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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 31, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i love this team. came up short today. that's part of sports, part of life. you got to deal with it. i'll rebound and we'll be stronger for it. >> 49er faithful delivered painful heartbreak on the doer step of going to the super bowl, just minutes from the win, the team fans everyone reacting this morning to a well-fought season. >> did you see that last number right there? with the hug? with deebo? that is the moment. to me. >> so sad. >> you hardly ever see that. >> i know. >> players from opposing teams embracing, having a moment. is there not any hope there? i'm just trying to make that hopeful. >> that's well and good. what would have been nice would have been a win. >> i get it. thank you. >> let's move on. drew, how is the weather? [laughter] drew: good morning. yeah, we're tracking at least a nice afternoon on the way this morning. we have some patchy fogg out
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there. in the north bay. zero to one miles between nevada and santa rosa. improving conditions in the south bay. san jose up to four miles visibility. patchy fog this morning. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. grab the winter jacket out the door this morning. rooftop camera here showing you we have really quality conditions out there. partly sunny skies early on. the warming process is slow today. into the afternoon it's a mix of sun and clouds by 4:00 p.m. and temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's so we'll finish the month on a dry note this afternoon. >> let's talk about this, then. the 49ers' dreams of a super bowl, over they lost to eye value l.a. rams. in the n.f.c. championship game. and if you're not over it yet, we feel you. because going into the fourth quarter, niners were up by 10 points. it all fell apart. this also snapped the niners'
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win streak over the rams and it was an abrupt finish to a magical one for san francisco >> haven't had a chance to process this yet but i will. football's a game of the highest of highs and the lowest of los. everyone in the locker room expected to win that game until the end. you have to grieve that a little bit. we'll grieve it >> i'm so proud of the guys, the way we started. >> we were 3-5 at one point. we just kept fighting so good teams do, what tight brothers do. i have no regrets from this year. thanks, guys. kumasi: you can look back at the 49ers' playoff run any time. we have a collection of stories on our streaming tv app. it's easy to download on roku, apple tv, fire tv and android. reggie: california democrats will need to decide today whether to vabs a bill that would -- advance a bill that would make the government pay for the health care of the state's nearly 40 million
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residents. the bill would create the nation's only statewide universal health care system. it is still a long way from becoming law. but today is the last chance for lawmakers and the assem which will to keep the -- assembly to keep the bill aline this year. the latest estimate said it would cost taxpayers more than $350 billion per year. kumasi: today could be the last day you have to wear your mask indoors in specific circumstances. bringing things back to where where they were before the omicron surge. amy hollyfield live with all the changes. reporter: hi. people from gym owners to the chamber of commerce are excited at that san francisco is taking this step. they say they think it will be really good for this city. starting tomorrow, you don't have to wear a mask at the gym or the office if you are vaccinated and boosted. businesses who have lost people to the mask mandate are hoping to see them again.
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the chamber of commerce reports a 20% drop in foot traffic downtown since omicron. the hope is that this will pick back up as people head back into the office. san francisco is taking this step after hitting a milestone with more than 82% of residents vaccinated. >> san francisco has been ahead of the game in terms of taking proactive measures to prevent covid from spreading and we're reaping those benefits now. so we're really excited that we're taking this step back to staple cores, allowing people to removing their masks in a safe and productive way because we know san francisco downtown desperately needs these businesses back in the offices. kumasi: also starting tomorrow, san francisco's changing its rules for large events. it was only allowing the vaccinated to attend an event with 500 people or more. now the stle allow the unvaccinated to attend if they wear a mask and show proof of a
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negative covid test. kumasi: thank you, amy. starting tomorrow, oakland will require people over the age of 12 to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor public locations. this includes restaurants, bars, fitness centers, convert venues, senior care facilities and museums. customers have to show a photo i.d. and vaccination card. if you have a medical exemption, you have to show proof, along with a recent negative covid-19 test. reggie: another winter storm set to ipact millions of people this week. it comes after the historic blizzard that slammed the east coast over this weekend. more snow, more ice, coastal flooding now expected. yikes. jobina: that's right. a snow emergency in boston continues today after a powerful nor'easter dumped mountains of snow and at times the snow was coming down at more than three inches an hour. according to the national weather service, boston tied its record for biggest single day snowfall on saturday with nearly 24 inches. now parking space savers are
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moving in. boston residents can save shoveled-out parking spots until wednesday morning using everyday household items. >> a bucket. >> we have some chairs we're going to throw down >> how's your back feeling? >> i'm only 18 and i feel like anle 0-year-old man. it's -- like an 80-year-old man. it's crazy. jobina: further south, parts of florida saw the coldest temperatures in more than a decade. it was 19 degrees in tallahassee. the arc tick blast causing wannas to drop from trees. we've seen that before. they were temporarily stunned from the cold. the low temperatures also froze fruit but thankfully there was no major damage to winter crops. back to you. reggie: i can never get over that video. thank you. joe rogan responds. the changes he's agreeing to make to his podcast on spotify and the instagram video explaining his choice. kumasi: plus, back on bald eagle watch. the celebrity parents with a
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special announcement in southern california. drew: and a live look outside right now. you can see fog over the city where we have the thickest fog right now is in the north bay. visibility reduced. we'll look at a dry finish to the month today and a breezy start to f for you i wish many things... to see all the world can be. but most of all... i wish you'll never stop wishing. ♪ ♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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drew: 6:09 a.m. patchy fog over the city right now. we have dense fog in the north bay this morning. but that fog will lift later on today. future weather showing you it's a mix of sun and clouds by midday. slow warming process. only in the upper 40's to low 50's by lunch time. then into the afternoon we'll top out in the upper 50's to lower 60's. highs later on today, 59 in the city, 61 in oakland and san jose. 62 in concord. tomorrow, a high wind watch will
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go into effect for virtually all of the bay area. northerly offshore winds could gust well over 45 miles per hour. so there could be possibly downed trees and power lines and difficulty driving. a closer look at these wind speeds coming up in eight minutes. first, good morning to joe bina. jobina: good morning. hi, everyone. our biggest issue on the road this morning is what we've been following since our show started which is unfortunately a deadly crash in pleasant hill. we have a crew that just got to the scene so we'll be able to bring you some live images shortly in our show. but this is going to be on northbound 680 past concord avenue, emergency crews are still on the scene there. so avoid the area if you can. bringing you a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:51. we do not have a slowdown in that area. things are also moving along in walnut creek as we bring you this live picture. a slow section is going to be out of tracy. that driving time from tracy to dublin, 48 minutes. kumasi: thank you. a pair of celebrity bald eagle
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parents are watching over another possible addition to the family. mom, jackie, laid her first and second eggs on tuesday. then on saturday and that's good news for jackie and father shadow. the world watched the eagle nest cam last year as the pair watched over five eggs. unfortunately, none of those hatched. so, let's take you outside for a live look from big bear and jackie's nest. it's about 120 feet in the air. a bald eagle's clutch usually contains three eggs. the eggs will likely begin hatching around the first of march. reggie: that was cute. it seemed like it was asleep. it was all like wrapped around itself. looking cozy. kumasi: new pictures showing the cause of comcast's outage that impacted 20,000 east bay customers. reggie: plus putting everyone's morning run to shame. the father-daughter pair strolling to a world record in what dad says was the hardest part. kumasi: a live look outside a
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reggie: this morning, tributes are pouring in after lerching of the death of 2009 miss u.s.a. winner, chelsie kryst. she jumped from her balcony. her family wrote, quote, her great light was one that inspired other it's around the world with her -- others around the world with her beauty and strength. she was only 30 years old. and that is a good time to remind you that if you or someone you love is struggling with message health or sue saidal thoughts, you can -- suicidal thoughts, you can find your ally at you can also call the national suicide prevention lifeline at
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1-800-273-talk. kumasi: in the east bay, comcast services are back on now for 20,000 customers in oakland. gun fire if from a weekend shooting knocked out internet cable and home security for people. look at this picture. it shows you some of the bullet holes in the cost cam wiser. the company -- comcast wiser. the company sent us this photo. oakland police got a call about more than a dozen shots at around:3 morning. nobody was hurt but critical comcast infrastructure was damaged. podcaster joe rogan is responding to the controversy surrounding spotify. the streaming service was criticized for letting him spread covid misinformation and now spotify is planning to make a change. the change comes after neil young and other artists started pulling their music catalog from spotify in protest of rogan. now spotify says it will add content advisories to all podcast episodes that discuss the virus. rogan responded in an instagram post agreeing with this new
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policy and saying he will make changes to his show. >> if there's anything i've done that i could do better is have more experts with differing opinions right after i have the controversial ones. kumasi: spotify says this new content advisory will link to a fact-based covid hub and will launch in the coming days, but the "wall street journal" is reporting the company is not removing any of rogan's episodes that critics say spread covid misinformation. reggie: abc 7 is now streaming 24/7 on our app. you can get the latest breaking news, weather forecast where you live, and local news any time you want it. and now you can watch a whole extra hour of news in the morning from us, abc 7 at 7:00 is live every week day. we're getting ready for it right now. here's a look at whawk expect. >> what happens if abc 7 mornings and midday live had a baby? >> welcome to abc 7 at 7:00 on our tv app. >> this. this is what happens.
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>> remember, i'm the young one. >> ooh. >> new segments >> time now for first focus with he each pick a top story to take a look at. >> we're ready for this. >> this is like higher glisks -- higher gliffics. >> 77 second of fun. >> #trending. >> time now for the most important person in the world today. >> live interviews >> joining us now? dr. jeff hoffman, an infectious disease expert. >> and the freedom to say anything we want. >> i love frees can -- fresca. it's kind of hard to find sometimes though. i think it's better than sprite. >> well, almost anything we want. abc 7 at 7:00. it's the same. >> imagine you're driving down the street and -- it >> but different. >> that's our show today. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye, guys. >> it's the same but different
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is the best tag line that's ever been made for anything, i believe. reggie: and you can watch abc 7 at 7:00 monday through friday at 7:00 a.m. it streams on our abc 7 bay area app and so you can downloaded app now for your phone, roku, apple tv, fire tv, android tv if it's a screen, then you can download this app. and then you can watch us on the app. please do not tag me at 7:00 a.m. this morning saying, why are you not on channel 7? it's because i told you to download this app. it's a streaming-only show. kumasi: that's good information. or the website. reggie: which is streaming. drew: yeah. reggie: it takes some time to figure this out. drew: we got it. reggie: we got it. drew: we'll figure it out. let's talk about what's happening outside. live look at san jose. we have some patchy fogg in the
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region. there you see low visibility right now. but we'll take it to the tower right now where we have fog over the city as well. our problem spots are mainly in the north bay. we have improving conditions in the south bay. earlier this morning, we're down to about a quarter of a mile. the north bay to santa rosa, we have disee zero to a quarter mie visibility. later on today, a dry finish to january. yes, this is the final day of january, 2022. bleand of sun and clouds. temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. later on tonight, we'll find that cloud cover slowly clearing out after midnight. it is a chilly night, a lot of us going into the 30's if not low 40's as we head into tuesday. tuesday into wednesday we do find another offshore wind event developing. so high wind watch will be in effect for almost all of the bay area for those northerly winds likely gusting over 45 miles per hour. and this wind event looks similar in strength to the one we had about a week and a half ago.
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we had wind gusts over 60 miles per hour. 7:00 a.m. tuesday morning. strongest winds in the north bay mountains. more widespread winds by tuesday afternoon. tuesday night into wednesday looks like these winds will peak. what you can do now, secure any outdoor objects you. have do not park under trees because they could come down and also prepare for some possible isolated power outages as well.. sun and clouds today. there are those gusty winds tuesday into wednesday. i think it really peaks wednesday morning with those winds. the winds will calm down thursday. then we'll keep the dry pat northeastern saturday and sunday. kumasi: all right. now ginger with what's coming up on gam $. good morning -- "g.m.a.." good morning. >> good morning to you. here on a frozen monday from new york, i'll tell you about president biden's search for a supreme court nominee. what we are learning about some of the candidates that the white house is considering and the president is facing mounting criticism. plus, our new series, "try
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before you buy," we're giving a wardrobe staple, leggings, a test, from two very busy moms. we'll get into that. apparently they chuck out all price points and found some good ones. we'll have that and so much more coming up right here on "g.m.a.." reggie: is it at least not as cold today? >> i mean, the wind chill's zero so, yeah, i guess. i don't know at this point, right? is that not as cold? reggie: no, that's still really bad. doesn't she look like it's not that cold. >> it's six degrees warmer than the coldest i was last week. reggie: that must be the difference. >> i got my mattress on, heated gloves, heated socks. i don't even know where i am anymore. kumasi: you look good. that's what matters. reggie: you really look amaze. kumasi: you're making it look good. >> thank you. thanks so much. reggie: we'll see you at 7:00.
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drew: we're tracking some visibility issues in the north bay. nevada down to zero miles. a qiln sta temperatures in the 30's a winty needed outside. beautiful shot of the fog over san francisco. the-day shapes up like this. partly sunny skies early on. slow warming through the morning. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. reggie: thank you. i still can't figure this one out in southern california, four men are facing charges accused of trying to shake the an gondola e they were riding on at the time right off the track. this happened at the san diego zoo. everyone was ok but imagine you're one of 100 passengers stuck hanging in the air for nearly two hours on saturday. witnesses say the men were swinging their gondola from side to side and it knocked it off of one of the rails or cables, forcing the entire system to
6:25 am
shut down >> they were looking back at their, like, i think group of friends who were in the bucket behind them and they were shaking it really hard as it came in. and it must have came off or something. reggie: emergency crews were able to eventually get everyone down safely. the four suspects arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism. the skyfari tram is up and running once again. year of the tiger celebrations are under way in the bay area. ne nborhoothey stretched into this was the inaugural lunar new year festival at the crossing at east cut. an youth door space along full some street. it features restaurants and businesses, along with music, cooking demos and lion dancing. the community benefit district put on that event to showcase aapi culture to the diverse multicultural community. kumasi: a florida dad set a new world record with the help of his baby daughter.
6:26 am
he ran the fastest mile on record with greta strapped in the stroller. he crossed the finish line at 4:52 seconds. this is the feaft of the mile while pushing a stroller. he says the turns were the hardest because he was pushing 40 pounds. the stroller's 25, and greta is 15 pounds. >> most of the time she just chills in there. she loves it. the biggest message and the reason i run is to inspire others, get out there and get moving. in whatever capacity. [laughter] kumasi: so cute. she's just along for the ride. this is dad's third attempt with greta. he says that he now has his eyes set on the records for the 10-k and the half and full marathons. reggie: she was wearing a cute little wrap. kumasi: compy and cozy. reggie: good for him. won't catch me doing that. can you imagine doing anything more?
6:27 am
first of all, imagine running. and second, imagine having another task. kumasi: making sure she don't fall out. reggie: more top stories coming your way at 6:30. anti-viral covid pills? the city that is offering them right at your door. kumasi: plus a desperate search for this woman from the east bay this morning. the place friends and family say she was last seen. reggie: we're going to take a quick break right now. a live look outside at 6:27.
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6:30 am
popular spot you're going to need to keep them on. reggie: and the jeopardy queen still has something to say. amy snyder just revealed the person she thinks should host the show permanently. kumasi: good morning, everybody. it's monday, january 31. happy monday. we're checking in withdrew for a look at our forecast. drew: good morning, everybody. the final day of january will finish on a dry note. but we are seeing some issues with fog out there this morning. in the north bay and parts of the south bay, the north bay, you can see visibility down to zero miles in nevada. san jose seeing reduced visibility. temperature-wise, waking up to 30's and 40's out there this morning. certainly a cool start to our monday. here's a live look at san jose. this is 101 in san jose and there you can see that fog creating some issues first thing on our monday. partly sun can skies early on -- sunny skies early on. slow to warm up. by the afternoon it's a blend of sun and clouds and temperatures in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: thank you.
6:31 am
the united nations security council is set to meet to talk about the situation on the ukrainian border. the united states and allies are putting pressure on russia to scale down its troop buildup on the border. jobina: u.s. officials are adding pressure on moscow on multiple fronts, promising to push the kremlin for answers about its plans in ukraine. today's meeting comes as law hakers inch closer to a bipartisan bill on a deal they're calling the mother of all sanctions that would devastate russia's economy if it invades ukraine. for weeks russia has postponed or positioned rather more than 100,000 troops along its border with ukraine. russia has denied any threat but has demanded the u.s. guarantee nato will scale back forces in eastern europe and prevent ukraine from joining the alliance. the u.s. has rejected the demands. >> we're prepared to address our concerns, ukrainian concerns and russian concerns at the
6:32 am
diplomatic table. but it cannot be done on the battlefield. jobina: as concerns grow over russia's gas supply to europe, president biden is scheduled to meet with the leader of qatar today. the discussion with the oil-rich nation will be about global energy supplies. reggie: thank you. this time tomorrow, masks can come off in some indoor san francisco locations. if you've been avoiding the gym or maybe the office because of mask rules, this could be a chance to go back. amy hollyfield live with more information. reporter: hi. some are ready for this change, others are not. so be patient. we noticed on a website it says that they're going to continue requiring masks until march 1. that is their company's decision, but the city of san francisco says starting tomorrow gyms and offices no longer have to require masks as long as people are vaccinated and boosted. the chamber of commerce is hoping that this will bring people back to the city, back to the office, reporting a 20% drop
6:33 am
in foot traffic downtown since omicron. >> we're now almost two years into the pandemic and frankly i think we have a world that will never look quite the same. but i do believe, i think we'll be -- what we hear from our members is folks will be coming back to the office, whether it's five days a week or a couple days a week. kumasi: another big change, starting tomorrow, san francisco will allow unvaccinated people to attend large events like concerts with more than 500 people if they show proof of a negative covid test. san francisco's taking these steps as it hits a milestone. reporter: more than 82% of people in the city are vaccinated and the number of cases are going down. so one more step back toward getting back normal. reporting live in the news room, amy hollyfield, abc 7 eyewitness news. reggie: normallish, anyway. new york city will be offering
6:34 am
free covid anti-viral pills delivered right to your door. the same-day delivers will be prioritized for those who currently have covid or those at higher risk for severe illness. the city will provide pfizer's f.d.a. authorized version of the anti-viral pill. those supplies of the drugs remain limited nationwide. it's not yet clear how many pills the city has in stock. those 12 and up are eligible, the city has also been providing vaccine shots done at home for those who wish to have that. kumasi: today kies keizer is opening -- keizer is opening a new expanded clinic for shots. it will be at its gary campus. if you don't have to be a keizer member to get your covid vaccine or the flu shot you can make an appointment on the website on your screen and you can also walk in. if you want to stay up to date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website, including a place where you can ask your questions. head to reggie: the search continues
6:35 am
today for a woman reported missing under suspicious circumstances in oakley. 24-year-old alexis gabe was last seen wednesday night in antioch. she was wearing a white tank top, black and silver hooded sweat shirt, black pants and green and white shoes. friends and family members searched for her in the antioch-oakley area yesterday. if you have any information please contact oakley police. kumasi: hundreds of people turned out for a rally in san francisco held in the neighborhood where a beloved grandfather was attacked and killed one year ago. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! kumasi: the march in the neighborhood retraced the final steps made by the man. his brutal attack was caught on video. he died from his injuries days later and the suspect was arrested. activists say his killing sparked the stop asian hate movement. >> we must hold accountable those who commit these crimes
6:36 am
against our aapi community. [applause] and we must demand that those that have the power to hold people accountable actually do. kumasi: other stop asian hate rallies were held yesterday in chicago, los angeles, atlanta and new york city. a rally also held in new york stow call attention to anti-asian crimes and discrimination. participant says they were especially shaken by the death of east bay native who was pushed into the path of an oncoming sub way train this month. they're hoping to speak out and stop crimes against asians and pacific islanders. if you'd like to be involved in the fight for social justice for the aapi community, you can find information on our website, we also have a list of resources there to help. reggie: certainly 49ers fans waking up disappointed after that tough loss to the rams yesterday. at the united irish cultural
6:37 am
center in san francisco, the faithful gathered to cheer on the team what started as an optimistic afternoon, of course, left them in a different way at the end. despite the loss, some niners fans say there are no hard feelings >> good luck to l.a. in the super bowl final. it's hard to take. >> i love the team and i always will. and it wasn't our day. but we'll be back. because i'm faithful. reggie: the super bowl is next sunday with the rams being the second straight team to host the game knits own stadium -- in its own stadium. kumasi: tom brady is expected to announce his retirement. our sister network, espn 2, will be honoring the seven-time super bowl champion today. happening right now, you can watch part of the two-hour tribute reliving many of his memorable moments and his greatest games. and you can stream man in the arena: tom brady any time on espn+. it's an exclusive series featuring brady's firsthand account of his super bowl appearances.
6:38 am
reggie: a teenager denies elon musk. let's put it that way. the reason the teen was offered 5dz,000 to delete thinks twitter, his response -- you're going to have to do better than that. kumasi: and a live look at the new york stock exchange, starting down by 140 points. reggie: plus, what's the low down on leggings? experts say all leggings are not created equal. jobina: and coming up at 7:00 today, pandemic dating. we have a match maker to talk about dating trends and how you can stay safe from covid while still meeting people in real life. kumasi: abc 7 at 7:00 is live week days on the app. you can download it now on your phone, tablet, roku, apple tv, amazon fire tv and android tv. drew: and in weather we are tracking some fog first thing on your monday morning. it is dense in spots. the visibility where we have some issues, san jose down to a
6:39 am
half a mile visibility. 87, 101 impacted by this low cloud cover first thing this morning. into the north bay we go. from nevada to santa rosa. anywhere from zero to a half of a mile visibility first thing on our monday. hour by hour we go, starting off temperatures in the 30's and 40's. that fog will slowly clear over the next couple of hours. and into the afternoon it's a blend of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. it is a dry finish to january today. 59 in the city. 61 in oakland. 64 in santa rosa. 62 in concord. 57 in half moon bay. late tonight into tomorrow and wednesday, an offshore window that does develop. high wind watch will go into effect for damaging winds possible out of the north. gusts could go over 45 miles per hour. we'll take a closer look at this wind event coming up in about nine minutes. first, traffic with jobina. jobina: good morning. thank you. so we have brand new video coming into our news room, that
6:40 am
deadly crash, this is what we're able to see from the scene. the middle of the screen is the vehicle involved. the c.h.p. is investigating this deadly crash. a car went off the freeway on northbound 680 north of concord avenue. the c.h.p. says the car may have hit a tree, ended up off the road and then caught fire. the car was possibly swerving before it crashed. they have confirmed for us that one person has died. we will be right back after this break. ♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in
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yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig. can your internet do that? learn more about gig-speed wifi, or get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. click, call, or visit a store today. kumasi: new details this morning in the murder of ahmad arbery. the court documents filed yesterday don't specify the details of the plea agreement, they will have to be approved by a judge. travis mcmichael and his father were convicted in november of
6:43 am
murdering arbery in georgia in 2020. they haven't yet gone to trial for the federal hate crime charges against them. lawyers called the plea deal a backroom deal and they're vowing to oppose it. sacramento police have arrested a 23-year-old man for setting off bombs inside of two cars. he faces felony charges. police say two explosions happened in one week within a half a mile of each other. investigators say home-made explosives were detonated inside these unoccupied cars. >> that's the only scary part. someone's really knowledgeable to be making something like that kumasi: no one was hurt in either of these explosions. neighbors say cars that are dumped in that area are attracting crime and creating dangerous conditions for people who live there. reggie: developing news with the opening ceremony for the olympics just four days away, beijing is reporting some of its highest covid cases in more than a year.
6:44 am
jobina explains that some areas are also locked down and there are outbreaks reported among the athletes. jobina: beijing is seeing its biggest spike in covid cases in 18 months. the city is reporting 71 cases which is barely a fraction of its 21 million people. but it's enough to trigger an extreme response from china. the olympics committee is reporting 37 people tested positive on arrival yesterday. that includes 12 athletes or team officials, bringing a total number to 248. right now a high-ranking member of the international olympic committee is in isolation in that facility after testing positive on arrival. coming up at 7:00 on g.m.a., an inside look on what it's like in the ground in beijing and the covid pro russian -- precautions in place to keep everyone safe. kumasi: thank you. we are learning more this morning about president biden's speaks to the supreme court. the list includes 14 black women. one of those nominees is jamie
6:45 am
she'll childs of south carolina. she's a u.s. district court judge who attended duke university. she's seen as someone who could receive bipartisan support to help president biden fulfill his campaign promise to make the court more diverse. president biden: the person i will nominate will be someone with extraordinary qualifications, character, experience and integrity. and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the united states supreme court. kumasi: president biden says he will finalize plans for his pick in the next few weeks. senate democrats expect the nominee to be confirmed quickly. justice breyer said he will be stepping down at the end of the supreme court session in late june or early july. reggie: your money report. the rate of inflation is conquering the fast food value menu. burger king and dominoes are reducing their menus of discounted items, trying to compensate for higher labor cost, food and materials. some chains say even more price increases could come this year if inflation persists.
6:46 am
investors are getting a full plate of company earnings reports this week. companies are expected to open their books headlined by facebook's parent company ford and g.m. also expected to report. we'll take a live look at the new york stock exchange. we're down this morning about 145 points so far. kumasi: new at 6:00, living in leggings. they may be the clothing item most consistently worn during the pandemic, but do you have to stretch your budget to get comfort and performance? googood morning america spoke wh two busy moms who put several brands to the test. >> the old navy leggings costing th 29.99. >> i like the fit. >> both women liked the fit and the color. >> i am digging the color. they're like a deep maroon. they are super comfortable. i really am enjoying them. they're high rise when i'm teaching spin the last thing i want is for my pants to
6:47 am
roll over or fall down. >> finally, colorful koala leggings. they're a best seller on amazon. >> a set of keys, cards, really easy to move in. kumasi: so, how do they compare with the $100 pricey leggings? you can watch a full report coming up on g.m.a. at 7:00. reggie: building a better bay area includes focusing on the environment and climate change. a french battery company is coming to san francisco this week to talk about their plans to roll out electric ships and ferries. it's all part of a big bloomberg energy finance conference that's happening here. they already have an all-electric ferry out on the water across the coast of denmark. this is video from the company. san francisco bay is the ideal location for its green technology. it's not just electric ferries and ships that will be talked about this week. governor newsom's budget proposal includes $10 billion to support clean cars, trucks and
6:48 am
buses that are more affordable. kumasi: exciting news about us today. actually about you, our viewers. we're launching a new 24/7 streaming app so you can get more abc 7 news any time you want, wherever you are. we are bringing this new live stream to you as a part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we believe giving everyone access to local news and information around the clock will help make our communities better. and will help keep us all moving forward. the 24/7 stream gives us the opportunity to bring you live breaking news or weather coverage more often and you'll always have access to it. plus, our 24/7 stream is the only place that you can watch our new hour of local news. abc 7 at 7:00. i really hope that you will join me and my early bird crew week day mornings because it is so much fun and it's packed with news that you need to know. we are so excited to bring you local news in a way that we've never done before and in a way i can promise you have never seen
6:49 am
before. reggie: we're getting ready. drew: we are. kumasi: i'm not today. and i'm sad. reggie: that's right. because i'm on the show today. drew: i think my favorite part is arguing with you guys about who is the most important person in the world. [laughter] kumasi: i like that part. you have to have a strategy. drew: you do. jobina is slowly finding it out. jobina: did i. i got it together at the end of the week. [laughter] but, like my person today, i truly believe this person is the most important person in the world today. but i'm probably not going to win. kumasi: that's ok. follow your heart. reggie: i'm ready to win. jobina: oh you probably will win. drew: we'll see. i got a good one. jobina: you do? drew: yes. you have to watch at 7:00 and figure out who it is. reggie: let the fighting begin. kumasi: all right. drew: let's talk about the weather. we have a mix of fog and clear skies depending on where you are. a live look at san jose right now. this is 101 and you do notice we have reduced visibility in parts of the south bay at this hour.
6:50 am
low clouds over the north bay right now. but once we rid ourselves of this low cloud cover this morning, it will be a blend of sun and high clouds throughout the day. so a gorgeous sunrise on the way if you can view it from clear skies. viblght right now, here -- visibility right now, here are the issues, half a mile visibility in the south bay. a quarter mile visibility in nevada and santa rosa. most other areas are doing a-ok on this early monday morning. highs later on today, the fog will lift. a blend of sun and clouds. temperatures basically in the upper 50's to lower 60's. we'll finish out the month on a dry note. january, 2022, will be the 10th dryest january on record. overnight tonight, we'll have clouds early on. they'll clear out after tonight. allows cooler temperatures to move in basically 30's and low 40's as we head into tuesday. tuesday and wednesday, high wind watch will be in effect for virtually almost all of the bay area. damaging winds are possible. this event is very similar to the one we experienced about a week and a half ago where we saw wind gusts over 60 miles per
6:51 am
hour in our hills so future weather, tomorrow morning, winds pick up in the north bay throughout the day, they become more widespread. i think this wind event will peak late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning. so how you can prepare today as the winds are kawvment securing outdoor objects you have. try not to park under trees as limbs are likely to come down. we could see possible power outages. sun and clouds today. gusty winds tuesday and into wednesday. winds relax on thursday and that dry pattern marchs on into the weekend. reggie: it's mushroom madden for the second time this weekend's two-day event went virtual. it featured discussions from fungus experts. a fungi cooking session and more. we have a look into the world of fungi and how some have survived
6:52 am
recent wildfires. and which fungi to avoid such as the death cap mushroom and the western destroying angel if that weren't enough, you can also watch highlights on the nature area's facebook and youtube channel if you wish. kumasi: a 19-year-old from florida has reportedly rejected a $5,000 offer from elon musk. tesla and spacex c.e.o. wants jack to delete elon musk's twitter account -- his twitter account that mos monitors elon's jet. it sends tweetstes off, lanp, . heade the offer to help keep crazy people. but sweeney asked for $50,000 to help pay for college. he's not heard back from musk.
6:53 am
reggie: jeopardy $champ is revealing who she thinks the permanent host of the show should be. she says current host and former champ ken jennings should just keep that job permanently. she says jennings did a really great job during hisish toking 40-game run and it takes a -- historic 40-game run and it takes a different kind of skill set to be a host. snyder won $1.3 million. jennings and m share the hosting responsibilities. because ken is an executive producer on "jeopardy! " that means he can never play again and win money. he's already out of it. so just keep him out of it and he can have that job and then he can have all the other department n'diaye dinners come back and do -- jeopardy winners come back. kumasi: she was coming up on his record.
6:54 am
i was like, is ken going to be like, wait a minute. but the fact that she endorsed him means he's good. reggie: he's good. they're both real good. she's got more than $1 million in the bank now. seven things you need to know today coming up. kumasi: and a leake live look outside right now.
6:55 am
♪ for skin that never holds you back. don't settle for silver. #1 for diabetic dry skin #1 for psoriasis symptom relief and #1 for eczema symptom relief. gold bond. champion your skin.
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, seven things to know this morning. number one, this morning the united nations security council is set to meet to talk about the situation at the ukrainian border. u.s. and nato allies are putting pressure on russia to scale down its troop buildup at the border. reggie: number two, you have seen this woman? 24-year-old alexis gabe has been missing from the oakley area since wednesday. if you have any information contact the oakley police. kumasi: number three, today is the last day for state lawmakers to advance a bill that would create universal health care in california. the latest estimate says it would cost taxpayers $350 billion a year. reggie: number four, the 49ers' dream of a super bowl has come to an end this time. they lost to their rival the l.a. rams in the n.f.c. championship game, blowing a 10-point lead. drew: number five, fog out there this morning in the north bay and in the south bay so reduced visibility but later
6:58 am
on today, dry finish to january. sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. jobina: number six, the c.h.p. is investigating a deadly crash in contra kosta county. a car went off the freeway on northbound 680 north of concord avenue. it hit a tree and then caught on fire. lanes are still closed this morning. kumasi: number seven, tesla is selling a microphone so that you can perform karaoke in the car. the mic pairs with the vehicle's audio system. it comes with two microphones, if you want to harm onize with a passenger. right now the mic is only available in teslas that are being sold in china. reggie: what is things that don't make sense at all? for $500. drew: why, though? kumasi: don't you all love karaoke? reggie: you're in a car. you're inches from the other person's ear. just sing normally. jobina: no. when you get the microphone in
6:59 am
your hand, it's like a whole new thing. drew: drive the car. jobina: somebody else is driving. kumasi: the car drives itself. jobina: you have free hands. where else do you have the best sing-alongs? the car. kumasi: this is true. drew: people don't have karaoke and they're still bad drivers. let's add someone singing into their car, focused on lyrics. kumasi: that's true. if somebody hits a bad note and you're trying to turn. it's a bad combo. drew: i don't want to be in the room where someone's like, you know what we need, people with mi cs being even more distracted. reggie: and something about that couple. drew: they're living their best life. jobina: they look happy. kumasi: that's what i'm saying. [laughter] reggie: the news continues now on our bay area streaming app and if you're streaming with us, we're getting ready for the show so stay right there
7:00 am
if not have a great day. enjoy "good morning america." good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. a frigid start to the week for millions after that nor'easter over the weekend. new winter storm takes aim. millions on alert from kansas to michigan as many dig out after that record-breaking nor'eastern the mo ginger and rob are tracking it all. supreme choice. the president facing some criticism as he considers at least 14 black women to replace justice stephen breyer. the u.n. security council set to meet about the threat from russia as concern about north korea grows. the regime firing another missile, its most powerful in years. plus, the kansas woman turned fierce isis warrior, due in federal court.


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