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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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where is his friends? they said meet us there. we will be there. good morning, america. for other our viewers in the west -- for our viewers in the west, overnight, another deadly mass shooting. this time, at an indiana maul. this time, at an indiana mall. breaking overnight, a gunman opens fire inside an indianapolis area mall. >> victims are possibly in the food court? >> at least three dead including a 12-year-old girl. this morning, what we know about the 22-year-old armed bystander who stopped the shooter. police hail him as a hero. the investigation right now. new body cam footage. just minutes after the shooter made his way inside robb elementary school in uvalde. >> shots fired. get inside. go, go, go. >> with nearly 400 officers on the scene. this after the first comprehensive report on the
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massacre was released blaming systemic failures and egregious poor decision-making in the law enforcement response. the reaction this morning from families of the victims. steve bannon set to go on trial. donald trump's ally and strategist faces contempt of congress charges for refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. ukraine's president zelenskyy suspended his top two law enforcement officials citing hundreds of cases of treason by government personnel as russia steps up its attacks on civilians. dangerous all-time record heat, 38 million americans on alert from california to minnesota and where temperatures topping 110 degrees. ginger is tracking it all. come from behind victory. >> oh, my goodness. >> 28-year-old cameron smith steals the spotlight at st. andrews, the australian holding
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the trophy close after winning his first major championship. rent versus buy. how to though when you should take the plunge, plus super savings. how to cut costs as you scour your local grocery store and spot the deals down the aisle. and worth the wait. introducing mr. jennifer affleck. all the bennifer details this morning about the vegas wedding 20 years in the making. good morning, america. we have a lot to get to on this busy monday morning. >> we start too many shows and too many weeks talking about deadly shootings in this country and here we go again, this time it's happened at a mall food court in indiana. this was last night. >> three people killed before an armed bystander stopped the gunman. alex perez on the scene in greenwood, indiana, with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: a typical weekend here at the mall turned to chaos and panic. authorities say the gunman had several magazines of ammunition.
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>> victims are possibly in the food court. >> reporter: overnight a deadly mass shooting outside indianapolis leaving three people dead and injuring two others including a 12-year-old girl. >> declare it a mass casualty. >> reporter: a good samaritan being hailed a hero after he shot and killed the shooter with his own gun. >> heard the gun start pop, pop, pop, a good, 25, 30 shots and my -- a couple guys up front hit the deck. >> reporter: the 22-year-old man who stopped the shooting was legally carrying a firearm. >> the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began. >> reporter: cell phone video capturing the chaos inside the greenwood park mall. as police rush to the scene and were assessing where the gunman was inside the mall. >> slow methodical store to
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store. >> reporter: store employees helping customers flee for their lives. >> the only thing running through my mind like the only thing i hear right now are the gunshots. those four gunshots before i started running. there were carts, strollers, literally anything you could imagine was on the floor caused because you knew the people dropped and ran. >> reporter: an exact motive at this point remains unclear. authorities grateful for that good samaritan, amy. >> alex perez for us in indiana. thank you. this mall shooting is coming on the day new body cam video and the new report on the uvalde school shooting was released. texas lawmakers pointing to catastrophic lapses in training, prparation and leadership as hundreds of officers failed to confront that gunman as he took the lives of 19 children and two teachers. mireya villarreal is in uvalde where the families of the victims are reacting to this report. good morning, mireya.
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>> reporter: good morning. these families are still very frustrated. the mayor having to step this saying he's going to try to help translate a report that only came out in english into spanish as well. and the city announcing they will launch their own internal investigation into the police department. >> shots fired. get inside. go, go, go. >> reporter: this morning, a firsthand look at the robb elementary school shooting just minutes after the suspect made his way inside firing more than 100 rounds in 2 1/2 minutes. the city of uvalde now releasing body camera footage after a new >> reporter: found systemic failures in law enforcement response. just five minutes after he walked in at 11:38 a.m. a school district sergeant walks out to relay information that later turned out to be wrong. >> he's armed inside this building.
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we have him contained. >> reporter: but the suspect was inside room 111 and 112 and still shooting. >> am i bleeding? am i bleeding? oh. >> reporter: officer ruben ruiz is inside the hallway responding while his wife eva mireles, a teacher is in room 112 texting him. she would not survive. now nearly eight weeks after the murder of 19 children and 2 teachers, the city promising transparency as the first comprehensive report investigating officers' response reveals widespread lapses both before and during the killing spree. the damning 77-page report from the texas house special committee noting that despite 376 law enforcement officers on the scene, there was egregious poor decision-making on all levels. >> the report says if you're not willing to put the lives of the people you serve of those
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children before your own, in my view you should find another job. >> reporter: the rampage lasted 77 minutes until border patrol agents breached the classroom killing the gunman at 12:52 p.m. school district police chief pete airrredondo testified they prioritized getting children evacuated over approaching the attacker. my thought was we're a barrier, get these kids out. >> we need to get these kids out of here. come on, kids. >> reporter: while officers evacuated students chief arrendondo tried to talk to the gunman. >> this could be peaceful. could you tell me your name, anything i can know, please? >> reporter: that gunman firing 142 rounds. the majority before any first responders even entered the building but there were still survivors in the classroom while officers waited outside. >> on the phone with multiple victims. >> they have victims in there. called 911. >> reporter: dispatch heard
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telling officers there were survivors, but it would be at least 47 more minutes after the first 911 call before they finally went in. the committee stating given the information known about the victims who survived through the time of the breach and who later died on the way to the hospital, it is plausible that some victims could have survived if they had not had to wait 73 additional minutes for rescue. the report also found a breakdown f school safety measures. the school's alert system delayed due to wi-fi issues and none of the three exterior doors to the west building were locked giving the shooter unimpeded access. the committee confirming he walked inside room 111 through a door with a lock that had been broken for months. a possible motive also released in the report. the shooter was a former student of robb elementary school and attended fourth grade in room 111. his former teacher testified he was bullied that year. the mother of rojelio torres one
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of the fourth graders killed on that day continues to fight for accountability and change. >> that's what i'm here for. fight for my son and the kids and the teachers who lost their lives that day. >> reporter: the families are calling for some of these officers to be criminally charged. right now in the hands of the district attorney. who continues to say it is under investigation by the texas rangers as well as the fbi and it has not been announced whether there will be any charges for these officers. george? >> okay, mireya, thanks. the latest on steve bannon. trump's former strategist set for trial on charges of contempt of congress for refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. jury selection starts today. our chief washington correspondent jon karl is tracking the case, good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. steve bannon has loudly and proudly defied congress for months but now his efforts to stick it to the january 6th committee have landed him in federal court. after months of public posturing
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and open defiance of a congressional subpoena, steve bannon is about to go on trial. bannon faces two counts of contempt of congress in a trial that begins today with jury selection. although he was fired as a white house chief strategist just seven months into the trump presidency, he remained a loud and confrontational trump ally, a key player in trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election. fanning the flames with his war room podcast in the weeks after the election. >> what we need now is patriots like in lexington and in concord that will hold the line. if you hold the line, we're going to win. >> reporter: the january 6th committee subpoenaed bannon last september. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> reporter: pointing to his own words one day before the attack. >> it's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen, okay? it's going to be quite extraordinarily different and all i can say is strap in. >> reporter: bannon refused to cooperate citing executive
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privilege, the right of a president to receive confidential advice. but bannon's claim was highly questionable. he did not work for the white house on january 6th and, in fact, had been fired 3 1/2 years earlier. in october the house voted to hold bannon in criminal contempt. the committee saying he had, quote, specific knowledge about the events planned for january 6th before they occurred. earlier this month as his trial date neared bannon suddenly said he would agree to testify. >> give me a date, time, room number, microphone and holy bible i can take the oath on. >> reporter: prosecutors alleged the offer was nothing more than an attempt to help his criminal case. the federal judge overseeing his case threw out bannon's claims of executive privilege. bannon's trial comes as the january 6th committee prepares for what may be its final hearing on thursday. >> chief legal analyst dan
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abrams joins us as well as jon. you look at the pretrial hearing and seems like he was telling him going to trial is a waste of time. >> the defense will have to be was it intentional and was it deliberate and that is the legal standard at this point. bannon's basically admitting that it was intentional and deliberate outside of court. so inside of court he's going to have to argue, i guess, i thought we were still involved in a negotiation. i didn't know the date was a certain cutoff, et cetera, but that's a tough argument. this judge basically said we're not turning this in a political trial. he wanted too to call all sorts of witnesses and committee members. this judge a former clarence thomas clerk so this is not some liberal whacky judge here. this is someone who decided based on the law that bannon doesn't have much of a defense. >> bannon's attorneys will try to argue he can't get a fair trial because the january 6th committee tainted the jury pool. >> and because of all the media attention, et cetera. look, every high-profile case
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i've covered, the defendant says i can't get a fair trial because there's too much publicity, et cetera. and in every case, you listen to jury selection, and it's amazing how little people are following the news. i mean the bottom line is this notion that everyone knows who steve bannon is just isn't true. you're going to be able to find jurors who haven't followed the steve bannon case. >> might not be that hard. meanwhile, jon, the january 6th committee is preparing for what looks like its final hearing on thursday. laser focus on president trump inside the oval office on january 6th. >> reporter: yeah, george, regardless of what you think about trump's ultimate responsibility for creating the riot, creating the conditions that led to the attack on the capitol, there is no question that while the capitol was under attack he did nothing to stop it. what the committee has done here now and will present in this possibly final hearing is a look at 187 minutes between the end of his speech outside the white house and the moment when he finally released the video calling on his supporters to go
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home. the ultimate dereliction of duty reconstructed with white house records and testimony of those who talked to donald trump on that day and those who were inside the white house and witnessed his actions and inactions. >> jon karl, dan abrams, thanks very much. t.j. we turn now to what large parts of the country are now dealing with. dangerous summer heat. reaching triple digits but we're not just talking about the heat index but the actual temperatures. ginger here now. i guess, ginger these qualify as literal hot spots you're keeping an eye on. >> a map will show you daily records that could fall. dozens from washington state to florida up into the northeast. but it's not about daily records. this is about all-time heat records like salt lake city tied 107, second summer in a row. oklahoma city which should flirt with their hottest july temperatures by tomorrow but texas really took the brunt of the heat since many are still in
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excessive heat. that's why we want to check in with wfaa meteoologist greg fields. >> we'll be close as we're looking at daytime highs around 108, 109. record is 110 and that's going to be the neighborhood we'll be over the next few days at least through the middle of the week, 108, 109 through the middle of the week and temperatures will come down some. 22 days and counting for us with the triple digit heat, that's above our average of 20 100-degree days we typically see during the summer so we're looking at another long stretch of triple digit heat over the next few days here, so we'll add to that number, and so far, the third hottest summer on record going back to 2011 and 1980. >> thank you so much, greg. there in dallas, it's just one area where we see the heat but it is going to spread east. check it out. challenging, grids everywhere, detroit into the 90s, new york cit, we should get our second official heat wave of the summer. we'll track it as it heads east, amy. now to the very latest on
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the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy suspended his top two law enforcement officials citing more than 600 cases of treason by government personnel as russia steps up its devastating attacks on civilian targets. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, ukraine on high alert as president zelenskyy warns there were hundreds of cases of treason and collaboration by his own security services with russia. in a dramatic move the head of ukraine's security services ivan bakanov and iryna venediktova who was in charge of investigating war crimes has been suspended for failing to deal with culprits. in a televised address zelenskyy saying, connections detected between the employees of the security forces of ukraine and the special forces of russia pose very serious questions to the relevant leaders.
7:17 am
bakanov came under questioning for security breaches, and then meeting with merrick garland, just last month under fire in her department as russian strikes ramp up in the south. over the weekend pounding the coastal cities of and he asked them to step up operations across ukraine. while the russian defense minister has his forces in the east to give priority to long-range precision-guided weapon systems to find them, destroy them, that's likely a reference to those u.s. himars systems which match that profile to test how effective they've been. ukraine has been given 12 by the u.s., and yes, ukraine is grateful, but in order to win the war, they don't need 12, they need 112. >> now, ian pannell in kyiv for us thank you. we turn to the oldest golf
7:18 am
tournament in the world, yes, a come from behind victory for 28-year-old cameron smith who has now won the open and he did it with the best ever, best ever score on this particular course. this is the australian's first major championship. he started four shots back on but had five straight birdies to pull it off. there he is with the jug and that mullet is worth the win. >> i was just going to say. he is rocking that mullet. >> he's been working on it for years but it was worth an award just for that hair. >> a lot more coming up including jennifer lopez and ben affleck, they have gotten married. we'll tell what we learned about the small gathering this morning. renting versus buying a home. pros and cons to consider to figure out what's right for your family. back to ginger. >> stormy skies over new york city, i don't know if you peeked out there. pretty dark. lightning going with that too. thunderstorms blowing through and people need the rain, a lot of folks are wanting that. quick look at three areas that will get severe weather this
7:19 am
week. your local weather in 30 seconds. lisa: good monday morni. waking up to sunny skies here in san francisco. fog has been patchy. we are stuck in this weather pattern with our afternoon sea breeze. hot temperatures inland and gradual cooling through the end of the workweek. upper 70's in hayward. it is still warm in one country with some 90's. low to mid 90's
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overdraft assist from chase. 56 downtown. 63 in san jose. looking at sfo, where is the fog , patchy along the coast. mid-60's in livermore. another hot day in midland. upper 70's from fremont.
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89 in santa rosa. the cooling comes at the end of the week. reggie: streaming on our bay area app
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so save money shopping back to school on amazon. while they... 0oh... uh... figure their stuff out. ♪ by the rocks that i got i'm still ♪ welcome back to "gma." jenny from the block tying the knot with ben affleck over the weekend. welcome back to "gma." jenny from the block tying the knot with ben affleck over the weekend. can you say what you said over the break? >> j. lo no more. it is mrs. affleck, people. we cannot -- we just can't. look, this is amazing, 20 years and to find each other. it takes you all kinds of directions. a beautiful story. >> much more in just a bit. the latest on the deadly mall shooting overnight, just outside indianapolis, three people killed. a 22-year-old who police say was legally carrying a firearm
7:31 am
stopped the shooter. police say the shooter had several rounds of ammunition. steve bannon on trial for charges of contempt of congress to refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. also four people died after two planes collided. this airport in north las vegas, one of the planes was preparing to land when it slammed into the second plane. a federal investigation is now under way. and introduce you to the world's fastest man. his name is fred curly. he has picked up the title, the world's fastest man in the 100-meter dash at the final at the world championships, americans finished one, two, and three, and fred churly, a texas a&m guy, his teammates marvin and tray von came in second and third for the sweep. finished in 9.86 seconds. he finished that race faster than it took me to tell you that he is the world's fastest man so congrats to them. a whole lot more ahead on "gma" including the debate on many americans' minds when looking for a new home.
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buy or rent. we'll break down the pros and cons. >> all right, now to the secret in vegas that didn't stay so secret. and it was 20 years in the making. jennifer lopez and ben affleck tying the knot over the weekend and our deb roberts is here with all of those details. good morning, deb. >> good morning. that's what i do. all those details. they gave it a shot all those years ago with big plans when the were much younger and together hitting the stratosphere of stardom but ben affleck and jennifer lopez never made it to the altar. now after divorces, five children between the two of them and publicized personal and private lives and careers they have finally said "i do" vegas style. >> yes. i'll marry you. >> reporter: the big romantic moment sealing the deal with that one true love has been at the center of so many movies for jennifer lopez. ♪ marry me ♪ >> reporter: but now the
7:33 am
superstar entertainer says it's finally truly happening for her. >> somebody's getting married. >> just saving it, saving it and now i'm wearing it on my day. >> reporter: sharing the news with her fans sunday that she and actor/director ben affleck tied the knot offering details via her online newsletter on the j loss, writing we did it. -- on the j. lo. writing we did it. we did it. love is beautiful. love is kind and it turns out our love is patient. 20 years patient. it was a classic vegas wedding in a tiny chapel. lopez revealing we barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight. they graciously stayed open late a few minutes. lopez saying how she waited in line with four other couples. >> and this was my wedding changing area. >> reporter: the bride wearing a dress from an old movie and the groom wearing a jacket from his
7:34 am
closet. she gushed it was the best possible wedding we could have imagined. one we dreamed of long ago. >> these guys realize they just wanted to be married. and low key was the way to go. >> reporter: giddy on lopez wasting no time sharing her news with the world posting this photo on instagram after the big announcement with the # for if you know, you know. the surprise nuptials coming tree months after the singer announced their engagement. >> i'm engaged! >> reporter: the hollywood duo became one of the hottest couples in 2002 after lopez and actress and pop icon, and affleck now a two-time oscar winner met on "gigli." >> do we know each other? >> reporter: the highly-publicized romance was doomed, the lavish wedding called off just days before it was to happen, and the relationship over months later in 2004. later lopez tell telling "people" magazine about that time. >> we didn't try to have a
7:35 am
public relationship. we were kind of the hot couple at the time. and we may have played into that at the beginning because it was fun and then it was not fun. then it was like destroying us. >> reporter: their lives moved on. affleck later marrying and making a family with actress jennifer garner and lopez settling down with marc anthony and having two children. ♪ i know a little bit ♪ >> reporter: both marriages ended and more romances followed including lopez's high wattage two-year engagement to baseball's alex rodriguez, but affleck always held the key to her heart. last year, the two rekindled and made it instagram official as they celebrated lopez's 52nd birthday in the south of france. ♪ waiting for tonight ♪ >> they find themselves single years later much more mature, much more capable of dealing with fame. he's now several years sober and worked hard on that and they're at completely different life stages.
7:36 am
>> reporter: this is affleck's second marriage. he told the newspaper recently that his life has been defined and strengthened by second chances. as for lopez, this is wedding number four. but this time she is apparently all in as, t.j., our hopeless romantic says she's j. lo no more. she's officially mrs. jennifer affleck, she tells her fans. >> congratulations to them. i love this story. >> there you go. >> thank you, deborah roberts. there's more. let's continue talking about it. larry hackett and co-host of "the entertainment brothers podcast" joins us now. we know j. lo and ben talked about how the paparazzi played a role in the trouble of their relationship. it seems now they're owning their own message. what is different this time? >> well, what's different after 20 years is social media. if you looked at the way their romance bloomed the second time around as you said in the report, there were instagram postings and things like that.
7:37 am
they've learned from people like the kardashians you can control the narrative and go to vegas with your makeup artist, hair, someone taking some pictures, you then post this on your own newsletter and have your own personal "people" magazine. they've learned that and taken control of the narrative and they are, indeed as you said in the report 20 years older, wiser. they don't need attention. they don't want this attention but the tools of social media have allowed them to control this in ways where they don't need paparazzi or magazines or websites. they do it on their own. >> what does it mean for their careers? >> you mean are we going to see "gigli 2"?ou t l me. >> i don't -- i don't think so. it's not out of the question they might do something. idon't think it means a whole lot to their careers. careers were always separate from the entity of bennifer for a long time so i don't think it will have real meaning for that. i think they're still going to get the paparazzi attention they say they don't want but in terms of their careers they're kind of
7:38 am
independent operators and i don't see it having a whole lot of bearing on it unless they want to do things together, which is entirely possible. but there's going to be a clamoring for them. >> larry, why the vegas route? >> because there's not a lot of paparazzi wandering around the 110-degree streets. they could have their kids there and american and middle class. you say vegas wedding. everybody has an impression. if you have been there, you know what it's like. it's very romantic. these two although divas and hollywood middle stars middle class kids, one from cambridge, one from the bronx. there's something like vegas that is a con yum. -- continuum. and it's more like what they're eli like as opposed to the wedding they wanted 20 years ago in montecito which never happened. >> all right, well, george has seeral follow-ups. we'll have to leave it here. [ laughter ] leave it there, larry. thank you. good to see you as always. thanks so much. >> thanks, larry. rebecca jarvis here with
7:39 am
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7:43 am
tough now given how far out of reach for both renting and buying and with mortgage rates rising, here's how you can think it through. chelsea and ryan have been renters for eight years in orange county, california. but as their family has grown so have their housing needs and now the questions so many are asking, continue renting or take te plunge and buy? >> this one has been on 24 days now. >> reporter: the couple has been working with their real estate agent rita to figure out their best option. >> we're also kind of wanting to see what happens with the market with interest rates higher. we're going back and forth. do we rent? do we buy? >> the interest rate has affected purchase values. >> reporter: so how can you decide whether to rent or buy? consider some pros and cons, benefits of renting include flexibility, little to no upkeep fees and lower upfront costs. >> think about how long you want to be in a home. if you're only going to be there for a couple of years, renting
7:44 am
for a couple of years, renting is probably the better decision. >> reporter: while renting is a good option for some, drawbacks include fewer choices, rising rent costs, and unpredictable increases. >> rental prices are up 15% compared to a year ago and you're probably going to face rental price increases year after year. >> reporter: if you're thinking of buying, consumers should consider pros including more stability and tax benefits versus cons like high up front costs, rising mortgage rates and responsibility for maintenance and repairs. >> you want to make sure you can commit to being in a home for five years or so to make those costs make sense. you're generally locking in the majority of your monthly housing costs, which can be a nice hedge against inflation, which helps make sure that your budget can stay intact. >> while it can sound appealing home prices up 20.4% from last year as interest rates and mortgage rates continue to rise. but the good news for buyers,
7:45 am
the number of homes for sale on the market is going up. >> it's getting easier to find options to choose from even though those options are still getting more expensive. >> reporter: so the bottom line here those three questions, how long are you prepared to live there? if you feel certain it's five years or more buying can be the better option, how important is mobility? flexibility has its own value and finally, could your financial situation change? if you are buying you want to consider the 28% rule. that is no more than 28% of your gross income should be going to your monthly mortgage payment. there are a lot of resources to help you calculate the best option for yourself to rent versus buying. there are calculators at nerd wallet and and bank rate. the process is filled with so much stress and strain, pumping the brakes even if you're told not to can be the best option for your mental and financial health. >> thank you, rebecca. all right, well, coming up here we now know why old mcdonald did not keep an emu on
7:46 am
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7:50 am
lily, roll that emu footage. >> this is a -- emmanuel, do not do it. emmanuel, don't do it. emmanuel, don't do it! emmanuel, do not do it. emmanuel, emmanuel todd lopez, emmanuel. >> she does provide these educational videos but the emu, yes, emmanuel, is the name keeps getting in there and this just for you, george. yes, his full name is emmanuel todd lopez. lopez is a theme of the show today. >> emmanuel. >> i was going to say emmanuel likes the camera as much as you do, t.j. >> that's a really high bar. [ laughter ] okay, get off the one shot. stop. no, back here. >> all right. coming up, we have dwayne johnson, kevin hart, vanessa bayer, keanu reeves on their animated superhero movie when we come back, stay with us.
7:51 am
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of all weather phenomenon heat is the deadliest. always a tough of all weather phenomenon heat is the deadliest. always a tough tell. people don't realize it's happening. in europe reports of more than 1,000 people dead because of the heat. they also have wildfires which you're seeing there. the pictures out of france, also spain where they're having their worst fire season in ten years at least. 173,000 acres burned spain on their eighth day of the current heat wave and a quick look at what will happen in the uk. they are forecasting 40 celsius which is about 104. if they do that hottest all time for the country. coming up here a trip through the supermarket, right, through the aisle will keep your costs down. how to shop and save. also ahead, covid and hair loss. why the disease is causing so many to lose their hair. what you can do to treat it. also, your local news and
7:55 am
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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. i am reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. lisa: go to walnut creek -- sue: we go to walnut creek, there was an earlier accident that is cleared. you are looking at southbound 680 and it has picked up nicely as you make your way towards the 24 interchange. elsewhere, we go to the golden gate region. we have four lanes in the southbound direction. traffic moving at a nice clip into san francisco. we have a slow traffic heading to marin county over the richmond san rafael bridge back towards harbor and reports of an accident southbound 101 petaluma just before petaluma boulevard north looking to lanes. lisa: printed good air quality
7:57 am
out there. look at the sun. it is mild in the inland valleys. patchy fog bringing the sea breeze. mid 90's inland. reggie: thank you so much. we are streaming on our app. we are streaming on our app. abc 7 at 7:00 continues [sfx: computer sounds] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ let play unwind your mind. ikea.
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7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight, a gunman opens fire inside an indianapolis area mall. >> victims are possibly in the food court. >> at least three dead. what we know about the 22-year-old armed bystander who stopped the shooter. hailed as a hero. the investigation right now. steve bannon set to go on trial. donald trump's ally and strategist facing contempt of congress charges. for refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. taking a bite out of inflation. getting creative to cut grocery costs at your local store, how to help you save big. covid and hair loss. the phenomenon affecting up to a third of people who had covid.
8:01 am
how long it takes the hair to grow back and treatment options. dr. jen is live sharing her own experience. ♪ what's the deal with digestive bitters. >> my first digestive bitters. >> the latest health trend on social media with some saying even a few drops make your stomach feel lighter but do they really help when it comes to gut health? what to know before you try and the potential risks. it's a super kind of morning. >> wake up, buddy. >> as we wake up with the all-star cast of "dc league of super-pets." dwayne jon-benet dwayne johnson and kevin hart together again teaming up with vanessa bayer and keanu reeves and they're saying -- >> good morning iraq. >> good morning, america. >> that is an all-star cast. >> disability pride month.
8:02 am
a theater offering special sensory inclusive screenings of every new disney movie adjusting everything from the sound to the smells to help those with nonvisible disabilities and families enjoy the theater. much more on that ahead. a lot of news to get to starting with the deadly shooting in a mall food court in indiana last night. at least three people were killed before an armed bystander stopped the gunman. let's go back to alex perez on the scene there in greenwood, indiana. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, once again, amy. authorities say that gunman had several magazines of ammunition. they are calling that good samaritan a hero. now, that shooting according to police unfolding in the food court area here at the greenwood mall. three people killed before a 22-year-old bystander legally armed with a weapon stepped in and shot and killed the gunman. two others including a 12-year-old girl injured. cell phone video capturing the panic and chaos inside of the mall as people scrambled to escape and to get to cover.
8:03 am
now, an exact motive remains unclear. authorities do say that 12-year-old girl is expected to be okay. george. >> alex, thanks. the latest on steve bannon. trump's former strategist set for trial on charges of contempt of congress for refusing to testify before the january 6th committee. jury selection starts today. let's go back to our chief washington correspondent jon karl tracking the case. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. steve bannon has loudly and proudly defied congress for months but his efforts to stick it to the january 6th committee have now landed him in federal court. after months of public posturing and open defiance of a congressional subpoena, steve bannon is about to go on trial. bannon faces two counts of contempt of congress in a trial that begins today with jury selection. although bannon was fired as a white house chief strategist just seven months into the trump presidency, he remained a loud and confrontational trump ally. the january 6th committee subpoenaed bannon last
8:04 am
september. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> reporter: pointing to his own words one day before the attack. >> it's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen. okay, it's going to be quite extraordinarily different. and all i can say is strap in. >> reporter: bannon refused to cooperate citing executive privilege, the right of a president to receive confidential advice. but bannon's claim was highly questionable. he did not work for the white house on january 6th and, in fact, had been fired 3 1/2 years earlier. in october, the house voted to hold bannon in criminal contempt. the committee saying he had, quote, specific knowledge about the events planned for january 6th before they occurred. if bannon is found guilty on both counts of criminal contempt, he faces up to two years in prison. george. >> jon karl, thanks. of course, the january 6th committee will have another hearing thursday night. nelson mandela international day.
8:05 am
honoring the legacy of the anti-apartheid leader. mandela, many familiar with his story but spent 27 years in prison then went on to become south africas first black leader. the u.n. established this day on his birthday, of course, to honor his great work but also inspire folks to make a difference in their own communities and prince harry will be the keynote speaker at the u.n. general assembly talking about what we've learned from mandela's life and struggle that can help us face the challenges the world is dealing with today. and coming up here on our "gma morning menu," digestive bitters. are they really good for your gut health? we'll break down the potential positives of the social media trend and the potential risks. also this morning with prices soaring, some ways to save at your supermarket. the all-star cast of "dc league of super-pets," dwayne johnson, kevin hart, vanessa bayer and keanu reeves. lara has two special guests. >> with russell dickerson and jake scott. they're going to perform their
8:06 am
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macklemore with the hit song "downtown." macklemore with the hit song "downtown." >> a big announcement. >> that announcement is macklemore will be rocking our party in the park this friday, featuring very special guests, tones and i. >> we're looking forward to that. right now our "gma" cover story. as prices rise across the country we're looking at creative ways to save on groceries and elwyn lopez has details. hey, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, george. good morning to you. we took a little trip up and down a few grocery store aisles. here in atlanta we looked for ways to keep costs down amid skyrocketing prices. this morning, the hunt to cut costs in the grocery aisles is on. food prices surging over 12% this past year alone. the biggest annual increase in
8:11 am
more than four decades. shoppers now turning to creative ways to save like switching from brand names to store brands. >> the major advantage of buying a store brand over the past ten years is that their quality has improved. they have a money back guarantee. >> reporter: another tip, if you can, shop around. we hit three grocery stores in metro atlanta to compare costs. aldi's, kroger and walmart. nationwide meat and dairy are some of those everyday items seeing an uptick at checkouts. >> anything to do with an animal. that's milk, it's butter, it's eggs. it's, you know, beef, pork, chicken. those prices are going to go up. >> reporter: at this aldi we found a top deal, a gallon of whole milk for $1.97 far less than the nationwide average of $4.41. at kroger it came in at $3.19 and at this walmart, $3.32. both still below the nationwide average. butter now up more than 21%
8:12 am
nationwide averaging nearly $3 a pound just last week. the lowest price we found for it was also at aldi at $1.80. a pack of two at this kroger will cost you $7.49. that comes out to about $3.75 a pound. at the walmart we went to a little under 4 bucks for a pound of unsalted butter. now, of course, every store is different so a lot of variables can go into pricing. experts say due to supply chain issues some grocery stores just aren't sure when they'll get certain items in so coupons aren't as common as they used to be. experts suggest instead downloading your favorite grocery store app, there you can find specials and deals at your fingertips, guys. >> thank you, elwyn. we'll turn to our new series exploring hair loss and what causes it as we age and the treatment options available this morning we are looking into the growing phenomenon of people experiencing hair loss after covid. we're going to talk to dr. jen ashton in a moment about her own
8:13 am
hair loss but first take a look. while a battle with covid may include the loss of taste and smell one thing you may not expect to lose, your hair. it happened to 20-year-old malaka barlow months after a covid-19 diagnosis her thick, curly hair starting coming right out of her head leaving her brush looking like this and her hair flat and lifeless. >> as the hair is falling out i'm crying in the shower and like yelling at my hair basically being like stop falling out. she began searching for answers. >> i stumbled on facebook somebody talking about losing their hair from covid, and i was like oh, my goodness, this matches all my symptoms. >> reporter: some doctors seeking an uptick in the phenomenon known as telogen effluvium where fever or illness causes hair shedding. recent studies showing that 24 to 35% of patients covid had
8:14 am
associated hair loss. >> the hair loss happened a few weeks to months after someone has contracted covid-19 and essentially the hair's prematurely get shifted into a shedding phase. >> alyssa milano sharing this. on instagram at the start of the pandemic. >> there is no hair, one brushing. this is my hair loss from covid-19. covid doesn't cause it in everyone and good news, the hair returns to normal on its own but you may have to wait six months to a year. to prevent the hair loss it is recommended to eat a balanced diet, taking multivitamins, keeping stress to a minimum and in some cases medications can help. >> it's to minimize stressing about the hair and know it will come back. >> if you're dealing with it i really say you're not alone and that your beauty is not defined in your hair and that it will get better. >> joining us now is abc news chif chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton. dr. jen, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> dermatologists know why this
8:15 am
is happening? >> there's actually a lot in the literature in this with respect to covid and their thinking, two theories, in fla place and maybe an auto-immune phenomenon that causes it to attack the hair follicle, and so you have a mixed picture, and in some cases, over 10% of women can have an accelerated female pattern hair loss, so you get this constellation of different phenomenon all resulting in thinning hair or hair loss, it can be very distressing. >> i know speaking of distressing you've been sharing it behind the scenes but also publicly about your own battle with hair loss due to a combination of factors. >> yeah, and i think the key is, you know, i went and saw my dermatologist to find out what was behind my hair loss thinning hair. i actually had more breakage than losing patches but to be clear people can have more than one thing going on at a time so it can be age, covid. it could be styling damage or coloring damage or hair extensions causing alopecia. diet.
8:16 am
the key finding out what factors are going on with you so that then you can go on an all out attack and really try to, you know, make it better. >> with what are the treatment options out there? >> listen, i'm literally doing everything. i think that's generally what a lot of people do because of that sense of desperation but the first thing is rest your hair from styling, from color processing, that is massively important. hairstylists and dermatologists will tell you that alike. there are a few over-the-counter oral hair supplements that largely contain multivitamins buy biotin, that can really help. hair extensions, this ponytail is in hidden crown. they can be helpful from people. for me it was increasing protein in my diet since i went vegetarian than scalp injections which are experimental. i have tried them and i saw a huge result. it does take months, they are expensive. they're generally not covered by insurance. but for some types of hair loss you can see the before and after takes about four to six months but that can be really helpful
8:17 am
as well. >> all right, dr. jen, thank you, as always. later this week we are going to look at how diet and styling as we heard her mention affect hair loss so stay tuned for that. scan the qr code for more on tips and treatments on our website, t.j. >> robes, we go from hair health to gut health. one of the latest popular health trends out there, the use of digestive bitters to promote, yes, gut health. erielle reshef explaining the benefits and the risks and please just educate us all. >> good morning to you. so for centuries digestive bitters have been popular and social media is drinking them up. doctors say there can be benefits, but before you try out the trend, using a dash or a drop of caution. it's the latest health craze crisscrossing social media. >> all right, so i felt inclined to record my first digestive bitters tincture. >> reporter: extracts or
8:18 am
tinctures made from herbs have been long used in chinese medicine as herbal therapy to help allergies and digestion issues. >> they'll be your new best friend. >> reporter: now they're surging in popularity among millennials and gen-z touted for boosting gut health and busting bloat. >> bitter compounds stimulate your digestive juices and activate saliva and increase your pancreatic enzymes that support digestion. >> before a meal and so -- >> reporter: they can be used by directly consuming a couple of drops or can be mixed into beverages before meals. but they aren't for everyone. many contain alcohol and doctors say they can interfere with certain medications or worsen existing conditions like diabetes and kidney stones and they're not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing. >> if you are pregnant, if you are breast-feeding, if you are
8:19 am
getting over an alcoholic disorder, if you are on certain medications, you should definitely avoid the bitters. you can go to natural foods which don't contain alcohol and you can make simple teas, you can cook with foods like ginger and apple cider vinegar and get that bitter taste and the digestive benefits as well. >> there is some developing medical research about bitters and how they may impact the body's digestive system but still not conclusive. before adding them to your diet check with your doctor. experts say there are different alternatives if you want to aid your digestion, cranberries, kale and yes, even brussel sprouts. i was talking to dr. jen about this. every body is different. and so we should use everything in moderation. >> which do you prefer? >> i'll do a roasted brussel. >> appreciate you. ginger? >> i'll go with brussel sprouts as well. i'll do that shaved salad raw.
8:20 am
plenty to be said about rain on your wedding day. what about a giant wave. look at this video checking it out, big high surf because there was a hurricane at one point then a tropical storm, whoa. the surf comes over the wall, right into the wedding party. thankfully nobody was injured but the cake didn't make it. so not great for the cake side. now, that, of course, shows you, they had 24 feet of waves forecast but here in the northeast, we'll want to get into the ocean probably because it'll be so hot by wednesday, hartford looking for a high lis. waking up to sunny skies here in san francisco. fog has been patchy. we are stuck in this weather pattern with our afternoon sea breeze. hot temperatures inland and gradual cooling through the end of the workweek. upper 70's in hayward.
8:21 am
it is still warm in one country with some 90's. low to mid 90's it is "pop news." hey, lara. >> we'll begin this morning with julia roberts, the oscar winner will be honored with the icon award by the academy of motion pictures museum at their gala this fall. roberts will be celebrated for her, quote, significant global cultural impact for her many beloved movies, four oscar nominations, and of course, one win. as for her next role, roberts reunites with her pal, george clooney for the comedy "ticket to paradise." in it the pair play exes who really don't get along but do agree their daughter's upcoming wedding is a bad idea and set out to sabotage it. aww. a feel good story. roberts receives her icon award at the museum's gala october 15th. "ticket to paradise" hits theaters october 21st. it is a funny idea. can't wait. love them.
8:22 am
also in the news, another oscar winner with a big surprise, lupita nyongo'o announcing at the naacp 113th convention in new york city, that students will receive scholarships. focusing on empowering women through literacy and education. she is a brand ambassador for lancome and credits her own education with her helping realize goals and dreams. grandbaby for the boss. bruce springsteen can add grandpa to his list of names thanks to the arrival of lily harper springsteen, so pretty. sharing the news on social media that son sam and kionte are proud parents of the baby girl. posting this picture welcoming their first grandchild to the world. 20-year-old sam is a firefighter in jersey city, new jersey. congratulations, guys. finally this morning, want you to watch this as chester the cocker spaniel goes nuts when his owner makes a fake phone call using some of his most
8:23 am
favorite words. take a look. >> so we've got nanny and granddad coming for dinner and we'll go to the beach and then maybe go off to the woods. and then we're going to go swimming. nanny -- >> chester's trigger words include dinner, beach, woods and, yes, swimming. his owner said he's very vocal and howls when he watched the video played back to him again. this is part of a tiktok trend happening where dog owners see how their dogs react to their favorite words. >> big surprise at dinner. >> for me it's treat and walk. [ laughter ] >> i don't know about you guys, not for me. my trigger words are not walk. anyway, that's "pop news," everybody. >> thank you, lara. coming up, the all-star cast of "dc league of super-pets." . "
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> let's get a look at traffic. >> let's take a look at the east shore freeway. we had a report of a stalled westbound. tough to see but traffic seems to be getting by. i do not see the stall. it is rather slow and you are in a lot of company, so give yourself a little extra time. not a bad commute on the 80 corridor, about 40 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. looking at the richmond sommerfeld bridge, typical backup. an earlier accident in petaluma cleared.
8:28 am
>> we
8:29 am
♪♪ i'm here for... your annual eye exam. because i'm having trouble... reading. exactly. they sort of make me feel... like i'm the most fabulous thing you've ever seen? exactly. i'll take 'em. ♪♪ >> happy monday. a lot of sunshine here. 58 downtown. 61, palo alto. mid-60's in the inland valleys. a little bit of fog. that sea breeze will be with us throughout the afternoon. 70 already in livermore. quick warm up for mid-90's and lynn. 79 in fremont.
8:30 am
we will cool off but it will take all week. >> we will have another abc7 update in about 30 minutes. you can find the latest on our news app and ♪ now we have a look ahead to welcome back to "gma3," to "gma" live from times square. ♪ now we have a look ahead to "dc league of super-pets." will reeve sat down with the cast including dwayne johnson, kevin hart, keanu reeves and vanessa bayer. good morning. >> reporter: did you know superman has a dog? it's part of d.c. cannon. his name is crypto and in this upcoming film that has something for everyone he is voiced by dwayne "the rock" johnson miion metropolis and has a super cast to help him out. >> i have an owner. he's superman. >> reporter: it's not a bird or a plane, it's superman's dog?
8:31 am
>> my dog is the best. >> reporter: soaring and barking its way into theaters later this month is "dc league of super-pets." crypto recruiting a ragtag bunch of rescues. >> excellent shielding. >> that seemed incredibly painful. >> reporter: all using their special powers to save othe justice league. >> my best friend is in danger and you have to help me. >> we're just a bunch of shelter pets. >> to me the league of super-pets is like, why haven't they done that before? >> all the things done in hollywood, this idea you take the superhero genre and the d.c. justice league, who would their pets be? it's a great idea. >> it is one of those things you do ask yourself why has this not been done, right? >> what the heck. >> that can't be sanitary. >> seems so simple.
8:32 am
so easy but nobody has cracked the code until now. when you have the opportunity to take that idea and be a part of, you know, the cast of characters that can amplify and bring it to life, it's a big deal. >> stronger than you think. >> reporter: the movie is full of laughs and high jinx courtesy of the all-star cast. >> i lick myself all the time. >> that explains the breath. >> reporter: dwayne is crypto. kevin hart is ace, and they're joined by john krasinski and vanessa bayer, diego luna and the one, the only, key yanu ree. >> is that how you got the role, did you say you called d.j. and -- >> yeah, that's basically -- >> is that how you remember it? >> when i got the call that keanu was really interested in this and that's always a challenge of animated movies and bringing characters to life, man, he's been very humble but his batman and his batman voice. >> i am the batman. >> it's iconic. >> amazing. >> iconic. >> agree. >> very funny. >> thank you, thank you. >> i had worked with vanessa
8:33 am
before multiple times on "saturday night live" so obviously very talented. kevin, big fan of him and his beverly hills cop movies. >> i've never done beverly hills cop. that's eddie murphy. >> that's right, that's right. >> oh. >> humor is the driving force for all the actors. vanessa bayer says she used her love for her favorite superhero to give voice to her character pb. >> i didn't see anything. >> the script was so funny, it was really great and then jared stern who directed it let me improvise and i was really going off how into wonder woman i was and i was able to sort of riff and riff and riff about, you know, kind of nonsense. they would just let us sort of play around. >> keanu, are you the best batman ever? >> no. >> that better be a licensed toy or i will freak out. >> where do you rank yourself in batman. >> i think batman is batman and anyone who gets to play batman falls under the batmans, and really, you can have your own personal batman, but someone is going to have their own personal
8:34 am
batman, so you can't really be the best batman. >> wow. >> oh. >> i am the batman. >> it really is such a fun and laugh out loud funny movie. that dynamic between dwayne "the rock" johnson and kevin hart on display in that interview shines through in the movie and the whole cast just nails it. there's something in this for everyone and "dc league of super-pets" hits theaters on july 29th. i hope you guys understood where keanu stands on the batman ranking. >> it's like an equation. [ laughter ] thanks, will. coming up we have a conversation with the stars of on
8:35 am
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we are back with my favorite new show called "the we are back with my favorite new show called "the bear" and i'm not the only one who likes it. it has 100% certified fresh rating on rotten tomatoes and eva pilgrim talked to two of the stars. >> it is so, so good. this show is intense. it takes us inside the kitchen, the characters are complicated and people are hooked because the drama is fire. >> i have every intention of turning this into an efficient respectable place of business run by adults. >> on the new show "the bear," james beard award winning chef carmy leaves behind the high pressure world of fine dining to jump into another pressure cooker. his family's sandwich shop in
8:38 am
chicago. >> here you go. >> reporter: he takes over the kitchen following the tragic death of his brother. >> don't wipe your hands on your apron, chef. >> chef? >> it's fun to call everybody chef. >> did you call everyone chef? >> there's a lot of chef talk going around. >> yeah. >> watch your back. >> reporter: all the ingredients of the show, comedy, drama, intensity proving to be a recipe for success. >> i mean i knew while we were making the show that it was really good. but i think it's impossible to predict exactly how people are going to react and it's been overwhelming for sure. >> good overwhelming but definitely overwhelming. >> why did you do that? >> because your resume is excellent and this place is not. >> reporter: we sat down with jeremy allen white and ayo edebiri who plays sydney at the james beard house in new york city to talk about the show making them the breakout stars of summer. when you saw the script what made you want to do this show? >> i think, i mean the world was so fascinating to me, and then
8:39 am
carmy, my heart really broke for him instantly because he had just gone through this incredibly traumatic thing, he's coming home, he doesn't have much of an identity outside of his profession, and it allowed me to play him consistently with high, high, stakes. because he's always moving forward. he's always thinking about the next thing and that seemed like an exciting thing to play, i guess, as an actor. >> either one of you chefs or cooks before this? >> i, a little bit. >> i, a little bit. jeremy, none at all. >> like not at all? >> i can make scrambled eggs, toast, that kind of thing but that was really it. so i was learning everything and it was overwhelming. >> reporter: the actors training with renown chefs in real kitchens. seeing, you i see you as the characters, and i thought you could cook. >> asked for a 12-course tasting
8:40 am
menu. >> i have a couple of things i can do now that i think are good. but i want to keep learning. i mean i really love it. >> i feel like have knowledge now not just like feeling or things i like, i think my knife safety is definitely much better than it was before. i've been corrected many, many times on how to hold a knife. i think i feel safer cooking for myself as well. >> are people asking you to like cook for them a lot? >> for dinner parties. >> yes. >> this is impressive. >> i would like a dinner party. i will warn you, guys, okay, if you haven't seen this i was going to watch like one episode casually, i ended up binging all of them. >> wow. >> because it's so intense and they're snack size, like 30 minutes. next thing you know you're through the whole thing. you can stream all eight episodes of "the bear" on hulu now and fx announced it has been picked up for season 2. >> same thing happened. ali went through all eight, i'm up to four. she races ahead of me. it's really good. >> filmed in an actual kitchen
8:41 am
so that's part of why it feels so intense. >> and it moves fast. >> yep. >> let's go to ginger. >> sold. >> i'm sold too. by the way, ben does the same thing, races forward. it's like, wait. i got to catch up. he does it when i fall asleep. you know, i have to share with you in philadelphia this morning, it is muggy. we're in for a hot week. that is the earth cam there but look at the temperatures as we get to the midweek. these are actual air temperatures that will be in the mid to upper 90s for so many folks from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. also i got to tell you it is all-star week and major league baseball and tonight is the home run derby. the lineup filled with baseball's top long ball hitters, all eyes on the mets' pete alonso. will he win for the third year in a row? lisa: good monday morning. gorgeous view without patchy fog. later on this morning we are climbing through the 80's. it's going to be another warm
8:42 am
one inland with now to disability pride now to disability pride month and one movie theater is making an effort to be more inclusive with special movie nights. >> they adjusted everything from the sound to the smells to help those with sensory processing challenges enjoy the movies and our will reeve was there to check it out. hello again, will. >> reporter: a lot of the magic of movies lies in the movie theater experience, but for some people with sensory issues, a night at the movies can be overwhelming. so disney along with some advocacy groups put together a program to make movies inclusive of and magical for everyone. a night out at the movies is a delight to the senses. but for many with sensory processing challenges movie theaters can be overwhelming. >> everybody with a disability of some sort experiences sound and light and even senses like smell in different ways.
8:43 am
whatever causes a sensory overload for me might not cause a sensory overload for somebody else. >> reporter: los angeles's el capitan theater hosted special sensory inclusive screenings of every new disney movie. sean culkin is on the autism spectrum and helped design the experience. >> we have sounds turned down for specific viewing so that it limits the risk of it and sensory overload occurring during the movie, and we have certain spaces that we can bring individuals to help them re-collect themselves. >> popcorn is an essential part but for people with sensory issues, the smells and sounds of popping kernels can cause issues so here at el capitan they prepopped it for this special screening. lisette bartilomy whose son is on the autism spectrum says social empathy makes a big difference for the family. >> going to a movie theater, we
8:44 am
don't do that very often because there are types where we know he's probably going to have a meltdown. >> reporter: she took her family to the first sensory inclusive screening of "lightyear." >> our first test flight is a go. >> he didn't watch the whole thing but he was able to experience it. i was actually watching my son and just kind of the face and the joy on his face. >> reporter: kate is on the autism spectrum and saw "thor" in the theater. >> let me tell you the story of the space viking. >> with the people you were sitting around, what did they have to say about their experience? >> everyone seemed to really like it. they were able to enjoy the film without being overwhelmed. >> reporter: so this was an amazing experience. the reviews were resoundingly positive from everyone coming out of the theater and the main take-away, is that this was not an other movie experience. it was perfect for everyone and it was inclusive so disney plans to extend this program beyond disability month because it really is so special for everyone. movies should be for everyone and at el cap that night they were.
8:45 am
guys. >> all right, and that is wonderful to see. will, thank you so much. up next right here on "gma," a performance by country music star russell dickerson and jake scott. stay with us.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ we are so excited. back now with a ve ♪ ♪ we are so excited. back now with a very special performance from country star russell dickerson. so happy to see you. by the way his second album "southern symphony" boasted four number ones on the billboard country charts about to perform his single live with us. first, we wanted to chat with you. congratulations. i want to brag on you. your new single "she likes it" is already certified gold. >> crazy. >> that's a big deal. >> crazy. >> you wrapped a tour with your fellow country star, what's his name, oh, tim mcgraw. >> oh, that guy. >> what was that like and how did the fans react? >> for me that was a bucket list
8:48 am
tour to be on, to be a part of such a legendary artist tour. that was my number one tour to be on for my entire career. >> well, don't hang it up yet. >> the best summer of my life. >> fantastic and seems like fans thought so too. also want to talk to you about you had a very special roadie, your son. >> yeah. >> remington went along. >> remington, rem dog. >> the rem dog. >> there he is. look at him. yeah, so we got to play basketball on the road. you just kind of -- >> you make time. that's fantastic. was it nice having him there. >> amazing. >> keep grounded. >> number one goal is to keep the family together. >> a great goal to have. one more picture. do we have that picture of your favorite shoes? can we get in on those? so the croc is becoming quite a trend. you're taking it to the next level. those are camo. you say you love a good dad shoe. >> i love a good dad shoe, a monarch, nike dad shoe or the crocs. always been a spokesperson for the crocs. >> keeping it real. my son says they're the most comfortable shoes.
8:49 am
>> absolutely. >> keep that trend going. >> everybody, here's russell now, russell dickerson featuring jake scott with "she likes it." ♪ she likes it when i wear a suit ♪ ♪ pick her favorite movie ♪ ♪ when i open up when she's talking to me ♪ ♪ when i go get groceries and i bring back flowers ♪ ♪ and i rub her back for like half an hour ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, she likes it when i, ooh, ooh, ooh, she likes it when i ♪ ♪ pour tequila 'cause she knows that we about to have ourselves a little night ♪ ♪ when i play john denver through that little bose speaker ♪ ♪ and i start dimming those lights ♪ ♪ she knows by the way that i'm kissing on her that we gone take our time ♪
8:50 am
♪ she likes it when i, she likes it when i ♪ ♪ she likes it when i when i leave her a note make us reservations ♪ ♪ just because that girl's for celebrating ♪ ♪ when i already know what she's thinking, she don't have to say it, yeah ♪ ♪ she likes it when i pour tequila 'cause she knows that ♪ ♪ we about to have ourselves a little night ♪ ♪ when i play john denver through that little bose speaker ♪ ♪ and i start dimming those lights ♪ ♪ she knows by the way that i'm kissing on her ♪ ♪ that we gone take our time she likes it when i ♪ ♪ she likes it when i she likes it when i ♪ >> go ahead. get up. let me see them dance moves, okay, okay. ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, she likes it
8:51 am
when i ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, i love it when we ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, she likes it when i ♪ ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh, she likes it when i pour tequila 'cause she knows that ♪ ♪ we about to have ourselves a little night ♪ ♪ when i play john denver through that little bose speaker ♪ ♪ and i start dimming those lights ♪ ♪ and she knows by the way that i'm kissing on her that we gone take our time ♪ ♪ she likes it when i, she likes it when i ♪
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>> announcer: this week, wake up with ryan gosling, katie holmes, dwayne johnson, kevin hart and the cast of "dc league of super-pets." all on america's favorite morning show -- >> all: good morning, america. >> good idea. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great day. ♪ she likes it when i she likes it when i, mmm ♪ thanks for watching, everyone. have a great day. i she likes it when i, mmm ♪
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thanks to chase, angie's not sweating this text since there's zero overdraft fees if she overdraws by 50 bucks or less. and, kyle, well, he's keeping calm with another day to adjust his balance if he overdraws by more than $50.
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overdraft assist from chase. make more of what's yours. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good morning. let's get a check on traffic. >> going over to berkeley, we have circled an accident that has been cleared out of the left lane -- pardon me, the right lane over to the right hand shoulder. traffic is stacking up now on westbound 80 past san pablo dam road. an accident near camden backed up to 87. >> sunny monday morning. upper elevations are warm and dry, 63 in palo alto. from the city here, temperatures are cool, upper 50's. around average in the mid-60's today. inland ready in the 70's.
9:00 am
a quick warm up and hot day today, mid-90's for antioch. 73, oakland. >> we will be back at 11:00. our reporting continues on our ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, the host of watch what happens live, he declared. plus from the hit series "stranger things" come joe keery. and healthy summertime food slots. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ ♪ >> ryan: thank you for the hoot and holler. good morning, good morning.


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