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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 1, 2019 4:30am-4:58am PDT

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a very good monday morning to you, the first day of july. taking a live look outside, hazy look at san francisco this morning, but we're expecting a sunny holiday week for both san francisco and inland. good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. let's head over to meteorologist kari hall. you've been tracking the weather for us. what can we expect today? >> it will be foggy at the coast and sunny inland and that's what's helping to keep us cool across the bay area. it will be a nice one. a live look outside in walnut creek as we get startedit the u 50s to start and a slow climb as we eventually make it into upper 70s, and for the south county. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates coming up and mike, you're watching for workers on the peninsula.
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>> i want you to watch out for workers as well. the cones blocking off all but one lane north 101 at university, just saw flashing lights back up to clear the cones. you'll see traffic breaks through palo alto. these folks are working but seemed like there was more traffic anecdotally as i was driving along the east bay toward san jose as well for the nimitz so watch for early morning traffic flow that might be a little different. we don't have a big commute expected. the bay bridge toll plaza just cash lanes, a few folks waiting and the rest of contra costa county looks great. i want to send it over to you for the platest breaking news. happening today, you fill up your gas tarnia new gas tax hike goes into effect. you'll pay an extra five or six cents a gallon. it asupposed to raise $5 billion a year to improve roads and mass
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transit. another new law we'll tell you about requiring background checks for ammunition purchases goes into effect today. governor gavin newsom says the initiative will save lives, while opponents say it will harm millions of law-abiding gun owners. voters approved the check in 2016 and set an effective date of july 1st. ammunition dealers were seeing a surge in sales as customers stock up before the requirement takes effect. advocates against gun violence believe the law will prevent fatal officer shootings. today marks the deadline for the state'sannas access. prosecutors across the state will have one year to chall decisions. 4:32. warriors fans waking up to the dawn of a new day after what has to be the team's largest one-day overhaul ever. >> talk about a makeover.
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dub nation may call it the best of times and the worst of times. k.d. is gone and the star in the making, deangelo russell will join the warriors with a new four-year deal. >> russell comes to the warriors thanks to a reported trade with the brooklyn nets, it was the first time all-star this season. >> the warriors have reportedly resigned splash brother klay thompson to a five-year max deal. thompson injured his knee in the nba finals and may not see the court at all next season. another fan favorite is gone, the warriors traded andre iguodala to memphis. iggy has been really a key part of the championship run, he even won the final's mvp in 2015. the reason the nets tradedussel stars, that includes the big prize in free agency, kevin durant. fans we spoke with said steph, get-go. >> klay will get healthy, and we
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got steph to back the team up. he's always been the rock of the team so it's perfect. >> people may wonder why the warriors traded iguodala, who wasn't a free agent, but they needed the salary room to obtain deangelo russell, who is just 23 years old. sfranl can francisco giants larry baer's first day back is tomorrow. he focused on regular counseling during his three-month absence. in"i've been able to step back and take stock of myself as a person, and as a leader. i am wiser for it, and the work continues." the santa rosa fire department wants you to be prepared for looming danger ahead. you probably already know power outages may be coming during the red flag warnings. now pg&e says that people in
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santa rosa might be affected if they are served by a line that runs through a high-risk area. the utilities blackout system affects 31,000 miles of power lines and high threat areas and all 5 million customers in california. santa rosa fire department is also telling residents fire station also literally fly a red flag outside of the firehouses to signal critical fire danger. a man remains missing near the grand canyon. 66-year-old peter francis schwab from healdsburg was on a river trip, last seen on friday. grand on scouring the area ever since but so far, no luck. happening liccardo is attending a conference across the nation. the conference of mayor also take place in honolulu. the big topics being discussed
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include transportation and affordable housing. this week, vallejo is looking to pass new renter protections. the city council will set an ordinance prohibiting landlords from raising rents more than 10%, in response to notices of rental increases in excess of 100% for tenants in the strawberry hill and holiday gardens apartment complexes. 600 tenants at the properties have already been impacted. 4:36. ri n on "today in the bay," if you are flying for the fourth of july, be prepared. the record number of passengers flying this week and the busiest travel times. plus the extra holiday traffic you can expect as you prepare to hit the roads. a few cars on the road, not too bad. mike inouye will have a look at the commute coming up in a bit. you're watchinod
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good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up sharply higher this morning. investors all around the world are reacting to the u.s. and china striking a trade truce this weekend, agreeing not to imurth tariffs time being. the markets closing out the first half of the year with gains on friday. the dow had its best month since october of 2015 and turned in its best first half since 1999. if you're flying out on the fourth of july, get ready for some extra, get there extra
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early. the number of passengers will be a record flying this week with 12 million people expected to pass through security checkpoints between july 3rd and the 7th. the peak day will likely be sunday. the tsa anticipates screening about 2.7 million passengers and crew members on the peak days, that's an additional 500,000 people than on a typical day. you could also face extra traffic out there on the roads. aaa says the number of drivers is expected to rise by more than 4% this year and some cities will be three times more congested than theyre seattle all projected to see delays at least three times longer than normal at the busiest times. wednesday is expected to be the worst day for delays, more than 41 million people are forecasted to hit the roads and aaa projects the latest to increase by 9% across the country. marcus and laura, back over to you. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. >> if you're going to come here and spend the fourth of july with us, frank, you need to get on it. >> that's right. >> exactly. >> as they always say in the
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news business, pack your patience. >> thanks, frank. 4:41 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay," kari is tracking our forecast. >> looks pretty good. a live look outside in san jose, with a clear start this morning. willow glen will be in the mid-50s as you step out the door. mostly sunny skies throughout the day, and a nice warmup. we'll talk about that and what's ahead for the rest of the week, up next. and a good amount of traffic flowing here, smoothly through fremont,thwe're talking about r going on right now and folks having to change their schedules for work as well.
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aand good monday morning to you. taking a live look out at the bay bridge. woo, nice way to start the morning. looks like traffic is smoothly moving along there. 4:44 for you right now. trending for you this morning, the royals attended the first major league baseball game held in europe. >> britain's prince harry his wife meghan markle the duke and watched the game at the stadium. prince harry's charity partner. they were presented with gifts for their little baby archie, a tiny baseball bat.t really was! there you go. >> the whole time, what did he get? you have to explain. >> a little different than
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cricket. >> the ball but not on the ground. back here in the bay area, nice weather today. >> yes, it's going to be a great day. we've enjoyed nice weather throughout the weekend and it continues today, that's a live look outside in palo alto, as you get ready to step out the doors, all clear and our cl with some mid-50s and we'll see it making it into the upper 60s by 11:00. if you're about to head out to the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station, expect to need a jacket to start out this morning. upper 50s once again there, and we're going to see those temperatures in the low 60s. we do have clear skies in san jose, and with the cool start this morning, grab a jacket. later on today, you'll be good with some short sleeves and maybe even just a t-shirt. check out our high temperatures for the south bay. we're reaching up to 79 in east san jose. gilroy will see a high of 81, and it will be windy at times, as concord reaches up to 83. we'll also see some low 80s for
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the tri-valley, up to 80 in livermore, and in fremont 74 degrees. look at half moon bay, only 59 degrees today. so the fog stays near the coast while we make it up to 78 in redwood city, some low 60s in san francisco and very windy today, and low 80s in much of the north bay. so we are seeing this weather setup with an onshore wind flow, somerougut the rest of the day, the winds will increase, so areas along the bay area beaches will be windy and also chilly, only making it into the upper 50s and low 60s today. meantime, the inland valleys even though we have a brisk onshore wind flow, will see our skies clearing out and temperatures still warming up to about where we should be for the first day of july, and as we go throughout the rest of the week, it looks very mild, with some highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. we only get slightly warmer as we head toward the weekend, and mike, you have got the eye on
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the forecast and the traffic as well. >> the forecast is beautiful. all the folks headed toward the city had the pride activity weekend that, may cause some foen folks to ease out of the city. right now easing into the city at 4:27 the shot was empty. 4:47, the cash lanes fill in and traditional one cash lane on either side open. it's building now. we might see an earlier form just the early backup before 5:30 and we'll ease up at the toll plaza for a bit and kick in again probably about 9:00. that's usually the way we see it during a week like now where we have a vacation roaming around. some folks take a week off, others just the weekend. a mild slowing on the altamont. crash toward north lin road. no major injuries. no delays reported for any of
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the systems. starting today july 1st, ace has no wifi. that's a long ride if you're expecting to do work down the ace train route. they're noting they have that in line. the vendor is an issue so there's a business thingng ut no wifi for folks traveling on ace train and no delays across the san mateo bridge. it is light around the bay, moving nicely. >> taking you back to the '80s on the ace train. 4:48. all lanes of southbound 101 are open again in san jose after a crash involving several cars including one that rolled over and another that caught on fire. that crash happened about 1:00 a.m. at tully road. firefighter its say amazingly, no one in any of the cars sustained any major injuries. five people still recovering after a deadly crash over the weekend in orinda. two people were killed. this was the scene early sunday morning, a mangled mess of cars on highway 24 in orinda near the caldecott tunnel. the chp says two cars crashed
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head-on after one of the drivers was going on the wrong side of the highway. police say the wrong-way driver and his passenger were killed. alcohol and drugs believed to have played a role in his crash. 4:49 and turning to decision 2020, california senator kamala harris is jumping up in the polls. this is after shining during last week's debates. harris took to the stage not holding back after going after front-runner former vice president joe biden. the latest numbers taken right after the debate asked democratic primary voters who their first choice for president is. joe biden is still in the lead with 33%. senator bernie sanders is second with 19% and senator kamala harris is tied in third with 13% along with senator elizabeth warren. the oroville dam is officially dam open to the public, two years after it was forced to close due to the failure of the main and emergency spillways.
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people can bike the more than one-mile long road. because in storms of 2017 drenched the state and the spillway broke apart. be aware of singeein higher numbers of sting rays around san diego because ther inhat area right now. one surfer had quite a day yesterday, he says he stood up for the first time ever on a surfboard and also take a painful pop from a sting ray and ended up soaking his foot in hot water for about an hour. >> i'm sure it wasn't a shark because i still have my foot and when i came in, i saw it was bleeding. somebody pointed out it's probably a sting ray and i realized you're probably right, there's a sting hole puncture in my shoot. >> sure sign it's not a shark.
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it won't stop him from riding the waves because rays tend to hide in the sand when they hunt. experts recommend shuffling your feet through the sand to avoid getting stung. hundreds of dogs quarantine off site facility due to an outbreak of canine influenza. the dogs will be unable to be adopted for four to six weeks so pet food express is launching an emergency food drive to feed the dogs until they can find their forever homes. it along with nutri source dog food will match every bag of donated food. that means every bag donated the quarantine shelter gets three. >> nice. 4:52. starting today, if you have an overdue book, don't you worry about it. at least if you live in the east bay. a library system there is turning a new page when it comes to people who don't return books on time. starting today, the oakland public library will no longer charge overdue fines.
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the library collected almost $78,000 in overdue fines in 2017 and '18, but spent more than twice that amount in staff timing trying to collect the money. the library also found that 70% of the people who were blocked from borrowing because of overdue fines were some of the libry card because or not start using it to date, the library will charge to isn't reed past due the borrow the cost to replace the book until that person brings the book back. >> 4:53. coming up next on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> a trip to watch the world cup of cricket runs into a sticky which cannet. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds," next. and happening now, a developing story out of the dominican republic, swift justice for the men accused of shooting a red sox legend david ortiz.
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the suspects in the case, including the man accused of planning the attack, were sentenced to a year in prison. ortiz was shot in early june while at a nightclub had meant to kill another man who was sitting at the table with the popular baseball star. ortiz is recovering in it's 4:53.
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welcome back, everyone. nbc bay area responds to a san mateo family's transatlantic slight fight. >> good morning, curtis thompson planned a family trip to london for the cricket world cup. a simple booking, but the situation got complicated when he tried to change his travel
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date. virgin atlantic airways told him his tickets were not angele. curtis said the capitol one website where he booked with his rewards points indicated changes were allowed. a third party was also involved in the background, expedia, serving as a travel agent. curtis got nowhere navigating this triangle here, so he turned to us. our conversation with the company ended with curtis getting a refund of $4,517, but even that is confusing, because it's more than he paid. we asked why, but did not get a clear explanation from the companies involved. we applaud them for stepping up, though we do not expect companies to pay people any more than they're owed. we're out for fairness, that's all. call us any time with your case, 888-996-tips or online at >> thanks, chris. 4:57 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," kari hall cncluinng
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what's expected on the fourth. >> i'm tracking that and the rest of the forecast coming up. few folks headed northward, rainbow bridge easy drive. we'll show you the rest of your commute, coming up.
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right now at 5:00, president trump walking in to north korea for a surprise visit with kim jong-un. a live report from washington on what it means for sanctions and
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north korea's nuclear weapons. plus, back open, the transit center is officially set to get back to business. how long it will take before buses start rolling in. ashakeup for the golden state warriors, as it looks to reshape the team. fans reacts kevin durant say it's not so, but it is. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this monday morning, first day of july. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. of course our weather is so much better than new york. >> they got the humidity back there. >> speaking of weather, nice weather to start off the week. >> yes, we're starting out this morning seasonal 60s, cool refreshing start to the day, if you're headed out to the park this morning, it will start out with a few clouds in martinez and cool temperatures, some comfortable weather as we go throughout the day. south bay temperatures in the
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upper 70s, so we'll get a look at that, and the week ahead, coming up. mike, you have a look at the


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