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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 15, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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of it. karina: we are going to stream the whole thing. i am going to be live on the street. i cannot wait. ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, the federal reserve set to take action against inflation as we start this wednesday. historic hike. the fed set for what could be the biggest increase in nearly three decades. the impact on home prices, jobs, the stock market and the battle against soaring prices as president biden feels the heat. who he's pointing fingers at for slowing down his plans. dangerous flooding. rushing waevastating yellowstone national park ters forcing 10,000 people to leave. now when the park could re-open, and at least 20 states on heat alert. ginger is tracking the record scorching temperatures. last shot of hope? when vaccines could be available for 18 million kids. the latest on the fda panel meeting this morning.
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new setback for brittney griner. a russian court extends the wnba's star detention as her team works to secure her release. plus, the new questions about the russian dissident and leading putin critic alexei navalny. mighty joe young. the dog trapping himself in a gorilla enclosure at the zoo. chased by a silverback. >> run, run, run! >> how the pup was rescued. bradley cooper's struggle opening up about his addiction to cocaine. >> i was so lost. >> and who helped him turn his life around. sky high airfare. this morning, where are the best places to go on vacation right now? plus, when is the best time to book for your fall and winter trips? and how to find bundle travel deals. "squid game" game show gets the green light. the smash hit now becoming a reality competition. what we now know about the challenge and how many millions are at stake.od moram
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>> t.j., i know what you were going to say. >> i don't think -- >> how can you make a reality show out of "squid game"? >> yes, thank you, george. >> are you kidding me? >> it's a little violent. winning, not losing is what i'm thinking. >> we don't have all the details yet. >> amy is the "squid game" fan. >> i'm so excited. it's so good. >> we'll get into that in a bit. we have to start with these growing concerns. the economy on everybody's mind right now. certainly on president biden's. he's feeling some pressure and he's getting increasingly frustrated with republicans. our cecilia vega will have more on that from the white house. and in just hours, the federal reserve expected to announce a hike in interest rates to battle rising inflation. that move is also sparking fears of a recession that would hurt american families. rebecca jarvis tracking it from wall street. rebecca, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is all a giant balancing act. balancing the fact that americans are paying so much more money at the pump, at the grocery store, on their rents
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with the fact that any new measures from the federal reserve which are expected later today could also cause a slowdown and worse case scenario cause a recession. they are expected later today to announce the largest rate hike in nearly three decades, and it's already having an impact on things like mortgages, making them more expensive. take a look at this. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage average has gone from 3% to now above 6%. meaning if you were to buy a home at the start of this year and were able to afford a home at $450,000 in january, the monthly payments on that home would be the equivalent of the monthly payments on a home today of $316,000 with interest rates rising. of course, the reason for all of this is those prices. the typical american families are now paying about $350 more every single month on the same goods and services they were spending on a year ago. that means gasoline prices are
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up 49%. shelter costs up 5.5% and groceries are up nearly 12%. this thing, this fed hike that is coming later this morning, later today, it will have an impact on those prices. it should eventually bring them down, but it also has an impact on things like the broader economy, the recession and that stock market volatility we've seen here. george? >> becca, thanks. inflation putting political pressure on president biden. he's blaming republicans in congress for blocking his plans to get prices under control. >> that's why my plan is not finished and why the results aren't finished either. jobs are back, but prices are still too high. covid is down, but gas prices are up. our work isn't done. >> chief white house correspondent cecilia vega joins us now. cecilia, no issue hurting the president more. >> reporter: exactly, george. this is a top issue for voters and they're really blaming him for this and that means that this is a top priority for this
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white house. but, look, publicly and privately president biden is really feeling the pressure on this, and he's frankly growing increasingly frustrated. some of this stems from the fact that the white house and officials here say they've done what is in their control to try to combat some of these high prices. we have been talking about this. they released some strategic oil reserves trying to bring down gas prices. they're considering trying to end some of these trump-era tariffs on chinese goods. they say that would bring down day-to-day costs for americans but the white house knows it is a top issue for voters and are well aware it could threaten his agenda and threaten his party's chances in the midterms come november. there has been a steady drumbeat. we have been talking about this for months, from republicans who have been looking to cast this as biden's'r sing now isha pres that shift in the narrative. he's really looking to cast the blame on republicans right now who he says are blocking his agenda on capitol hill. he says if they can bring down things like lowering
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prescription drugs that would offset other costs and he's going after oil companies more and more. he said recently exxon, for example, is making more money than god. he certainly has been blaming putin and the war in ukraine for the high-rise of energy costs. but, look, george, you know this, the truth is, the white house can do little directly to bring down inflation. that is the fed's job. but the voters are blaming him. they want him to do more. >> we'll see what the world looks like after the fed acts today. cecilia vega, thanks very much. t.j.? it's not just hot out there, it's downright dangerous, dangerous temperatures stretching across the country. 90 million plus americans facing extreme and record-breaking heat, and officials are warning, folks, you need to be careful. we want to say good morning to ginger tracking all this. hey there. >> good morning to you, t.j. it is the length of time and also remarkable how early in the season this is. not only did we see daily records from north carolina back to illinois, it's that we haven't seen this type of heat this early in places like chicago since 2012. so it's been a decade since you've experienced it.
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from o'hare and midway yesterday at 98, and excessive heat warnings from central illinois and indiana, cincinnati, down to central georgia where they should feel more like 111. they were trying to cool off in wausau. lacrosse had that record high of 98 and in clinton, mississippi, moving practice times around for sports and band members because they just can't do it in the extreme heat. what do we have to look forward to today? another really hot one. for example, detroit could get up to 97 degrees. something they haven't done this early in the season, amy, in a decade. it will feel like 103. montgomery, 108. 104 atlanta. in the southwest, that dry heat but truly bad for the fire danger. amy? amy. >> all right, ginger, thank you for that. we turn to the flooding emergency at yellowstone national park as floodwaters battered the region washing away homes, downing bridges and leaving residents and parkgoers stranded. this is all happening just as the summer tourist season is kicking off, and will carr is in montana with all of that. good morning to you, will. >> reporter: good morning, amy. all of yellowstone park is shut
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down this morning. and here on the northern side of the park which took a crippling blow from all of these floodwaters we saw play out over the past 48 hours, this is going to be part of the scenery for quite some time leaving both businesses, residents and tourists unsure exactly what's to come next. this morning, after historic flooding across yellowstone national park, officials overnight saying portions of yellowstone likely to remain closed for a substantial period of time just as the summer tourist season kicks off. after days of heavy rains and rapidly melting snow, the yellowstone river reached close to 14 feet, the highest ever recorded. the current so strong sweeping away roads. this bridge and this massive two-story home. more than 10,000 visitors ordered out of the park for their own safety, and you can see why. a rock slide, the boulders crashing down, barely missing that red suv trying to exit the park.
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residents working together, sandbagging, trying to stave off homes from f with some neighborhoods still underwater the big concern is when these waters finally recede how much damage will be left behind? crews rushing to re-open roads alowing a long line of traffic to snake away from yellowstone. after being trapped in gardiner angela chen and her family, some of the first to escape. >> the townspeople are awesome. i mean, they went out their way to make sure that we're comfortable. >> reporter: the park here is going to be closed at least through the weekend as authorities wait for the waters to go down and see the extent of the damage. if you're planning to come to yellowstone keep tabs with the latest information on the park's
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website. t.j.? >> some of those pictures are incredible. thank you so much. we want to turn to the fda panel set to meet today to consider two vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. whit johnson at a drugstore here in new york where some of america's youngest kids could soon be getting those shots. good morning to you, whit. >> reporter: hey, t.j., good morning. a deision today would impact 18 million young kids, the last group of americans still not eligible for a covid vaccine. this fda panel is expected to meet, review the data, and then vote on whether to authorize two different covid vaccines, one from pfizer, one from moderna. possibly making a shot available for the first time for those youngest kids between 6 months and 5 years old. now, the fda has already said both vaccines appear to be safe and effective. pfizer's vaccine is given as a three-shot series. the company's early data showed it was 80% effective in preventing symptomatic covid. moderna's vaccine is just a two-dose series and it shows it was 40% to 50% effective at preventing mild infections. the effectiveness against more severe illness is still not yet known. now, it's important to note that this efficacy data for both vaccines is still preliminary. it was based on small sample sizes and experts also point out
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that both vaccines do produce similar antibodies against omicron as the adult vaccines but in those smaller doses for young kids. t.j.? >> encouraging news but when is the question. when might we see the shots rolling out? >> reporter: exactly. if this independent advisory panel votes in favor of authorization, there are a few mre steps here before it ultimately goes to the cdc director. she would give the final green light, and if she does, those shots could start rolling out and going into arms as soon as next tuesday, but it's still not clear what the demand will be for these shots. a recent survey found only 1 in 5 parents of children in this younger age group would get their kids vaccinated right away. t.j.? >> all right, whit. we appreciate you as always. thanks. george? to politics now. results from another round of primaries over night with mixed results the for candidates backed by former president trump. andrew dymburt tracking them. >> reporter: a couple of primary elections seen as a test of former president trump's power
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and influence over the gop and the results, a split decision. let's start in south carolina this morning where five-term congressman tom rice just became the first house republican who voted to impeach trump to lose a primary. in an exclusive interview with abc news ahead of primary election night, rice defended his vote saying, quote, i did it then and i would do it again tomorrow. elsewhere in the state, representative nancy mace who blamed trump for the capitol riot fended off a trump-backed challenger. george? >> and in nevada, the candidate who ran for secretary of state is a big proponent of the big lie about the 2020 elections. >> reporter: that's right, george. it's jim marchant. he's a projected winner and will now advance to the general election. if he were to win in november, he would be in charge of future elections in that key battleground state of nevada. he made repeated misleading claims about the 2020 election and now it looks like the businessman and former state
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lawmaker will be on the primary ballot in november. again, if these results in nevada and south carolina are viewed as a sort of test of trump's influence, the results so far have been mixed. george? >> andrew dymburt, thanks. amy? now the latest on the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy pleading for more weapons as russian forces gain ground, possibly on the verge of taking a key city there. our foreign correspondent james longman has the latest. >>reporter: this morning, as ukraine tries to hold off the overwhelming russian force in the east, president zelenskyy with a plea for more military help from the west. [ speaking foreign language ] he says he's grateful for what's come so far but it must come faster. now new satellite images show bridges surrounding severodonetsk destroyed cutting the city off. to the north of severodonetsk police rush to evacuate civilians as bombs fall around them. [ speaking foreign language ] one resident says, evacuation buses can't reach the town because of the shelling. police evacuate people on their own.
7:14 am
here in the east we're taking defensive positions back from the front lines. we meet vitale, a member of an elite civil defense unit, and he says the weapons they have can't keep the russians at bay. he said, we need more than an ak-47 to go up against artillery and tanks. there are still some victories here. this russian tank recently captured by ukrainian forces. this is a russian tank which has been commandeered by the ukrainians. we've got a commander and a targeter here proud to show it off because it's much more modern than anything the ukrainians have got. even with sounds of artillery all around, these soldiers still refuse to be subdued. >> how are you smiling? you seem like a smiling person. this is a hard thing to be doing. [speaking foreign language] . >> you're naturally positive. >> sounds like it's the last thing we have left here. >> reporter: this gives you an idea of what russia is capable
7:15 am
of. just in the last few moments nato has announced they will be sending more military aid to kyiv. the big question, willing it be enough and will it get here in time to stop more of ukraine from looking like this? george? >> okay, james. thanks very much. in russia, there's new concern for opposition leader alexei navalny. he was transferred to a maximum security prison without explanation and maggie rulli has the latest. good morning, maggie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. allies of navalny raised the alarm after discovering he was no longer in the prison where he had been serving his sentence. it was only then russian authorities revealed navalny had been transferred to a maximum security prison nearby. navalny's spokesperson says they haven't confirmed this but they called the new prison a, quote, monstrous place even by russia's insane standards. navalny was arrested when he returned to russia last year after he alleges the kremlin attempted to kill him in a nerve agent attack. in the year that followed we've seen the kremlin continue to crack down on his supporters, opposition leaders, and any independent journalists. in a statement shortly after the news the u.s. state called what
7:16 am
happened to him a politically motivated arrest, calling for his immediate release, as well as an end to the persecution of his many supporters. george? >> he has shown so much courage. okay, maggie. thanks very much. we turn back to the u.s. something people have been keeping an eye on, the nba finals. now you have something else to look forward to, the stanley cup final. the colorado avalanche looking to dethrone the two-time defending champion tampa bay ligh lightning. kayna whitworth there covering game one. kayna, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, t.j. good morning. the tampa bay lightning looking to have their name engraved on lord stanley's cup for the third time, something that hasn't been done since 1982. even their captain says this is surreal, but standing in their way is an absolutely electric colorado avalanche team that swept both edmonton and nashville to get here, and they have had eight days' rest before the puck drops tonight here in denver in this best of seven series and the city of denver coming out in full force to support them. the bars and restaurants here
7:17 am
allowed to expand their serving areas to sidewalks, lawns, wherever they need to accommodate watch parties. the last time the avs won was 2001 and at that time adam foote was on that team and this year his son cal is looking to raise the stanley cup again though for the tampa bay lightning. despite all the lightning's experience and success they are walking into this building, the underdogs. but perhaps that's how they like it. t.j.? >> it's been working for them. all right, kayna whitworth, good to see you as always. enjoy the game tonight and all the action starts 8:00 eastern, 6:00 mountain time right here on abc and espn plus. a lot more coming up on "gma" including wnba star brittney griner. we'll tell you what russia decided to do now and how it could affect her case. and with sky-high airfares, this morning, we have secrets to score deals. how about this one? we're going to tell you how you can cut a flight to hawaii from more than 700 bucks to less than 200. i'll be listening. let's go back to ginger.
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>> when was that? how was that? we're all listening. good morning, everyone. we talked about the heat but you some cool air.that heat with - when you do that you get severe storms. we're talking about more than 40 severe storm reports with hail alone. most of it in nebraska. the pictures you're seeing are from hastings but they were up to tennis ball size hail. they have been getting pounded the last couple of weeks. this is the season where it moves north into the northern plains or great lakes. that's who will see it. anyone from madison up to wausau, we have oshkosh, appleton, green bay, look out for tornadoes. that's the enhanced threat. damaging wind including atlanta down to birmingham. let's get your local weather in 30 seconds. i am meteorologist w
7:19 am
tuma with your accurateologist w all right. big question of the morning we will answer -- how do you make a reality show out of "squid game"? stay with us. we're back on this wednesday. tie you're not the only one with questions about botox®.
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. today marks one year since california officially reopened the economy, ending nearly all pandemic public health restrictions. lester, governor newsom said the pandemic was not quite over, but officials believed the state was on the path back to normalcy. california has faced three more surges from delta and omicron variant's. health experts say the state is in a better place than it was a year ago, but they say about three fourths of the state population is vaccinated and hospitalizations have remained relatively low. sue: metering lights on at the bay bridge.
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new endless breakfast. only at denny's. drew: temperatures right now in the 50's closer to the coast, 60's popping up already. a fair amount of sunshine this morning. a live look from our east bay hills camera, not a cloud to be seen. we see a little bit of patchy fog develop along the coastline in the afternoon. a warm one away from the coast. around the bay, 70's and 80's. inland, mid 90's. reggie: abc seven at 7:00
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get a real offer on your car in just two minutes. carmax. car buying, reimagined. see “minions: the rise of gru,” only in theaters. rated pg. ♪ like dynamite ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is bts with their hit "dynamite." the k-pop superstars dropping big news for their fans and we'll have the latest in "pop news." that's coming up in our next hour. following a lot of headlines including the federal reserve set to raise interest rates this afternoon. they could announce the biggest increase in nearly 30 years. higher rates helped cool off soaring inflation but run the risk of slowing things down too much leading to a recession. also the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection at the capitol has postponed today's hearing saying
7:31 am
it's because of a technical issue. the next hearing will take place tomorrow. they will cover mike pence's pressure from president trump to change the election results. also news from serena williams. she is going to make her return to wimbledon after being awarded a wild card entry for singles. the 23-time grand slam champion hasn't competed since her injury last year. she will do some tune-up with doubles play and main draw, that will be at wimbledon starting june 27th. always great to have her out there. good to have her back. a lot more here ahead on "gma," including a bizarre and scary scene here. a stray dog chased by a gorilla. he gets into a gorilla enclose, but there was a rescue. we'll tell you about that coming up. george? right now we're going to get to the latest on brittney g griner. her pretrial jail time in russia has been extended into july.
7:32 am
chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz is tracking the story from washington. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. it was russian investigators who asked for the extension while griner awaits trial for what the russians claim is drug smuggling. griner was arrested in moscow a week before russia invaded ukraine. frustration growing this morning for wnba star brittney griner after a new setback. a russian court now extending her detention through at least july 2nd. griner now in custody 118 days. >> this case is problematic from top to bottom. it is precisely why we have characterized brittney griner as a wrongful detainee. >> reporter: griner's teammates and coaches on the phoenix mercury meeting with members of the state department this week as they work to secure her release. >> you know, we're here to do whatever we can to make sure we amplify, keep b.g. at the forefront of things we want to do which is more important than any basketball game and anything else going on in our lives. >> reporter: the nba working to keep griner's face front and center. celtics players seen wearing we are b.g. shirts before their playoff game. state department officials saying they are working around the clock to free the wnba star
7:33 am
after she was detained at an airport near moscow in february where russian authorities accused her of carrying hashish oil in her luggage, an offense punishable by up to ten years in prison. roberts she's trying to stay strong as she awaits griner's release. >> every day matters for me to be attentive and make sure she comes back, you know, but it's hard. it's hard. >> reporter: griner, one of multiple americans detained in moscow. former marine paul whelan still in custody after three years, but trevor reed finally freed in april. reed who spent nearly three years in a russian prison was freed as part of a prisoner exchange. he is calling on the u.s. to do more to bring griner and paul whelan home, saying, every day in a russian prison is a
7:34 am
nightmare. george? >> encourage griner's friends and family to keep up the pressure as well. martha raddatz, thanks very much. t.j.? we turn now to finding travel deals amid soaring prices. good luck. one report says domestic airfares are up 47% since january. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is at laguardia airport here in new york with how to beat these high prices. we are all ears, gio. >> reporter: hey there, t.j. yeah, we are seeing prices in the travel industry like we've never seen before and incredibly people are willing to pay them. but this morning right here, the secrets to savings. this morning, a massive increase in the cost of airfare. >> you see a 47% increase in prices since the top of the year is something that we haven't seen before that dramatic of an increase. >> reporter: this family say they were hoping to visit their daughter in l.a. in july. the usual $400 flight from tallahassee now costs 800 bucks each. >> we're trying to evaluate it
7:35 am
because the budget is a little tight and it's frustrating for us as a family not to be able to be together. >> cheap flights aren' gone forever. they're just gone for this summer. >> reporter: scott monitors flight deals and says while summer deals are essentially gone, now is the time to secure those fall and winter deals. >> flights on july 1st through 8th from los angeles to maui are $725 round trip. but flights from l.a. to maui on september 1st through 8th just $161 round trip. >> reporter: that's 78% less. chicago to cancun, round trip, $583 in july, $233 in september. philly to amsterdam, $1,253 in july, $471 in september. >> it's those sort of fall flights where we're seeing a 40, 50, sometimes even 70 or 80% discount off what you're seeing on the summer flights. >> reporter: but right now if
7:36 am
you are able to get away you may find your dollars are worth much more especially in europe. >> the u.s. dollar compared to the euro has depreciated about 15% compared to last year. when you are there, shopping, staying at hotels, eating out, your dollars will go about 6% further than in 2019. >> reporter: we're seeing similar trends in central america and the caribbean. you may also want to look at bundling your hotels, airfare and cars. you might be able to do that through your credit card company or even through the airline itself and, guys, don't forget about travel agents. they are not obsolete and you can really save big if you use them. >> all right, so just move your summer vacation to september and we should be good to go. all right, gio, thank you so much, my man. >> thanks, gio. all right, now to that close call caught on tape. a dog into the gorilla enclosure at san diego zoo safari park. that dog was chased by silverbacks as zoo visitors and staff as you can only imagine desperately tried to help that
7:37 am
dog. kaylee hartung has all the details and the incredible rescue. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. it was as if the people watching these tense moments unfold were more nervous than this stray dog ever was as he faced off with gorillas who were defending their turf, but the underdog outmaneuvering his predators as zookeepers jumped into action. >> the dog is coming down here, guys. >> reporter: a stray dog taking a walk on the wild side at the san diego zoo. >> oh, god. >> reporter: spectators shocked. >> run, run, run. >> reporter: capturing the nail-biting minutes this pup trapped himself inside the exhibit after wandering into the enclosure. onlookers trying to coax the dog to safety and grab the attention of the gorilla, franklin. the 60-pound shepherd playing a dangerous but playful game of tag with the more than 300-pound gorilla. >> he went down. >> reporter: zookeepers able to distract the gorillas and move
7:38 am
them out of the enclosure allowing officers from the san diego humane society to move in and safely leash the dog. >> what are you doing in here? >> we do get calls frequently for loose dogs but this is definitely out of the ordinary. we've nicknamed him mighty joe young at the shelter. >> he's playing with you. hide-and-seek. >> reporter: that's right. this little guy is named after this big guy. >> mighty joe young was very easy to handle given the circumstances. he appeared nervous but friendly and he came right up to my colleague and he was safe from there. >> reporter: it's unclear how mighty joe got all the way into the exhibit unnoticed but he wasn't alone on his adventure. the zoo saying several other domesticated dogs were found loose in the park. after his rescue the humane society giving the pup a full veterinary exam. he's living up to his mighty name. mighty joe young doesn't have a microchip.
7:39 am
so if no one comes forward during the humane society's four-day stray hold period with proof of ownership he will be put up for adoption. unless any of you have your hands up in the studio, we do know somebody who is already interested and that is a keeper at the zoo. guys? >> that's good to hear. very happy ending there. thank you so much, kaylee. coming up next, maybe not so happy ending, "squid game" comes to life. the new competition based on the hit show with more than $4 million up for grabs. million up for grabs. my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2,
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7:43 am
we are back now with "squid game," the most popular series ever on netflix that these two haven't seen. it is set to become a reality competition show. the prize, $4.56 million. >> if you can survive, right? >> we didn't say what happens if you don't win that. will reeve has all the details about "the challenge." please enlighten us. >> good morning, amy. way, everyone does survive.he - it's fitting one of the biggest shows ever would spawn a reality spin-off with the greatest jackpot ever in reality tv history, $4.56 million if you win. the stakes are a bit lower than the original "squid game" if you don't. they're accepting applications now. what do you have to lose? ♪ >> reporter: hear that? the ominous song that struck fear into the hearts of millions around the world.
7:44 am
that means "squid game" is back, the most popular series ever on netflix. this time for real. sort of. a newly announced reality show with 456 competitors and $4.56 million at stake for the winner. sound familiar? "squid game: the challenge" comes amid struggles at netflix. its stock price down more than 70% this year after the company announced a steep loss in subscribers. >> they are looking to bring subscribers back. what better way than to bring back the "squid game" audience. they've also seen success in other reality shows so it's a great way to combine one audience with another and hopefully bring in a whole new group of subscribers. >> reporter: perhaps an attempt to capitalize on the ultra violent korean language thriller
7:45 am
that swept the globe last year. the show reaching number one in at least 94 countries. translated into over 30 languages even earning award season love. >> i love my "squid game" crew. >> reporter: fans sharing their own attempts to re-create the games. the show's creator and director told us last year he finds inspiration in the fan theories and plot ideas he sees online. >> maybe i'll go through the whole youtube thing to write season 2 and steal the ideas from the fans. >> reporter: looks like he'll get that chance now that the show has officially been renewed for a second season. ♪ >> reporter: while we wait to see what season 2 has in store we do have some idea of what a real-live "squid game" might look like. >> if they move right now, they're out. they have to hold this position until we say green light. >> reporter: mr. beast spent $2 million recreating the show's set to host his own version of the game.
7:46 am
for now producers of "the challenge" only revealing they're shooting ten episodes sometime next year and win or lose all players will leave unscathed. >> say that one more time, will. >> everyone will be okay. it's just make believe but it's also reality. >> it's make believe but also reality. thanks for that, will. all right, thank you. well, coming up next here, i know you're in the middle playing professional baseball game, but can we make a tiktok please? it's our "play of the day." ♪was there something missing in my life 'til now♪ ♪an absence i could not quite place but knew somehow♪ ♪and then this vegan bakery came sliding down my screen♪ ♪and eva joan repair appeared and tightened up my seams♪ ♪voila marché rue dix remixed french tips and squid cuisine♪ ♪renowned♪ ♪endless, lit, infinite possibilities♪ ♪i'm down♪ ♪a world where personalized ads help good ideas get found♪ i'll see you later, alright? ♪ ♪ mmmm
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well, all right. let's move it on to the video of a baseball game. a little girl, 12 years old, jean parks is her name. her hero, reds first baseman joey votto. look at the sign she make, hey, joey, will you make a tiktok with me? i know you're in the middle playing a game. he obliged. they're working on it, practicing it and, look, they're actually doing their thing and do you know what, she was able to post it to her account and look now at the finished product. ♪ i say right foot ♪ ♪ look around stay low ♪ >> hey. >> just great and this is what sports and professional sports should be just for the fans and that was so great for him to do that. made that little girl's dream come true. very cool. >> how many views did she get? i want to know. coming up, hailey bieber joining us live. stay with us.
7:51 am
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the pi the pipeline fire now more than 20,000 acres burned. look at this incredible smoke whirl. it's as if it looks like a kelvin cloud so maybe there is a bit of wave action. so i wanted to take you to the still very dry conditions and this is why fire danger is still high. today is the official start of monsoon season but it certainly isn't feeling like it humidity-wise. coming up, the mother of eight who stepped in as a surrogate when her daughter surrogate when her daughter needed help to have a child. nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin.
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7:56 am
bye. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. here is sue hall with a look at traffic. sue: highway four to the maze, 30 minutes. 44 minutes to get into san francisco from hercules. san francisco to sfo, a 10 minute drive. drew: nice going south on 101. 54 in the city, 65 in san jose. a lot of sunshine this morning. a live look at our camera at paygo, flags gently -- camera at kgo. our heat is speaking inland in
7:57 am
the 90's, 70's and 80's along the bay shoreline. cooler tomorrow. reggie: if you're streaming on the bay area app, abc 7 at 7:00 continues next. for everyone else, here is more gma. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
[sfx: computer sounds] ♪♪ let play unwind your mind. ikea.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. historic hike. the federal reserve set to take action in the fight against inflation. what could be the biggest increase in nearly three decades in interest rates. the impact on home prices, jobs, the stock market and the battle against soaring prices. baby rocker alert. the new urgent warnings for parents about popular products after over a dozen reported deaths. bradley cooper's struggle. >> i was so lost. >> the actor opens up about his addiction to cocaine, his depression and how will arnett helped him turn his life around. tiktokers taking on body shaming in the gay community. >> i've had someone actually say, if you lost a little bit more weight, i think we could go on a date. >> how social media and dating apps affect everyone.
8:01 am
what to do if you struggle with an eating disorder. dr. ashton is here. ♪ it's a beautiful life ♪ miracle grandma. how a 50-year-old mom of eight gave birth to her granddaughter. their message for other families going through a fertility journey right now. ♪ i wanna dance ♪ permission to take a break. bts shocking fans around the world. the global phenomenon's emotional video. why they're pressing pause on the band. ♪ so holy ♪ hailey bieber is live in times square. >> hello, everyone. >> the model kicking off the morning of her skincare launch with "gma." and hailey on her health scare and how her husband justin bieber is doing as we say, good morning, america. ♪ i don't do well ♪ good morning, america. we can hear the fans outside. >> it is a gorgeous morning. >> it is so beautiful. we have amazing fans out there. want to say hi to them. we have a lot to get to this morning. you know, all of us have rules when it comes to our kids.
8:02 am
>> no one more than you. >> i have a lot of rules, that is true. you've commented on it. no uber, walk. george is a pretty relaxed dad. >> much more relaxed than amy. that's for sure. >> you don't hear that a lot. >> all right. i'm strict. he has one rule that everyone has to follow, and that is ahead in "pop news." >> yes. >> one rule -- the kids or everybody in the house? >> everybody in the house has to follow. the dogs like it. >> all right, looking forward to it. [ laughter ] >> that's a tease. >> we can't wait to hear about that. the crowd you're all hearing outside, well, all the loud folks, well, i have to claim they are. they're from arkansas. you see that group of wind, little rock, pine bluff, all over, but it is like you said it is a gorgeous, gorgeous day. we're actually going to be out is there in a little bit kicking off two-day "deals & steals" event, tory johnson gathering everything you need to enjoy the
8:03 am
summer out in times square as well looking forward to that. >> that is coming up. we begin with concerns about the economy and in just hours the federal reserve expected to announce a major hike in interest rate toss battle rising inflation. that move could also spark a recession. we're going to go back to rebecca jarvis. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. and this is a big balancing act. the fed is expected to hike interest rates by 75 basis points later today. that is the largest increase since 1994. in this effort to stem, to cool inflation which is costing american families on average about $350 more every single month. so what does all of this mean for you? what does this rate hike mean? it ultimately means you can afford to buy less of the same thing if you are paying with credit. for example, if you're trying to buy a home right now, take a look at the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage. at the start of the year it would have cost about 3%. today it's above 6%. so if you were trying to buy a home in january and could afford
8:04 am
about $1,500 a month in payment, you could afford a home that was valued at $450,000. today, to make those statement $1,500 a month payments, you can only afford a home that's worth $316,000 because of where interest rates are. again, this is a balancing act. on the one hand it will cost consumers more on credit cards. it will cost you more to get a loan on a car but, george, it will also hopefully in the long run cool prices off. >> that is the hope as you say. rebecca, thanks very much. amy? now togent ale about popular prodts commission issuing warnings about rockers from two companies after the deaths of more than a dozen infants. erielle reshef is here with those details. good morning to you, erielle. >> reporter: the agency issuing
8:05 am
two alerts. one in coordination with fisher-price warning about the company's infant-to-toddler rockers and newborn-to-toddler rockers. data from between 2009 and 2021. the second alert issued with the kids 2 company for the bright starts rocker and baby einstein rocker after one reported infant death. consumer safety experts warning ifants should never sleep or be unsupervised in any inclined products. they should sleep on their backs on a firm, flat surface in a crib or bassinet or play yard if they do fall asleep, the incline make sure you move them immediately to a flat, safe environment. amy. >> all right, an important warning there for parents, erielle, thank you. coming up on our "gma morning menu," bradley cooper is opening up about his struggle with cocaine addiction and tells us what will arnett said to him
8:06 am
to help him get sober. also this morning, the mother of eight giving her daughter her greatest gift. we're going to talk to grandma and mom. bts is announcing they are taking a break. the details on that coming up in "pop news." lara, let's turn to her with a special guest today. >> t.j., i sure do. i'm here with model hailey bieber. so much to catch up on. we already started. we'll let you in on it all when we come back on "good morning america." ♪ so sorry ♪ ♪ you make me come ♪ ♪ alive ♪
8:07 am
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“nice smile, brad.” “nice!” “thanks?” crest 3d white. 100% more stain removal. crest. the #1 toothpaste brand in america. ♪ with all my favorite colors ♪ welcome back. we want to go straight to our "gma" cover story. bradley cooper getting candid
8:11 am
about a rough patch in his 20s opening up on a popular podcast about how he struggled with drug addiction and depression and who helped save his life. will reeve back with the story. good morning, will. >> hey, george. the primary goal of any interview is really to get to the truth, main even elicit some vulnerability. bradley cooper has been interviewed thousands of times. you've never heard him this raw sharing that before he became who he is as an actor and as a person, he was lost and addicted to cocaine. ♪ in the shallow ♪ >> reporter: actor bradley cooper getting deep about his past struggles with substances and self-esteem on the podcast "smartless" hosted by will arnett, jason bateman and sean hayes. >> i know you're not supposed to cry on this show. i'm sorry. it's just pretty emotional. i didn't know will that well then and he was like, hey, man, we had dinner and will arnett was like, you were a real [ bleep ] and i was like, what? he was, like, yeah. by the way, have your dogs gone out to the bathroom? i was, like, no. what time is it?
8:12 am
4:00. oh, no. i think they have to go to the bathroom. they're literally standing by the door. that was the first time i ever realized that i had a problem with drugs and alcohol. >> i like to run by myself, okay? >> me too. >> hey, i like to run alone. will you stop. >> reporter: the star of "the hangover," "silver linings playbook," "a star is born" and more detailing the darkness of his cocaine addiction starting out in hollywood. >> couldn't get into any clubs, like no girls wanted to look at me, like, totally depressed. it wasn't until "hangover." i was 36 when i did "the hangover" so i got to go through all those things before fame even played into my existence on a daily level. >> what do you guys got under there? >> just a whole bunch of mind your own business. >> reporter: cooper crediting fellow actor arnett for setting him on what he calls the path of deciding to change his life. >> it has been awesome seeing you in this place and seeing you comfortable. nothing has made me happier. it's made me happy to see you so happy with who you are. >> reporter: cooper now sober
8:13 am
for over 15 years. he's also helped his famous friends get sober which brad pitt thanked him for 2020. >> i got sober because of this guy and every day has been happier since. >> reporter: the seven-time academy award-nominated cooper is making a movie about conductor and composer leonard bernstein. nice podcast, honest and raw and comfortable and bradley cooper. it's very nice. >> thank you, will. we turn to a remarkable story of how a 50-year-old mother served as a surrogate for her 25-year-old daughter carrying and then delivering her baby. erielle reshef is back with that. good morning, again, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. call it a full circle act of love. when she found out her daughter
8:14 am
couldn't carry another child she knew she wanted to help so under the care of her doctors and with the blessing of her family, she delivered her daughter's dream, her daughter. >> i said, i want to be your surrogate. i want to carry the embryos. >> reporter: it's not the traditional path to becoming a grandmother. at age 50, chalise smith gave birth to her daughter kaitlyn's daughter. after she had her son callahan through ivf caitlin got the devastating news her autoimmune disease made it too dangerous for her to carry another baby. >> i knew i wanted to grow my family how some way and had two embryos on ice and my mom offered to be a surrogate. >> what was your first thought when you heard those words come out of your mother's mouth? that she wanted to be your gestational carrier? >> it was honestly an answer to prayers. it was just meant to be. >> did you have any hesitation at all? >> at first i was, like, mom, you're almost 50. i mean, i would never want her to put her health at risk for me. >> reporter: women over 35 are considered advanced maternal age which can put them at greater risk for complications like miscarriage, gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. for the mom of eight, the
8:15 am
decision to carry her grandchild came with a few non-negotiables. >> there were three things i said i have to check out medically, make sure this is something, you know, i can handle physically, number two, your dad has to be in this 100% and then number three, i need them to get their own confirmation to know this was the right direction. >> reporter: with the blessing of their family and doctors, they moved forward, transferring one embryo and nine months later -- >> baby time! >> reporter: little alana was born. >> what was it like being in the delivery room with your mom as she gave birth to your daughter? >> we were all so overwhelmed and with happiness and joy that she was here. even though i didn't carry her in my stomach for nine months, she is mine and she was always meant to be mine. >> what is your message to other families who are going through the fertility journey and see your story? >> it is one of the hardest
8:16 am
things to go through but you will grow your family and you just have to keep the faith and stay strong and know that you are loved. >> grandma chalise is happy and healthy and kaitlyn couldn't afford a surrogate which costs more than $100,000. she says her what her mother did we turn to lara for "pop .- news." >> lots to talk to. we begin with news so explosive you could call it dynamite. yeah, there you go. k-pop superstars bts making a shocking announcement they will take an extended break from performing together for the foreseeable future. the seven members announcing the news with an emotional video
8:17 am
revealing they want to explore solo projects while re-evaluating what kind of musical group they want to be. the problem with being a k-pop band is they're expected to remain the same and not mature as individuals. i can see that. another member explaining they each want to figure out what kind of artist they are and that they want to be individually. tey want to make it clear it's not a hiatus. they've taken a few but is not a permanent breakup and they will return to perform together as a band someday. >> sabbatical. >> thank you. all that and could have had george just say they're taking a sabbatical. that's why you are who you are. a look at janet jackson looking stunning on the cover of "essence" magazine. inside miss jackson giving an update on her upcoming 12th studio album saying that while she has stepped back from recording to focus on her number
8:18 am
one job, being a mom. she will, she will release a new album in the future. jackson explaining it's not about the accolades for her stating, quote, it's really the body of music, touching people and how it impacts their lives that matters to me and goes on to say if you walked foo her house you would have no idea that she lived there. she doesn't put any of her awards on display and there are many. her closet must be full. we're talking five grammys, eight guinness world records, 11 billboard music awards, 13 soul train awards. that's just to name a few. you can read a lot "more than you'll ever know" on janet when her issue of "essence" hits newsstands june 28th. finally this morning, meet george stephanopoulos cartoon edition. there he is. can we push in on that? is that possible? [ laughter ] some nice guns there. that illustration is in the latest issue of "men's health" magazine which i have been poring over. i would like to say it featured cool dads tough times edition and george wrote about his
8:19 am
experience being a dad for the publication and was very revealing. i mean really revealing. he says he's a relaxed father, but he has one rule. you have to come to family dinner every night. ilove that. >> easy on curfew, too easy on amazon purchases but this is -- >> that's a good one to be a stickler on. there were some other ways that you try to illicit conversation in here that are fascinating. i highly recommend. let's just say there's some sex talk even in this little ditty. george says he does a lot of the cooking. i didn't know you did a lot of the cooking. ali's a good cook. >> she's a great cook. we split it up. i think we can take out the a lot because she's probably watching right now. [ laughter ] >> ali, george barely cooks. george's main role, he says, is being the butt or the target of teasing from ali and the girls. there's a lot of really cute stuff. check up george's write-up in "men's health," june/july issue. >> i want to ask about "love island" though.
8:20 am
that was the most revealing thing to me. >> that was actually true. >> george watches "love island." >> "love island: australia" only during covid. we were in quarantine and i went a little bit crazy. >> you dressed up as characters from "love island." ali, please, please -- >> pictures. >> camera, please. if there is a picture out there, ali, of george dressed as a "love island" character, i beg of you. >> simone will do a "hello" magazine, $500,000. it's not going to happen. >> we'll sell it in two seconds. great job. let's get a check on the weather with ginger. >> i want to know does animated george dance? did we get that? huh? it could happen. no? okay. well, we're trying. probably our best shot. how about we look at what's happening in destin, florida. the heat, yes, it is all the way down to the panhandle of florida. they're in the heat advisory as well. those record highs, they are possible all the way up into the great lakes. so today detroit will feel like 103, pittsburgh will feel like 100 and we found this interesting as we see more and
8:21 am
more of these 80 plus degree days, earlier in the season there are schools that do not have air-conditioning and in the next two to five years they'll have to spend billions of dollars to get all of the areas in orange, detroit, places like cleveland, air-conditioning because we'll need it. let's get a check a little drew: i am meteorologist drew tuma with your accurate forecast. 70's and 80's around the bayshore. overnight tonight, fog developing around the coast. partly cloudy skies. numbers generally falling into the 50's. here is your seven-day forecast. a warm weather will peak inland today. much cooler by the end of the week. wewewewewewewe ♪ we got "deals & steals." two-day summer bonanza we're kicking off. tory johnson bringing us all the
8:22 am
summertime savings. gear for the great outdoors. check them out by pointing your phone at that qr code. going camping first? what are we doing? going to the beach? >> you can do all of the above. from picnic time. we have three awesome options from them. first up is that sent over there. it's a pop-up tent great for beach, park, picnic, whatever it is and has sun protection built right into the fabric which is amazing and it comes like this so it's easy to cart around. >> pop-up. tents can be complicated. this one is easy? >> not complicated. then we've got this lightweight reclining chair, water resistant bottom. it's like sturdy, a good back on it and the lap of luxury. take a seat in that one. >> the lap of luxury. >> saved that one for you. that is a padded director's chair. >> padded. >> where they have thought of every single option. that table on the side. you've got your pockets to store all your stuff. so whether you are going camping, to a concert, to the beach, a picnic, these chairs
8:23 am
are so easy to carry around and feel good. >> this is how i dress going to the beach or to the -- or to a concert. >> everything slashed in half, starts at $50. >> what do we got here? >> then this is sun protective clothing from vapor. so all of this clothing feels really soft. this material is like silky soft and it's got built-in uvf 50 protection whether it is wet or dry so going in the water and gets wet, still will give you protection. options for men, women and kids. huge assortment you will find online and it's just -- it's a great piece because it's cool for summer but then it layers. you could wear it in the fall as well. everything is slashed in half. they start at $10. >> brilliant, all right, tory. what's next? >> love and fit. leggings that i need to tell you are squat proof, moisture wicking and buttery soft. >> what was the first one?
8:24 am
>> squat proof which means they were created by a mom who was tired of just being super active and having her leggings roll down, move, slip. she doesn't want that so it's got a special grip technology right built into the waistband and one of the best features, a deep side pocket that you will see, it is beloved by our boss, simone owns these and has her cell phone with her at all times and so that's why two pockets for cell phones gets a big thumb's up. slashed in half and start at $34, a big assortment. >> outstanding. we got you covered here, simone. >> simple sarongs, easy way to stay dry and to keep covered up without it slipping so the genius is in the positioning of the buttons and because of the way the buttons are designed, this sarong won't slip. the microfiber as well as terry cloth, cotton, it's sand resistant. we have the kids' hooded poncho awesome for sabine. big assortment starting at $19. >> oh. this is great stuff today, tory. >> thank you. bandi wear.
8:25 am
not your granny's fanny pack but one that is sleek, smooth and has that pocket to put phone, keys, whatever you need, a credit card in there. they also have their new sun wraps for neck, these are really awesome. they're adjustable. all made in america, these start at $14. >> we have time to hit one more. >> of course, we do. so this is from luxor linens. stripes make sun more fun. that's just a reality. stripes make everything more fun. eight different colors, five here but eight in total. it's a nice oversized towel and quick drying so it doesn't get that damp odor, sand resistant as well. these are just really fabulous and shower, beach, wherever you want to use them, singles and sets. with our deal, $32.50 and more coming up. >> we're just getting started. this is just half the deals. our "deals & steals" summer bonanza just getting started. savings on summer skincare ahead. outside as well. perfect. doesn't this make you want to go
8:26 am
to a beach. we'll see tory again shortly. hailey bieber is joining us live. stay with us. >> announcer: tomorrow on "gma," wake up with chris evans live and friday mr. worldwide pitbull himself with a father's day morning party event. >> get crazy. >> tell them where, pitbull. >> "good morning america." >> announcer: all on "gma." america's favorite morning show.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. let's get to sue hall with traffic. sue? sue: good morning, everyone. we had an earlier car fire that has since cleared. traffic is moving up the limit now. a couple of albums popping up. we have -- a couple of problems popping up. this one is westbound 580 and livermore, eastbound 580 near san ramon. an accident is there as well. >> meteorologist drew tuma has your accuweather forecast, right
8:28 am
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it's all part of a new xfinity 3 for 1 bundle. switch today! ryan: bay area, good morning. "live with kelly and ryan" is coming up. haley bieber is here, all of that is at 9:00 on abc 7. drew: see you in a half-hour, ryan. we are warming to the 50's, 60's, if not 70's. we are in for another sunny day out there. take a live look from our tower camera, showing you that sunshine. a little bit of fog earlier, later this afternoon, rather, but the heat is sticking inland. >> we will have another abc 7
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. and always on our news app and on the news continues n ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i need you to hold on ♪ our next guest loves that song, don't you, hailey, yes, a model, more than 42 million instagram followers but that's her pop superstar husband you're hearing there, she also has a new skin care line called rhode she's launching today. she is in the building with us. hailey bieber, how are you? >> thank you for having me, you guys. >> thanks for being here. we've been talking about you and your husband quite a bit it seems this week, the news about
8:31 am
ramsay hunt syndrome that has partial paralysis and have to ask first, partial paralysis in his face, how is he doing? >> he's doing really well. he is getting better every single day. he's feeling a lot better and obviously it was just a very scary and random situation to happen but he's going to be totally okay and i'm just fine.ful that hoost -- he's - >> that's good to hear. >> that is. i'm sure he's heard from all of his fans who are fully supporting him. >> yeah, the support has been really amazing just from fans, friend, family, like every single person has sent well wishes, advice, recommendations, it's actually been really amazing. >> that's so good to hear and tis coming on the heels of your health scare. you had a mini stroke back in march. tell us how you're doing right now. you look fabulous.
8:32 am
>> thank you. >> tell us how you're feeling. >> i feel a lot -- well, i feel a lot better after that situation. i feel good. you know, i had a procedure done to close this hole in my heart and i'm just giving my body the time to heal and recover. it was a little hard for me to recover from the procedure just giving myself the time to be able to like work out again and feel like normal if that makes sense but i'm doing well now and, you know, i'm not having to be on any medication anymore so i feel good. >> the two of you, both having such physical health scares mentally i mean i'm sure you leaned on one another. what has that been like for you as a couple and just mentally coming to terms with it? you're so young, you know, to have to go through something like this, both of you? >> i mean i think two things like going through it very publicly in front of a lot of people, it kind of almost in a way forces you to have to be up front about what's going on so people understand what you're going through and i actually think it opened up a lot of important and amazing conversations and i think the silver lining of it honestly, it brings us closer, going through this together and being together and it bonds you so that's the silver lining in these crazy times.
8:33 am
>> did it give you perspective as well and maybe time to slow down? you live busy lives, all over but slow down. i know you have this business venture, a skin care line but was that in the works, i assume, for awhile but long before the health scares? how did that play into you getting to this point where you have, hey, you have a skin care line. >> yeah, i mean, i've been working on this for the last 2 1/2 years and started right at the beginning of the pandemic right when we went into lockdown. when i felt like i really had the time to dive into it and pursue it because it's secret i've always been extremely passionate about. i just didn't feel like i had the time to even start the conversation and it was something i knew i wanted to do from the ground up like start from scratch, build a team, build the business, build the brand. so i really started it two years ago and obviously, you know, getting closer and closer to this is a dream of mine that is
8:34 am
here and that it's come out so getting closer to realize that dream and having random bumps in the road, i mean, i think it just makes you stronger in a way. it gives you resilience, i think that's something that i had to find the balance through everything but also it really showed me like prioritizing what's important and to me i had to take care of myself. i had to be healthy. i had to put things to to the side. i had to cancel things and i think that was an important lesson for me to learn about what do you prioritize. what's important? so, yeah. >> all at a very young age. it took me much longer to figure that out. >> sometimes life forces you to learn it. >> let's talk about your line. i love the name because it has a special meaning. i know your philosophy is less is more. >> yeah, in a lot of ways i think my philosophy is less is more. i'm somebody who -- i went with skin care because i've always had a dream of doing a brand, a
8:35 am
beauty brand at that and for me skin care felt like it made the most sense because i've always been so passionate about a skin care routine. i would say i'm slightly obsessive over it and i'm just very like routine when it comes to skin care. but the name came from, you know, obviously it's my middle name. it's my mom's middle name so i wanted there to be this tie into family lineage, i learned so much about skin care from my mom. she's taught me so much about how to take care of my skin since i was a kid up until now and always gave me a lot of different tips and i watched her and kind of get into it myself as i've gotten older and feel like in the industry that i've
8:36 am
been in now since i was 17, i've really just developed what my beauty philosophy is and as i've gotten older i gravitate towards less is more and less makeup. less hair, less everything and i think that's something that i've embraced and has made me feel more beautiful than i ever have. >> any time, often times i think we introduce you as model hailey bieber but you wanted to make sure and i think you do it with the price. you wanted to make sure it's accessible to everyone. how do you make that translate from people see you and all, she's a model and has skin care and has her beauty regimen, that's one thing but how do we make sure that's accessible and everyone feels like they can still be a part of the hailey bieber world of skin care, if you will? >> i really wanted to make really amazing formulas that could be accessible and affordable to everybody. rhode to me is like this is the world of rhode. i want to open up my world to everybody and want them to be a part of it and feel welcome. while still giving awesome products and basically the ethos behind it in a lot of ways making one of everything great so it's like those curated essentials you keep going back to and reaching for and it's kind of the same way i cure rate my wardrobe in my closet. the perfect pair of jeans, the perfect moisturizer, you know, kind of having those go to -- >> i'm the same way.
8:37 am
[ laughter ] >> those go-to things you want to keep going back to because they're great and that's my aim with this brand is to keep giving people access to great formulas and great products that are efficacious that work, yeah. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you. >> we're so happy that you are doing well, and justin is doing better. >> thank you. >> and i'm glad you can feel the love from everyone and just so happy to have you here today. >> thank you, me too. >> all right, and please give him our best as well. >> i will. thank you. coming up, tory is back with more deals for summer. don't go anywhere. ♪ feeling hot, hot, hot ♪
8:38 am
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welcome back to "gma." just in time for independence day, the new issue of "national geographic" shining a light on america's indigenous community and the issues it is facing right now from pipeline protests to the fallout from the supreme court ruling that half of oklahoma is native american land. the issue also looks at what native groups are doing to protect the environment for all north americans including ways to prevent damaging wildfires. the july issue is out now. let's get a check now a drew: i am abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma. here is your seven-day forecast. warm weather peaks. much cooler by the end of all right. it is that time. more "deals & steals." summer edition. tory johnson back with beauty
8:41 am
and skincare products that help beat the heat and so much more. >> i love as soon as you said that he lit up so much. >> i love it. >> lara, you got it. starting with carpe. no matter how much you sweat, carpe is the solution. for all over the body, all kinds of options. number one, number one selling hand lotion, anti-pers prant. for people who get clammy sweaty hands this, is the solution and have really popular these face wipes for on the go. >> not familiar with this. >> underarm lotion. >> if you're not somebody who has that excessive sweat situation going on, you might not know these products but for people, that's a al a real concern. this is great for it. just confidence, feeling good year round. not just a summer thing. >> just a wide variety. check it all out.
8:42 am
>> everything 50% off. starts at $7.50. >> i was asking about these because i love a reader. >> you don't need them yet. >> wait for it. >> readers for the shower. so these are -- >> why, you ask? >> she asks too. okay, so if you need readers, it's often difficult when you don't have them in the shower because you can't see the difference between the shampoo and the conditioner. you can't read ingredients. >> oh, come on. >> you're too young. >> just wait. just wait. >> when you get like me -- >> or me, you'll be wearing these too. >> you think body wash, conditioners. >> anti-fog protection plus a hydro phobic lens coating which repels water. for people who need those readers -- leslie put it on with her mask and said they're great to use with a mask because they don't fog up. we have all the strengths and three colors, five sizes, they start at $42.50. >> you look good. >> okay. this is something more up his
8:43 am
alley. rinse bath & body. these are all hand crafted in small batches. i put this all over brad. he now smells like apricot. this is a body oil. smell this one here. a soothing roll-on aromatherapy peppermint oil. the body oils are fabulous. all of their products are great, though. we have little shower steamers. te whole aromatherapy collection. >> can i tell you a secret? >> yes. >> so robin and i both use this. the body oil, if you have ever wondered why our legs are shiny, right before the show so we don't have to wear hosiery. >> smells delicious. >> everything starts at $3.50. >> i'm learning so much. >> foreo, a sonic toothbrush. they make all types of products. here's a baby size.
8:44 am
i brought you one for sabine. see how it has sonic pulse. silicone so it's antimicrobial. that is for face cleansing. we have all of their most popular devices here plus their skin masks. their mask infusers, so many options from them. all of this is about clean, glowing, gorgeous skin. these prices today start at $5.50. >> everything is really affordable. >> we've got here bloom effects. this is a line of skincare rooted in the botanical power of dutch tulips. regenerative and hydrating so that one right there, that is the nectar so this is one that is intense. it's a healing ointment to serum so a lot thicker. when you've got skin -- >> like jelly. >> it is. when you have skin that needs real nourishment that will be the product for you. these dewdrops are great. let me put it on your hand. you put that on your face. immediate glow. a cleansing jelly that's pretty fabulous because it takes up every bit of makeup without stripping your skin. these products are fabulous. they're all today 50% off and they start at $14.50.
8:45 am
it's a delightful line. it's a good one. finally we love a good pillowcase. this is from night and these are silk. 100% silk. >> so it doesn't muss your hair. >> i know this trick for sabine. >> that's why she has that gorgeous hair. gorgeous skin. this is their hotel collection. on the side you see that hem detail by your thumb. that beautiful detail, that's that hotel detail so these are pretty fabulous. single sets. every single size and start at $40. >> tory, i mean, i don't know how you do it, but you always do. >> i need a shopping bag now. tory, you have been great. >> you do too. get to it. we partnered with all these companies, thanks for the great deals. get them on our website or click on the qr code. we've got more. tomorrow on "gma" part two of our "deals & steals" summer bonanza. coming up on "gma" right now, living out loud. looking at body shaming and dysmorphia in the gay community.
8:46 am
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♪ k ♪ know it's not the same ♪ we are back with "gma" out loud. our pride series and how it's affecting the lgbtq plus community and today we talk about body dysmorphia. gay men make up 42% of men with eating disorders. gio benitez is back to tell us more about this. hey, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, yeah, this issue is only made worse by comparisons on social media. now this morning here though a slew of young gay men are tackling this issue one tiktok at a time. >> people talk about my weight because say how skinny i am. >> reporter: they are the tiktokers taking on body shaming. >> muscle dysmorphia is a major issue. >> reporter: a growing number of gay men are publicly pushing
8:49 am
back against what they call bullying within the gay community over how they look. >> i've had someone actually say, if you lost a little bit more weight, i think we could go on a date. >> reporter: a study showed gay men had lower body esteem score, higher rates of eating disorder and greater concerns for physical attractiveness compared to straight men. nico cassidy grew up as an overweight kid in upstate new york. once he got to college body expectations led him to extreme dieting. >> you're so gay. you're fat. it's definitely deep rooted in shame from childhood and to be who we are and that shame cops out and portrayed as a little more of a superficial vibe. >> reporter: sam posts his body with pride. calls himself full-figured and body positive. >> there is an unwritten and kind of unspoken adonis complex that happens especially within american gay culture. >> reporter: experts point to social media and dating apps affecting all of us, gay and straight. one study showed digital comparisons led to users feeling
8:50 am
worse about themselves. >> the pursuit of the ideal body or pursuit of perfection can be damaging and lead to depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues. >> reporter: they say they hope speaking out will help change perspective. >> the one thing i learned confront things as they happen because if you actively are working on yourself you will always have hardships but you'll be the best you can be. >> my relationship with my body, i feel it's a growing relationship. i'm getting used to me. >> reporter: and experts say some of the most helpful tips, reduce your time on social media and redirect your focus to something else but, of course, george, that's easier said than done. >> sure is.
8:51 am
let's talk to dr. jen ashton. you don't hear a lot of talk about this. >> we don't. i want to take a more macro view of this. it's not just body dysmorphia and eating disorders in the gay community. it's men in general that are often overlooked so they're facing almost a double cultural bias of stereotypes where you don't think of men as being subjected to the risks of body dysmorphia and eating disorders. i want to be clear, there are associated medical risks here. it's not just a cosmetic issue. obviously men or anyone with body dysmorphia then can go on to have an increased risk of associated depression, anxiety, substance abuse, i want to be clear, a higher associated risk of death. this is truly a medical issue and i'm so glad we're talking about it. >> what's the latest science on eating disorders? >> one of the biggest misconceptions, if you see someone dealing with body dysmorphia or an eating disorder to try to reason with them. i think it's really important, you know, the theory and psychology and psychiatry, this is a detachment from reality and the only way they can exert
8:52 am
control over his or her life by controlling what they look like, what they eat. and it's not as simple as, you know, you're just wanting to look like a magazine ad. it's a true psychiatric and psychological condition. >> you're a nutrition expert as well. what's your advice to anyone struggling with it? >> my advice on anything related to the mental health and physical health sphere is to fill the boat. get professional help. as intimidating as it may seem there is help available. we'll put the national eating disorder hotline number, 1-800-931-2237. help is available. >> yep, call that any time you need the help. jen ashton, thanks very much. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. karina: good morning. i am karina nova from abc 7 mornings. here is sue hall with traffic. sue: thank you, karina. we have the bay bridge plaza lights still on, back to the maize area for a solid 50-minute delay. westbound 580, sam marone valley road, an accident clearing there. in an accident santa rosa, north 101 at five. drew: hi, sue. warm temperatures out there, mild, 60's and 70's already. a lot of sunshine. a live look from our east bay hills cam. not a cloud can be seen. patchy fog this afternoon along the coast. warmer in line, shoreline, 70's
9:00 am
and 80's. karina? karina: now time for "live with kelly and ryan," and we will be back at 11:00 with midday live. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "jerry and marge go large," rainn wilson. plus, model and entrepreneur, hailey bieber. plus, steve patterson is in central park as we continue "pawfect match week." all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: morning, morning. [cheers and applause] please. stay for a while, why don't you? [cheers and applause] [l


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