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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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are angry and now channeling that anger into actually fighting back. tonight, growing anger and disappointment among abortion rights advocates after politico published a leaked draft opinion suggesting that the days of the roe v. wade abortion rights ruling's days may be numbered. hundreds of activists taking the fight directly to the supreme court plaza. >> they are not going to get away with this. i don't care what i have to do. >> the high court the draft document is real, but the opinion on the issues, including the landmark roe v. wade decision, is not final. chief justice john roberts plans to an -- plans to aggressively investigate the leak, calling it
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an egregious breach of trust. >> someone leaked a controversial document to the press, almost in an effort to stir up an inappropriate pressure campaign. >> if the draft stance, it would mean a dramatic shift in reproduction rights in the country. millions of american women could immediately lose their legal right to an abortion. women in their 20's account for more than half of abortions. more black women undergo the procedure. >> red states and blue states, old people and young people want roe v. wade -- >> we don't want to dismember children in the womb. dismembering 3000 children every single day. >> as the follow continues, republican lawmakers on capitol
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hill are focusing their anger on who actually leaked that draft. ama: while it goes on, president biden today reaffirmed his stance on abortion rights and said it would be a radical decision if roe v. wade were overturned. faith: he also said that he is concerned that after nearly 50 years, that a woman's right to choose is actually on the line in the supreme court and called on elected officials to step up. dan: leslie brinkley is falling -- following the fall of from the leaked draft opinion. leslie: there is a lot happening. there have been a handful of abortion-rights opponents out here at planned parenthood
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today. they are gone now. meanwhile, those who support abortion rights have been incredibly busy in sacramento. >> i will be introducing a constitutional amendment that will make it crystal clear that reproductive rights in california, including an specifically abortion, are protected. we will not back down. we will double down. leslie: that constitutional amendment affirming the right to an abortion in california is likely with democratic support to get a 2/3 majority vote in both chambers of the senate which would land it a spot on the ballot in november. >> it is clear that this is a real threat. leslie: there are also 13 bills before the state legislature to bolster abortion rights in california from protecting doctors legally to expanding clinic locations and access. there is the expectation that women from other states where
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abortions are banned could come to california for abortions. >> we expected 3000% increase in patients coming to california for care, which will mean that californians' access to care will be impacted by the fact that we will have this surge. >> those protesting outside this planned parenthood clinic work cautiously -- were cautiously optimistic about roe v. wade being overturned this summer. >> it is still a draft, and i am waiting with high anticipation for the final draft. >> these women declined to have better faces shown on camera or use their names, but they are with the group called 40 days for life, intent on blocking access to abortions. they say they are hoping the possible repeal of roe v. wade will change people's mind in
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what they call the abortion industry. these legal developments mean abortion rights will be front and stage -- front and center stage in california for the next six months. larry: thank you. a majority of americans support upholding roe v. wade according to a new abc news news/"washingtonon post" hole. 57% of respondents said the court should uphold the case. 58% said abortions should be legal in all or most cases, while 37% said they should be illegal, and 70% said the decisio a woman and her doctor. ama: governor says he is working on legislation to "enshrine the right to choose." he called the leaked document and appalling attack on the rights of women.
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larry: the abortion debate reached new heights today in san francisco, literally. this man faces charges after scaling up the salesforce tower. he obviously wanted attention, and he got plenty of that. >> he definitely did get a lot of attention. he was posting on instagram as he climbed the 60-plus stories of the salesforce tower. he has a political agenda. he says he is climbing skyscrapers with a message -- stop abortions. anywhere you look from the sky, the ground, and inside the salesforce tower, all eyes were on this man, free climbing the tallest building in san francisco. >> you could basically see him from wherever. >> he was on the 31st floor of
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the tower and describes his own workers running to the windows. >> once he passed the 31st, they moved up to the 32nd and just kept following him. >> edwin curcio -- edwin garcia was walking in downtown san franci climbing up. >> he was basically going all the way up by little, straight, going sideways. >> san francisco police closed off the street as many feared the worst. the man goes by the name real life spider-man, kept waving at salesforce workers. at some point he updated his instagram followers thousands of feet up in the air. >> appear on salesforce tower. it is going rad. just wish i had a little water. >> he says he is a finance major
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who recently started climbing skyscrapers to end abortions. today's action comes hours after a preliminary decision was leaked that the supreme court could strike down the landmark roe v. wade decision. san francisco police officers arrested him immediately when he made it to the top. >> the charges he could be facing are trespassing, obviously climbing a tower without the permission of the building owner, and resisting. officers had made many attempts to ask him to come back down. >> i'm worried about the individual and worried about people in the streets who could have gotten hurt. luckily, it ended safely. >> people were like hey, there's this guy climbing, let's take a
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picture. >> he faces two misdemeanors, one for trespassing and the other for resisting arrest. ama: the cdc says all area counties are once again falling under the high level of transmission. that's more than 100 cases per 100,000 residents in the past seven days. cases statewide have risen by about 30%, and there has been an increase in hospitalizations. california is reporting new data twice a week. the seven-day positivity rate is three point 2%, but data is seen as less reliable now because more people are testing at home. vice president harris returned to work at the white house yesterday. she tested negative for covid yesterday nearly one week after testing positive for covid. doctors prescribed her the antiviral treatment paxlovid. the vice president was
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asymptomatic and worked from home this past week. larry: former congresswoman gabby giffords is bringing her fight to end gun violence to san francisco. 3449 vases of flowers were placed today, one for every victim of gun violence in the year 2020. this followed an installation of 40,000 flowers last year in washington, d.c. giffords has been a leading gun control activist since she was badly wounded in an assassination attempt in 2011. >> remembering one of the most high-profile asian americans who died at the age of 90. his impact on politics and how we travel. larry: plus, california paying tribute today to chp officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. ama: in a world that can isolate
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hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old. we live in the mountains so i like to walk. i'm really busy in my life; i'm always doing something.
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i'm not a person that's going to sit too long. in the morning, i wake up and the first thing i do is go to my art studio. a couple came up and handed me a brochure on prevagen. i've been taking prevagen for about four years. i feel a little bit brighter and my mind just feels sharper. i would recommend it to anyone. it absolutely works. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. larry: a high-profile asian american from the bay area who became a political powerhouse has died.
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becoming san jose's mayor was just the beginning of a long and influential political career. david louis covered him for years professionally and was good friends with him as well. david: this is what legacies are all about. back in 1971, norman etta -- norm minette became the mayor of san jose and then was elected 10 times to congress representing the south bay. in 1991, he was appointed secretary of commerce and transportation under the bush administration, the only democrat in that cabinet. under president clinton, he became secretary of commerce. a former intern for him remembers him.
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>> i admired him as a 17-year-old as much as any adult, how he was always about the positive, about how we could create something better, and his style of inclusive leadership is certainly one we need more of in this world. >> he actively participated in every one of our board of trustees meetings. he talked with students and engage with them and still meant toward up to this very day. david: it was him as transportation secretary on 9/11 who ordered all aircraft grounded to secure u.s. airspace to prevent a terrorist attack. he granted me the first interview afterwards during which he recounted the quick decision-making involved in the decision. he was also a champion in the south bay for funding a california high-speed rail project and many other
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transportation projects. he leaves behind a legacy but also a name recognition that people will not long forgot. larry: a couple questions -- what are some of the other ways he impacted travel and other aspects of life in the south bay, and what kind of loss is this for you personally? you had a personal and professional relationship with him that lasted decades. david: that is true. i have dined with norm and his wife many times at their home, had opportunities to go to two inaugural's with him as well in washington, so there was certainly a bond, certainly a familiarity with both him and his wife and family. just a kind person, the kind of person you always admire because he always had a kind attitude.
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someone who was incarcerated during world war ii because there was a fear of japanese americans, he never came out of that with eagerness when many people would. his legacy of public service underscores that. his transportation impact, obviously transportation security. right after 9/11, they had to secure the aircraft. he was instrumental in implement in that. dave -- lyrical and appreciate your insights. a memorial service was held today to honor chp officers who lost their lives while serving the people of california. ♪ 232 officers have died in the line of duty. governor newsom was among those paying tribute. >> every day, you go off to work
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knowing there is a credible chance that you will be called to risk your life in the defense of others. there is no california without courageous californians determined to serve, determined to protect it. larry: today's ceremony was held at the chp academy in west sacramento. ama: lawmakers in 19 states including california are offering legal bills to offer refuge to displaced trans youth. >> we are countering states that are passing legislation that says offering transgender youth gender affirming care is "child abuse."
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ama: the legislation also would make violation of another state's law the lowest priority for california law enforcement. >> it is still breezy, but despite the rather brisk breeze along the coastline, we have warmed up significantly the last 24 hours. here is your temperature change. it is nine degrees warmer in san francisco than at this time yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in livermore. you get the picture. a warm-up is under way. have no idea what that is, but 63 degrees in san francisco. san jose, 78. this is the view from the east bay hills camera. 80 at napa and fairfield. 84. concord 81. livermore, 80.
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we will see areas of coastal fog and maybe a little bit around the bay as well overnight -- during the overnight and early morning hours, but it will be sunny and warmer tomorrow. we can expect a windy and much cooler pattern this weekend. overnight, clear skies but we will see the development of some fog. we start the day with sunny skies tomorrow and the warm-up continues. overnight lows will be mainly in the mid to upper 40's. a little bit milder than last night. has tomorrow, 50 nine degrees at half moon bay. 76 across the bay. locations around the bay shoreline will approach 80 degrees if not hit 80 degrees. inland to east bay, 88, antioch. 88 fairfield. we will see mid 80's in the north bay. look for highs of 84 at san jose , 85 at morning hill. let's skip ahead a couple days. starting thursday morning at
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which point a cold front will be moving through in northern california which may come farther south to bring a sprinkles or rain drops into the northernmost part of the bay area. going into friday -- that was pretty fast, wasn't it? going into friday morning, we may see a few raindrops hitting northern sonoma county. saturday, this will be the picture until another wave comes in on sunday night and into monday. this one looks like it has a better chance of reaching farther south toward the bay area. we are not talking about a significant chance of rainfall or even if there are raindrops, a significant chance of measurable rain, but will be unsettled going into the weekend. do not be surprised if you see a couple raindrops here and there on friday and saturday. after tomorrow's summerlike heat, we will see a sharp cooldown and breezy conditions on thursday. friday and saturday, the weather becomes more unsettled, starts to become windy. on sunday, gusty and much cooler
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with inland highs only in the upper 60's. temperatures start to moderate monday. tuesday, sunny and calm and mild . ama: thank you. controversial efforts to try to clean up san francisco's tenderloin face a setback.
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ama: new developments in the effort to clean up san francisco's tenderloin. "the chronicle" reports the city is not allowed to ban suspected drug dealers from the neighborhood. the city attorney at the time sued to keep 20 people away and the court ruled the ban was too broad. crime rates in the tenderloin in 2020 were three times as high as the city's overall rate. out of nearly -- 40% of drug overdose deaths were in the tenderloin. larry: the bay conservation and development commission recommended removal of the port priority use designation that would clear the way for the ballpark to be built. final vote scheduled for june.
4:26 pm
>> it has been a long journey. there's been a lot of ups and downs. they threw a pandemic in their forest to make things even more challenging, but we are very close to seeing if this can happen and we are hopeful we can get a positive vote at the city council this summer. eaders used todaroildispelle tys misinformation about the project, including claims that taxpayer money would be use to build the ballpark. that is incorrect. the a's would pay the upfront cost with the later have to be on the backend. ama: a look at the political consequences of the supreme court's leaked opinion on roe v.
4:27 pm
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renovation specialists i recommend. ♪ ♪ [announcer] call now and get $3,000 off! larry: a deeper dive now at the politics behind the supreme court track opinion on roe v. wade that came out last night. we are joined now live i abc news' political director. thanks for your time. it really looks like we will see a lot of protests on both sides of this issue. do you think abortion is going to be the number one topic heading into the midterm elections? >> we are six months out, so it
4:30 pm
is hard to see what the landscape will look like, but i think it is clear that democrats are going to try to make it a major galvanizing issue. obviously, if the ruling does not do what the draft says it will do, it might change things, but if it inner -- if it confirms the initial court view of this and takes the issue to the states, it does mean it will be a main issue democrats are talking about and to a lesser extent, republicans. this is a victory for them. usually in politics, it is usually easier to organize around being angry or aggrieved, but this is something those on the right have been trying to achieve for 50 years. larry: polls show more than 50% of americans favor keeping roe v. wade in place. how do you see republicans handling this? they may be walking a tight rope in some states. >> that's right, some states. it is different in california or
4:31 pm
ohio than kansas or missouri. most republican voters consider themselves to be so-called pro-choice -- or so-called pro-life, rather. they generally will support this ruling, but it is dicey. what is telling to me in our pulling out today, 58% think abortion should be legal, even more than that things that abortion decisions should be a cietweeno'ands opposed to t including life. larry: for months, it has looked like republicans will do well in the midterm, and they still may, but do you see the abortion issue waking up the democratic party in a massive way?
4:32 pm
>> no question. this spotlights the fact that elections have consequences. without from having nominated three justices, this discussion would not exist. the fact that republicans have become the dominant supreme court force with six out of nine pix -- that does not change, by the way, even with biden's successful nomination -- it is a stark evidence as we have had for voters about what it means to have won presidential elections and, frankly, now up and down the ballot, it becomes more relevant because this issue will move cities and states across the country. it will be for governors to sort out if roe v. wade is overturned. that is where the ballot is now, and whoever is equipped at those
4:33 pm
levels will prevail. larry: primary elections taking place in indiana and ohio, and former president trump has endorsed a candidate in ohio. how much will results indicate precisely how much control mr. trump still has in the republican party, and how does that influence candidates down the road? >> it's a great question. this is the first time he went out with an endorsement, and he chose jd vance, the "hillbilly elegy" author. many are trying to cast themselves as the carrier of the trump-you're a legacy in ohio, but vance got that endorsement -- the trump-era legacy in ohio. larry: one candidate has distanced himself from mr. trump at least. we will see those results tonight at least -- we will see
4:34 pm
those results tonight. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. >> looks like the typical monday through friday work schedule is not going anywhere any time soon. this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing
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ama: time now for the four at 4:00 and the arrest of an antiabortion activist who scaled the salesforce tower.
4:37 pm
a man claiming to be the climber on social media calls himself the pro-life spider-man. he now faces at least two misdemeanor charges for protesting -- for trespassing and resisting arrest. this captured a lot of attention this morning, but people were divided on social media about how he should be treated. >> first of all, i say, dangerous, life-threatening stunt, so i don't know why anybody would do it. the decision that may be handed down seems to go in his favor, so what's the big deal by climbing the building?? >> well, he's trying to emphasize that that is the way he feels and others feel. i mean, i don't know. >> i would say this -- there's other ways to do it. it is a foolish stunt. he could have been killed. he could have hurt someone else.
4:38 pm
it is a fun spectacle to watch, i suppose, but it is highly disruptive, and the message he is trying to send does not really get sent, i don't think. it is just a stunt. ama: i mean, the firefighters about, you could have hurt firefighters. >> and the people, it's not like i'm googling his site. i'm just looking to see if he's going to fall. a california bill that would require companies to pay overtime for employees who work more than 32 hours a week is not advancing in the legislature this session. the silicon valley congressman cowrote the proposal and said lawmakers decided against advancing the bill because there was too little time to fully study its implications. oh, i got time. if it's a time issue, i'll give up my weekends. >> you'd have even more time if
4:39 pm
you had a four-day work week. >> i don't know what it has to be 32 hours and then overtime. why not give employees an option to work a 40-hour week just 10-day days. there's no overtime costs. it is just structural differently, so you could choose to work 10-hour days. >> there are companies doing that even without a law, and there are places that are more flexible about 32 hours or whatever it takes for you to want to continue to work there because right now, the power has shifted a little bit. there's a crisis in terms of not having enough staffing. >> but it will shift back eventually. why not set something that is sustainable? i think that is an option to give people. a lot of people would be happy with 10 hours a day and three day weekend. >> a lot of people are already working 10 hours a day. they are just not getting paid for it.
4:40 pm
i like your idea, forgetting the overtime. that changes the way employers might look at it as well. >> google is making it possible for people to get their personal information scrubbed from search results. the company says it has started taking applications to have things like phone numbers as well as physical and email addresses removed. google says with information popping up in unexpected places these days and being used in new ways, it needs policies to evolve. i, for one, am very happy to hear this. what do you think? >> absolutely. i don't know this to be sure, but i know europe has much more stringent regulations regarding privacy than we do. so much is available out there. if you don't care, no big deal, but if you have the option to remove some of that personal information, you should have that option. it is not really quite bright or quite fair. >> here's my question -- why is it taking so long for this to be inactive?
4:41 pm
ama: because our lawmakers don't really understand the internet for the most part. larry: that's true, but google understands the internet and data mining and selling your information for a profit. they understand that really well. i should not be able to go online and look up, dan, where you live, your birthday, other personal information. it all leads to identity theft in the long run for those predisposed to that sort of thing. dan: and we should take steps that can be taken to make that harder to do. larry: yeah. right now, stuff is giftwrapped for people who have negative intentions. >> there is so much out there already. i wonder if it may be a little bit too late. larry: yeah. sky high rent prices have led to a new living concept being tried in silicon valley. it is trending now online. 14 residents pay $800 a month to sleep in pods.
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they are a little larger than a tween bed. they share the kitchen and other spaces. it is kind of a creative way to deal with crazy high prices in the bay area. it is -- cozy daca is that the right word i'm looking for? dan: cozy? cramped? larry: i don't know how many people would be cooking in the kitchen at the same time. dan: for young people, it is a great way to share the space, make it a little more affordable. it is not right for everyone, but i am talking with management . they have this envisioned for abc 7 housing force so that we are already at a moments notice. larry: do we get to choose our own pod partners? dan: i don't think it is fully decided. ama: i noticed this has become popular in some european hotels.
4:43 pm
i agree with dan. if it is your first job out of college, it is pretty much an extension of dorm life. dan: it is an option. a lot of people won't choose it, but some people won't mind a bit. larry: i know a lot of people who lived in vans -- this was pre-pandemic -- lived in a pretty luxurious van outside 24-hour fitness and used that to take showers and stuff. dan: it does reflect the sky high housing prices are here and how unattainable it is for some people to find places to live. larry: spencer, i will see you back at the pod later on. you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do.
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at the v foundation v is for victory over cancer. v is for victory over the odds. v is for victory over giving up. don't give up. don't ever give up. [narrator] join our team to help saves lives. [narrator] 100 percent of donations fund game changing cancer research. donate now at v dot org. larry: education is one of our pillars in building a better bay area, and 4 local teachers received a big surprise. they are finalists for costa country county teacher of the year. >> it is a great pleasure to honor natosha paul as one of the teachers of the year finalists for contra costa county. >> high school teacher natosha paul did not expect her boss, her family, her pta president,
4:47 pm
and her school board to pop into her classroom today, but that's exactly what happened. she found out she is the mount diablo school teacher of the year and a finalist for county teacher of the year. after she caught her breath, she told us she was surprised and honored. >> it is nice to be recognized because i do work really hard and i'm always trying new things . >> especially this year, which she says has been the most challenging in her 19-year-long career. >> it has been challenging for kids. they did not have a classroom. they did not have in-person learning for 18 months, and a lot of trust was broken in the system. >> three other teachers in the county will also get this surprise today. >> it was our first time in two years being able to do it in-person celebration, so we wanted to do something special and surprise them in the classroom. >> if you want to make a
4:48 pm
difference in how our world looks, you need to be at the ground level. >> 4 finalists announced today in september. one of them will be announced as the contra costa county teacher of the year. >> planet fitness is letting teens work out for free this summer. the company says any teenagers 14 to 19 and take part. all you have to do is go to planet fitness' website and sign up for the program. teenagers have to have a parent with them to sign a waiver. once you do that, they can work out alone. larry: san francisco's annual stern grove festival returns next month on june 12. they were supposed to close out last year's festival, but the concert was canceled after a water main break flooded the area. other headliners include cap power, cold war kids, and leanne
4:49 pm
rimes. the concerts are free, but you must reserve a spot online in advance. >> all right, when we start to heat up, we really start to heat up. not messing around. >> and it is going to get even hotter tomorrow. here's a look at what will be happening tomorrow night. clear skies, but there will be some areas of fog. overnight lows will be a bit milder than last night. tomorrow, following on the heels of days of mid-80's, we will have upper 80's to near 90 tomorrow. i would not be surprised if a couple of these places hit 90 tomorrow. we will see upper 70's in some bayside locations. on the coast, mainly upper 50's to low 60's, so not a big warm up there, but it will still be relatively mild. we will cool down sharply thursday just as suddenly as we warmed up with breezy conditions , a slight chance of some sprinkles in the north bay friday, but it does not look
4:50 pm
like anything very measurable. over the weekend, it will feel kind of unsettled, windy afternoons, gusty at times. early next week, the wind diminishes and temperatures start to moderate again. there's a lot going on in the next seven days weather-wise. pick a day you like and enjoy it. larry: a highflying fit almost went off as planned. >> people behind this >> people behind this synchronized mission called it when big tobacco's products were found out to be killers, they promised smokers safety. they called it a filter. but this filter wasn't safe or useful, just small and made of microplastics that have endangered us all. for far too long, they have polluted the earth. they're literally everywhere. there's no need to search. big tobacco, you'll have to answer for your despicable ride, for your wake of destruction. your one little big lie. oh, wow barbara corcoran!
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ama: coming up tonight starting at 8:00, it is holy moly, then the chase starting at 9:00, followed by who do you believe? at 10:00. now to the extraordinary moment when a satellite launch company sent up a helicopter to catch a falling rocket. that mission did not go entirely as planned. mona: it is a catch for the ages. >> there we go. our first claims of it. mona: an american aerospace company achieving an historic first -- catching part of a rocket in midair with a helicopter. the company, rocket lab, which aims to launch satellites into orbit at a lower cost, launched 34 satellites into orbit monday. after separating, the booster fell back to earth with a parachute slowing down its dissent. a helicopter hovering in the area stood by as the booster
4:54 pm
came interview, and then, with a grappling hook at the end of a long cable, the pilot snagged it out of the air. >> we have successfully caught that. mona: and it does not just look cool. it prevents major damage. >> if it lands in the ocean, you get salt water intrusion, and that can be pretty harmful to a lot of the components on the rocket. >> while the catch was successful, getting the booster back to land did not go as planned. >> the helicopter pilot noticed different load numbers then had been projected. mona: elon musk's spacex has landed boosters and recovered them several times, using a system that would be to an efficient on rocket lab's
4:55 pm
spacecrafts. >> it is really not efficient in terms of fuel costs and things like that. mona: rocket lab is one of the many companies competing with spacex. the goal is to lower the cost of space travel. ama: catching the rocket is no easy feat. it is said to be moving at 32 feet per second. abc 7 news is streaming 24/7 on our tv app. that is it for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 new >> building a better b,
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moving forward, finding solutions. you are watching abc7news. >> ed is still a draft and i am
4:58 pm
waiting for final confirmation. of the final draft. . >> we are here for the world to recognize the sanctity of human life. ama: strong words after a draft of the high court opinion was leaked. dan: thank you for joining us. right now, hundreds are gathered outside the supreme court. this is a live picture from washington. the crowd is made up of both supporters of abortion rights and opponents, their signs revealing strong reaction to the abortion opinion. ama: a rally in san francisco at powell and market streets, tim johns is there live. tim: i am at the intersection of powell and market street, where dozens of protesters have begun to congregate. we are not expecting the event we are expecting speeches, and i
4:59 pm
am told they might march down the street. first, we are waiting for speeches here. i did just get off the phone with one of the organizers, who tells me they are here not just for abortion rights, but they view this as an attack on a wide range of women's rights. they told me they do not believe that if roe v. wade is struck down, that california would codify abortion restrictions, so we are here for abortion rights across the state. we are just getting started. for now, back to you, but we will have the latest for you. ama: thank you. a man calling himself pro-life spider-man scaled the tallest building in san francisco this morning and was arrested at the top. he climbed the 1070-foot salesforce tower without using ropes or anything else. police were waiting for him at
5:00 pm
the top and took him into custody. he has been released and within the past hour, spoke with abc 7 reporter stephanie sierra. stephanie: do you regret doing it? >> no, if anything, i am more for doing it. it was a fun day out. ama: while he was on the building, he posted videos, saying he climbed skyscrapers to end abortions. he faces charges of trespassing and resisting a police investigation. dan: in light of the leaked a draft opinion, many california state lawmakers are rushing to solidify the right to abortion. abc 7 reporter leslie brinkley is live and will not create. leslie: i am here at planned parenthood. there were a handful of protesters here earlier, abortion-rights opponents.


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