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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 9, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. anchor: a 57-hour two-lane closure for emergency repairs causes issues for drivers. good evening. and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lin. north of the golden gate bridge from the robin williams tunnel to rodeo. here's a look. you can see that backup already, that right side of your screen showing the traffic head headino marin county. tell me you are not going live from the truck because you are stuck in traffic.
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reporter: you got it. oh, the headaches dion. it might be a good way to find another way to get there. we have seen traffic delays north bound all day long here ton golden gate bridge. right now certainly no exce exception. we expect to be hitting the brakes into salslido. today, a lot of folks were simply caught off guard. >> i literally just got off the plane right now and i was met by traffic. reporter: he made his first stop san francisco. bad timing because this is what he found, a major traffic headache. cars slowly inching their way across the span. >> you guys are going to try to drive across the bridge? >> no, i'm not even going to do that. reporter: the repairs happening
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in salsalido. it will be closed from the robin williams tunnel to the rodeo off ramp. >> we're having wonderful weather in the bay area here. and it's important that we can be able to address the concerns that affect commuters. >> caltrans says expect big backups through monday morning. >> they're saying about an hour delay to get north bound. it's going to jam up san francisco city streets as well. here's our time lapse across the golden gate bridge. we found basic gridlock. looks easy enough here. but in real-time it took about 30 minutes and we weren't alone. >> how long did it take you to get across the bridge? >> 38 minutes. >> halib mohammed got stuck at that time visitor center. he's warning his passengers about making the trip. >> if they want to come, i let them know there will be traffic. if you have any other appointment, you'll be late.
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reporter: yeah, you will be late. we expect to be stuck in traffic for quite a long time. c.h.p. telling drivers to expect delays through monday morning. that's when the repair project is scheduled to be finished. if you want to avoid the traffic, san rafael bridge might be your best bet. we're live in san francisco on the bridge. co rnell bernard. dion: you and your photographer, brave individuals for trying this. thanks. the contra costa fire is monitoring an area in the pittsburgh waterfront area that flared up friday evening it is located in an inaccessible and uninhabited area the fire is visible from areas of the east bay. they're waiting for the vegetation fire to burn itself
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out. cal fire will assist with air resources. emergency crews are asking the public not to call 911 for this specific fire. developing news from yosemite where firefighters are mounting an aggressive front. the two-day old washburn fire has burned around 1200 acres and there is no containment. a visitor to bass lake which is located south of the fire in madera county took this time lapse video off the big smoke of plume from the air. an evacuation order is in place in wowona. the mariposa grove where some 500 giant sequoias, that is under threat the park's surround southern entrance has also been shut down. a new tool that might one day save your life in the event of a wildfire is now online. check it out, this map tracks active major wildfires burn eight cross the country. and that includes the washburn fire burning in yosemite.
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it's many months in the making by the western fire chief's association and uses real-time 911 call and tracking data to map big fires. users then have the ability to know how close the danger is. >> designed to be used with our mobile devices and a minimum amount of data so it loads fast. you know, especially if you're in a rural area, you might not have as much bandwidth. much better. dion: with the wildfire threat so high across the western u.s. that technology is advancing at record speed. he says it gives the public and front line firefighters better information about these emergencies. and you can see all wildfires in california at glance by using on our line interactive wildfire tracker. you can find the link at ab
5:06 pm funerals are building held for the highland park victims. >> a devastated community now saying their good-byes to the seven victims of the shooting rampage at the july 4th parade in highland park, illinois. on saturday, a memorial was held for 69 year-old eduardo waldo who loved attending the parade each year with his family. >> he was just the perfect father, perfect grandfather, perfect great grandfather. >> on friday, friends and family gathered to remember nicholas toledo, a duel citizen he would travel to spend summers with his family. and steve strauss who was 88 years old was still working. >> today, i want to remember not the way my dad died but rather how he lived. and i'm thrilled to say that i have so many fond member memories of my dad. too many to list.
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>> leo sunheim spoke of her mother, a pre-school teacher. >> i'm overwhelmed with profound sadness that she won't be holding my hand that i have yet to complete. reporter: now faced with a difficult recovery including cooper roberts paralyzed from the waist down but awake and off the ventilator. his mother also shot, his twin brother wounded by shrapnel and aiden mccartney, both his parents killed. his family now consulting mental health professionals for advice on how to tell him his parents are gone. the alleged shooter facing seven counts of first degree blurt the suspect could face dozens of additional charges one for each bullet fired and one for each person injured. he's due back in court july 28th. dion: the body of shinzo abe is
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now in tokyo ahead of a funeral. the former prime minister assasinated as he delivered a campaign speech. elections in the country will still take place tomorrow. a wake will be held monday with a memorial service on tuesday the consulate general of japan in san francisco is setting up a book of condolence and it is open for the public to sign it will be available from 10 too many 4:00 p.m. monday and tuesday. the consulate is at the exact address you see there on your screen. several muni bus routes returned for the first time since the pandemic. that is for the 2100 hays roots route. several other lines are being restored to their full prepandemic routes, while other
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buss will see increased frequency. coming up, thousands of abortion rights advocates march in washington. next, they want president biden to take more action. and a sweet pop-up from ayesha curry. she brings her brand-new and brand tea
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty and help californians that are hurting the most.
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die on: protestors swarm the president's residence an office over the economic crisis the prime minister' home was broken into and set on fire. it's not clear if either of the men were home at the time.
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both the prime minister and president plan to resign in the coming days. sri lanka has been protesting for months as many have been struggling with fuel and medicine. protestors want president biden to declare a state of emergency as more states have stopped abortions. >> we didn't start this fight. we did not ask for this moment. but guess what? we're ready anyway. >> marching to the white house demanding that the biden administration ticktocks protect abortion rights. on friday the president signed an executive order that expands access to medication abortion, emergency contraception, safeguards patient's privacy, and out of state patients and to
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protect the right to travel out of state for abortions. but some say that's not enough. >> i don't in the president is doing enough. i think that we as americans have to stand up and protest. and then the government will fall in line with that. >> in the two weeks since the supreme court decision that overturned roe v. wade 14 states have stopped all abortion services. louisiana the latest where a temporary restraining order blocking, banning abortions for now. >> we certainly intend to continue to defend the laws of the state and to enforce those laws. >> lilian newton is a paetsch advocate at new hope medical in sh arrive port. >> we are still fighting this. we will be here as long as we possibly be can be to answer questions. >> abortion rights advocates are hoping for a successful legal challenge. the court delay because of a trance fehr to another jurisdiction.
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dion: ayesh curry is bringing her sweet july brand to the iconic palace hotel. she has created a pop-up shop at that time historic hotel. it they will serve special menu items hand-picked by mrs. curry. it will be filled for women and black owned businesses. the names sweet july was inspired by her children's birth month and wedding anniversary. >> it's the biggest month in a month month where we're so full of gratitude and excitement and gratefulness. it's an ethso and a mantra to find those sweet moments into your life. dion: i'm going to try that with dessert tonight. sweet july will provide the experience through open table. live music brings out neighbors in oakland's rock district. >> i'm going to tell you about
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the neat july in my accuweather
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dion: getting a check of the weather. yeah, we hope it's going the be a sweet july the temperatures are going up. >> they are going up. we'll get the heat in july. let's take a lack at our current wind speeds at that time surface. it's pretty breezy outside with gusts to 26 miles per hour at s.f.o. not terribly gusty. not in the danger zone. but it's a windy day. and also a mainly sunny day looking at the 24-hour temperature change. you can see no major changes. up a degree here, down a degree here. palo alto a four-degree change, that's the biggs change in the last 24 hours. san francisco from sutro tower, we had some fog interfering with
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the view, but now, it's a clear view. 63 in the city. 67 across the bay. mid to upper # 0's. palo alto, san jose in santa clara and 61 at half moon bay. we show you the fog stack up along the coastline about to move on shore. 81 in santa rosa peta looma. napa 76. we have mid to upper 80's. # 0 degrees at liver moore. and the view from our roof top camera looking across the embarcadero. these are our forecast features. we'll see the fog during the inland hours. there might be a spotty drizzle along the coast. big two-way warm-up. highs and temperatures will range from mid 90's to near 100 during that two-day span. for tonight, a venting expanding low clouds fog not only across the bay but locally inland. and as i mentioned some spotty drizzle and perhaps the bayshoreline as well. as we go through the morning
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hours, we'll see the fog burning back quickly. there's going to be a rapid warm-up as temperatures are going to sore. before i goat that, take ago look at overnight lows, mainly mid to upper 50's. it's going to be mild and uncomfortably mild in some spots. look for that drizzle near the coastline. maybe a few damp spots in the roadways. highs, tomorrow upper 60's. # 4 in san francisco. right along the bayshore line low to mid 80's a warm day for bayshore locations and east bay will see highs in the mid 90's. low to mid 90's. down in the south bay warm but not hot. 88 degrees in san jose to 82 in morgan hill. here's the accuweather. so we have two days of inland heat coming our way tomorrow and monday. cooler pattern on monday. the temperature range won't change much. then on thursday and friday we see gradual warming beginning again. by next saturday we'll be back
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for average for this time of the year. dion. dion: chris alvarez joining was a preview of sports this. weather makes me feel like it is baseball season. chris: it's baseball season. coming up, the a's a unique victory this afternoon. and take me back to tahoe. day two of the celebrity challenge. find out with stephen curry sits, dance his way on the leader board. big highlights coming up in sports. a jelly bean that's good for you?
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and protect tribal sovereignty announcer: now, abc7 sports with
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chris alvarez. chris: another beautiful day on the shores of lake tahoe. day two of the american century celebrity open. the stars were shine as beautiful as that blue water. stephen occur y showing off his dance moves. he can really do it awe. he hold out on 13. today, can steph do it again? look how close he got. just that close. steph was stunned. thought he had it. justin timberlake was like what's wrong with you, steph. nothing really. steph gets the basketball. stepback splash. and then night, night. and he's playing wide receiver for quarterback packer star aaron rodgers. and of course, we know steph. nice deep post. rodgers, that's a touchdown. curry having the time of his life. as for the golf on 1, curry for a birdie, and this. just slides on by. he drives in far 20.
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trails his dad dell. remember the losers jump into the lake between he and his brothers. there was no way charles barkley finished in the top 70. chuck now tied for 73 rdgoing to the final round. your leader, mark mulder, the three-time winner of the tournament. birdie attempt on 17. this -- oh, hits -- yeah, mulder has 45 points and has a three-point lead over marty fish. good stuff in tahoe. giants and padres entering play. giants have lost 14-18 in the process. they dropped to 41, 41. overall it's now 1-1 in the fourth. we'll have an update at 6:00. a's and astros, struggling. bases loaded for seth brown. swinging bunt. sean murphy avoids a track. they're down a run. very next pitch. ball rick schayes on martin maldonado. elvis andrus scores. just like that, we're all tied this. pitch gets away again.
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it's like little league baseball. stephen piscotty scores. dusty baker in shock. he would get ejected later on. a's win 3-2. they secure their first win over houston. wimbledon, ladies, elena ry rybakina jabeur taken the first set. the tunisia trying to become the first arab or african woman to win. but rybakina taken the -- taken the next two set. she was born in moscow but represents kazakhstan. caused some controversy because all russian players were banned because of the war in ukraine. but she is the champion there. as i mentioned, they tahoe if you haven't been ever go to the golf tournament. i was happy to go. i went as a fan yesterday. one of the best events. it's so much fun. lighthearted and the weather, it looks fake.
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it's actually real. dion: i'm surprised you didn't go live from tahoe. maybe next time. chris: maybe next time. dion: thanks. family fun in oakland. family fun in oakland. shopping, music and art at this this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo. as a pro, floor and decor is my go-to to get it all. tile, wood, stone, installation materials, tools — they've got it all. and, they've got my back. at floor and decor, with pro benefits and services, we've got you covered. discover floor and decor today!
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fire tv, and roku. just search the abc7 bay area and download it for free. check it out. yesterday, san francisco's headline comedians performed in thrive city the event live at thrive city kicked off with comedic and musical performances testimony performances not only provided some laughs but a beer garden and held food events for patrons. and to the east bay where oakland's rocking stroll event is in full swing. bay area residents enjoyed the stroll filled with live music, local vendors and activities for the whole family the outdoor event is free for everyone of all ages. you can expect to see live performances from musicians of different generas, everything from bluegrass to contemporary pop the event takes place every second saturday of the month through the end of the year. you'll have plenty of time to check it out that's all the time we have for
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this edition of abc7 news at 5:00. i'm dion lim. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, protesters by the thousands descend on washington, d.c., demanding the protection of tonight, protesters by the thousands descend on washington, d.c., demanding the protection of abortion rights. two week after the supreme court's bombshell decision overturning roe v. wade. protesters swarming outside the white house. some of president biden's supporters believe his new executive order does not go far enough. while one anti-abortion rights group calls the president's action tragic. mississippi closing the clinic at the center of the supreme court ruling. and pennsylvania could soon be putting abortion rights on the ballot. at least 14 states now ceasing nearly all abortions. overseas tonight, japan now a nation consumed by grief. the body of former prime minster shinzo abe, assassinated while giving a campaign speech, returned to tokyo. his wife traveling with him. a 90-member task force n


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