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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 30, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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for as low as $110 per day for a disneyland® resort 3-day, 1-park ticket. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. officially here. thousands of fans in l.a. todayn and a super bowl ticket today. we are talking to fans ahead of the nfc championship. good morning. it is sunday, january 30. thanks for joining us. much more on the huge game today at sofi stadium. let's start with lisa. go niners. >> go niners, liz.
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cold start out there. return of the fog. zero visibility up there. the fog allowing for a cooler afternoon. right shot of santa cruz. 44 degrees. 46 in the city, 50 in oakland. chilly 34 in santa cruz. 30's from santa rosa, low of 28 this morning. 39, napa. upper 30's, livermore. we begin the recovery now. clouds from the moratorium camera. fog will lift and begin to thaw out by noon. sunset at 5:30 p.m., mostly low 60's in the afternoon. clouds increased tonight. what to expect for the week ahead, come out. >> it is championship sunday. this afternoon, the 49ers take
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on the rams. los angeles has turned into the red sea. 49ers fans invade southern california. crews spraying the field with nfc to get ready. this is the biggest game in decades between the rivals. j.r. stone joins us live from l.a. with all the excitement surrounding the matchup. good morning. sounds like a lot of the faithful are in l.a. today. reporter: certainly. the day finally here, nse championship day. we got back to the hotel last night, it was a 49ers madhouse as a lot of the folks were just arriving from the bay area, from the airport, from lax. this morning, they are still arriving from lax. red all over southern california and yesterday they made it known they were here. >> niners! niners! >> beat l.a.!
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>> fans didn't only show up to the official tailgate party, they came by the hundreds. well over 1000 people packed in line to get inside the watch party restaurant at l.a. live, across from where the lakers play. >> we got more fans are here. >> gilroy, california! capital of the world, baby! coming at you and you know we are going to get you! >> intensity, an understatement. >> bla bla bla! >> best looking helmet, flashiest jacket, coolest tattoo and best looking nails. >> deep red with the gold glitter going on. i have to do it all for my boys. >> is this good luck polish? >> yes. i love this. i love this. i have no idea. oh, you can get here a little
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early but this is insane. this is crazy. this is who we are. reporter: on the others, rams fans lined up for fancy doughnuts. >> send those niners back home to the bay! >> live saturday. fans response to those in blue. >> you know what, it doesn't matter what they say. >> that was your first problem. you were believing someone on the rams. >> if you think this is a lot of scarlet red, many here say there will be a whole lot more come sunday. >> it is going to be a tsunami of red. >> i agree. the sea is here. reporter: the tsunami will be today, let's hope for it. kickoff officially happens in 6.5 hours from now. it was fun going out to randy's doughnuts yesterday but let's be
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honest about what we saw there. it was a nice little crowd. it was nothing like that of the san francisco crowd. let's hope those folks don't lose their voice like i have. >> understandable. we know the faithful are showing up in force. there are folks down there, 49ers fans who are even going to the game, they just traveled there for fun to be part of it. reporter: the wildest thing. i was talking with a father and son yesterday. they have their jerseys on. they said we are from daly city, we are going to the game. we are going to the tailgate. i said great. where are you sitting for the game? no no no, just the tailgate. we just want to be around the fans. it was a father and son who wanted to put on the jersey and be with everyone else. that was one of the cases. other people said if it gets under $500, they will go.
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ticket prices are hovering at that right now. >> i can see why that family wants to make it down because i have fomo looking at that activity. feels like so much energy. we heard about concerns surrounding parking. sofi stadium is getting ready for the super bowl, leading to issues with parking? >> we were given warnings by everyone down here, a lot of the stations down here. they said if you go to the game, you have to get there early because of the parking situation. we were down there, over at sophia yesterday. there is super bowl stuff being set up all over the place in those parking lots and a lot of them are closed off. yeah, we will be shortly going to the game to get there and get in place. talked to the photographer last night and he said, one of the days we didn't get there on time. they were one hour late because it took so long. nothing like they will see today and the amount of people who are
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going to make their way out to sofi stadium. >> speaking of a channel down there, i know you are about to talk to our sister station in l.a. so hopefully you don't take too much of a beating. you got this. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. ♪ >> no question what this party is about. united airlines gave one sendoff or 49ers fans flying to southern california to attend the game. they gave out swag and brought in sourdough sam as part of the festivities at the gate. yesterday's flight to lax was a sea of red and gold. fans think the stadium will look like that too. >> there are so many fans going. it will be just a party. hopefully we will come back, the flight home will be as fun as the flight down. >> 70% red. >> not only is united flying
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fans to sofi stadium but the carrier flew the 49ers to southern california friday night and will fly them back tonight, hopefully bound for the super bowl. ahead of today's game, local bars are gearing up for what is expected to be one of the busiest days in a long time. they are doing so with the pandemic in mind. abc 7 news reporter tim johns stopped by several spots in san francisco showing us how they are preparing. reporter: less than 24 hours to go. >> we are so excited to root them on. >> businesses are getting ready to cheer on the 49ers sunday afternoon. in san francisco, sarah tells me he is expecting his bar to be standing room only most of the day. >> getting ready, making sure we have enough inventory, enough beer and chicken wings. reporter: across town, it was a similar story at harry's bar. >> for tomorrow's game, i ran
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additional tables and chairs to expand outside dining and seating. reporter: with sports bars around the bay area expected to be packed, covid safety was on the minds of many establishments. >> we still follow older protocols where we sanitize between each seating and the menus after every use. reporter: the big weekend is about more than sports. it is a chance for local businesses to make up revenue loss during the pandemic. >> business has been down in general. it hasn't gotten back to vertical as before. the 49ers definitely help. reporter: despite nerves ahead of the game, everyone is confident the niners will bring home the win. >> of course. we will be shouting loud enough. we will route on the 49ers for the win. reporter: abc 7 news. >> another big nfl headline.
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tom brady reportedly retiring after 22 seasons in the nfl, seven super bowl championships, according to espn. his father has told other media organizations his son has not yet made a decision about his future. his dad debunked espn's reporting as "total conjecture." espn reports the quarterback based his decision on his health and family. grady is a native of san mateo and a graduate of sarah high school. patrick walsh says brady is and always will be a legend in the bay area. >> every time we watch the game together, savor this moment, savor this moment. you are watching the greatest of all time play the toughest position in all sports and it may never happen again. there are great quarterbacks but they have a long way to go to even get close to tom brady status. >> espn reports it is unclear when brady will formalize his
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retirement plans. his agent tells the network it will be up to brady to announce himself what his plans are about his future. lisa, a little foggy this morning. >> no kidding. airport in san francisco, 49 degrees. that is kind of neat. sun on the way, another mild but cool afternoon, the details coming up. >> there has to be a sign of something. a new subvariant of omicron has been found in the bay area. we take a closer look at what is being called stealth omicron. safety agreement reached. the deal one school district made with teachers to avoid a strike.
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>> developing news in north las vegas where nine people died in a mass casualty traffic collision.
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a dodge charger ran a red light yesterday around 3 p.m., hitting multiple vehicles. 15 people were involved in the crash, six vehicles. one person in critical condition at the hospital. the driver of the charger is among the dead. developing news in san francisco, police investigating a deadly accident in the outer sunset neighborhood. this happened last night on lincoln way at 40 six ave. a car crashed into a building. when they arrived, a driver was unconscious and that person was taken to the hospital where they died. whoever was driving another car that was on the scene ran off before firefighters got there. a new subvariant of omicron is referred to as stealth omicron. our vaccine team spoke to experts who explained the difference between the original variant and the second version
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and what may make it more transmissible. >> it is more contagious than omicron. scientists have named it b82, variant as closely related to the original omicron strain. >> in denmark where it has taken over, it is about 1.5 times more infectious than the original omicron. reporter: the cdc confirmed it is circulating at a low level in the u.s. so far, 100 cases nationwide, two of them confirmed in santa clara county. is it worse than omicron or delta? the president of the glenstone institute explains. >> it looks like this will transmit more but so far it looks like it is not more severe. reporter: professor croghan broke it down in comparison to the original omicron strain. >> each have 50 mutations. three mutations are over.
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between these viruses. reporter: the team identified the section where the majority of transmission is forming within the variant. >> there is a couple other ones here we think may be involved in suppressing immune response. the new variant may be more effective in doing that. reporter: experts are calling it stealth omicron because of a key difference in the genetic sequence that makes it harder to track. >> it does not have a mutation in a region that makes it dropout so it looks very much like delta on a pcr test. you cannot tell the difference. reporter: experts agree vaccines and boosters continue to be effective against both strains. >> i don't think we should be concerned every time. we should realize the virus mutates. there should be satisfaction knowing the scientific world has tools we did not have before. reporter: abc 7 news.
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>> teachers with the west contra costa county school district will not be going on strike after the district agreed to improve safety measures against covid. an agreement was reached early yesterday morning, including kn95 masks for students and staff and weekly testing for all 54 locations. increased pay for substitute teachers and volunteer fill ins. the deal comes as absences soared during the recent omicron surge. in san francisco, the school district reached a deal for educators to receive bonuses amid a shortage. they will receive two one-time bonuses of $2000 this year. substitute teachers will get a pay raise through the deal. the board of education will vote on the deal at the meeting next month. lisa, let's get a check of the forecast. you and i and our red and gold, ready for the game. >> so ready. nice afternoon, so, you can
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bring the screen outside perhaps an barbecue. mild temperatures not as warm as yesterday but boy, it was cold this morning. hopefully you slept through it with upper 20's and the north bay and 30's in the east bay. near freezing in santa clara. live doppler 7, cloud cover is absent but hazy conditions with us due to persistent dry trend, day after day. nobody here, pier 39, couple see lions. onshore flow today. that will bring temperatures down here. 49 right now. 50, oakland. 45, san jose. the mildest spot, 50. cloud cover in san rafael. still fog in novato, beginning to clear. napa, 39.
9:20 am
low 40's in the inland valleys, chilly out there as we are a few degrees colder but nice and bright in san jose. looking at the shark tank,*, seasonal averages today. no sign of rain. a system over this ridge of high pressure that dropped down the east side of california bringing very gusty offshore winds. that will happen tuesday and wednesday, usually a fall like pattern but for today, we are sunny but late in the day a system wants to drop south. this system will increase the clouds. certainly not as cold tonight. i don't think we see temperatures drop to near freezing. cloud cover acting like a blanket as we get to early monday. clouds around will keep us mostly cloudy but on the backside of the system, that is where you have to talk about the wind. wind advisory in here by tuesday. monday night, a little breezy
9:21 am
along the coast. look what happens tuesday. they are getting faster out of the north. 11:00 monday night is when it begins, costs 30 mph at the delta. orange and pink here, getting wendy through the afternoon -- getting windier through the afternoon on going at 40 mph alg the coast, upwards of 30 mph in the crest. 30-50 mph is what we are looking at midweek, even windier in the sierra nevada. 64 today in san jose, cooler with low 60's north and east bay. increasing clouds for your monday. here comes the wind tuesday wednesday. as it columns down we should warm up by the end of the week. if there was any rain, we would be advertising it. persistent pattern. >> we will hope we get some soon. thank you.
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>> the boundaries of the bay area are expanding as people move to outlying areas in search of lower-cost housing. planners now consider this a mega region encompassing fresno and sacramento. we dive into why planners see bigger geographic challenges ahead. reporter: the bay area once thought of itself as five, then nine counties. no longer. we are involving -- we are evolving into a mega region. an eye-opening new research study says nearly every city has lost population in the past two years, as people seek lower-cost
9:25 am
housing or better lifestyle, this has implications for our transportation network which is why the mtc is paying attention. by tracking state tax returns, researchers discovered a correlation between income and where people moved. >> for places like roseville and folsom, 35% of movers had household income over $100,000. in contrast, 30% to stockton and patterson had incomes below $25,000. reporter: remote work caused a drop in commuter traffic but there was a surge of traffic woes in outlying areas, notably san joaquin and yolo county. super commuters drove 50 or more miles one way to work. the mtc is working on a list of 12 mega region transportation projects. they will use data to prioritize them and make sure they reflect
9:26 am
migration patterns and to bolster efforts to get state and federal funding. >> they will strategize and put together work plans to pursue funding together to work together on grant applications. reporter: it will take mega dollars to address and evolving mega region. abc 7 news. >> fascinating stuff. still to come on abc 7 news mornings, millions of people on the east coast dealing with the aftermath of a storm that brought heavy snow, blizzard like conditions blanketing several states. covid cases across the country are plateauing. it comes with a low supply of game changing pills to fight the virus. what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!...
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> thank you again for joining us. we will get another look at the weather.
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>> chilly temperatures and fog here. yosemite, there is still a little snow. temperatures in the low 40's, highs in the 50's today. pretty there. looking at numbers recovering in oakland and mountain view. 45, san jose. zephyr cove, chilly in the 30's. you can see the snow. 34, santa rosa. low 40's, fairfield. the fog is stubborn from napa to novato, quarter mile to zero visibility. 4 miles in oakland. through 10:00, chilly. low 50's arriving. by 2:00 in the 60's and at 4:00 still, hazy sunshine on the way. increasing clouds will start off monday as well. we will talk about gusty offshore winds visiting us this week.
9:30 am
>> this morning there are concerns about storm surge and title influence along the east coast after a nor'easter slammed the country. some areas could see waves at eight feet today during high tide. christine sloan has the details. reporter: millions of americans dealing with the aftermath of a powerful nor'easter that brought blizzard conditions to several states. new england feeling the brunt of the storm. heavy snow blanketing maine into the night. hurricane force gusts pummeling rhode island. two feet of snow in massachusetts. the storm sent massive waves crashing into neighborhoods, more than 100,000 customers in the state without power. >> a number of issues related to the storm have been especially problematic including flooding, downed power lines and snowfall. reporter: 3500 flights canceled saturday, 850 delayed. on the roads, cars stuck in the
9:31 am
snow. >> we expect at least until midmorning tomorrow for roads to be in better condition. reporter: these tractor overturned on 95 in new york. on long island, so mary is hit with a foot of snow -- some areas hit with 1.5 feet of snow. the cold temperatures extend as far south as florida, prompting wind chill alerts and freeze warnings around the sunshine state. abc news, new york, christine sloan. >> the biden administration is still hoping to see signs of de-escalation from russia. moscow is looking for promises that ukraine will never join nato. we have the latest from ukraine. reporter: mixed messaging from e russia saying it is returning troops back to their bases after a planned combat readiness check while thousands more still line the border.
9:32 am
what it means for rising tensions remains unclear. russia continues to surge military equipment to the border. in this new video, russian military vehicles being moved to belarus north of ukraine where russian troops have been positioned for two weeks. the pentagon warning russia could attack ukraine with very little warning. >> this is larger in scale and scope and the massing of forces than anything we have seen in recent memory. reporter: overnight, the u.k. would consider a major military deployment to support nato allies along europe's border with russia. since ukraine is not part of nato, it is unclear how the u.s. and alliance will support the country if it is attacked but president biden says he plans to send troops to the region soon. ukraine's presidenukraine's pres the white house, claiming it is overstating the crisis. a u.s. official tells abc news,
9:33 am
zelensky is downplaying the risk of invasion. >> there are internal factors within the ukrainian political system that are driving president zelensky to reduce the rhetoric. >> for the people of ukraine, there is not a sense of panic yet but people are preparing for a possible invasion. this weekend, we got an inside look at a civil defense training class teaching personal defense tactics and survival tips in the event and of invasion. >> how to organize themselves together with different people, like with neighbors. it is much easier to survive if you are together with other people. reporter: in kiev and across the country there is not a sense of panic yet but people are preparing for an invasion. one big take away is that the key to survive a potential invasion is to have a plan.
9:34 am
the folks we have spoken to here says that is what they are focused on. stephanie ramos, abc news, give, ukraine. >> an update on the 700 acre fire burning near big sur. the fire is 90% ced. it started nine days ago in a remote area between big sur and carmel-by-the-sea. caltrans expected it to be contained by wednesday. this is a rare january wildfire. road closures have been reopened. one structure has been destroyed. now to the pandemic, the number of covid deaths in the u.s. is closing in on 900,000. two thirds of americans are fully vaccinated. there are signs in the numbers this morning. janai norman has the details. reporter: encouraging signs the country could be through the worst of the omicron wave as cases continue waning. 41 states and d.c. rep
9:35 am
plunging or plateauing case numbers. more than 62 million eligible americans remain completely unvaccinated. 2020, before the who declared a pandemic, a ceo teamed up with his wife, biontech's cofounder, collaborating with pharmaceutical giant pfizer to develop a covid shot. >> the decision was directly after reading the paper and understanding we were probably already in the midst of a pandemic. we have to pivot the company and start to develop a vaccine based on our technology. reporter: take me back to november 8, 2020, when you both learned the phase three trial was successful. >> i got word from our partner, the ceo of pfizer, yes, we have
9:36 am
a 95% efficacious vaccine. that was a huge relief. reporter: despite promising covid infection declines across much of the country, many hospitals report they are still battling with the massive number of patients in need of care. >> we don't have beds. er. we're just trying to make everything fit. reporter: this is john hopkins reporting the overall death toll in the u.s. is nearing 883,000 americans lost to the virus. >> fast-forward, a little over a year and the pandemic is not over yet. does that make you feel disappointed that vaccines have not been able to speed up the end of this pandemic? >> the virus is evolving. that is what they do. the virus will stay with us for many years. it will become better. reporter: janai norman, abc
9:37 am
news, new york. >> still ahead, behind the lens, we meet the director of photography for the 49ers who has been capturing the best moments for years. here's a look outside this morning from our roof camera looking over the embarcadero. bit of a haze this morning, it will form up later. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second.
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9:40 am
knickknacks to get you ready for this auspicious year. we are really looking forward to it. ♪ >> the flower market fair continues today in chinatown, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. tickets for the nfc championship game, the hefty price. parking could cost as much as a ticket to the game. fans will shell out hundreds of dollars for a single parking spot for the game. preparations for super bowl 56 are underway at sofi stadium, making several parking lots unavailable. parking at a nearby high school is nearly $200. residents near the stadium are charging $200 for a space at their home. >> it means everything. bringing home. keep it here. don't worry about the parking. don't worry about none of that. >> the rams are encouraging people to use public transportation or rideshare options to get to the game. let's get another check outside. >> marine layer has returned,
9:41 am
that stratus. not something you would expect in late january but you know, that is the way we are playing it this time around with dry weather continuing. reversing the trend for offshore wind in february. i will put it together for you next. >> thank you. klay thompson comes through in the clutch, hitting his biggest shot in his comeback. the highlights and postgame reaction, coming up in sports. reaction, coming up in sports. staying up half the night searching for savings on your prescriptions? just ask your cvs pharmacist. we search for savings for you. from coupons to lower costs options. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards each year just for filling at cvs pharmacy. usaa is made for the safe pilots. plus, earn up to $50 extra bucks rewards like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance.
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>> welcome back. a live look from the santa cruz lighthouse, 40 degrees right now. spoiler alert from else trillion open, men's championship in melbourne. phil nadal has won his 21st grand slam, breaking the record
9:44 am
he shared with novak djokovic and roger federer. [applause] >> that is it! >> pure joy there. he came back to beat medvedev in five sets. the matched took five hours and 24 minutes. it is his second career australian open title. pregame hype for the nfc championship game is just about over. we are six hours away from kickoff. the 49ers will try to advance to the super bowl for the second time in three years. the game starts at 3:30 p.m. at sofi stadium. tomorrow night, the warriors begin a two-game road trip in texas against the rockets. they closed out their homestand with a win over the nets. here's chris alvarez with the highlights. >> good morning.
9:45 am
stephen curry made warriors history last night. he passed chris mullin for most games played in warriors history. setting a franchise record for the future. the youngsters having fun. andrew wiggins having fun. he throws it down. so nice we show it twice. wiggins now, how about the step back game? dribble, pure. dubs up seven that the break. the wiggins highlight. the biggest lead was 19 but kyrie irving wasn't saying three and the foul. he had 32, 14 of those coming in the quarter. fourth quarter, here is a splash brother. how about it? slow start, strong finish. that was nifty. jordan poole stopping on a dime, fancy. he had 17. tied at 93-93.
9:46 am
james harden was on the bench. splash. 15 seconds to go, stuff to clay, klay connects. warriors win. >> it felt amazing, really did. it really did. i miss that feeling. so it felt absolutely amazing. >> on a night when he is not shooting the ball that well, it shows you whoklay is to step up and win the shot of the game. i think he was 1-7 or something from three to that point but didn't bother him one bit. >> a guy who can go out there and make so many good shots, same thing with steph. being able to come up big in the clutch. >> what can you do? [laughter] you know, the action, it is tough to guard, damn near impossible. >> that was funny. joe thornton, saturday was his
9:47 am
11th against san jose. second period, nick benigno had three assists. 3-2 now. 11th of theear wer-ay goal re. jonathan huber to, his 17th, we go to overtime at 4-4. then all three sharks were caught napping. sam bennett scores. panthers win 5-4 in ot. of course later today, the winner goes to the super bowl. we will have that for you later today. that is it for sports. >> you getting any special food ready for today, lisa? >> uh yeah. i don't know what though. >> ask your husband. >> he will figure it out. everyone is fired up for that for sure.
9:48 am
we wish we could bring some rain and make it feel like the season but as we end january, not only do we have fog, it doesn't even look like the end of january. starting to feel cooler as this ridge will break down and we get a wind shift. unfortunately, that comes at a high price mid week when we get a strong offshore flow. as we look from san jose, it is nice and clear here, one of the few spots we don't have haze. 45 in san jose. we have a shot here, 34, santa rosa. upper 30's, napa. 30's this morning finally beginning to recover. we have spun the camera around and you can see how hazy it is looking out toward the golden gate bridge and a bug on the frame there. areas of fog and chili conditions, hazy and seasonal today with upper 50's at the
9:49 am
coast. onshore winds return, gusty winds coming into play tuesday-wednesday. even monday night we could see the wind come back. we could see it wind advisory. that is how strong the winds will be. relative humidity 16%, not even talking strong wind. it is pretty dry. moderate air quality right now. san rafael and oakland, with the onshore flow, should be a decent day with sunshine. increasing clouds, the ridges going to fade away tomorrow. as it does, it will drop down to the side of california, initiating gusty wind. right now, it is quiet northerly wind, switching to the south end eventually getting fast out of the north. here is that direction, 11:00 mondaytaing with gusty wind from the coast to the delta and they get stronger over 40 mph through tuesday.
9:50 am
you can see the colors here, the ridges and peaks, mount diablo, we will be watching in particular, and the sierra nevada as well. 9:00 tuesday, 40 mph gusts, half moon bay, it will stay with us late through the day. the wind event midweek then taking you out 10 days and we are not seeing any rain, barely rain up to the north coast. mid-60's today in the south bay, very pleasant. look for 61 in san bruno. upper 50's at the coast. cool here with the wind light. 58, daly city. in the north bay, it was a frosty start at 28. santa rosa, 63 later on today with vallejo and the low 60's. more 60's in the east bay with fremont at 62 later. the valley warming up to 63 today. then we have the winds to watch
9:51 am
out for tuesday, wednesday and february will stay pretty quiet after that. dry and an even warmer weekend into the end of the workweek. we are certainly losing ground with all the rain we had in december. we would like to make up for that but you know, not coming our way this week. >> thanks. today's the big day. the nfc championship game between the niners and the rams could send the niners to the super bowl. fans know they have had truly iconic moments over the years and one man is in charge of capturing them as they happen. dustin dorsey introduces you to the director of photography for the niners. reporter: as the 49ers have battled into the championship game, iconic moments are captured each week that will live on in history. moments captured by the 49ers photography team and their lead photographer, a man known as the
9:52 am
man behind the lens. >> i used to cut my pictures down and make my own posters. i never thought i would be a photographer but always had a love for photography. to be the director of photography for the 49ers, it is one of those things where i don't take it for granted. reporter: he has been part of this for 25 years and witnessed some of the greatest wins in the biggest games. it takes a lot more preparation than people think to create the perfect shot fans would remember forever, including some of the best celebrations. >> it is about capturing the essence of the game. when you look at the celebration they have after battling the whole game, when you capture that moment, it is just so surreal. reporter: lloyd has photographed countless playoff games and two super bowl appearances for the red and gold. he remains faithful the team may be on a super run. >> you have to believe.
9:53 am
my mindset is i always take a positive attitude about everything. , photos, the team, it is like, if you stay positive, good things will happen. reporter: so far so good as the 49ers prepare for the rams, they are loading up their gear to capture another historic moment for the franchise. >> heading into the nfc championship game, it is about the journey, about having fun, about having the memories of what you get to do as a professional. i will take it all in. it is exciting. it is a great opportunity. reporter: maybe an opportunity to capture more moments like this. abc 7 news. >> talk about having his dream job. next, don't know where to watch the game today? we will have the details on one of the big watch parties happening this afternoon. ♪ ♪ at lowe's, you never have to be finished with your finishing touches. with aisles of ways to refresh and restyle.
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>> if you don't know where to watch the game today, there are watch parties all across the area. one will be held in downtown san jose. they hosted the official watch party in 2020. the owner will have lines out the door before they open. keep that in mind if you plan to go. they will have a live dj today. sb2 is requiring proof of vaccination to attend. doors open at 3 p.m. more watch parties, here are some of them listed on the screen. one is in district six, an outdoor food truck party, tickets cost $20. the crossing event space on folsom street and the united irish cultural center, those are also hosting some parties. let's get a final check of the forecast. a lot of people will be tailgating in l.a. >> temperatures there in the upper 60's, really mild.
9:57 am
cooler here, stuck with fog in napa and look at novato, zero visibility. light wind, onshore, upper 50's san francisco already with us. numbers in the mid 60's near seasonal average for most. low 60's east bay. the seven day featuring gusty winds tuesday-wednesday offshore. still no rain in sight but more importantly, go! >> that is the important thing today. we will talk about the rain tomorrow. thank you lisa and thank you for joining us on abc 7 news mornings. abc 7 news continues at 5 p.m., have a great day. go niners!
9:58 am
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