds people had more positive feelings about men who underwent a nip or tuck. participants felt the gentlemen who had an upper eyelid or facelift were more likeable and trustworthy and men who had a
5:50 am
nose job to be more attractive. men make up 15% to 20% of the cosmetic surgery market. happening tomorrow, the most beautiful taco bell in the world has a grand new reopening. it's been transformed into a beachfront cantina. it will offer taco style food and alcohol, not just the dollar menu. you can walk up from the beach barefoot, go to a window and get something special. the grand reopening is happening during the kapuna surfing competition. kari you said this is a favorite of your friends and family. it's quite a surprise. >> it is cool and now they'll sell alcohol, so i don't know, it may be busy. >> happy hour. >> more often. >> it's all cool along the coast, and in san francisco, you can see the low visibility there at the golden gate bridge. this will clear up as we go through the day, and if you're about to head out the door in fremont, warm springs b.a.r.t. forecast keeps it cloudy through about 8:00 and even though we have a cool start, it's going to
5:51 am
be a warmer day. once all the skies clear we'll be heating up. let's go hour by hour for all of our microclimates. here we are at 9:00 in antioch, we're already at 70 degrees. much of the bay area is in the 50s and 60s. at noon, that's when it really starts to warm up, as you get ready to head out for lunch. cupertino is at 79 degrees. concord is at 81 and novato already at 83 degrees. now we stay in the 60s in san francisco, but we see the spread in temperatures from the coastal areas to the inland valleys, and we're going to reach into the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll see a lot more of those going into the weekend but today, just a few spots reaching some very warm temperatures. if you're heading to the sierra this weekend, that's a live look at squaw valley, a little bit of snow left and upper 70s in the forecast there, with a lot of sunshine. here for our inland areas, we're reaching into the upper 80s and low 90s. from today throughout the weekend, then coming down
5:52 am
several degrees going into the start of next week, san francisco upper 60s through the forecast, but just slightly cooler for next wednesday. mike, you're starting out with a transit delay. >> just got the report from b.a.r.t., ten-minute delays between orinda and rockridge. not a major thing. a minor equipment problem from what i understand. we're tracking it, though, because we don't want anything to are disrupt us from getting us to the rest of the weekend. despite that little delay here, along 24, 24 itself moves smoothly. we have no problems and no big delays for the map except for the bay bridge toll plaza, which you expect. there is the backup and it's not filling in the left lanes on the approach. we have the fastrak lanes that are starting to slow quite a bit coming off of the maze. the rest of the bay, green all over the bay. a little blip north 101 right on schedule, within the last 10, 15 minutes. slowing north 101 at 680 shows things loosening up again. same pattern monday through thursday. shorter lived and less severe. back to you. thanks, mike.
5:53 am
happening now, the cuban government says tourism is likely going to drop more than 8%, this as tighter u.s. restrictions hit the caribbean island. last month, the trump administration banned cruise ships, private planes and yachts from traveling to the island. it also ended a heavily used educational category of travel, allowed as an exception to the overall ban on u.s. tourism. coming up, why governor newsom just fired the state's top oil and gas regulator. plus sharks, not just one but several spotted off the san mateo county coast just in time for the weekend and beach weather. coming up at 6:00 this morning, a live report from where those sharks were seen swimming and the weekend warning now going out.
5:54 am
there's no such thing as a born winner. so start driving and don't stop. because no one takes off at the finish line. and the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. net generation. official youth tennis of the usta.
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5:56 for you this morning. happening today, the judge meets with both sides now duking it out over the future of a home you can't help but notice above interstate 280. we're talking about the so-called flintstone house. in hillsborough. the town is suing the owner florence fang over recent additions to the home. critics call it a visual nuisance. the town says the modifications were done without proper approval. today's meeting lays out how the civil case will proceed. the search is on for a few
5:57 am
burglars who are hitting homes in an upscale peninsula neighborhood. the hillsborough police say the men on the screen broke into two homes wednesday night behind the nueva elementary middle school campus. surveillance video picked up the men on nearby streets. they broke a glass window in the back of one of the homes to get in. if you know anything, call hillsborough police. new investigation of a missing man in watsonville. the 64-year-old was seen late last month, a member of a flying club where he allegedly stole the plane. here is surveillance video of the small plane taking off taxiing at the santa cruz airport. investigators believe marr was the pilot. the faa says the plane did crash, the wreckage has not been found. the lapd is now rethinking its strategy to try to help some
5:58 am
of those who they say may need it the most. new police chief michael moore is working on a new plan. he wants to clear thousands of old minor offense warrants for people caught in the grips of homelessness. the hope is that it helps get more of them off the streets and back on their feet. outstanding warrants can lead to hundreds of dollars in fees especially for people who don't pay or show up to court. california top oil and gas regulator is out of a job. governor newsom fired him for drastically increasing the number of fracking permits. ken harris has led the department since 2015. his firing comes after a new report from advocacy groups showed the increase of permits being issued, and not just that. it also showed senior department officials owned stock in companies they are responsible for regulating. 5:58 for you this morning. new drama during the nba offseason.
5:59 am
>> russell westbrook reportedly was traded to the houston rockets and in return the rockets will send oklahoma city chris paul, two first round picks and two pick swaps. a deal would reunite westbrook with his former oklahoma city teammate james harden. could make for a good season next year. shark fans, listen up, because it just got real for us all. the team's former captain, joe pavelski, is putting his san jose house up for sale. this is 4,400 square feet of home. willow glen neighborhood listed at $3.6 million. it has five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, an infinity pool, spa, and even sports court. i think i want to move in until they get everything, you know, finalized. after 13 years with the team, pavelski is now headed to the dallas stars. he will be missed. >> he's going to need new throw pillows. no more teal. that's sad. right now at 6:40, multiple sharks are spotted off the coast of san mateo county. >> we were up for five minutes,
6:00 am
we saw the shark and another shark and found another shark. >> a pilot captures images high above the coast. we are live where the sharks were spotted, with what officials are telling beach goers. plus -- >> to be totally honest, extremely unfriendly to us. >> president trump lashes out at courts over the citizenship question, and decides to give up the fight. coming up in a live report from capitol hill, the president's new plan. and bracing for barry. we are tracking that powerful storm that could grow into a hurricane before it makes landfall in louisiana. when it could hit, coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> and good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your day with us right here on "today in the bay" on this friday morning. i like the sound of that, friday. it rolls off the tongue. >> it's lovely. especially if you have good plans. >> yeah, and i'm marcus washington. we planned to have a good time this morning. >> that's right, i'm


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