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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> i'm going to steal from our partner doug collins, ann, where players come to these gyms and always have headphones on, always listening to music in the pregame, always listening to the songs and arrestists that get them going to play their sport. doug collins says, don't tell me about the song you heard before. tell me about the last song you're going to hear at the olympics, what you want it to be is your national anthem. >> absolutely. and the emotions going through for the players, you know, there's happiness. there's crying. there's laughter. i mean, every one of them is experiencing something different, because they've all come through a different journey in a different way. and to hear the national anthem and see your flag raised above everybody else, there's such pride that you can't, again, i continue to say you can't explain to people, you'll hear every olympian say, you can't
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explain what i was fortunate enough to go through. >> tamika catchings, her third gold medal, absolute star at tennessee. swin cash, part of the connecticut six of the 12 women of the united states. and diana taurasi, the heartbeat, emotional leader of this team. >> she really has been. i thought tamika catchings made a great statement. we all grow up. even from college, they're all proud of the colleges they went to and the coaches that they played for but now they're professionals and these are young women that respect each other, not only in their game but their friendship. >> tina charles, her first gold medal and candace parker had the double-double. she led the way in the gold medal game in the 86-50 win over france. and now the moment that every olympian dreams of when they're
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just a little kid, standing on the gold medal stand. and to do it representing the united states. the rest of the world making inroads on the men's basketball side but not on the women. five consecutive gold medals, a 41-game winning streak, a margin of victory of 34 per game and a gold medal game win of 86-50. the depth and the defense and the versatility, the energy and the effort that this team played with, geno auriemma called a time-out against china and he said "it's fun just to watch you guys play basketball." when's the last time a coach ever said that in a huddle. >> sue bird kind of rolled her eyes when he said that. certainly, he said i was a fan, just watching the way you guys executed. certainly every game was not as cleanly played as they would
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have liked it but there were so many times on the court that they showed such brillian and you wonder what this team would be like if they could have two months together. the players have said, we'd be pretty scary. >> daal ackerman handing out the flowers. they play the national anthem once at the end of the gold medal game. >> please stand for the playing of the national anthem of the united states of america. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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the u.s. women's basketball team claiming its fifth consecutive gold medal. that completes our daytime coverage here on day 15. a reminder, olympic primetime with bob costas. for al michaels, i'm dan patrick. talk to you tomorrow. n the highest trees.
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- long necks, huh? i know-- i'll make those giraffes the tallest salad in the world. i'll get the mop, again.
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- back when i sailed the seven seas, i saw a gaggle of giraffes in the jungle. they were the cutest animals i'd ever seen, just a-jumpin' and a-swingin' from tree to tree, with a vine in one hand and a banana in the other. tony, those weren't giraffes. they were monkeys. - monkeys? oh, i always get those two mixed up. that explains why their necks were so short. - that gives me an idea. since giraffes like things that are leafy and green, how about lettuce leaves with treats in between? let's make leafy, lettuce wraps. would you like to help me, gang? [all] - we sure would, doggity! - first, deedelee dee, put some lettuce leaves on a plate. then, mack, cook up some shredded carrots and cabbage with some garlic and green onions. that's going to be our filling. tony, add a splash of soy sauce for extra flavor. now, spoon that tasty filling onto the lettuce leaves, and fold it up neatly so that nothing falls out. and there you have it: leafy lettuce wraps,
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a light and delicious lunch for our long-necked guests to munch. - order up-- it'll never work. - mack, you always say that. - well, did the giraffes like their lunch? they said, "it's no streeetch to say "'doggity's has the best lettuce wraps around.'" - and that's dog-gone good. [barking] - thanks, doggity. ha-ha. - hi, sean. - hi, sean. - oh, hi, aiden-- hi, presley. oh-- oh, terrific! i see you brought a coat hanger that we can use to make the fish mobile. - i'm gonna make the coolest fish ever. - i bet you are. and we can use this recycled butter container lid to make the fins on these really cool fish. so, let's get started. i'm gonna just cut this up like this, and this might be a job for a grown-up since it's sorta hard to do. so, we'll set those aside. and, now, we're each gonna take a cd.
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and you only wanna use a cd or a dvd that a grown-up has given you. and we'll flip it over, just like that. and we're all gonna tape on a piece of string, just like this. so, now, we're gonna tape these on, okay? i can put another one on to sandwich them together. yeah-- squish it all around. now, we can use some brightly colored buttons for the eyes. what color are you gonna choose? oh, a pink one, and...'re using blue. so, what kind of fish are you making? - a rainbow fish. - a rainbow fish. - a goldfish with lots of colors. - a goldfish with lots of colors. now, we're gonna use some tissue paper to make the middle fin. once it's through, you can open up and fan out each side. now, we're gonna hang them all from this hanger. okay-- now, we can add some blue construction paper i cut up to look like water.
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oh, wow! nice fish faces. and, now that we've finished the fish mobile, all we need, is the red pepper octopus and cheese dip. oh, noodle mcnoodle, send it down, please! - here it comes! and it looks scrum-noodly-umptious! - thanks, noodle! - you're welcome, sean! - here's the octopus dip-- take a look. - wow-- it looks like the octopus that i saw at the aquarium. - well, i'm glad you like it. now that you've got your octopus dip and your fish mobile, i think you're ready to go surprise your grandma with a big octopus hug. - thanks, sean! - thanks, sean! - oh, you're welcome. - look, noodle, aiden and presley surprised grandma with the fishmobile. - oh, and that dip looks so fun to eat. - they'll never forget about the fun they had at the aquarium with their grandma.
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- ha-ha. - bye, sean. - bye, sean. - thanks, doodle! - ha-ha-- that was great! - uh-hmm! - and it looks like the mobile was a hit with grandma! - yeah, she's definitely going to remember the great time they had together. maybe you can make a mobile for someone using things you find around the house. who would you give it to? here we go! i wonder where our next stop will be?
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[all] - hi, sean! i'm julian and these are my two sisters, helena and catherine. and they wanna make something special for our mom and dad for valentine's day. what can they do? - hmm... aha! i have an idea. everyone buckled up? - ready, sean! - ruff! - all aboard the noodle and doodle bus.
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- we're traveling around in your neighborhood we're doing lots of things as we go making lots of arts and crafts and food that's good we're hoping we can say hello all aboard the noodle and doodle bus there's lots for us to do we can bake a cake there are games to make it wouldn't be the same without you - hi, sean! - well, hi, helena-- hi, julian-- hi, catherine. uh, well, happy valentine's day! - happy valentine's day! - oh, thank you. - i can't wait to show mom and dad how much we love them for valentine's day. - we love them this much. - oh, that's so sweet-- well, you can give them something especially made by you. - like a card. - yeah, excellent idea! oh, now what's something you could find around the house
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that you could make a card with? - pictures. - ah, i like the way you think. yeah, moms and dads love photos of their kids. we could make a valentine's day card and put photos of you inside it. so that when they open it up they see that you love them this much. and, we could make you some cheesy valentine's day macaroni. oh, and, you know, doodle, we can recycle the macaroni box. we can use it to help us make the card. thanks, doodle! - you're welcome. - while you guys go collect some photos of yourselves, noodle and i will start making the cheesy macaroni and then when you're ready hop on the bus and we'll make the valentine's day cards together, okay? - yeah. - that's a great idea. - all right-- we've got a plan. see you soon. - bye, sean! - hey, sean! come on-- get a move on! - i'll be there in a flash, noodle. that's my friend, noodle mcnoodle who loves to help me in the kitchen and use her noodle. do you like to use your noodle?
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well, then come on. hi, noodle, what's cooking? - oh, hi, sean. - oh, what's this? - mh? oh, i don't know. - well, it's a valentine's day card. - is it? - for me. "ros red violets are blue "i'm so happy to be cooking with you." i wonder who it's from. - oh, i-i don't know. - well-- noodle. are you my secret valentine? - maybe. - well, i love cooking with you, too, noodle mcnoodle. - you do? - i do. - okay, it is me. - well, thank you. well, that's great, because today we're making your favorite, cheesy macaroni valentine's style. - we are? i love this idea! well, i washed my hands, sean. did you? - oh, good reminder, noodle. i will. wash, wash, wash, 'til they're nice and clean
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- go on, sean-- real clean! - wash wash wash 'til they really gleen now we're ready to cook we're nice and clean - great! let's... get... cooking! - the first thing you need to do is cook your macaroni noodles, which i did earlier. - good. - so, we can get started cutting out heart shapes from these roasted peppers. noodle, do you have your heart-shaped cookie cutter? - oh, yeah. - great. all right, we'll put a piece of pepper there and put that right on top. then push down and give it a little wiggle. see. you did it. - oh, it's a heart. - well, do you think you can cut out two more on your own, noodle? - sure. two more hearts coming up. - well, why you do that i'll get our cheesy noodles going. - one heart and another heart that's two hearts-- - take a look-- i've got some cooked macaroni, some roasted red peppers, pasta sauce, and mozzarella cheese in here.
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now for a stir, noodle-- could you grab two-- - spoons? - that was pretty fast. - red or green, sean? - red, please, noodle. - okay. - all right. we'll mix it up and then put it in our baking dish. okay. bread crumbs on top. and then hearts on top of that. a work of art. and now it's ready to go into the oven to bake, noodle. and while it's baking, we can... clean... up! ready? - set... - go! whew-- all clean! - and remember, sean. we need to recycle this macaroni box for the craft for later. - well, that's using your noodle, noodle mcnoodle. and here's our cheesy valentine's macaroni. - oh, i love it. - and i love the card you gave me, noodle.
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- i'm so glad. - that's doodle. let's see what catherine and helena are up to. - yeah. - oh, what a great big brother. julian is helping his sisters print out their pictures for our craft later. thanks, doodle. - yeah, thanks. - you're welcome. - ruff! - oh, that's doggity. i wonder what he's doing downstairs. - what's cooking? - a doggone treat that's great to eat from... "doggity!" - hey, doggity, some swimmers just won a big race and they'd like some dessert to celebrate. - wow, good for them. swimming is something that's fun to do and great exercise, too. - i know swimmers like water.
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luckily, we've got plenty. - mack. - i'll get the mop, again. - i've certainly done my share of swimmin'. ah, the salt water, the ocean breeze, spending hour after hour fightin' the waves. here ducky, ducky. oh, come here. come here. almost. oh, gonna get ya. i never did catch that ducky. - to celebrate their victory in the pool, let's make those swimmers something cool. mini blueberry cheesecake bites. who'd like to help? - we'll all help, doggity! - first, deedle-dee, put some vanilla wafers in a mini muffin tin. mack, mix up some cream cheese, egg, sugar, and yogurt. tony, spoon the mixture on top on the wafers and pop them in the oven.
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once the cheesecakes are cooked, and cooled, cover them with fresh blueberries, or blueberry jam for a berry delicious topping. and there you have it, mini blueberry cheesecake bites. yummy, bite-sized treats for our super swimmers. - order up! - it'll never work. - oh, mack, you always say that. - did the swimmers like their dessert? - they said, "it really made a splash!" - and that's doggone good-- ruff! - thanks, doggity. - hi, sean. - well, hi, catherine-- hi, helena. i see you brought in the pictures so that we can make the valentine's day cards. - i can't wait to show mom and dad how much we love them. - oh, that's nice. - this much. - nice, "this much--" well, that's great. we can also use this recycled macaroni container, uh, for a special trick to make the valentine cards really pop.
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all right, so let's get started. first thing we're gonna do is fold the paper in half. why don't we write on the inside of the card, uh, "i love you this much." the next thing we're gonna do is fold up the kitchen roll so that you make a nice heart shape just like that. now we're gonna take our heart-shaped stamp and dip it into the paint, just a little a dab. you did it. then we wanna take a little bit of this glitter and sprinkle it on while the paint is still wet. and look, we made-- - sparkly. - yeah, we make sparkly red hearts. so make as many heart stamps as you want now. okay, well now we're gonna add the pictures that we cut out earlier. i'll cut this box into strips that we can zigzag. and make these into pop-up pictures. well, here's two for you... and there's two for you.
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and fold it back and forth like that. - it's like a fan. - yeah, it's like a fan-- that's right. we can tape it down. they'll-they'll spring up when your mom and dad open the card. so, it will pop open like... that-- all right? now, let's write "mom and dad" on it. and then we can add some more hearts. everybody, open up your card. ready? well, we finished. now, i think your mom and dad are really gonna love these. now, all we need is the cheesy valentine's macaroni. oh, noodle mcnoodle send it down, please! - here it comes! it's looks fan-noodily-tastic! - thanks, noodle! - you're welcome! - here is the cheesy valentine's macaroni for you. - mmh, it smells delicious. - yum. - it does. well, now that you've got the macaroni and your valentine's day cards, you can go home and have
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a surprise valentine's day dinner with your mom and dad. - thanks, sean! - you're welcome. catherine and helena gave their dad and mom and their brother their valentine's cards. - oh, yummy. that cheesy macaroni looks heart-noodily-icious! - you said it. - bye, sean! - that's wonderful-- thanks, doodle. - you're welcome. - and, i made a valentine's day card for you, noodle. and i love you this much. - oh, sean-- it's wonderful. i love it! - oh, i'm glad, noodle. - i'm gonna keep it forever and ever. - well, i loved making it for you. - oh. - maybe you'd like to make a valentine's day card, too. who do you love this much? here we go. i wonder where our next stop will be.
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here we go. with animals and fun all around so discover the forest and explore all the wonder that's there visit to find a forest near you it's not just about what's on the outside. it's what's inside that really counts. so get to know lots of kids around you. you'll make some really great friends the more you know
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- look who's ready for you - the pajanimals - are ready for you - the pajanimals - are ready for you to get ready for sleepy time too apollo's big adventures take off with a hug squacky's with his blankie as snug as a bug cowbella shares a story with all of you dream a little dream with sweet pea sue look who's ready for you - the pajanimals are ready for you we're the pajanimals - running in circles-- running in circles! ha, ha! running in circles-- running in circles! - why do you like running in circles so much? - because it makes me dizzy.
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whoa! - makes sense... sort of. - hmm. what should we play now? - oh, i know! let's play pajama freeze dance! - did someone say "pajama freeze dance"? - let's do it! - yay! - song: we're gonna play a little music that's what we're gonna do you can dance with your blankie kick up your shoes - bounce like a ball or buzz around like a bee - do a monkey swing like you're swingin' from a tree - but when i say "freeze" you gotta freeze too you can't start again until you hear "squackaroo" keep bouncin' and buzzin' and spinnin' like a top - do anything that moves until you hear the music stop - here we go! freeze! squackaroo! freeze! squackaroo! freeze! squackaroo!
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freeze! squackaroo! freeze! squackaroo-- freeze! - this is really, really hard! - squackaroo! - that was so much fun. - yeah. - we'd better get some sleep. - dad's givin' us our first baseball lesson tomorrow! i'm so excited-- so excited! aren't you excited, apollo? - uh, yeah, i guess so. - wah-wah! i just gotta run in circles some more. - dad's gonna teach us how to hit a baseball! - uh, it might rain tomorrow, though, and then we, uh, couldn't do it, right? - oh, no! - oh, don't worry about that-- it's not gonna rain. - phew. - but what if-what if dad has to clean the garage tomorrow? - oh, no! - well, he cleaned it last saturday. - ah, phew. - um, apollo, don't you want to play baseball? - i don't know. i've never tried it before. i guess i'm just a little nervous.
3:33 pm
- okay, pajanimals, time to get ready for bed, and don't forget to brush your teeth. - okay, mom! - okay, mother! - i can't wait to try swingin' a bat! ha! - i can't wait to shout, "stee-rike!" - and i can't wait to eat pudding. - what does pudding have to do with baseball? - nothing-- i just like it. - oh, apollo, you're so good at sports. i bet you're gonna be great at baseball. - yeah. - i guess. but learning new stuff is hard sometimes, you know? - oh, yeah. it took me forever to learn how to run around in circles. - really? - hurry up, pajanimals-- it's time for bed. - okay, mom. - good-night, pajanimals-- sleep tight. see you in the morning light.
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- good-night, mom! - squacky, are you asleep? - baseball, pudding, ocolate. - oh... sweet pea sue? cowbella? are you guys asleep? - no, not yet. - what's wrong? - i'm nervous and a little worried. i don't think i'm gonna be any good at baseball at all. i need help. - pudding! who needs help? - apollo needs our help! come on, you guys! - yeah, come on, apollo! - we're coming! - okay. - yeah. - ready? - ready! - let's bundle up! - snuggle up! - buckle up! - and go!
3:35 pm
- wow! - coach whistler! - coach whistler! - coach whistler! - coach whistler! - oh! - hello, pajanimals! welcome to the land of play! let's get movin'! - whoa! - okay! - okay! - yeah! - okay, come on-- hurry up! - okay! - here we go! all right, let's get movin'! jumping jacks-- let's do it! come on-- one, two, three! one, two, three-- one, two, three! e, two, three-- okay, jog in place! one, two, three-- one, two, three! now, very fast-- very fast! - oh, very fast. - one, two, three! one, two, three-- one, two, three! stop! great-- phew! okay, pajanimals, we're all warmed up and ready to play! how about a little tag? - yeah, okay. - mmm... - well... - well, okay, uh, what about we play a little batting practice! - yay!
3:36 pm
- what's wrong, apollo? - well... i've never played baseball before, so i just know i'm not gonna be good at hittin' the ball. - well, you know, you're not supposed to be good at somethin' from the start, hmm. no. all you have to do is try and keep tryin'. - really? but... i've never quite done this before i'm getting nervous more and more i might look silly and feel bad so playing will just make me sad - time-out! - that's not the way to think here's why trust me you just have to try and if it doesn't work out then here's what to do try again so tell yourself that you can do it it's up to you you can get through it when you succeed you'll say i knew it so more talkin' let's get to it but what if people laugh at me or think i'm acting foolishly i would do it if i could but messing up does not feel good
3:37 pm
- time-out! - just tell yourself that you can do it - i can do it! - it's up to you you can get through it - i can! - when you succeed you'll say i knew it so no more talking let's get to it - well, how do you feel now, apollo? - well, i feel ready to try! - yay! - great, let's do it! - yay! - give me an a! - a! - give me a p! - p! - give an ollo! - huh? - ollo? - apollo! - yay! - okay, apollo. - hmm? - are you ready? - ready! - great-- okay. - come on, apollo! - okay. - you can do it! - all right, apollo! okay, first, stand with your feet apart. - okay. um, feet apart-- hmm. - lookin' good, apollo! - nice stance! - and keep your eye on the ball and just hit. - keep my eye on the ball.
3:38 pm
- come on. - that's it, apollo. come on. - oh, see, i can't do this! - yes, you can! - you can do it, apollo! - just keep trying! - come on! - now, apollo, remember what i said. all you have to do is try again. - okay-- try again. - yeah. - i did it! - all right! - that was fantastic, apollo! - i did it-- i did it-i did it! - well done, apollo! that was a great shot! - he told himself that he could do it and once he tried he did get through it he could succeed and we all knew it
3:39 pm
and we all had the chance to view it - hooray! - hey, thanks, coach whistler! - oh, you're welcome. - and thanks, guys. - oh, that's okay, apollo. - now, time to head home. and remember, have fun tomorrow! - i will! come on, guys! - okay. - bye, coach. - thanks, coach whistler! - bye! - bye, coach whistler! - good-night! okay. - oh. oh. oh. - what's wrong, apollo? are you still feeling nervous? - no-- i'm excited! i can't wait to play baseball with dad tomorrow. - okay, settle down, pajanimals. - oh, i know what will help. mom, would you sing us the lullaby? - yeah, will ya, mom? it will help me sleep.
3:40 pm
- oh, okay-- is everyone comfortable? - oh... yep. - yeah. - the earth is spinning slowly spinning the stars and moon now fill the sky magic glows the night's beginning so sing a la la lullaby - hey, have you ever been scared of tryin' something new because you thought you wouldn't be any good at it? well, now you know that if you don't get it right the first time, all you've gotta do is try it again. oh, i love this whistle.
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- look who's ready for you - the pajanimals - are ready for you - the pajanimals - are ready for you to get ready for sleepy time too
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apollo's big adventures take off with a hug squacky's with his blankie as snug as a bug cowbella shares a story with all of you dream a little dream with sweet pea sue look who's ready for you - the pajanimals are ready for you we're the pajanimals [giggling] - what a great day! - yeah. - i love the beach! - i love building big sandcastles. - me, too. i love building 'em up, so i can knock 'em down! - whoa. - yeah! - did everyone see me doing the doggie paddle? - yeah. - yeah. - i'll be swimming before long. - oh! - oh, no! - sorry. - no... apollo, first, you splash water on me at the beach,
3:46 pm
and then you knock me down? - sorry, cowbella. - you're meant to get water on you at the beach, cowbella. - yeah. - well, i didn't like it. it was stingy on my eyes. [door opening] - time for your bath, pajanimals. - ah. - bath time! - okay, dad! - let's go! - cowbella, are you coming? - no. i'm not having a bath. - what? - huh? - what do you mean-- you're not having a bath? - well, i'm not getting wet, again. - well, sometimes, i don't feel like having a bath, either, cowbella, but we have to stick to the plan. right? - ah, i guess so. - yay-- happy dance! i'm happy... i'm happy! squacky, go! squacky-- no? oh... [horn honking] better? - no! - i thought it was funny. [horn honking] ah! i'm okay. [giggling]
3:47 pm
- here's the plan one two three let's get ready for bed now follow me first the bath - scruba-scruba-scruba - brush the teeth - brusha-brusha-brusha - choose your pajamas - jama-- - jama-- - jammies - sip a little water - sip-a-- - sip-a-- - sippy! - read a little story - once upon a time - give yourself a hug - huga-huga-huga this is how we-- are you ready, pajanimals? - yeah! - let's stick to the plan - stick to the plan - stick to the plan - stick to the plan - now, ya'll tell me-- what do we do? - we stick to the plan and follow through - give yourself a great big hand - it feels real good to stick to the plan - stick to the plan! [giggling] - bath? - uh-uh... no bath. - but, then you won't get clean. - yeah, and then it's peee-ewwy. - well, then i'll just have to get clean
3:48 pm
without having a bath. hmm! - oh, yeah. scrub-a-dub-dub! - i love the tub! [laughing] - five more minutes till bedtime, pajanimals. - are you sure you don't want a bath, cowbella? - no! thank you. i don't need one. i'm clean enough! - huh? oh... okay, guys. let's go tidy up the beach stuff and get ready for bed. [giggling] - ah... - good night, pajanimals. sleep tight! see you in the morning light. - nighty-night, mom. - good night, mama. - good night, mom. - good night, mother. - mmm... - ugh... ugh!
3:49 pm
- what's wrong, cowbella? - i can't sleep. i'm so itchy. - hmm... maybe it's ants. - ants! where-- where-- oh! - no. it's sand, cowbella. you didn't take a bath, remember? - so, you probably still have sand on you. - oh, too-too itchy. oh, i need help. - i know just the place to go. let's hop on squacky's bed. - ugh... - come on, guys. - yeah. - yeah. - ready? - ready! - let's bundle up! - snuggle up! - huggle up! - and go! - yay! - wow! - whoa! - whee! - whoa! - wow! - hey, look at all the fish! - whoo!
3:50 pm
- oh, no, the big, blue sea! it's like the biggest bath in the whole wide world. - oh, but it's beautiful, cowbella. - oh. - oh, and look! there's ellie's seashell. - uh-uh... i am not going in the water. - are you sure, cowbella? - yep. - well, okay. - oh... - hello? anyone home? - who-who is it? - oh, it's okay, ellie. it's just us. - ah, it's you. hello, pajanimals. - hi. - but, where's cowbella? - she won't come in the water, ellie. and she says she's never gonna have a bath, again. - and that means phe-ewwy! - whew... well, maybe i can help.
3:51 pm
cowbella? - mmm-hmm. - is it true? you're never gonna have a bath, again? - yep. i don't like baths. but, now, i'm so itchy. - well, when i don't like doing something i have to do, i try to find ways to make it fun. - oh-oh! we could play games in the bath. - yeah, like, uh, "bubble pop." it's fun poppin' bubbles. - pop-pop-pop! - and there's always "dunk the rubber ducky." - whoa! - whoa! - oh, and see where it pops up. - where'd it-- where'd it go? - hello! - whoa! - oh, those games do sound like fun. maybe i could just have one bath. - way to go, cowbella! - there you go! - but, i am not washing my hair or getting water in my eyes. - you know, guess what. i don't like getting my head washed, either.
3:52 pm
but, i just tip back my head, and i close my eyes nice and tight. - and there are no stingy suds? - none whatsoever. - hmm... well, i suppose that could work. - oh, it does! and there's something else that can help, too. - what's that? - a big octopus hug. everyone feels better after a huggle. [giggling] - oh. ah... i do feel better. - ah... - ah... - oh, and i know something else that feels good. let's all sing the-- - octopus huggle song! - yeah! - yay! - down here where it's quiet in a sea of blue colors of the rainbow are in the water too down here where it's quiet on the ocean floor we welcome you with open arms a new place to explore come on down for an octopus huggle
3:53 pm
it makes your heart happy like a great big snuggle if you're scared mad feeling blue an octopus huggle is always here for you - wish upon a starfish hope your wish comes true - sing to the ocean waves they'll wave back to you - but with the squishy jellyfish you give a fish a fishy kiss - and when you want a huggle - i'm always here for you come on down for an octopus huggle it makes your heart happy like a great big snuggle if you're scared mad feelin' blue an octopus huggle is always here an octopus huggle is always here an octopus huggle is always here for you [laughing] - thank you, ellie. - thanks, ellie. - yes-- thank you, ellie.
3:54 pm
- oh, you're welcome. and, now, it's time to go home, pajanimals. see you soon. - bye-bye, ellie. - see ya, ellie. - goodbye! and goodbye to you, too. - an octopus huggle is always here for you! oh, i can't wait to have a bath tomorrow. i'm not gonna be itchy anymore. - ah, it'll be fun, cowbella. - yeah. we'll play bath time games together. - and no more peee-ewwy! [giggling] - thanks, you guys. good night. - nighty-night. - good night, cowbella. - night. - ah... [music playing softly] - the earth is spinning slowly spinning the stars and moon now fill the sky magic glows
3:55 pm
the night's beginning so sing a lu-lu-lullaby - bath time! cowbella sure didn't like taking baths. but, you know what? baths keep you from being itchy and smelly, and you can even play games in the bathtub to make bath time fun. i love baths, and i hope you do, too. bye-bye!
3:56 pm
girl: mom, can i have a dollar? i think my purse is upstairs on the bed. it's not here. check the dining room. nope. the upstairs closet? announcer: moms everywhere are finding ways to keep kids active and healthy. get ideas. get involved. get going at rns about 100 calories. it doesn't matter if you're walking around the block, to work, to school or on this thing here. you'll take all the right steps the more you know
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- la-la-lullaby la-la-lullaby sing-sing-sing with me a la-la-lullaby


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