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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> fire crews staying overnight on the fire line, after a wildfire breaks out west of morgan hill. people ordered to get out. good morning everybody. it's saturday, july 9th. i'm liz kreutz. we'll get to more on the wildfire in just a moment, but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: hi, liz, we have seen a return to the marine layer growing if depth, it's moving across starts of the bay and where we have it is bringing some mist and drizzle along the shoreline. there's a look at live doppler 7, as we go in a little closer, you can make out from marin to san mateo, the fog. the advisability, it's down to the -- visibility, it's down to
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the deck at the golden gate bridge. wipers needed in spots. 57 downtown as well as palo palo alto. sun in south bay. 50 by the delta and sfo, you can see the gray sky, so we'll keep it cloudy for the next few hours and break out into sun by the 9:00 a.m. hour, and the bay. inland, we are clear right now, so 60's and 70's through the morning hour away from the coast and then by the afternoon, we've got cooler numbers, in the low to mid 80's inland, with low to mid 70's bayside. and at the coast, just a little bit of sun, we'll talk about a big warmup on tap for the second half of the weekend. liz. liz: lisa, thank you. in the south bay, residents are returning home this morning after a mandatory evacuations from the armsby fire. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon in an area west of morgan hill. crews are holding the fire at five acres. containment is at 30%. here is abc 7 reporter amanda
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del castillo. the reporter: frommed add t -- from admission on, cal fire and rescue crews agencies responded to the armsby fire, burning in the unincorporated portion of morgan hill. >> how a fire can develop especially this time of the year, we try to go really aggressive on it to slow it down as fast as possible so it stays small. the reporter: with air attacks, ground crews and more, fire specialist chris williams says first responders were able to hold the fire at five acres. good news for frenchy's louis and bosco, owner and resident pat blair says she was working around the house with she was alerted by her son. the fire, not far from the family's home of four years. >> when i came out to get the car to load the dogs in, sheriff came, said evacuate, evacuate now. the reporter: cal fire says at least 20 homes were under mandatory evacuation. residents were able to return after 6:00 p.m.
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according to blair, there was little panic, considering how well the community has prepared. practicing fire drills and having bags already packed. >> we know where we're going to meet, we all talk with one another, they text one another, they have like this little community within each other, and so they tell everybody, what they're doing, where they're going to go, and you know, how quickly to get there. >> the reporter: cal fire says weather conditions helped, as humidities were high, and winds were calm. the goal of keeping flames from approaching the top of the ridge line accomplished quickly. >> since we're able to get the aircraft on it, relatively fast, it slowed it down so we get the ground crews in there to catch the fire. >> the reporter: as crews worked manage containment, blair has this message to the men and women on the front lines. >> mostly, i was yelling, thank you so very much. because i knew they were going to save our houses. >> the reporter: in morgan hill, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. mark: now to another fire, larger one that's burning near
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yosemite's famous mariposa grove. woeworn and the wawona campground are evacuated. the cash burn fire started friday afternoon and grown to 466 acres. our sister station in fresno is near the fire line with the latest. >> the washburn fire burning near mariposa grove had burned around 166 acres by 1:00 p.m. fire. air crews continued to attack the fire, as it grew to 466 acres, prompting mandatory evacuations for lower portions of the mariposa grove. the wawona community and the w wawona campground. community having to change plans due to park closures, but hoping for the best. >> some of it because it was in mariposa because it was interrupted, but i came in here with an open mind. the reporter: oh parkgoers also
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decided to wait it out. >> plan on staying here at the park for a few days, but i guess we'll see. >> an evacuation center has been set up at new life christian church in mariposa and residents are asked to use the wawona exit. people are worried about the sequoias going up in flames, but firefighters doing all they can to contain the fire. >> we're here and want to see the sequoias for sure but we were going to make the trek to see the redwoods too. >> looks pretty scary and we're going full force on our suppression tactics. >> the park remains open but some entrances have closed. now if you do plan on traveling to yosemite this weekend, check for the -- abc for the latest road closures. mark: now to president biden responding to mounting pressure to protect abortion rights following the supreme court's
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decision to overturn roe v. wade. the president signed an executive order friday in an effort to enforce existing access to abortion care. abc's christine sloan has the latest. the reporter: with the biden administration facing pressure to protect abortion rights, after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade, the president now taking executive action. the executive order aims to expand access to medication abortion, and emergency contraception. safeguard patient privacy, and bolster legal efforts to protect the right to travel out-of-state for abortions. >> cannot allow an out of control supreme court working in conjunction with extremist elements of the reason party to take away freedoms -- republican party to take away freedoms and our personal autonomy. the reporter: the president visibly frustrated, slam something the supreme court's decision. 14 states seizing all abortion services, including louisiana, where a temporary restraining order on trigger laws
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restricting abortion in the state was lifted. >> i think -- we certainly intend to continue to defend the laws of the state, and to enforce those laws. >> we look forward to continuing this fight. this fight has just begun and we make our arguments in baton rouge. the reporter: the president calling on voters to elect more democrats, so congress can make the right to abortion federal law. for now, without congressional support, the president says, he has limited options. >> for god sake, there's an election in november, vote, vote, vote, vote. but in the meantime, i'm signing this important executive order. >> the reporter: vice-president kamala harris also sitting down with state lawmakers, to discuss the supreme court's landmark decision. >> this is real and the way that it is currently and will impact the women and the girls of america in a very direct way. >> the reporter: the white house has asked house secretary becerra to come up with a
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specific plan to get this all done. christine sloan, abc news, new york. liz: the city of fairfield will be offering gift cards for guns today. no questions asked. it gun buy-back event will be at mount calvary baptist church on enterprise drive. it's happening from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. organizers say all you have to do is drive up, turn in your unwanted weapons and receive a gift card. firearms must be unloaded in the truck of your car. elon musk has moved to terminate his $44 billion deal to buy twitter. in a filing with the securities and exchange commission, musk says twitter did not give him enough information about the company, but walking away is not going to be cheap. there is a $1 billion fee for ending the deal. the news sent twitter stock tumbling 5% in after-hours trading. >> i thought from day one, that this was something like public relations campaign, by elon musk, and he's so good at using this sensational language and
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these outlandish tweets or trying to act like the eccentric billionaire that buying twitter and dramatically changing the platform just seemed to fit with the whole character he's created. mark: there also could be a legal fight. twitter's chairman brent taylor put out this statement, saying, quote, the twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price and terms agreed upon with mr. musk and plans to pursue legal action to enforce the merger agreement. we are confident we will prevail in the delaware crtf's been 13 e russian troops if invaded ukraine. reports say russian forces are continuing to shell populated areas in the east. the ukrainians are responding with powerful american-made weapons and there are more on the way. meantime, ukrainians continue to evacuate, with more than 3.5 million people applying for temporary residency in other countries. now, here in the bay area, more ukrainian refugees are arriving, and there is a need for more housing.
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abc 7 news reporter tara campbell shares how the community is stepping up. the reporter: with the turn of a key, katarina and her son are home in their new apartment, having fled from ukraine. >> it's like a dream. really. i can never imagine i will have my own apartment in san francisco. >> the reporter: ready, she says, to start building their lives in the bay area. >> in our own apartment, we can plan and build our future life. >> the reporter: this apartment, a far cry from the bomb shelter they lived in for three weeks as russia attacked. >> i can't sleep, because i'm worried about my life, my son's life, so i decided to leave. >> the reporter: grateful, she says, to veritas, the company owning this apartment, offering this unit free of charge for three months. >> my name is in odessa,
6:11 am
ukraine, so i definitely feel it. the reporter: the senior director at veritas partnering with local nonprofit, nova ukraine. >> we decided, let's help out these families. >> families, she says who are in a tough spot, unable to work until they get the go-ahead from the government. >> and you know, for them to work, they have to get the work permit, which takes about three to four or six months sometimes, and it's important to make sure they have housing. >> i can say right now, that the demand is higher right now unanimous what we can offer. the reporter: a volunteer with nova ukraine. >> it would b greateo who have n opportunity to hse refugees from ukraine can contact nova ukraine through the web site. the reporter: meanwhile, katarina is getting settled in their new home, her mind, still very much with her homeland. >> i'm worried about my grandma, my father, he is still in
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ukraine. >> the reporter: comforted by this space. a place to call their own. >> my own apartment, it's a huge support for me. and my son. >> the reporter: tara campbell, abc 7 news. mark: all right. liz: all right. we hope folks like that can find places to stay permanently. lisa a check of the forecast. 6:12 a.m. lisa: we have a gray start out there. check it out, you can see the city shrouded in the low cloud deck. at the coast. dealer inland. it will be a cooler day on sunday. we'll track it all for you next. liz: also ahead, clues that could lead the family of a missing woman to find their daughter after months of searching. plus, a massive meth bust,
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more flavorful immune support. lisa: welcome back. shock worldwide. former japanese prime minister shinzo abe was shot and killed friday morning while giving a campaign speech if central japan. the assassination of abe in broad daylight stunned japan where gun violence of any kind is extremely rare. abe's death horrified leaders around the world, many of whom had worked with him during his long tenure. president joe biden said he was, quote, stunned, outraged and deeply saddened. japan is a close ally to the united states. the president says he stands with the people of japan in this moment of grief. >> i do not believe it's likely to have any profound destabilizing impact on japanese security or japanese solidarity. liz: the suspect, 41-year-old man was tackled by security and later admitted to shooting abe according to police. he reportedly used a homemade weapon. there's chilling new evidence that's just been released in the alexis gabe homicide investigation. the family of the missing 27-year-old says they received
6:16 am
copies of handwritten notes, detailing how their daughter's body was allegedly disposed. she's been missing since january. abc 7 newt reporter spoke with the father. >> the reporter: pages of crumpled up notes,. >> we were devastated. there was something we couldn't accept that was tough. the reporter: alexis gabe's father, glen, says investigators sent the family copies of these pictures of notes, recovered from the sister of alexis' ex-boyfriend, marshal curtis jones. according to this letter from investigators, jones wrote these directions to an area 60 miles east of sacramento, in pioneer. and believe he used them to dispose of alexis' body. police say in the note, marshal turned off his phone for several hours during the time he drove to pioneer but at one point were able to pinpoint his location. >> we were thinking maybe it was
6:17 am
something to throw the police off. >> the reporter: jones was killed last month, during an arrest attempt near seattle after allegedly charging at officers with a knife inside a washington apartment complex. the note says, after his death, a friend came forward, stating jones called him two weeks before gabe disappeared, and told him, he was, quote, thinking of killing alexis and wanted to know where the best place to hide a body would be. the cryptic directions are specific, detailing left and right turns, with specific time estimates that ends on a rural road in the sierra foothills. >> as soon as the police say saw that, she -- saw that, they just left and went straight to pioneer. the reporter: gabe says investigators and hundreds volunteers searched nearly 200 acres of land in pioneer over the past 4 months. for any sign of alexis' body, including draining eight million gallons of water in a nearby pond. >> unfortunately, they found nothing, they're only focusing on pioneer. they feel strongly feel that she's around there.
6:18 am
>> the reporter: do you believe that too? >> not 100%. but my wife and i were there. my wife was saying, i'm not -- i'm not believing anything. i don't think alexis is here. >> the reporter: trying to stay hopeful but anxious for closure. >> until we find a body, we're just going to keep believing that she's still alive. >> the reporter: as the gabes continue to wait, they're now turning their attention to another piece of evidence recovered. alexis' phone screen. according to glen, the f.b.i. confirmed marshal jones's dna was found on the screen and they're organizing a search party to find the remaining piece of her cellphone. in san francisco, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. liz: we feel for that family. san diego county police have arrested a group of men for attempting to struggle 5,000 pounds of meth into the united states. the four men were from mexico spotted loading four boxes on to a truck on thursday, less than 25 miles from the u.s.-mexico
6:19 am
border. authorities followed the vehicles and found the equivalent of 5,000 pounds of meth. the suspects could face a minimum of 10 years to life if prison. let's turn to the weather, lisa, checking outside. it's 6:19 a.m. and going to be a pretty nice day today. lisa: it is. we're going to see that cooldown, low clouds and fog, dictating that sea breeze, which will bring some breezy winds through the delta. in fact, right now that southwest wind gusting to over 30 miles an hour, so when we see that over about 20 miles an hour, you know it's not going to be too hot out if our inland valleys, so as we look at the low cloud deck, it's up in marin, but kind of a gap right there, so we're not seeing a total solid deck, although down along the golden gate bridge, there is some mist and drizzle. wider view, system to the north of us, allowing for the low clouds, the fog and then high pressure is going to push that system kind of out of the way, allowing for a warmer sunday. there's the fog from mount tam and the breezy winds, 57 in the
6:20 am
city, as well as palo alto. 56 in oakland, san jose. a little sun at 58 and from the roof camera, can you see the gray skies here. a little bit of a breeze, mid 50's, santa rosa. overall, the temperatures coming down for the good sleeping weather. santa cruz, 55 degrees, temperatures in the upper 70's but the stratus deck along the central coast. forecast highlights, we have the drizzle and then a gusty afternoon at the shoreline. it will be cooler for everyone. much warmer tomorrow inland, as well as monday and then those higher tides, the king tides arriving come tuesday and wednesday over 7 feet. there's a look at the low clouds, the fog early this morning. we are clear inland, and then we'll see that fog begin to pull back, bringing a mostly sunny afternoon with partly sunny conditions at the coast. it's going to be windy, only in the 50's to low 60's there, and as the fog pushes back through the delta, it's going to retreat and the winds are going to be
6:21 am
just light enough that wary going to see that warmth -- we're going to see the warmth move in from the central valley into the inland, so if you're looking to escape the heat inland, you're certainly going to find that they local beaches. here's a look at the smoke forecast, you have the fire in yosemite here. those winds out of the south-southwest, so that smoke bringing the haze into the southern sierra, but more so into sunday. that's the saturday forecast. this is sunday and you can see how it drifts up from the southern sierra up through south lake, so unfortunately, getting in to that in the afternoon, with some hazy skies. tomorrow, mid and upper 90's inland, warmer day around the bay. not a whole lot of change at the coast. but we'll see a little bit more sun there. monday, another warm day, you can see the triple digits up towards clover dale, looking through the upper 80's and upper 90's inland from the south bay, to the east bay and then here comes a cooldown on tuesday,
6:22 am
more typical for july. 71 in oakland. 74 in fremont today. look for 82 unin wine country with mid 80's in hill. 70's along the bay and inland, with warmer numbers especially inland. a good 10-degree jump tomorrow that will take us into monday and then as we drop off tuesday and wednesday, that's some good news, that fog expand and we'll be looking at more typical summertime weather. liz: yeah. will be ready for that cooldown. slight cooldown. ty: slight. liz: slight, key word. lisa thank you. abc 7 news is committed to helping build a better bay area and as part of that we highlight inspirational people in our community. just ahead, a man who succeeded in school and sports even after being tol
6:23 am
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lisa: welcome back. july is disability pride month and this month we're highlighting inspirational
6:25 am
people in our community. palo alto's justin steinberg was told as a child, he wouldn't be able to attend school but he went on to earn multiple degrees and succeed in the special olympics. his story of perseverance. >> the reporter: a sound of a dribbling ball, the swish of a net. sounds that bring peace to the life of justin steinberg. he is legally blind, and on the autism spectrum, things that could be considered disabilities, but for him, disability is nothing more than a word, a label. >> a label doesn't define up. it's how you approach your life and how you go about doing things. without my disability, i wouldn't have done all these cool opportunities. the reporter: he has defied expectations, thanks to his heart of a champion. one of many attributes learned while participating in the special olympics for nearly 20 years. >> for one thing, i made a lot of friends through there, while improving my strength, self-confidence and hand-eye coordination and i just get to do a bunch of all like different sports. >> the reporter: steinberg is a
6:26 am
16-sport athlete in the special olympics. swimming, track and field, f flr hockey and of course, flag football and the games have given back in more ways than one. steinberg's dedication has allowed him not only to become a special messenger and athlete for the special olympics, but earned associate and bachelor's degree, leading to his job as a research assistant at stanford university, after patients were told his iq wouldn't pass the threshold, his mother is proud. >> there is never a no factor. he loves life. we're incredibly proud of him. he's an amazing individual. >> the reporter: justin steinberg has similar pride in himself, as well as in his disabilities. he says, they have opened doors to opportunities that he would have never dreamed of having. steinberg hopes others who are differently able to understand that anything is possible. >> i don't give up. i -- i show people that i'm more
6:27 am
than just a label with a disability. i go out, work hard, especially at my job, offer important perspectives on issues, and just in palo alto, justin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: still to come on abc 7 mornings, san francisco has a new district attorney. hear how brooke jenkins says she'll be ditch. and bay area real estate, the most meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire.
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if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. mo fdi solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning everyone. thanks for joining us. we'll start this after hour with another check of the forecast.
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let's get over to lisa argen. lisa: liz, good morning to you. we have some sun in san jose, despite a stronger onshore push, the deck of low clouds allowing for some sunshine here. temperatures are in the upper 50's in san francisco, and palo alto. 58 in san jose. and as we look at a roof camera, you can see the gray sky there, and a bit of wind, mid 50's santa rosa. mist and drizzle at the cools. upper 50's, clear inland. air quality is good locally. the onshore flow strengthens throughout the day today, so that means a cooler afternoon. we've got sunny skies through 9:00 a.m., away from the coast. we'll be partly cloudy and breezy there with 60's and 70's by 11:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. and by the afternoon, it's low to mid 80's inland. low 70's in oakland, with near 80 in the south bay. and up in the north bay as well. so the fog will be back, but it will play a smaller role in our forecast for the second half of the weekend. we'll talk about our warming trend for the beginning of the work week as well, coming up. liz. liz: lisa, thank you.
6:31 am
it's official, san francisco has a new district attorney. brooke jenkins took the oath yesterday. replacing boudin who voters recalled last month. we take a look at the job ahead for d.a. jenkins. >> the time for finger pointing and blaming other people is ovo. tndous applause and a hand raised high, brooke jenkins was sworn in as san francisco's new district attorney friday afternoon. >> congratulations district attorney. thank you. >> the reporter: in an impassioned speech at city hall, jenkins vowed to crack down on some of fran's most pressing problems. she highlighted things like property crimes, smash-and-grab robberies, and petty theft. >> san franciscoans have made it clear that they are -- their quality of life is being impacted by these types of crimes? a. and so we can no longer look at them as insignificant. the reporter: jenkins says she plans be enforcing the city's drug laws and ending the open air markets on the street. she cited her personal and
6:32 am
professional experiences as making her qualified to hold repeat criminal offenders accountable. >> we have to start dealing correctly with repeat offenders. that is a top priority with how to deal with those who have consistently been committing the most crime if san francisco and like i said, enforcing our drug crime laws. the mayor said jenkins will help bring balance to the city and ensuring public safety while continuing responsible criminal justice reforms. >> it's not a one size fits all. it's not -- we're not here to try and imply in any way that jail is the only solution, because there are people with complex problems in this city. >> the reporter: jenkins says she spoke with her predecessor, the recalled district attorney on thursday and he promised to help with a smooth transition also releasing his own statement which reads in part, i am proud of the work we did to serve victims and to bring much-needed reforms and accountability to our justice system. this is work i will continue in the months and years ahead. tim johns, abc 7 news.
6:33 am
liz: the state's programs protecting tenants who couldn't pay rent from eviction during the pandemic, well it's now closed to new applicants. but thousands of existing applicants still have application -- applications still haven't been processed, either approved or denied. the nonprofits behind the lawsuit which was filed in alameda county say virtually no applications were denied up until the deadline. but now, about one in three have been rejected. the judge's ruling says the state's department of housing and community development may be violating constitutional rights because it's not giving people adequate information about why they were denied. the ruling now gives denied applicants more time to appeal and prevent any more applications from being denied until the state's process is reviewed. and that may be good news for renters, but what about homeowners? a new read fin report shows the housing market in northern california is dropping faster than anywhere else in the country. three bay area cities are in the top 10. here's abc 7 news reporter just
6:34 am
continue dorsey. >> the reporter: 2022 has truly been one of the most wild years to buy and sell a home in the bay area. just a few months after real estate experts were talking about the craziest spring home-buying season ever, we're now seeing a major cooloff in the market. >> i don't think anybody had the foresight to see it dipping as quickly as it did. >> the reporter: once home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country, the competition and demand in the bay area's housing market is cooling more rapidly than anywhere else in the country, according to a new redfin report. the market is down in san francisco and oakland, but san jose is seeing the big of the dip. >> where we would see three or four months ago, five, six, seven, 10 offers on one house, now we're seeing sometimes no offers for a week to three weeks, four weeks, or if you get multiple offers, it could be one or two. >> the reporter: real estate agent says part of this is because there are simply more houses on the market.
6:35 am
2100 homes for sale today in santa clara county, compared to around 900 three months ago, but his best explanation for the cooloff, the recent increases to interest rates. >> we had rates that why in 3% and 4% and now a rate, like a standard rate would be closer to 5.75 to 6%. and people, buyers are getting cold feet. the reporter: and he says that is a mistake. he says the federal government plans to didn't to raise rates to stabilize the market, his best advice to buyers is to buy now if you can. >> they're actually better off buying at a slightly higher interest rate and not overbidding, because they can potentially refinance in the future, but if neshek overbid by 100, 200, $300,000, they can never get that back until they sell the house. >> the reporter: meanwhile, for sellers, baldwin suggests selling your home only if you need to and he says to set it at an appealing price and not what it would have sold for before the cold market.
6:36 am
in san jose, justin dorsey, abc 7 news. liz: two northbound lanes are closed on highway 101 between the robin williams tunnel and row dayo avalanche in salesmanship heat to. cal trans closed the lanes at 10:00 p.m. last night until monday morning. delays are expected to last as long as an hour. crews will be repaving the road there and replacing a damaged drainage system. people here in the bay area are pry to process the loss of japan's former p.m., shinzo abe, abc news reporter zach fuentes spoke with local leaders reflecting on the close ties abe had with the bay area. the reporter: this is former japanese prime minister shinzo abe right here in the bay area visiting stanford in 2017, what many called an historic visit by the then japanese head of state. >> i think that was very important to him, because he really wanted to focus on how best to connect silicon valley's
6:37 am
innovation, entrepreneurship, and use that to advance japan's economy and connect our two countries. >> the reporter: the a man who has stanford ties was in japan when abe's death was first announced. >> i was having lunch, the shooting took place around 11:3. considered an expert on u.s.-japan issues and has known shinzo abe for 20 years. he says that history will likely look back at abe as the most consequential prime minister in post-war japan. looking ahead, he says he expects changes to be made after the shocking way abe died. >> i think one of the things that's going to happen is that the japanese government will institute policies to protect political leaders, much more strictly than in the peace. they've been rather lax and one of the reasons is because there's so few guns in japan. the reporter: the news of abe's death as the japan's town is
6:38 am
getting ready for a festival set for this weekend which honors the dead. the head minister of the san jose buddhist church >> t prime minister of japan and there was a close connection with the temple in japan. the reporter: he is also stunned by the violent way abe's life was taken. his hope is that this weekend's festival will be one way for the community to come together peacefully to honor lives lost and to also honor one another. >> if we continue to resolve our differences as we have in the past, violence is going to be -- continue to be part of our lives. we need to find a better way. >> the reporter: zach fuentes, abc 7 news. liz: and the consulate general of japan in san francisco is setting up a book of condolences and it's open to the public to sign. it's going to be available both monday and tuesday, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., the consulate is on battery street. the exact address there on the screen. one of the stars of the sopranos
6:39 am
has passed away, tony cirico passed away at 79 at an assisted living facility in florida on friday morning. he is survived by his two children and grandchildren. the cause of his death is unknown. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, now streaming on hulu, an action movie with a princess who definitely doesn't need saving. a look behind-the-scenes of the princess starring joey king. here's a live look outside this morning. a little bit of fog coming in there over the bay bridge and the city. introducing our most durable exterior paint. that helps protect against dirt and grime.
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lisa: welcome back. liz: welcome back. there's a new action move very on the princess on hulu. here is reporter rick damigella with a look behind-the-scenes. >> once upon a time in a magical castle, the king's daughter was
6:42 am
locked away in a tower. knights, paladins and other armored saviors can sit this one out, because this princess does not need saving. that's joey king, doing her own stunts in the princess. >> i started this journey kind of like the princess honestly and i was scared, exhausted, i didn't really believe in myself that much. >> through my own perseverance and resilience and just working with people that supported me so much, i found so much confidence and i got to a place where i craved the exhaustion, i craved those times where i got hurt. >> the reporter: we are very lucky that joey could do almost all of her stunts and we were very surprised about that, and so the action team and i kind
6:43 am
looked at each other and said, look, guys, we're going to have to shoot this differently. >> do you even know how to use this thing? >> watch your language. you're if the presence of a princess. >> >> the reporter: not ascending the tallest tower of the castle in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. liz: this year's aids walk san francisco takes place sunday july 17 in golden gate part. it supports h.i.v.-aids. mbn ur screen. ty: it's a gray start for some of us, unless you're well inland. and you can see, temperatures here look like how cool they are. 50's everywhere. we'll cool off all across the bay area today, but that's not the entire weekend forecast. we'll warm it up big time tomorrow. stay tuned. my accuweather seven-day
6:44 am
forecast is next. liz: seth curry is known for his range on the court putting up three-pointers all day long. three-pointers all day long. but wait until mornings are our time, and i couldn't let stiff joints slow me down. so i started taking osteo bi-flex every day because it has joint shield... ...clinically shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex - available at your local retailer and club. osteo bi-flex - we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27.
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tax online sports betting and alovereignty vote yes on 27. and help californians that are hurting the most.
6:46 am
and alovereignty vote yes on 27. liz: welcome back. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge right now, foggy and gray there. no surprise, a cold summer morning heantsa francisco. headline comedians performed in chase center's thrive city. the event live at thrive city kicked off with comedic and musical performances. the top two performances not only provided laughs but a beer garden and food trucks for people there. this afternoon, the a's and giants are looking to snap a two-game losing streak this weekend. oakland takes on the houston astros at home in the oakland coliseum, first pitch 1:07 p.m. and the giants take on the san diego padres on the road at petco park at 4:15 p.m. and it's been a jam packed weekend of celebrity golf
6:47 am
underway right now at lake tahoe, where deb's favorite, seth curry got to show off some of the nba champ status. abc 7's casey pratt has more on the american championship in this morning's sports. >> the reporter: first on in the american century classic in. seth curry, splash, as passed a football to fans. as for the tournament, the rocking the matching hot pink shirts, speaking of hart to miss, curry with the approach shot opposing 13, 97 yards and hits the bark spin. get in the hole. he still has the midseason hops too. that was an eagle. curry, round one, tied for 10th and said making that slot is a top career achievement. >> versus making a three-pointer. >> i can make a three-pointer in my sleep all day long. the reporter: padres debuting the city connect uniforms against the giants. a colorful nod to bob
6:48 am
california. manny machado, a three run blast off sammy long. giants didn't do much, but david crushed his first major league homer. missed his at-bat at home on monday. didn't miss this one. giants fallen to just .500 on the season. a's and astros, will hanging out in left field. man on for elvis anders in the second and ladies and gentlemen, elvis has left the building. his second homer in a week. a's up two. 4-1a's until bringing man crushes one off blackburn. look at the fan in the outfield, he'll catch it in his hat. 3-2, astros. two on for maldonado in the fifth. blackburn left that one in the wheelhouse and a three run jack. 8-3 the final against houston. the arizona's have a problem. lost all four to the astros this season.
6:49 am
green courtside in vegas. moody struggled in the games at chase center. the fadeway for two of the 10 points in the first quarter. second quarter, great past to moody underneath, he gets the bucket and the foul. he had 20 at the break. moody explodes for a game high 34 points. his nba high was 30. beats the shot clock buzzer, splash, but the knicks dunked all over the dubs warriors fall 101-88. james wiseman is expected to play the next game on sunday. have a great weekend everybody. i'm casey pratt. liz: let's turn now to lisa for a check of the forecast. going to be pretty hot this weekend in parts of the bay. lisa: it is. especially tomorrow. we're looking at temperatures near average today, and that's due to low clouds and fog and a marine layer that will allow for temperatures to stay temperate, how's that for your saturday and then the heat will bring numbers up as much as 10 degrees tomorrow. so here's a live doppler 7 with the fog up in parents of marin
6:50 am
county,an mat tndhethwashbun o y 395, by bridgeport, so we're certainly looking at smoke not only in yosemite today, but also drifting up through lake tahoe. and as we get into the afternoon, our sea breeze keeping air quality good here. all do due to that trough of low pressure moving into the pacific northwest, keeping the winds, bringing in the air off the ocean. there's a look at emoryville right now, 57 in the city, as well as palo alto, 55 half moon bay. san jose, 58. and looking at marin county, you can see the marine layer not affecting this part of marin right now, with sunshine, 55, santa rosa, 57 in napa. it is 58 in concord. clear skies there in our inland valley. current air quality is good all across the bay area. and as we look at our last stop here, mount tam, the deck of low clouds keeping it in the 50's for all of us this morning. morning fog and drizzle along
6:51 am
the coast. it's a gusty day at the shoreline today. few degrees warmer for sunday, it's cooler today though. sunday, monday, will be much warmer inland and looking at the king tides, over 7-foot high tide coming into play tuesday and wednesday. there's a look at the low cloud deck this morning, so it has escaped our inland valleys and continues to erode right back to the coast here and then you'll see the fog right up along the shoreline. so keeping it cool and breezy, comes right back in all the way through the delta and this morning, winds are up to 34 miles an hour at fairfield. so that has allowed for some of that cooler air already inland. here's a look at tomorrow, late in the day, and once again, the fog staying close enough that we'll get another surge sunday night into monday. the smoke forecast, of course, its fire here, in yosemite, tioga pass there and with the south-southwest winds, that smoke drifts across the state line there, throughout the day
6:52 am
today, a little smoke in the sierra nevada, lake tahoe and then as we get into sunday, more so for the southern sierra, through yosemite and up through truckee, as those south winds blow the smoke from south to north. there's a look at santa cruz, with sunshine on the way. 79 there today. 62 in pacificca, maybe a little sun, but boy, it is going to be windy and cool there. 78 in santa clara, 74 in sunnyvale. a nice day in redwood city. breezy in the city with 66, downtown, 77 in pet louima. 74 in fremont and castro, 86 in pittsburgh. the accuweather 7 day forecause, sunday, monday, -- seven-day forecast, sunday, monday, cool and a pretty comfortable look into next weekend. so we don't like those extremes, and if we have them, just a couple days around here, that's on tap for tomorrow. liz: all right. people will be happy about that.
6:53 am
thanks, lisa. californians are doing a little better at conserving water. data from the state water board released this week shows that overall, urban water use was about 3% lower in may, compared to a year earlier. the bay prayer i can't used 8.5% bet tell while the south keys, including los angeles, used 2% less. the water board says the preliminary number for june says the state is saving 7.7% more water. governor newsom has asked californians to cut consumption by 15%. the signature sweet july brand is coming to san francisco. how you can experience the new
6:54 am
6:55 am
liz: here are the winning numbers from last night's million dollar mega millions drawing. lottery officia officials say nt matched all six numbers, which means the jackpot rolls over, and it's now estimated at
6:56 am
$440 million for tuesday's drawing. happening today, more optionstou take muni buses in san francisco. stti today, sfma is bringing back routes that were suspended at the start the pandemic, including the 2 sutter line, 6 hayes. people's feedback had a lot to do with this. sfmta says trip patterns have really changed over the last two years. people are traveling more neighborhood to neighborhood, instead of peak time downtown centric pattern. and if you're looking for something fun to do, curry is bringing her signature sweet july brand to san francisco. she's launching a pop-up shop at the palace hotel today. it includes her specialty sweet july tea experience. the new location is an extension of her flagship store in oakland, which abc news anchors
6:57 am
visited last summer. if you haven't been there yet, sweet july is a one stop stop of shorts, lifestyle, home goods store cafe and a community events space. her pop-up in san francisco we're told will be very similar. it's going to open for the rest of the month at the palace hotel. lisa, let's get one final quick check of the forecast. lisa: feeling like summer here with a return to the marine layer. cool and breezy out there along the coast, with only upper 50's to near 60. mid 70's around fremont and heyward today, with upper 80's as you head inland around brentwood. as we get into sunday and monday, a bit of a warmup. good 10 degrees inland. then we'll cool it off tuesday and wednesday. getting back to near average by the end of the week. so cooler for everyone today, liz. liz: lisa, thank you the and thanks for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. gm halluburton is next. -- gm halluburton is next. have a great day.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. fire danger. the growing wildfire that shut down part of yosemite national park with mandatory evacuations and fears for the ancient sequoias. plus, the scorching temperatures from a triple-digit heat wave and the flooding fears in the east. assassination investigation. new details about the suspect charged with killing former japanese prime minister shinzo abe. what police say they found in his home. abortion battle. president biden's executive order aimed at protecting reproductive rights, even as a near total ban takes effect in louisiana. and lawmakers work to change pennsylvania's constitution affirming no right to an abortion. twitter deal terminated.


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