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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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>> he did but he was meant to do . the spinal over a man did one final selfless act. he died protecting his friend from a suspected drunk driver. >> this is an incredible story of sacrifice. this is dalton wood clearly. after hearing about the memories he leaves behind, you will realize how perfectly his name fits.>> everyone still has love and him.>> those are the final words his friend remember that's what remembers hearing from dalton mccreary. >> about halfway across the street on chambers, you could
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>> a drunk driver say a truck driver grant a red light. >> the driver hit dalton knocking him to the ground. >> dalton died a few hours later. now aaron garcia hears about how her nephew saved jordan. >> a stranger. >> police arrested the driver, despite his action garcia thinks he would have done the one thing he struggles with every day. >> he will probably forget the person who did this to him. that is the hard part. i don't think any of us are that good.
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nephew through pictures like this. riding his motorcycle. that is where you can come in. >> at on wednesday at 1 pm. come into the last ride for us for him. >> she is coming in all motorcyclist to get dalton a final shout out. >> even after his death, dalton spirit is still giving. >> he is teaching me even now how to be a better person. >> homicide charge and driving under the influence. if you want to take part in the memorial service next week, you can find out where they will gather on our timber seven app. a california couple wanted in connection with the kidnapping and they had been
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they were invested in public today. the two are accused of killing humphreys half sister earlier this month. they also kidnapped a woman and three kids. the children were found safe in albuquerque new mexico yesterday. of montana couple plans to sue colorado hospital. thh aurora police confirm to denver7 they are investigating the child abuse claim. we reached out for comment and they said that they are committed to providing the best care for patients. but they cannot share specific information on this. deputies have released a sketch of a man who tried to kidnap a nine-year-old girl on monday. they say dismantled the girl, come with me. she was putting a toy away in her driveway. this is near kipling and bellevue. the super bowl champions are losing 350 parking spaces at the stadium. eventually by 2018 more parking
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media spots were removed for many mile high. to you recognize these men ? the sheriff's office say they stole a $400 denver bronco's helmet after a signing session on july 31. the man with the orange hat grab the helmet and handed it to the other man. claiming the suites are unconstitutional and asked the city to stop them. >> you cannot take away people's property. they have to stop doing that. >> denver7 has reached out to the office. they say they will comment was a receiver.
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coma was fighting for his life is fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer. >> reporter: i am here at the greeley police department patrol peters beat out 200 of the applicants to get a job, his dream job. a job he was once told that he would not be able to do. >> i am excited to soak up as much knowledge as i can. >> this police acaddmy classroom has not been easy. >> in 2000 to soak up as much knowledge as i can. >> reporter: the journey to this police academy classroom has not been easy. >> in 2003 i enlisted in the marine corps. >> reporter: while in africa he was in an accident. these pictures from the hospital shall present obama by his side. at first he cannot remember anything. he had one question for doctors. >> i asked the doctors, cannot be a police officer ? >> reporter: his father and grandfather's were police officers. >> they told me more or less know it would not happen. >> reporter: go with not accept
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he just graduated with a degree in social work. >> reporter: if i did not take it seriously, i do not know what i would be today. >> reporter: jerry gardner says joe is the kind of officer they want. and they had offered him the job he has always wanted. >> he has courage and that time after time. >> reporter: do you feel like you have recovered ? >> i do. >> reporter: his father say in a way the accident was the best thing to happen to him. now he appreciates every step of the way.>> sometimes you get into that position where you realize how important life is. >> that is impressive. we have some sad news. that young student who inspired
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medical marijuana prescriptions to use the prescription at school has died. his name is jack split he severed from cerebral palsy. he had just started classes at wheat ridge high school. were getting a look at the new design plans for the ice 70 expansion project. >> not everyone is on board with this plan. >> we have been studying this quarter for 13 years. >> reporter: this part of i 70 is 50 years old. this freeway carries 200,000 cars a day. >> i cannot wait what have been. that's what i cannot wait to see what happens. >> reporter: the latest simulation shows a stretch that will be covered with a concrete . >> when done right, they are beautiful spaces. >> reporter: they are fine- tuning the plans on what will
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>> they should leave i 70 the way it is. this has been the way it has been for years. >> they show the area around the cover has some of the lowest revision support. >> reporter: they call this i 70 a backbone. as timber grows so does the need for an expanded highway. one for plenty of room for shoulders and extra lanes. construction is expected to begin in 2018 and it could take for tears. -- four years. denvers norrh bishop is getting some help. jorge rodriguez is part of the parish in court. the shakedown of a legitimate officer. >> many are not getting the
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jobs. the winter park ski train
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doling out the dollars to people who are claiming disability. >> the priam is businesses are not getting the chance to fix it. >> they get hit with litigation before anyone has a chance to fix the problem. he says employees will lose their jobs because he cannot
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>> the town is two blocks long. >> reporter: the truth is tough to hear. but he knows it's real and knows his 30 employees likely have to leave the small town of bailey to bail on the riverbend market and it a read has a man from florida claims he did not have full and save rails here. >> into it. >> reporter: brought this place back to life a year ago. >> when i got it it was falling apart. >> reporter: the only original part -- these are the original windows. >> the map of florida said it
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clearance in doorways. countertops are the wrong height and told the paper dispensers not placed in the right spots. all of these violations of the american with disabilities act the man argues gives people the right to sue. >> reporter: feels like the case against him is one big shakedown think he got an offer to settle for $15,000 and it would all go away. he's not going to do hard truth is too close for good.>> putting people out of business is not what the law was intended to do. >> reporter: we take this much further at 10 pm tonight. we find out who else is getting hit with these claims. and we hear from one of the biggest voices in 88 advocacy who is as frustrated as you might be. we'll see you back here tonight at 10 pm. you can have your own virtual guidebook in your back pocket. it's a new free mobile app.
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county species. some of the wildlife without exploring cheeseman reservoir. there are a couple of beer cups up there. not far off, was a denver water3 survey manager who spotted the bears. a 27 year lay off is set to the park once again in time for the ski season. mark boyle is in winter park looking at the upgrade, the ticketing and that schedule. >> reporter: out with the old and in with the new. this is the new train platform that winter park is building so that you can get off at the train it to the left within a few hundred yards of each other. >> reporter: it has been out of service for seven years. citing financial debacle tees. but amtrak has picked it up
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winter park. skiers and riders can walk off of the train and jump on the left that runs all day. you get a full day of skiing and write in here. the return of the ski train has a lot of people talking about convenience and he nostalgia. >> with the trade you are experiencing a start in denver. you have added an experience to the day. which is spectacular. >> reporter: they said this will take about 500 cars out of the 100 -- that i 70 traffic. the first train departs on january 7, reporting in winter park, mark boyle. when you are out and about, you should be thinking about using extra skin care.>> a new wrinkle ranking shows that we are more prone to getting
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according to he skincare 2016 this, denver is the second most wrinkle prone city in america. at this altitude ware close to the sun. we get more uv rays second damaged skin. for some reason, philadelphia is the most wrinkle prone. and san jose california was the least.>> there as well. here in colorado, you go to the match were closer to the sun. get out the sunscreen and keep the wrinkles and sun damage away. we've had lots of cloud cover and rain moving to the area. it has moved out to the east. check out pikes peak. a layer of snow here from this afternoon. we also have snow up at loveland ski area as well. just a few flakes mixed in with the rain.
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it looks like we will have more tonight, rain and mountain snow as well. with a moisture making its way through colorado, that is what we are going to expected this first batch of rain came to earlier this evening, it has pushed out across the eastern plains. we are watching this next batch. it's going to affect the high country as we go into this evening, and more showers later tonight. at this point, we have cleared out most of the ra definitely from fort morgan, out to fort packet we have heavier showers coming down. the thunderstorms that were 3 strong have called down. towards colorado springs, raii ?o the south towards pueblo as well. nothing severe at this point. you'll run into heavy rainfall especially if you're coming out
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we need the rain here to help out our drought monitor. as you can see, it is very dry here for the i 25 core door and it's another and southern colorado. 71, as warm as a got today. 86 degrees is normal and 99 is the record. we're in the 40s last mostly cloudy skies. the mild temperatures up in the 70s for the afternoon. the kids going toothe bus stop, 58 degrees to start your day. and 78 with a few thunderstorms into the afternoon and evening. our severe weather risk is slight here in colorado. you see the rain moving through tonight we will haae scattered showers. overnight lows will be in the
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thunderstorms. 78 degrees tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for the afternoon. will have a visa the southeast tomorrow and 70s here in denver. the seven day forecast keeps uss in the 70s tomorrow. then we get more sunshine. and we will warm up into the 80s. if you miss the 90s they will be back here wednesday and thursday with partly cloudy skies. >> you have something for
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on this day, the avalanche welcome their new head oach. joe sackett higher jared bednar
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he is a 44 with no in hl experience. the style of play is what he wants to bring to the pepsi center. >> the games are getting faster. you have to play in up-tempo style. not just offensively but defensively as well. i think that should be set from day one in training camp. dove valley, the broncos practice today, but gary kubiak will not tell us which quarterback will go in after trevor simeon. here is troy rank with the latest. >> reporter: his shoulder continues to improve. he is set to start and he is in line to start the break of the season. if you think it matters to coach gary kubiak that simeon
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would be wrong.>> zero, i am looking at what has taken place over the last six months. how they handled themselves and the team. >> reporter: the broncos were a top 10 team at the last half of the season. they think they will be better him on the offensive line. cj anderson is anxious to see how the left tackle performs. >> will see how we are playing coming up on saturday.>> to win a ame we need to to figure out the quarterback situation. but like i say, we have to hit our spots also. and then we can take that next that. >> reporter: the no-fly zone, the secondary is back in fact. aqib talib will play on saturday. back to you in the studio. the little league world series, south korea and mexico. a wild pitch.
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right down the middle. later, another pitcher, gil cortez came in. with the exact same pitch. with the exact same pitch. >> i guess that cost a over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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>> right now on the list. get back to basics, life hacks every college student needs to know. there's nothing google can't do. a library nap becomes a note field day. and the bo that that split just isn't decadent nuch. really take it over the top. that's next lechl, but first what's trending now.
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any homework. the policy that has everybody trending rights no. there's a lot of homework. it's stressful. >> homework can be stressful for teachers, parents, kids and in some places that no longer a problem. texas second grade teacher declared a no homework policy for her class and a photo of that policy quickly went viral with 73,000 facebook shares already. >> we're trying to be venovators child, not so much focus on them pushing paper after that leave this room. >> this trend is taking off. alaska teacher is doing it. >> i love the idea. >> and so is tulsa international school. >> the feedback we're giving is immediate. >> is this the start of something bigger, kids with three hours of homework each night hope v hope so. >> now from helping school children in the u.s. and helping
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shopping. that's trending right now. >> not only do you get great brands at a terrific price, but every purchase you make goes to a school and its program. this is awesome. you donate your clothes and they resell them on their website. then 40% ofhat you spend there on brands like tommy hill figger, and more goes right to funding schools. >> a wonderful way for all of us to make sure the kids have the greatest opportunity to reach >> it was originally designed to help students in the u.s., but with some 30,000 schools already receiving financial help, now the site has gone global. >> the money goes to fight for the right of girls everywhere. >> they went with ma la la to help girls everywhere. most inspirational 19-year-old anywhere. >> one time.


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