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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 2, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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in palo alto, the intersection of the el camino and embarcadero. organizers of the so-called close the detention facilities housing migrant children and families, stop funding the facilities and stop deportation and then reunite the families. in an online press conference said the children have been denied soap and toothbrushes or separated from families and crowded into unsafe conditions. last week a father and young daughter drowned trying to cross the rio grande and in an attempt to request asylum in the united states, the published photos of their body face down in the water haser toward the handle of the border. and putting it up screen for the protests, in
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santa rosa, in san francisco, outside of senator dianne feinstein and one in walnut creek and in oakland is over the 580 freeway overpass that could cause some looky-loo delays. again 580 at 23rd avenue and if you are heading in that area keep that in mind and then all of these starting at noon. in palo alto, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> meanwhile authorities are launching an investigation into a private border patrol facebook page. it mocks migrant deaths and contains crude jokes about members of congress. gabe gutierrez is in clint texas with the protestersf the border location, the caucus touring several migrant detention centers, tweeting out this video
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even though they were told not to bring in phones. alexandria ocasio-cortez calling conditions unconscionable. >> if this is their best behavior and they put them in rooms with no running water and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. >> reporter: border officials later pushing back calling the accusations completely oun true adding there are supplies and a bomb sell report by propublica detailing a facebook group making crude jokes about throwing burritos at members of congress and the meme depicting sex acts involving migrants. >> that is a vulgar page. >> reporter: customs and border protection find it completely inappropriate. any employees found to violate our behavior and code of conduct
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will be held accountable. >> reporter: cbp has been under fire for allegations of overcrowding and unsanitary conditions which it has disputed. >> unsubstantiated allegations in clint, texas, created a sensation. >> we visited this place in juarez, mexico and met this man from el salvador and has spent months here waiting for asylum and with no end in sight. >> house democrats suing the president trump administration in effort to secure his tax returns. the lawsuit was filed in federal district court against the irs and treasury department. steve mnuchin has denied the request for financial documents and president trump has claimed since the 2016 campaign he cannot release his returns publicly because he's under audit. well back here in the bay area, missing 12-year-old girl is found safe. we covered the story on "today
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in the bay." before she was found her family believed she may have met up with som she met online playing video games. videos show brianna zamora walking out of the front door of her oakland hills home in the early hours of sunday morning. so far police are not telling us background circumstances other than she's been found. developing news on the peninsula, facebook now confirms yesterday's suspicious package left at the headquarters has tested negative for the nerve agent sarin. a tense hazmat situation played out yesterday when a machine alerted workers to the package and that it might contain sarin. two workers believed they may have been exposed and four buildings were evacuated. today employees got the all-clear, that package tested negative and no one was hurt. the break froews and a live from richmond this morning. sunny skies and a couple of days from the fourth of july. it is hard to believe and are the clouds going to hang around? >> not for the inland areas but
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for san francisco it looks like at times we'll see clouds drifting by. so that is going to be-one thing we'll watch closely and here is a live look outside in walnut creek. if -- if your about to head out for lunch, in upper 70s and warming into the low 80s into the middle of the day. nice breeze and mostly sunny skies and overall very nice summer weather. also if your about to head to the world cup watch party at avaya stadium, enjoy some very comfortable air. a lot of sunshine. temperatures reaching into the mid-70s at noon and then upper 70s during the middle of the day. not bad as we see south bay temperatures reaching 79 and 77 in palo alto and oakland up to 67 degrees. in santa rosa expect a high of 83. and we'll keep it cool in san francisco with a high of 65. we'll talk about the fog nr the also a look ahead to the rest of the microclimate forecast coming up in about ten minutes.
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>> thanks, developing story, hus of protesters broke into the legislative council the heart of the government of hong kong during a major escalation after weeks of mass demonstrations. nbc's bill neely reports from hong kong. >> reporter: after the chaos and the confrontation on the streets and the clean-up and ising the protests rom china intolerable, calling them an extreme challenge to china's authority sand the rule of law in hong kong. and china hand-picked leader, the chief executive promising to prosecute those responsible. >> these violent acts we have seen, it is right for us to condemn it sand hope society will return to normal. >> reporter: for both the authorities and the protesters, the authorities crack down ppe?
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too hard, there may be more protests. if they do nothing, it may simply e protesters and even a contagion that might spread to the mainland. for the demonstrators, they crossed a red line yesterday. nothing like this had ever been seen in hong kong before. so the question for them is, what do they do next? but everyone believes that although last night's violence is over, these protests are far from finished. bill neely, nbc news, hong kong. n on a late-night stabbing near a busy san jose intersection. police say the victim will survive. officers found a man stabbed near story and king road at about 11:30 last night but the crime scene is about a mile away on tully and king. police have not released any information about a suspect or a motive. new at 11:00, the state vaccine laws are increasing the number of kindergartners who are
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up to date on shots. re at vaccines before and after of three statewide initiatives in 2 rate of kindergartners without vaccination decreased before the intervention and to just under 5% in 2017. check out this smash-and-grab burglary in marin. the thieves used rocks to break open the window of villa jewelers and then used hammers to smash the jewelry casesment police say the thieves drove off in a gold mercedes. officers believe the same crew is tied to other bay area jewelry store robberies. rangers have scaled back the search for a sonoma county man who disappeared during a trip to the grand canyon. 66-year-old peter schwab never returned from a day hike. that hiking trail is said to have been challenging. but he is considered an experienced outdoors man. larry baer returns to his
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job following a lengthy suspension after video of a public altercation with his wife surfaced. now the team said that he focuses on regular counselling during his three-month absence. and a new tribute from the warriors to kevin durant. the team is retiring kd's jersey number 35. he played for the dubs for just three years but ended up winning two nba titles and was a finals mvp twice. he tore his achilles and expected to miss all of next season and whenever he does go back to the court he'll be playing for the brooklyn nets. coming up, the u.s. women's team has dominated the world cup in soccer and in 60 minutes they'll play in the semifinals and england is accusing the team of bad behavior before the match starts. >> tanks or no tanks. president trump announcing his president trump announcing his plan for a mas
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new at 11:00, our nation's capitol is getting ready for the annual fourth of july celebration and this year president trump is setting off some holiday fireworks of his own. hallie jackson reports, he's putting his own twist on a traditional proceeding. >> reporter: it is a holiday salute to american military might. >> it is like no other. it will be special and i hope a lot of people come. >> reporter: and the president's promising a spectacle even in the face of criticism. >> we'll have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes too and we'll have some tanks stationed outside that will be pretty careful with the tanks because the roads have a tendency not to carry heavy tanks so we have to put them in certain areas. >> reporter: besides the tanks, the festivities will feature flyovers by the blue angels and the pilots showing off the f-35, the osprey, a new version of marine one or air force one.
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the stands now set near the lincoln memorial where the president will deliver his holiday speech and the fireworks show is set to last 35 minutes this year. chris -- is helping with that. >> for july fourth, all of the nuances of politics, it is okay to let that go and everybody celebrate the fourth of july as americans. >> reporter: the president inspired after marveling at the military parade in france two years ago country's day. >> i do want to say that i was your guest at bastille day and it is one of the greatest parades i'vese. dent is putting a ritics worry political spin on a holiday not partisan. d.c. city council tweeting tanks but no tanks. sand congress frustrated for the taxpayers footing the bill. >> the people recent having any politician co-opt the nation's birthday. >> hallie jackson reporting there. now there could be another storm
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brewing, quite literally. forecast in d.c. doesn't look sunny and the rain probably won't be an issue, lightning could cause disruptions. well if you are not planning to head to d.c. for the fourth of july, there is lots of events happening right here in the bay area. and we have them all listed in an easy guide right on our front page. head over to and click on the links. [ bell ] there you have it. the opening bell of the new york stock exchange. right now the dow is up just 12 points. the dow dropped more an 70 points as banks fall, s&p00 education? according to a new survey, 58% ofricanselieve college isebt. only 20% believe college is worth going into debt. 18% believe it is not worth it at all. experts say there is a change in family attitude toward college based sharply on rising costs. san francisco based juul is
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fighting back against the new e-cigarette ban. according to the examiner, the company plans to submit signatures to the department of elections calling for a measure on the november ballot. if passed, it could overturn the city's new ban on sale clz -- sale chz is set to take place in months. juul has spent over $5,000 on the event so far. san mateo said the most recent numbers jumped 127% to just under 500 for the homeless. the south bay and east bay showed the homeless population also shot up dram atigly. the homeless population rose 43% over the last two years, for both alameda and contra costa. it is 31% higher in santa clara county. and today more california dmv have been open since thatfrn
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at 7:00 a.m. four days a week. the total nearly 70 dmvs in the state open at that time instead of 8:00. you might remember last summer a handful of dmv across the state changed hours including one in san jose. tensions running high before the women's soccer team takes on england in the world cup semifinals in france. the usa is being accused of being too arrogant on and off the field after staffers were sent to the five-star hotel if they made to theut the problem is england is currently staying there. th calling i etiquette. >> they sent someone aund to another team's hotel and it has to bearance on the game. i find it quite funny. >> they said it was just planning and preparation. despite the debate, fans are flooding into leon, france, ready for today's game.
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watch it today on telemundo. it is at 11:30 this morning right after this broadcast. >> should be fun. but people are probably going to want to go outside and play in the bay area because the weather is so nice. >> it is beautiful outside. and we also keep the comfortable weather. here is a live look outside in san francisco. looking toward golden gate park. it is all clear over the city south bay, we're alsore jt staye ft normal high temperature for joy slightly lower than normal weather as we check out the high temperatures today. milpitas reaching 78. also 78 in los gatos. for the east bay, up to 83 in danville for the high with vallejo reaching 79 and a breezy wester live wind picking up. as we look at the coastal areas in redwood city, expect a high of 74. half moon bay will reach up to 61. and 65 on the embarcadero today. marin district 63 degrees is the
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high temperature. and 83 in santa rosa with novato reachi reaching 79. if your heading to the a's game this evening, temperatures start into p off. the lower 60s, just a few passing clouds but the wind is what is going toe outside medication if you are allgic to grass, pollen, that is what heas allergy is moderate on the scale right now. and also some oak and pine tree pollen. kind of floating through the air. we've had winds coming on shore and our current weather setup will be slow to change. this high pressure that we're seeing to the west of us keeps our weather mild. but we've also seen a couple of systems passing across the pacific northwest and there is another one headed that way that may help cool off temperatures next week but in the meantime we'll have slight warming for the weekend. so our seven-day forecast shows some low 80s for today as well as tomorrow. also in the fourth of july, if your making plans, make sure you're out there, also going to enjoy the fireworks shows.
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it will be a little iffycoastli drifting by but it looks all clear for the valley and the into the weekend, we're heating it up into the upper 80s, up to 89 degrees week. for san francisco, we're still going to see a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low a little bit more sunshine in time for the weekend but up to 67 degrees on saturday and that is about it. you'll need a jacket if your heading out to the beach. not only in san francisco but all up and down the coastline. we're not going to see a warm-up there even though the valley is heating up and feeling indeed like summer. so i'll track that and also make sure you keep checking in if you plan on watching the fireworks in san francisco. we'll have more updates on the fog as well as your visibility. >> thanks, kari. coming up, the fourth of july travel rush starts soon. while you're rushing to get a flight, thieves are working to
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steal your information. mike haso the airport. but happening now, environmental activists pr outside of amazon headquarters in paris and gathering two of theio step up at one point many of the change demonstrations. protests tried to storm inside of the buildings. they're calling for the company to cancel its plans for expansion in 2020. so far, amazon not commenting. more news for you right after the break.
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sausa4 donut holes. for just a dollar. dang!! try my 2 for $4 breakfast biscuits and add 4 donut holes for just a buck. only at jack in the box. canaveral part of the emergency abort system. the spacecraft is expected to
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take two astronauts to the moon in 2024. >> it never gets old. if you are among the record number of americans traveling july 4th, cyber criminals could be targeting you without your vacation. >> mike inouye shows us what to watch out for. >> reporter: a lot of travel going on this fourth of july holiday and whether you're driving or flying or whatever, unfamiliar environments in real life and online, they make us susceptible to digital intrusions and we get distracted gaw kids. just one click could give hackers access to everything on our phone iinformation, credit inprograms and even off wi-fi there is still a risk,ackers and the last is a stingray which hijacked your signal. last year 566 million travelers were compromised. the expert advice is to stay off networks you don't know and avoid public charging stations
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and carry batteries and rip up used airline tickets with personal information encoded and the bottom line is your personal information has never been more at risk and so keep that in mind and happy fourth. >> so look, look at this. a story that people are talking about. and we're talking about it all morning. and i shared it on my facebook page. so british airways apologizing tie customer who claimed this meal looked like dog food. what do you think? >> is that chicken on the left? >> that is what they say. it all tastes like chicken, right? eric was flying from texas to london posted this photo of his food and he wrote that he was actually served this meal on his $700 flight. be sure to weigh in on this story from my facebook page. a lot of people are talking. you want to see what they're talking b. it is funny things as well. >> next time they have to shape the potatoes better. whip it up. >> a viral video might have you throwing out the ice cream in your freezer.
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>> oh, put it back. >> no, you should pay for it. that is what you should do. >> exactly. >> this makes me so mad. so the girl licked the blue bell ice cream and put it back in the grocery store freezer. this was viewed more than 10 million times and people are calling this woman to be arrested. even blue bell is responding saying they're looking into the incident and explained that their ice cream doesn't have the protective wrap because the freezing process creates a natural s sl cream >> and it is warm. we always think about ice cream until then. on jul fourth. celebrating summer but we'll change to popsicles now. [ laughter ]
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right now on "california live," we're talking hot summer sex in the city. >> how to keep things sexy this summer. >> oh, yeah. >> then kim is on board the queen mary and got some
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fireworks of her own. >> we're having a fourth of july celebration with all of the bells and whistles. and look who is teaming up with our dr. kess to tackle acne. your skin for summer. and plus a chance to set up your back yard to have a blast this july fourth. >> it i>>it's all happening rig on "california live."
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