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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  January 31, 2022 3:30am-4:00am PST

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this morning on "world news now," native allies plan to turn up the pressure on russia. as the u.n. security council meets to discuss the standoff over ukraine. and the biden administration says there is still a chance for a diplomatic way out. and breaking overnight, a plea deal for two of ahmaud arbery's killers. arbery's parents are vehemently against it. and plus the growing fallout of alleged covid misinformation from podcast host joe rogan on spotify. the new change that the streaming service is now making and how rogan is responding. and now the stage is set for super bowl lvi. the dramatic turning point for
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both the los angeles rams and the cincinnati bengals. it is monday, january 31st. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning everyone. because we are talking the super bowl, we brought andrea fujii to get a breakdown. yes, she's going to give us our takes. the take on the game and she's going to predict the winner. >> all i know is we had tears in our household this evening. my husband's a big 49ers fan. born and raised in the bay area. he was so hoping they'd win but they missed. this close. >> i'll send him a thinking of you card. so we begin with the showdown over ukraine taking center stage at the united nations. >> the u.s. and nato allies are looking to put russia in the hot seat, demanding an explanation for the massive troop buildup
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on the border. stephanie ramos is in ukraine. >> reporter: as ukrainian soldiers and the rest of the world wait and watch for russia's next move, the u.s. is still holding on to hope that it will be one of diplomacy. >> we're prepared to address our concerns, ukrainian concerns and russian concerns at the diplomatic table but it cannot be done on the battlefield. >> on monday russia is set to we're going to go in the omepl by their propaganda. >> russia's positioning of more than 100,000 troops along the border with ukraine for months has prompted warnings that an invasion is imminent. senators saying they could be close to a bipartisan deal on sanctions against russia. >> i would say we're on the
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one-yard line and hopefully we'll be able to conclude successfully. >> reporter: ukranian officials asking for calm. >> we cannot afford to panic. so, we're preparing for any options. everybody knows who is aggressor. it's russia. >> reporter: and russian wanting a binding guarantee that ukraine will not join nato but insisting they don't plan to invade. the secretary-general saying that they have no plans to send combat troops to ukraine if they're attacked. >> this has to do with how they can defend itself. again, ukraine is not a nato ally. >> reporter: russia has called the meeting a p.r. stunt and signalled its attempt to block the meeting. but the ambassador says that they can't block this security council meeting, even if they try to, because there's
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overwhelming support with the countries who make up the council to hold the meeting. stephanie ramos, abc news, ukraine. and two of arbery's killers reach plea deals. the mcmichaels and william bryan are serving life in prison, according to arbery's attorney. the deal allows them to serve their first 30 years in a preferred federal prison. arbery's mother says doj went behind her back. a kansas woman charged with supporting isis is set to make her first court appearance. she's accused of training women in the terrorist organization and commanding her own female battalion after moving to syria and marrying a prominent isis leader. she allegedly expressed interest in bombing a mall or college in
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the u.s. and president biden's pledge to name a black woman is not sitting well with many americans, even though presidents trump and reagan made similar vows to put a woman on the court. after promising to name a black woman, which he said is long overdue, he's weighing his decision on who should replace retiring justice stephen breyer. >> the person i nominate will be of enormous qualifications and integrity and that person will be the first black woman ever nominated to the supreme court. >> but according to a new poll, three out of four americans think biden should consider all possible nominees rather than only black women as he pledged. and almost all republicans said he should consider all options. while democrats are divided.
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susan collins called the president's handling of the nomination, quote, clumsy. >> it adds to the further perception that the court is a political institution, like congress, when it is not supposed to be. >> the white house confirmed j. michelle childs is on the short list of potential nominees. >> i talked to the republican senators from south carolina, tim scott and lindsey graham, they are very high on michelle childs. i think both of them would vote for her. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham saying childs could receive republican support. >> i can't think of a better person for president biden to consider for the supreme court than michelle childs. there's no affirmative action component if you pick her. she is highly qualified. >> reporter: the white house says judge childs is among multiple individuals under consideration.
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biden says he'll decide on a nominee by the end of february and senate democrats are promising a fast and fair confirmation. more signs that the omicron surge is decreasing. the numbers of new covid patients admitted to hospitals has dropped 11% in the past week. also new infections are down about one third since the middle of the month. meantime, a former fda chief and current pfizer board member says their shot for under five could be submitted in weeks. >> getting two shots to a child could give them baseline immunity protects them from severe disease, from hospitalization. it could be out perhaps sooner, perhaps as early as early march. >> meantime, fewer than 40% of children over five are fully vaccinated. the heavy machinery has been working over time at boston's logan airport. nearly two feet of snow fell during the weekend's powerful storm. thousands remain without power. crews hoping to have it all restored today. the storm is blamed for at least
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three deaths on long island. the victims losing their lives while shoveling snow. it's helping create ghostly figures on the shores of lake erie. the so-called grim reapers were formed by water collecting on lamp posts. and we're tracking another storm that will bring snow from denver to the great lakes and icing and heavy rain to the south wednesday and thursday. >> can we get a break just for a little bit? i know it's winter but still. the rams have been installed as the favorites against the bengals in super bowl lvi. >> here's your break. you're going to los angeles and watch the super bowl because l.a. rallied in the fourth quarter to beat the 49ers last night 20-17.
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cue tears. it will be the second team to play a super bowl in their home stadium. >> i think he's still crying right now. earlier bengals stunning the chiefs in overtime. a field goal wrapped up their 27-24 win and sealed the team's first super bowl trip in 33 years. they were kind of split. my husband grew up in the bay area. but we also just moved from l.a. three years ago. we're still winning here. l.a. >> around the same time that the rams moved from st. louis to los angeles, right? so that's now your adopted team. can you cheer for the team -- >> you can go back and forth, for sure. i usually go for the team with the best looking uniform. >> which is? >> i'll say the rams right now. >> the bengals got the tiger stripes. >> the orange or the blue? >> listen, i will be cheering for the commercials. >> we're football experts, can you tell? coming up, the tragic end for a former miss u.s.a. and the fallout by
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misinformation by wildly popular joe rogan and what he himself is now saying. and later when life hands you a snowstorm, you make snowballs. the epic snowball fight in new york city. platform's new
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new york was among six cities nationwide to hold a rally sunday highlighting the spike in hate crimes against asian-americans. in san francisco, they say cases are up more than 500% since the start of the pandemic. one advocacy group says 10,000 incidents were reported nationwide in the first 18 months after the covid crisis began. spotify is responding to growing pressure from rock legends to royals over covid misinformation on its platform. >> the streaming service is now making a change to its service. the person at the center of the controversy is weighing in. rhiannon ally has more. >> reporter: this morning joe rogan is responding after rock legend, neil young, yanked his music catalog from spotify. he's the first to pull his music in protest and spotify's biggest star, joe rogan, accused of spreading misinformation about the covid vaccine.
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rogan has an average of 11 million listeners and a reported $100 million contract. spotify announcing it will add content advisories to all podcasts that discuss the virus. and their ceo saying it is important to me that we don't take on the position of being content censor while also making sure that there are rules in place and consequences for those who olate. rogan responding in a lengththn. >> if there's anything i have done that i could do better is have more experts with differing opinions right after i have the controversial ones. >> this after others joined neil young in his battle over misinformation. ♪
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friday singer joni mitchell said she's taking sides, seeking to remove her music from spotify. and sunday, the bruce springsteen guitarist and member of crazy horse saying we encourage all musicians, artists and music lovers everywhere to stand with us and cut ties with spotify. even the duchess and duke of sussex signing a deal to host podcasts for spotify. now they're asking the company to tame virus misinformation. spotify says the new content advisories will link to a fact-based hub and will roll out in the coming days. tributes have been flooding in since it was announced miss u.s.a. cheslie kryst has died by suicide. she was found dead outside her manhattan high-rise apartment building. she won the miss u.s.a. pageant
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in 2019. she was an attorney and with "extra." if you know anyone in trouble, call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-talk. her family, obviously, devastated. releasing a statement saying in part that she -- that she cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined. something that was evident to even those that didn't know her. >> so tragic. coming up how american-style capitalism took hold in russia amid rising tensions between u.s. and russia, we're looking back at how enthusiastically they embraced the business model of mcdonald's. and the runaway train car that rolled 16 miles on its own. you're watching "world news now." and the run-away train car that rolled 16 miles on its own. you're watching "world news
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♪ i'm back in the ussr ♪ ♪ you don't know how lucky you are boy ♪ ♪ back in the u.s. back in the u.s. back in the ussr. it's starting to increasingly feel like we're back in the ussr. >> they officially dissolved in 1991. but one year earlier the opening of the first mcdonald's in moscow. this morning we're opening the abc news vault to 2010, when george stephanopoulos visited a russia awash in american-style entrepreneurism. >> reporter: it was 1990 when
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the first mcdonald's opened in moscow. >> this morning they started lining up by the thousands. >> reporter: thousands lined up for their first big mac. it became the busiest mcdonald's in the world. other american franchises soon followed. soon pizza hut, subway and even baskin-robbins. but today the fast-food favorite is a russian chain. it serves up the traditional russian treats. they're thin buckwheat pancakes that cost $2 each. >> it's a main russian food. and we could combine it with a sweet or salty filling. we have chocolate and at the same time have the one with red caviar. >> he came up with the idea for a bellini stand in 1995. >> when i visited mcdonald's, i was surprised and shocked by the
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quality and staff and everything. and i immediately decided to open the same business in russia. >> reporter: and for him, that's exactly what it's been. the business posting over $100 million a year. it's the largest russian-owned chain. >> it's cheap, tasty and always near. >> those people who like to eat our own food, like pancakes, drink our drinks. that's why it's popular. >> reporter: this year he'll open his 100th stand. an economic cinderella story with russian roots. >> it's very simple. it's a symbol of russian food. >> oh, how times have changed. that was george stephanopoulos live in st. petersburg back in 2010. >> i want to try one. >> there was one journalist who tried the mcdonald's in new york and russia. of course like all mcdonald's
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abroad are a step up. you didn't hear that from me. coming up, how one mother spent 20 hours with her daughter's hair.
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♪ time now for "the mix," starting with a massive snowball fight right here in the big apple. >> it was a dramatic new york moment playing out after this weekend's nor'easter dumped more than a foot on the city. hundreds packed into the iconic washington square park, answering a call to arms on social media. >> organizers posted an open invitation for the fight on their instagram page saturday morning. within four hours a huge crowd was assembled and the epic free for all was underway. >> oh, my goodness. kind of looks like fun. kind of looks like cold. >> i saw it on social media and then i went ahead and put on my
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favorite tv show. >> declined the call to arms. next to washington state, where an out of control train car sent authorities on a wild 16-mile chase. >> police say the empty tank car broke away from the rest of the train near walla walla at speeds reaching 50 miles per hour. >> a steep hill eventually helped slow the train car down, allowing responders to activate its emergency brakes. >> no injuries were reported during this incident, thankfully. >> scary. next to one mom who spent 20 hours trying to untangle toys from her little girl's hair. >> been there. we're talking about the bain of every mom's existence these days, these bunchems. she found her with 150 all the way down her scalp. >> i would have just grabbed the
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clippers at this point. she was apparently playing with her brother, noah. need we say more? >> the mom says despite plenty of mineral oil, a good detangle comb and youtube tutorials, it took her friday afternoon to late saturday night to get every last one out but she did it. there it is. saved abigail's hair. you never would have known. good mom there. and finally a much more pleasant surprise for a mom in ireland. >> this tiktoker shared this heartwarming video of her mom seeing her newly renovated bedroom for the first time. chloe says her mother has been single for 18 years and is the primary caregiver to her two brothers who are visually impaired. she gave her old bedroom to her mom but she had kept chloe's bedroom intact. >> now chloe says mom can
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finally enjoy a space she can truly call her own. i saw the before and there's the after. looks amazing.
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>> have a great morning. "good morning america's" coming -- morning," ready for more? the new winter storm set to hit this week. with the northeast still digging out from an historic blizzard. three major stories affecting u.s. national security. the russia/ukraine contact and a mother from kansas charged with joining isis. the battle over the supreme court, is it too political? the new criticism president biden faces after pro mitsing to nominate a black woman to the court. joe rogan


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