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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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build. he was clean shaven and as we mentioned, this is the fifth indecent exposure in palo alto in 13 months. right now, detectives are trying to determine if this event is related to the other cases. reporting live in palo alto, marianne falvro. we have learned the fbi is now on the case, hoping to find a missing two-year-old girl. the two-year-old hasn't been seen in a week. police are concerned about the tooild child's safety. her mother was found murdered in a park last friday. >> a murder charge will stand. that was the judge's ruling today against a man from last summer's shooting death in embarcadero. this man tried to get the charge dismissed today. arguing police didn't have any probable cause to arrest sanchez. the judge disagreed citing
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physical and video evidence. they said if you discharge a gun, causing the bullets to bounce u bounce off the concrete and hit her in the back killing her. sanchez will be back in court may 12th. the county sheriff is being forced out. today the board of supervisors heard the findings from an independent audit into the county jail. michelle roberts was at the meeting and joins us from soan jose. what are the details? ? >> reporter: they recommended a change in leadership, referring to the parish. >> blue ribbon commissioner doris cordells they operate with an independent review. the commission is is recommending the county replace
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sheriff smith. the sheriff's conduct has created a chilling effect on the public. >> the commission requires more oversight, by hiring an inspect tore general and increasing welfare funds. >> so while you might prepare and come up with a new and better offer you still have a pilot and the pilot runs. >> i'm not a quitter. i want to get it done. i want to make progress. it started -- >> reporter: sheriffs commissioner agrees with many of the blue ribbon recommendations, like an oversight committee. admits more can be done. >> i think that there is a -- >> that motion carries unanimously. >> reporter: today the supervisors voted to expect it for review and promise improvements will be made. >> our obligation is a quiet
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voice and those quiet voices right now are in the jail. the commissioner says they will be reviewing them and likely taking action in the next several months. >> okay. thank you, michelle, out on bail but still under investigation. police looking for more victims linked to a south bay personal trainer accused of child molestation. morgan hill police arrested david wolf yesterday in front of his gym wolf pack, suspected of assaulting two girls and women. they claim they happened in 2015. police began investigating him two months ago. they hope other victims will come forward. they are looking for a fresh start in marin county. a deadly shooting prompted the renameing of the road where that shooting happened. today the county board of supervisors approved changing
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the name of gunshot fire road to sunrise fire road t. gunshot reference was considered inappropriate after last october's tragedy. three so-called drifters are accused of shooting and killing a yoga vuktor who was walking his dog an a trail there. they will be in court for a preliminary hearing next month. someone pay have to buy themselves a new mercedes benz in san francisco. public works crews are trying to clear the work if castro after a chinese elm fell on top of a parked mercedes. officials say the tree is privately maintained. the owners are responsible for removing the rest of that tree. well, peer in peril. that's the headline of a report delivered to the fourth district today. i want to show you a map of the sea wall t. port is now looking for 500 million to shore up the most vulnerable areas about that pier. we are talking about pier 27 to 31. it's just a portion of the $2 billion price tag to rebuild the
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entire three mile sea wall. the study of the 100-year-old structure found it could crumble during an earthquake is that is as strong that devastated the city in 1906. >> it's really a call to action that we need to improve the way the sea wall will perform in a major seismic events. >> port authority will then spend the next 18 months figuring out how to pay for those job cuts. in uc berkeley the memo blames the budget for the elimination of 500 staff positions t. cuts will not involve faculty members. administrators are hoping to avoid layoffles t. goal is to reorganize the make the job cuts. the memo says eliminating the positions should result in a savings of about $50 million a year. okay. is it pressure or pleasure? . what is it for the warriors? the big game is tomorrow night in oakland. it's the final game of the regular season. you know the drill here.
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if the warriors when, they'll break the record for most wins in a single season. nbc bay area is at the oracle arena. you have been around the team in years. it's the biggest story in all of sports. are they feeling the pressure here? >> reporter: you know, that's a good question. i don't think they are. it's obviously built as the year moves on, more media members. they've goten used to it. they've had a target on their backs all year. i think for us media gooks, too, -- geeks, too, we will be talking more than the record breaker, itself. to give you an idea how many media members have converged on mech fis. keep in mind, you can't see the people mind i behind michael. >> reporter: i covered shoot arounds at last year's nba finals. there were far more people there. head coach had a doctor's appointment. luke walton filled in. he chose to make light of kerr's
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decision an of the media circus. >> i wonder why steve scheduled a doctor's appointment for today. now i know. i'm happy to be here. it's just a lot of media. i'm sure with all this media here, it will be discussed a lot over the next hour or so. and it will definitely be discussed tomorrow. you know, before the game. but today was a practice day. we're, you know, from our side, we were more interested in working on things. >> reporter: there were even athletes from other sports in attendance, this is great. members of the angels in town taking on the as to the right of me. they got into practice today, too. coming up at 6:00, steph curry, we will talk about the friendly game of pick. we will hear from guys talking about win number 73. they're ready to go, reporting live, collin resch, nbc bay
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area. >> thank you, collin. he is budget all speculation to rest. today speaker of the house paul ryan says he will not make a late presidential run this year. ryan has been suggested as a possible presidential candidate if no current republican hopeful receives the required delegates to win the nomination. after an afternoon press conference, ryan ruled out any possibility of becoming the party's nominee t. speaker says he has too much work to do in the house of representatives. he didn't want any further destructions. coming up here at 5:00, teenagers arrested for what they posted on snapchat. they are now facing terrorism and hate crime charges. >> reporter: i'm jody hernandez in oakland, where a neighborhood desperately needs a bus stop. the rant to put one in in front of a bank have caused a bus stop battle. is i'll have details coming up. i want this to be a stand for humanity above borders, above religion, above all else.
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>> and a european vacation turns into a life changing opportunity. how one couple turned to what they found on the beach into a way to help refugees. >> good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff raneiri, underground sky camera in san jose. that's in advance of our next storm w. retracking how much rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutes. e. retracking how much rain we will get on thursday in just a few minute . retracking rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutea. retracking rain we will get on thursday in just a few minute. retracking hh rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutee. retracking much rn we will get on thursday in just a few minute rh rain we will get on thursday in just a few minuteretracking how rain we will get on thursday in just a few minuteetracking how rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutetracking how m rain we will get on thursday in just a few minuteracking how mu rain we will get on thursday in just a few minute racking how m rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutetracking how m rain we will get on thursday in just a few minutes. it was a truly "messy" morning
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commute. an overturned big rig spilled its load of dirt, snarling traffic >> okay. talk about a messy morning commute. an overturned big rig stil spilled its load of dirt. you can see it there. it's happening on the connection from westbound 980 to southbound 880 around 8:00 in the morning. crews finally had the mess cleared up eight days later. it is not clear what caused that crash. the truck driver is not seriously hurt. big concern over an oakland bus stop tonight. a neighborhood has been without a bus stop, the plans to relocate it has a lot of people crying foul. jody hernandez is live in oakland, where it claims a bus stop would pose a security risk to them, jody. >> reporter: that's right, the boompg says having a bus stop located right in front of it would create loitering and put the bank and its customers at risk but many bus riders call that claim ridiculous.
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>> we want that bus stop back at 30th and broadway. >> reporter: oakland city council woman rebecca kaplan stood by members of the community, to demand a much needed bus stop on a busy section of broadway. >> we have received incredible complaints from people, including people with disabilities. including people trying to get to medical appointments. >> not having a stop that's convenient right there has been a hardship. >> reporter: the neighborhood's bus stop was removed during construction of a new sprouts grocery store early last year t. city agreed to relocate it in front of summit bank. but the bank has been trying to stop the bus stop plan, calling eight security risk. >> it's not a good idea to have a bus stop directly in front of a bank, where people are constantly withdrawing money or depos iting money. >> that implies that somehow people that ride buses are dangerous. >> i come to that stop to loiter. >> people packed the city committee meeting to sound off about the bus stop concerns, including 81 bus rider joyce
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roy, who made fun of the banks's objections. >> i am also, sir, a source of crime. i hit people over the head with my cane. >> reporter: now, city leaders agreed today that restoring that bus stop is crucial. the city's traffic engineer says the summit location. the summit bank locks is the right spot for it. he says that's where it will go submit bank, however, says they will continue to fight it. >> jody, thank you. two teenagers accused of making a disturbing snapchat video, police arrested the 16-year-old in the mo deficito area yesterday after this snapchat video surfaced last week. it shows a white stwunt a noose around his neck telling a black student he must die. central catholic high school
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says the boys in the video have been suspended. they face charges of making terrorist threats, xhath hate crime and criminal conspiracy. >> a 99-year-old woman can stay at least for now a. judge granted a stay allowing iris canada to remain in the unit at least another week. she's called it home for the past 57 years. she says she was granted a lifetime lease in 2002. the owners claim the lease is no longer valid. >> this is heart breaking, it's really sad. this woman has a lifetime lead. that means as long as she is here on earth. she deserves to have the dignitary of her home. >> the building's owners claim she hasn't lived there some time and instead has been staying with relatives in oakland. both sides will head back to court next week. the city of antioch.
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a single animal services officer is not enough. the city's animal services department has lost two officers recently, meaning there is only one remaining to deal with everything from wild rooster complaints, road kill, strays and animal welfare investigations. the east bay times quotes the police administrator calls it desperate. city hall is asking residents to be patient, assuring them interviews for replace ls are under way. >> okay talk about this from selfless to selfish, that is the unexpected iternary for a san francisco couple on a european vacation. >> they received tragedy first hand and returned back home to make a difference. we have their story. >> this is the onlytime type of pictures, they probably thought they'd be bringing back from their italian vacation last fall t. one they took to recharge and
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destress after zander's latest start-up went belly-up. >> i had my soul reach out of my chest after the last experience. >> the proprietary italian sun, to, couldn't blind the san francisco couple to something happening just across the mediterranean. syrian refugees, by the thousands, risking their lives to come to europe. zander and zoe couldn't take their eyes off it. >> we spent our days instead of laying on the beach, we would be in our hotel room doing research looking at more and learning more about the war and what's happening and before we realized it, we were spending all of our days doing this. let's just get out there what are we doing? >> so the pair island flew to the greek island of lesbos welcoming, warming those who had survived the dangerous sea journey. still, they wanted to do even more. but just how? well, the answer to that was just laying at their feet.
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literally. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: the thousands upon thousands of discarded life vests the refugees had used but no longer needed were everywhere. >> upon flying into the islands, you could see the entire island just all the shores just filled with bright orange. >> it was zoe who came up with the idea to uppsych testimony vests, using local seamstresss who are now sewing the material into wrist bands. thousands have been made already t. pair will start selling them online next week to raise money for the ongoing humanitarian effort. >> i want this to be a stance of humanity above borders, relidgeup, above all else. so this is a zoe band. >> reporter: their hope is these bands will help buyers make an emotional connection to those who once wore this material and what refugees once relied on to save their lives perhaps will come full circle and help them
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once again. >> one thing that they learned is if that situation could be any worse, many of those life vests were not real life vests. >> that people had been sold before making the journey. they said they were more like sponges than life vests. so they couldn't recycle them or use them again as life vests. so this they thought was the perfect way to obviously get them off, clean up the beaches and. >> an environmental issue. >> clean up that and for people that buy them, that's a powerful connection. you are wearing something that a refugee used to save his or her lives on that journey. >> how can we get the wrist band? >> they're going on sale online next week. april 20th. i'll post the link to where you with purchase them. >> that's a great idea. >> yes, it is. >> let's check in with meteorologist jeff ranieri, good to see you. >> you too, jess.
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welcome back from vacation. all right. let's get a look at the satellite radar picture right now. we have a mixed bag across the bay area. we had some cloud cover in the south bay. that's all coming from the storm system offshore. we did manage sunshine across portions of the east bay today. currently across the south bay, that's where the clouds are, 59, east bay, you have the sun again, 61 degree, sunshine back towards san francisco and the north bay. through tomorrow morning, forecast, we get the cloud cover coming back. poibl some drizzle in san francisco, 51, a few drops of drizzle in the peninsula. 48 t. low clouds will be back with us in the south bay. you will be able see the clouds on the future-cast for tomorrow morning, again, it's widespread. what we are pushing for is the possible rain. at 11:30, the best chance is
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coming through santa rosa, a few drops is possible. we'll see the best chance of accumulating rainfall from 12:00 until 7:00 in the morning on thursday. you see specifically at 5:00 a.m., san mateo and for early morning commuters, that will be an issue for you. eventually that rain pushes down at 7:30. at least it's something to keep our fire danger down. we'll see the higher totals up to the north. it's based off to the north. possibly in santa rosa. 1,500 drets in nappa. 5-hundreths of an inch to 1,100 drets. now the other thing that will be changing is the temperatures. check out the drastic switch coming our way. we'll have 63 on thursday. when that rain asievs i rievss shoot out to 79 on saturday. we clear out with the dryer
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wind. eventually 81 through the valley, specifically if walnut creek sunday. yes, cool the next couple of days. eventually, it will warm back up. you can see tomorrow not too much difference. it will be colder, 50s across the san francisco marina. slightly warmer, 69, pacifica, palo alto 66. the possibility of rainfall. a few more showers by next tuesday. while el nino is fading, we have weather coming down the whip line. >> turning over information about millions of riders and drivers coming up, where the request came from. why the bay area obliged. ===add===
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on our website - the number of children forced by "boko haram" in africa to be suicide bombers increased more than tenfold last year. >> happening now on our website, a number of children forced by boka haram in africa to be suicide bombers. more than tenfold last year it increased. the u.n. says some are eight-years-old. zane they hire a diversity leader after a hate crime incident. we updated our home page. back with more news.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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criminal in morgan hill. photos of this unusual crime are being tweeted by detectives. th >> how about this one, a hungry and meat loving criminal in morgan hill. photos of this unusual crime are being tweeted out by detectives. they're on the trail of a petition thief. and this is the shall we say prime suspect? a supermarket employee took these photos. the store claims this man stole more than $700 worth of steak and other choice cuts. investigators want your help identifying the suspect. they've traced his car already to gilroy. >> uber's records are now in the hands of state and federal authorities t. san francisco ride sharing company says it gave information on more than 12 million riders and drivers to various various state and federals a. they include trips, pickup, drop juv, fares, vehicles and drivers a. large number of requests were
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related to fraud investigations or stolen credit card. uber says it did not receive requests related to national, foreign intelligence. >> this is an engine pod. this is one of them to give you a sense of the scale and you know this is made of carbon fibers. it's actually pretty light. >> that's facebook ceo mark zuckerberg talking act a solar plane that will internet connectivity to billions of people in far away placelets. it's one of things he showed to kick you've the facebook developer conference. coming up at 6:00, we will look at his plans for facebook over the next decade. >> they are taking over the world. we are back in a moment. stay with us. .
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12k3w4r6r789s equal pay for equal work.
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=anim= =vo= today's renewed push to shorten the pay gap. and why some say the gap is imaginary. . >> coming up at 6:00, equal pay for equal work. the renewed push to shorten the pay gap and why some say the gap is imaginary. >> that story is coming up at 6:00. >> before we leave you, one quick look at the forecast. it's blustery outside. >> a little bit of wind, cloud in the south bayment we did get sunshine in san francisco to the north bay and east bay. clouds return to isolated fog and drizzle
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eventually, yes, the return of rain thursday morning. very excited about that. >> like weren't all of a sudden. >> all over again. >> lester holt is next. thanks for joining us. glmpblths glmpblths glmpblths campaigns are preparing to deploy. smashed by hail the size of softballs, millions run for cover as violent storms slam the south. the danger far from over. new video of the moments leading up to an nfl star being gunned down in the street. more twists and a tragic mystery as a witness breaks his silence. the women leading the charge, demanding equal pay for equal work. on the field, in the office, and in hollywood. asking why women are still making 79 cents for every dollar a man gets. and warhol heist. tonight the fbi on the hunt as those


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