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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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how many times are we talking about these attacks? >> reporter: two times, three officers. i did receive this internal police document from a source. while i can't share with you what's inside the document to protect officer safety, i can tell you the recent attacks are drawing a lot of concern for officer safety in and out of uniform. they turn in their patrol cars at the end of every shift and go home. but the dangers of their job have been following some officers home. >> we take this job knowing that those risks are there. >> reporter: this detective says his deputies were not involved in the recent after work attacks, but their office nonetheless alerted its deputies. >> it's a reminder for us to always be vigilant. we have to -- we go to training, our experience, always aware of
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our surroundings. >> reporter: we aren't divulging the attack information on the but we have confirmed three officers have been attacked while off duty. one suffered serious injury. >> there's not a lot of respect for law enforcement. >> reporter: this man retired after 30 years as a cop. he asked us no the t to show hie and says h remains on guard today as a civilian. >> when i walk into a restaurant, when i walk into a location, i will know all the ten people sitting there. if i have run into them before. then i will sit down with my back to a wall. >> reporter: cops tell me the warning is important but won't change what they do. they signed up for a career of serious risks. even if that risk sometimes follows them home. that officer says when he walks into it the restaurant, he wants to make sure he recognizes somebody before that person actually recognizes him. i'm hearing that all officers involved in the recent attacks
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should be okay. live in san jose. >> thank you. good news tonight. not only is he recovering but he wants to get back to work. the plumber who was trapped in the sewer line for 13 hours is telling us about his ordeal. it took more than 30 people to rescue him. we have obtained new pictures seen here of that desperate rescue operation. the trench was so small, only one person could actually get in. they had to dig out the man with a vacuum and hand tools. jodi hernandez is at the hospital this evening. you were the only reporter to speak with him. how is he doing? >> reporter: he is doing remarkably well. he is a little tired and a little bumped and bruised, but very, very grateful. this man says he's a little banged up but feeling good. the east bay plumber fell 17
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feet into a hole while working on a sewer line yesterday. it took firefighters 13 hours to rescue him. i thought of everything and nothing he says describing the ordeal from the hospital today. he says he even thought he might die during the hours he was trapped. firefighters say the space he was stuck in was small and full of sand. and construction material had fallen on top of him. >> it was the plywood and four by four bracing and everything that fell in on him was kind of across the back of his legs. so he was trapped. we couldn't lift him out without tearing his legs off, if you will. >> reporter: after 13 hours, rescuers managed to pull him out. he is incredibly grateful. i don't have the words to thank them for saving me, he says. thanks to them and thanks to god.
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he says he can't wait to get back to work. he is hoping to be released from the hospital here sometime tomorrow. live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area new. >> nice to see him out and about in the hospital. more details about the company that man worked for. according to state records, star rooter and plumbing has received three complaints in the last five years. it has been fired $2,700 for one accident. they are investigating this latest incident. enjoy a break between the storms. live look at satellite radar. see the next storms lining up. early this morning rain fell across the bay area just as they told us. you saw some of it throughout the afternoon. a little break now. it hits us again. >> it does. in the next 18 hours we will see the storm system pushing up against the coastline. right now, radar shows spotty
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showers near san francisco and the east bay. that's just about it. let's get a look. next storm is 1,000 miles away in the pacific. there's a healthy tap of subtropical moisture to the south. that's a key signature from el nino. this is being enhanced by the warmer waters across the pacific. when exactly do the first rain drops arrive? by 3:00 p.m. on thursday. heavier pockets into napa and sonoma county. this pushes across the rest of the bay area. over next ten days, likely two inches or more from the east bay to the south bay. possibly five inches up to the north bay. we will time line it out this hour. >> thank you. when you can't sit around and watch jeff, watch our app. it is free. a crucial new clue in the bart shooting. new surveillance images. police released these photos of a man they say shot and killed a
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bart passenger on a train over the weekend. they are hoping you can help identify him. michelle roberts is at the bart station where the shooting happened. michelle, seemingly, they are getting close. but no one in custody. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. they don't know the name of the suspect. at this point, they don't know if the suspect targeted the victim on purpose or if this were a random attack. >> from our surveillance video at the station where he is exiting the station. >> reporter: police say this man left the west oakland bart station on saturday night just before 8:00. they believe this picture was taken moments after he shot and killed a man on a train heading to sfo. >> this is a pretty brazen, random act. >> reporter: the chief says the man was ar med with a handgun. the victim has not been identified but is described as a hispanic man in his late teens or early 20s.
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>> unknown the relationship between the victim and the suspect. >> reporter: the chief says there were witnesses on the train during the shooting. but didn't answer when asked if there were working surveillance cameras on board or if the shooting was caught on camera. >> we want independent witnesses who were at the station or on the train to give us what they may have seen, heard o whatever based on their own account, not based on what they hear today in the media. >> reporter: police did recover a night at the scene on saturday. they don't know if it was related to this shooting. live in oakland tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. a disturbing twist tonight in the case of human remains found in san francisco. investigators now say those bones do belong to a child. a woman found the bones while gardening in front of her home back in november. the medical examiner has confirmed the bones actually belong to two different people. the age of the first is unknown.
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but the other is a child between the ages of 8 and 14. investigators say they will compare the dna of the bones to any missing persons cases. they say at this point it's unclear whether foul play is involved. cars stolen right off the street. even in quiet residential neighborhoods. police say it's a crime of opportunity. it's on the rise in an upscale east bay community. what's the exact problem and what's the plan moving forward? >> reporter: residents are fed up with the brazen break-ins, even their vehicles getting stolen in front of their house. now they are arming themselves in their neighborhoods with cameras. just outside michelle wilbur's home, something is missing. the family's truck vanished overnight. >> and that's what got the drop-off truck going this way. >> reporter: her neighbor's
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surveillance camera caught what they think is someone dropping off the thief. >> we bought a camera. >> referee: she got a new camera for her house. soon the entire neighborhood may be armed with them. >> which would be nice. then you could see someone coming in and going out. >> we chipped in to put up neighborhood watch signs. we formed our own group. >> reporte >> reporter: this neighborhood isn't alone. people are pooling money and resources to protect their property. >> this neighborhood usually isn't one for crime. >> reporter: according to authorities, auto burr arer burglaries are up. in walnut creek they spiked 19% since last year. >> crooks can smash a window, grab something and be gone in three seconds. >> reporter: police welcome the extra surveillance and say changes in the way crimes are classified may be partially to blame for the spike. >> prop 47 has made felonies
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misdemeanors. you have a crook out there in the old days if they went to jail, now they get cited out and five mutes later they are back looking for another victim. >> reporter: authorities are cautioning residents if they do plan on installing surveillance cameras do it on their private property like on a fence and not on city property, because there could be issues with liability. cot o could the oakland raiders still be on the move? the rush is on for the chance to be an instant billionaire. do schools get a boost for this? that story coming up.
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raiders aren't heading to l-a -- but at it's not just the team but the fans are in limbo. we are talking about the raiders. that aren't heading to l.a., but that doesn't mean their future is in oakoakland. the team's lease is expiring with no new plan in place. the raiders say anything is possible. they could play the next season in another city, not l.a. but they say they have some other options. a lot of politics and a lot of threats. pete, you spoke with the mayor. has she spoken with the raiders
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since last night's decision? >> reporter: the mayor hasn't spoken to the raiders yet. when they do speak, they will talk about how they plan to fund the new place. where will carr throw touchdowns next year? >> we will see where raider nation ends up here. we will be working hard to find us a home. >> reporter: the owner doesn't know. his defeated remarks from yesterday's nfl owners meetings, after his plan to move into a new stadium with the san diego chargers was denied. >> this is where they belong for the long haul. >> reporter: the mayor has not talked with davis but says she will shortly. when they do, they will need to talk money. it will cost about a billion dollars to build a new stadium on coliseum grounds. the city is willing to kick in $90 million for infrastructure.
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with the nfl and raiders contributing $600 million. leaving the project $300 million short. taxpayer money won't be used to fill the gap. >> we could help them get future payment. >> my guess is the raiders are going to engage in conversations with oakland and other markets. >> reporter: they are in charge of negotiating the current lease at the coliseum, which expires february 17. he says davis has told him he wants to stay in oakland, but at the end of the day, business is business. >> he is a smart businessman. he is probably going to look at other opportunities and do some comparison shopping. we expect that. >> reporter: the stadium authority will meet with the raiders next week. we did reach out to the raiders but have yet to hear back.
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>> thank you, pete. a family woke up to find their garage engulfed in flames. tonight, a disgruntled former employee is accused of starting the fire. this man is accused of arson and attempted murder. investigators say he went to his former manager's home saturday morning and lit the garage on fire. the home owner managed to put out the flames and luckily no one was hurt. two schools were locked down as police hunted for an armed kidnapping suspect. he was found hiding in an apartment in mountain view right near an elementary school. both schools were locked down as police searched the surrounding neighborhood. they ultimately arrested this man, orlando rivera. he came to his girlfriend's work and forced her into his car. he drove to mountain view and ran after police confronted him. the girlfriend is okay. what will it be, a house,
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car? do you have a plan on how to spend the cash? less than two hours from now we could have a new billionaire. at 8:00 tonight the numbers will be drawn for the biggest drawing in history, $1.5 billion. chuck, lost in all this is the windfall for schools but seems to be not a lot of excitement about it. >> reporter: that's right. it sounds as though you have ideas how to spend that money. as far as the schools are concerned, despite the line of people here buying for that chance to be that instant billionaire, schools just really are not really jumping up and down about this. frankly, they don't get a lot of money from this. not even close. despite californias buying more than $606 million worth of tickets today, schools expect a modest share. >> the fact is that the lottery has only provided at the best about $200 per student. when you think about what we
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need for schools, it's over $10,000 a student every year. >> reporter: educators say every bit helps but not as much as you think. these textbooks arrived today. it's where the school receives $160 per student each year from the lottery. >> if you get $160 per student what does that buy? >> that buys maybe two textbooks. >> reporter: sometimes not two. this book runs $110 each. which underscores why schools feel as though they were used in 1984 to convince voters to pass a lottery in the first place. >> school funding has been a political argument in california as long as i remember. and when you can say money is going to go to schools, it certainly helps you to make a case for anything else you want to do. >> reporter: in the 31 years since voters approved it, 1% of school funding comes from lotteries like the powerball drawing. >> i don't think most people who are buying tickets today are thinking i'm going to get a better education for california
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students. i think they are thinking, i might win a billion dollars. >> reporter: this frenzy of powerball purchasing is expected to add $20 per student. >> it's largely flexible. it's unrestricted. unlike state and federal money that's mandated that has strings attached. >> reporter: the bulk of funding for california schools was determined by the voters in 1998 with the passage of proposition 98 that mandated 40% of the state budget go to schools. that does not change regardless how big the jackpot becomes. >> thank you. odds are you won't win. so why try? coming up in 30 minutes, the new connection a stanford scientist found that proves lotto fever is real. i'm going to be optimistic. >> we're going to win. >> we're going to win. >> jeff is part of the office pool. >> you know, today i went to the lottery counter and the machine
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wasn't working quite right. when they say that could be good luck? keeping my fingers crossed. let's get a look. you can see on the radar, two storms sitting out here in the pacific. both will give us a healthy amount of rainfall. let's zoom in on that first one. this is 803 miles out here offshore. that will begin to increase rainfall we think not by tomorrow morning but by the afternoon. so some good news for you commuters. we won't start off with heavy rain in the south bay. 43 degrees. 40 in the east bay. note how much colder in the north bay, down to 39 to start. in terms of daytime highs tomorrow, temperatures in the 50s. scattered rain expected to develop in the north bay, tri-valley and for the south bay. the big question always is, exactly when does that rainfall start? by 3:00 p.m. thursday, begins to push down into the north bay and then eventually throughout the evening by 7:00 it begins to move into san francisco and then by 10:00 p.m., we likely should have that rainfall down towards
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san jose. we thought we would take a good look here at how we compare to 1998 on this very day for january. currently, we have 1.80 inches in san jose for 2016 in january. this time in 1998 during the very strong el nino event, we had 2.62 inches. we're lagging behind right now. but i think we're going to catch up. we might even best the 1998 january total when all is said and done. we're doing pretty good so far for the rainfall. when the storms come in, there's a great way to track it our app. >> when rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated with personal alerts on your smart phone or ipad. go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon in the upper left. then hit the gear button. from that drop down menu touch the alert settings. from there, you can choose from a list of weather events you want to know about. for instance, you can get alerts
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for lightning or an alert for when a dangerous storm is approaching your neighborhood. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, googling the pope. the rare tech meeting taking place this week at the vatican. super bowl 50 weeks away. the advice coming from bay area airports if you are flying around game time.
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although he is famous for his rainy day funds, california voters have a stunning view of brown. majority continue to regard him favorably according to the latest field poll. 56% approve of his overall performance. his disapproval rate is 30%. as for the direction of the state, the poll finds 50% of voters say it's moving in the right direction. 42% believe california is on the wrong track. get ready for the super bowl blitz. signs, banners and delays. san jose international airport getting the super bowl makeover. travellers are being greeted with signage on the doors, windows and the floor at the airport. sjc is expecting thousands of extra travelers for the super bowl festivities. >> there's going to be a significant number of rental cars being returned.
6:26 pm
long lines at airline check-in areas. at security screen points. thousands more travellers mean longer lines. >> here comes the issue. we are talking about the longer lines. if you are flying super bowl sunday or in the days before or after, you are advised to get to the airport at least three hours -- three hours before your flight. the supplies at sfo and sjc. the super bowl is at levi stadium february 7. a former inmate has filed a claim with santa clara county saying he was beaten by deputies. coming up, what he says happened and why his claim is being disputed. u.s. sailors captured then freed by iran. why the u.s. is calling the release a diplomatic victory.
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santa clara county's embattled right now at 6:30, new accusations of excessive force by deputies at santa clara county's jails. a former inmate says a beating may have caused permanent eye damage. it's the latest in a series of accusations against the jail and sheriffs department. today we talked with the man who filed this latest complaint.
6:30 pm
robert? >> reporter: that complaint is currently being investigated by the sheriffs department. the claim is part of a flurry of legal action. a former jail inmate, along with an attorney, met us today outside a courthouse. he filed a claim friday seeking damages for what he called a july 12th attack by jail deputies. he admitted he was jailed while intoxicated for violating a restraining order. he acknowledged he has been in custody several times before without incident. he claims this time he was beaten by three correctional deputies. >> while they were twisting my arms and stepping on me and stuff, the officer trampled his finger in my eye on the floor in the cell on a mattress. which damaged my cornea. >> reporter: he fears he has permanent blindness but has not gotten medical valley indication.
6:31 pm
she also represents the family of a man allegedly beaten to death by deputies. she filed a claim for them as well as this man and another inmate. >> the claim that i submitted to the county tries to make clear really over a 20-year period this jail has had problems with inmate deaths. >> my eye is damaged. i cannot see. there needs to be consequences for somebody. >> reporter: the sheriff's department does not comment on pending claims. sources close to the investigation tell me he was extremely intoxicated while in jail and never lodged any complaints with the custody staff. sources also say he could not oid the officers involved and picked out two people in a lineup who did not work at the jail. sources all changed his story throughout the investigation. regardless, his attorneys say if their claim is rejected, they
6:32 pm
will go to court. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. his family says it's not possible but lawrence phillips appears to have taken his own life at a california prison. guards discovered phillips dead in his cell just one day after a judge ruled his murder trial would go forward. administrators are investigating the death as a suicide. tmz reports the family is disputing it. phillips was sent to prison for domestic violence and driving his car into a group of teenagers. last year he was charged with murdering a cell mate. he played for the rams and dolphins and ended his career at a 49er. a model that burst into flames three years ago is now being recalled. the company built the car and says it is being recalled due to a problem that can increase fire risk. it is still unclear if the recall is the direct result of that 2013 limo fire.
6:33 pm
you remember it killed five women celebrating a bachelorette party. the women died while trying to escape those flames. investigators traced the cause of the fire to the car's rear suspension system. we have new video of the u.s. sailors detained in iran. iran kept its word and released the ten sailors this morning. iran released this video of their capture yesterday when the two u.s. navy boats drifted into iranian waters in the persian gulf. iran acknowledged it was an accident and then freed the sailors. the white house officials are calling this a diplomatic victory, but republicans are critical saying if the relationship was good, iran would not have released this tr propaganda-type video. the soldiers are being debriefed in qatar. donald trump is taking aim at the president and the gop. mr. trump says he was singled out by the president and his own party during that address.
6:34 pm
steve handelsman has the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: the republican front-runner was targeted after the state of the union by south carolina governor nikki haley. chosen by party insiders to give the republican response. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> reporter: she confirmed she includes donald trump who she called a friend. >> what i would say is don't take it personally. this is just something that we learned in south carolina that i'm passing along. >> reporter: trump had retaliated on msnbc. >> i'm leading isouth carolina by a lot. people agree with me. i'm very strong on illegal immigration. she's weak on illegal immigration. >> reporter: the president slammed trump and most republicans. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is pedaling fiction. >> reporter: trump fired back. >> the median income for people is lower now than when obama
6:35 pm
took office. you look at the african-americans, they're doing worse than they have done. and we have an african-american president. >> reporter: there's drama in the democrat race. clinton has lost her big lead in iowa. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. i'm excited about where we are. >> reporter: sanders says that despite losing his big lead in new hampshire polls. >> yes, we have the energy, we have the funding to take this to the convention. >> reporter: more intensity on both sides in the race to succeed president obama. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. more bad news on wall street today as the stock market continues to sink. all major markets were down. wall street is in rocky terrain as investors worry about the low oil prices. the slumping markets impact a lot of us. most 401(k) plans have dropped by an average of $7,000 since the new year. twitter shares falling to an
6:36 pm
all-time low today. the stock dropped 5% down to $18.47. it only recovered 20 cents by the end of the day. this is the eighth straight day of losses for twitter. opening day delayed. the weather washing out the plans to reopen a popular san francisco park. south side of dolores park will not reopen tomorrow as scheduled because of the rain. they sent out notices cancelling the reopening. a new date has been set. it's the final section that set to reopen. the park has undergone a two-year $20 million renovation. coming up, powerball fiever is real. a view of your brain on lotto. the connection that stanford scientists say proves people are indeed catching lotto fever. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside. the bay area app on your smart phone. click on the radar on the
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weather page. you can zero in on our own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. they're hoping for another
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chance to celebrate at space-x. the private space company plans to tt- they're hoping for another chance to celebrate at spacex. they plan to test fire the engines of its falcon 9 rocket as early as tomorrow. this comes less than a month after its historic launch and landing of the rocket in florida. they will use the same launch pad for the new engine test. the company's goal is to create a reusable rocket and boosters to lower space launch costs.
6:40 pm
it appears google's self-driving cars are having a little trouble. they need more work. in a recent report, google said its self-driving cars would have hit an object at least 13 times during testing had a human driver not stepped in. the slipups happened when the cars failed to recognize what they are calling a real world situation. the numbers would translate to one incident every three years for standard cars. google says it continues to fine tune its cars. from the silicon valley to the vatican. it's a 15 minute visit this friday at the vatican. the head of google ideas is part of the meeting which builds products to help those facing violence and harassment. >> a lot of rain here and there. on my way here i saw a rainbow. >> i have to see the photos. >> i have it right here. i shot video.
6:41 pm
don't tell chp. >> you were driving and you shot video? >> i was not driving. >> you were a passenger in the car, of course. let's get a live look outside. you can see from oakland we have cloud cover moving in but no rainfall just yet. we will talk more about our next storm that's moving in and two more for the weekend. seems nonstop lately. we will let you know over the next seven days in a few minutes.
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slim. but that's not you know the deal. your chance of winning tonight's powerball, very, very slim. that's not stopping millions of us from trying. in fact, stanford researchers say it's all in our heads. for the first time, they are singling out a small portion of the brain that's influencing our decision to buy or pass on that
6:44 pm
chance for the huge jackpot. >> it was always something i never thought about. >> it's a matter of temptation. the potential to win the largest lottery jackpot ever was too enticing. >> it's hard to ignore. >> this man is playing but doesn't believe he will cash in. >> sometimes it's fun to take a risk and see what happens. you can talk about it and say, i was this close. >> why play if you don't think you can win? >> i think when people are playing the lottery, they are paying more attention to the amount they can win than the probability that they will win. >> a stanford professor says this is your brain on powerball. in a new study out this week, he and other neuroscientists found something never before seen in humans. a direct path from two parts of the brain, one that controls caution and another that influences excitement. odds are likely that risky gambling choices depend on the strength of that connection.
6:45 pm
deep within our brain. >> those people who are more cautious less likely, we found stronger insulation. that tended to dampen down the activity. >> he thinks he may have one of these brains. >> no, i don't have a lottery ticket. >> so might some others who came to this 7 eleven. >> it doesn't excite me. >> this man says even a trillion dollars won't tempt him. >> no, no, not at all. >> everyone has a chance. scientists say one brain connection isn't necessarily better than the other. it's just different. sometimes taking risks is a good thing. if there's no winner tonight, the jackpot is expected to reach more than $2 billion. >> thousands of people are taking that risk, racing to the border to get in on the powerball mania. 44 states participate in the lottery but nevada is not one of them. they waited in line at stores on the california border for more than four hours to get their ticket. which really was a waste of time
6:46 pm
because we know jeff has the winning ticket. right? >> i like the way you are thinking. i said earlier, i went to the machine to get my $22 of tickets and there was an issue with the machine. they got it working. i got my tickets. you know what they say? sometimes if the machine is not working right it could be good luck for you. we will see who wins tonight. hopefully someone from the bay area. you could do a lot of good with that money. we do have a lot of traffic out here on highway 101. roadways are dry. it has been extremely wet the past several weeks. our next storm system will arrive tomorrow. a sigh of relief, no heavy rain tomorrow morning. 46 for san francisco, 44 in the peninsula and 43 for the south bay. latest storm system, cold front and associated low pressure, about 1,000 miles out here offshore. a key sign el nino is having its
6:47 pm
way with the storm system. that's good at least for getting us some heavier pockets of rain. let's look. tomorrow, 3:00 p.m., rainfall begins up in the north bay. you can see yellow and orange popping. those are some isolated heavier pockets. by 7:00 p.m., likely down to san francisco and walnut creek. keep in mind for san jose and morgan hill, you still may not have rainfall by 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. it's more like a 10:00 p.m. to midnight event in the south bay. you will have to wait but more rainfall coming your way. as we head throughout friday more than, we clear out. by friday evening, the next system approaches with showers by 10:30. then heavier pockets by saturday morning. how much rainfall with these two storms in three days? well, looks good for at least three-quarters of an inch even in san jose. close to an inch in santa cruz. nearly an inch expected in santa
6:48 pm
rosa. let's take you to the forecast thursday. we start off dry. clouds increase. we get the chance of rainfall by the afternoon. that will put us at 58 in morgan hills. back towards the coastline, chilly 52. the wind kicks up and it will feel like 40s tomorrow. san francisco, 53 across the marina. let's get you to the north bay, east bay and try-valley. showers in the afternoon in van dill. oakland at 56. across the north bay, mill valley will be one of the coolest at 52 degrees. lately i do like to sum up what's coming our way as we finish. we will do the same tonight. we know each day we're kind of counting more and more storms. this will give you an easy way to digest it. we have what's coming our way tomorrow evening. by saturday morning, not only rain but it looks like wind, 20 to 40 miles per hour. that's a moderate storm system. by sunday evening into monday, we will find scattered areas of heavier rainfall.
6:49 pm
none of the storms look overly strong. all three of them likely producing 1 1/2 to three inches in terms of total rainfall amounts. up across the see ierra, it's a jackpot for the totals. we have next two storms in three days, 21 inches at twin bridges. tahoe city, 14 inches. you know, i bet there are skiers out there that would rather have this kind of snow than that lottery winning. just saying. >> this is the lotto for skiers. >> you could buy a lot of snow. >> you could. okay. >> rethink that. >> nonstop fake snow. >> thanks. the warriors continue their pursuit of the best regular season record in nba history. we will check in with steph curry. another old school name linked to the 49ers head coaching search. the "friends" cast is
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
reuniting-- --but don't bother re-cueing the theme song. they said good-bye to the central perk, but the "friends" cast is reuniting. they are getting together next month, not for a new episode but for a tribute show. james burrows who shot 1,000th tv show. good evening. the ws shooting for a victory.
6:53 pm
they have been working on so many streaks this season, it's hard to keep track of it all. the numbers that matter the most won't be finalized until mid april. >> the best start in nba history continues. it's now 36-2. >> reporter: owning the best report in the nba right now doesn't surprise the ws. what does blow their mind is the record itself. >> i didn't think this would be possible to be 36-2 right now. >> i don't think i've ever had that record before. in high school or college. very impressive, obviously. a long way to go. >> reporter: a long way to go, yes. but the warriors are on pace to cement their place in history. already halfway to the bulls record of 72 wins is a milestone the team can't ignore. >> we will get asked about that for the rest of the year. what it would be like to win 72, 73 games, can we break the record, this and that. when you get to the finish line,
6:54 pm
maybe that record is within grasp. then go after it since you are there. we can't fast forward. >> once i got to the nba i realized how incredible that was, what the bulls did. it's such a long season, the road trip and schedules and just having off nights. it's really hard to constantly win at that percentage. i didn't think this would be possible to be 36-2 right now. but it's happening. so we're going to enjoy it. >> warriors and nuggets from the mile high city. golden state without green getting a night of rest with the lakers coming to oracle tomorrow. steph curry up top. we're tied at 15. a few possessions later, harris knocks down the triple. denver by seven after one. second quarter, ws trail 44-38. with the rams headed back to l.a., what about the chargers,
6:55 pm
which of course affects the raiders opportunity. several media reports say they believe the proposal for them to join the rams in l.a. has doable components that result in them moving for the 2016 season. finally, with hugh jackson being naped t named the browns head coach, mike shanahan could be back in the mix for the 49ers. they have no interviews scheduled with new candidates. mike was passed over last year. that's it for sports. >> that's a blast from the past. thank you. coming up tonight at 11:00, twitter now facing a lawsuit over a deadly attack by isis. we will look at the growing concern over terrorists and social media. that's tonight at 11:00 after "chicago p.d." >> the next couple of days we
6:56 pm
will see steady rain. in the foreseeable future. >> it looks like over the next 14 days the active pattern will stay with us. over next five days we will see rainfall return first here by thursday evening. that looks like it will have winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. a quarter to a half inch of rainfall on average. a small break and then by saturday more than, more rain and also wind. looks a little stronger. we're talking about a half inch to maybe an inch. winds could gust 20 to 40 miles per hour. by sunday evening and monday, another half inch coming our way with that storm. three storms next five days. overall totals, 1.5 to three inches. what i haven't put on there is also next tuesday another storm system and next friday as well. so we're just going to take it in sets of threes i think. i think everybody likes that. a little more digestible. >> thanks, jeff.
6:57 pm
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khloe kardashian posing in linger lingerie. how she took her body from this to this. and her surprise new plastic surgery confession. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra khloe kardashian takes new york. stripping down for "people" magazine breaking news about her future with lamar, and giving howard stern her most outrageous interview of all-time. >> do we know if he still has -- >> no. >> -- if she has her? >> she even took on the million-dollar question about caitlyn's anatomy. new video sean penn faces the cameras for the first time since the story broke about his meeting with el chapo. >> in danger, you think? then david


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