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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 30, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. a rally was held in san francisco today where a beloved grandfather was attacked and killed one year ago. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is there. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> cornel: anzavista neighborhood where his brutal attack caught on video. he died from his injuries days later a suspect was arrested. >> i know when we saw that vid video, it was heartbreaking. it still is heartbreaking. >> activists say vichs'
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started the stop the hate movement. >> anti-asian hate crime have spiked more than 500%. victims continue to come forward. >> when you add hundreds upon hundreds, thousands upon thousands incidences, this is not a coincidence. it's racism. >> other say words are not enough. real action is needed to stop the sense less attacks. >> we must hold accountable those who commit these crimes against our aapi community. [cheers] and we must demand that those that have the bow -- power to hold people accountable, actually do. >> this was a man who emigrated to the u.s. to spend more time with his daughter and grandchildren.
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>> my father would want us all to rise above hate. and he would want us to lead with love. ♪ >> at that time scene of his attack, cellists played "you'll never walk alone" in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> if you would like to get involved in the fight for social justice for the aapi community, you can find information on our website. there, we values a list of resources to help. moving on to the east bay now, the oakley police department is searching for a missing person under suspicious circumstances. alexis gabe was last seen in antioch. she's described as an asian female. gabe was last seen wear ago white tank top, black and silver hooded suite shirt and green and white shoes. friends and family members are currently searching for gabe in
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the cities of antioch and oakley. if you have any information contact the oakley police. new details on a deadly hit-and-run crash in san francisco involvein involveing o vehicles. gordon mar who says the person who died was a passenger on an uber ride. a man drive ago stolen black audi s.u.v. sit a second s.u.v. that was on an uber ride at the time in the audi sunset. police are asking for help locating witnesses or surveillance video. they're looking for a white man about 45 years old with a bald head and who is possibly over six feet tall. developing news now in the tensions between russia and the ukraine the u.s. ambassador to the notion has called for a meeting of the security counsel for monday. abc news reporter, mary alice parks tells us that russia is now sending mixed messages. >> russia is runnerring some of its troops after a planned
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combat readiness check while thousands still line ukraine's border. this new video showing russian military vehicles being moved to belarus north of ukraine where russian troops had been positioned for nearly two weeks. these mixed messages from the kremlin come as the u.s. has called for a u.n. security counsel meeting. the u.n. ambassador saying that the meeting is an opportunity for the russians to find a diplomatic way out >> we've made clear that we're prepared to address our concerns, ukrainian concerns and russian concerns at that time diplomatic table. but it cannot be done on the battlefield. >> canada's prime minister arrived in kiev for talks with her counterpart. canada withdrawing nonessential personnel the embassy in the ukraine. lit consider a major military deployment to support nato's allies along the eastern border in russia. it's unclear how the u.s. and
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the alliance will support that country if sit attacked. >> i'll be moving u.s. flops the nato countries in the near term, not a lot. >> the pentagon says that russia could attack ukraine with very little warning. >> this is larger in scale and scope than anything we've seen in recent meme memory. >> but ukraine's president zelensky has been critical of the u.s. for overstating the crisis. dion: covid cases are falling or flat in 41 states that. include california where restrictions will ease. starting tuesday, san francisco will lift its indoor mask mandate in place places like gyms and offices for people who are up to date on their vaccination. johns hopkins report a death toll in the u.s. is nearly 883,000 americans. >> deaths are still rising. my hope that within a weak we
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see that turning. and my expectation is na that in the yup coming weeks we will see substantial declines and infection. today in candace, truckers held a convoy. it requires those who are vaccinated to quarantine when returning to canada. the u.s. has a similar mandate. [applause] in the north bay, a group of people rallied to protest against covid-19 mandates within the statement the event was organized by a group called save our sonoma. people gathered and marched around sonoma plaza where protest ors are concerned about the mandates they have on the youth and on the public the california academy of sciences will implement a new vaccine requirement for guests starting on tuesday. all guests ages 12 and older must provide full proof of vaccination and booster if eligible.
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negative covid test will no longer be accepted. then march 15th, proof of full vaccination will be required for museum guests ages 5 through 11. just ahead, talk about representing your team. >> beat l.a.! beat l.a.! dion: 49ers faithful as far as you can see. this though, is not the bay area. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone is at sew fight stadium and gives us an update of the scene outside the home of the l.a. rams. also, some niner fans had to go to a bar to watch today's n.f.c. championship game the service interruption that came at a really bad time. >> i'm spencer crist, our long dry spell continues. i' h the accuweatherdays. forecast coming up when
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oakland police says someone opened fire in the area at about 3:30 in the area. no one was injured but the rounds peppered the neighborhood and comcast lines. that means people had to go somewhere toles watch the niners-rams game. >> p & g affected. some fans were watching the niners game in l.a. live and in person. [cheers] dion: if we didn't tell you this was sew fight stadium in inglewood, you would think this was a tale gait at levi's a sea of red and gold transformed the parking lot. the faithful made the trek down south to cheer on the nine the winner of this game, of course, heads to the super bowl. >> rams, they never get their fans there. look at all this red around here. >> go niners.
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>> yes, 49ers is going to win! yes! yes! dion: i love the confidence. j.r. stone is there to capture the excitement of this n.f.c. championship game. we'll hear from him tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. and 49ers fans are taking in the big game on a very big screen in the east bay the almeda theater and cineplex opened their doors to a free watch party. the owner says not only is it a chance for niners to root for their team but also meet their neighbors. >> it's an opportunity for the community to meet together at no cost and enjoy in a historic theater that is a pretty amazing place to watch any kind of a movie or event. >> connor says he will also open up the theater again in two weeks for a super bowl watch party regardless of who is in it. well, you're familiar with electric cars, but what about
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electric snips we could start seeing them in the bay a look at what could be the fleet of the future. and take live look outside. oh, how appropriate is this? san francisco city hall lit up in red and gold for the t 49ers. sit pretty chilly out there. your forecast with spencer christian coming up next. >> and it comes down to this niners and reds. what the warriors are doing in the bay area night who dey
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dion: building a bert bay area includes focusing on the environment and climate change a french battery company is coming to san francisco this week to talk about their plans to rollout electric ships and ferries. all of it is part of a big bloomberg energy conference happening here. it already has and all-electric ferry off the coast of denmark. you're looking at video provided from the company. they believe san francisco bay is the ideal location for its green technology. >> there's a lot of work going on throughout the worked. different -- different organizations, different governments with different policies but a big push to decarbonize as much as possible. >> it's not just electric
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ferries and ships. governor knew some's budget proposal includes $10 million to support clean cars, trucks and buss that are more affordable. well, sit mushroom madness. they held their till don annual fungus fair. it went virtual. it featured disdiscussions from local psychologists. fewers got a look into the world of fungi and how some survived the recent wildfires. they help you understand which mushrooms to avoid. you can check out the virtual fungi affair on the you tube channel. to another fungi. a different guy. spencer: let's take a look at what's going on with our weather. we've had 23 days of cobb
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consecutive dry rainfall. measuring rainfall is january 7th. we've got that's a week of more of dry weather ahead of us. breezy along the coast. wind is pretty calm in most other places. temperatureses are two or three degrees cooler a beautiful evening. here's the view looking across the column bay waters. 52 in san francisco and in oakland. half moon bay 51 apiece at mountain view and san jose a lovely view from the eastward hill camera. low 50's. napa.anta rosa, 59 in fairfield. that's our mild spot. mid 50's in livermore. and we offer you this view to the embarcadero. gusty, off-shore winds will develop tuesday and wednesday. and this dry pa dern continues through next week and perhaps even longer. overnight we've see high clouds
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passing over. and a long the coastline. tomorrow, we'll have fitted sunshine with lots of clouds around. but slice be bright. low temperatures will drop into the uper 30's in many low cases in the inland, east bay right along the bayshore line and the coast. we expect temperatures in the low to mid 40's. look for highs in the upper 50's at the coast. and here in san francisco. mainly low 60's and other bayshore location and inland areas a little bit of a range from about 62 to 64 degrees in the mildest locations. ahead starting tomorrow. you can see the storm track north to our north. taking some rainfall but there's none of that for perhaps the last seven days maybe even longer. you've got the gusty wind on tuesday and wednesday. very sunny skies. later in the week, we'll get a referee: a warm-up with high temperatures in the mid 60's and inland on friday, saturday, and sunday
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a night, dry accuweather forecast. >> now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: niners and reds, at last check it is 17-17 in the fourth. whew. head coach steve kerr revealed -- excuse me, revealed this to me after the game. >> got any thoughts on the niners? i already practiced practice. don't tell anybody, though. >> no one's watching. >> >> are we on tv. >> no practice tomorrow because there's a big football game. >> that's great. always no better day than a day off. >> coach canceled practice. there are some big football games. >> all right. >> excited, right? excited. >> go niners, right? >> yeah, yeah. >> he said no practice. but there are some big football games. you excited about the no practice and enjoying football? >> that's right. >> big football guy? >> not crazy big.
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but you know, i'll watch it. if people watch it and i'm there, i'll watch it >> you're going to root for the niners. >> of course, of course. >> and drew, the invite to the abc7 sports department is open to watch a game with us. chiefs taking on the bengals. first half, all chiefs. kansas city led 23-3. second half. mahomes be picked i've by b.j. hill. bengals in business half holmes says that one's on me, guys. joe burrow finds ja'marr chase. add thevers all noted up at 21. -- knotted up at 2 2 >> we go to the final seconds of this one chiefs down three. harrison butker needs to do this. we're going to go to overtime. there's patrick mahomes in the
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sideline the chiefs do win the toss that was big. opening possession in open overtime, ma hence though, picked up by von bell. bengals have a chance to win it. chiefs fans can't believe it. they drive down the field. here's mcpherson. 31 yards out. and the bengals win 27-24. there's joe burrow. mahomes is stunned. pen gals, who dey. that's us. the bengals have lost to the 49 necessary their other two superappearances. according to abc record the raiders will hire josh mcdaniels as their next head coach. vegas did officially hire mcdaniels zeigler. he taken over for baciaccia. raiders lost to the bengals. sharks fans in carolina. get the barbecue ready.
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third period. bears ties i up. game tied at 1-1. face-off in the shark zone. carolina controls. and then andre svechnikov, he scores on the rebound. 2-1, hurricanes and not long after that, timo meier a great chance after that. a nice is to be. sharks lose 2-1. they firn in tampa on tuesday. women college hoops. vanderveer, stanford hosting arizona. the cardinal won last year. third quarter brink coming ali alive. oop. and the foul. get it to her again. cardinal up by six. and then more cameron brink. going to hit the triple like family friends stephen curry. cardinal up a dozen. 15 rebounds. stanford wince 79-69. cardinals are 7-0 in conference play. >> are you going to be ok? >> i might be ok. dion: i can feel your heart like palpitating. >> big deep best, chris.
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thanks. a new spot in san francisco took part in some time-honored
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>> a quick reminder that you can always get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc7 bay area app. you can find find it on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc7 bay area and download it for free. tonight, on abc7 news at 11:00, a new week brings lots of new covid rules for san francisco. what's changing as it appears the omicron surge is subsiding. and we are tracking the 49ers tonight as the faithful could be just minute ace way from seeing their team make a return to the super bowl. we'll have highlights and reaction tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. but finally now, year of the tiger celebration stretched beyond chinatown and into a new neighborhood. this inaugural lunar new year festival along folsom street featured local restaurants and
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small businesses along with music, cooking demos and the lion dancing. the day was put on by the east cust benefit district to showcase aapi culture to the diverse multi-cultural community that's it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. i'm dion lim. for chris alvarez and spencer christian and all of us here, thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back here tonight for the news at 11:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption co the world is full of make or break moments. especially if you have postmenopausal osteoporosis and a high risk for fracture, it's time to make your move to help reduce your risk of fracture with prolia®.
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>> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ on today's show, alpacas give a big surprise to one neighborhood. >> there actually is a lot of properties in this vicinity that have, like, goats and chickens, but alpacas is pretty rare. >> wellness services lifting up one community. >> you learn and you grow because these people reach out and accept you, and they love you until you can love you. >> interactive and immersive art that excites. >> from ancient masterpieces to the cutting-edge expression of contemporary artists, all


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