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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion---------------------------- ukraine, it the food, experience the culture and ukraine's hospitality. dion: a chef cooking to raise money for homeland. thank you for joining us. you are watching abc seven news at 11:00. here are the very latest developments tonight. a bipartisan group of u.s. senators will travel to poland to meet with officials at refugees sites. they say they will reaffirm the u.s. commitment to poland, ukraine, and other allies. president biden has authorized more military aid to ukraine, $200 million, as ukrainians continue to fight back against russian forces.
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karina mitchell has more. karina: a defiant volodymyr zelensky morning the russians they will have to carpet bombed kyiv and kill all of its residents if they want to take the city. saying, "if that is their goal, let them come." ukrainians unwavering in their resolve more than two weeks into the conflict. >> we will fight from every basement. they will lose tanks on every street, every block, every crossroad. karina: president biden has authorized another 200 million dollars in military aid to ukraine, including both smart -- small arms at large weapons. russian president vladimir putin speaking with the leaders of france and germany saturday. president macron and chancellor scholz urging a cease-fire and a move toward a diplomatic solution, bowing more sanctions as concerns wrote that putin may resort to a chemical
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weapons attack if yo fails to make significant gains. counterattacks have taken a huge toll on russian forces. zelensky saying his country has dealt the biggest blow to the russian army in decades. a u.s. official saying as many as 6000 russian soldiers have died, another 15,000 wounded since the war began. meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis continues to grow as these ukrainian women and children arrive at this train station in poland. they find dozens of strollers donated by local families who no longer need them. refugees fleeing to neighboring countries, including hungary and moldova, crossing the border to romania. >> i cannot speak without tears. i'm sorry, i'm really sorry for my country. karina: more than 2.5 million people have fled ukraine since the war began. dion: as the war war war war many here in the bay area are continuing to assist those in
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need in any way they can. news reporter tim johns spoke with one san francisco-based ukrainian chef using her talents to support her country. tim: 6200 miles away from her home, anna has watched the war unfold in her native ukraine in horror. while her family and many friends are still in the country, the san francisco-based chef decided she had to do something. she joined cook for ukraine, a global movement of chefs, bakers, and others in the culinary world using food to raise money and show support for the eastern european nation. >> we will donate all the money, all the proceeds, to world central kitchen, which is right now feeding refugees. tim: she will be hosting a free fundraising dinner, or way of supporting her homeland. >> i don't want to be a cook in the united states who will preserve the culture. i want to develop the culture. i want people to be able to go
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there, to visit ukraine, to eat the food. we need to drain them and start cutting. they are good to go. tim: the event, which will feature traditional ukrainian foods, is being supported by the san francisco cooking school, several members of which are also volunteering. >> when you see what is going on, you want to contribute, help somehow, and this opportunity came up. tim: that is something she she e has brought her comfort during a difficult time. >> i am smiling for the first time today because i saw these people, and they have their lives and they have something to do. tim: she says sunday's event is just the beginning. she is planning on hosting more in the future. >> it will just grow, and i am hoping i will contribute and help other people, not only ukraine. tim: in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. dion: if you would like to help the people of ukraine, we have a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending supplies to
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refugees. it is on our website, new york's to be evacuated this afternoon after two employees were stabbed. the new york police department released photos of the suspect, who they say is known to museum staff. he had recently lost his membership because of disorderly conduct. investigators say he became angry when he was denied entry to the museum, and jumped over the reception desk. two employees were stabbed several times. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be ok. the museum will be closed tomorrow. in the south bay, the santa clara county sheriff's office need your help i did find a woman who stole a $4000 bottle of liquor from a restaurant in san jose. it happened at the grandview restaurant tuesday night. you can see surveillance video shows a woman going behind the bar to grab a unique spirit, louis the 13th cognac.
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the woman and other individuals are wanted for felony grand theft. anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office. let's get to spencer christian with the forecast, because we do see a little activity out there on doppler seven. spencer: we do, just a little at rain headed our way, but these days a little rain is something to get excited about. it is well to the north, moving down from ukiah to cloverdale. much of that green showing up on the screen is not hitting the ground right now. this storm ranks one on the impact scale. we expect areas of spotty showers and drizzle, under 507 inch in some areas. notice during the overnight hours, we will see pockets of widely scattered light showers and drizzle. that is about all we can expect. by tomorrow morning, the rain should be all over. i will give you a look at what will follow in the 70 forecast. dion: we will take any precipitation we can get. the investigation into
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thursday's caltrain crash in san bruno continues. cruz and the ntsb are on-site collecting evidence left behind. federal investigators did turn the scene back over to caltrain, which means crews can now clear the track. they are running on a normal weekend schedule, with the bus bridge from san bruno and south san francisco. passengers involved in the crash can pick up personal items this weekend at the fourth and king caltrain station in san francisco. there is a call to get help for women experiencing homelessness off the streets and into safe shelter. a san francisco nonprofit is pushing for more transitional and permanent housing beds, just for women, saying it is keyed to make lasting change. abc 7 news reporter tara campbell has more on this story. tara: she is on the verge of living on the streets. she has been there before and does not want to go back. >> i don't want to be on the street.
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that is my worst fear, being in the streets. tara: she is getting some
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>> she will are being real. tara: that is why the nonprofit is embarking on a mission, petitioning support to buy a 120 unit building just for women. >> this would be a safe space where housed women can come to access drop in day services, shelter, and permanent supportive housing. tara: what would be most helpful about having a place to stay, where there is only women? >> it would be helpful because i would be able to be myself. tara: providing stability for women like kayla, working to build a better life.
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>> it would be motivational. i would love it. if i had -- i have had a place on my own, and i loved it. dion: still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, california schools are now masked optional, but not every bay area district is on board. reporter: happy st. patrick's day. welcome back, san francisco. dion: you can hear the excitement. the first tape patrick's day parade in three years. crowds
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i'm mark and i live in vero beach, florida. my wife and i have three children. ruthann and i like to hike. we eat healthy. we exercise. i noticed i wasn't as sharp as i used to be. my wife introduced me to prevagen and so i said "yeah, i'll try it out." i noticed that i felt sharper, i felt like i was able to respond to things quicker. and i thought, yeah, it works for me. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. dion: st. patrick's day festivities were in full swing in san francisco. people gathered for the annual block party at the irish bank.
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people enjoyed kinds of beer, dancing to traditional music as well. a second party will be held this weekend on st. patrick's day. doors open at 11:00 a.m. the first major event to be canceled due to covid return today to san francisco. nearly two years to the day the pandemic began. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard was at the st. patrick's day parade, and told us the festivities took on new meaning. ♪ cornell: the sound of pipes and drums. echoing down market street ♪ the luck of the irish has finally returned to san francisco after a two-year pandemic pause. >> happy st. patrick's day! cornell: it is so nice to be back -- >> it is so nice to be back, to see these people, to have the opportunity to come together, it is great. who doesn't like a nice parade down market street? >> it is good to come back. you missed meeting up with people and having the excuse to
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meet up with people. it is good to see it and to see the crowd out for it as well. cornell: thousands of people lined the street to see the 100 71st annual st. patrick's day parade. this event was the first advantage when covid lockdown began. >> we were one of the first ones to get postponed and canceled, now we are one of
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dion: the city's annual parade also made a comeback. >> good morning! dion: this is the city's 30 30 eight street patrick's day celebration. it began with a breakfast folloy the parade. >> go eagles. dion: other weekend festivities included three stages of irish music and dancing, and more than 250 booths at the irish marketplace. the irish themed fun continues all day long tomorrow, starting with a shamrock 5k walk and run. everybody out there really lucked out with the good weather. spencer: we would really be lucky if the irish can bring us some rainfall tonight, because it is just a little bit. just a few sprinkles. up to our north, around ukiah
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and moving toward cloverdale, some moisture, but most of this is not hitting the ground. there are some spindles in the area and it is sweeping in our general direction. meanwhile, it is anything but stormy outside right now. the wind is really calm. most locations have wind speeds under 10 miles per hour. the skies are cloudy, as you can see. it is currently 50 degrees in san francisco. mt. view, 52. 47 in santa clara. we see a few clouds looking across the bay from emeryville, but those are pretty high clouds. we have a pretty clear view. 48 degrees at santa rosa and livermore. 53 degrees at concord. here is the view from our rooftop camera looking across. these are the forecast futures. we will see light showers and drizzle. another round of robust rain will move in late monday into
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tuesday, then we can expect a drier and milder pattern by the middle of the week coming up. the approaching system ranks one on the storm impacts t scale. tomorrow morning, we expect spotty showers. drizzle under 507 inch in most locations. some could get no measurable rain at all. here is the forecast animation. notice how widely scattered these pockets of showers are. they taper off completely by midday, about 11:00 tomorrow morning, giving away to bright skies. the next system is out at sea and approaches us. we are looking at the forecast animation for the rainfall totals. under 500s of an inch, some areas may receive no measurable rainfall at all. los tonight mainly mid to upper 40's and highs tomorrow in the south bay, mid 60's. low to mid 60's on the
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peninsula. upper 50's on the coast. downtown san francisco will top out at 60 degrees tomorrow. at the north bay, low to mid 60's. 65 at santa rosa. east bay, oakland, union city, all around 63 degrees. inland east bay around low to mid 60's. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. i mentioned another wave of light rain coming in monday, late monday into tuesday. this system ranks a one on the impact system. it gets a bit sunnier. a mix of sun and clouds on thursday. mild toward the end of the week with highs in the low 70's. temperatures drop rather sharply on saturday. next saturday, we will likely get more showers along with cooler weather. all the shower activity we see coming our way looks really light, not enough to really significantly impact the drought
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dion: the dancing grannies weree back in milwaukee's st. patrick's day parade. it is the first time the group has performed in a parade since four members died in waukesha during the christmas parade attack four months ago. look at them go. the grannies were met by smiles and assigns and a cheering crowd. since december, they have h brought on new grannies in training. two of the pieces were choreographed by one of their fallen members. the group met for a special toast for those they lost. the grannies are in high demand. their next performance is just a week away. parts of the south and northeast are getting hit by a powerful late winter storm this weekend,
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impacting more than 75 million americans. heavy snow dumping from louisiana to maine. georgia and a central florida were hit with strong storms, along with tornado warnings on saturday morning. this waterspout touching down on a beach in fort myers. the governor of florida declared a state of emergency in multiple counties. parts of kentucky through central new york expect several inches of snow and heavy rain. already, it cost more than 1300 flight cancellations today. the storm is expected to last through the end of the weekend. hollywood award season is well underway with the oscars coming up in just two weeks from tomorrow. tonight, it was the directors guild of america awards. jane campion claimed the top award for "the power of the dog," beating out "west side story" in the feature film category. that gives her more of an edge in the oscars race. maggie gyllenhaal took home an
11:25 pm
award for her film "the lost daughter." you can see who takes home oscar gold only on abc 7. the award show is sunday, march 27 at 5:00 p.m.. chris alvarez joining us with a preview of sports. chris: coming up in sports, the dubs were dominant against the defending champ's. steph, an off night, but clay came
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sponsored by your local toyota dealers. chris: doesn't the worrier five game losing streak seem like so long ago? stephen curry, yunus it intour
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cuba. how the stars were out. klee, 17 and the second quarter. splash. klay going to walk into this three. he was on fire. jonathan kominga, he will be special. showing every part of his game. did not give up, scores here. draymond green, he will be back on monday. open up the third with a pool party. jordan poole, 30 points out of the starting lineup for him. here is your giannis 31 for the greek freight. lake, season high 38. look at this reaction. he knows he is good. kominga, poster time. the warriors win. nice to seek lake cooking. he showed some frustration when asked about his recent shooting struggles. >> everyone makes a big deal
11:30 pm
about my shooting. i don't know. i am not happy with how i am shooting, but i know these nights are within me. i have been in this league for so long and done too many great things that a lot of players have not done before to doubt myself. >> it is all about winning. getting some good vibes and trying to build toward a playoff type performance. >> dray is here! chris: the last tim the last team, timo meier had five goals. 3-0 san jose after one. aiden hill playing his first game since january 22. he had a 29 save shut out for l.a. san jose getting the bounces off the post. hertl cleans up for his second goal.
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the sharks win. what do the a's look like on opening day? there have been many trade rumors, but the first guy to go, chris bassitt. the heart and soul of the clubhouse has been traded to the mets for a couple minor league -- minor-leaguers. he's coming up his first all-star season, as well as that devastating injury. he came back to go 12-4. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. dion: much more to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. no end in sight to the war in ukraine. and the economic toll on americans is getting worse. it has some people changing their habits. plus, beating the odds. this baby
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion: struck iraq's northern city know the consulate. a defense official said missiles had been launched from neighboring iran. no injuries were reported, but there were differing accounts of the strike in the damage it caused. an iraqi official in baghdad said the consulate, which is unoccupied, had been hit, but a second official said there was no damage to any u.s. government facility and no indication the consulate was the target. americans continue to feel the economic impact of russia's war in ukraine with soaring consumer prices. record high gas prices are forcing some families to make difficult decisions. here is abc 7 news reporter adam
11:36 pm
timbered. -- andrew dymburt. andrew: the toll on americans only getting worse. gas at record highs, now $4.33 a gallon, up $1.50 from last year. the situation dire for people like timothy. the albany, new york, driving instructor asking his customers to meet him in the middle to save on gas. >> it changes how you drive and how you teach. i like to cover every base, but if you are taking students out on the highway, you are wasting gas. andrew: with inflation at a 40 year high, prices threatening a fragile post-pandemic recovery. tamika calhoun, whose entire family got covid, losing her savings. now she is living paycheck-to-paycheck. starting next week, huberuberubr a fuel surcharge of up to $.55, which will go directly to drivers.
11:37 pm
christie reed delivers in tennessee. >> if they keep going up, i will have to do something part-time and considering not doing doordash full-time anymore because i can't. andrew: there are growing concerns over shrinkflation. absorbent so you can use less. andrew: dropping from 264 to 244 sheets per roll. there are growing calls in congress to suspend the federal gas tax to try to give drivers some relief. that would save americans about $.18 per gallon. the white house says it is reviewing all options. dion: a humanitarian relief concert in san francisco this afternoon raised money for refugees fleeing ukraine. ♪ theeeeeeeeee held at the bandshell.
11:38 pm
people came to support the ukrainian cause. the sisters of perpetual indulgence held out -- handed out some flowers, the national flower of ukraine, and collected donations for world central kitchen. >> the sunflower, in addition to being the color of the ukrainian flag, is intended to symbolize love and warmth and hope. dion: a coalition of organizations have raised more than $37,000 already, and today's concert was their campaign launch. you can head to sf4ukraine.o for. more information we have a full list of verified groups and nonprofits sending donations and supplies to refugees. that is at our website, this upcoming wednesday marks the first anniversary of the fatal atlanta spa shootings. a gunman went on a rampage at three spas, killing eight
11:39 pm
people. six of the victims were asian women. 22-year-old robert aaron long was sentenced to four consecutive life sentences without parole in the first shooting and it still faces the death penalty in the remaining shootings. he said he was hopeless and suicidal because of big sex addiction -- because of a sex addiction. authorities are on the search for a man suspected of killing an eight-year-old girl. the girl's mother is in jail, first arrested on a separate child abuse charge. police today said they have also charged her in connection with the death of her dodd daughter. they're looking for a man they say is her boyfriend. a child's body was recently discovered in jackson's home, but it has not yet been identified as sophia. today, venetia police say they have arrested -- made interest in a shooting death of a
11:40 pm
business owner. they released video of somebody running from rose market after someone was robbed and killed on tuesday. officers say their suspect was wanted for other robberies in the east bay. he came to the u.s. to better provide for his family, until they joined him a couple of years later. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. those who knew him say sing was hard-working, compassionate, and faithful. abc 7 ongoing commitment to building a better bay area focuses now on the issue of health and the coronavirus. it is now voluntary for students coming teachers, and faculty in california to wear masks inside classrooms and child care settings. but the state is allowing counties, districts, and individual schools to keep mask mandates in place if they choose. oakland is one district that will still require masks, at least for the next two weeks. san francisco unified has made them optional.
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a number of walgreens and cvs locations are ready to offer free covid-19 testing and treatment. all of this is part of the white house's test to treat initiative. more than 1000 pharmacies received covid antiviral pills this week. so far in california, we know that 20 cvs health clinics are participating in l.a. county. that is according to the los angeles times. a miracle baby beat the odds at kaiser permanente san leandro medical center. this is valentina alvarado. she is now six months old, but was born at just 23 weeks. today, the hospital celebrated valentina's progress virtually with her parents and the staff who looked after her. >> she was feisty from the beginning. she was crying when we got her to the resuscitation bed. we did have to intubate her, put a breathing tube in to help her,
11:42 pm
and she just really fought from the beginning. dion: not only were valentina's parents fighting for their daughter's life, her father jesus got covid just after her birth. valentina is now almost 11 pounds and thriving. still ahead, we w we w we w we w the sierra with the lack of big storms. some ski resorts are using high-tech and more sustainable snow makers. spencer: there is a little rain -- a little rain -- heading our way. i will show you where to expect
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dion: a 60 year long tradition has returned to the windy city in honor of st. patrick's day. the chicago river was dyed green. for the first time since 2019, crowds were welcome to watch the annual celebration. it takes at least three boats to die the river with an
11:46 pm
environmentally friendly concoction. san francisco is getting greener thanks to the help of volunteers. a different kind of grain. the public works department tweeted this video today, showing crews as they prepared worksites in the hunters point neighborhood for the first beautification day of the season. volunteers and public works staff had a goal of planting more than 100 trees in the area. the next treeplanting is set for april 9 at lowell high school. with more dry days than snowy ones, ski resorts that rely on snowmaking to stay open as long as possible are looking toward more efficient ways to keep their industry alive. traditional air water guns require an employee to manually turn them on, but fan guns are a newer, more efficient technology that uses less energy and no manual labor. ski resorts say the fan guns make more better quality snow. northstar says there is also another benefit. >> we don't want to use more
11:47 pm
energy. we want to reduce our energy consumption. that is a big one when we think about our future in sustainability and how we want to move forward. dion: northstar says it currently uses about 50 fan guns and 250 air water guns to keep those slopes open. it is time, as a reminder, to spring forward. we enter daylight savings time overnight, meaning less sunlight in the morning and more of it in the evening. also, don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before bed, if you still have a clock or a watch that does not reset itself. it is always tricky, the clocks that don't reset themselves throw me off for a few days. spencer: they throw me off also. it is so much easier when they reset themselves. let's take a look at the weather as we spring forward. overnight, we expect some widely scattered, light pockets of showers and drizzle, tapering off by midmorning tomorrow. it will produce may be some white roadways.
11:48 pm
if you're driving during the early morning hours, be careful. highs tomorrow, generally upper 50's at the coast. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, a more vigorous system coming in late monday into tuesday. it still ranks a one on the storm impact scale. for the remainder of the week, we expect dry days and mild conditions. dion: once again, chris alvarez joining us with a preview of sports. chris: baseball is back after the 99 day lockout. spring training camps officially open tomorrow, and a statistically, steph had his worst night of the season, but his splash bro
11:49 pm
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>> sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. chris: it has been a big year of milestones for stephen curry. he became the all-time three-point leader. this week, he became the warriors all-time steals leader and surpassed 20,000 career
11:52 pm
points. klay thompson had a 3 season high 38 tonight, including eight from deep. steph only had eight points, but did not mind watching everyone else cook. >> you never want to get shot with the way they are guarding, defending that game plan. get the ball movement, andent, a got great shots the whole first half. we played great defense. it opened the game up. klay, jp, wiggs were amazing offensively. jk contributed and loon doing what he does on defense. it is all about winning and getting some good vibes and trying to build toward a playoff tie performance. >> you are now 3-0. that catapulting you guys, and seeing klay go off the way he did, what did you like most about his game tonight? >> we had the chair kicking era.
11:53 pm
i like the narratives this year. it is pretty good. but klay is just trying to find his rhythm. being himself and keeping his confidence, that is the message. no matter how you shoot, keep confidence in yourself, let the game come to you. nights like tonight is what he is capable of. >> you have your birthday on monday. you will get draymond green. why is it important to have him back? it feels like everyone is coming now. >> we have been looking forward to this for a long time. draymond wants to play and get back with the guys. we welcome him back with open arms. for him to get his rhythm back, we have just a month left, so we need to put the pieces together and get ready for whatever playoff series will be coming our way. chris: pac-12 men's basketball championship, arizona taking on ucla in las vegas. the dunk.
11:54 pm
so nice, we show it twice. the lefty hammer. arizona right here. he had a game-high 27 as he splashes. dale and terry with her corner three. check out the blue tongue. the wildcats win. they punch their ticket to the tournament. because of daylight savings time starting in two hours, we have less time to wait before spring training camp opens. after a 99 day lockout, plenty of wheeling and dealing expected. the giants have agreed to a two-year, $44 million deal with carlos road on, who had a career high with the red sox. the giants president of baseball operations before the news of that signing says they are not done yet. >> we talk a lot about not just looking for a five-man rotation, but a group that can cover us
11:55 pm
over the 162 games. again, interested in adding a bat. we love versatility. there are still some really interesting bats out there. chris: what will days do? matt olson, matt chapman entering the final year of their contracts with plenty of traits by tuition surrounding both. who did the new manager call when the lockout first lifted? >> there is an argument about the fact that i did not call the titan first in matt chapman. reached out to matt olson first, connected with him, and had a good conversation with matt, then went down the line with all the guys. chris: earthquakes in a cold philadelphia, ticking on the union. 23rd minute, the goal. 1-0jackson you'll called for the
11:56 pm
handball in the box and that will set off the penalty goal. union win it. dion: today, youth groups banded together to protest against recent oil drilling within contra costa county. it happened at the antioch community center on low tree way. alongside the protests, groups celebrated the antioch recent ban on oil and gas drilling within city limits. so far, the environmental group has gathered 3000 signatures against oil drilling from local residents. finally, a bale of hay contained a special surprise for the owner of a feed store in san jose. seven young barn owls were discovered in the hay that came from the central valley. the outlets rage inane -- the owlettes range from a few months to a few days old. the birds are expected to survive. once they are old enough, they will be released back into the
11:57 pm
wild. what a surprise. that's all the time we have for this edition of abc7news at 11:00. i am de online. abc7news continues tomorrow at 5:00. for spencer christian and chris alvarez and all of us here, thank you for joining us. we leave you with a live look outside, where you can see a little bit of precipitation out there, or maybe it looking a little hazy. kings are expected to clear up in the coming days. have a great day.
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- [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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♪ wasabi, the warrior! the "wipeout" warrior! (john a.) it's that time again, america. 24 contestants are about to face off against the craziest... aah! most extraordinary obstacle course ever assembled. three of them will earn the right to compete on the most challenging course of all... oh, come on!


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