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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 1, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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and i'm in shock that what has happened there is having such a profound effect for think students here. >> what's happening in washington is not staying in washington. federal workers, business owners and schoolchildren are feeling the wrath. the story, new tonight at 11:00. >> outdoor ed busted by a political showdown. the bad blood in washington, trickling down to schoolkids  right here in the bay area. a class trip meant to be the
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experience of a lifetime, turned into a massive disappointment, canceled because of that government shutdown. jean elle is in larksburg. and the school spent a lot of time planning for it. >> reporter: they do, jessica. and tonight, 60 kids were looking forward to that camping trip. but the government shutdown shutdown their campsite. so, tomorrow morning, instead of waking up in the wilderness, they'll be right back here in the drop-off line. >> we had to bring bandannas because we have to eat our lunches on the bandannas. we pull it up and put the crumbs in the garbage. >> reporter: trevor and 58 classmates from marin primary and middle school are packed and ready for three nights of camping in the point range national seashore. >> the whole trip is the best part. and the food. and hiking. >> reporter: but the government shutdown closed the national park, which means the classroom adventure is off.
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>> i was sad because i really liked the trip last year. and i wanted to go again this year as sixth graders because we get to coach more. >> reporter: teachers are sad for the disappointed kids and frustrated with the situation. >> i was infuriated. it was so frustrating that our government can't do its job. that's the feeling that i had. >> reporter: it took months to plan the trip for 60 fifth and sixth graders and 20 adults. >> organizing food and the list and the volunteers and the menus. and getting other crew. you know? we have naturalists that usually come with us every year. and they come off of their job to join us. >> it was disapointing. it was going to the airport and going on a trip, and sorry, no explanation. just not going. >> reporter: gail took time off work to help out. she says the stalemate in washington is setting a bad example for kids that are taught
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to work together. >> it ripped down to 11-year-olds that can't understand why their government can't get along and make some sense and move forward. >> reporter: this school is stuck with enough food wifor 80 people for 4 days. the national park service said six schools had their trips canceled because of the government shutdown. >> thank you. it's famous for being the hard place to get out of. now, people can't get in. visitors were turned away from the rock. alcatraz. among the national parks closed as a result of the shutdown. about 5,000 visitors already had tickets to visit the island just today. and the private tour company was offering refunds or exchanges for a 90-minute bay cruise. >> it's not the same. i can't see how our government can shut things down like that. >> i wouldn't do it.
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>> the politicians are preventing me from seeing alcatraz. one of our nation's historic sites. it's no good. >> local businesses have trying to help visitors lift their spirits. it was a different political climate. but it should be noted. the last government shutdown in 1995 lasted for 28 days. a live look now at capitol hill. a look at capitol hill. a long shutdown could be crippling to this economy. steve handlesman has the new details tonight from washington. >> reporter: with much of washington shut down, house republicans made a move, to reopen national parks like yosemi yosemite, locked today. to fund d.c. government and veterans programs, on a day when elderly vets had to skirt
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barriers to get into the washington memorial. but senate democrats said no to a partial fix. >> this is not serious. the government shutdown. if they think they're going to nitpick us on this, it won't work. >> reporter: and it didn't. two-thirds votes were needed. and house democrats killed the bill. 800,000 federal workers are furlou furloughed. >> it's a mess. congress needs to get their act together. >> reporter: republicans insist obama care must be delayed. >> we want to sit down and get this done. we don't want to close the government down. we want it to open. >> reporter: ironically, the president's affordable care act kicked off. unaffected by the shutdown. millions logged on to and tonight, the government stays partially shut down. tomorrow, republicans say they might try again for a partial government reopening. >> thank you, steve. for the latest update on the
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shutdown, we invite you to visit our website, you can find there more information on the government services that are affected by the shutdown. now, california is looking to enroll in health insurance. they ran into long delays. two hours ago, the site that covered california was shut down so it could be reworked. a spokesperson says the enrollment section will be down until early tomorrow to, quote, optimize performance. translation, make it work better. so, just how much traffic did it see? well, on the first day of open enrollment, the site got 1 million page views in the first hour. followed by 800,000 page views every hour after that. the two call centers set up to deal with enrollment received nearly 9,000 calls just by noon. >> give it a couple days. there's a lot of learning that goes along with it. we're all learning. >> officials say not to stress. you do have until march 31st to
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sign up for a health plan. if you don't have insurance by april 1st of next year, though, you could face a penalty. will a veteran firefighter face charges for running over and killing a survivor of the asiana airlines crash? the santa clara d.a.'s office will make a decision in the next two weeks. firefighter elise duckett drove over one of the students. she had been rescued by the burning jet and was on the tarmac, covered in firefighting foam at the san francisco international airport. good news at cal. all classes will resume tomorrow. this after the power went out last night. and then, a generator exploded. campus had to be evacuated. and the problems weren't completely fixed in time for classes today, forcing 100 classes to be canceled. the school did confirm all of this is related to a copper theft. this is the generator now we're going to show you that
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exploited. crews pulled it out of the ground late this afternoon. tonight, they finished installing temporary generators to restore power to some of the buildings that were still dark. the mother of an 8-year-old killed during a sleepover is glad police made an arrest in her daughter's murder. he was on a crime spree when he went to a house seeking revenge. according to the alameda county d.a., she answered the door when he came knocking. he started shooting in that house. she wasn't the intended target. the gunfire hit two other kids and a grandmother. they all survived. to an nbc bay area follow-up. fremont police hope a $10,000 award will lead to the cyclist who took off. the driver of a black toyota camry hit him on fremont boulevard.
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now, the victim remains hospitalized. the doctors say he is showing sign of improvement. construction could start on apple's new campus called, appropriately, the spaceship. but it may be hitting some minor turbulence as neighbors worry about the traffic it will bring. it will be near interstate 280, once owned by hewlett-packard. >> reporter: behind this fence is where the apple spaceship will finally land. and neighbors on the border of cupertino and santa clara are supportive of this project. but they're hoping that the traffic will not turn into gridlock. patrick robbins remembers fruit orchards as a child. it's a different fruit that's about to plant a seed, apple.
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>> how right did they do this? what did they get wrong? >> reporter: apple's new campus is called the spaceship. it's a saucer-shipped building. robin is right next door, with more than 14,000 employees expected to work here. he wonders what the traffic is going to be like. the avenue already has heavy traffic during peak hours. >> getting out of our driveway is a challenge. we don't want that to get any worse. i don't know. i hope it doesn't. but there's part of me that says it's going to get worse. >> reporter: some neighbors worry about how apple's campus will affect other busy streets like stevens creek boulevard. she says that apple has done a good job with other issues. >> i think it's spectacular. apple could go anywhere. they were outgrowing their current campus. and they chose to stay was a
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huge relief and also very exciting. >> reporter: the cupertino mayor is not worried about the traffic. >> they go up through the city and all over through their own bus systems. people take bikes, et cetera. there actually may be less traffic than it was at its peak when h.p. was there. >> reporter: he will wait and see what happens. >> when the rubber hits the road, we'll find out. >> reporter: the city council are taking an initial vote in a couple of weeks. and a final vote next month. and the campus could begin here by the end of the year. next at 11:00, frustration and anger in the east bay, after two dogs are beaten to death and set on fire. why the man who police say killed the dogs will not be charged. from closed to reopened. why investigators are taking another look at a high-profile missing child case.
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honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack defying, satisfying mmm. totino's pizza rolls. mm-hmm. hmm. [ female announcer ] zero to pizza. pronto. now in two bold new flavors! new tonight at 11:00, a brent wood family is distraught after two of their dogs were beaten to death with a shovel. and they're outraged that the person who killed them will not face charges. the rottweiler and german shepherd escaped while she was out of town. a neighbor admitted to killing the dogs.
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he said he found them in his chicken coop covered in blood. he said the dogs charged at him and he used a shovel to kill them. animal services says it's legal to kill an animal if it threatens livestock or poultry. >> my purpose in all of this is to raise public awareness. first of all, that the type of evil is here in brentwood. and to change the perception of this law or the law itself. >> thousands of people have signed a petition to change that law. you can visit our website for more information on the petition. now, an nbc bay area follow-up, 25 years after her daughter disappeared, a clarion mother got the police to reopen the account. amber schwartz was last seen in 1988. they urged the department to
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reopen that case. back in 2009, the police chief closed the case, citing the signed confession of convicted kidnapper and killer curtis c. anderson. at the time, amber's mother expressed disappointment that no evidence had been produced. getting revenge on your ex by posting naked photos online is not just spiteful. it's a crime. governor brown signed a bill outlawing revenge porn. the penalty doubles for a second offense. revenge porn happens when a couple breaks up and the other maliciously posts a graphic picture online. california is the second state to criminalize revenge porn. they're the hottest seats in town. and a small company in hayward was commissioned to make more than 50,000 of the seats. you can sit inside levi stadium
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in santa clara. >> oh, my god. unbelievable. you dream of something like this. but to see it and witness it, oh, my god. and to see other stadiums, this is tops. this is tops. >> reporter: miranda and her son were the first season ticketholders to claim their seats at levi stadium, just a few rows up from the field near the 10 yard line. >> sure beats candlestick. >> reporter: they won't sit in their seats until kickoff of next season. a target date the project executive says this team won't miss. >> i believe we got the lowest larger bowl of any nfl stadium. we'd like to say that because it's indicative of how nice the stadium's going to be. >> reporter: for a local plastics company, they feel like they won a super bowl. they earned the right to make the seats where the fans will
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sit. and couldn't post about it until today. >> oh, yeah. >> where's your seat? >> we're up there. >> when you come to the stadium, you'll be sitting in the seat that you made. >> yes, that's awesome. >> reporter: the seat contract is 1 of just 35 awarded to small businesses. $46 million worth. dominguez says her company was able to hire nearly 40 new people because of it. that makes this season ticketholder of 41 years, very happy for her team and for her community. >> jobs for people. >> reporter: kris sanchez, nbc, bay area news. it's october. hundreds of fans showed up for the a's rally. mayor jean quan there to honor the a's. a's players as well as the mascot got the crowd riled up
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for round one of the playoffs against the detroit tigers. the series begins friday night. >> we need good weather friday night. let's bring in jeff raineri. >> we're going to have some sun. some 70s and the wind. i'm going to project it out towards outfield for the a's. when they get out there and start swinging. hopefully that projects some home runs. let's look at the satellite radar picture. we are tracking some rain. also, snow for the northern cascades. upwards of six inches there. we're too far out of the rain zone right now. no wet weather over the next 48 hours. but some of the cooler air has made it down. a little chilly here. 59 in santa rosa. 55 in gilroy. in the extreme south bay, it's likely for tomorrow morning. we'll have upper 40s around 6:00 and 7:00 in the morning. to start, we'll find cloud cover at the coast and by the bay. by the noon hour, mid 70s in the east and south bay. and going warmer after a lot of
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low to mid-70s today. let's get you outside for the high-definition view. right now, we're looking at fairly clear skies at the current moment. we'll take you off to the north at emeryville. and ahead here, the story will be the strong winds in the forecast. we're going to have more on the timing of that, coming up. i do want to get back to the temperatures for tomorrow. very comfortable in the south bay. going to feel like fall out here. 79 in san jose. 81 in gilroy. 80 in los gatos. and 73 and sunny skies in santa cruz. throughout the east bay, temperatures aren't going to vary a whole lot from the south bay. with a cooler air mass sitting just above. it's going to help to keep temperatures very consistent here. we'll have 80 in livermore. 78 in presentton. also, 73 in hayward. san francisco, 71 and downtown
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looking fine. 83 expected in napa. let's get to the wind. we think it's going to increase the most and be the biggest concern throughout thursday. by the morning hours at 9:00 a.m., winds 15 to 20 miles per hour for the most part. at the coastline by the afternoon, and the early evening, notice the colors expand again. right at the coast. also, the north bay. that core corresponds to the key here. we get winds. fire danger is a concern. looks like they will turn offshore out of the north and from the east. especially in the hills above 1,000 feet that will decrease that humidity throughout thursday's forecast and give us our worst fire threat right now for thursday. we'll keep that fire concern for friday, with temperatures heating up to the upper 80s to near 90. we'll stay with awesome weather for saturday, as the a's will get playing there again. as we head throughout sunday,
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monday and tuesday, a gradual drop-off in temperatures. no more rainfall expected in the next seven days. it looks good to get rain drops here in the next 14-day forecast right now. >> jeff's baseball swing looked like a golf swing. >> i get a good pitch, though. i can wind up. >> much better. >> that was an a-plus. >> all right, jeff. coming up, no brushing required. the high-tech new way to clean your teeth. and it only takes six seconds. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much
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in health matters, new research suggests exercise may be just as effective as drugs when it comes to treating diseases such as heart failure and strokes. researchers have three, leading institutions including stanford, says that exercise is a viable alternative to drug therapy. the study was published in "the british medical journal." and it compared the
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effectiveness of exercise with drug treatments for patients with serious conditions. it's enough to make your dentist shutter. going to show you a 3d rendering. it looks like dentures with toothbrush bristles attached to it. you put this on and move your teeth in a grinding motion. and in six seconds, your teeth are clean. it's easy. but it's expensive. it costs $300. and the one only lasts a year. >> i don't believe it. >> the old-fashioned way. the latest with the raiders quarterback, terrelle pryor. and the baseball playoffs begins tonight. and we have jay. >> fun show tonight. joseph gordon levitt. plus, may mohr is here. it's a fun-pacted evening.
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♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant your friend is here. the one that had no playoff
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tickets for the a's. >> i'm nothing to him. >> i'm sorry. all right? give me another day. give me another day. >> there you go. >> we got a rematch. last season, the a's fell in five games to detroit. this year, oakland opens with sweet revenge. bob melvin announced his all-star will take on bartolo cologne. he will do it with scherzer in game one friday. gregg will take the ball in game number two. and parker will take the hill in detroit for game three, if necessary. it will be dan straily in game four. the a's let it be known, they like their chances. >> we have that veteran presence that's going to lead us off. we didn't have that last year, even though we were -- our guys were well-suited to perform regardless. i think they were all rookies when the playoffs started. now, you have a guy that's a
11:28 pm
veteran guy that has pitched plenty of games. and pitched in the postseason. looking forward to leading the way this year, as well. >> we feel with the whole staff, we have a chance to win this thing. and for bartolo to start it off, and get the wheels rolling, so to speak, it takes pressure off the other guys in the rotation. i would assume. but you know, any one of our starters are fully competent. sticking with baseball here. one game, n.l. wild card game. just one game. waiting to move on. reds and pirates. russell martin for the pirates. home run. first catcher to homer for three of the postseason. that place was electric. martin again. the pirates win their first playoff game since '92. they're going to face the cardinals in the nlds. raiders quarterback, terrelle pryor, may be suffering from concussion issues. but he was well enough to visit the barack obama academy in oakland today. the academy of alternative
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education second chance program specializes in helping troubled youth. the raiders hope that pryor is back in sunday. they're a better team with him. that's it for sports. jessica, i can make it up to you. the press pass, right there. it's got my name on it. you have to act like me. >> i can play it out. >> jessica and ahmed in the press box friday night. perfect. pepper jack cheese, mushrooms,
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- joseph gordon-levitt, comedian jay mohr, the music of mika featuring ariana grande
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and jim norton visit's the dodgers. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you, gentlemen. thank you! welcome! [ cheers and applause ] welcome! thank you. thank you. thank you very much!


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