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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 31, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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if not have a great day. enjoy "good morning america." good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. a frigid start to the week for millions after that nor'easter over the weekend. new winter storm takes aim. millions on alert from kansas to michigan as many dig out after that record-breaking nor'eastern the mo ginger and rob are tracking it all. supreme choice. the president facing some criticism as he considers at least 14 black women to replace justice stephen breyer. the u.n. security council set to meet about the threat from russia as concern about north korea grows. the regime firing another missile, its most powerful in years. plus, the kansas woman turned fierce isis warrior, due in federal court.
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accused of plotting an attack on a college campus in the u.s. omicron versus the olympics. our maggie rulli is there on the ground inside the beijing bubble. >> entering beijing right when you get off the aircraft, just dozens of people in hazmat suits. >> now covid cases rising in china, including several members of the u.s. bobsled team. the extreme measures overseas. road rage caught on camera. a driver opening fire in the middle of the interstate shooting nearly a dozen times. why he says he did it, as he fces charges. heartbreaking tragedy. 30-year-old former miss usa cheslie kryst dying by apparent suicide. what we know this morning. dr. ashton joins us live. signing off spotify. neil young and joni mitchell pull their music from the streaming service over accusations podcaster joe rogan is spreading covid vaccine misinformation. this morning, how rogan and the company are responding. ♪ good-bye yellow brick road ♪ also this morning, will the
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g.o.a.t. say good-bye? mixed signals about tom brady's future after reports the seven-time champ is planning to retire. ♪ should have put a ring on it ♪ and road to the ring. a pair of dramatic comeback wins setting up a super showdown. >> intercepted by the rams and they may ride to the super bowl on that. >> los angeles with home field advantage for the big game and -- >> cincinnati is headed to the super bowl! >> after stunning patrick mahomes and the kansas city chiefs, will joe burrow and the cincinnati bengals finally win their first ring? ♪ what is that about, t.j.? >> the song and -- i get it. it's a ring, a super bowl ring. >> i was thinking about the song too. welcome back.e fe the.don't wr
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is. but this morning, we're going to begin with millions bracing for a new storm on the move. this as that nor'easter digs its way out of the major storm -- i should say, as the northeast digs it way out. ginger with the latest. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. all-time snowiest day on record in providence, rhode island. this morning, the windchill where i'm standing is zero. we're still navigating the ice. we're watching a new storm. let me tell you who's involved. we go to colorado springs, over to liberal, kansas, indiana, toledo, ohio, st. louis. so you watch for that winter storm, and this is not going to all be snow. this looks like it will be in parts, ice, and that becomes a major issue, especially there in the middle of the country. watch as the ice develops tuesday through wednesday. that's wednesday night where we
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stopped it. wednesday through thursday still impacting. it's a midweek storm. that ice on the front end could reach down to arkansas, indiana. we're going to be tracking this through the week. >> this as people still digging out from what happened over the weekend. thank you, ginger. and rob is in hard-hit massachusetts for us this morning. good morning, rob. >> reporter: robin, this storm, it had it all. anfond st aal coastline just south of boston, we had incredible waves that were banging up against this newly reinforced sea wall, and up and over this road and these homes, which in single-digit temperatures, look at this. completely entombed, encased in ice, and it's just a surreal scene here. storm after storm, single-digit temperatures here again, and just looking at this, just a surreal scene that highlights just how explosive and historic this storm was. this morning, the northeast digging out after that vicious nor'easter slammed the region. massachusetts bearing the brunt of the storm. the blizzard dumping more than 30 inches of snow in some parts
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of the state. snowplow drivers working round the clock since friday night. >> whiteout. couldn't see five feet in front of you. >> reporter: history in boston. the city tying its record for the biggest one-day snowfall at 26.3 inches saturday. is that your car? >> yeah. >> it's buried. >> reporter: in coastal regions like grand rock, entire neighborhood blanketed in ice after getting lashed by powerful waves. frozen sea water clinging on to houses and this church. in nantucket, icy storm surge on the island. inundatediven bdagiindsf over avel plans.wreaking ha the storm unrelenting from maine to rhode island, to connecticut, through new york. not melting this morning. that's for sure.
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7-degree temperature, windchill below zero. i talked to the man that's actually living in this house. they got the power back on. he slept here. the heat is on. he's a brave guy. pretty brave to have a buffalo bills flag flying in southeast massachusetts. warmup coming, but not soon enough. back to you. >> we were thinking just that. thanks, rob. george? we're going to go to washington now where president biden is facing tough numbers in our latest abc poll with ipsos. 75% of americans are negative about the state of economy. just 29% support sending ground troops to europe to counter russian aggression toward ukraine. and on the supreme court vacancy, more than three out of four question the president's pledge to nominate only black women for the supreme court seat. mary bruce has the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: george, good morning. we know the president is now considering more than a dozen potential candidates, but
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already the way the president has gone about this is raising questions with a lot of americans, and facing pushback from some republicans. this morning, with the president's first supreme court nomination looming, the political pressure is on. biden has promised to name the first black woman to the court, but that latest polling shows more than three-quarters of americans want the president to consider all possible nominees. key republican senator susan collins says she would welcome a black woman on the court but is critical of biden's approach. >> the way that the president has handled this nomination has been clumsy at best. it adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution. >> reporter: the chair of the senate judiciary committee coming to the president's defense. >> this is not the first time a president signaled what they're looking for in a nominee. they'll all face the same close scrutiny, this is a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. >> reporter: abc news learned there are at least 14 black women under consideration including judge j. michelle childs of the u.s. district courtover south carolina.
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the white house confirming she's on the list when they postponed her confirmation hearing for another position. she has the backing of biden's close ally, congressman jim clyburn and even republican lindsey graham supports her. >> i can't think of a better person for president biden to consider for the supreme court than michelle childs. >> reporter: now we do expect this process to move fairly quickly. the president has said he'll be holding in-person interviews with the candidates here at the white house and we'll announce his decision by the end of the next month. they'll move quickly on this as soon as the president makes his decision. >> mary bruce, thank you. we want to turn to the latest on the showdown with russia over ukraine. as george just mentioned, our new poll shows low support for president biden's policy as the u.n. security council gets set to hold a high-stakes meeting on the crisis this morning. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the scene in ukraine where he's been covering
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this for us. hello, ian. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. that's right, as this crisis enters another week with yet more troops and armaments massing around ukraine's borders, another chance for diplomacy. the u.n. security council holding this meeting this morning. it was called by america as an open session to discuss what it sees as russia's threatening behavior toward ukraine. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. telling george on "this week," quote, you don't amass 100,000 troops if you don't have intentions to use them, adding that there's still a diplomatic off-ramp. russia repeatedly denying it has any plans to invade. its ambassador to the u.n. objecting to this meeting. calling it, quote, a clear pr stunt by america. meanwhile, mixed signals around ukraine's borders. some russian troops have pulled back, others moved in. we're also seeing increasing signs of ukrainians preparing in case there is an attack. some joining the reserves, others getting their papers in
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order, just in case the worst case scenario happens, robin. and the biden administration facing another potential crisis overseas with north korea which is ramping up its missile tests. over the weekend fired off its biggest one in years. our chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz, has the latest on this rapidly developing situation. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. north korea has launched a series of short-range ballistic missiles over the last month, raising some eyebrows, but this intermediate range ballistic missile, the most powerful missile it has launched since 2017, got everyone's attention. north korea releasing these images they say show the latest, most provocative missile launch in nearly five years. the missile reached an altitude of 1200 miles and traveled nearly 500 miles before landing in the sea, but could travel much further if launched from a different angle. a potential threat to its neighbors and the u.s. troops
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from south korea to guam. >> it is provocative and it is something that we have very, very strongly condemned. >> reporter: but condemnation is not stopping kim jong-un. this is the seventh launch in just the last month, more tests than ever in one month and more than all of last year. >> you see these new offensive weapon systems that have increased range. these are all additional new threats. >> reporter: but with north korea's economy struggling under international sanctions and the u.s. attention now on ukraine, kim is seizing the moment. >> so i think we're seeing a standard play of north korean regime playbook. that it's time now to ratchet up tensions and really bring attenion to north korea in the hopes of gaining some concessions. >> reporter: the biden administration says they're willing to talk with north korea, but the only response they've gotten is these missile
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launches and the fear is they could become even bolder. resuming intercontinental ballistic missiles. george? >> martha raddatz, thanks. we turn to the kansas woman accused of leading an all-female isis brigade in syria. and plotting an attack on a college campus here in the u.s. she's due in a virginia federal court this morning. chief justice correspondent pierre thomas is tracking the case from alexandria, virginia. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. in a few hours, allison fluke-ekren is expected to make her first appearance in the courthouse behind me. the fbi says she was once a teacher home schooling her children in kansas before becoming a radical, leaving the u.s. for syria where she rose to the ranks as a leader for isis. became the leader of an all-female military unit. the fbi claims she dreamed of returning home and killing scores of americans here in the u.s., allegedly plotting to blow up college students with a
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backpack full of explosives and to detonate a car bomb at a shopping mall. fluke-ekren allegedly trained in syria from 2014 to 2017 before she was captured on the battlefield. on friday, she was transferred to fbi custody and brought here to alexandria to face terrorism charges. one of a few women to have been brought in on these charges of terror. t.j.? >> pierre thomas, thank you. want to turn to the olympics. opening ceremonies days away as beijing is reporting some of its highest covid cases in over a year and locking down areas. new outbreaks also being reported among the athletes which could threaten some events. our maggie rulli is there. >> reporter: this morning, beijing reporting its biggest spike in covid cases in 18 months. 71 active cases in the country's capital, it's barely a fraction of the city's 21 million people, but it's enough to trigger an extreme response from china. cracking down on the strict olympic bubble. the olympics committee reporting 37 people tested positive on arrival yesterday, including 12 athletes or team officials.
7:14 am
bringing the total number to 248. everything with these olympics all taking place in a strict closed loop. organizers working to keep the 11,000 visitors separate from the rest of beijing, including our abc news crew. this is the first thing we see entering beijing. right when we get off the aircraft. even the baggage handlers are protected. the second we're off the plane, we're in the bubble. this is it. months in the planning. how are you feeling? >> nervous. >> tired. >> reporter: lots of lines, multiple document checks. just got another qr code, and more covid tests. it's a rigorous and efficient system. we're in and out in about an hour. we're on the bus on the way to the hotel. getting our first glimpse of beijing. out the bus windows. the highway has special lanes for olympic vehicles. our hotel guarded 24/7 by guards. once we're here you can see we're actually physically boarded up. few hours after my test the
7:15 am
hotel calls to say it's negative. this means that while we'r still in the olympic bubble i can leave ite bit ofit the'd'ne.ys, yosee alth fee outse bubble. fence is ve r ysical barrier kping us separate from the rest of china. robin? >> maggie, take care. see you soon. now to the super bowl, the los angeles rams set to face off at home against the cincinnati bengals. kaylee hartung is there at the stadium. where all will go down. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. the rams are opening as the early favorite. but if we learned anything from those heart-stopping, nail-biting games in the playof playoffs, be ready for another close game.
7:16 am
a pair of dramatic comeback wins. >> intercepted by the rams. they may ride to the super bowl on that. >> reporter: setting the stage for super bowl lvi. >> cincinnati is heading to the super bowl. >> reporter: with a match-up no one predicted. the cincinnati bengals pulling off an underdog upset on the road after starting the season with 125-1 odds to make the big game. for the first time in over three decades they have a shot to win the franchise's first ring. >> i'm just a little speechless right now. >> reporter: the los angeles rams getting revenge over their division rivals to host their own super bowl game at sofi stadium. >> you can't write the story any better. >> reporter: stout defense fueling late game comebacks allowing the offenses to step on the gas. >> caught. still running. >> reporter: the bengals down 21-3, but quarterback joe burrow, an ohio native in just his second year in the league, keeps his cool. >> and cincinnati comes back. >> reporter: the heavily favored kansas city chiefs even winning the overtime coin toss. >> it is tails.
7:17 am
>> reporter: but shut out of the end zone. >> shooter macpherson fearless. >> reporter: leaving it to a kicker they call shooter to seal the win. burrow was the heisman winner two years ago. the phenom the number one draft pick, taking the helm of a franchise that was 2-14 the previous season. >> they beat mahomes at home. >> wow, joe burrow, no way. >> reporter: the rams led by their own former number one p pick, matthew stafford, after 12 years with the lions and zero playoff wins, he's taking the rams to the super bowl in his first season with the team. >> and matthew stafford, in his first year in los angeles, is going to take his team to the super bowl. >> reporter: but it didn't come easy. the rams down ten points going into the fourth quarter. >> end zone caught, touchdown rams. >> reporter: cooper kupp
7:18 am
pads his stats with an unbelievable season. aaron donald showing why he is a three-time the year. that interception, just what the rams needed to punch their ticket, in hopes of repeating a super bowl win for the home team just like the buccaneers did in tampa bay last year. now i know i said no one predicted this matchup, but one lucky guy in connecticut did. the bleacher report it was flagged, a $20 bet this guy made, and he nailed the final scores of the games and won nearly $600,000, guys. >> whoa. >> for 20 bucks. >> thank you. a lot more coming up on "gma" including tom brady, is he retiring or isn't he? also ahead, the road rage shooting on i-95 during rush hour. why the shooter says he opened fire. thankfully, everybody is okay. but first, back to ginger. >> reporter: robin, we've got the select cities sponsored by intuit turbo tax.
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we're right back here on "gma."
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whatever the morning brings, sip your sunshine! with 100% vitamin c, tropicana. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning. reggie aqui from abc seven mornings, san francisco is about to change its indoor mask mandate. starting tomorrow. you don't have to wear a mask at the gym or the office, at least according to the city if you're vaccinated or boosted, of course, gyms and officers have the right to do have their own rules. also starting tomorrow, the city has changing its rules for large events. now san francisco will allow those who are unvaccinated to attend large events if they wear a mask and show a negative covid test. hi, georgina. i reggie. thank you. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with video right now. the deadly crash we've been following throughout the morning . you can see the vehicle impacted in the center of your screen that just went by, according to the chp car went off the freeway on dortmund 6 80
7:24 am
past concord avenue and then went into an embankment, hit a tree and caught fire. officers say the car was possibly swerving before it crashed. and one person has died. i want to bring you now live to the san mateo bridge, because if you are traveling in the westbound direction towards the peninsula , you may run into some fog and also a slowdown. there was an earlier crash there that has now also a slowdown. there was an earlier crash there that has now cleared reggie. age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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we're tracking some fog on this monday morning issues in the north baking nevado, petaluma, santa rosa, anywhere from a half mile 20 miles visibility. even in the south, they would have reduced visibility. san jose coming in with two miles of visibility, in fact, will take you to san jose. right now. here's a live look at 101 in the region right now, and you can see that fog has settled in this morning. so they shapes up like this. partly sunny skies early on. that son will be slow to peek out, but by the afternoon it's a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper
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fifties to lower sixties reggie drew. thank you coming up on g m, a. the latest on the spot of firefighters storm that has some top artists. pulling their music firefighters storm that has some top artists. pulling their music from t from one moment to the next, our kids become the most important part of our lives. and even though the years pass, that never changes. we never stop worrying about them. that's why it's important to have health insurance. with covered california, we got a plan we could afford. it includes free preventive care, like cholesterol and blood-pressure checkups. because even though they grow up, they'll always be your baby. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. go to good luck! this way toyou too!insurance. and the united states has done it! a very generous congratulations. bitter rivals but absolute respect.
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my parents' job is to look after them. and it's my job to test the product. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. blue diamond almond breeze. ♪ all for you ♪ ♪ all for you ♪ janet jackson. always a good way to kick off a monday, any day. she's got something good for us this morning. new music. all the details in "pop news" with lara. that is coming up, but we have a lot of headlines we're following as well, including that winter storm taking aim. a lot of americans digging out from that record-breaking nor'easter. the blizzard dumped more than 30 inches of snow in some parts of massachusetts. more than 5,000 flights also canceled.
7:31 am
also right now, the u.n. security council set to hold a meeting on the crisis in ukraine after the u.s. called for an open session to discuss what it sees as russia's threatening behavior against ukraine. also breaking this morning, two ships collided in the north sea. the dutch coast guard rescued all 18 members by helicopter. and tennis great rafa, rafael nadal didn't just win the australian open. this is how he won it. he was down two sets to none. this was an epic match. he came back and won three straight sets. he's almost amazed himself. he now has 21 grand slam titles. he's now broken the three-way tie he had with roger federer and novak djokovic. the most all-time among men. this match started at 3:30 a.m., and i got up to watch. you all didn't respond to my messages. hey guys, you're missing some good stuff. it was fun. >> thank you anyway. we got a lot more ahead on "gma," including the spotify backlash, artists like joni mitchell pulling their music because of joe rogan's vaccine stance. that's coming up in just a bit.
7:32 am
but right now, those reports that tom brady plans to retire after 22 seasons and 7 super bowl rings. now members of brady's camp, including his dad are pushing back. janai norman joins us with more on this. a lot of mixed messages. >> they're pushing back, but it's not a full-throated denial. his dad says he hasn't made a decision one way or the other. this isn't the first time fans have been sent into a frenzy whether tom brady is ready to retire. it felt like whiplash over the record as so many wondered will the g.o.a.t. finally say good-bye. >> reporter: will he or won't he? >> brady's going to hand it off. it's fournette..orter:nd confusion circulatg amid conflicting reports about tom brady retiring. >> there's no retirement until he says the word. >> reporter: the back and forth blowing up on social media
7:33 am
saturday as espn reported the star quarterback would call it quits after 22 extraordinary seasons. his former teammate julian edelman posting this photo with the caption, thanks for the memories, babe, but swiftly replying to his own post writing, can't a guy thank a guy for memories without everyone thinking he's retiring. brady's own sports company tweeting this tribute, then taking it down. brady's agent responding with a statement writing, tom will be the only person to express his plans with complete accuracy. on a recent episode of the podcast "let's go" brady said his retirement would be a family decision. >> my wife is my biggest supporter. it pains her to see me get hit out there. you know, she deserves what she needs from me as a husband. my kids deserve what they need from me as a dad. >> reporter: espn's adam schefter says that announcement could come soon. >> he has not announced anything, but he will be doing that relatively soon. i think there are some steps that he wants to go through here before he's ready.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this isn't the first time of rampant rumors about a possible brady retirement.inafr the qb posted a cryptic photo in 2020. in the end, the photo just a teaser for an upcoming hulu ad where bracy sets the record straight. >> me? i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: then again joking about retiring just last year in a t-mobile commercial with fellow buccaneer rob gronkowski. >> what do you think my next move should be? give it to me straight. >> i got one word for you, retirement. >> brady going deep down the right sideline -- >> reporter: but all jokes aside, tom brady's towering reign as one of the most celebrated athletes in the league's history is no joke at all. from humble beginnings, drafted by the patriots 199th overall in the sixth round. >> tom brady picked 198 goes to the new england patriots. >> reporter: to ten super bowl appearances, winning seven of
7:35 am
those games and reigning supreme as mvp for five. >> how about that? >> reporter: all that and so many more record-setting accomplishments over two decades. >> this is not just about being done with the past, but also with one eye on the future. >> so the 44-year-old has won the most championships of any single player in the nfl. his career records include most touchdown passes, most passing yards. his standing as one of the greatest is without question. but this morning, so many questions about whether we've seen tom brady suit up for his last nfl game. you guys, yes or no? >> he'll let us know. >> tom can do whatever he wants to do. >> what do you say? >> what about you? what do you say? >> i say it's time, tom. >> all right, janai, thank you so much. we turn to what we showed you a little earlier, some
7:36 am
of this incredible video of this road rage incident. this was all caught on camera. one driver facing charges after a morning rush hour confrontation. fired off nearly a dozen shots and this was in the middle of the interstate. our victor oquendo is in miami with the details. good morning to you, victor. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. that's right. nearly a dozen shots fired here along i-95. incredibly no one was hurt. this actually happened last june. the driver turning himself in handing over that video which we're now seeing for the first time. the video is wild. this driver opening fire during the morning rush in miami, all of this caught on the driver's own dash cam. now he's facing two felony charges. according to the arrest report, 30-year-old eric popper cut off another driver who started tailgating and honking. moments later he reaches inside the car's center console and pulls out a handgun. the other driver catches up and according to the report, he throws an unknown object hitting popper's car.
7:37 am
popper opens fire, later telling police he thought he was being shot at despite the other driver not having a gun. >> when he was shot at, he pulled out his gun in self-defense and was justified in pulling out his gun. >> reporter: according to aaa, in 2019, road rage contributes to approximately 30 deaths every year in the u.s. and nearly 80% of drivers have expressed some form of aggression behind the wheel at least once in the previous 30 days. >> road rage is serious. it can lead to both criminal and civil charges being filed against you. >> reporter: popper is facing two second degree felonies, each of which carry up to 15 years in prison. a hearing is set for april. t.j.? >> victor, thank you. good no one was hurt. coming up, top artists removing their work from spotify to protest podcaster joe rogan spreading misinformation about covid.
7:38 am
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we are back with the revolt at spotify. top artists including neil young and joni mitchell pulled their music from the streaming service to protest the spreading of covid misinformation by joe rogan on his spotify podcast. rogan and the company ceo responded. chris connelly has the story. >> reporter: good morning, george. 381 million listen to spotify and they're listening to joe
7:42 am
rogan talk. some of what's been said on his podcast is compelling some revered recording artists to push back, hard, and now joe rogan is responding. overnight, joe rogan defending his embattled spotify podcast, trying to respond to the to that's seen for neil young. ♪ >> reporter: and a growing number of musical allies pulling their recordings from the site in a battle over the star podcaster and his alleged spreading of covid vaccine and treatment misinformation on "the joe rogan experience," including promoting the drug ivermectin, despite fda warning it's not been shown to help with covid-19, and may be dangerous. rogan seeking to take issue with the misinformation label despite the unsubstantiated statements made by some of his guests. >> i do not know if they're right. i don't know because i'm not a doctor or a scientist. i'm just a person who sits down
7:43 am
and talks with people and has conversations with them. do i get things wrong? absolutely i get things wrong, but i try to correct them. ♪ >> reporter: it began with the 76-year-old young. ♪ declaring on his website that spotify could have rogan or me, not both, because spotify is esg echoing detailed objections made by 270 experts in an open letter to spotify weeks ago. ♪ kennedy center honoree joni mitchell saying she'll pull her music from spotify saying, irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives. prince harry and meghan, recipients of a $30 million spotify podcast deal expressing concerns.
7:44 am
♪ guitarist nils lofgren pulling some 27 years' worth of his solo work off the site. >> i think specifically a lot of times on joe's show, they encourage the wrong thing, and it's disingenuous, and dangerous at times, and we felt that we had no choice but to stand with neil. ♪ ♪ keep me searching for a heart of gold ♪ >> reporter: spotify losing billions in market value last week and the ceo saying the site will add a content advisory to covid podcasts while directing listeners to a covid-19 hub with facts and information on the virus. so we'll see what happens next. one more possibly relevant note, as young people growing up in canada, both joni mitchell and neil young were stricken with polio before there was a vaccine. guys? >> duly noted. all right, chris.
7:45 am
coming up later, two busy moms take on our try before you buy challenge. their love for a pair of leggings that might not be the most expensive ones on the market. and then, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next, t.j. holmes with our "play of the day." >> oh, wow. n ever! mary, welcome to verizon's new plan with 5g ultra wideband now in many more cities. (mary) cool (vo) up to 10 times the speed at zero extra cost. our 5g data is foreals unlimited no matter how much you use. (mary) did you just say foreals? (vo) sorry. let's put it to work with six premium entertainment subscriptions included! (mary) shhh, i'm in the lead. (vo) go on, watch all you want. (mary) i love this show. (vo) and because a better plan deserves a better phone... how about a new one on us? (mary) seriously? (vo) yep, it's our best plan ever. verizon is going ultra, so you can too. plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging... ...the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin
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back now with our "play of the day" here on "gma." this nor'easter caused a lot of people to change their plans, not their wedding plans. take a look, folks. this is in providence, rhode island. that's sally and adam. they love each other. they got 21 inches of snow in providence. it didn't stop the wedding and people showed up. there on the steps of the public library. they've been planning this wedding for 14 months. they said this nor'easter is not going to stop us. one of the main reasons they did this is they had mugs and cutting boards with the date on it. >> okay. >> we can't change the wedding date. >> oh, no. >> good for them and, you know what, good for those people that showed up. they love you and will be with you the rest of your lives because they showed up to support them on their wedding day. >> we wish you years of happiness. coming up, josh groban joins us live. come on back. ♪ feel love ♪ come on back. ♪ feel love ♪
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fear of missing oats. penalty reversed! the result of the play is... breakfast. quaker oats, a super trusted super food. always a good call. >> reporter: welcome back to "gma." we've got the frozen hudson river behind us talking about the cold. another new storm for the middle of the country on the southern side. it's all about the rain. there are some flood watches in place, victoria to austin, texas, they're anticipating two to four inches very quickly. some of the rainfall rates could be up to 2 inches an hour. that's going to track across i-10. southern louisiana will be in it eventually, and most people that got snow in the northeast, the mid-atlantic from ocean city, new jersey, our camera looking at atlantic city, they'll get rain on top of that. the rain will melt a lot of this and by week's end we'll be talking about considerable
7:54 am
differences in the weather. coming up on "gma," the latest on the real housewife erika jayne, the new legal moves in the embezzlement suit against the reality star. and our new series, try before you buy. two moms check out top leggings brands. we have their top picks. and "scan
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by quaker oats, a supertrusted, super food.
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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc. seven mornings. julita fortune has a look at the roads. obina hey, reggie. thank you. good morning, everyone, so we're just going to look at our live cameras right now. and starting with our bridges. you're going to see a busy one, which is right here. the richmond san rafael bridge. these are going to be under the limit as you travel westbound on 5 80. they'll pick up once you make it a little closer to the north bay, but then check this out. the bay bridge result plaza completely empty this morning, and it is not a holiday. everybody the metering lights came on at 5 51, but it's still clear. i drew anybody working today, i guess. yeah. all right , let's take a look at visibility right now. the north. they were having issues you can see from nevada to petaluma, napa, santa rosa. there can see napa just decreased visibility. 2.5 miles, even some fog in the south bay right now. here's a live look. from our king street camera in san francisco. partly sunny skies right now, and here's how your day is shaping
7:57 am
up. partly sunny skies were slow to warm with limited sunshine this morning by the afternoon. it's a blend of sun and clouds and we'll go up to the upper fifties to lower sixties today, reggie all right. thank you, jerry coming up on g. m, a former miss usa and extra correspondent chelsey crisp dying by apparent suicide. the new details this morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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feel the hydrow high. erto timom kansas to chan dig out after record-brea. plus, the bitter arctic air on the move. ginger and rob tracking it all. supreme choice. the president facing some criticism as he considers at least 14 black women to replace justice stephen breyer. heartbreaking tragedy. former miss usa and beloved "extra" correspondent, cheslie kryst dying by suicide at age 30. what we know so far. what her family is saying this morning and how to spot the warning signs. dr. ashton is live. in the clear? what a judge ruled in erika jayne's fraud and embezzlement lawsuit.
8:01 am
the new details this morning. ♪ what have you done for me lately ♪ she's done a lot. janet jackson surprising fans with a new single. lara has all the details in "pop news." ♪ my everything ♪ living your best leggings life. >> i live in leggings. >> two busy moms take on our try before you buy challenge. >> it's here. >> wearing some of the most popular brands and falling head over heels in love with a perfect pair that desn't empty your wallet. ♪ you raise me up ♪ josh groban live on "gma" this morning on his dazzling upcoming tour and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. we settled a lot during that break. >> we were talking about leggings. i asked if ali -- >> she wears leggings, my girls wear them.
8:02 am
>> it took you a pause. ali, what does she wear? it was the pause that got me, george. >> wow. happy monday, everyone. >> welcome, everybody. that's how we start this monday. hope you had a great weekend. it was a great football weekend. >> sure was. >> a lot of people noticing and paying attention to this moment. this is brandy singing the national anthem. this was at the rams game, but we'll show you how and why many are saying she channeled whitney houston with that performance. that's coming up in "pop news." >> lara will have that for us in "pop news." first, millions bracing for a new winter storm as the northeast digs out from the blizzard. ginger is back tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: robin, good morning. if you're going to get buried with two feet of snow, don't you want to break a record, not just tie one? that's what boston did, 23.6 inches which ties their daily one-day total record from
8:03 am
all records. yep, it's still going to take a long time to get out of there. they're encased. it wasn't just about the snow. the winds were gusting above 74 miles per hour. in nantucket that came with coastal flooding. all that water gets pushed with the northeast wind. up to three feet of coastal flooding. then you go to parts of massachusetts where nature did a little decorating on the sides of houses there. both the sea water kind of frozen on side and then with the snow on top. looks like somebody tried to do something for a holiday decoration, but only got one side of the house. it's going to take time, but we'll warm up by the end of the week. now we have to watch a new storm that includes parts of colorado, kansas, st. louis up to indiana and ohio and michigan. flint, port huron all included. we're mostly concerned about the ice. we'll be detailing it as we get closer. >> the ice is no joke. george? to washington now where
8:04 am
president biden is facing tough numbers in our latest abc news poll with ipsos. three out of four question the president's pledge to consider only black women for the seat. we go back to our senior white house correspondent, mary bruce. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. the search here at the white house is now under way. the president is committed to fulfilling the campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the supreme court. that latest polling shows the majority of americans question that pledge and wish the president would take a different approach. three-quarters of americans want the president to consider all possible nominees. some republicans criticizing the president's move saying it just underscores this is a political process. now the white house hasn't put out an official list of candidates. we learned that 14 women are being considered. biden said he'll announce his decision before the end of next month. up on the hill the senate judiciary chairman says they're ready to move as soon as biden makes his decision. >> they want to move quickly with the midterms coming up. thank you, mary.
8:05 am
coming up, we'll talk the tragic death of former miss usa cheslie kryst dying by apparent suicide. we'll tell you what we know now, and also talk to our dr. ashton about spotting warning signs. "real housewife" star erika jayne claiming victory in her embezzlement lawsuit, and her legal battle. if you are loving your life in leggings, don't miss our try before you buy challenge. two moms telling us the brands they love that didn't break the bank. plus, that man right there, josh groban joining us live. come on back. come on back.'re a target for... ...chronic kidney disease. you can already have it and not know it. if you have chronic kidney disease... ...your kidney health... ...could depend on what you do today. ♪far-xi-ga♪ farxiga is a pill that works... the kidneys to help slow the progression
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♪ two steps forward, two steps back ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this monday morning. the final monday of the month of january. tomorrow february 1st, the beginning of black history month and the lunar new year. we have a big celebration for both. we are looking forward to that tomorrow. and we're looking forward to saying hello to lara, now with "pop news." good morning to you. >> reporter: t.j., happy monday. good morning to you all. we begin with the other big story from the afc and nfc championships. the action before one of the games. people are talking about brandy singing "the star spangled banner" channelling her idol the late great whitney houston. listen to this. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪
8:11 am
♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say does that star spangled banner ♪ >> reporter: just beautiful rocking a red, white and black prada track suit reminding fans of whitney's look. that was back in 1991. one person tweeting, side by side photos of the two singers whom you might remember starred together in a 1997 film version of "cinderella." brandy called whitney her real life fairy godmother. great job, brandy. also this morning, after janet jackson's two-night documentary event aired on lifetime, during the final credits -- was that a new song we heard from miss jackson? yes, it was. take a listen.
8:12 am
♪ you got that love i love ♪ ♪ controlling it ♪ >> reporter: that song called "love i love." it's the first new music from miss jackson since 2015. no word on whether more music is coming. she's open in that documentary giving insight into her 2004 super bowl performance, how she was disinvited from the grammys and her relationship with her brother michael. the documentary on the lifetime and a&e websites. rafael nadal has done it again making history.
8:13 am
after a staggering 5:24 nadal beating daniil medvedev and securing his reign as king of the court, beating his own record for the most gland slam titles, making 21 the new number to beat. he was previously tied with roger federer and novak djokovic. nadal describing the match as one of the greatest comebacks of his career. a foot injury sidelined him for months, and it was unclear if he would be able to play in the australian open, and congratulations to the woman's champ. ashleigh barty became the first australian to win the tournament in over 40 years in her home country. congrats to both players. how about this, a massive snowball fight right here in the big apple. the morning after this weekend's nor'easter new york city had inches of snow dumped on it. hu hundreds of people took advantage of it, a call to arms if you will was sent out on
8:14 am
instagram. a huge crowd gathered in washington square park for some old school snow day fun. i love it. brings back good old memories. back to you all in the studio. >> you're saying you used to hurl snowballs back in the day, lara? >> reporter: i sure did. i have quite an arm. >> you do. thanks, as always. let's check in again with ginger. >> reporter: thanks, robin. iguanas were stunned, people were not. this cold was forecast. my goodness, did it ever come to verification though. west palm had the coldest air in the 12 years. you can see the tide records at vero beach. we know it's cold. is it going to get warmer? yes.
8:15 am
we want tot turn to our "gma" cover story. a lot of you maybe saw the shocking news last night, the tragic death of former miss usa and "extra" correspondent cheslie kryst died by apparent suicide sunday morning. we'll check in with dr. ashton in just a moment to talk about warning signs. also help for family members who may have lost someone to suicide. right now let's check in with linsey davis with the story. linsey, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is a tough one, t.j. this was a young woman who showed so much promise.
8:16 am
multiple degrees, a beauty pageant winner, who not only worked on "extra" tv, but also worked for a law firm on behalf of prisoners, reducing their sentences. often we don't know what people are dealing with. yesterday she got up and decided to end it all jumping to her death from a manhattan apartment building. >> north carolina. >> reporter: this morning, immense shock and sorrow after the death of former miss usa, cheslie kryst. the 30-year-old apparently dying by suicide. her devastated family writing her great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. she cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined. just hours before her death, this photo was posted to her instagram with the caption, may this day bring you rest and peace. a highly accomplished attorney with a masters in business from wake forest represented north carolina in the miss usa pageant
8:17 am
crowned the top title in 2019. >> mine is the first generation to have that forward looking mindset that has inclusivity, diversity, and strength and empowered women. >> reporter: she appeared on "gma" to celebrate an historic win for black women in the top four pageants that year. >> there's times i'm disappointed because people will sometimes comment on social media and say why are we talking about your race? you guys are just four amazing women. i'm, like, but there was a time when we literally could not win. >> reporter: she then competed in the miss universe competition, placing in the top ten, and appeared on "extra." they say our hearts are broken. she was not only a vital part of our show, but she was a beloved part of our family and touched our entire staff. our deeply condolences to her family and friends. cheslie kryst was 30 years old. back in 2019 she posted about mental health on the miss usa facebook page where she wrote
8:18 am
that she did a lot to maintain her own mental health, including talking to a counselor. i talked with a good friend of hers last night and i asked, how would you describe her to people who never had the chance to meet her? he said, just such a light, genuine, down to earth, full of life. t.j.? >> pick up on that point, dr. ashton. we have mutual friends. i found out from a friend of hers. this is what she said about her, she was the person who never had a bad day. what warnings signs should we look for? >> the first most important thing is if you lost someone to suicide, this is not your fault. it can be difficult to pick up on these because, again, what's on the surface obviously may not reflect what someone is going through inside, but again, if you can break it down to things they say, ways they behave, and moods that they express. so examples would be, you know, people giving away their possessions and their pets even, stating that they feel that they're a burden or that they're trapped, acting withdrawn, a change in their behavior at work or in a social setting, and then expressing, you know, feelings
8:19 am
that they've lost hope, and that they're helpless. those can be some of the warning signs. >> what do you do if you're worried about somebody? >> the first and most important thing, t.j., is you have to ask them are you having thoughts of suicide or self-harm. this will not put an idea in their head. if they answer yes, take that seriously. do not leave them alone. assure them there's always hope and help. acknowledge you can see they're in pain. if necessary, bring them to an emergency room and get professional help. that is so important. it is scary when someone tells you they're having these thoughts. there are professionals that can help you help them. >> dr. ashton, thank you. something you continue to talk about. we'll talk to you more throughout abc. if you're struggling with thoughts of suicide or worried about a friend or loved one this is where you get help. the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-talk.
8:20 am
or text talk to 741741. visit this is free, complimentary support 24 hours a day. george? >> there is help out there, thanks. new details in the legal battle for erika jayne. she was dismissed from the fraud and embezzlement lawsuit against her es change -- estranged husband. zohreen shah has the latest. >> but they're also looking at it through their own eyes. >> reporter: this morning, "real housewives of beverly hills" erika jayne mainitaining her innocence. >> if he told the money -- >> reporter: the lawsuit against her in illinois dismissed. the reality star claiming victory on instagram thanking her supporters writing thank you to my friends who know me. it's a marathon. she had been named in a lawsuit with her now-ex-husband disgraced legal titan tom girardi accused of embezzling millions of dollars from victims in the 2018 lion airplane crash. her legal troubles and divorce playing out on tv.
8:21 am
>> the strongest substance on earth isn't diamonds. it's me. >> reporter: when questioned erika jayne saying she did nothing wrong and was in the dark when it came to their finances. >> i did nothing wrong. i'm not going to answer that question. >> reporter: even agreeing that the victims deserve the money. >> i'm in an almost impossible situation, and anyone that has been wronged, i want them to be made whole. >> reporter: her lawyer saying in a statement, the truth is that erika had no role in the lion air dealings, action or inaction as between the attorneys and their clients, and she never received any of the lion air settlement funds. while the lawsuit has been dismiss missed fred from court illinois, she is not out of the woods. >> the plaintiff has not only vowed to re-file in california, but they said based on her statements and her public stance that they intend now to be able to prove that she not only knew
8:22 am
and knowingly benefited, but that she was part of it all along. >> reporter: the chicago firm representing some of the plane crash victims will re-file in california telling abc news, erika and her team put out a false story that we abandoned our case against her adding, erika is quite shockingly turning into a modern day version of marie antoinette in front of our eyes. she should return the money to the lion air victims. if not, we'll get justice through the court system. she's filming the next season of "real housewives" right now. while she's no longer a housewife by marriage, the big cliff hanger is if she'll still be a defendant. she's facing other lawsuits in court. robin? >> so it continues. thanks, zohreen. now to our series try before you buy. nearly 40% of americans purchased athleisure clothing during the pandemic, including
8:23 am
leggings. check out some of the most popular brands. becky worley went to the experts, two busy moms. you can shop these styles by pointing your phone's camera at the qr code on your screen right now. good morning, becky. >> reporter: robin, good morning. they are indeed the foundation piece of the athleisure movement. leggings might be the clothing item most consistently worn by modern women. do you have to stretch your budget to get comfort and performance? they're the ultimate wardrobe staple. leggings from workouts to relaxing at home to errands out. they're the pant that performs for all shapes and sizes. but not all leggings are equal. >> i want to make sure they don't fall down. >> they need to have pockets. >> reporter: a premium brand costs around $100 a pair. >> let's see what it is. >> reporter: meet dominique ward, a mom to 2-year-old twins
8:24 am
and an entrepreneur that loves yoga. >> here they are. >> reporter: and alyssa, a spin instructor. serious athlete and mom. >> because i teach 14 classes a week i live in leggings. >> reporter: how much of a difference is there with less expensive leggings? "gma" sent dominique and alyssa a premium pair. three pairs of leggings at multiple price points to see if they work at alternative options. first up fabletics for $59.95. >> super comfortable. they don't pick up sweat. they're also awesome for every day. just going to get coffee, walking around, taking kids to school. >> reporter: alyssa says they're versatile and dominique dressed them up for a dance party with her girls. then the old navy leggings costing $29.99. >> high waist. i like the fit. >> reporter: both women like the fit and color. >> they're like a deep maroon. super comfortable. they're high-rise.
8:25 am
when i'm teaching spin, the last thing i want is my pants to roll over or fall down. >> reporter: finally colorfulkoala leggings, they're a best seller on amazon and only cost 25 bucks. >> they're really stretchy and the pockets for phone, a set of keys, cards, easy to move in. >> reporter: they both said the least expensive option delivers. in both quality and comfort, and they agree this top seller has become a top choice for them. >> it is 11:00 p.m., and i literally am just getting home from a full day of three classes, meetings all day long. i am still wearing my colorfulkoala leggings. these leggings are incredible. $25, the most comfortable pants you might ever own. feels like butter. >> reporter: i think this trial shows that price does not always equal superior performance.
8:26 am
>> what did they say they would buy in the future? >> reporter: they had pros and cons with all the pairs, including the premium ones. one mom said she would buy the least expensive because they fit her lifestyle and really fit her budget. another still swears by the premium brand, but said she'll try less expensive options for more variety in her wardrobe. who can have too many leggings? i'm currently wearing them and i did sleep in them. >> nice extension there. very impressive. becky worley, thanks. coming up, josh groban is back. he's going to join us live. becky worley, thanks. coming up, josh groban is back. he's going to join us live.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7. >> good morning. let's get a look at traffic. >> we are going to start with a like picture of the bay bridge. if you're interested in the status of the toll plaza, it is completely clear but we have a big stretch of fog to the center of the bay bridge. i want to bring you drive times because we have slow spots in the area. about a 20 that ride. >>
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> we have met to tells expect on "the resident" at 9:00 on abc7. >> visibility is reduced in the north bay and parts of the south bay. san jose down to two miles of visibility. we have low clouds surrounding the city. here is the bay bridge. the day planner today,nner todan sunny skies first thing and slow warming. the sun is slow to peek up. a mix of sun and high clouds and temperatures for the final day of january going into the upper 50's to lower 60's. >> we will have another abc7 update in about 30 minutes.
8:30 am
you can find the latest on our news app and the news continues now with "good morning america." all right, everybody. it's me the one you love and what's his name. >> kevin hart. this is kevin hart. set your alarms, america. >> we're on "gma." >> good morning, america! >> i mean, you sound drunk. good morning, america. >> why don't you go outside and never come back in here? >> dwayne johnson, kevin hart sat down with t.j. can't wait to see that. >> i'll show you all the stuff we had to cut to get those promos done. it was fun, but always good to talk to, and they've grown so they give each other a hard time, but a lot of respect between those two. >> that's tomorrow. right now our next guest has one of the most recognizable voices in the world. he's bringing that voice back on tour.
8:31 am
it is josh groban, our good friend here on "gma." always, always good to have you with us. we're so excited going back on tour. be the first time "harmony," you'll be singing that in front of a live audience. we know that it came out in november of 2020. we hear that you kind of had to rewrite some of it before it debuted. tell us about that. >> that's right. good morning, thank you for having me on. i'm just so excited to just sing in front of actual people again. i mean, when you are making an album, you know, sometimes it takes a long time, you know, longer than you expect. we were about halfway done with the "harmony" album when quarantine started and the pandemic started to -- started to come into our lives, and you don't know when you are starting a creative process whether or not that's going to change things in a way that makes it not possible at all.
8:32 am
this album was mostly classic songs. choosing songs, writing songs that reflected how we were feeling during that time, needing songs of hope, needing songs to kind of get us back on our feet, it really changed everything. so the only thing we weren't able to do is go out and sing these songs lives and what it's always about for me. so to be able to be outdoors under the stars with my friends and fans again for the first time in a couple of years is going to be so celebratory and so fun for us. >> what can fans expect to see when you go out? >> i mean, i think they can see more than a concert. for us this is a reunion. it's a celebration. it's an opportunity for us to say thank you to so many people around the country who have helped us throughout the last couple years stay sane. i'm so fortunate i have a job where i get to express myself through music. i get to connect people through music, and through singing, and so to be able to be gathering in
8:33 am
one place to be singing songs from the new album, from previous albums, bringing out some extraordinary special guests, preservation hall jazz band will be joining us as well. it's just going to be a night we all feel like we can get together and share that feeling again. >> music is a great healer as we know. you'll include some of your former albums. how about the first one, recently celebrating the 20th anniversary of your first album? will there be anything you would change about that? >> oh, man. i mean i can't believe it's been 20 years. it's interesting when you go back and listen to child you recorded when you were a literal child. look at that. i'm wearing a turtleneck. what was i thinking? i couldn't even grow a beard. you go back and listen to those songs -- and i say this on stage sometimes.
8:34 am
i like singing my songs from that album 20 years ago now more than i enjoyed them back then. i was 17 singing these big gravitas songs and i hadn't lived a life yet. when i go back and sing those songs, it's more meaningful for me because i have the life experience to bring richness and meaning to those songs. i wish i could have told that kid to be less anxious, but we all wish that sometimes. >> josh, you said meaning there. but does it also come with a new appreciation being what you are now able to do? all those lyrics, do you have a new appreciation? this pandemic has changed us all. for you as an artist to get back on stage, now it feels different? >> it does feel different. i think it will feel different for all of us.
8:35 am
i just went out to see a broadway show the other day, and you can just tell -- you can just tell that the -- it's really about gratitude. i think that, you know, we all try to's line can te frerse what has been trmatic couple of years, it's really just to hold on and appreciate the simple things we have in our lives that make us feel so vital and make us feel so us and alive, and for me, music has always played that role, and the songs that i have been lucky enough to sing over the last many years oftentimes have messages of that -- of that simplicity, of that love, of that connection, and so, you know, going back and singing them now, singing new songs that have that message, it definitely has a renewed sense of that urgency that -- that only music can bring, but yes. you raise a great point. >> you're bringing your variety show back to radio city. tell us about that. >> yeah, radio city music hall, the iconic venue, always been a good luck venue for me.
8:36 am
i've done a lot of amazing things there in the past. they have made the -- call it a gamble, whatever you want. they've made the decision to give me the venue to basically do whatever i want, and so -- so we're crafting a show that is unlike anything else we've ever done. we'll be doing -- we're redoing the postponed shows from last year april 7th, 8th, and 9th. special guests galore, lots of guests. we interviewed dr. ruth last time because it was valentine's day. she led 6,000 people in a little sex ed which was fascinating and awkward all at once. we don't know what's going to happen. it's going to be fun and great to celebrate this extraordinary city. >> not a gamble at all. you never are. josh, thank you so much. thanks for getting up and being with us. always good to see you. appreciate you. >> good morning. love you guys. always an honor. thanks for having me on. >> you got it. tickets for the "harmony" tour go on sale this friday.
8:37 am
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one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. we are back with bellamy young. you know her from "scandal" and "prodigal son." now starring in "promised land." welcome back, bellamy. >> so nice to be here with you guys. good morning. >> tell us about "promised land." >> it's the epic immigration story.
8:40 am
this family is finding their own way towards the american dream and we're all going along with them. if people have seen the pilot by now, we started last week. you know the story is unfolding in two timelines. 1987 story line and the f the - residents of everything happening right now today. i like to say it's like "game of thrones" on a vineyard. >> oh! hadn't heard that before. well put. what many people appreciate among many things with this is that there's diversity not only on screen, but we know behind the scenes as well. can you explain why representation is so important? >> oh my goodness, yes, i can. it's fundamental. matt lopez wanting to do something like "dallas." he was a big j.r. fan back in the day. he wanted to tell a story that
8:41 am
was authentically latinx. on screen, in the production room, our writers, crew it's a latin-led endeavor. you want to tell it from the was impta to get the ne sffeca endeavor, then it impugns everything, but just watching, you know, as a caucasian person, grateful for a seat at the table, watching the conversations we had about deciding to get to the word -- [speaking foreign language] -- instead of papa or -- [speaking foreign language] or watching the inclusion of recipes, all these conversations that are nothing anyone from the outside would know how to tell properly, and that mean everything to everyone who that culture is representing.
8:42 am
>> you have been a wonderful spokesperson for this show. "game of thrones" on a vineyard, throwing in j.r. and "dallas." your character margaret, do we need to love her or hate her. see if this clip can help us. check it out. >> buying this place wouldn't have got you any closer to taking over heritage house. >> i know. i just wanted to see you pay three times what this dump is worth. >> do you wake up in the morning thinking of ways to screw me over? >> joe, i go to bed thinking about it too. >> whoa! >> not a lot of mystery there, t.j. >> i like her. >> how does she compare to melly from "scandal"? >> george, such a great question. first of all, two great wigs. they both have that. melly was the dream deferred, right?
8:43 am
melly's big refrain was it's my turn now. her turn kept getting pushed off and eventually she took her power. margaret's path started earlier. her family life diverged and she's gone off and become a wildly successful hotelier. she's come back with a fire and revenge in her heart. you can't hate anybody you don't love. she gets back and sees these faces, right, her children, her ex-husband and it's so messy. it's such a wonderful messy moment for her. both very strong women, but very different lives. >> it is hard to believe that it's been ten years since "scandal" premiered. is that group text still going
8:44 am
strong? >> oh, my gosh. robin, like daily. there's nothing we don't celebrate or giggle about. we've been doing a special something for someone. we've been going through our old photos. i just had a zoom with my ladies and had dinner with tony goldman. i thought they were going to get rammed with the nor'easter. i was like please take my house. the love endures. >> well put. >> thank you for coming on. a lot of fun. "promised land" airs tonight at 10:00 on abc. let's go to ginger. >> reporter: as if 30 inches of snow wasn't enough from the nor'easter, put on some wind and you have drifts up to four feet.
8:45 am
that's what these folks were trying to get through with their shovels. oh my goodness, the images there. we're going to warm up. some will be melting by week's end. just wanted to bring you a picture of what comes behind that next new storm. yeah, cold. even las vegas, 11 feels like, 34 for little rock, that's by thursday morning. that's the big picture. let's get a check closer to home. all right, we have a sneak peek of a new series with an interesting twist on creating your own family. "adults adopting adults" following the story of six legal adults who hope to use adoption to expand their families.
8:46 am
>> the main reason to be adopted is because i wanted grandparents for my children. because they don't have anyone actively in their lives. >> reporter: a new show on a&e shedding light on adults adopting adults. >> are you going to be my mom? >> reporter: adult adoption is when an older adult adopts a younger person to be your child. >> it's saying you have the right to choose your own family, even if it wasn't done naturally or wasn't done genetical genetically. >> did you ever think we would be adopting a grown woman? >> here we go. >> reporter: kim was searching for grandparent figures for her children, eventually finding vicky and joe on a social media page that helped match families searching for grandparents. >> basically i would ask vicky for parental advice, and she would give me reassurance and it's normal kid behavior. it helped calm all the fears i had. >> reporter: kim isn't the only
8:47 am
one seeking adult adoption. david glass says it's a small part of the family court system, about 1 in 10,000. >> the most commonplaces it's used is for someone looking for an heir. someone to leave their inheritance to. sometimes it's done by an older adult who wants someone to make financial decisions for them. >> reporter: and for people like kim, it has enhanced her life. >> i do feel more fulfilled than i ever have before because i have everything that i have been searching for. >> adults adopting adults debuts tonight on a&e. coming up, instagram's eva chen's inspiring new children's book in time for the lunar new year. stay with us on "gma." in
8:48 am
welcome to your happiest place on earth! that has all the happy you never knew could exist. so you're a new kind of happiest, every time you visit. only at the disneyland resort. now visit the disneyland resort with a multi-day ticket. visit for important details.
8:49 am
welcome back to "gma." we want to bring in instagram's head of fashion eva chen. she's a "new york times" best selling author.
8:50 am
she has a beautiful new children's book called "i am golden." it's what she calls an ode to the experience, and a manifesto for a chinese american joy. what does that mean? >> growing up i never saw books with characters that looked like me. i wanted to write a book i didn't have growing up. i have three kids now and going to the book store i want them to see books that reflected my experience to be a conversation starter and a way to talk about our experiences. it's also a love letter to my parents. mommy, if you're watching this, i love you. thank you. just a way to share the immigrant experience. >> hope mommy and daddy saw that. a lot of people wrote books during the pandemic because they had time you wrote it during the pandemic, but your motivation was a little different. you saw some of the anti-asian hate going on and in particular
8:51 am
an incident caused you to want to pick up a pen and start writing. >> absolutely. it was the terrible shootings in atlanta that spurred this kind of seed of an idea, ways to talk about this with my children and to talk about this rise in asian hate. you know, the experience of being bullied is quite universal. i remember the first asian slur used against me when i was 8 years old. i remember exactly where i was and the feeling of confusion and dread. when i heard terms like china virus being used, i knew i had to write something to create a conversation for parents, teachers and the asian american community. >> you're here in new york where we had a number of instances. you talked about stepping outside your door there was fear getting on the subway walking down the street. >> absolutely. there was a terrible incident a few weeks ago. i remember calling my parents and telling them to wear hats
8:52 am
and sunglasses and scarves and don't speak chinese on the street. it's very sad to have to deny who you are, and you would think in new york of all cities, we are safer than ever, but it's everywhere, and so hopefully this book is a beacon of light to help that hate. >> you mentioned your kids. tell me their ages. >> 7, almost 5 and 7 months. there they are. >> this is kind of -- at least two of them this book is right in their lane. you didn't have to go out and do a lot of research. you have a focus group right there in the house. >> oh, yeah. my kids were super opinionated to the covers the fonts used, it's great to have an in-house focus group. >> they give you the thumbs up? they had something to do with the color here. i have the book. they helped with the color. >> exactly. >> eva, you're here in new york. too bad you couldn't be in studio. we hope to see you in here down the road and pretty soon.
8:53 am
thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> "i am golden" is out tomorrow. stay with us here on "gma," folks. we're right back. tomorrow
8:54 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7. >> good morning. here is traffic. >> good morning. we're going to start the graphics in the south they because we are following a crash that you'll will run into and it is a little slow, around seven miles per hour northbound 280 past winchester boulevard. at least one lane is blocked. the toll plaza is clear. you should have a smooth ride into san francisco from the east bay. >> visibility is improving. still an issue in novato with half a mile visibility. here's the king street camera, partly sunny skies from this vantage point. we will find partly sunny skies throughout the day. sun and clouds by the afternoon with upper 50's to 60's. >> time for "live with kelly and
9:00 am
ryan." >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the drama, "the resident," matt czuchry. plus, tips for keeping your heart healthy, strong, and pumping. and viewers thoughts and comments straight from the "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hey, where are we? >> kelly: i don't know. [cheers and applause] >> ryan: hi, deja. [cheers and applause]


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