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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 13, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> this is an opportunity to nip this in the bud right now. so i wanted to make sure to do my part. >> double dose. the expanding effort in san francisco today to get people vaccinated against monkeypox. for the first time two clinics have enough vaccine to take walk-ins. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. the search for monkeypox vaccine is getting easier.
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two clinics are offering in san francisco. you checked them both out, cornell? reporter: we were very surprised due to high demand and short supply. and we have better access to the monkeypox vaccine. >> dan calshan got his vaccine at suckerburg general hot he's been searching for weeks. >> i know others tried very hard to go up into marin and even canada to get the vaccine. so i feel very, very fortunate. >> the hospital hosted the first monkeypox clinic and those people getting access. >> i know it was really smooth. >> we saw no long lines compared
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earlier clings where people waited for hours. hospital officials say they've streamlined the vaccine for eligible patients. it made this weekend clinic possible. >> we've been averaging this week about 600 to close to 1,000 vaccinations a day. we've not turned anyone away. >> we are use ago vaccine as quickly as we get i. >> kaiser permanente opened its first monkeypox vaccine clinic on month. >> we want them to come go out so we can do our part in ending this disease. >> it's about protection. and it's about taking care of everybody. >> san francisco remains the hot spot in the bay area with over 500 confirmed cases. santa clara and alameda have over 50 each. >> we are seeing increased numbers to get evaluated, treated. we've seep our hospitalizations increasing over the last couple of days.
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and so this speaks to the need to try to get vaccinations throughout to the community especially those who are at risk or been exposed to monkeypox. >> san francisco general hospital gave 822 monkeypox vaccines today. kaiser gave 1500. both providessers plan inner clinics in the future as long as there is supply. dion: now, we do have everything you feed to know about monkeypox including about vaccines. symptoms and treatment. you can fine it all on our website abc7 investigators searching for missing truckee teenager kylie rodney say they are frustrated by the lack of new leads. the 16 year-old went missing after a campground party in truckee last weekend. as many as 300 people were in attendance. local state and federal law enforcement have launched a massive search for rodney covering land, sea, and air.
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informs gators believe someone who attended that party holds the key to finding the missing teen. >> we can't urge enough that people that were there know something if you know something, please say something, come forward about kylie's disappearance. >> a community concert was held this afternoon in truckee to raise awareness of the search. investigators say locals have taken it upon themselves to conduct their own search efforts. >> a bay area attorney who became a giant in the legal world has died. dennis reirden gain add representation for freeing the wrongfully convicted. one of his biggest cases was in 2022 when he argued for noler. she was convicted for second-degreemurder after her dogs attacked and killed her neighbor. and he won a case with the case of the san quentin prison es
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escape. he died on wednesday. and he was 73 years old. a man is accused of a deadly hit-and-run that called bicyclist and a second one that called driver. police responded to church lane and willow road. 57 year-old man died after being hit by a car. about two miles away a car was going the wrong way and hit a second car. police say the driver who caused that accident was involved in the earlier hit-and-run. they arrested anthony greenwood of fairfield. happening tomorrow, parents protesting the closure of oakland's parker elementary school plan a town hall there. several dozen people gathered yesterday outside the now closed school and they held what they called a vigil in solidarity with those occupying the school. many have been there since may. the district says the group is trespassing. parker is one of several schools the school board recently decided to close due to budget concerns in marin county, a sign
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of the times, a session on how to use narcan which reverses the affect of an overdose. they have first training seminars every year. but this year, participants were taught how to add minister narcan. this is one of several throughout marin. >> with the ian: yacht epidemic and so many overdoses everywhere, this is the antidote for that. >> if administered quickly and correctly, the treatment can save someone from drying a drug overdose. the training also included c.p.r. lessons and how to stop true make it bleeding. what's being called a win for the american people. congress passed the so-called inflation reduction act. critics contend it won't deliver on its promises though. abc news reporter deidre billionton taken a look. >> democrats celebrating a major
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legislative win as the house passed the inflation reduction act. it fell along party lines with no republican support. >> the motion is adopted. president biden with a broad smile as he watched the vent television. democrats are calling the 700 billion dollar package a giant win for the american people. >> we send to the president's desk a monumental bill that will be truly for the people. >> it allocates money for clean energy. >> we make good on our promise to take on climate change and climate justice with historic investments in green technologies that will cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030. >> democrats also time-outing the prescription drug and healthcare provision meant to cut out pocket cost for millions of americans. >> it insures that peel with diabetes won't have to pay more than $a month and it caps the
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spending at $2,000 for medical part d. david mitchell is fighting cancer and says he spend more than 16,000 a year on medicine. >> this is going save me a great deal of money. >> but despite the name, republicans said it won't do much to fight inflation. >> you cannot spend your way out of inflation or tax yourself out of the recession or borrow your way out of debt. the bill reduce the federal deficit by $300 billion and will pay itself with tax on corporate stock buy backs and a new 15% minimum tax on companies making that's a billion dollars a year. president biden will sign the bill into law next week. deidre bolton abc news, new york. dion: a warning for u.s. government workers in mexico. a flare-up of violence has led to an a >> he. the specific cities it covers. also -- >> it's just an incredible piece of aviation history. it has played a critical role in
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the protection of our nation. an event today marked an anniversary at the u.s.s. hornet, the importance and impact it has on naval history. and tourists are in for a treat today. we've got blue skies over the golden gate bridge no fog out there right now. temperatures are going heat up. we have a gorgeous weekend ahead. isle let you know when and where we can hit the
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dion: developing news, the u.s. embassy has issued a violence alert and a shelter in place warning for u.s. government employees in several mexican cities. it comes after reports of vehicle fires and road blocks and heavy police activity in
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tijuana, mexicali, rosarito. suspected gang members went on a shooting spree in juarez killing nine people. begun cartel gunman damaged businesses. they have since become a battleground between various gangs. the penault police department held a catalytic converter session. due to a serge in catalytic converter crime, they create add theft prevention program to track down thieves and to return stolen ones to their rightful owners. the department is working with a local auto repair shop doing grave license plate numbers on the device. police planned to extend the event in the future. a distinguished guest returned home to the bay area to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the u.s. navy's aircraft carrier fleet. >> it's a pleasure to meet you.
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my god, man. >> you're a giant and all that have come after you, we stand with you. >> what an honor to meet you, my friend. >> lots of pride. you you can see that excitement on the faces of volunteers at the u.s.s. hornet museum in almeda. they met dan dwyer and commander of the second navy fleet. he was back home to partake in the hornet's celebration to the navy''s floating airport. >> i was inspired. and that inspiration led me to a career in the united states navy. >> today's event included a fly-over of navy f-18 jets. the hornet is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is now a floating museum. coming up, a successful launch for spacex. >> liftoff, the falcon 9.
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>> the intent is to better connect people. >> temperatures warping up -- warming up. i'll let you know the hottest blais the accuweather seven-day forecast. dion: new school year, new guidelines and in norms. get it all when you download the abc7 bay area streaming app. it's available on roku, fire tv
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dion: a new program for home owners in north lake tahoe aims to provide housing. it has pushed people who can't afford live where they work. lease to locals program will pay home owners up to $24,000 to
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rent long-term to people who work in the yard. tenant must work 20 hours a why week at a local business. the idea is to fill vacant vacation homes. the board of supervisors approved it last week. >> a new mission to bring 46 satellites into the earth's low orbit. it's 100 miles from the earth's surface. as par of the mission, the falcon nine blasted off from california's vandenburg space force place friday. star link satellites are part of the internet cons that thrice bring broadband internet to consumers around the world. each satellite weighs about 500 pounds. this was spacex's 36th mission of the year. people always watch that super closely with any of those space launches. >> definitely, the weather is cooperating with us.
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so many people out and about. i want to show you the satellite radar system which shows you clear blue skies around the bay area. temperatures rage from the 60 to the mid 90's well have the cool ocean breeze keeping us from in the 60's. and brentwood 94 degrees. some low 70's an north bay 89. hot in santa rosa. we are a little bit warmer for most areas compared yesterday. this warming trend will continue into the next day into tuesday. right now, you can see the winds keeping things cool. winds gusting to 22 miles an hour. sit breezy around the bay. so i'll show you the forecast animation with clouds. we have a come pressed marine player it's going move overnight to 7:00 tomorrow morning. it will quickly disapate. maybe a little bit of partly cloudy conditions. but everyoneless be clear. overnight lows near 60 degrees
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for everyone, almost everyone especially around the bake. oakland 60's. but notice we'll see mid 50's part to north bay where it will be cooler with the clear conditions over night. so for tomorrow, look for another gorgeous day. breezy at the beaches. san francisco will be warming up to 73. san jose 85. check out 90's in fairfield, antioch. santa rosa, 93. we're going to jump ahead. we'll start to see some triple digits in some of our inland communities like fairfield, antioch. clear lake. ukiah. we're going to warm-up everyone more on tuesday. that looks to be the warmest day near 105 degrees in some of those locations like fairfield, also in antioch. it will be mild around the bay. we'll see lots of mid 80's around the bay. and then wednesday, it does start to cool down a little bit more. now, because we have that triple
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digit heat especially in solano count where, the national weather service has issued an an excessive heat watch. temperatures could be from 95 to 100 degrees. a risk of heat illnesses an overnight lows don't get that cool. so it's hard to recover. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. lots of sunshine all seven days long. mild at the coast. hot inland. notice we start to sizzle. get close to 100. tuesday will be h it's hottest day. still hot inland on wednesday. and that will be the first day of school for a lot of folks. it's going to be a warm one. the heat starts to ease. but we'll be above average especially for inland areas and around the bay so enjoy the sunshine. wear some sunscreen and stay hydrated, dion. dion: fran circumstances thanks. let's get to chris alvarez with a preview of sports and celebrating an anniversary. chris: would you believe it's been a decade since the giants
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won it all in 2012? time to talk about the preseason - you okay? - there's a flex alert today so i'm mentally preparing for the power outage. oh, well we can help stop one because we are going to reduce our energy use from 4-9pm. what now? i stepped on a plug. oh that's my bad! unplugging. when it comes to preventing outages the power is ours.
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i've ever seen. tell congress to shut it down. paid for by the dawn project. >> now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: number five is q.b. one. trey lance made his return. he was efficient. a one wild play. most importantly came out off in his first series see him running out in the field, running for seven yards. so he scans the field.
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step up. and slides. first time he's slid in his life. this is what they're hoping for. the able to open up the playbook, the bomb to danny gray. 76 yards down the sideline. trey firn 4-5. 92 yards. as for that touchdown pass, lance says that was an easy decision. >> mine, -- i mean, danny has done a great job. he's a difference maker for us on offense. his speed is something that for me it's a fungi to have. >> we, they knew i was fast, so. everyone just came up to me and they would tell me, man, you were blazing. you was fast. you burned them. with my speed and whey know what i can do with my confidence, i feel like nobody could touch me. >> sit fun to be fast. as for where jimmy garoppolo might end up zach wilson will only be out two to four weeks with a meniscus tear.
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there was some speculation without being touched that he had turn to has a.c.l. and since the head coach and offense coordinator know him well from the time with the niners, there was immediate speculation he could be headed to the big apple. but for now, those plans are on hold. >> 49 niners, week one opponent, hosting patrick mahomes and the chiefs. mahomes only played the first drive. he was 6-7. a touchdown to blake well likely my first round fantasy pick. fields part of the same class. made a couple of nice throws. sharp. watch this. what a catch. chicago wins it 19-14. tonight, the giants are in the 2012 championship squad. saw san francisco win three titles in five seasons among the many scheduled to appear. bruce boetschy, hunter pence,
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ryan vogelsong. and the championship flag blowing atop the jumbotron right there as well as the three titles on the left field wall. there are a full hold overs including brandon crawford and brandon belt. gabe kapler describing the forever feeling of being a forever champion. >> to be a par of a team like that, it's forever. it lasts your entire lifetime, and you also have that bond with the players that you went to battle with so to speak. and went through the ups and the downs of the season and ultimately came up on top with the championship ring. first, it's exciting to be a part of. it's nice to have kind of the representation on our team from those early 2010 teams. chris: that's your l
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dion: the very first california garlic festival kicks off today at the san joaquin fairgrounds in stockton. veg table goers can expect everything garlic from cooking demonstrations, a petting zoo and vendors. they have no plans of replacing the gill roy garlic festival but wanted to give vendors and the community a place to sell goods and enjoy good food. the event lasts through sunday. ticket sales range from $10 to $15. these food stores always happen around dinner time making me hungry. that's all the time we have for
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this edition of abc7 news. we'll see you back here at 6:00 tonight, we're following several developing stories. the new questions raised by the trump fbi search. sources telling abc news that a trump lawyer stated in june that all classified documents had been turned over to investigators. plus, new reporting in the attempted assassination of author salman rushdie. what may have motivated the suspect now charged with attempted murder. the unsealed search warrant reveals agents took 11 sets of classified documents from mar-a-lago. one the government considers the most sensitive information. we'll look at the possible risks to national security. the former president insisting he declassified the material. why that may not matter as he's investigated for possibly violating three federal laws. what top


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