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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 3, 2019 12:37am-1:38am PDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- rachel maddow, stars and creators of "los espookys", julio torres, ana fabrega, and fred armisen, featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause that is good to hear in that case, let's get to the news, everybody. former vice president joe biden campaigned in iowa today
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and i don't know, seeing joe just isn't the same without obama there. it's like going to a concert to see oates. [ laughter ] president trump today attacked former vice president joe biden, saying, quote, "i like running against people who are weak mentally." "it's harder than you think," said hillary [ laughter ] [ audience ohs ] it looks easy, but it ends up being a lot harder than you think. while, speaking to reporters outside the white house today, president trump held up a single sheet of paper and claimed it was the text of his new border security deal with mexico, but i bet if we zoomed in -- [ laughter ] "record time [ cheers and applause fastest they've ever seen it done." according to cnn, the trump campaign is attempting to find ways of winning the historically democratic state of oregon in 2020.
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well, the first step will be convincing them that it's 2020 [ laughter ] presidential hopeful, governor jay inslee, has revealed that the democratic party ignored his request to hold a primary debate focused on climate change issues in the dnc's defense, they honestly have no idea which one he is. [ laughter ] house speaker nancy pelosi, said in an interview today that she is, quote, "done with president trump. oh, well, that is just good for you, because the rest of us have to deal with him for at least another year and a half. [ laughter ] according to reports, the hbo miniseries "chernobyl" about the 1980s soviet nuclear accident has led to a rise in tourism to the abandoned radioactive city and so far, all of the yelp reviews are just actual yelps. [ laughter ] that's right, the city of chernobyl has seen a rise in tourism and fans who have visited are giving the city three thumbs up! [ laughter and applause a woman
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world record for longest hair, measuring nearly six feet long even crazier, it's all bangs [ laughter ] and finally, an auction house opened bidding today on a lock of beethoven's hair. but buyer beware, they didn't specify which beethoven. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight [ cheers and applause she is the host of "the rachel maddow show" on msnbc rachel maddow is back, everybody. [ cheers and applause always happy to talk to her. and they are the stars and creators of an incredible -- it's a hilarious new series on hbo called "los espookys." julio torres, ana fabrega and fred armisen -- our own fred armisen will be out as a guest tonight to talk about his new show [ cheers and applause also, i'm so excited, a city near and dear to my heart, pittsburgh i'm going to be there this friday, june 14th, doing a
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couple shows at the carnegie library music hall at homestead. so if you're in the 'burgh, please, come check me out. moving on, you guys, whenever donald trump holds a press conference, his rambling, nonsensical answers raise more questions than the answers, so we decided to hold another one, right here, right now. that's right, donald trump and the "late night" press corps are here in our studio and ready to go and without any further ado, it's time for the "late night white house press conference." [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: yes, yes, mr. president, mr. president mr. president, mr. president, yes, thank you seth meyers, "late night with seth meyers. mr. president, i'm dying to ask, what's your least favorite thing you have to do as president? >> deal with foreign people. [ laughter ] >> seth: mr. president, what would be on your son eric's chair if you started yelling at him? >> you'd have a puddle
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[ laughter ] >> seth: what's the best part of working with vice president mike pence >> his ass [ laughter ] >> seth: his ass >> that whole thing is beautiful. [ laughter and applause >> seth: how many women do you have in your cabinet >> we're trying to get it down to one [ light laughter ] we have it down to two we think we can get it down to one. >> seth: i heard you called julia louis-dreyfus after the series finale of "veep." what did you tell her? >> i said, "elaine, it's over. [ laughter ] >> seth: under your proposed health care plan, what happens if you have a pre-existing condition? >> you just sit and you just die with it. [ laughter ] >> seth: very honest describe ricki lake in eight words. >> one of the great lakes of the
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world. [ laughter ] >> seth: i know you know your older daughter is named ivanka, but what's your younger daughter's name? >> it's a name i know very well. >> seth: if you know it very well, what is it, then >> wait a minute, i have to deal with china forget about this stuff. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] i see what you did there what'd you think about abraham lincoln's gettysburg address? >> it wasn't one of his better speeches he got no standing ovations. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: i know you're currently married to your third wife, melania, but how old do you think your next wife is right now? >> 4 or 5. [ laughter ] >> seth: chuck schumer and nancy pelosi seem to be working together a lot lately. what's going on with those two >> i'll tell you, they might be screwing [ laughter ] >> seth: how much skin do you have on your body? >> 216 acres [ laughter ] >> seth: what are your nicknames for your sons, don jr. and eric?
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>> oil and gas [ laughter ] >> seth: what do you say to your staff after you eat a bunch of mcdonald's >> you don't want to be in this room very long, because you won't last [ laughter ] >> seth: what did you do when the white house chef prepared kale salad with quinoa >> i fired his ass so fast [ laughter ] >> seth: we're almost out of time, so i'd like to finish with the question i always ask, how's your penis >> getting worse and worse every year [ laughter and applause >> seth: follow up question, how's your penis >> it's a little crooked [ laughter ] >> seth: it's a little - it's a little crooked? come on, be honest >> curving like hell >> seth: all right [ laughter ] looks like we're out of time, so on behalf of the rest of the "late night" press corps, have a wonderful evening. we'll be right back with rachel maddow, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band, right over there [ cheers and applause also, fred armisen is with us, everybody. give it up for fred armisen. [ cheers and applause and fred, you are -- i don't think i'm alone in
12:49 am
thinking this -- you are a renaissance man. you're a comedian. you're a musician. you're a writer. you are so many things, but yet, there is one thing that people still don't know about you, fred, that you are an art connoisseur. >> fred: i am. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] in fact, you were saying backstage that you have an art historian's knowledge about every painting ever painted. >> fred: every painting, yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: and -- i said to you, buddy, you'd better not be leading me on. this better be a real thing. >> fred: no. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> fred: it's real >> seth: it's real >> fred: yeah. >> seth: and we're going to test it one more time in our brand-new segment, "fred armisen: art aficionado. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: all right, fred, this is paul cezanne's 1894 painting "still life, pitcher and fruit." tell us everything you as an art historian know about this classic painting >> fred: this one's pretty amazing. um - [ laughter ] you know, it's, uh, it was originally deemed a forgery. [ laughter ] that's the thing that was -- um, you know, at the time --
12:50 am
>> seth: wait, so the first time someone saw it - >> fred: yeah. >> seth: they thought it was forged >> fred: yes, because the first art critics of the time, you know, they had a big opening for it, and -- you know, they unveiled it, and everyone was like, "i've seen this before [ laughter ] i think these are -- these are fruits, you know, these are like -- we've seen fruits" - and so, he was like, "no, no, no, i swear i created this myself." so, on the spot, they were like, "will you please recreate it right now? and he's like, "that is unfair." [ laughter ] like, "you want me to do it right now? they're like, "do it, because otherwise, we think you've taken it before. [ laughter ] >> seth: so you're saying, because he painted a still-life, people didn't want to give him credit for it because they'd also seen pears and stuff? [ laughter ] >> fred: i love this question, because still-life is a very -- it's a modern phrase, it's a modern terminology for art back then, they didn't have those words. [ light laughter ] >> seth: in 1894, they didn't have the words still and life? [ laughter ] >> fred: not, not -- we laugh, but not -- [ laughter ] but not in that order, no. [ laughter ]
12:51 am
so - >> seth: all right, so they made him -- the art critics of the day made him paint it again on the spot >> fred: and he didn't do it, but eventually, they sort of gave him the credit for it they're like, "look, we're so busy with other paintings and other art" - [ laughter ] knock yourself out >> seth: so he just waited them out. >> fred: he waited yeah and "knock yourself out, and have fun with your painting. and that's the painting we know today. >> seth: wow that's great thank you so much. >> fred: thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: our first guest tonight is the emmy award-winning host of "the rachel maddow show," which airs weeknights on msnbc she's one of the moderators for the first democratic presidential primary debate, which airs june 26th and 27th from 9:00 to 11:00 on msnbc, and telemundo. please welcome back to the show our friend rachel maddow, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome back! >> hello, my friend. how are you? >> seth: i'm very good this is very exciting. just announced that you're one of the moderators for these two debates that are coming up we knew the debates were coming up we didn't know the moderators. but we do know that it's going to be two nights, ten candidates each night >> doubleheader. >> seth: doubleheader. >> with ten teams playing each other on both nights >> seth: and this must be -- i would imagine, you know, campaign moderating prep is hard to begin with. but you -- this isn't like you have to do a book report this is like you have to do a book report on all the books [ light laughter ] >> the funny thing is, like, we start getting in debate prep materials, and it's like, "here's your booklet on cory booker. oh, fascinating. i've interviewed cory booker before this is going to be great. "and here's your booklet on elizabeth warren." okay, cool and steve bullock and michael bennet and marianne williamson and andrew yang -- and there's 23 books >> seth: yeah. >> and then, so, you start to,
12:53 am
like, think your way out of it you're like, "well, do i have to read the book on each one of the 23?" yeah, because it will be the one that i thought i could skimp on who will have a breakout moment and they'll be like, "that was amazing, denise. she'll be like, "my name isn't denise." [ laughter ] how do you prepare to not only understand all 20 of them, but to understand the potential interactions between them? and -- >> seth: and i don't know -- you probably know this better than me, because we don't know which ten are going to be on which night. >> right >> seth: when is it, because that's like random lottery draw? >> so the dnc -- thank god, not us it is the dnc who decides, of the democratic candidates, which 20 make the cut. >> seth: yeah. so three as of now, three -- we don't know if more people join the race, but three will be on the outside looking in >> unless more candidates join the race between now and the end of the week, and in which case, there might even be more >> seth: so they either want three to drop out or seven to join >> yes [ laughter ] maybe a third night, exactly but then, once they've got the 20, then they have to decide how
12:54 am
they get allocated between the two different nights and again, thank god, not like me and the other moderators who have to decide that. >> seth: right >> the dnc will do it. and i think that will be some sort of random draw or something. but whatever happens, all hell is going to break loose. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you mentioned breakout moments, and i want to ask about that, because it seems - it strikes me based on the way you do your show, you are -- will be hopeful for organic conversation and yet, it always seems at debates that you can tell when someone has like a preplanned, prepackaged moment that they want to get out there as their breakout moment in the debate. is there any way around that >> to warn them right now that they shouldn't do that >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, that's the thing, any time somebody has rehearsed their moment you know, i will look concerned, then appear surprised, then raise my index finger, then appear to be naturally and organically outraged in the moment, and then wait for my applause [ laughter ] like those moments, those canned moments never, ever, ever, ever work >> seth: yeah. >> but i can't imagine that they're not all going to plan one. >> seth: it does seem like audiences now -- or i should say voters now have a better sense
12:55 am
for authenticity >> yes >> seth: and one think you have to say about donald trump, he is authentically himself and was at every debate [ light laughter ] like, there was never a time where he was like, "oh, i have to get to my preplanned line." >> right >> seth: they were just like -- i don't think he preplans anything >> got to make sure i get the details of this policy just right. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> that didn't happen. >> seth: i think inside, he's like, "i think i'm going to throw up some word soup. >> yeah. [ laughter ] see, it sticks i told you it would stick. it sticks. >> seth: it worked they love it >> no puppet, no puppet, you're the puppet [ laughter ] yeah i mean, the candidates right now are in the stage of the democratic primary where they're not, like, being mean to each other. they're not taking each other down and i think lots of people who want donald trump to lose the general election hope that the democratic primary stays like that forever >> seth: right >> they're always so mutually supportive i mean, ultimately, the democratic primary should be a hard-fought, knock down drag out contest. because you want whoever gets to
12:56 am
the general to be tough and to have proven themselves against really difficult criticism, even unfair criticism because you know what it's going to be like to run against trump, it's like running against a blender. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah, i do think that -- absolutely and that is a counter argument to this idea that we all need to be nice to each other. it's not like donald trump needs another democratic candidate to point out a flaw in somebody that he might one day run against, because he's very good at finding flaws, even things that aren't true >> yes >> seth: so, he doesn't need any help from, you know, cory booker to tell him something he can make fun of pete buttigieg about. >> well, yes and, i mean, honestly, if you look at history in terms of the modern presidential contests, almost always when there's a big field that has really robust competition -- not every time, but almost every time -- the candidate from that party tends to win because primaries that are hard to win make you a better candidate. >> seth: yeah. >> and all of these candidates - i mean, all of the democrats are interesting. i mean, i think almost all of them would make really good presidents they've all had interesting careers. they're all -- i've met almost all of them. they're all interesting people they're all competent. but i don't know which of them would make the best president. and the best way i know to find
12:57 am
out is to see them battle it out within an inch of their lives -- >> seth: yeah. >> with all the other people who might conceivably be president, too. so, i mean, what is the lesson of hillary clinton versus donald trump in terms of how to beat him in a general election i don't think anybody has any idea i think it's got to be something new. >> seth: the other thing that's going to be fascinating to watch is based on how voters - the feedback the first night of those ten people debating -- the feedback from that night, how it affects the way that people will debate the next night. >> right >> seth: if everybody says, "oh, it was a little boring, 'cause everybody's so friendly," you might have the knives out right away on night two. >> right >> seth: which would be fascinating to watch and what makes this year so interesting because there's so many people. >> but the -- i mean, the other idea, too, is just -- okay, it's two hours for each of those two nights there's ten candidates on the stage for those entire two hours, plus there has to be some time like for the questions to be asked >> seth: yeah. >> i mean, how many minutes are each of them going to get? and for somebody like, you know, joe biden or bernie sanders, who's doing really well in the polls, do you essentially just want to lie low and hopefully nobody notices you and you can keep riding your name recognition?
12:58 am
>> seth: i feel like bernie is very bad at that [ laughter ] >> lying low >> seth: i would feel like -- yeah lying low "i'm just going to stand here and not be noticed!" [ laughter ] i want to talk real quick -- before we go to commercial, i want to talk about this idea about electability everybody's talking about electability >> yeah. >> seth: and i think when you go back to our last two presidents, neither of them seemed at all electable until they were president. >> yeah. >> seth: you know, i mean -- >> even in retrospect, they don't seem like it >> seth: yeah. you know, but there was -- you know, we obviously never elected a black man president until president barack obama and we never elected whatever it is that donald trump is. [ laughter ] he's the first of it he's the first of his kind [ laughter ] so what, do you think people are too caught up in it? or do you think it is just this sort of core fear of the democratic party right now not to have the same outcome >> i think it's both totally understandable and also a fool's errand i mean, i think that democrats looking at their field right now probably see a lot that they like in that field i mean, if there's something that you don't like about one of
12:59 am
the candidates, there's 22 others to choose from and there's plenty, there's plenty there on offer. i think the unifying thing that does motivate all democrats and a lot of independents right now is the desire to get trump out of there that's just going to be the dominating factor in a field this big it's really, therefore, hard not to approach the primary process as something you ought to game out in terms of who's most electable. the problem with that is that nobody can tell. and when you try to make your voting decision based on not who you think is your favorite candidate, but who you think everybody else might think is their favorite candidate, it's just dumb game theory. it just doesn't work mathematically the best thing you can do for your country in the primary is, a, pay attention, b, commit to vote, and c, vote for the person you think would make the best president. any other way you try to outthink it, you're going to undo the point of the process. >> seth: well, i hope we get a step closer after the debates. >> yeah. >> seth: and we'll be right back with more rachel maddow right after this [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back. we're here with rachel maddow, everybody. another thing that seems to be splitting the way democrats think, not just the idea of electability, but also the idea of impeachment is this a fool's errand? i think you have many in the party who think this is a man who's done plenty of things that are why we have impeachment as an option. and others who are saying, no, we need to focus on the ballot box as a way of removal. what do you think? >> i think this is another one of those things where democrats are sort of outthinking themselves like in the same way with the electability thing like you may really want to beat donald trump you can't personally work out who's the most electable candidate to win the primary in the same way, impeachment, you sort of can't really game out what the political impact of impeachment is going to be that's not the kind of process impeachment is
1:05 am
if a president commits crimes, commits high crimes and misdemeanors, the way that congress is supposed to hold him accountable is by opening an impeachment inquiry, doing an investigation and then voting on whether or not they think that it rises to that level whether or not that hurts the president, helps the president, hurts the democrats, helps the democrats, a, is unknowable, and b, should be beside the point. and if you're doing it for the right reasons, i think you are more likely to persuade the country that you've done it for the right reasons. rather than you having tried to think everybody around a corner in terms of how this is supposed to work out. i just think just be -- approach these things simply. pick the best candidate who you think would make the best president. approach impeachment in terms of the constitutional imperative here who cares who it's good for? >> seth: it does strike me as well, whether he is impeached or not, he'll act like he was impeached. [ light laughter ] >> yes yes, yes
1:06 am
>> seth: it's not, and you know, he's gonna -- he's not going to - if he doesn't get impeached, say you know what, that was a real fair shake i got from the democrats. [ laughter ] i may have been wrong about those bozos. >> it's true they're going to run campaign ads. he's going to give speeches talking about them being socialists who want to impeach him. there's nothing you can do to make him not call you a socialist. >> seth: right >> just do what you think is right, he's going to call you names. if you're really lucky, he'll give you a diminutive nickname >> seth: yeah. >> congratulations >> seth: yeah, that'd be a winner >> there's no way that you can get around that stuff. and he will -- and the republicans will all campaign as if the democrats are just impeachment-mad socialists, so just do what you think is right. don't worry about what people say about you. >> seth: we both talked about trump's adventures in europe and that was just -- in general, i just found a peace with him being there just because it shifted by five hours when things could happen. [ laughter ] you know, at like 9:00, if i was at dinner, i had a thought of, like, if i haven't heard anything now, he's probably asleep, you know [ laughter ] but you -- >> you were so good, though. when you described him as like every american tourist thing that anybody has ever done wrong anywhere in the world, he's doing them all at once >> seth: yeah.
1:07 am
>> like that's exactly what he was. when you described him that way, i was like, "that's what he's doing! he's embodying all of the worst stereotypes that everybody in the world has about dumb americans. and he's living 'em large! [ laughter ] like with their leaders, it was just - >> seth: yeah, well you can tell they look at him and they're not saying, "uh, i've met a guy like this before. they're like, i've met a guy like this before, but it was 100 different guys >> yes [ laughter ] >> seth: he's like a voltron of all of it. >> yeah. >> seth: you had a wonderful -- i had not seen this photo that you called out of your show last night. which is, here's the trump family and a picture i will say they all look lovely, beautiful gowns. >> trump adult children. >> seth: trump adult children. >> why are they there? they don't work for the government >> seth: but who pointed this out to you did you find this on your own? >> so, i was reading "the irish press" because, as you talked about on your show as well, trump goes over to ireland and is like, "yeah, about your border wall with northern ireland. it's like, "dude, there's no border wall with northern ireland. [ laughter ] and that's a really sensitive subject, please don't go there." ugh. so i was looking at "the irish press" to see how they covered that disaster by the president, and what i found was they were
1:08 am
like, "hey, look at this picture of the trump adult children. isn't that lovely how they're posing for that photo? >> seth: that's great but we're going to zoom in on something over here. right there. no photo >> no photographs. [ laughter ] >> seth: they literally -- they literally are like, "let's take a picture. and they're like, "well, not over there, 'cause it says 'no photographs.'" and they're like, "no, let's do it there." yeah [ laughter ] >> the whole president's whole family poses in front of the "no photos" picture. yep, that's pretty much our lives. >> seth: that's their style. that is their style. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: you -- i want to be serious here for a second -- >> yeah. >> seth: because you've done a really good job of covering a very scary situation right now with all the abortion laws that are being passed at the state level. >> yeah. >> seth: and obviously, there was a lot of talk about what
1:09 am
alabama did. but there's also a lot happening in missouri right now where there are basically efforts being made to close the last abortion provider in the state >> yeah. >> seth: can you talk a little bit about, like, what actually is happening there and how punitive it is, these laws that they're talking about? >> the thing that's different about what's happening in missouri right now is that they are the closest any state has ever been to completely ending legal abortion access in the entire state no state has been able to do that since roe versus wade was passed by the supreme court in 1973. but for the first time, missouri's state government, the republican-controlled state government, is trying to shut down the last abortion provider in the state so they're trying to take the last clinic's license away and as they are doing that, the state government has come in, and they have told the doctors at that clinic that while they're still open and while women are still able to get abortions there, the doctors at that clinic must now start giving medically unnecessary pelvic examinations. like vaginal examinations, to women specifically -- basically as the cost of them asking for an abortion. so, it's medically unnecessary the doctors don't want to do it. there's no reason to do it the women who are getting abortions do not want this done. and the state government has come in and mandated that they get this extra internal exam while they're trying to shut
1:10 am
down that last clinic. and so, we've been reporting on that for the past week or so the state government in missouri got very mad at us about reporting on it, but it's freaking true. and we went to the clinic and talked to the staff there about how they are being forced to do this to their patients now on orders of the state. and it's just -- i think it's upsetting, i think, to a lot of people, both the state of abortion rights around the country and what's going on in missouri but the fact that they're doing that to these women on order of that state government is just sort of horror movie disturbing. >> seth: well we certainly appreciate you guys actually getting on the ground there and going and talking to those people, because that's incredibly informative and necessary in times like these. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: last thing i want to ask. >> yeah. >> seth: you are in the middle of all this, meratinthe debates, hosting your own show, you are writing a book as well just to like relax and unplug, you're writing a book. it's a - is it a fun romantic comedy romp is that a safe way to describe it [ laughter ] >> yeah, it's a romantic little ditty about the geopolitics of the oil and gas industry [ laughter ] >> seth: rachel!
1:11 am
>> i know. >> seth: rachel, no! >> no, i do that you know, i do some vaping it's like pretty much, like, it's my kicking -- >> seth: "blowout. it's called "blowout." >> it's called "blowout," it comes out october 1st. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah, i'll come back and talk to you about it. >> seth: okay, great i look forward to it it's always great to see you >> thank you, seth >> seth: that's rachel maddow, everybody. [ cheers and applause "the rachel maddow show" weeknights at 9:00 p.m. on msnbc. we'll be right back with julio torres, ana fabrega and fred armisen [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause so sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'dear sharon, don't mess with my discount!' faster mommy, i gotta go to the bathroom. i do too honey, but we're gonna hold it for mommy's discount. easy, easy! but you're in labor? don't mess with my discount! uh hem. get a discount up to 30% with drive safe & save from state farm.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guests are three very talented comedians who co-created and star in the new comedy series "los espookys", which premieres friday, june 14th on hbo let's take a look. [ speaking foreign language [ speaking foreign language ♪
1:17 am
[ speaking foreign language >> seth: please welcome to the show, julio torres, ana fabrega, and fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: welcome, you guys this show is fantastic congratulations. it is unlike anything i have ever seen. fred, is it safe to say that the seed of the idea began with you? >> fred: yeah, i wanted to do something mostly in spanish and something about the love of horror in latin america. >> seth: got you that was something you observed over the years that in latin america horror is a genre that people --? >> fred: yeah, they love it. there's, like, a lot of goths there. >> seth: uh-huh. >> fred: there's just a real scene. >> seth: and when he first brought this to you guys, did you -- did that click with you, the idea that horror was something that was important there?
1:18 am
>> i had said, "i want nothing to do with fred armisen. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> no, no. yeah, yeah it was -- i mean, such a gift that - >> yeah. >> fred was like, "do this show with us. yeah >> seth: it is in spanish, and fred, i've heard you speak spanish over the years, obviously. but then you discovered on this shoot that people think you speak spanish with an american accent >> fred: yeah. i mean, these guys pointed it out, too like, i thought i was fluent [ laughter ] 'cause around you, around my all friends, i'm like, "i sound like i'm from venezuela." [ light laughter ] and immediately, they're like, "no, you have a thick american accent." [ laughter ] is that fair to say? that's - >> it was -- it hit us like a brick, yeah. [ laughter ] >> we didn't - >> seth: are there certain words -- are there certain words that fred says that that sounds, like, more american? like a spanish word that has a thick american accent, or is it just all of them >> internet. >> internet. >> sofa. >> uh-huh. >> sofa. >> sofa, internet. >> seth: well, you say -- how do you say internet >> fred: internet. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's bad. yeah, even i could hear it there. yeah, you know -
1:19 am
>> and now say sofa. >> fred: sofa. [ laughter ] >> yeah, you can kind of hear it >> seth: you can kind of hear it >> yeah. >> seth: there is an air of supernatural in this show. not just that the characters obsessed with horror, but there's a feeling of, like, telenovelas. is that something you guys wanted to bring to it as well? >> yeah. so, there's i think an eerie, weird quality to it that just sort of happened i think it's just the only way we know how to write >> mm-hmm. >> maybe >> yeah. >> right >> seth: you guys met as comedians here in new york do you have any sense when you first met that you connected on the sort of ethereal, supernatural vibe that's now in the show >> well, i think that we like -- like, maybe, like odd -- >> yeah, odd things. >> odd things, maybe [ light laughter ] i don't know yeah, but -- >> this is our first collaboration like this. and i mean, we knew and liked each other's work and we were good friends >> yeah. >> and when we started writing, it was - we realized how big the middle of our venn diagram was.
1:20 am
>> yeah. >> yeah. >> you keep referring to our friendship to a venn diagram >> yeah. [ laughter ] it's makes it easier for me to understand >> yeah, easier for you to process, yes [ laughter ] so, on the outside of the venn diagram -- so, like the eerie is in the inside >> seth: yeah. "los espookys" is in the center of that. >> "los espookys" is in the center and then i know you like cookies and i don't. >> mm-hmm. >> so, that's -- [ laughter ] yeah >> yeah. >> got it. >> seth: you mentioned you like odd things your character has very odd jobs on the show. a thing that made me laugh very hard is you break into other people's shoes >> mm-hmm. [ light laughter ] >> seth: how did you come up with the idea to play find a character who walks around in uncomfortable shoes? >> i knew i wanted to play someone who worked a lot of weird, really specific jobs and was trying to find the right job that made her feel whole and complete and it's not -- you know, the job she gets are always short-lived. so she's constantly going from one to the other >> seth: you -- what do you do to -- there's a fan-related job. right? >> yeah. she spins the blades of a fan. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: yeah, i can see how
1:21 am
that'd be short-lived. >> 'cause the motor's broken, we're not crazy. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> there's a reason she's doing that >> seth: oh, i'm sorry yeah oh, she -- >> yeah. >> seth: okay, that's a normal job, then. >> yeah. >> seth: i'm sorry [ laughter ] fred, you are the valet, and you have long wanted to play a valet. >> fred: yeah. i love that outfit, you know, red jacket and a tie [ laughter ] something about it and, like, in l.a., they just, like, they run so much they're just like, with focus. [ laughter ] and it seems like that that's the occupation they want to do they're very like, "this is what i'm doing. i'm an adult this is where i want to be." [ laughter ] and i love it. i've always wanted to play that. >> seth: and julio, you are the heir to a chocolate fortune? >> the heir apparent to a chocolate fortune, yes >> seth: yeah. and how -- did this come from anything in your past that you thought would fit for this character? >> well, we -- we liked the idea of having chocolates that were blatant copyright infringement 'cause that happens a lot in latin america. so in this show, we have chocolates charlie wonka [ laughter ] based loosely on chocolates that
1:22 am
i -- i knew in el salvador there were chocolates papaya, like popeye -- [ laughter ] that truly tasted like dust. [ laughter ] but then it was like, "well, what does the family that owned these chocolates look like?" >> seth: yeah. >> and then i was like, "okay, i want to play the descendant of that." [ laughter ] who is, like, a little bit of, like, he's vampy, but also a little c-3po, i think. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> he's like a - >> seth: that's a very good description of what i seen so far. >> a stilted vampire robot yeah >> seth: you all guys have a different lineage. el salvador, panama, venezuela you shot in chile. >> mm-hmm. >> seth: and -- and do you notice like the different ways of people in different spanish-speaking countries behave is the language different to you? >> fred: yeah, and it's also, like santiago is a great organized. it's not as like, sort of, tropical and crazy it's like very -- sort of, almost germanic in its - >> yeah. they feel very - >> it feels like a european city >> yeah.
1:23 am
it's very orderly, very clean. they -- it feels canadian. right? [ laughter ] >> yeah, idealistic. [ cheers ] >> idealistic. >> yeah. >> it feels -- it feels 'cause they -- they are very proud about how efficient their city is >> seth: gotcha. >> and then they can talk about, like, traffic laws for hours, i feel like. >> seth: oh, really? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: they're very proud of their traffic laws >> yeah. >> fred: a lot of paperwork, too. >> look here no traffic here. >> no traffic here >> you think it's a coincidence? [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: and is the spanish different? how does their spanish sound what is their chilean spanish accent [ speaking foreign language [ laughter ] [ speaking foreign language >> consonants and hitting a lot of t's and p's real hard >> hitting a lot of t's and p's really hard and -- [ speaking foreign language [ speaking foreign language >> yeah. >> seth: we're gonna do our very best to subtitle this. >> yeah. [ laughter ]
1:24 am
>> seth: i want to ask, because i am such a fan of your sketches on "snl. >> thank you >> seth: there's always a bit of fantasy to them as well. >> sure. >> seth: is there -- there's a wonderful moment in the second episode where a woman walks her fingers up a tiny staircase. >> yes >> seth: you've had an obsession with tiny staircases >> well, not more than the average person [ laughter ] yeah >> seth: yeah. >> yes well, there's a sketch - not so much a sketch, but it's a truth that i have been wanting to do for a long time. and for some reason, it's never gained the traction that i believe it deserves. it's a -- be a commercial for a product that's called tiny little stairs. stairs of about an inch high that you put next to your ear at night so your dreams can come out and down [ laughter ] >> seth: i'd buy that. >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. [ applause ] i mean, come on. that's all you need. >> there's never -- yeah >> seth: yeah. hopefully -- >> all these people would buy
1:25 am
one. it's not even -- >> seth: bring this -- >> -- yeah >> seth: so, now -- oh so, this isn't even a sketch you mean this as a product >> i mean, i don't see any -- i don't see anything funny in it yeah >> seth: right, yeah, yeah [ laughter ] fortunately, the show is so very funny. i'm very excited for people to see it on friday thank you all so much for being here [ cheers and applause that's julio torres. that's ana fabrega fred armisen "los espookys" premiers june 14th on hbo don't miss it. we'll be right back with more "late night. [ cheers and applause ♪ can you feel your heart race, while totally relaxed? can you feel the pull of gravity, as you easily climb upward? can you feel like you don't have a care in the world, while your entire world is taken care of? you can, when you're free. the 2019 jeep grand cherokee. hurry in to the 4th of july sales event and get $500 additional bonus cash on select models. visit
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. over the past few months, president trump has been locked in a legal battle over funding for his border wall. but the question still remains, do walls work? here to discuss, please welcome republican strategist charles reinke, everybody. [ cheers and applause >> thank you >> seth: good evening, charles so, thank you so much for being back >> thanks for having me. >> seth: i want to ask real quick. how many times have you been on the show now, charles? >> 12 times. >> seth: wow >> yeah, it's almost a baker's dozen. >> seth: almost a baker's dozen. >> yeah. >> seth: it's been a pleasure every time now, i want to make something clear before we talking about this you believe in the president's border wall. >> i do, seth. walls work they stop illegal immigration. i believe that now and i always will >> seth: walls work. now, that's interesting, because i'm pretty sure you've said the exact opposite >> i don't think that's true >> seth: no, it is [ laughter ] no, it is. you said it on this very show. let's take a look at the tape.
1:32 am
>> seth, walls don't work. they do not stop illegal immigration. i have never believed they do and i never will [ laughter ] >> okay, seth. that is so unfair. >> seth: now, what about that is unfair >> this style of gotcha journalism you know, you should never bring someone on your show just to run old clips of them contradicting themselves it's character assassination, pure and simple. >> seth: now, see, that's not what you said last time you were on the show. [ laughter ] let's take a look at the tape. >> you know what i like to do? bring someone on a show and run old clips of them contradicting themselves and then assassinate their character. pew, pew [ laughter ] >> okay, i must have said that years ago. >> seth: no, that was in january. [ laughter ] >> i wasn't on the show in january. >> seth: well, let's look at the tape >> happy january, seth [ laughter ] >> seth: it was weird at the time that you said that. >> you know, i love months happy june, seth [ laughter ] >> seth: all right, all right. >> can we just get back -- >> seth: okay. >> -- on track >> seth: okay. >> okay?
1:33 am
are we're gonna get back on track, seth? >> seth: yeah, yeah. all right. >> there is a crisis at the border a national emergency >> seth: a national emergency. roll the tape. >> there is no crisis at the border, seth [ light laughter ] no national emergency. >> seth: charles, are you trying something new with your hair >> yes i stopped hiding the fact that i'm bald i'm proud of it, and i'm never wearing a toupee again [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> you know -- you know, i can forgive the gotcha journalism, but not the bald shaming, seth >> seth: no, no. [ laughter ] i'm just -- i'm just -- just using your own words >> yeah, but you're taking them out of context you know, i hate burritos. but i bet you could probably find some vague, generic clip that makes it seem like i love burritos >> seth: like this one >> seth: tell me a little more about -- >> mmm [ laughter ] this is so good. >> this is textbook liberal hit job of destroying my reputation. all right? if i said "women should definitely be paid the same as men," what are you gonna do?
1:34 am
find some obscure radio clip from ten years ago where i said the opposite >> seth: no, i'd just play the podcast you did for us right before the show tonight. >> to answer your question, women should definitely not be paid the same as men. >> that wasn't my question >> well, you cut me off. also, i love burritos. [ laughter ] >> looks like you got me, seth but you know what? i'm never coming back on this show >> seth: you've said that before >> no, i haven't >> seth: roll it >> i'm never coming back on this show i'm never coming back on this show [ light laughter ] i'm never coming back on this show [ light laughter ] i'm never coming back on this show ha, i'm never coming back on this show. i'm never coming back on this show [ laughter ] i'm never coming back on this show i'm never coming back on this show [ laughter ] >> seth: so, you're never coming back >> i'll see you tomorrow >> seth: all right, charles reinke, everyone we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ just when you thought you were done painting...
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[ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to rachel maddow, julio torres, ana fabrega, fred armisen. of course, the 8g band stay tuned for carson daly we'll see you tomorrow [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: hey, what's up, everybody?


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