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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 7, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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more -- good morning evelyn. it is a check on the weather. we have to give a happy birthday to joanna. they are celebrating our birthday. look at what our friends have provided for me this morning. i am officially a grown-up. >> we made it. we survived our 20's. one more day. >> any advice. >> semien advice. >> things you wish you knew in the 30's. >> i'm so glad you were born. this is thanks to all of you. >> that's sweet.
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>> weather-wise, we are talking about lower humidity. it is nice out there. it is a cooler morning this morning, compared to this time yesterday. five to nine degrees, depending on what you are waking up. there is an exploratorium camera, and we have a camera today. sunshine is arriving a lot faster than yesterday. temperatures are warmer as well. we'd go into the 70's and 80's that the coast, and lower humidity. also, the weekend in a few minutes. >> now to developing news in highland park. mass parade shooting. suspect -- please say a suspect
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confessed to the fourth of july parade. now, it is a verge of a second attack. we have details on that. >> thank you a suspected 21-year-old gunman is in custody, having confessed to police. he unleashed a hail of all it's from a rooftop during a fourth of july parade, but violence did not stop there. the man then fled the chicago area to madison wisconsin, where he considered shooting up celebration. alternately, he decided against it. >> he seriously contemplated using a firearm. indications are that he put resource into. >> the suspects father could face charges because see sponsored a gun permit. this included a murder weapon used in the attack. this was months after the police confiscated a weapon after alleged threats to kill everyone. there was a call during 2019.
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if convicted, the suspect could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. to find our full continuous reporting on the shooting, and others, in our country, look for the bay area app. we are streaming news, 24/7. >> thank you. california senator alex padilla will be hosting a virtual roundtable to address gun violence in our state. the senator supported a bipartisan safer communities act. that was signed last month. it improves background checks for gun violence. it also helps with the passage of red flag laws and invests in mental health services. the 10:00 a.m. discussn will include how legislation should support efforts to make community safer. the bay area is in the cdc. we are joined with what health officials are saying about that latest surge, and why some
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variants are making it a challenging thing to address. >> good morning. we have been here before. another strain, another search. this time, were talking about ba.4 and five. here is why medical experts are concerned. according to columbia university, ba.4 and five are five times more resistant to vaccine resistance than ba.2. it has topped more than 9 million cases in california, and more than 4000 people have been hospitalized. while infections remain below our january peak, the entire bay area is now considered at a high risk level for covid-19. last month, health officials predicted a peak in the current search by june. the latest numbers show a seven-day test positivity rate of 15%. the simple answer is we don't really know. the main reason why is we had additional sub-variants that
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continue to circulate, and unlike the omicron surge, it went up and down quickly. we are continuing to see a high level of transmission in the community. >> are no mask mandates in place, but the messaging remains the same. get tested and vaccinated, and wear a mask. reporting live, abc7news. >> thank you. the time is 6:05 a.m.. friends and family are morning three best friends who drowned while they were trying to save an eight-year-old at the sacramento river. after days of searching, bodies have been recovered in the california delta your rio vista. the three were out fishing last sunday, with three grandsons. one of the grandsons jumped out of a boat, and started drowning in the water. these men all jumped in after him. >> when the grandpa grabbed the key, we could not sweep anymore, because he was tired. he was like a hero.
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there are heroes. they don't think about anything else. >> the three men were lifelong friends from guatemala who loved soccer. one of them, in the area for over 30 years. he coached soccer in oakland. >> his friend grieves the losses and says that they always try to help the community and keep kids out of trouble. now, the boy who fell into the water survive, but so did to others who helped in rescue. they are urging caution and lifejackets when taking children to the river. >> the fight against violence is getting another boost from the state. they announced new funding yesterday. more than $30 million goes to community organizations for the program. they provide resources and services. >> when i think about what success would look like, it is the fact that whoever needs help get that in the language that
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they understand, and ways they can receive it. they understand -- they create ways for communities to heal and feel safe and thrive. >> california has pledged $466 million to combat this over the next three years. it was announced earlier this year, across the country. >> saving yosemite, a ticking clock climate change. >> are you ok? >> this video is unbelievable. this couple is driving on a local freeway, when a bullet goes right through their car. they're talking about this incredibly harrowing drive. and then, a real switch. some old-fashioned fun read or people had fun at this
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better
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and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> a live look outside. were moving out of the way, and it is beautiful. look what happened once the marine layer evaporates. nothing but sunshine, and it arrives a lot faster than yesterday. dew points, it measures how much moisture is in the atmosphere. it is dropping. humidity is lowering, so it
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feels more comfortable today, compared to mugging this for most of the week it --. we will see sunshine pretty fast this morning, and a warmer afternoon on the way, compared to yesterday. lower humidity, a warmer day, sunshine arriving quicker, 72 is the high, and in oakland, 67 and sunny. 72 in santa rosa. 81 in concord. as we look for the next three days, we will warm up, starting off with the we can. we will see a minor dip in temperatures, but by sunday, we will see summerlike heat make a comeback. we will show you the seven-day forecast, and seven meds. good morning. we have traffic. >> good morning. we have a major signal underway in livermore, involving multiple cars. seven cars and a big rig. injuries have been reported. that is on the westbound 580 at north livermore avenue. speeds have dropped in this area. this will certainly impact our
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commuters in the tracy to dublin commute. at the bainbridge toll plaza, it is rather light all week, so we will see if the backup starts to build as we reached closer to 7 a.m.. a very different story here. 101 is looking great, and this is the drivetime i was saying would be impacted by that major signal are underway in livermore, so you can see the drivetime has increased significantly. it will be more than one hour and 60 minutes. after that, it will time it 18 minutes at 15. reggie: a new style of chopsticks that is supposed to change the flavor of your food. and there is an electric charge to all of it. plus, the pandemic on city streets of san francisco. empty storefronts from covid-19. and an awesome story out of mission, changing that, by
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>> a couple dodged a bullet, and you are about to see the moment that the gunfire went through their car. it happened last month on interstate i've 80. the couple edged into the way off grand avenue. thankfully, they were not hurt, but you can imagine it was terrifying. abc 7 spoke with that couple.
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>> ipm, june 14. -- 5 p.m., june 14. >> they just shot through our window. are you ok. we need to call the police. >> leaving for work, garrett mason and his fiancée are tina doe found themselves in the middle of a shoot out. they were cut off. >> may be within 15 seconds of being on the freeway, the first vehicle shot backwards at the second vehicle, which we happened to be lined up with on the freeway. >> at that point, it hit the front windshield and i thought it was a rock. i did know is a bullet. i was literally feeling my body making sure nothing else was hurt, and for us, there were minor scratches. >> police told us that freeway shootings were not uncommon. more than 80 freeway shootings
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in the last four years. >> the only rare part of this scenario was that the bullet went right past her face. >> to process what happened, then posted on instagram, which blew up overnight. they recovered the insurance deductible through eight gofundme and took it down. >> it's like, my family is here. here is a story i'm not too long ago, a two-year-old boy. it is just now that it is personally hitting me, it is -- i don't want it to affect anyone else. >> it is really disappointing that this is happening in our hometown. >> unfortunately, we were at the wrong place at the wrong time, and also at the right time. >> people have commented. if we were a second faster or slower, how that could have changed where the bullet is. you can't think too much about the what-ifs. it is just where we are at. >> we literally dodged a bullet.
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>> i am leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. kumasa: a congressional delegation is trying to better understand climate change. the national park is one of hundreds that have been disproportionately impacted by temperatures and trout. eight legislators including california, are touring with park management and researchers. they tell the chronicle that they want to persuade congress to make bipartisan changes. >> this is wild. 's -- shock sticks. eating salt can be bad for your health, but researchers in japan think they have a high-tech tech answer. electric chopsticks that shock the tongue. they are designed to enhance flavor by imitating saltiness. a newly published study shows it could lead to a 30% reduction in salt consumption. if you are thinking, shocking your tongue for more flavor,
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that doesn't sound like a good idea, you are not alone. researchers say it is not to worry. it is not enough to electrocute you. most people that took part in the experiment did not have a problem. most. researchers say that it is planned to develop a widely used shock stick device for use. >> skip me. leave me out. exclude me. tell me less. >> i do not agree with all of you. >> you want this? >> first of all, not everyone can cook. not everyone is such a seasoned food. some people have challenges. you still want to eat well, and you might use this. also, it can make you look
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puffy, sometimes. you try this. >> i'm going to get you pop rocks. going to go old school. same thing. >> that's not the same thing. >> is the same thing. >> pop and lock. and rocket. and poppet. drew: i was good at og poppet. it was just three things. reggie: there's a microphone and it now. have you seen it? oh yeah. drew: you hit a no. you have to talk in it. here's a golden gate bridge camera. it is cloudy out there, but sunshine arrives faster, and warmer weather. humidity is going down. you're going to feel a lot better today, and summer heat will turn inland by sunday and monday. temperatures right now are in the mid 50's to low 60's. it is cooler in the morning, compared to yesterday with low
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humidity. it feels better out there. feature whether an marine layer breaks out, so the sunshine arrives quicker. into the afternoon, we will find sunny skies and warmer temperatures. lower temperature, afternoon, with 67 the city, and 82 in santa rosa. overnight tonight, partly to mostly cloudy skies. fog not nearly as expensive as it is this morning. you will see coastal drizzle. heading into friday, a warm up. we see a minor dip in temperatures on saturday, but watch what happens on sunday. sunday is the hotter of t rain a comeback, so it feels more like summer. accuweather forecast, there is a minor dip to start at the weekend, but look at sunday. we are heating up quickly. 80's around the shoreline, and we will cool off. kumasa: let's check in with ginger for what's coming up on gma.
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>> good morning. it's great to be with everyone this morning. coming up, we are having the latest on breaking news with the u.k. prime minister lawrence johnson, agreeing to resign amid scandal. then, the suspect of the drive forth parade massacre made his first court experience. prosecutors say he confessed to the rampage. authorities say his father is facing a criminal investigation. the team is with an elite investigation of fighters in the ukraine. don't miss a man and his dog who spent seven years walking around the world. they now walk into our doors in times square to discuss that trip it that, so much more, coming up. reggie: in houston, do people talk about mean fuzz? >> mean fuzz? >> no. >> ok. we need to go there. >> we need to go back. >> ok. >> is happening.
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ok. >> i'll see you at 7:00. that's our plan. >> lc them. >> tucked to me late >> welcome .
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the results are in, and people are ready to have fun. at the fair after a two-year hiatus, because of the pandemic. revenues were up by more than 25%, compared to 2019. the generated nearly $1.9
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million. the theme was so happy together, but it wasn't back to normal because some competitions that were normally held in the exhibit hall had to be done remotely. >> and artists teamed up with real estate managers, and together, they made a solution to a large number of and the storefronts. it sat empty for two years. renée took a 6000 dollar square-foot space and turned into an art gallery. the drawing room hosts large events, and live performances. it also hires hard -- high school interns. they are setting up a store to staff the gallery. >> i learned about creativity, and i learned about how to organize the space and make it a safe environment for other artists. >> the future of the gallery is uncertain. rent has gone up, and she has been fun rising -- fundraising to say she is hopeful about a property should manager, wanting
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this to be rented. you can visit the gallery on valencia read it is just a couple of walks from the park. i've been there several times. i love having this in my area. it is beautiful. >> it is always changing, and at night, it is great. next, a movie for five dollars in this economy. the place making it possible if you check your calendar, plus several observing americans, and the bay area. >> giving a helping hand. the response to those who are
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♪♪ ♪♪ my name's caleb. what's yours? i'm grace! did you just move here? yeah! cool!
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7news. >> we've seen westminster. the herd instinct is -- powerful when it moves. my friends, and politics, no one is remotely indispensable. >> right now, breaking news. words from boris johnson, bowing out as prime minister. a mass accident of the cabinet members, and a statement. >> changes of covid in the bay area. it is proving that we might not be ready just yet. >> inflation at the food court, and even costco is and say. the cost of your items, including a cold david. >> none of us is tried this, but
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it is all i want. >> is everything. good morning. >> look at a forecast. >> lower humidity, and that is going to feel nice. sunshine is faster, and we will find a warmer afternoon. right now, it is will compared to this time yesterday by five to nine degrees, depending on where you live with mid-60's right now, so good morning. mostly cloudy skies did a marine layer will not be here for long. a lot of sunshine, and by 4 p.m., temperatures in the 70's and 80's. a warmer day compared to yesterday. we will have a closer look at the highs, and humidity. warm weather, we will previewing of humans. >> thank you. breaking news, the prime minister boris johnson has resigned after a wave of government resignations. he gave a speech in front of dozens of people, and we are at the live desk. >> thank you.
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boris johnson is resigning after or he ministers quit from his cabinet and encouraged him to step down. accusations have surged that johnson lied about ministerial appointments. people from the streets echoed booing sounds and chance of liar as he gave a speech this morning. >> i am immensely proud of the achievements of this governor -- government with the continent, rover have a century. it to you. the british public. i know that there will be many people who are relieved, and perhaps quite a few will also be does it. i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world. >> you could hear booing in the background and that clip area he has faced other controversies such as a legal gatherings, well under pandemic lockdown, intake
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needed that she indicated that he plans to stay in his position until a successor is chosen, but it is not here -- clear if the party will stand for that. many want him gone now. one alternative would be for a deputy prime minister to step into his place. >> thank you. you know multiple people right now who are at home with covid. the whole bay area is at high risk. what are we doing about it. abc 7 has more on this this morning. >> good morning. we have been here before. another strain, another sirs. this time we are talking about the variance. here's is why medical experts are so concerned. according to the latest research from columbia, ba.5 and ba.4 are four times more resistant to vaccine doses, compared to ba.2. more than nine and a half billion cases, and more than 4000 people have in
6:34 am
hospitalized. while infections remain below this peak, the entire bay area is now considered at a high risk level for covid-19. one concern, as vaccine wanes, and people become lax with safety protocols, they will likely continue to have high levels of transmission. >> it is in -- important to stay diligent and take the steps you can, personally, to protect yourself, like wearing a face covering, and ensuring that they have gatherings and outdoor spaces or indoors with good ventilation. >> at this time, no mandates have been issued, but the messaging remains the same. get tested, get back say, wear masks. abc7news did --. drew: a crucial part of building a bay area is staying healthy. the other thing we spokebowas m. the testing capacity in the
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united states is about to double, but well below what we actually need. labcorp is the first to offer a monks -- monkeypox test. they will use a north carolina lab and have a capacity to expand nationwide. they are working to expand the testing across the country. the lab report expects to process 10,000 tests per week, doubling the current capacity. >> a pilot program is in the works to divert 911 calls from police to commuting workers. according to the monocle, the compassionate alternative response will respond now boing boing calls. -- 2911 calls. it is estimated at the yearly budget is 6.8 billion dollars. it will be up to a year of options. >> happening today, foreign ministers are gathering between representatives of the g20 nations.
6:36 am
concern is growing among leaders of a war in ukraine and its impact on the cost of food and fuel. the u.n. has warned of an unprecedented way of -- wave of hunger and destitution. the first time, the russian foreign minister is meeting with his counterparts who are critical of the war. he is calling on leaders to protect international law. u.s. officials say anthony blinken is not planning to meet with him. kumasa: a beloved bar is set to close. caesar has been in a fight with his next-door neighbors. the owners have said that it is not doing well. it will expire in his lease at the end of the month. they're planning to move to a new location. they may also have a location open. the last day of it and berkeley is set for july 23. >> this morning, brand-new video of brittany greiner in a holding
6:37 am
cell. a fight for release today. >> here's a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are up about 235 points. level of your markets next. and this southwest flight attendant is serving you safety like never before. the story behind a demonstration. don't forget you can watch us for an extra hour. we are taking things to the stream. how to hack your road trip if you are hitting a vacation. abc 7 at 7:00 from 7:00 to 8:00 on the app. can download it on your app or phone or amazon fire or kindle dv. >> good morning pre-and we have a new situation in brisbane where injuries have been reported. a car is on its side. this is also at campbell's, so if you are familiar with that, the speeds are around 21 miles per hour. we are following a signal that has cleared. speeds are brought eight miles
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per hour. very slow. this crash involves a big backup, you can see it reflected on the drive times. look at this. it's going to take an hour and 47's. almost two hours for our super commuters. that is not great. we want to bring in the toll plaza. it is flipped on at 5:47 a.m., so you are not seeing a big backup which is good thing for a weekday. looking live at 101, nice and clear, but cloudy. >> and we will find cloud coverage for the first thing this morning. but sunshine arrives very fast this morning. here is the south beach care -- camera. dew points are dropping. at the beginning of the week, there were numbers well into the 60's. he felt mitty, and drier air moving in. those numbers in the upper 40's to lower 50's, those have been more comfortable when it comes to humidity levels.
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here's the reason why. according to the satellite, low-pressure was responsible for the humidity and for the colder than average temperatures. that is lifting north. what is building and is a high pressure move west. that will supply lower committee levels, but also warm us up as we head into the weekend. future weather is showing you that cloud coverage and break down a lot faster, compared to yesterday. i 11 a.m., most of us are seeing sunshine. it is a warmer day, compared to yesterday. enjoy the humidity. it is a warmer afternoon. the highs sunshine, and 72 in oakland with 67 in san francisco. 82 in santa rosa and 83 and concord. comfortable with afternoon sunshine. a temperature of 63 degrees. that is a look at the high temperatures. . was take a look at other high temperatures. this is sponsored by marvel studios store. love and thunder, in theaters tomorrow.
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>> pretty greiner and her drug trial have been delayed. she is been detained since february. >> thank you. brittney griner's teammates held a rally where she has led the mercury for nearly a decade. the team in several hundred fans are calling for her release. they shared memories of her, along with the ears they have for her future. it has been four months since he was detained. she returns to court and her case just days after president biden received a letter from her worksheet wrote that she was terrified that she might be here forever. she called her wife to ensure that he is working to secure her release as soon as possible. >> let's make sure this administration knows that they have our support to do whatever is necessary, and that we are not going to ever be quiet until she is home safely.
6:44 am
>> more than 1000 black leaders also wrote letters to the president, putting on pressure for him to make a deal to bring greiner home. she could serve 10 years in prison if convicted. she smuggled cartridges with cannabis oil in russia. >> today, a former apple ceo will be posthumously awarded the freedom metal at the white house. he will be one of 17 recipient. it starts at 11 this morning. , harris and others will be there. two others receiving the award are john mccain and richard. gabby get third, simone biles, and taken patina will be awarded. it is the highest civilian honor for making exemplary contributions to the comp -- country. >> there are fears that same-sex marriage may be banned again after that overturning of roe v. wade. it is because of prop eight the same-sex marriage band that was
6:45 am
approved by voters in 2008. it was then struck down by a judge in 2010. you might not know that it is still in the state constitution, and it can be only a roof -- removed with voter approval. many are worried that if the supreme court overturns marriage equality on a federal level, prop 8 could become the law of the land here, once again. >> the very fact that the supreme court is looking at this again, means that that lower 2010 decision could be revisited. >> to combat the issue, the state's is now pushing for a ballot measure to have voters remove prop 8 from the state constitution. >> it is 645 a.m., and president invited -- and president biden is admitting he does not have enough votes to change the filibuster to alter abortion rights. corinth to the chronicle, some support the rights but stops
6:46 am
short of ending the filibuster to make it federal law. the rule of filibustering allows a minority of 40 senate members to block votes on legislation. there been widespread calls from democrats and others to remove the role in the wake of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade. >> now for your money report. inflation has finally come for cosco. prices for the menu items have gone up. insiders report that it will now cost you four dollars for a chicken bake that used to be three dollars. the price of a soda has gone up $.10. it is now $.69. however, you can still get a house, -- a hot dog and soda combo for dollar 50. that is the same price it was in 1985. the retail chain has increased prices and other warehouse items, including pastries, bottled water, and stakes. you know about taco tuesday. what about amc tuesday? c theare og ve
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doar. tickets will be five dollars, plus tax, all day long bread you have to be a member of the stubbs program, and if you get the basic stunts -- stubbs, that is free to join. it runs through the end of october. we are taking a live look at the stock exchange. it is looking good as trading gets underway. >> the time is 6:47 a.m.. a southwest flight really was -- listen. you have to see it. the instructions run a whole new level. they just up for on board. >> >> rap -- wrap the strap around her waist. buckle at the front. >> i did notice how she is laughing in the background. a passenger caught this saucy performance on video, tweeting, give this man a raise.
6:48 am
this was on a flight from nashville until atlanta. quick she's talking about him through the headset. i just got that. >> i love that. he was working. you can see it. the part where he threw the baby. he pretended to toss the baby. then he sashayed down the aisle. that is my favorite part. i don't know what to call it. a wall slide and sachet. i don't know i toss the baby. >> she laughed like that. >> 11. >> maybe gave the baby a life jacket and tossed into the water. i don't know how you do it. >> is that what you do? >> that will probably be the one thing, is so memorable, soon as with the water, now i have to find a baby and put a light jacket on it. >> give me the baby, ma'am.
6:49 am
>> first, i slide on the wall. >> i love everything. i like the collar flip. good job. >> now we go. we have fog. our marine layers with us, but today, it will break down faster, compared to yesterday. sunshine appears quicker today. morning cloud and afternoon sunshine. warmer days on the way, but the bigger story we can welcome is that humidity is dropping to a more comfortable level not as muggy, but summer heat will iand is a colder morning compared to yesterday. we are waking up in the low to mid 50's for the most part. low 60's, and most mild spots this morning. future weather by 11:00 a.m. britt a lot of cloud cover, and you will see sunshine pretty quick. the afternoon will feature sunshine on the coast line. we should seized partly cloudy skies to finish out the afternoon. lower humidity, and a warmer
6:50 am
afternoon. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. we will touch the low end of the 80's and our warmest spots away from the coast. partly to mostly cloudy skies, not nearly as foggy as it is this morning. we will likely see coastal drizzle, and temperatures in the 50's. future cast temperatures by friday, and a warm up begins. 90's will return in some spots. the slight different temperatures to start off the weekend, but watch the back half on sunday the second half of the weekend is warmer than the staff did you will see widespread 90's away from the coast in our hottest spots. the accuweather 70 forecast with lower weather. warmer afternoons on the way today and tomorrow. we are heating up fast on sunday. 80's and 90's away from the coast. that will continue on monday before the breeze kicks in, and we cool off at closer to average >> thank you. happening, it is ghost galore in the open hills. what are some of the most fire prone spaces in the bay area. the fire department tweeted this on wednesday, saying that sometimes morning, about 1200
6:51 am
goats like these will be unleashed the chomp all of the fire feels like grasses and weeds around the sports field, which is right off of 24 there the tunnel. earlier, they were -- they moved -- later this month, they will move to the warehouse in sheffield open space by the golf course. last month, they battled this press fire, for that was completely put down. >> is another animal story, but this time, we are entering one -- honoring one we lost. his name is captain ne-yo, he is from the zoo. he passed away. he was thought to be 40 years old. he was the last survivor of the founding penguin community which started in 1984. as the captain aged, he lost his eyesight and hearing. he was protected so he could eat a crowd of penguin's. he is a legacy. >> 26 offspring, 31 grandchildren, and eight grandchildren.
6:52 am
there's the other thing. most penguins only live until 20, so he lived about double. and yes, he was named after a film at disneyland. >> look at that. >> look at him. we miss you. >> we do miss you. >> and stucco apple releasing a new security feature. it will text some its high-risk users. it is called lockdown mode. it is designed to protect users with byway. it is cordoning off parts of the iphone and other devices from different groups of attacking, including emailed attachments and other unsolicited calls. it is one of the biggest news by a tech company to fight against spyware. >> new at 6:00, we are hearing from a legendary chicagoan. we will hear the music in the world. >> ok. the new album is called more for
6:53 am
this moment. we will have to wait until the 15th of the month to hear. that is when it will be released, but this morning, good morning america is giving us a sneak peek red >> for more than five decades, you've been out there with each other, and saturday in the park, more than 50 years. >> 50 years exactly. 50 years on the money. why hasn't stood the test of time? >> i think that song in particular has always been a joyful message. >> thank you for being here, but you are in for a treat. off the new album, if this is goodbye. >> i'm happy for them, but can we talk about how robin is looking amazing smart next did you see the issues? >> the whole thing. the hair, the skin. >> the blonde.
6:54 am
>> these men are performing. >> you can watch. they were there with robin. you can watch the full performance, coming up at 7:00, right after abc 7. >> can we click that and send it to robin? >> chase center has announced his events. live at thrive city includes live entertainment, including music, comedy shows, rude, drinks. it is also hosting blankets and blockbusters we can enjoy movies under the sun, and stars on the big screen. every sunday, there will be health and wellness days and fitness sessions for all ages. the full lineup can be checked out on the website. you are asked to register if you plan to go to these events. all of them are free. >> i was trying to look quick to see what we want to go see. >> but, i was not fast enough.
6:55 am
>> will have to figure it out. just to enjoy the coffee. sitting around there. oh. it is been a little while since i've been around there, and it is nice to see anything built up it >> it is nice over there. have you been to that many golf? the stagecoach? it is fun. >>'s indoor outdoor? >> is outdoor. it's by all of the food trucks. >> i've been over there. >> we can make an afternoon of it. >> we have plans. coming up next, the seven things you need to know. let's take a live look outside. it
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we call it oleyumi. you call it california. our land, our culture, our people once expansive, now whittled down to a small community. only one proposition supports california tribes like ours. while providing hundreds of millions in yearly funding to finally address homelessness in california. vote yes on 27. tax online sports betting and protect tribal sovereignty
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and help californians that are hurting the most. >> if you're just joining us, here are seven things snow. number one, breaking news. orest johnson has resigned as the british prime minister. about an hour and a half ago,
6:58 am
speaking in front of 10 downing street, he said he was looking to remain in office until the fall when the party will meet to choose his replacement great >> the rising cost of food and fuel will be front and center when foreign ministers in bali meet with the g20. the russian mr. will be there. u.s. officials say they are not planed to meet with him. >> the cdc is working to double its monkeypox testing capacity amid the growing number of cases nationwide. the agency is expecting to process up to 10,000 test per week. >> arising covid casing test, and health officials don't know when the surgical and. they blame sub variants proving to be more transmissible than the last. >> number five, new lower -- lower humidity. the sky will break down pretty fast, so sunshine this afternoon, we will move into the 70's and 80's later on. >> number six, we have a major signal are underway in brisbane
6:59 am
where injuries are involved. a vehicle is on its side. at least two lanes are blocked it this is also near candlestick. expect delays. >> number seven, happy birthday. it's your birthday. happy birthday. >> i was like, what's this. all the looks from last week. here we go. serve. we have balloons. they are here for you. you are having an official birthday tomorrow. we are celebrating today, the rest of the month >> there we go. >> the rest of the month. this is so kind, and look at these balloons did they had them when i came in here. it is so unexpected. i one day left of 29, but we are set to stretch. what would you say? >> not stretch. hydrate. sleep. >> sleep.
7:00 am
>> sleep when you can. it is the absolute best. >> a great decade for you. i cannot wait. good morning, america, for our viewers in the west, and an astonishing fall from grace, british prime minister boris johnson is out as we start this thursday. breaking overnight, boris johnson bows out. the embattled british prime minister forced to give up the fight amid scandal after scandal. broken pandemic rules while in power. new allegations of bullying and misconduct. the rebellion, more than 50 members of his own party resign. what he's saying this morning. holiday rampage investigation. the new details as the assailant makes his first court appearance. prosecutors saying he confessed to the shooting that left seven people dead and say he considered carrying out a second attack. now authorities saying the shooter's father could be
7:01 am
criminally l


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