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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 7, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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that's the new warning from u.s. officials about vladimir putin possibly attacking ukraine. one report warning there be 50,000 civilian casualties. freedom convoy emergency. the growing crisis north of the border as protests over a covid vaccine mandate escalate. donations coming from the u.s. now cut off. why authorities are calling this an insurrection. several breaking headlines from beijing. a major disappointment for
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mikay mikaela shiffrin. also, breaking overnight a star nfl running back under arrest. new fallout for podcaster joe rogan. and a slot machine malfunction and a big jackpot up for grabs. good morning, amerieveryone. i'm mona kosar abdi. >> and about ukraine. more u.s. aid is arriving in the region. a abc's em wynn has the latest
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from washington. >> reporter: there is russian military build up at ukraine's border. a stark warning from the white house that an attack could come at any time. >> it could take a number of different forps. it could happen as soon as tomorrow or could take some weeks. >> reporter: president biden meeting with the german chancellor, but not without controversy. germany in the past has been reluctant to cut off a pipeline, nordstream 2. russia has 70% of forces in place to attack ukraine, with more troops in belarus. >> he has put himself in a position with military deployments to be able to act
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aggressively against ukraine. >> reporter: french president emmanuel macron is set to meet today with president putin. he says enough to avoid an attack. when a question came up about sending more u.s. troops, president biden deflected. saying he wouldn't speculate. many minneapolis cars a care killing of amir locke. he was shot seconds after a no-knock warrant. locke was apparently asleep and holding a gun, a weapon his family said he owned legally.
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>> he did not have the intent or the ability. he didn't have the intent to hurt the officers. he wasn't even awake. >> he was a beautiful baby boy. he was respectful and caring. >> the department's no-knock warrant is set to be discussed today with city council. we turn to a growing movement to protest covid vaccine mandates across the border. here's derrick dennis. >> reporter: growing protests in canada getting worldwide attention, turning into a rallying cry against government pandemic restrictions. a state of emergency has been declared in ottawa where authorities say protests have turned into, quote, a nationwide insurrection. >> the city is under siege. this is a threat to our
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democracy. it's a nationwide insurrection. this is madness. >> reporter: it all started two weeks ago when thousands of truckers protested a federal vaccine mandate. they set up portable saunas and bouncy castles. authorities cracking down. threatening to arrest anyone bringing gas or other supplies to the truckers. gofundme has shut down a page set up by americans supporting the truckers. >> freedom! >> reporter: the protests now spreading. in vancouver police say demonstrators threw eggs and spread nails across roads. >> this is not a police-only city of ottawa only challenge. >> reporter: in the u.s. the debate over masks in schools is raging with covid cases down 61% since the mom peomicron peak.
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it >> a lot of kids haven't known a normal school day for two years. we need to try to lean forward aggressively to try to restore and reclaim it when we can. >> reporter: georgia democrat stacey abrams is facing backlash for appearing in this picture maskless with dozens of school kids. the school's principal says abrams was reading to the kids at the time. as for the fund-raising campaign for those truckers florida governor ron desantis has threatened to investgate gofundme. derrick dennis abc news, new york. three tennessee inmates including a suspected killer are on the run this morning after escaping from a county jail. they were reportedly spotted inside a truck in the virginia. a $7,500 reward is offered for
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each man. 18 people are safe this morning after being rescued from a floating ice sheet in lake erie. coast guard crews in a helicopter and air boat came to the rescue along with a good samaritan. >> next thing you know three more snowmobiles came and two more quads. they said they came from ten miles the other way. the crack went from land to land. we were pretty much stuck. >> the warning had been issued for people to stay off the ice because of unsafe >> turn to the winter olympics and a disappointing start for mikaela shiffrin. >> the defending olympic champ will not repeat in the women's giant slalom. she fell this morning, disqualifying her. she's expected to ski in four o
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more events. >> meanwhile, team usa won a silver in a figure skating team event. >> vincent zhou has tested positive for covid. he needs a negative test to perform in the men's short program. >> so far the russian olympic committee is maintaining a lead in the medal count. the chinese tennis star is now denying she acclaimed a high ranking official ofexl assault. she said it was an enormous misunderstanding. when asked why her post disappeared, she said she erased it because she wanted. she had dinner with the president of the international
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olympic excommittee and also attended a curling match. time for a look at your monday weather. ice on lake superior put on a show cracking and crunching as it moved with the water. it's all refrozen now with temperatures in the teens. rain and wintry mix along the east coast could make the morning commute dangerous. the storm system moves into new england today. around 40s in the northeast. 50s in the plains and 76 in los angeles which could see record highs by the middle of this week. coming up, a malfunction involving a slot machine in las vegas and the big jackpot at stake. first, what we're learning about a navy s.e.a.l. candidate who died after a training exercise. plus, what's happening now
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this massive implosion went off without a hitch. crews in germany tearing down a bridge that stretched a quarter mile. the 55 year-old structure neatly collapsed with the help of 250 pounds of well placed explosives falling to the ground in a big cloud of dust. >> back in this country we have details about death of a young man training to become a navy seal. he just finished a grueling under water demolition exercise. >> this morning an investigation is under way. into the death of a navy seal candidate. after days of intense training. 24 year-old new jersey native kyle mullen and another unidentified candidate fell ill friday. and taken to the hospital. just hours after completing the grueling seal training program known as hell week. >> you're not sleeping.
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you get about four hours of sleep the entire week. you're in the ocean. you're experiencing hypothermia. on your feet. running and carrying boats. in the water. they're trying to determine if you have what it takes mentally. >> the navy saying the sailors were not actively training when they reported symptoms. and were transported to receive emergency care. the training program is known for difficulty. only about 25% of candidates finishing it. the course even has a medical team. >> there's a doctor on hand. at all times. they have a full body check that occurs several times a day. >> despite the precautions this isn't the first time a seal trainee lost their life. 2016 the drowning death of james. initially ruled a homicide. because officials say his instructor pushed him under way twice. after another instructor pointed out he was struggling. that same year, seal trainee dropped out of the program. after being required to go without sleep for 50 hours.
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the navy says he died by suicide hours later. >> as for kyle mullen there's no word on his cause of death. the other sailor taken to the hospital is stable condition. >> the dating app tinder convicted a con man at the center of a netflix document ar. the tinder swindler details the alleged schemes of -- also known as simon. accused of duping women out of millions of dollars. he pretented to be the son of a diamond tycoon. wooing the women with expensive gifts and asked them to send him money. claiming his life was in danger. he's reportedly out of prison. but where abouts this morning are unknown sk. >> a big tar star is arrested is vegas. >> new fall out for pod caster joe (mail recipient 1) thank you. that's open.
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hired by the miami dolphins. roger goodell issued a statement saying the league would re-examines about racial diversity. new controversy surrounding joe rogan who attractsllion lie. hisast use oflluis callinitics the speak out. joe rogan apologizing for a video showing him repeatedly using a racial slur on his show. >> the most regretful and shameful thing i've ever had to talk about publicly. i know to most people there's no context wear a white person is ever allowed to say that word, never mind publicly on a
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podcast. i agree with that now. >> reporter: the apology comes after spotify removed dozens of episodes of his show "the joe rogan experience." rogan has been facing criticism for sharing misinformation about covid, leading artists including neil young to pull their music from the streaming platform. now it appears rogan lost one of his supporters, dwayne the rock johnson. he originally defended rogan, but when asked about his use of racial slurs, the rock called it a learning moment for himself. rogan signed a $100 million deal with spotify in 2020. the company's ceo says he does not believe that silencing joe is the answer. other comics and podcasters coming to rogan's defense.
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monarch. sk marking 70 years on the throne. announcing charles wife will be title queen consort. she was unpopular when she married him in 2005. blamed for destroying his marriage. she's grown on the people and the queen. >> if he's legally married to his wife. she would be his queen consort. you have to look back in history. henry the eighth were not called anything but queens. he had six of them. >> look what she will receive. she will reportedly wear the priceless platinum and diamond crown. when charles is kor nated. >> wow. delayed prize for a tourist jaco the last month. but didn't know it. because the slot machine he was playing at treasure island malfunctioned. he was gone by the time the casino realized it. the gaming commission wasinteed.
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they finally identified him as a tourist from arizona after they combed through hours of surveillance video. he was told to pick up his winnings. a quarter million dollars. i can only imagine that phone call. >> wouldn't you love to get a call like that? next professional surfing goat says he's thinking about following the other goat into retirement. >> he turns 50 this week. he celebrated winning a an event in hawaii. beating a surfer less than half his age. >> slater already reached out to tom brady to discuss retirement. he said surfing is like martial arts. you don't get worse as you get older you get more experienced. >> different kind of sport. a new world record set in hula hoop. >> a guy in germany spent six minutes hula hooping while planking. double the previous record time. fu sculure in h yard. he made this one.
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: concerning veltman's in the city -- concerning developments in the russia-ukraine. a warning that an invasion could happen any day. the hope today for a diplomatic solution. kumasi: new vaccine rules if you plan to eat or workout in one city. reggie:lln dollar homes could be heading new neighbors. reggie: it is funny what happens when the attorney general writes you a letter. drew: we are in store for a warm week for all of california. right now, visibility and issue. a quarter mile in santa rosa.


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