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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 9, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning good morning, america. it's our second hour. we're on the ground in japan as the world mourns. the very latest on the assassination of former prime minister shinzo abe. what police are saying and new details on what was recovered from the suspect's home. abortion battle. a near total ban taking effect in louisiana after a judge lifts a block of the ban as the white house takes action. president biden's executive order seeking to protect reproductive rights. what critics are saying about the move. surviving a media circus. the family of ron goldman speaking out 30 years after the trial of the century. what they're saying now about hollywood's true crime obsession.
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♪ can one man save the world ♪ solidarity through song. only on "gma," grammy nominee five for fighting opening up, standing with ukraine. >> it's not just a tribute song. it's a plea to the rest of us to support them. >> what it took to make a music video in a war zone. ♪ how will i know ♪ also this morning, future of the rom-com. >> you okay? >> catching up with the cast of hulu's psychic comedy, "maggie." >> it's fun. it's light. it's happy. hopefully people will find that it's a light for them. ♪ ooh, i'm blinded by the light ♪ stormin' norman, janai officially named weekend co-anchor. her journey from abc intern to the "gma" desk. >> she has the ability to light up a room with that contagious laugh. >> the thing i'm most excited about is i get to sit next to you as my friend. >> ready to celebrate as we say, good morning, america. ♪
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oh, what a morning here, janai. >> it is. kenneth moton is going to be so happy to see himself in there. >> good morning, america. so great to have you with us. the viewers never saw this coming. by the way. >> never. >> officially today we welcome janai norman to the anchor desk, co-anchor on weekend "gma" and, boy, janai, we've got some surprises for you. >> so excited but more than anything i'm so excited to get to wake up with you guys. you guys, every weekend now. >> absolutely. >> you were already waking up. >> i totally was. it's the same thing. >> part of the family and now it's official and we'll celebrate later on in the show. we have a busy morning. first we're getting to tokyo and the latest in the aftermath of the assassination of japan's former prime minister, shinzo abe. >> president biden ordering flags to be flown at half-staff, an honor reserved for the most important world figures or u.s. allies. the president signing a
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condolence book at the japanese ambassador's residence overnight and expressing his outrage and sadness to the current prime minister over the murder. and this as we learn new details about the suspect as the u.s. joins the people in japan in mourning their longest serving prime minister. abc's bob woodruff is back from tokyo with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, janai. you know, this investigation is starting to step up. early today police entered the accused killer's house and found a computer, types of explosives and similar homemade guns, all apparently made with metal pipes that are wrapped together with adhesive tape. now, former prime minister abe's family also the current prime minister kishida got phone calls from dozens of countries, including china and france, and, of course, president biden. what we do know is that the prime minister was shot in broad daylight friday while in the city of nara giving a campaign speech. he was airlifted out and found
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dead soon after that. the suspected shooter, 41-year-old tetsuya yamagami was quickly tackled by security. he's been charged with attempted murder. in fact, japanese police say that the suspect confessed that he committed the act as he had a grudge against a specific organization and believed that former prime minister abe was part of it. this is such a shock because this is not a country with guns and last year there were only about ten reported shootings. only one of those people actually died. whit? >> really a stunning case. bob woodruff for us, thank you. now to president biden looking to protect abortion rights with an executive order. abc's alex presha joins us with details. alex, good morning. >> reporter: hey, whit. president biden has faced pressure to protect abortion rights since that leaked supreme court draft hinted that the high court was poised to overturn roe. he signed this executive order, which expands access to medication abortion and emergency contraception. it safeguards patient privacy.
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it protects mobile clinics used to offer care to out-of-state patients and bolsters legal efforts to protect the rights to travel out of state for abortions. health and human services secretary xavier becerra has 30 days to develop a game plan. the white house says this is just a step in their process, but some abortion rights advocates say it should have come sooner and doesn't do enough. anti-abortion rights activists say it won't change much to date. at least 14 states have nearly stopped all abortion services and while he's announced his executive order president biden has made it clear that his powers are limited saying the fastest way to protect abortion rights is to pass a federal law codifying roe. he's urging americans to make it a voting issue in november. speaking of voting issues, abortion rights could soon be on the ballot in pennsylvania. there a republican proposal just passed this week which could add aprovision to the state constitution and jeopardize abortion rights there. it could be on the ballot as
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soon as this next spring. guys? >> all right, alex presha in washington. still coming up here in our "gma morning menu," the family of ron goldman speaking out about the trial of the century nearly 30 years later and surviving a media circus. also ahead here summer is heating up and we've got the "deals & steals" to keep you cool. and lara is in london serving up "pop news" grand slam from wimbledon. we'll be right back. ecause i kno be someone ♪ ♪ because i know hoo be someone ♪ what's going on? where's regina? hi, i'm ladonna. i invest in invesco qqq, a fund that gives me access to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq pre-rinsing your dishes? you could be using the wrong detergent.
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." we want to get right to our cover story. the family of ron gold man speaking out and what they're saying now about the o.j. simpson trial. phil lipof has the details. phil, good morning. >> good morning, janai. it's been almost three decades since the murders, that infamous white bronco chase and the trial that shocked and captivated the country.
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now comes a podcast from kim goldman, ron goldman's sister, about the case and others like it today from the perspective of the victim's family. 28 years ago the brutal murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman launched the trial of the century and turned o.j. simpson from famous to infamous. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: now ron goldman's sister and victim advocate releasing a new podcast, "the trial of the century with kim goldman." it will take an in-depth look at cases that rattle the world. speaking with "the hollywood reporter" kim and her father fred goldman provided an early glimpse into the series. according to kim, the podcast takes high-profile cases and talks to people directly impacted by mass media. kim says the series will examine private tragedy and the public eye and discuss the impact of being the subject of countless television shows, interviews and phone calls. and finally, how that all interferes with the ability to heal and recover and get justice, or not. the trial of the century will
8:11 am
introduce listeners to perspectives often overlooked in true crime narratives. fred goldman says there's a multitude of additional victims, family members, loved ones, friends, et cetera, that are affected by the crime and the victimization of someone. people seem to forget that everybody that's harmed has a family, has close people that are revictimized. kim describes how the narrative surrounding her brother's murder spiraled out of the family's control. it became so far removed from my brother and nicole and then the extensions of us that it became about the killer. simpson was found not guilty of murder but lost a civil case and owes the goldmans roughly $31 million. that number has increased by 10% a year. today that 30 million is roughly 90 million. but fred says he's never paid one single penny. how? kim says so all of his assets are protected by the homestead laws in florida, as well as his retirement funds and any of his pensions. everything was protected.
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on that point i interviewed o.j. simpson several times after he moved to florida back in '99/2000 and on one occasion he confirmed to me that is exactly why he moved to florida. he told me the more money he puts into his house, the less the goldmans can get from him. "the trial of the century with kim goldman" is available now. guys? >> fascinating to consider that now. phil, thank you. now to the power of music. grammy nominee five for fighting releasing an emotional tribute for the war in ukraine and performing in the war zone. tom soufi burridge has all the details. tom, good morning once again. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, whit. look at the engines on this beast of an aircraft, the largest in the world, it had six of them to transport up to 250 tons of cargo all around the world. the antonov an-225 has become a symbol for what russia's invasion is doing to ukraine and it's inspired an american singer. ♪ i'm more than a bird ♪
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♪ i'm more than a plane ♪ >> reporter: john ondrasik also known as five for fighting is the grammy-nominated artist behind the hit, "superman, it's not easy," a symbolic anthem after the tragedy of 9/11. now the musician is releasing a new music video that he says is a call to action to support freedom and ukraine. ♪ can one man save the world ♪ ♪ in a thousand years ♪ >> i think all of us were a bit stunned when the war started. it's not just a tribute song. it's a plea to the rest of us to support him. >> reporter: ondrasik traveling across the globe with his music, into the war zone with help from the rescue organization save our allies. >> a woman from save our allies called me and said, how would you like to play the song with the orchestra of ukraine? 48 hours later i'm in kyiv. >> reporter: reaching the antonov airport, home to the mriya. this is the "dream." it was the largest aircraft in
8:14 am
the world and carried vital supplies into the u.s. during the pandemic. look at it now. wrecked by russia's invasion. >> playing in front of the plane, i thought was the perfect location. >> reporter: recording the powerful anthem amidst the rubble alongside the ukrainian national orchestra. >> so we finished the song and it turns out it was one of the lead generals of ukraine. halfway through the song, the general takes out his phone and he starts filming the orchestra playing and that's when i lost it and in that moment i realized why we were there. ♪ can one man save the world ♪ >> reporter: well, there were tears for antonov when they cam down and saw what russian troops had done to the aircraft. we've seen classified evidence
8:15 am
this morning and can reveal that the project to rebuild that aircraft is already under way. imagine the antonov an-225, the largest aircraft in the world lifting off again. it would be a real boost for ukraine. whit >> it re so powerful to see that performance right there in the wreckage, okay, tom, for us, thank you so much. eva? time now for "deals & steals." ready to level up your wardrobe with the coolest summer fashion for the hottest summer months. point your cell phone camera at the qr code on the screen to start saving. tory johnson is here with us this morning. so many goodies. so colorful, so fun, and we'll start with coolibar and what i love about this, we were talking about this for baby but this is for all ages, men, women and kids, sun protected clothing so that fabric -- so you can go out -- think about any activity. if you're in the sun, no matter what you are doing and what is great is it's also got a cooling
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>> you can see, they have little ruffles. hence its name. >> these start at $9 and really good prices. next up, nurse mates. these are shoes that are for work, wellness. they just have thought about every single element of comfort, support, stability, from slip resistant outsoles to the orthotic insoles, everything to just make walking more comfortable and feel better. we've got them all, a huge assortment for 50% off and start at $45. >> some bling-bling over here. >> this is canvas. if you're in a wedding, attending a wedding, this is their wedding collection. it's also very summer chic. the pieces are able to -- they're versatile. you can go black tie depending on what you're wearing or certainly summer casual. like if you look at something like this -- >> it's adorable. >> it's adorable and can go either way and the price assortment on these is also pretty fabulous. because everything starts at $10. pearls are really trendy right now.
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to $26. so a good day to get a summer upgrade. >> and sparkly sneakers i'm loving. we partnered with all these companies. you can find each of the deals on our website, tory, thank you. always so good to have you on a saturday. now let's go over to greg dutra from our chicago tation wls with a check of the weather. hey, greg. hey, eva, what is the saying after the rain is the rainbow. well, check out this video. how about during the hail is a rainbow? definitely doesn't have the same ring to it but that is big sky country and they call it big sky country out in montana for a reason. we have severe weather possible in montana for today. storms will fire in northern idaho. they'll track through montana and north dakota. there's also a large area through the south where strong storms are possible. the good news, there's no targeted severe weather risk there. no enhanced or high risk but there you go. today from great falls all the way through bismarck, hail and high winds the main concern. through today a flooding threat in the south as a cold front in the south as a cold front
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>> good saturday morning. waking up to low clouds and fog in parts of the bay. it will allow for a cooler afternoon for everyone. gusty winds. and the coast, not much better than 60 degrees today. much warmer tomorrow into monday. especially inland, as much as 1g tides coming back into play tuesday and wednesday of next week. 71 today in oakland. 74 in fremont. 82 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast,. warmer for sunday. all right, it's time for "pop news" and let's head over to lara spencer in london. lara, i had to check the calendar. wait a minute. it's a weekend. what a treat. we get you from wimbledon. >> reporter: yes, i know. but i like the sound of that, lara from london. i could get used to that. i could also get used to reporting on wimbledon. this is just an amazing assignment, an amazing weekend to be here.
8:21 am
behind me the famous henman hill named for british tennis star tim henman. it is the spot to be on finals weekend and a really wonderful tradition here. folks who have tickets to the grounds but not for centre court can come and see the matches on huge screens on the sides of the stadium. they sit on the hill with a picnic. maybe a pimm's cup. i cannot confirm or deny if my producer kelly hagen and i did some "pop news" research on this tradition yesterday. but this morning, i am happy to report that wimbledon is bringing a little bit of the henman hill magic to the u.s. of a. they are calling it the hill in brooklyn set up at the brooklyn bridge park. 1,000 free tickets a day will be handed out this weekend for people to experience the magic of henman hill. the finals matches shown on huge screens. fans can enjoy some strawberries and cream, and, of course, champagne will be served. if it all takes off in new york, wimbledon is considering bringing this tradition to other cities around the u.s. in years to come.
8:22 am
i think that is a great idea. count me in. and another tradition at wimbledon, celebrities and royalty coming to watch the finals on the weekend in their summer chic wardrobe. the rule, you guys, for men, is suit and tie in the royal box and let me show you, nothing bohemian about rami malek's elegant attire despite the hot weather. he was here with his girlfriend lucy boynton, his co-star in movies and in life. she looks red carpet ready in that fabulous dress. i declare her best dressed here. love the white dress, the black bow. then guess who was sitting next to them? the duke of hastings himself. "bridgerton's" own rege-jean page, look at him, so handsome alongside his girlfriend, emily brown, and yes, we had a royal sighting. princess beatrice with her husband wearing the classic traditional panama hat, so cute. today we can confirm that the duchess of cambridge will be joining us here to watch the lady's final. very exciting, indeed. we will report all of that to
8:23 am
you. and finally, i would like to share with you something very exciting that's happening. it's not uncommon for tennis players to head south for the winter. this is a first. tennis legends john mcenroe and his brother patrick will go way, way south to compete against each other in the first ever tennis match on the south pole. the brothers will battle on february 17th through the 23rd next year to raise awareness for global warming in this most remote and amazing place. guests will travel in luxury in the ecofriendly expedition, and have the opportunity to dine and play with john and patrick. johnny mac tells me he can guarantee only one thing, that a mcenroe will definitely be the winner. >> all right. >> reporter: some smack talking. >> laura -- lara, thank you so much. we'll be right back. >> reporter: both have already told me.
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janai, our weekends just got janai, our weekends just got brighter with you at the desk with whit and eva. congratulations, janai. >> hey, janai, congratulations. that is such great news. you kill it for us every single day on "gma." i cannot wait to see what you do on the weekends. have fun. bye-bye. >> hello, janai. i say that like that, janai, because you're one of my favorite people around here. i'm so happy that you are now at the desk at "gma" weekends. and you know what, you deserve it but i say hello janai, because i said that to you one time and you let me know that, you don't know "seinfeld" because it was past -- it was my time, not your time. you always have the ability to make me feel old.
8:31 am
i just want you to know that as an old man, this old man is proud of you. >> aww! >> see you. >> that was great. >> yes. >> that's an example of what you mean to this team right there. >> it's also true. >> so sweet. i'm not going to cry. >> not yet. janai is a known crier so there might be tears later. >> i'm a cry baby. >> welcome back to "gma." we're celebrating this weekend, janai officially named co-anchor of "gma" weekend. [ applause ] >> wreoing taied.applause journey here to the anchor desk. it's an interesting journey. i think it's one that is inspirational for so many people. >> we went to the archives. >> look at that. >> baby janai there. >> you guys, yeah. i mean, you guys know when you start doing this job right out of college, like all the years caught on tv so we will get to that. >> there's plenty of evidence lots of news we are
8:32 am
following this morning. here are the other headlines we're following right now. the new york city department of health has asked new yorkers to put back on their masks while indoors or in crowded areas. that is due to a rise in new covid cases. a huge drug bust in san diego. take a look at this. more than 5,000 pounds of meth was found in two trucks. law enforcement saw the trucks entering the u.s. from mexico, then spotting the suspects unloading dozens of boxes of the drugs. steph curry is an nba finals mvp on the court, but now he's sinking shots on the greens at american century championship celebrity golf tournament. curry making a nearly 100-yard putt and then tapping into his that was really impressive. a new comedy series that could just be the future of rom-coms. "maggie" follows the character as she dates in los angeles as a psychic. what could go wrong? will carr recently caught up with the cast. check this out.
8:33 am
>> reporter: this new show "maggie," she questions her love life after she gets a glimpse of her romantic future. >> you okay? >> she makes too many assumptions and then, you know, she doesn't have the benefit of sort of the ignorance is bliss thing that most people have. >> reporter: rebecca rittenhouse plays maggie, a psychic surrounded by a cast of friends navigating l.a.'s dating scene through apps and social media. nichole sakura plays her best friend, louise. >> we had an episode where my character is, you know, trying to put herself out there dating in the world. the anxiety that we all deal with being on these apps trying to curate this perfect image of ourselves. it's so stressful. i can't think of how many times i've built scenarios in my head and that never actually happened. >> people tend to be obsessed with the future, and that can make you neglect being present >> yeah, that's a huge theme of our show.
8:34 am
>> reporter: maggie is blessed with the ability to see what happens down the road in people's lives. but when it comes to her own, especially after she crosses paths with ben played by david del rio, everything becomes a bit murky. >> rebecca, do you think you would want to have psychic powers like maggie? >> no. >> you wouldn't? >> no. >> okay. >> no. i mean, it's hard for her. i feel bad for my girl. >> reporter: shot during the pandemic the cast developed a tight bond and a light-hearted chemistry. >> maybe it was because we were in quarantine for so long before we shot the show and we were all just thirsty for human interaction, but also maybe we're a great group of people. >> yeah. >> one of those things that right before they say action, we're kind of continuing a small talk conversation that we're having and, yeah, i'll see you tonight, anyway, action. >> reporter: "maggie" is filled with laughs and life lessons and shows why predicting the future can come at a cost. >> living in the moment is a really big theme of our show. so it's just fun, it's light, it's happy.
8:35 am
i think it's really hard time in the world and hopefully people will find that it's a light for them. >> looks good. well, still coming up, "thor" already bringing the thunder to the box office. "binge this" is next. ♪ thunder, thunder, thunder ♪ it takes energy to take on the world.■ so whether you■re breaking a sweat, breaking down barriers, or breaking the laws of gravity, keep moving with the ultimate energy bar. we bake in delicious, wholesome ingredients, purposefully crafted with a blend of protein,■fat and carbs. because the more good you put in, the more great you get out. clif. baked in goodness. now introducing clif thins. a crispy, craveable 100-calorie snack.
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welcome back to "gma." welcome back to "gma." let's get right to -- [ air horn ] >> -- "binge this." entertainment journalist segun oduolowu is here with the latest and the greatest. segun, good morning. always great to have you. >> thank you for having me. it's great to be here. let's dive in if we're diving in. >> we'll kick things off, "thor," because a lot are wondering does the sequel bring the thunder. >> this isn't even a light drizzle. maybe chris hemsworth, you got oscar winners all over it, natalie portman, russell crowe, christian bale, oscar winner and, no, it doesn't. it's a little too campy. there is an homage to jean-claude van damme. i will not ruin the scene. i will just say that you have to be of a certain age to get it and i just don't feel like young kids are going to really appreciate the homage to
8:40 am
the '80s even with the graphics and guns n' roses music all throughout, but no. i like the dark original "thor," like the first one. this is a little too campy. it's going to do huge numbers. >> this is what i love about you. you bring the honesty, right? >> i'm the only one who is going to do that. everyone else will say, oh, my god, it's amazing. taika waititi, the director, i think he missed the boat on this one. >> okay, good to know. >> i'm a fan of all of them. i'm a fan, this just missed it. >> "stranger things" is out. my husband binged it all. is it good? >> it's good. it's really good. first of all it's been good for kate bush. like kate bush's music soared, metallica music soared. you know, "master of puppets" and kate bush's "running up the hill" all throughout "stranger things." it's good. the only thing to surprise you these kids look like they're our age. don't go ten years or however many years they went in between the different series. i'm looking at caleb mclaughlin
8:41 am
who plays lucas and i thought i was looking in a mirror. that brother looks as old as me. and you know, black don't crack but he looks super old in this thing. it's great. they're good. you can tell the camaraderie but, yeah, just don't -- >> finally, usher brought the heat to the public radio. >> yes, he did. usher's tiny desk is everything. like, i don't know if you can hear it in my voice, i was screaming. like i don't know how usher was singing with two leather chokers on, like he's got a leather choker on and singing people under the table. he's got his band looking like wakanda, all black everything. i'm loving it but he shows you what happens when an r&b artist takes care of their instrument. like he can really, really sing. he sings people under the table and it was the first tiny desk concert filmed in the last two years live. so you can actually see where you see the live audience and,
8:42 am
yeah, the whole thing is a meme. >> yes. >> you got to watch this one. >> that makes it more fun. >> yeah, it does. he's great like. again if you haven't seen his show in vegas, get tickets. okay. >> segun, thank you so much as always we appreciate it. all out of time on this one. we have to get a check of the weather. greg dutra is in brooklyn with more. greg, good morning. >> reporter: you guys sent lara to london and you sent me to brooklyn to cover wimbledon. you can tell the pecking order. it's cool. this is so neat. so they have a replica set up of the hill they have out there for a watch party. we got the big screen up just like they do out at wimbledon to watch the action and that's what folks are doing on a beautiful day in new york. but let's take a look a little bit away from new york. this is the skyline not too far away. seaside heights in new jersey. the front is through and you can see the drier air and that is going to be beautiful for today and into the weekend. expect temperatures along the beach to be in the 80s when you beach to be in the 80s when you
8:43 am
lisa: good saturday morning. gray skies here in san francisco. mid 60's today. on the breezy tied downtown. look for mid 70's around heyward and fremont with cooler, low to mid 80's inland this afternoon. >> reporter: so tomorrow is >> reporter: so tomorrow is national kitten day, but today it's caturday. so we had to do it today and we are celebrating along with the aspca in new york, a big milestone. i want you to take a look at this picture. this is zanzibar, the 10,000th kitten the nursery has taken care of since opening in 2014. if you want to adopt a kitten check out for more info. zanzibar, guys. >> aww. >> reporter: a huge fan of the country or maybe just a big fan of tenacious d lyrics, i don't know. >> also, the cat was just cute. coming up, janai's journey to the "gma" weekend anchor desk. oh, yeah, we got all the old
8:44 am
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♪ celebrate g hi, janai. your former "world news now" america this morning co-anchor here, my friend, my sister, you are such a beautiful representation, your family is everything, an alleged introvert who shines so brightly taking obstacles and challenges head on. you and those curls are a superb talent. eva, whit, janai doesn't mind eating on air. shade is a hobby and she has cat-like reflexes especially when she's pregnant. >> oh, i'm sorry, i got kicked and i thought you poked me. i was ready to swat you. i'm so sorry. >> oh, my god. >> my sis is also fun, fabulous and an incredible journalist. congratulations, janai. this is your moment.
8:48 am
well deserved. love you. >> aww. >> i love you guys playing in the background. >> i was just watching the two of you. >> it was like a sizzle reel. >> that is so funny. thank you, kenneth moton who is -- like he said, he's family. he is family, yes. >> he is definitely our brother for sure. we are celebrating janai. she officially joins us as co-host here on "gma" weekend. >> we'll chat more in a bit. first let's take a look at janai's journey to how she got to the anchor desk. >> no tricks here, all treats. >> reporter: janai's journey to the "gma" weekend anchor desk began in 2011 when she first joined abc news as an intern. then launching her career in local news that took her to stations across the country from columbia, missouri, to tulsa and orlando. >> reporting live in midtown tulsa. >> broken arrow. >> shawnee. >> orange county. >> reporter: janai eventually landing back with the abc family. by 2018 she made her way here to the big apple taking a seat at the "world news now" and
8:49 am
"america this morning" desk. >> reporter: janai adding "gma" correspondent to her resume during the week before taking the reins of "pop news" on the weekends in 2019 as we launched our saturday's second hour. >> all right, time for "pop news." >> reporter: all while out front on breaking news coverage like the search for the brooklyn subway shooter. >> this is one of the subway stations, the center of the investigation. >> reporter: securing high-profile interviews along the way. >> what drew you to these iconic roles? >> that very thing. >> reporter: even snapping a memeable moment on the red carpet at the 2021 met gala. >> another person wrote, we love the support. >> reporter: janai has always used her platform to make a difference, especially for women of color including embracing her natural hair on camera. >> digging the hair. >> yes. >> i almost didn't put on a shower cap this morning because i wanted that hair. >> reporter: that moment taking over social media inspiring the #freethecurls. >> one mom messaged me and said every time my baby girl sees
8:50 am
you, she says, that's me mom. >> reporter: this year she is putting a spotlight on the maternal mortality crisis facing black women. >> dr. joya is a leading specialist on maternal mortality among black mothers. >> reporter: and going in-depth to break the stigma of mental illness sharing her own experience as a black woman in america. >> i do want to talk about how black women have helped lift me up in some of my hardest moments. >> janai, you felt like family for such a long time, it's nice to finally make this official. welcome to the team. >> janai is a dynamic storyteller who is dedicated. she's overflowing with passion and heart and warmth and she's just getting started. >> that clip of santa standing there. >> that was the perfect timing to bring santa in there. janai, we just -- on top of all that if we didn't mention you're a super mom and you've been grinding through this career and
8:51 am
getting to this moment while being an amazing mother and wife. of're just so thrilled to have >> we have one moragu. take a look. >> hey, everybody. it's dan harris. you might have forgotten me by now. i've been put out to pasture here in the suburbs. this is my son alexander. we want to say congratulations to janai. i remember the first time janai ever appeared on weekend "gma." it was her big break and she was walking onto the set early in the morning. she was pregnant with her first child blaze and comes sauntering onto the set with her belly in front of her eating cheetos, not a care in the world. i remember looking at her and thinking, i like this person. and ever since then, she has become a great colleague and a great friend, a great wife and a great mom and an incredible journalist. and i am so proud of you, janai, you deserve this promotion
8:52 am
richly and i know our viewers are going to love you as much as we all love you. anything to say? >> no. >> he doesn't have anything to say, but we love you. congratulations. we'll see you soon here at our house for a party. >> oh, man. thank you to alexander and bianca, thanks to dan too. i mean, you guys, it's -- there's so many things to say but i haven't -- it's so hard to come up with words. you guys, you know what a journey this has been and you always made me feel a part of the team from kyanna our old ep, sean now, dan and you guys have been here every step of the way, incredible friends, support systems. i've cried with all of you. i have laughed with all of you. >> yes. >> i mean you guys lift me up when i had hard times and i am just so thankful. when i was an intern and this is what i talk about, starting out on this journey, this is exactly
8:53 am
where i wanted to be. so it is unreal. it is such an honor. not too many people get to say good morning, america. so i look forward to spending the weekends not only continuing with you guys but with the viewers also. thank you to all of you who have reached out this week. >> well, we are thrilled to continue this journey with you and we'll have cheetos to celebrate. >> yes, we are. >> and some cupcakes. in the meantime, we'll get janai a few more tissues and we'll be right back with more after this.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
i also have to give a quick thank you to my husband. when i met him he said stick with me kid, i'll take you places. he was right, him and my kid. >> we love charlie too. and we love you. >> yes. >> love you guys. >> so happy to be doing this with you and thanks to you guys for watching. we'll see you right back here tomorrow. liz: good morning, everyone. i am liz kreutz. more options will be available in san francisco. the air bta is bringing back rows that were suspended in the pandemic. -- the nbta is bringing back
8:57 am
lines that were suspended in the pandemic. the program protecting tenants who could not pay rent during the pandemic is closed to applicants come about thousands of existing applications still have not been processed, either approved or denied. on top of a lawsuit now, virtually no applications were denied up until the deadline. now about one and three of them is rejected. the state ruling that they may be violating constitutional rights because they are not getting out of quit info into why they were denied. they will prevent other applicants from being denied until there is a review. lisa, let's get a check of the forecast. happy saturday and good morning to you. lisa: good morning. about three or four degrees cooler in san jose, where it is nice and sunny right now. 58 downtown, 54 in san jose, and looking at the cloudy airport
8:58 am
here, where the marine layer is certainly being a role with the afternoon sea breeze. we will get partial clearing at the coast. lots of 70's today. 61 by the delta with a gusty southwest wind. it is a cooler start of the morning, and the finish will be breezy at the coast and cooler inland. liz? liz: thank you. up next, people forced to evacuate as flames bear down on their neighborhood. how a small community plans to deal with the situation. an elon musk tries to terminate the deal by twitter. the deal by twitter. this burger will blow your mind? really? how? bacon two ways... cheese two ways... any more questions? try my $5.99 double bacon cheesy jack combo.
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the double bacon cheesy jack combo starting at $5.99. order on the jack app today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc. >> fire crews are staying overnight on the fire line after a wild fire breaks out west of morgan hill. people in the path or order to get out. good morning. thank you for joining us here on saturday, july 9. let's head over to lisa for a check on the weekend forecast. good morning. >> doppler seven, where we are looking at a visual picture that shows where it is sunny. that would be in our inland valley. we are on tap for a cooler day today. there it is. notice from mount tam and parts of the peninsula, that is where the sun is shining. it is taking you up to sandra file, where it is 58 in the


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