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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 14, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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focusing on the former president's claims of fraud. his response to hearings. >> a live look at our live camera, the sun is shining, warm weather is expected. meteorologist drew tuma is the forecast in a moment. >> it is tuesday, june 14. good morning. >> first let's check the forecast. another hot day. drew: certainly warm. temperatures going back into the 90's and the warmest spots today. the sun is up, cool along the coast from a in half moon bay but most of us to 50's and 60's this tuesday morning. lately are needed, a before picture from the exploratorium camera. ase look at the fecor the day, take sunglasses with you. warm up faster compared to yesterday. mid 70's and 80's by lunchtime, warmest spots going into the 90's. we'll take a closer look at these highs and warmer weather
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arriving tomorrow coming up in a few minutes. francis: think starting to build up at the bay bridge, toll plaza, traffic backed up into the parking lot and there is a traffic alert in san francisco. they'll accident on mission in 21st. avoid that area. you may want to consider valencia and south venice as alternates. off the dumbarton bridge, these bond direction, apparently a car broke -- drove off the bridge and is partially in the water. it is not causing any delays and you want both hands on the wheel through the altamont pass. there is a wind advisory for their and the initial bridge. -- venetia bridge. >> police investigating a crash that left one person dead and around 3:00 a.m. on mission street near 21st street. at least two cars involved but we don't have information about the condition of the other driver or how many others may
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have been hurt. it reach out to san francisco police department for more information. >> now the capital attack hearings. the next hearing is expected tomorrow, they made expected to show how they say former president trump crash of the justice department to claim there was brought in the election. a congresswoman took the lead in the third hearing, saying that there were quote extravagant lives of mr. trump. dutch lions -- lies with mr. trump. the election committee claimed trump to hold off on his victory as ballots were being counted. >> what were the chances of president trump winning the election? >> none. >> the committee is still trying to decide whether to make criminal referrals. >> details about proud boy members who disrupted drag queen
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story time at the san lorenzo library. the sheriff's apartment is trying to determine if hate crime charges will be filed. our reporter's life with the latest. >> good morning. they are trying to determine if what was said during the incident saturday qualifies as being enough to file hate crime charges. they say they have identified the people involved and interviewed them. no one has been arrested. saturday, the san lorenzo library held drag queen story our. -- hour. the drag queen had her session broken when probably showed up. according to the sheriff's office, they shouted homophobic entrance phobic -- and transphobia slurs while children were pleasant. -- resid. they're trying to determine if this was a protest or form of hate speech.
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they believe hate fueled the incident. >> any destruction to an event that is rooted in homophobia or transphobia is hate. >> what we are dealing with is there is a fine line between what is free-speech and constitutionally protected speech and you have to decipher for hate crime wind is that line get crossed. >> the san lorenzo library says they will have more security at drag queen story our during -- hour especially during pride month. parents admit already members as a said at the incident is harmful to the children. >> president biden has taken a crucial first step to create a national museum for asian american and pacific islander history. he signed a law creating a commission to study a potential museum. pres. biden: it is clear the battle for the soul of america
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continues. that is why a museum like this is going to matter so much. museums of this magnitude and consequence are going to inspire and educate. more than anything else it will help people see themselves in the story of america. the story that makes us a better america and has made us a better america. >> the commission will also look for potential locations, developing a fundraising plan and recommending if it should be considered as part of the smithsonian institute. >> you saw game five on abc seven and it was good. the warriors on the brink of another nba title. there sixth in the last eight years. andrew wiggins led the team with 26 points to be the celtics. golden state leads the series 3-2. >> before i got here, they have been great. i think i have worked for them and i feel like i am pretty easy-going. so i came in here and i'm
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playing basketball and i'm playing hard. feeling people respect that and i'm trying to win at the end of the day. whatever they need, i am here to help. >> you don't get more excited than when he dunks on someone and mean mugs him. that uplifts the team. >> jordan poole helped increase the lead in the second half, second buzzer beater of the series to close the third quarter. >> the big question as whether the warriors will win in boston or come back at home and get game seven. [applause] >> thousands of diehard fans filling thrive city inside and outside the center. fans were impressed with how the team stepped up to take the lead against the celtics. >> warriors in six, it's too
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easy, we are going to kill them. it will be a sad day for boston fans. >> that's why we can't tonight, we are not coming back. no way. >> you think it's going seven, not six? >> now, it's going seven. they are not winning in boston. i'm sorry, it's game seven. >> have to wait to thursday to find out what happens. we are your inclusive home for the finals, live coverage from boston thursday starting at 5:00 p.m.. tip-off are game six at 6:00. >> a teenage girl shot by a pellet gun in the south bay ended up in the icu but is speaking out about the ordeal. >> drone delivery coming to california come out the small town that is getting ready for takeoff. >> it is a warmer afternoon today, the warming trend continues. our marine layer, our sea breeze returns, cooling is off thursday. we will go hour-by-hour and play
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>> into the afternoon, warm response going into the 90's. sunshine today, warmer compared to yesterday, 80 in oakland, 73 in the city, 91 said rosa, 92 antioch. 79 in san mateo. let's check traffic with francis. >> good morning. traffic is backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza, in the last 10 minutes it has grown from the end of the parking lot to past the 880 over crossing. we are seeing some trouble eastbound on the important bridge, a car drove off the freeway and is partially in the water. -- dumbarton bridge. accardo off the freeway and is
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partially the water. -- a car drove off the freeway and is partially in the water. the san mateo bridge ride looking good, westbound traffic on the right-hand side. no major trouble elsewhere, but we will keep track of that problem in san francisco's mission district and i will have an update shortly. >> a blast from the past. sony making big moves with its top dollar device bringing us back to the 80's and 90's. >> and catastrophic, the property manager of a san francisco high-rise detailing the flood that forced hundreds of residents from the building. >> a live look outside. we will be right back. we will be right back. ready to create a bigger world? -i'm in. ready to earn that “world's greatest dad” mug? -i'm in. care to play a bigger role in this community? -i'm in.
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without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. >> details about the flood at a san francisco high-rise, the management company calling it simply catastrophic. this month, more than 600 people were displaced after a water main broke. sfgate reports about 20,000 gallons of water, equivalent to a swimming pool, cascaded from the 35th floor down to the building. the water got into elevator shafts and electrical rooms. 95 of the 403 units have water
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damage. residents are being provided with a hotel room or three dollars a day stipend. they won't be able to go back into the building until at least july 1. >> a most got us -- a mother accused of hosting says parties -- sex parties involving teens. prosecutors say she provided high school students with alcohol and facilitated sexual encounters while she watched. she faces accusations from 15 alleged victims including her own voice on. >> a 15-year-old girl is recovering after being shot with a pellet gun near valley fair mall in san jose. it caused internal pleading, a collapsed lung and center her to the icu. she and her boyfriend were walking to a home near valley fair mall friday when someone shot her from behind. the teenager wonders if the crime is connected with a viral tiktok challenge which encourages people to fire gel balls or orbees at victims.
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she describes this as more extreme. >> they did an x-ray, it is real metal that entered my body and collapsed my lung. >> said has a police confirm it is investigating two additional pellet gun attacks that afternoon. it 42-year-old woman was shot in a walmart parking lot around stevens creek laborde and a nine-year-old girl shot in the back near the westgate mall. police are determining if this is connected. >> a central california town will be the first to get the drone delivery service from amazon. this is near lodi. amazon says it can fulfill orders the same day they are placed and have them delivered in less than an hour. drone will drop off the package at a designated location in a prime members backyard and take off. >> that's great. we are such a small town, it is
6:18 am
hard to find good services that are convenient and fast for us. i'm excited. >> amazon chose the town because of its remote location and ties to the aviation industry. it was home to weldon b cook, who helped build and fly planes and the asian hundreds. >> sony is hoping -- 1800s. >> sony is hoping nostalgia will buy this -- sell this item, the updated walkman is not cheap, coming in at $3700 or $1400 depending on the model you get. sony says both versions are compatible with most music streaming services. we were just talking how crazy expensive that is for anybody, but it turns out it is made from goldplated oxygen free copper and that gives it the stronger digital sound and higher rigidity. drew: ok.
6:19 am
i was like how is this $3700? >> it is made for audiophiles. drew: what did you call them? >> that's what they're called. drew: pure gold. and that's better for sound? >> that's what they say, but i read reviews that say it's not clear he would be able to tell the difference. >> writes. >> it does not sound fuzzy to me. does not sound like a bad radio. >> when you grow up with the og walkman, anything is better. >> one side would break but you did not want to ask mom for another pair. so you just walk around and hear half a song. >> what a time to be alive. what a great day. let's go outside to show you what is happening, a live look. we are fighting the golden gate bridge soaked in sunshine on this tuesday morning.
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we have a lot of sunshine throughout the day today. warmer afternoon compared to yesterday, our warmest day this week is tomorrow and temperatures cool off by thursday and friday. it leads to a nice weekend ahead for juneteenth and father's day. temperatures, location is key depending on how cool you are. in the 50's if not 60's from fairfield to antioch. a light layer needed. light breeze later, on short flow is us but generally 10 to 50 mile-per-hour winds. stronger along the coast but today is all about sunshine and warmer temperatures. starting in the south bay, 80 six cupertino, the same in san jose, 88 morgan hill. 82 from menlo park, san mateo 79. downtown 73 today. cool and comfortable, 67 with the breeze. warm in the north bay, 91 santa rosa, 89 in napa. these bay 70's and 80's, warm
6:21 am
with sunshine. 81 richmond, san leandro. in the end we will see some 90's make a return, 93 brentwood, cooler in san ramon but still warm at 87 degrees. patchy fog along half moon bay, plenty of stars, numbers in the 40's and 50's as we head into wednesday. here is the seven-day forecast, sunny and warmer today, the warmest afternoon is tomorrow. the marine layer returns, our sea breeze kicks in and that will knock numbers down, friday we are below average, most of us in the 60's and 70's. we start with below average temperatures but we warm up sunday for father's day and juneteenth and the warmth will build week. >> a look at what is coming up on gma. hey, ginger. >> hey there. great to be with you. coming up, i will tell you why i have these flowers behind me. i'm in philadelphia. we have to get to the wall
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street wipeout. rebutting paying close attention to the stocks, down more than 20% from peak earlier this year. concerned about inflation grows. we will break down why this all matters even if you don't own stocks. jobs, beyond. i'm tracking the latest on the dangerous heat and severe storms. if you are traveling east, you've got to look out for this because even chicago, detroit, minneapolis, cincinnati talking about excessive heat and warnings around the map. also severe storms, even thunder this morning. and the exclusive interview with hunter biden's ex-wife. we will get into that and i will share sustainable learning tips from here in philadelphia. we are kicking off our closer to home tour. i'm going around america, coming closer to your home. i don't know that i will be in your home, but i would love to be. your people call mine. looks how can we get here? we need ginger time.
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>> take some requests. let's get our bosses together. >> we can do that. quick let's send some emails. >> doing it now. we will see you soon. >> see you later. ♪ ♪
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>> the mayor of san jose wants more officers on the street, the city council will vote on whether to approve his budget proposal, including adding 20
6:26 am
officers to the sep d. the mayor says having more officers walking around will help establish trust in the community. people can get to know their cops and that requires getting officers out of patrol cars and onto the sidewalk according to the mayor. he wants data four officers to the mobile crisis assessment team about which pairs officers will help professionals to better respond to emergencies. >> a major team -- major change taking place july 1 reverie bar and restaurant that serves alcohol in california. concerned that many workers don't know this law exists. the responsible beverage service training act requires people who work with alcohol to undergo a training that teaches how alcohol affects the body, basic laws regulating alcohol and how to handle customers who may have overindulged. >> that is one of the hardest things for a server to do, politely decline to serve somebody when they are showing signs of being obviously intoxicated. >> 33,000 people have been
6:27 am
certified, a fraction of the thousands of workers in california, employees have until august but he to get training or the employer could get penalized. >> elon musk will take part in a meeting with twitter employees thursday, the first time he will come face-to-face with staff since announcing his intention to buy twitter. the employees have voiced concerns about the future of twitter, the meeting comes after twitter said it expects a shareholder vote on the sale to musk by early august. we are learning what could be lady gaga's next acting role. reports say she is in talks to join joaquin phoenix in the jokers equal -- joker sequel, apparently a musical. details about been announced but gaga would play harlequin. -- harley quinn.
6:28 am
gaga worked with him for a star is born, which earned her an oscar nomination and an oscar win for best song. governor newsom is not happy, why lawmakers push to get the budget to his desk this week. >> another budget beater -- buzzer beater for jordan poole as the warriors take the lead in the finals, on the brink of another championship. >> and live look outside, 620 a time.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> now at 6:30, covid testing sites in san francisco on the brink of closure. of concern about at risk communities and the effort by a local nonprofit to save them. >> a a area baker getting -- a area baker -- a area -- bay area baker getting attention. drew: warmer weather this afternoon, the warming trend continues tomorrow as well. location is key depend on how cool it is. 40's on the board in parts of the north bay and along the coast, these along the shoreline, 60's and our warm response inland. they live look at the exploratorium camera, not a cloud to be seen, we are filled with sunshine and the day looks
6:32 am
like this. sunny skies continue through the day. we are warming faster compared to yesterday, 70's and 80's away from the coast by lunchtime. 90's make a return inland. a look at these highs coming up in about nine minutes. >> alameda county authorities -- a group of white nationalists disrupting a reading at a library. proud boys interrupted a story time a drag queen. live at the liary with that. >> good morning. they're trying to determine if what was said during that incident can qualify as potentially filing for hate crime charges. authorities have identified the members involved in that incident and they have interviewed them. no one has been arrested yet. saturday during a library reading at the san lorenzo library called drag queen story hour, members of the proud boys
6:33 am
showed up to stop the event. video surfaced of them pulling up white's premises to signs at the library. -- white supremacist signs at the library. the drag queen had to be escorted away by security. that sheriff's office is trying to determine if what was said qualifies as hate crime charges, they were saying homophobic and trans phobic marks. the sheriff met with library staff monday. >> basin who brought the -- they sayid who brought the tranny, a groomer, a pedophile, why do you bring the kids to this? >> we never want an event where children are frightened. >> she does not feel safe right now, but her message is that she is not going away. she says succeedscing her but se are people in the world that are
6:34 am
not comfortable with the amount of diversity she says is currently in the area and the world. >> one more win is all the warriors need for another nba title. last night they beat the celtics 104-94, taking the lead. the star of the night was andrew wiggins, who scored 26 points on a night when steph curry struggled from the three-point line. warriors are heading to boston to hopefully get it done on the road. >> i've never been so excited to go to boston. i will tell you that. >> we will show up and show out, i think we are going to close this out game six and keep it in the next. >> they will practice tomorrow before the closeout game thursday night at td garden. >> warriors fans flew into cheer on the team at chase center last night. our reporter caught up with them at the arena.>>warrrs fans all r
6:35 am
they take game five and go 3-2 in the finals. >> that was sick. >> the warriors one after the worst three-point shooting i've ever seen, unbelievable performance by andrew wiggins, unbelievable. parks that is what i been waiting for a long time. >> they packed into thrive city and the chase center to show boston hello they can get. -- how loud they can get. may be their lucky charm was the seven-year-old who flew from kansas city to cheer on the warriors. >> my mom gave me a box and there was a car that said it is your time to go to a golden state warriors game. >> what was your reaction? >> i got very happy and jumped
6:36 am
up and down. >> or maybe it was the 68-year-old fan whose doctor told him to live life so he put on his ring into that. >> i just had a stroke and my moy onou eveif i hetpoe p u- a >> most of the nation would take one win, and give six or seven, winning -- routing the team on as they go to boston. >> a lot of money spent on those tickets but will work it that's worth it for the fans. abc 7 is the home of the finals, we will have pregame and postgame programming throughout the series continuing with game six on thursday, coverage starts
6:37 am
at 5:00 p.m.. tipoff is at 6:00. >> the latest covid headlines, the independent panel of vaccine experts meeting on the internet request on the vaccine for kids six to 17. -- moderna request on the vaccine for kids six to 17. tomorrow they will talk about kids under six. testing positive for covid again, less than 30 days after contracting it. he is experiencing mild symptoms . in a race to contain the current search, millions required to test and thousands under another lockdown. in san francisco, community leaders rallying to save five covid testing sites from closing. funding for the sites will be eliminated in the mayor's new budget. opponents of the plan gathered at city hall yesterday and are asking the mayor to rethink her proposal. the nonprofit says closing the sites would disproportionately
6:38 am
impact vulnerable communities. >> two years ago we held discussions with city leaders about racial justice, divestment from failed systems and institutions and the promise of equitable investments. >> the mayor's office as the city is facing reduced federal funding and need to focus on economic recovery. they also say the city will continue to provide testing and resources through sf health network, health centers and public testing sites for vulnerable communities. >> governor newsom is not happy about a new state budget lawmakers approved, but it is headed to his desk. at issue is how to spend a record $100 billion surplus. legislators want to spend billions on things like education and housing, including a program to cover 20% of the price of a home for first-time buyers, since the surplus money was only a for one year, some feels the budget spends too much on things that need multiple years of funding. despite objections, lawmakers
6:39 am
approve the bill anyway. state law requires them to pass a budget by tomorrow or they don't get paid. budget talks continue before the new fiscal year july 1. ask the giants are offering fans and affordable ticket option for summer. the flexible ticket account guarantees the lowest price. membership starts at $500 and you will be able to use it as credit to pick your games. an extra perk includes access to postseason tickets before the general public. >> as the nba finals continue, espn is highlighting small, lock on businesses in nba markets. one based in the bay area is pike history, owner is a self-taught baker. she gave way slices from her mother's home. they sat down with the dallas mavericks owner and shark on shark tank.
6:40 am
>> our flavor combinations, the value we place on aesthetics and how we present pies. i don't feel like we have hacked our distribution. >> if you're pies are amazing and the only thing that holds you back is the shipping, i would market them as drops. we are the first pie company to do drops. >> can find them at a few grocery stores and they ship nationwide through gold belly. if you are looking for a great place to eat, don't go far, a bay area chef has been named that best in san francisco. he took home the top honor at these awards and got another for chinatown, the oscars the industry. another was honored at the ceremony in chicago. oaklands understory received an
6:41 am
emerging leadership award. >> how would you like to stay at a winery during your next trip to one country? airbnb aching it easier. they've added a category on the website called vineyards which allows people to stay at a winery. someone hundred thousand vineyards are featured, all looking for guests. there are listings in st. helena, sonoma and glenallen. prices range to more than $3800 per night. flooding and mudslides leaving roadways damaged in yellowstone, what it could mean for summer tourists. and a live look at the stock exchange. positive territory, a big difference from yesterday, an update on the markets in a couple of minutes. and gas price glitch, how cheap $.69 gas got a manager fired. at 7:00, alzheimer's and brain health awareness month, the latest research that could impact millions of americans. plus a grizzly bear.
6:42 am
breaking down why climate change is to blame. >> the san jose 280 connecting ramp to northbound 880, traffic is blocked, the left lane, injuries have been reported so it looks like it's going to slow down on that stretch. a little slowing in the northbound direction. we will check out the toll plaza which is backed up past the over crossing at this point. there is an accident also southbound 101 near cochran. it is up to the right-hand side but causing delays in the northbound direction, delays for folks making their way through morgan hill.
6:43 am
in san francisco, there was a fatal accident this morning, mission and 21st is the spot you want to avoid. consider valencia and south venice. -- venice. >> a live look at the camera, sunshine this morning, air-quality breathing easy the next couple of days today and tomorrow. good air quality across the region. >> live doppler 7 with satellite, we are in between two features. low-pressure move into these, a ridge of high pressure building that will bring us warmer weather today and tomorrow. winds willrogh to pressure, an on f today, not excessively windy. teacher drug wind gust by four clock p.m., winds are light, 10 to 15 miles per hour, stronger to the coast. 80 in oakland, 86 san jose, 73 in the city, 91 in santa rosa, 92 in antioch. the warming trend gets underway,
6:44 am
tomorrow is the warmest day but by thursday we have our marine layer returning. onshore breeze is cooling us off and the cooling trend continues into friday as well. here is a look at other high temperatures around the bay area, sponsored by disney and pixar's lightyear in theaters friday. >> this suit mean something. >> from the studio who brought you toy story, >> to infinity and -- >> thank you. >> you know the toy. discover his story. >> i'm going to get everyone home. clicks the probability of surprising -- >> the possibility of surviving is 38%. >> tickets available
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>> we learn to the committee investigating the january 6 capital insurrection has postponed its hearing that was scheduled for tomorrow. no details on why they are postponing. the next hearing is happening thursday. >> flooding because the famous yellowstone national park to temporary shutdown and there is concern about more rainfall in the coming days. aerial video shows the extent of the damage was several roads washed out.
6:48 am
those who live along the river and managed to evacuate are worried about their homes. >> i husband and i put in a brand-new house. never could afford a new house. it is sitting at the top of the lane and we are hoping that by some miracle our house will be there. >> so far -- >> pricing premium gas for $.69 a gallon, the manager got the ax. he excellently moved the decibel to the wrong -- decimal to the wrong spot. hundreds got the gas before it was discovered and it cost the gas station $60,000. >> they put all three parts on there except diesel, but less when did not go. i took responsibility and said it's my fault.
6:49 am
>> the fire management says -- manager says he is worried look ensued. but that family has helped repay the lost revenue. corrects scary moments at a safari park, a dog rescue from a gorilla habitat. two dogs were loose inside the zoo over the weekend. look how scary this is. you see the gorilla walking right toward it. running toward the dog. one of the primates started to chase the dog. you can see onlookers yell for help, zookeepers moved the gorilla inside. the dog is now at shelter. glad it is ok. a major win for spacex -- environmental approval for the mars locket raj out of -- rocket watch out of texas. -- launch out of texas.
6:50 am
they will monitor wildlife impact, worry -- one the public about sonic booms. they also agreed to limit the mars rocket to the weekends. the faa will continue to give the all clear. >> an effort to use inflation, the federal reserve expected to raise interest rates this week by .3% -- by three quarters of a point. the s&p 500 lost 20% of its value this week coming off its most recent high, so we are in bear market territory. that is an indication of the economy is going in the wrong direction. >> this is probably going to be a very difficult time for the economy and the problem is that expectations for the next refinishing -- recession have shifted. >> along with record high gas
6:51 am
prices and rising food costs, we are getting word of a price tag. companies planning to increase prices later this summer. and look at how the new york stock exchange is doing, we are in positive territory, not much but we are there. up about 24 points. this week, major retailers confirming reports of a tempo shortage across the nation -- temp on shortage -- tampon s hortage. staffing challenges, bottlenecks and rising costs for materials. there's also a shortage of cotton and plastic. the crisis in ukraine and drought in texas being blamed for cotton shortage., >> a new home for some hardest working puppies in the area. canine companions and santa rosa getting a new center according to the press, it's expected to
6:52 am
be finished by august of 2023. it will house a research facility and a veterinary hospital. the nonprofit breeds and trains service dogs and do rid work. canine companions will also own the new property. >> the warriors dance cam was on a chase center, we caught up with a super fan. robin has been a warrior stanford decades back to rick perry. besides her dance move, it is a warriors prisma sweater she is known for, a gift that was -- christmas sweater she is known for, a gift that was original for her son. after putting it on, something kim over her at a home game and religion was born. -- a legend was born. >> i don't know what made me stand up but i did, and the camera said here's a lady, it kept going. >> the dance cam mom is as recognizable as any warriors player, videos of her dancing
6:53 am
viewed millions of times, the coach said the team is watching her dancing instead of listening to him. i like her a lot. >> you want to dance, cheer on the warriors. i just love her. and that sweater and the turtleneck. >> she has got a look. >> where the blue-eyed ecolab -- blue ivy collab? >> she was there last night. >> she looks so grown up. >> how old is she? >> she's 10. her birthday was january 7. >> happy belated birthday. a lot of sunshine, shaping up to be another fantastic day. outside, nothing but sunshine. a warmer afternoon today, tomorrow is the warmest day of the week. we are cooling off by the end of the week which leads to a nice weekend ahead.
6:54 am
numbers right now, we are seeing 40's and the north bay, elsewhere 50's to low 60's 60's at this hour. future tracker temperatures are warming faster compared to yesterday. 60's and 70's already in our warmest spots by 10:00. we expect 90's to return to our warmest spots inland. 86 in san jose, and warmer afternoon today compared to yesterday. the same in cupertino. 83 palo alto, 84 redwood city, 79 san mateo. sunshine along the coast, 63 for half moon bay. cooler but still nice, 67 for daly city, the north bay's warm. 83 petaluma, 86 novato, 78 in sausalito. in o81 richmond, inlands, 80 we find 90's making a return.
6:55 am
92 in fairfield, 91 concord, 80 in livermore. fog along the immediate coastline overnight, otherwise billets guys and temperatures in the 50's. the next seven days, sunny and warmer, the warmest afternoon is tomorrow and we will cool off as a marine layer returned. the sea breeze kicks in, friday below average. we will warm up for sunday and the warmth will build monday. >> the battle to make part of jfk drive and the great highway in san francisco car free is back. the city voted to make a ban on cars permanent but opponents have filed a new battle it -- ballot measure called access for all, the goal to bring cars back to streets. any delays 9000 voter signatures to make it on the ballot. next, seven things you need to know. >> you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through our app. it is available for apple tv,
6:56 am
android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. you can download the app now and start streaming. >> a look outside, hopefully you >> a look outside, hopefully you are off to a what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more... crazy commutes... crowd control- have a nice day alex (thanks ms. ellen) ...taking the stairs. that's how you du more with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids. and here's something important. dupixent can cause allergic reactions that can be severe. get help right away if you have rash, chest pain,
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worsening shortness of breath, tingling or numbness in your limbs. tell your doctor about new or worsening joint aches and pain, or a parasitic infection. don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent.
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>> 6:58, if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know. we do have breaking news, the committee investigating the january 6 capital insurrection has postponed its hearings scheduled for tomorrow. no expo nation was given. the next hearing will be thursday. >> police investigating a deadly crash in the mission district and save disco, near 21st street on mission street. we've reached out to the police for more. >> of the alameda county sheriff's office have identified several nine who stormed dra orenzo story hour.
6:59 am
they are part of the proud boys organization. the sheriff's office is trying to determine if hate crimes -- hatred will be fired - filed. >> meeting the series three games to two, game six thursday, watch it live here. coverage starts at five rpm. >> it is a -- 5:00 p.m.. >> by 4:00 p.m., warmer spots going into the 90's today. >> another couple of hotspots, incidence heading for the toll plaza, backed up toward the foot of the may is also in san jose, the southbound connector ramp is blocked. you can see here. >> the best chef in california is in the bay area. he took home the top honor at the james beard awards. he also got us restaurant cookbook for the restaurant in chinatown. now i have to go.
7:00 am
>> it is great. i am upset about the losers. we had seven n ♪ good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, as we start this tuesday, there are new signs that a recession may be coming. wall street wipeout. stocks down more than 20% from their january peak as concern grows about inflation. why it matters even if you don't own stocks. from credit cards to car loans to mortgages and jobs, now what the fed might do next to help tame those soaring prices. making the case against former president trump's false election claims, a parade of insiders testifying that they told trump not to declare victory on election night. his attorney general bill barr calling him detached from reality and how trump turned to rudy giuliani as it all led to the january 6th insurrection.


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