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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during ultimate sleep number week, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends monday. visit for a store near you. . it's hard to say. >> right now at 11:00, a deadly deal, a bay area father shot and killed while trying to sell his phone. tonight his family is in shock iphonurning. good evening, thanks for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. ooting naj mathai. he used a popular app to sell that iphone and never came home. s frome new information on the deadly shooting. explodecaptured by surveillance
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cameras. terry mcsweeney joins us from the crime scene with the very latest. >> reporter: investigators have a lot of reasons to feel positive about this case tonight. number one, it happened saturday afternoon, broad daylight, a lot of witnesses, and the surveillance camera. tonight victim is being remembered as a loving family man. >> he was always smiling. he was always the one that lit up the room. he always told you he loved you, when you showed up=nrh and when left he gave you a hug. >> a family spokesman describes the kousin he grew up with. they met at 1:00 in the afternoon at a busy intersection, it wasn't enough to save him. >> those type of people should not be allowed in the street.
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>> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office said they have a lot to go on. for family members, the most difficult job is telling carlos's 5-year-old daughter daddy is not coming home. >> it's hard to say, i don't know if he got to say good-bye to her that day. >> reporter: the family set up a gofundme page, we've linked it to you on our website bay >> we have breaking news out of michigan now. a high pressure gas main ignited in a suburb. city officials say they shut down the line and the fire itself burned out. ea )sly no reports of any injuries. be careful where you pump. thieves are at it again, ripping off your credit card information
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at pumps. the skimmers are back. cheryl hurd is back with the details and advice. >> reporter: police are telling us tonight they found skimmers inside pump number 2 at this station and later skimmers at this chevron station. they say there are ways to outsmart the crook. >> that account i only use it to in town or -- >> jennifer telling us tonight she was a victim of gas station kimming at this valrro on chef ron. >> this time of year it's hard to use that much money. >> in her case it was $900. they're loosing money in credit
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card skimmings placed inside gas pumps. >> i know they have video surveillance. you see it when you walk in. >> police are pouring through video surveillance. the station is fighting back by putting this seal near the lock. warning customers, if it's broken pay for your gas inside because the pump has been tampered with. >> reporter: now the biggest tip of all, don't use your debit card because it's easy to retrieve your pin, if you have to use plastic, use a credit l,rd. and, of course, when possible use cash. not over just yet. let's look at san ra fell morrowt. a little bit of rain earlier. jeff ranieri is tracking the showers. what are we looking at if people are heading out for the holiday tomorrow? >>bg it looks good as we head io
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the thanksgiving forecast. primarily to the north there's still some rain, so in terms of my newest forecast update. you ale see a decent chance of scattered showers through about 3:00 a.m., by 6:00 a.m., the chances decrease. we'll have more details on writ's going to reach close to 75 degrees. we want to give you the preview. if you're traveling know we'll have sun shine, it's the temperatures moving back in, 80 in los angeles. a full run of our forecast at 11:19 tonight. tonight a court ruling in the bay area with national implications. a federal judge ruled that trump administration will not be able to block federal funding from sanction chair cities and
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counties. that's a mon mental ruling. ian coal joins usãwith the impact. >> reporter: yes, they brought the trusuit forward tonight. s e supervisor tells me it's a ing appre coesident's threats. they rejected the trump administration's armtd arguments greeng the president cannot set new conditions on spending todaynted by congress. the doj says it only blocks a portion of money. but the judge disagreed saying it was written to reach all rgued l branchs. santa clara alone stood to lose about 35% of its revenue. they argued it was unconstitutional and would cause immediate harm. >> there's cities and counties all across the country breathing a sigh of relief tonight knowing they can proceed and plan andb8
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pay their people without having federal money yanked away from them by a very erratic presidential e administration. c bay unction is permanent however the trump administration could appeal and take it to the supreme court. dditiots expect that will happen we'll keep you updated. new at 11:00 tonight, more close calls at sfo. the ntsb is investigating two incidents where two planes could have ended up on the same runway. in february, a compass airline plane had to abort a landing because a virgin jet was set to time offlq3- on the same runway. that follows when an air canada plane land odd a runway, where four other planes were on the ground. an unruly passenger caused
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this commotion. the disruption still unclear exactly what caused it. denver. a witness tells nbc bay area tried to restrain the passenger. the man was eventually escorted akinthe aircraft and the plane took/f÷ off for canada some two hours later. just in añlxx school resour officer is being credited for taking this, a loaded gun away from a 14-year-old student in richmond. this happened at the high school. ent teenager brought the gun to rresus last thursday. someone tipped off the officer eho alerted the rest of the campus. the next day the gun was the case. and the student arrested. ed one was hurt. we have an update on the shlcony collapse in berkeley. it happened in 2015 right near
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the cal campus. d ve students from ireland and another from roaner bark were the set a partial settlement has been reached with the defendants who owned and managed the apartment complex. ehe settlement amount is confidential. >> busted by members of the fbi. the hell's angel biker gangs are in trouble with the feds. eight members were arrested in san jose just before]rnñ a sched motorcycle ride on saturday. the arrests come after a three-year investigation which included a raid at group's clubhouse. motorcyaccused of various crimes, including murder, extortion and witness tampering. >> this indictment is the next step in our mission of finding, pr e coecuting the threat of gangs across the country.
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>> federal agents said they seized guns and motorcycles speaksserving the warrants. agents say more could be coming. it's something i'll never forget, stop thinking about. imes whetim's brother speaks out after we traced a stolen gun to his brother's murder. we tracked them across the country and the communities they impact. mostly cloudy and 62 in san jose right now. i'm tracking who will hit 75 degrees and warmer tomorrow and our best chance of rain in the forecast. that's at 11:20 tonight. to go my house i don't have any jerseys up. >> so what does steph curry have hanging in his home in the east bay? the warrior's star gets personal with jimmy fallon. murder...and hundreds of other
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shootings... stolen guns are being used in
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crimear we saw with the kate steinle murder and hundreds of other shootings stolen guns are being used in crimes around the country every day. when officers confiscate the guns they often can't find out where they came from. >> stephen stock teamed up with our other nbc stations and tracked those guns across the united states. what did you find? >> we analyzed records on almost a half million stolen and recovered guns across the u.s. no one has done this kind of tracing on this scale publically before. now we have a better idea where those guns come from and where they end up. >> it's something that i'll never forget, that i'll never stop thinking about. >> his brother was murdered in 2012 during a south bay crime spree involving a stolen gun. >> emotionally for my parents it was devastating. >> dillon and his brother rory
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grew up in campbell. dillon served in iraq. >> i would say his death caught me more off guard than any roadside bomb could. >> yet he can't see how guns can be left out in the open for[3óí thieves to steal. >> it's sickening that this can be occurring and there's no talk about about it. >> no talk about about a glock handgun that was taken in 2010 and two years later left a police officer wounded and dillon's brother dead. >> i know more families like my will suffer. >> to get a sense how big the problem is, we teemed up with a nonprofit journalism organization, trace to find out how guns circulate around the
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u.s. his family is one of 63 different families we found whose loved ones have been killed since 2010 involving a stolen gun. >> i know other families are going through what i'm going through. >> we obtained records in 36 different states, nearly 800,000 gun records in all. while the fbi says 2 million guns have been stolen or lost in the last ten years, our data is> incomplete because some agencies, including, san francisco,1$ oakland and los angeles's police department refuse to share their records with us. but this shows how often stolen guns travel around the country from region to region. >> the word is out they're going after the guns. >> he is the chief of the intelligence of the alcohol tobacco and fire arms in d.c.
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>> it's noticeable increases in the last few years. >> we found a network of stolen guns across the country. guns stolen in thefó carolinas d the atlanta area were connected to crimes in sere kus new york, d.c., nashville and chicago. atf is the only federal agency responsible for tracing guns used in crimes. they do it all here at the atf's national trace center in west virginia. where the program manager gave us a rare behind the scenes tour. >> there is no national registry or data base across america. so we're responding to guns that were found in crimes. >> our details show thousands of stolen guns travel long
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distance. we saw them from washington ended up connected to san jose and san dee go. oakland were connected to crimes in maryland. >> it could be a matter of days to sometimes 15, 20 years later these guns are still being recovered in crimes. they're not perishable, they don't wear out and disa appear. >> we found more than 23,000 guns that were later connected to crimes, including violent crimes. >> it doesn't surprise me so much as it does alarm me. >> no one wants to see firearms stolen from anybody. >> larry keen, is president of a trade association that supports proposed legislation for increased criminal penalties for people who steal gun. >> he says gun owners should
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secure their firearms. but he stops short of saying they should bear some responsibility if their guns are later used in a crime. >> we encourage people when their guns are not in use they should be secured. >> though they would not agree to an oncamera interview in a statement the nra said a law that requires reportage of lost guns is punitive. it only serves to further vic m victimivicti victimize otherwise law abiding persons after they've been robbed. >> how do you stop it. >> we ask that everybody partnered realize what's going on. >> weapons need to be locked up. >> dillon says his brother's death saul you need to know about the impact of stolen guns on our communities. >> punishing folks that lose their weapons. it's as simple as that.
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you wouldn't leave a child alone. if something happens to that child you're responsible for that child. what's the difference here? >> federal officials techl they think our project is an important one because they want important one because they want the public to know more about"ye the flow of stolen guns across the country. the atf cannot share their data with anyone, even local police departments unless they request it onkí case by case basis. you can find more details on ouz website. go to >> how long have you been working on this? >> a year and a half. since kate steinle's murderoñ÷v started digging into it. more than two years ago. >> fascinating information. if you have a story for steven information on ts story call the investigative unit or visitú>3 our website. we want to shift our attention to jeff ranieri as we begin this thanksgiving week a lot of us heading out of town or
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bringing in our relatives from out of town. >> the forecast looks good as we head throughout the next couple days. no big issues into thfgs but we  see some unusual weather moving back in. let's look at the weather pattern. you can see what i mean on the map here. we have several dis different disturbances we're tracking that's going to be-to-move to the bay area. 99% will be moving off. the bottom line is this area of high pressure will keep warmer than average weather in the forecast this week. let's take you right into tomorrow morning. i think overall we start to see the sun break out, temperatures in the low to mid 60s, a chance of spotty showers. let's get to the warmer than average temperb!gs down in the south bay tomorrow it's our number one warmest location, and
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75 in san jose. you don't need your jacket tomorrow afternoon. certainly kind of swinging back to temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees above average here. 74 in danvilleëí over to oaklan, 70. 74 in redwood city. san francisco getting in on the milder weather, 69 for the marina. up towards the north bay, napa and sonoma, we have low 70s, and cooler in mill valley at 68 degrees. i don't see any major storm sister through friday. there's just some slight chances of pop up showers. temperatures in the 60s in san francisco over the next seven days with the best chance of rain returning by next monday's forecast. for the inland valleys how about the temperatures, we went from the cold wet weather lastvrutti to 70s here as you can see all
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the way throughmqvn saturday. again our next best chance of widespread rain for the interior valley into next monday's forecast. if you're doing any traveling for the entire state. expect relatively nice conditions down to southern california. 70s here mean 80s in los angeles if you're headed there to see some family. so a little bit of a flip for us. >> 80s in l.a. b like it colder but this is what we have this week. >> it's november, right? just to clarify. >> it is. up next you can hear on the big screen but apparently he's a real life hero too. happening now on our twitter page. barbara stries sand saying she'll never go on tour again. she gets too nervous. you can see her performing for the last time in her updcoming
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now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. wow millions again with his talent tonight. a student is getting his chance to wow millions again. did it with his talent tonight. that's ian mack bringing down the house on his voice. he made the top 12 and was coached by jennifer hudson. will he have enough to advance? we will find out tomorrow night here on nbc bay area. >> how about actor harrison ford
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playing a hero in real life. the star rushing to help a woman who lost control of her car yesterday. it happened near a small down in venture ra county. he saw the woman drive off the road. he and other witnesses manage today get her out of the car and stayed with her until the ambulance arrived. he suffered minor injuries. we're back in a moment with what the sharks did tonight and the latest with marshawn lynch and president trump.
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and how about this for a road trip? cal -- is in maui. college basketball in full swing and how about this for a road trip. cal in maui. >> wouldn't that be nice? the bears loose to wichita state and the cardinals loose to carolina. the suddenly slumping sharks go to a rare nine-round shootout. the ducks vermet beats marty jones and anaheim pulls out the win in san jose, 4-3 your final. oakland mayor is firing back
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after president trump blasted marshawn lynch. lynch garnered the president's attention for sitting down for the national anthem yesterday and then stood up for the mexican national anthem. the president tweeted today he should suspend lynch for the rest of the season if he does it again. the mayor tweeted let's suspend donald trump again. he said she will not stand for the president bullying lynch. steph curry is hanging up with jimmy tonight. up next what he revealed about hissest bay home. ♪
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so what does steph curry do? hangs w . they're all there, the big apple, the warriors with night off in new york city. so steph curry hangs out with jimmy fallon. he tells him walking into his east bay home isn't what you might expect from a nba star. >> i don't have any jerseys up or anything, but pots and pans, bacon grease jars. >> his wife is a chef.
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so he has pots and pans everywhere. you can watch curry on the tonight show in just a few tonight showith just a few jimmy. >> let the man put a jersey on the wall. >> i would say he has to step away. take a break. >> he sat down with jimmy fallon, it's a good segment coming up right now, about now. >> see you tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. have a great night and great day tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston, stephen curry,


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