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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  June 1, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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mountain lion pulled out of a bear area classroom. where it is now. the start of pride month and the bay area is ready to celebrate. another crazy day? of course—you're a cio in 2022. but you're ready. because you've got the next generation in global secure networking from comcast business. with fully integrated security solutions all in one place. so you're covered. on-premise and in the cloud. you can run things the way you want —your team, ours or a mix of both.
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with the nation's largest ip network. from the most innovative company. bring on today with comcast business. powering possibilities.™ > building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> we are hours away from the warriors taking the court for the first game of the nba finals. warriors players telling us they are ready to take on the celtics and fans are certainly ready as well. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. let's get to larry beil with a preview of game one. larry: let's go. health is wealth when you get to the nba finals. the warriors are in good shape as they head into game one with the celtics. austin has a couple of key players. last on the warriors made the finals, 2019, was the last game for the dubs at oracle arena.
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klay thompson having a terrific game, tore his acl. they did not know that klay would go on to tear his achilles a year later so we are talking about 2.5 years of re-have to get back out of the court. toronto won the nba title and now, here we are three years later and klay has a new appreciation for playing in the finals. >> to be back for a sixth time is incredible. i never thought that was a possibility in my rookie year. going to enjoy every second of this and play as hard as i can and then you can walk away with no regrets. >> you look up and all the work you put in in the last two years has paid off. all that stuff is built into the context of what has happened since game six. we are back here for the spring special. larry: klay is healthy now and there will be 18,000 people just waiting and savoring and thrilled when he gets out there
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again. what about gary payton ii, what about otto porter junior? who is in, who is out? dan: 18,001 because you will be out there. warriors fans have enjoyed pivotal moments this nba season but tonight, we are putting a spotlight on a local photographer whose lens has helped create a lifelong friendship with jordan poole. here is amanda del castillo with the snapshot. amanda -- >> shout out to jordan. just a really good friend of mine who happens to be extremely elite behind the camera. amanda: that is jordan poole. they met at a training facility three years ago and have since tilt a friendship. they bonded over photography and they have become rising stars in their own respects. this nba season, they have even established a working relationship. him calling himself his personal
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photographer and storyteller and has taken thousands of photos of everything basketball and beyond. >> the travels, the hikes, everything we decide to do on a particular day and we have everything documented for our sake. amanda: jimenez has had no professional training but back in 2015, when he was a teenager battling depression, he picked up a camera to help him view life through a different lens. ever since, he has worked on his craft and says he's blessed to capture such monumental moments courtside. >> i put everything that i have into photography. that is my heart and soul. amanda: their relationship is real on and off the court, regardless of any celebrity status or social media following. >> we are doing something different in our own little lane. i don't know. it's really special. amanda: friendship, photography, and the nba finals. >> one of my big goals was to be able to shoot an entire season
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and go to the nba finals and really document history. amanda: they hope to one day look back on decades of photos, stories, and shared experiences, understanding their unwavering support of one another is part of the big picture. >> we have been friends for a long time. let's tell both of our stories and build together and see what that looks like. amanda: abc 7 news. dan: abc 7 is the exclusive home of the nba finals. we will have pregame and postgame coverage throughout the series. it tips off tomorrow night at 5:00 with the dubs on the pregame show. and then it is nba countdown at 5:30. game one caps off at 6:00, followed by after the game until 10:00. so we have a big lineup for you tomorrow for the warriors game one of the nba finals. let's move on. aggressive firefighting and caer weathertis ve
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lp harng in napa county for more than 24 hours now. the old fire along soda springs road is about 30% contained. the fire has burned close to 600 acres. evacuated residents were allowed to return home this morning and summer taking a hard look at what the constant fire danger in that area may mean for the future. >> i just moved back. i don't really want to move again. i love it here. this is my home. we worked very hard for this. i cannot have this evacuation become part of some "normalcy" in my life. dan: christie renee and her husband's home burned in the 2017 atlas fire. they are artists and lost $7 million worth of artwork to that fire so you can understand why they just don't want to keep going through this paid let's go to abc 7 news -- through this. let's go to meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: the conditions are good
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for the firefighters tonight. they should make some good progress as humidity is way up. it is 59% and the winds are light. even though it was gustyt. 64 degrees is the temperature so hopefully, they make some progress. light winds, next several hours. tomorrow afternoon, the winds will pick up again, 22 to 27 miles per hour but it is coming out of the west, which is an onshore breeze which brings up the humidity. we have an air quality advisory for napa valley that was extended for tomorrow. moderate air quality in the north bay where the smoke will cause impacts. good elsewhere but you can clearly see layers of smoke and haze just before sunset from our east bay hills camera, so certainly some impacts. if you do smell smoke or see it, you want to keep your doors and windows closed and put your ac on recirculate if you can. i will be back with a full look at the forecasts which does include the possibility of rain. dan: thank you.
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it has happened again, another mass shooting. police in tulsa, oklahoma, are trying to figure out why. the gunman in that attack opened fire inside a hospital. five people including the gunmen were killed and several others injured. police found the man carrying a long rifle and pistol on the second-floor floor of the building. he took his own life before he could be taken into custody. >> we are an organization that believes in the power of prayer and there is nothing more this community can do for us than to pray for the families and loved ones and the victims of this senseless act. dan: authorities have not identified the shooter but there are reports that he may have been targeting a specific doctor inside the facility. after many years, the oakland police department is now one important step closer to no longer being under federal oversight. getting today, the department has entered a one-year transitional period.
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abc 7 news reporter tim johns spoke with the police chief one-on-one about what this means. >> -- not just for the oakland police department but for the city of oakland. tim: after nearly 20 years, they entered the final stage wednesday to end its federal oversight. since 2003, the department has been required to enact dozens of reform measures under the guidance of a federal judge and outdoor -- outside observers they were under heavy scrutiny after four officers were accused of blue lies and people on the streets of some oakland neighborhoods. in a sit down neighborhood with abc 7 news on wednesday, the police chief says the department of two is radically different from the one of decades past. >> we are not going to allow people to work for the department that violates the public's trust, that violates our policies. tim: a federal judge determined they completed all of the reforms set out nearly two decades ago. this final step is a
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probationary period of one year, at the end of which if successful, the department will be returned back to local control. but not everyone is convinced. >> we can look back to last year when they were mired in a racist and sexist text messaging scandal. we can look back to the year before during the torchlight uprising. tim: he believes despite the years of oversight, opd has not fundamentally changed. he says he wants to see the city divert money from the department's budget. >> we are in a housing crisis in the city of oakland. there are thousands of people who need critical support. quite frankly, when it comes to law enforcement, i think our money is better spent elsewhere. tim: armstrong says he knows building trust within the community can take time but he says he remains determined to do it. >> true transparency is not just about releasing video. it is about when you are changing policy that is going to
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impact the community, does the committee have a say? tim: in oakland, tim johns, abc 7 news. dan: a young mountain line trapped for hours in a san mateo county classroom. new details about its road to recovery. >> san franciso's pink triangle is lit up to mark the start of pride month. the importance of this symbol in my story after the break. dan: a major shakeup at m eta. what is next
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ages six months to five years. the only age group that so far cannot get vaccinated. california is closing in on 9 million diagnosed coronavirus cases and our test positivity rate is now 7.9%. it has not been this high since early february. a second man has died from a shooting that happened seven months ago on a gilboy councilmembers property. four people were shot during a house party on halloween weekend of last year. the 18-year-old died that night. jesse sanchez passed away just this past friday. the two other victims have recovered. the shooting happened at a property owned by gilroy city councilmember rebecca who was later cited for several violations. a creative effort to increase voter turnout before next week's primary election. a block party was held complete with food, a dj, voting
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information, and an officialox. llotorganizers say so far, early voting numbers are very low and they are trying to change that. the south bay has several big races including san jose mayor and santa clara county sheriff. sheryl sandberg is stepping down as chief operating officer of facebook's parent company, meta. the company confirmed her departure today. she says she will leave in the fall and plans to focus on her philanthropic work. samberg started at facebook back in 2008. facebook grew from 500 employees to nearly 78000 and from 100 million to 3 billion monthly active users. pride month is now officially underway on this first day of june and tonight, san francisco's famous pink triangle was celebrated atop twin peaks. j.r. stone explains how the
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message of the lit up triangle is especially important this year. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheering] j.r.: san francisco's pink triangle is now lit up on twin peaks, marking the start of pride month. >> it is a tragic symbol as opposed to the rainbow flag which was bone out of hope and love and optimism. the pink triangle was forged through hatred and in the concentration camps. j.r.: patrick carney says the pink triangle is now a symbol of resilience and how far the lgbtq plus community has come, as gay men were forced to wear pink triangles in nazi germany. >> we have taken it back and it is a symbol of pride. j.r.: mayor london breed, speaker of the house nancy pelosi, and other figures were in attendance. the featured speaker this year was proud trans woman amy schneider. >> keep fighting.
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keep being proud.hore being whopotive. and you don't have to have a revolution. you just have to beou year's 27k triangle lighting had a special emphasis on the lgbt plus community members in ukrainian cities that are now occupied by russia. >> soldiers with guns just walk around and tell you what to do and they can easily kill a person for just being gay. j.r.: organizers say there are still challenges as more than 70 countries worldwide still criminalize homosexuality. may your breed says -- mayor breed says certainly not the case in san francisco. >> when they say in florida "don't say gay," we light up the city and say gay all day. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: abc 7 is proud to be a sponsor of the san francisco
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pride parade on june 26. you will be able to watch it live right here, see all of our coverage during pride month and year-round at pride. new details tonight on a frightening encounter involving a mountain lion that found its way into a high school classroom in san mateo county. the animal is in the care of doctors at the open zoo tonight, take into the zoo after being tranquilized and safely removed from the classroom. vets getting a good look now. no one was hurt but it was a wild day on campus. the cub spent the majority of the day in an english classroom at the high school under a teacher's desk. the superintendent tells us the cobe got into a school as students were arriving and the door -- cub got into the school as students were arriving. the school immediately went into lockdown. >> i walk into the hallway, everyone is frantic, and i asked what is going on.
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just get in the classroom. get in the classroom. >> within four or five meters of it, it was growling and acting otherwise calmly but just letting me know, hey, i'm here. you are here. not come any closer. dan: that is when authorities decided to subdue the big cat and take it to the zoo for assessment. authorities say the mountain lion is young and undernourished but it is in good care tonight. the poor thing was obviously pretty scared, i would imagine. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. a lot of people will be outside of thrive city, watching the game. sandhya: and they need good weather and it is going to be great in case they are lining up or hanging out in thrive city tomorrow for game one at the chase center of the nba finals as the warriors host the celtics . 62 degrees at tip-off. temperature will drop to 58 later on at night. it will be breezy and there will be some clouds around, but it is going to be dry for game one.
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we do have a chance for rain for the weekend. it is this system that is developing that will bring us the opportunity for much-needed wet weather. you are thinking june. today is the start of meteorological summer. how is it possible we get rain? we get one third of an inch in june in santa rosa. san francisco, oakland, 2/10. a little bit less than that in livermore. we welcome the rain any time, as you know. you are so parched. high clouds out ahead of that system. temperatures really still on the warm side. inland in the 70's. 50's chemical side. 50's and 60's around the bay. from our emeryville camera, a gorgeous view. cooling trend starts tomorrow. windy and below average for the weekend and a chance of rain late saturday night into sunday. tomorrow morning, fog and high clouds will greet you as we get going. into the evening hours, more fog coming in along the coast and that will continue the cooling trend as we head into friday.
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warning temperatures will be on the mild side inland where you will see 50's, 60's right along the coast. around the bay in the 50's. afternoon highs looking like this. 58 in half moon bay. a cooler day than today. low 60's at the coast. those temperatures are coming down. 70's and oakland, fremont. 86, antioch. 84 and hazy in napa due to the proximity of that fire burning up there. saturday, we will see a few sprinkles or light showers in the north bay first. and then as we head into sunday, there's a better opportunity for seeing somewhat weather here in the bay area. it will not last very long so if you are wondering about game two of the nba finals, it's not looking like it's going to affect it. if all totals range from a few hundredths in livermore to possibly .4 inches by sunday. accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy and cooler tomorrow. the cooling continues bayside and inland friday.
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♪♪ nothing brings the pack together like a trip to great wolf lodge. now open in northern california. dan: there is a new disneyland deal just for california residents this summer.
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abc 7's parent company just announced a three day, one park per day ticket. the limited time passes are between $250 and $300 pending on the days you visit, so as low as $83 per day. you will get the chance to see the nighttime attractions that have returned to disneyland like main street electrical parade and world of color. the tickets are good from june 13 until september 15, so a good deal for disneyland. the attraction up here in the bay area, game one of the nba finals tomorrow. can the warriors restart the dubs dynasty? larry beil is here. larry: we have seen all-star wigs and playoff wigs. are we going to see finals wigs? putting celtics on posters! andrew wiggins on his finals debut,
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i've lived in san francisco for 20 years. i'm raising my kids here. this city is now less safe for all of us. chesa boudin is failing to hold repeat
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offenders accountable. he prosecuted zero fentanyl drug dealing cases, even though nearly 500 people have died of overdoses. i'm voting yes on h to recall chesa boudin now. we can't wait one more day when people are dying on our streets.
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> good evening. the warriors are the deeper and healthier team but otto porter junior, gary payton the second, andre iguodala, all listed as questionable. andre has been out with a neck injury. otto has a foot injury that kept him out of two games. gary payton ii recovering from a broken elbow. andrew wiggins is healthy and the warriors hope they see more of that. as wiggs makes his finals debut. >> i will be nervous tomorrow for sure. [laughter] but right now, i'm excited. you know, i'm soaking it all in. and i'm just ready to play for real. [laughter] >> it took me nine years to get here, so it's definitely a moment where i can appreciate it that much more. larry: game one tomorrow night
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at chase center. tip-off, 6:00 p.m. we will begin our pregame coverage at 5:00. the highlights and interviews right here on abc 7, which is your exclusive home of the nba finals. giants going for the sweep in philly. gabe kapler -- the giants trail 2-0, but erased that with five runs in the sixth. 5-2, giants but philly came right back. four runs scored off garcia. he had not allowed a single run all year. kyle schwaber, big, strong. last chance for the giants trying to make it three straight . curt casali, check swing. the giants lose 6-5 and they are onto miami. a little afternoon delight in oakland. eight and astros. -- arguing balls and strikes. the a's finally break through. christian betancourt, his first homer since 2016.
11:31 pm
two run blast. the bullpen could not hang on in the ninth. yourdon alvarez, three run double. the astros come back to win 5-4. the a's have dropped 6-7. >> ask josh if he has ever seen one of these. [laughter] josh, have you ever seen one of these? do you know what it is? >> i have seen it. larry: famous quarterbacks golfing. he ends it with a long shocker. he is clenched. one up after 12. it was a charity event for feeding america more than 10 million meals which were donated during the match. spor
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dan: >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, rupaul, van lathan jr., and music from becky g., with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. welcome, thanks. i'm embarrassed, really, thanks. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. i thank you for watching at home and for joining us here in our studio. i have to tell you, we're a man down tonight. guillermo is not here for the second night in a row, and he might not be back for a while. he's at home right now with a


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