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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 7, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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abc 7 live breaking news and that breaking news is in san jose where right now police are searching for a driver who took off after hitting and killing two women the city now surpassing more than a dozen pedestrian deaths already this year. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley tonight's incident was in east san jose not far from a school abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo has for years been tracking san jose's efforts to improve road safety. is live now from the scene amanda. yeah, dan tonight two women were hit and killed while walking here along ocala avenue. the crash happened just outside of ocala. steam academy. it's a middle school here in east san jose when we first arrived to the scene at around 7:30 tonight personal items including the women's shoes remained in the street, san jose
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police have not specified any details about what led up to the crash where the women were walking specifically or or what any details on the hit and run driver or the car involved one of the crash happened just before 6:30 pm at ocala avenue in oakton court. police. say the vehicle hit the two women then took off both victims were taken to hospitals where they died speaking with residents many say, they aren't surprised to hear about the crash saying some drivers are simply reckless though. they are shocked two of their neighbors were killed. they share fear for the safety of the students walking to and from school right here tonight seen opened up around 9:45. encounted painted crosswalks at a couple locations along o'calla near campus one crosswalk allows pedestrians to cross with the help of blinking lights, but not traffic lights residents 8 tonight's deadly hit and run is proof more needs to be done. this part this this is very dangerous. the people they don't stop even if you push the light they don't stop.
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they still driving like crazy. so maybe maybe they put the light. the light you know the people maybe can respect because this this small lies they don't respect. tonight's fatal crash only adds to the city's growing number of deadly traffic fatalities this year alone continuing at record pace by sjpd's count tonight's crash marks san jose's 24th fatal traffic incident this year and the 13th and 14th pedestrian deaths now police say more details are expected in the morning. i've also reached out to mayor sam licardo's office, but he was unavailable for comment tonight live in east san jose. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news. man, thanks very much new details tonight about the investigation that shut down interstate 580 going into livermore this afternoon officers were investigating a possible shooting after a victim called in saying he'd been shot in the arm. he thought abc 7 news reporter jr. stone is in the newsroom with
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more on this chair. well dan, there is certainly a lot of frustration out there as it took many people several hours to get home from work, but also a lot of safety concerns. this is appearing to look like another bay area highway shooting a massive traffic backup along eastbound 580 in livermore after chp closed all lanes. it happened just after 2 pm when this report came in. as sky 7 flew above officers could be seen with the motorcycle as it was about to be towed chp confirms. the victim was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. those who live and work in the area shocked to hear that you don't see demanded cry valley. i mean if you drive in pleasant and goblin. here, adriana aguilar was driving westbound towards
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hayward when she saw officers walking in the closed eastbound lane literally walking on the freeway and then look at and you can see that they're looking for something they're looking and like oh my goodness gracious, but i'm thinking they're looking for casing that's exactly what i thought georgette thomasen took side roads with her family to get back to livermore and nearly ran out of gas in the 90 plus degree weather before we stopped to get gas. i was concerned so we had our windows down in the air off my 16 year old in the car was railing against why do so many people have guns and why do they pull them out right away and what could have happened to cost someone to shoot someone and yeah, it's sad that it's getting closer to our town and more and more often these days. and i did talk with chp tonight and there is no suspect description and no arrests have been made tough to hear this as the bay area has seen several dozen highway shootings in recent years fortunately in this case.
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the victim is alive sadly many others have died jr. stone abc 7 news. okay, jr. thank you. all right. let's move on now to the weather temperatures across the bay area. just soared today. well above averages for this time of year. let's go to meteorologist. have to tell with more on where we've broke some records today sandy. yeah about a half a dozen cities broke their record. and it was a steamy spring day. i want to show y for today, san4 degrees a new record santa rosa 92 oakland 89 you will notice that sfo tied but check out gilroy almost a hundred degrees breaking its previous record is set back in 1989 half moon bay tying at 80 no matter where you were it was warm to hot. you can see that here on the high temperature map 86 in san francisco 90 in napa 86 in santa i want to show you those temperatures right now. they're falling most of you are in the 50s 60s, san jose 70 degrees big changes are ahead as
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high pressure moves east dramatic drop in temperatures a windy pattern and yes, i'm tracking spring showers dan. i'll be back with your weekend forecast coming right up. okay, those showers would be nice sandy. we need them obviously in cal fire is looking to hire more than 100 seasonal firefighters in the north bay firefighters say with the warm weather. we're talking about here and our drought of course, it's going to be an aw. long fire season we're seeing conditions now in early april that we would see in mid to late june this week's spring heat is not doing firefighters any favors. it's already moved the timeline up on fire season cal fire plans to be at peak staffing by the end of may which they say is extremely early compared to years past cruise trained on bulldozers under the hot sun and healdsburg thursday afternoon to make sure we're prepared to operate equipment on the fire line and be as proactive and ready as we can while there were no major fires in the bay area a small grass fire did start near
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baker beach in san francisco. you can see the smoke from sky 7. not far from where people crowded on the sand to find relief from the heat and enjoy the day the fire was put out quickly. no injuries reported the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and remember you can track the weather conditions of where you live anytime. the abc 7 bay area app it's available on roku amazon fire android tv and apple tv now to the east bay oakland police are warning of an alarming uptick and armed robberies in residential neighborhoods. this comes one day after a man was shot and killed during an apparent. robbery attempt near lake merritt the 33 year old victim was shot just before 9 o'clock last night near the cul-de-sac on lakeshore avenue. it's e irhootint the hospital. that area since november oakland police chief laron armstrong says the department will have more officers patrolling there. we have may contact with our
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council member we have reaching out to community members. will be attending a community meeting to have a discussion next week regarding the violence and our response to the violence. this was the 31st deadly shooting of the year in oakland at this time last year. there were 36 killings view at 11 a santa clara man is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of his two french bulldogs. they were stolen from his home at gunpoint zoe and dior are worth tens of thousands of dollars. miss al rodriguez says four masked men broke into was an apartment his apartment around one o'clock in the morning on monday. they did not touch anything valuable. there's loose money upstairs. they didn't touch anything. they only came for the dogs. it's like they were in and out. it's like soon as they seen the dogs two guys shot chasing me. yeah, probably the other two probably grabbing the dogs and running off. rodriguez says the armen spent really no more than 90 seconds
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inside. he's devastated that his beloved pets are gone. dogs are not just dogs or family. you know i'm saying so when you when they went into my house and took my dogs, it was like if they were taking it, you know, like a part of me. while police investigate rodriguez has also taken it upon himself to follow up on leads hr underestimate the power of social media and that's why he has high hopes that his dogs will be returned. let's hope so history made what's next for judge? catanji brown jackson as she gets ready to take her seat on the us supreme court hackers. take over the mayor of san jose's twitter account sam licardo's office trying to figure out how this happened. it's opening day for the giants tomorrow. they won 107 games last season. what's in store this year. we'll hear from manager gabe kapler coming up in sports. thanks, larry. all that's ahead for you. be coming up next after abc 7 news 11 on jimmy kimmel live.
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here's jimmy. thanks dan tonight. we're in a fight. i just live here one bedroom apartment. so all the sudden kevin hart was just living with me and i'm making breakfast for k
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. get the new samsung galaxy s22 series on comcast business mobile and for a limited time save up to $750 on a new samsung device with eligible trade-in. america took place on capitol hill today history for the country's highest court abc news reporter ike ijoki has more and this nomination is confirmed history was made today. the senate confirming just catanji brown jackson to the supreme court on a bipartisan basis fulfilling president biden's promise on the campaign trail to nominate the first black woman to the nation's
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heist court president biden and judge jackson watching the vote count from the roosevelt room. vice president kamala harris presiding over judge jackson's confirmation vote in the senate judge jackson held one-on-one meetings. with 97 senators on the hill. she also sat through over 20 hours of questioning during her hearings and filed 330 pages of written responses. that's more written questions than any previous supreme court nominee. all democrats rallied behind judge jackson along with three republicans, joe jackson will go down in history as an american giant upon whose shoulders others will stand tall republicans tried to paint her as soft on crime senate minority leader mitch mcconnell once again slamming. shortly before the vote claiming. she's failing to commit to oppose expanding the supreme court the solution. is for all the justices. to stay in their lane is one right number of justices who seek to follow the law?
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the number is nine abc news now learning just jackson promised republican senator susan collins that she would never take a position on that issue once judge jackson joins the court this fall she'll be taking on several controversial cases encompassing the death penalty the clean water act and the humane treatment of animals in our food supply to name a few. now one of the biggest cases of the fall so far is the challenge to harvard and the university of north carolina's use of race and college admissions a case that could determine the future of affirmative action. nationwide judge jackson says she'll recuse herself in that case given her position on harvard's board of overseers. ikejaci abc news, washington tomorrow president biden and judge jackson will deliver remarks from outside the white house. they are expected at 9:15 in the morning and you can watch them right here on abc 7 abc news. will air a special report with a remarks and insight on this historic moment and judgeship. well, it's turned out of the
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latest in covid-19. ucsf says the covid cases are at their lowest point since the start of the pandemic just four covid patients are currently hospitalized at ucsf. just and is in the icu house speaker nancy pelosi says she has tested positive but is asymptomatic and senators susan collins and rafael warnock also got positive tests today both say they have mild symptoms and in new york at least two broadway shows canceled performances this week because of covid cases within the cast. well bay, area food banks say they are seeing an increased demand for food. the need was high at the start of the pandemic as reported. well now with rising. gas prices and inflation people are coming back the food bank of contra costa and solano are now serving 260,000 people every month to help out the bearing global education foundation agreed to match any monetary donations given to the food bank. they are matching up to 500,000
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and because we can purchase two meals with one dollar donated to the food bank. we are able to provide two million meals if this match is met so it's an amazing opportunity to make a difference the matching donation program runs through may 31st, the food bank expects demand will stay elevated for at least another couple of years. twitter is working to fix san jose mayor sam licardo's twitter account after it was hacked tonight. it was taken over by someone calling themselves a moderator of a sneakerhead social media account mayor licardo's office told abc 7 news quote. we are working very closely with twitter support and the government relations folks and we are very thankful for their continued efforts to help us regain access. new at 11 as many as 15,000 people showed up to get a good look inside tesla's new gigafactory tonight elon musk hosted what he called a cyber
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rodeo to officially open tesla's new billion dollar factory in austin texas musk says, it's the size of three pentagons and the third largest factory in the world. volume huge he drove up in a tesla, of course, which he said was the first tesla ever made in menlo park way back in 2008. the new factory will be the company's world headquarters, but he's not leaving, california all together. california's great we're continuing to expand in california, but we're running out we ran out of room and so we need a place where we can be really big. and there's no place like, texas. the crowd love that of course the austin plant will make batteries the model why and tesla's new cyber truck. hundreds enjoyed the sand and the surf at lindamar beach in pacifica today. just gorgeous. today the unseasonable weather made for just perfect beach
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conditions, but another weather change is actually coming our way. let's go to abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel for detail sandia. yeah, dan, we're gonna drop those temperatures and then bring on the rain. all right, by the way, it's also going to get windy. i have to mention that dan. so let me show you a live picture tonight from our san jose camera. it is just absolutely beautiful as we look. it's a shark tank it is going to get cooler tomorrow most noticeable in places like san francisco and 18 degree drop half moon bay your cooling by 20 degrees yeah down to 60 oakland 13 degrees cooler, san jose 12 and livermore napa not as noticeable, but still is going to be cooler than where you were today from our kgo roof camera as we look out towards the bay lights there just a beautiful view air quality slowly improving good to moderate tomorrow and then just in time for the weekend we're going to go with good air quality across the entire area on live doppler 7. we don't see any rain right now that's changing come monday 50s
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60s on the temperatures except san jose. you're at 70 degrees now this cooler weather is perfect for the giants home opener against the marlins. you don't want it to be that hot when you're at the game 62 degrees at 1:35 temperature will rise to the upper 60s, and there will be a nice breeze for the afternoon hours. so if you're going to the game sunscreen definitely needed exploratorium camera looking at san francisco tonight relief arrives at the coast in bay tomorrow windier and much cooler weekend for all areas and we are looking at what chile and gusty weather for your monday. so tomorrow morning. it's going to be a mild start. we're still retaining some of the heat from earlier today. we're looking at 50 60s some patches of fog and higher clouds up above now as we go into the afternoon hours those temperatures starting in the south bay are going to look like this 87 degrees in morgan hill 82 in san jose still warm. not as warm as today on the peninsula mid-70s from palo alto to redwood city 62 pacifica breezy near the coast downtown san francisco 68 degrees south
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city 69 north bay some high clouds filtering the sunshine 78 in san rafael 84 in santa rosa 83 sonoma heading into the east bay. really nice looking weather mild 76 oakland newark. inland areas will be warm 88 in fairfield 85 in livermore and in concord, we do have a wind advisory for lake in solano county this weekend and that's because there's going to be gustier winds increasing the fire weather concerns. let me time this out for you breezy tomorrow afternoon getting windy tomorrow night going into saturday. it's going to be gusty and then look at sunday. we're gonna see 50 mile an hour winds. that's what the concern concern is, but following the wind. guess what shows up some rain on monday and in the sierra snow could see some high elevation snow above 3,000 feet here locally. so stay tuned accuweather 7-day forecast cooling begins tomorrow breezy and even cooler weekend heat relief wet level one storm for monday, and then we'll bring in another chance on thursday. so dan some big changes that
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you'll notice great to see the chance of rain. yes. thank y
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penned by her side since hours after the death of her longtime made last. helping to incubate the three eggs in the nest today cal falcons announced a contest to name this new bird. the group is asking the public to submit suggestions to the cal falcons instagram facebook and twitter pages. he's helping out. all right, the warriors played their final game of the regular season tonight sports director. larry beale is here larry. dan this should scare the rest of the nba klay thompson starting to feel if getting comfortable with the playoffs on the horizon and high praise from steve kerr after the game sports
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rock casino good evening. three games left in the regular season warriors may need to win
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out to hold on to the three-seat in the west and tonight final home game of of the regular season facing the low. acres they rested lebron ad and everybody new hall of famer tim hardaway introduced at chase klay thompson. hit his 1903 early in this game. not only this one game it would be a record shout out kenny main stuff like it. play shaken, but not stirred gets one shot blocked reload. re-launch play six threes 23 points in just the first half damian lee says keep rolling that hot dice. jordan pool seized dwight howard there up by see you later only by three at the half though lakers hanging around warriors pull away later. gary payton the second. does this every single game steal slam? pull streak of 17 straight games with at least 20 points that came to win. he had 19 double double 19 and 11 assists and clay finishing with the dunk here 33 points and 33 minutes. steve kerr said, he was his best
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game of the year warriors roll, 128-112 and remain ahead of dallas for the three seed in the west with just two games to go both on the road you want to talk about compelling television tiger woods playing in the masters 14 months after that horrific car accident said his biggest challenge isn't golf it's just walking. 18 holes it is a pleasant walk when you just have to roll in a birdie from right there. what's even after nine still even coming to 16 look at them curl this in for birdie one under 71 for woods four off the lead held by sanjay m. tigers plan tonight was ice ice and more ice on that leg speaking of ice. the tank every banner at sap center made possible by sharks gm doug wilson who set down today after 19 years a health sharks hosting calgary. jacob magnus shot ricochets and goes in like i was stoked tied at one but sharks down 3-1 on the third t-mobile meyer to logan couture on the doorstep ricochet's in sharks down 3-2 just over a minute left eric
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carlson for the tie off the goalies helmet. calgary and empty netter and the sharks drop their fifth in a row for two on a baseball giants and a's opening new season tomorrow as in philly giants hosting the marlins and after a 107 win season gabe kapler ready for more last year was an extremely exciting year on so many fronts. and so i think everybody's looking to to build on that success science baseball game up. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino, and we'll be
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that's our report for sandia patel larryville all of us. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your stay tuned
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now for jimmy kimmel. jason. siegel is on see the market. >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jason segel, diane kruger, and music from bonnie raitt. with cleto and the cletones. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. that's very nice. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching at home, and thank you for coming. that's very nice. what a day, i have to tell you, what a night and what a day. i have the weirdest life, i really do. ce


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