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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  June 13, 2022 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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a win tonight would get them one game closer to becoming champions. >> a l the line. let's head to larry beil live at chase center. >> he has a look ahead to game five. a crucial game. >> absolutely. there is a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, may be over steph curry's amazing performance, 43 points in game four. but all that did was even the series up at two games apiece. there is more work to be done before we start planning the parade route. and steph may have to go for 50, because warriors fans aren't going to like this, the celtics are seven-zero this postseason coming off a loss. very dangerous team especially when they are facing a desperate situation. we will see.
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do they try to double-team steph curry, change up the defense? it is a chess match that will play out in front of fans. chris alvarez fought through the crowds in boston and made it back. this is an anniversary klay thompson would like to forget. >> hard to forget this day for the warriors. s acl.a day klay from there, warriors fans don't want to see this but here it is. klay thompson injuring his foot against the raptors. little did we know that the long journey through rehab klay would take. he tore his acl and through the free throws so he could return. you can see steph with the emotion. here is klay reflecting on returning the doorstep of another title. >> what a time three years ago.
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wow. it goes by fast. >> to be back here, we have such a sense of gratitude of being back on this stage. that chapter will always be part of our journey, something we will talk about for a long time. hopefully we can get this job done and pay homage to the three year journey will lead to something special. >> will you take a moment to appreciate how far you have come over these last three years? >> for a second but when i step onto the court i want to win by any means. i don't care how ugly it is. just win and protect home-court. i'm not going to sing kumbaya, i just want to. >> spoken like only klay thompson can. he will have to step upteup?
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>> steph averaging more points by himself than wiggins and klay combined. the crowd in boston sounded deafening coming through the audio on the tv. celtics fans had all day, especially on a friday night, to enjoy their favorite average so that may have been a factor. >> outside of the vulgarities they yelled at draymond and klay, it was the loudest i have heard an nba arena. the warriors fans will have to bring it. jordan poole said get ready. >> the challenge has been set for warriors fans, be loud, be proud. we are counting down to our own pregame show at 5:00. we will see you then. kristen: that place gets loud. the are there. thank you so much, larry and chris. dan: celtics fans and onlookers gathered in front of the hotel this morning hoping to catch a
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glimpse of their favorite players. >> it is my 32nd birthday and i i wouldov toee a couple plerateyaven a you can see a number of fans hanging out in front of t . celtics fans cheered while warriors fans out there booed. kristen: welcome to the warriors house on 35th street in oakland. there is no shortage of blue and gold. despite -- besides being painted in warriors colors, there are miniature hoops and banners. the will -- the owner nearly lost the home and tilde community and stephen curry stepped into save it. >> thank the community for helping save my house. i couldn't live anywhere but here. thank the warriors.
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i have a lot of warriors, and i am a warrior as well. >> he said steph curry would have a big game tonight. sky 7 is live over chase center where the game is set to get underway in less than a couple hours. there is a giants game tonight as well. traffic is going to be heavy in the area. our coverage starts at 5:00 tonight with the pregame show, then nba countdown at 5:30 and game five tips off at 6:00. keep it here on abc seven after the game. dan: let's move on now. robberies at gunpoint, arsons, break-ins and assaults are some of the struggles as this owners in an oakland neighborhood are dealing with day after day. they are set up and demanding
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they be heard so they have a chance at survival. >> when does my life become so undervalued? why is my business undervalued? why is this community undervalued? where we are getting pounded on and there is no help. >> with tears in her eyes, lily describes the terror she and her fellow business owners face every day. >> crime is increasing exponentially on the daily. it is getting more violent, more brutal. >> every direction in this neighborhood, with more than 100 small, mostly refugee owned shops, boarded up storefronts and early closing times. >> i close at 4:00 or 5:30. >> their bottom line, suffering as a response to crimes like this. >> three or four times they hit my store. >> he sleeps on the floor of his
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jewelry store after being broken into 10 times in one year. >> you feel like you are in jail in your own cell. you don't feel free. you are living in fear. >> which is why nearly two dozen business owners have come together so the city will pay attention. >> i want them to listen to us. >> to share their stories and videos of arsons, and attacks, so they will be heard. >> they have encouraged each other to take steps to say if we don't tell our stories, no one is going to know what we are going through. >> it is an effort to drum up attention similar to what oakland's chinatown has done. >> we want the same resources other communities have. >> like volunteer patrols, police presence and security cameras. during a time when business owners want to give up -- >> i hear you. i see you. i am out there and i will
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contact them. we are getting together with many storefronts and the vietnamese chamber of commerce to have a conversation about, how can the city be better? kristen: san francisco's gun violence prevention program is getting a $6 million grant from the state. the money will fund the violence reduction initiative that identifies people at the greatest risk of engaging in or falling victim to gun violence. it connects those people to special help and support resources. the city says the program has successfully engaged with over 100 people. dan: there is major concern in napa county about fire season because of a problem left behind from a fire two years ago. pg&e left tree debris lying around fire prone neighborhoods. our reporter is pushing the utility company for answers. >> this empty plot of land ryan yates once called home.
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>> the fire took off. we were awakened at 4:00 in the morning by the sheriff going by in his vehicle with a siren. >> but he lost it all during the 2020 glass fire. flames ripped through napa county's deer park neighborhood. >> our home of 33 years was gone. >> a painful loss compounded with slow recovery. years later, yates has yet to rebuild partly because of this. >> these are pg&e logs that were cut and stacked here. why they were never removed way back when, three months after the fire, i don't know. >> he says 40 logs between 10 and 60 feet long litter his property, left behind from pg&e. you can tell it is pg&e because they marked them. >> es. the green is pg&e. that means that is their responsibility. >> yates allowed the utility company vegetation management department to enter his property
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to remove the debris pg&e cut down. it has been more than a year since those papers were signed. pg&e has yet to do the job. turns out yates isn't alone. >> he wrote pg&e a letter and said you have to pick the trees up. that is in august 2021. they have not completed the job. >> the napa county supervisor represents this district and put -- pushed pg&e to mitigate this danger zone. >> there are hundreds of properties with trees. they said they cut down 18,000 trees in napa county. another 10,000 in sonoma county. >> the i team reached out to pg&e to understand why this process has taken so long and how much work has yet to bean 'r those questions, but sent us the following statement, saying, since 2021, crews have been
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returning to those sites and disposing of large diameter would that pg&e cut down for safety following the wildfires. after pressure from dylan, yates says pg&e agreed to finish the job by next month, a promise he has heard before. >> i hope they will take care of it. >> and cal fire chief says the fire risk for napa county is a seven out of 10. >> it is a seven heading to 10. in napa and sonoma county, the landscape has changed. >> leaving yates frustrated. >> you are prohibiting me from rebuilding my home from a fire two years ago because you have not performed as you are required. >> fearing the worst for his neighbors. >> it is scary that it will happen again. >> stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. kristen: two firefighters faced off in alameda county court today, one charged with
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assaulting the other in a brutal attack with a hydrant wrench. >> i don't wish to give a statement. i want to see justice is done in this case. >> would you talk to us? >> i don't have anything to say. kristen: the defendant declined to comment to the i team. he is charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon. he allegedly showed up at the victims home and beat him with a hydrant wrench. the firefighter suffered a broken left arm, swollen right arm and a concussion we are gett paul pelosi following his arrest for driving under the influence. his mug shot was released today. the husband of nancy pelosi was pulled over for being over the legal limit a police say, and reporting -- reportedly combining with -- colliding with another car. kristen: storytime turns into a
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nightmare at a library. cat rescue. the tiger saved from a horrific life at a roadside zoo. warriors coverage is just getting started. later, the band, dance mom, and more. >> here is a live look from sky 7 at the chase center in thrive city. it will be comfortable, 68 and breezy but by the end of the game, a chilly 58 degrees. wonderful weather for father's day weekend and a bit of heat coming up.
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dan: the health and human services secretary tested positive for covid again, less than 30 days after he previously contracted it. he is experiencing mild symptoms. kristen: people can fly to the u.s. without showing proof of a negative covid test. the cdc will reassess the decision in 90 days. dan: the fda's panel of vaccine experts will vote wednesday on whether to recommend vaccines for children ages five and under. kristen: nonprofits in san francisco are urging the mayor to rethink her budget proposal which would cut millions in covid assistance funding. we were at a rally today on the steps of cit group says the ma's proposal takes away needed money. they say covid testing sites remain busy and the virus is
4:17 pm
hitting minority communities especially hard right now. >> we are not over the pandemic. we are over 20% positivity rate. just because we are not announcing those numbers, that doesn't mean the people that are sick are not sick. they are still sick. they still need support and we should be able to provide it. kristen: unless something changes, the budget will take effect july 1. dan: the san francisco school board says it wants to be focused on student outcomes, so much so that there was a proposal to keep board members from participating in standing committees. our education reporter explains. >> our district will be offering summer programs hosted at sites across the city. they will serve thousands of students. >> that is the outgoing superintendent of san francisco public schools, who recently announced summer programs are
4:18 pm
being offered once again this year in an effort to support learners who may not be at grade level. >> of the recovery continues. >> the school board president says covid made recovery more difficult. >> the willingness to partner, to approve student outcomes. >> that is the incoming student -- superintendent who promised to prioritize those students who have been historically left behind. to focus on the goal of improving student outcomes, lamb says it is necessary to suspend the operation of all standing committees of the board. epically a board member serves on three or more committees, which oversee the curriculum, rules and policy and the budget. some board members find the added work to be not very effective. >> we will have that work occur at the board level. to know that that work will continue and be prioritized and be more effective and more
4:19 pm
focused. >> the matter will be discussed tomorrow and voted on this month. ideas are members of the board to be free of these committees into the fall, while the focus will instead be on what in-house students are learning. leah melendez, abc 7 news. kristen: the oakland zoo has two new big cats. the tigers were rescued from horrible living conditions in oklahoma at a roadside zoo. >> a whistleblower recognized we had open space and that started the chain of events. there are so many tigers in backyard situations in horrible roadside situations, and private ownership. we need to put an end to that. kristen: oakland has a facility for rescue tigers. four cats were rescued from the zoo. the other two went to other rescue facilities. dan: nice to see them in good hands.
4:20 pm
we went from steamy to perfect in terms of the weather. kristen: perfect is nice. mike: such a change from the humidity and light rain and sprinkles that happened yesterday. the cold front passed and this is what we have outside right now. look at all the sunshine raining down on chase center. just like threes will be raining in shortly. our role players usually play better at home. hope they help steph a little bit. sunny and warmer through wednesday, not as hot as what we dealt with last week. comfortable weather for father's day weekend. next week, the heat could be just as hot and could be staying around longer. for today, look at these breezes. about 15-35 miles per hour, bringing in refreshingly dry air. look at the humidity, 20% to barely 45% in fremont, near the
4:21 pm
coast a little bit higher, 67 percent in half moon bay. the results of the sunshine, dry air and that combining to bring us a comfortable day. san francisco 65, 60 nine in hayward, union city 68. the rest of us in the 70's, low 80's in inland, east bay and north bay neighborhoods. you do for clean air -- beautiful clean air and it will stay that way. sunset at 8:32 this evening, breezes taper after 9:00 and we drop into the mid-50 to upper 60's inland. the low is moving away, allowing high pressure to bring us warmer weather but nothing extreme. it will move away by another cold front thursday, but unlike the last two cold fronts, this one doesn't offer wet weather or humidity. tonight's temperatures, 49 in santa rosa, 61 in antioch, 49 in
4:22 pm
half moon bay. the microclimates, mid-80's and the south bay, 86 in san jose, mid to upper 70's and low to mid 80's with up in the insula. mid-70's in downtown and south san francisco. 78 in sausalito, mid 80's through 90 in north bay valleys. 79 in berkeley, everyone else 80-83. inland temperatures around 87. low to mid 90's as we head out highway four. the 70 forecast, a couple degrees of warmth added to wednesday. that will make it the warmest day. dry cold front induces the sea breeze and marine layer, we drop 5-10 degrees and friday and saturday, actually cooler than average. sunday, we warm back to average for father's day, 60's at the coast, 70's in the bay, 80's inland. we will talk about the warmth monday a little later. dan: david donda cap and down
4:23 pm
and went to a graduate ceremony. he missed his own graduation and was able to join today. congratulations, david. we are thrilled for you. and he just celebrated 50 years at kgo. rocky day on wall street as stocks take a dive. kristen: the affected is having on the housing market, just
4:24 pm
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dan: stocks likely lost money today. the dow pump -- tumbled on worries of drastic rate hikes. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow sank 876 points. the nasdaq was down 4.7 and the s&p fell nearly 4% today. that index is over 20% below its all-time high set in january, putting stocks in a bear market. kristen: the high-endng hug sas ux dppedneararwey bgerop sip is a sign competition for homes is easing. dan: i ban on new vacation rentals in sonoma county will continue after the vote to extend a moratorium on permits.
4:27 pm
>> if we don't pass this i'm concerned this will turn into the wild west, where there is a new massive run-on applications. i think it is critical for us to buy the space and time we need to have a thoughtful deliberation. dan: the board of supervisors voted to extend a freeze on new permits for up to a year, giving them more time to develop regulations for vacation rentals. a moratorium was issued in march. during this hearing today, 13 people spoke against extending the moratorium. one speaker supported it. the commission update on rental rules is scheduled for august 2. kristen: more tough testimony today on capitol hill. >> he became detached from reality. kristen: former attorney general bill barr on president trump's belief the election was rigged. dan: story hour for kids, interrupted by an extremist group. group. the investigation
4:28 pm
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a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. your future is ahead of you, so it's time to make the most of it with kisqali. because when you invest in yourself, everyone gets the best of you. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the big lie was also a big ripoff. kristen: southbay congresswoman
4:31 pm
zoe lofgren takes center stage. she is a member of the january 6 committee and she have -- has made determination to lay out what she says were lysed by president trump. dan: the committee played taped testimony from his top allies. kristen: jay o'brien has more. >> the house select committee, using taped testimony from 10 of president 4 -- former president trump's advisors claiming he knew he lost the election but even to this day, limning it was stolen. the committee says emboldened trump supporters attacked the capitol on january 6. former attorney general bill barr detailed the multiple meetings where he told trump his claims of election fraud were bogus. >> i said, he really believes this stuff. he has lost contact, he has
4:32 pm
become detached from reality. >> several top aides including jason miller and jared kushner testified they cautioned the former president against listening to sidney powell and ruby do giuliani -- rudy giuliani. bill stepien, saying they were ignored by trump. >> my recommendation was to say that it is too early to tell, too early to call the race. >> did anybody who was part of the conversation disagree with your message? >> the president disagreed. >> the committee called an election attorney who represent george w. bush during the 2000 recount. he said the claims were far-fetched. >> the 2020 election was not close. the most narrow margin was 10,000, something in arizona.
4:33 pm
you just don't make up those sorts of numbers in the recounts. >> the committee, delving into how trump and his allies allegedly raised money on these false claims of election fraud, bringing in roughly 250 million dollars in donations. dan: we are learning new details about several proud boys members who disrupted the drag queen story hour at the san lorenzo library saturday. the sheriff's office tells us they are trying to determine if hate crime charges will be fired -- will be filed. the sheriff met with library staff. the posters in the window of this library are sending a message following what happened on saturday. >> what happened on saturday, i feel it is unfortunate. everyone has a right. >> saturday afternoon, panda dulce was reading to kids.
4:34 pm
members of a white nationalist group showed up. >> they began to shout homophobic and trans phobic slurs. at the event organizer, in the presence of children. >> the sheriff met with library staff. >> it is problematic for lawhino we ner want an event where children are frightened. >> one mother is against the drag queen story hour but she is more upset about the threats made in front of children. >> i don't feel they should be shunned or flipped off. or say anything nasty. that is even worse for the kids to see. >> jonathan is executive director of drag queen story hour. he says they will increase security during pride month. >> any disruption to an event that is rooted in homophobia or transphobia is hate.
4:35 pm
>> a lieutenant with the sheriffs office says they identified and interviewed several of the men involved, but no arrests have been made. the sheriff's department is working with the district attorney to determine if the threats rose to the level of a hate crime. >> we are dealing with a fine linet free-speech and constitutionally protected speech, and you have to decipher for a hate crime, wind does the line get crossed? -- when does the line get crossed? dan: 31 men arrested on an idaho pride event are out on bond. they are accused of planning to riot at the event. a 911 caller reported a group dressed like an army getting into a moving truck. police found a smoke grenade and protective gear in the group cost possession. kristen: amazon's new delivery
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hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click]
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put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. dan: mike and michael join us for this discussion. delivery by drone is about to become official. amazon is launching amazon prime air services. they are testing in a town east of san francisco. items weighing less than five pounds will land in customers' backyards later this year. as a consumer expert, they have been testing this, this has been coming. i suppose it will be convenient, but there are concerns. michael: it is pretty wild. a whole idea of having the craft running around, that is a very small town. i live in the city and not very many of us have backyards here.
4:40 pm
will they drop the package and a backyard? you have to narrow it down more than that for a lot of the bay area. it will be interesting to watch. i don't know how it will work. dan: if we have smart missiles, maybe we need smart packages. mike: kinloch furred there is this place called block furred -- in lockford there is this place called lockford meat and sausage. my backyard is not big but it is big enough. kristen: an engineer at google said the artificial intelligence system might be sentient. he said he was put on leave after reasoning concerns -- raising concerns that the ai advocated for its right as a person during testing. google says there was no evidence of his conclusions and he was suspended for breaching his confidentiality agreement. you can see how that might scare a lot of people who might be worried about that. mike: has anybody watched the
4:41 pm
show called westworld on hbo? that is all you need to know. that is exactly where we are going. they get a little upset with us. dan: some tell us we should be wary of ai in the years to come. kristen: i think that is possibly in our future, although i'm not sure if this is the version but thinking robots, or ai, we are ok with the feeling ones. i think that is what we have to be scared of. michael: i think that guy has been working too hard. they work hard at google but how could you determine that? dan: we shall see. it does all fun and games until they turned skynet on us. now to a don't try this on bart. a dangerous train surfing stunt caught on video.
4:42 pm
a group of people, standing on top of a subway train in brooklyn. they are sprinting and skipping from one subway car to the next. keep in mind, last year a man died subway surfing when he fell onto the tracks. it is not a movie set. michael, you and i did some dumb things as kids but nothing that dumb. michael: that looks really scary. it is what young people do, they do stuff like that. they ought to be patrolling it more carefully because one slip and more than one of those guys could come down. dan: it is scary to watch. mike: they are doing it on purpose but i remember seeing trains in india were people right on top of them because they are so full. but this is different. kristen: this is for likes on social. don't do that. your family begs you. it pest control company wants to pay you to let them release 100 cockroaches in your home. dan: how much will they pay you
4:43 pm
what? kristen: you will get $2000. so the pest in former -- look at that. so they can test pest control to gauge how effective it is. they are looking for 5-7 homes. the end for in 30ay they will use traditional treatment options. i'm sorry, everyone has a price but mine is not $2000. not looking at that video, michael. michael: you couldn't pay me enough. i lived in a college dorm, we had these things. i don't want them again. mike: they were friendly in college. kristen: were they your pets? dan: couldn't they test them in and ought artificial environmental? -- in an artificial environment? so we are all out. that is t
4:44 pm
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tobe: in the society that we were brought up in, all with no monthly service fee. it's very hard on little black boys. you have to navigate feelings, and emotions, so the world don't get you. jordan: sometimes, when i cry, i won't know how i'm feeling or why i'm crying. mohamed: i just grew up never feeling like it was okay to cry. tobe: yeah. muhammed: and so he really forced me to have to reconnect with the kid that didn't get to cry. tobe: that's beautiful.
4:47 pm
dan: we are live at thrive city with a preview. >> you can hear the music intensity building right now. many of the fans i talk with believe this game at chase will be the loudest ever at chase in light of some of those cheers we heard in boston, the vulgar cheers directed at draymond green. many fans say those were uncalled for. >> low class. that is not necessary. hopefully it will fuel us even more, but hopefully the crowd here will be a little more well behaved. >> i think they were pretty nasty. boston does have a history of doing things like that, being a
4:48 pm
little dirty. >> very inappropriate, disrespectful. i hope we stay humble. >> the ultimate this respect. i get it, it is a game. these guys are human beings. they have feelings. to see what boston did and then for them to lose in the fashion they lost, it felt really good. >> everybody outside boston doesn't like boston. let's be honest. >> it will be loud. we will be allowed. we will be screaming. >> i hope we are more respectful. i like the competitiveness, though. dan: this group of dancers is called the harvard classics. their cheer tonight will be, love you draymond. i talked with warriors fans who flew in from across the country for the game. houston, canada, wisconsin, kansas were some of the locations where dubs nation came from. you are looking live outside of
4:49 pm
chase center as we approach tip-off tonight. many of the fans, saying they are hopeful steph curry, chef curry keeps cooking. they are hoping for another 43 point game. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: he was on fire the other night. thank you. we will see you a lot this evening. kristen: at -- as the nba finals continue, espn is highlighting small black-owned businesses in nba markets. one in the bay area is a bakery. her company took shape after she gave away slices from her mother's home. they had the chance to have a virtual sit down with dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. >> we are known for flavor combinations.
4:50 pm
the value we place on aesthetics and how we present pies. i don't think we have hacked our distributions. >> if your pies are amazing and the only thing that holds you back is the shipping, i would market them as drops. we are the first pie company to dewdrops. kristen: you can't -- you can find them at berkeley bowl and grocery stores, plus nationwide online. dan: the giants are offering fans a more affordable ticket option as they swing into summer. the flexible ticket account guarantees the lowest price throughout the season. members can use it to select the game, date, ticket quantity and seed location. membership starts at $500 so there is an entry point. extra perks include asks s -- access to postseason tickets before the general public. kristen: that is interesting. dan: i bet people will take them
4:51 pm
up on it, especially given the economy. everyone is looking for a deal. mike: they swept the angels over the weekend, now they have kansas city coming to town. let me show you the forecast for the chase center if you are headed out, 68 degrees at 5:00 then dropping to 58. it will taper but it is pretty cool. maybe a brandon crawford home run away at oracle? looking at six: 45, dropping down to 61 degrees. traffic could be interesting. let's take a look at our high temperatures. you can see the localized sea breeze will definitely keep the coast at san francisco from overheating. 90's and lynn tomorrow and hotter temperatures in those areas wednesday, but a dry cold front will enhance that cooling sea breeze. look at the temperatures,
4:52 pm
dropping thursday, then they keep cooling. i've got your order for father's day weekend, bringing you some pretty good weather. that is selfish on my part. dan: thanks, mike. kristen: now to a fan favorite. dan: dance mom on the series and why she is the
4:53 pm
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announcer: you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. kristen: coming up next, dubs on seven pregame show. at 10:00, jimmy kimmel's game night, then at 10:30, a special hour-long dan: addition of abc 7 news. dan:the warriors dance cam mom will be back tearing on her favorite team. dustin dorsey caught up with the super fan before game five. >> it is fun going to the grocery store and taking selfies with people. little kids come up, you have
4:56 pm
dance skills, ma'am. >> dubs nation has the most energetic fans in the nba, but nobody brings the energy quite like robin, the dance cam mom. >> when i'm on the jumbotron it is amazing. the crowd goes crazy. it is like steph hit a three. >> she has been a fan for decades and knows everything about the team and has had season tickets since the 1980's. >> i'm not a bandwagon fan. i have been there through the lean years. >> today's warriors give her plenty to dance about. it is a warriors christmas sweater that she is known for, a gift meant for her son. after putting it on, she said something came over her in a home game in 2016 and a legend was born. >> i stood up and started dancing in the cameraman said, here is an old lady. it kept going. >> the dance cam mom is almost
4:57 pm
as recognizable as warriors players, as videos of her dancing have then viewed millions of times. steve kerr told her he is not exactly a fan. >> he goes, you know what? you need to stop that dancing. i said, ok. because when you are dancing, it is during the time out and they are supposed to be listening to me and they are watching you. so stop it. >> kidding aside, the team feeds up the crowd and she is there to bring it. she will have her moves ready for game five. >> we've got this game. go warriors. kristen: look at that game face. did you see that? dan: she is fun. she's got the moves. you would think she would get hot in that sweater. kristen: she is superhuman in that way. we are so happy for her. that is it for abc 7 news at 4:00. dan: for larry, and all of us,
4:58 pm
mike, thanks for joining us. enjoy the ballgame. we wil did you know that renovating your kitchen and bathroom is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home? i'm mike holmes here with ivan from agm renovations america's kitchen and bathroom renovators
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♪ >> back to paris -- curry. steph curry drills the three. >> steph curry dancing, prancing, puts it in. >> we had somebody there. he was just making them. that's what he does. >> steph curry from way downtown. >> i think he's at the peak of his powers. >> the heart of that man incredibl tesoad y o your own bad you inour n y bit >> steph


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