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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 29, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> the 49er faith for -- faithful ready for the game against the rams. the niners in socal this morning gearing up for what could be a trip to the super bowl if they could beat los angeles. fans sending them off in style. it is saturday, january 29. we will have more on the excitement surrounding the 49ers and fans in a moment but let's start with the weather with lisa argen. lisa: it it it it it start the weekend with temperatures in the 30's europe live doppler 7 charlie cloud cover in san jose, fog in fairfield, with a mile and a half visibility. not much of a problem but look at the temperatures, 38 in pittsburgh, 34 san ramon valley, 35 pleasanton, 36 danville and livermore. port martinez and pleasant hill, upper 30's. in the north bay, napa at 32 and
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43 in san carlos. it is five to 11 degrees colder in the north bay with cloud cover helping san jose be milder. cloudy with a chilly morning through 9:00. then, it is sunny but on the cool side to start out but by the afternoon, we will be above average. low to mid 60's bayside and inland. 5:30, sunsets with fog and a cooler sunday. we will talk about those highs for tomorrow near average and then what the last few days of january look like in the first week of february coming up. liz: thank you. the 49ers are in los angeles i ahead of tomorrow's huge nfc championship game, the third time the niners take on the rams this season. night as the 49ers took off for l.a. reporter: the sweet sound of the 49er faithful.
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fans waited hours to catch a second other the team as they started their trek to l.a.. outside levi's stadium, hundreds lined the sidewalk showing support. fans weighed flights, held sides, and screamed. >> i wanted the niners to see we are faithful, here, supporting them, setting them with good vibes. i >> know we are here for them. >> we want this win. reporter:reporter: that energy amplified now about the weekend is kicked off. the fan base says since two california caves are going had to head, the support needs to be felt across this the -- the state. >> it makes it a lot easier to get to the game so it is hard to stay away from something like that. reporter: from the tiniest of the longtime fans, a win would put the 49ers on track for the seemingly everlasting quest for 6. each super bowl win
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unforgettable for all faithful. >> feet l.a. >> i was nine years old when i went to the super bowl in stannard -- stanford when the niners played the dolphins, dan marino's only appearance. it comes home. reporter: home is anywhere the heart is and this weekend it is in los angeles. >> we just call sophia levi south, because every time we have a game there against the rams, the faithful show up and turn the place out. reporter: let's talk about the faithful. let's talk about the dedication. fans tell me they plan to wave goodbye and drive hours downtown l.a. to watch the game on sunday. outside levi's stadium, amanda del castillo. liz: several 49ers fans are in l.a., including j.r. stone. he caught up with the faithful down there and here is his report from sofi stadium. j.r.: 49ers fence all arriving in los angeles.
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>> the l.a. -- beat l.a. j.r.: that meant a friday of driving through the beta l.a. implying the flights. for others it meant a thursday night of driving with the only acceptable lighting around. >> do you see a red over there? >> tsunami of red. j.r.: this for a weight they. the --- this 408 faithful chapter says they will have 140 not -- >> 90% of the people are niners fans. j.r.: sunday's nfc championship may break a record by boasting the best selling secondary tickets of all time for a non-super bowl game. many we talked with have not brought. >> we are looking at $400 to $500. fans are waiting for prices to drop so >>
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j.r.: there will be diehard fans at the game too. >> you to transition to being a niners fan? >> the competitiveness between l.a. and san francisco has gone on forever. j.r.: a competitive love but don't try to predict to the locals are rooting for. >> we have diehards in l.a. and i appreciate the rams coming back. it is a long time coming but i'm a diehard niners fan. i have got my money and am doubling down with the niners. j.r.: always quiet outside sofi stadium right now but that will change as we get closer to sunday's big game. as for events for fans, this weekend is full of them in southern california on saturday. a fan tailgate in the downtown area sunday. another tailgate in the parking lot outside sofi stadium. you can bet we will be there for all of that.
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j.r. stone, abc 7 news. liz: so excited and we will talk to him tomorrow morning from l.a. let's move to developing news. cal afforded us california's unemployment department is getting a new leader, the edd. rita sainz announced her resignation, having taken over as the department doubt with a surge in unemployment cranes -- claims and rampant fraud add $20 billion in 2020. she will go back to the california commission on aging. nancy farias is taking over and will be sworn in on tuesday. she is currently the chief deputy director of external affairs legislation and policy. there are new developments in california's fight against coronavirus. hospitalizations have dropped below 15,000 patients for the first time in more than a week. san franciscans who got the johnson & johnson vaccine and a booster can now get a third shot.
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yes, the city's health department updated its guidance, recommending pfizer. starting tuesday, oakland will require people 12 in order to show proof of vaccination at indoor public locations, including restaurants, bars, museums, theaters, jabs, and indoor events with more than 500 people. several developments in the fight against omicron in the north bay. a n95 masks ---iiiiiiiii n95 masks arrived with covid test kits and could be distributed next week. >> this will keep a saber -- safer and help us with the next step of covid. liz: first responders in marin county have until march 1 to be fully vaccinated and boosted. the previous deadline was yesterday. it was a small percentage of first responders that are not vaccinated and they can keep their jobs if they agree to weekly testing.
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sonoma county is taking off a large-scale covid-19 vaccine clinic, happening at the county fairgrounds in santa rosa. you do not need an appointment to get vaccinated or boosted. this run from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m. it is open tomorrow and the weekend as well through february 20. there is no word of teachers in the --school district going on strike. negotiations were held yesterday over covid safety measures. the union once weekly testing for everybody and twice a week testing for classrooms with outbreaks. kn95 and n95 masks for all teachers and staff are on the list of demands. the union said it will consider a strike vote if there is no deal. keep track of the changes in the pandemic at /coronavirus to stay up-to-date. let's check outside. lisa: starting with chilly conditions except the mildest weather here, opera 40's to near 50, but 30's in the valleys.
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feeling you're freezing in some at above average today. hazy at times. we will talk about the rest of the weekend into february when we get back. liz: also ahead, a north bay man says a stolen cat has turned up in southern california. why he says airbnb renters are behind the catnapping. you help from businesses in the castro. how a decades-old band that has been
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection, and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. liz: welcome back. here is a look from our emeryville camera. it is 46 degrees in oakland, a chilly start to the morning. time is 6:11. santa clara firefighters are keeping an ion flareups after a fire lost significant damage to the outside. and oven is blamed for starting the fire. crews were called out to the
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building on martin avenue -- near lafayette for 5:00 last night and two people were preparing food for bingo night at the lodge. it appears there was a grease fire. one person had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a sonoma county man is pleading for his cat to be returned. tourists snatches cat and had it in southern california. luz pena enjoins -- explains how we piece this together. luz: troy farrar has been fighting to get his cat back home. >> that was my friend, my support cat. that was who i have. luz: she hasasasas railroad avenue neighborhood for years. she is a recently chosen house. >> she would run up and be like, i'm here, let me in, i love you.
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we were like, that is the sign. that is the sign. this is the right house. luz: several years ago, troy adopted her. in october after he came home from a trip, she was gone. neighbors say a couple stayed at an airbnb two houses down. while seeing her out in the neighborhood. >> i said what do know about this cat? we love this cat. is a beautiful cat. luz: last november, he got a call from butte in long beach confirming they had his cat cannot send it. the vet at the vca animal hospital had scanned her microchip. >> my cat and she said, we are not legally allowed to house cats in this facility. we have to give them back to the people. luz: the veterinary centers of america size they have legal obligations to the client who
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initially brought the cat and confirmed their fully cooperating with the soup -- so no's investigation. the neighborhood has united to get the cac back -- cat bck. >> please return the cat. weep and probably find transportation back. luz: troy is hoping the couple who took the cat brings her back to him and her family. troy: she means a lot to this neighborhood. a lot. luz: in san francisco, luz pena. liz: a decades-old ban are new bars and the castro neighborhood is no longer. city leaders voted to change the rule this week. tim johns explains the history and the plans for the future. tim: it is one of the liveliest neighborhoods in san francisco. for 3.5 decades, if you wanted to open a bar in castro neighborhood, you were out of
6:15 am
luck. >> it was the story of this woman who came to us with this tale that we were surprised about. tim: raphael is the supervisor of district eight. he says his office was approached by a woman who wanted to open up en a bar -- a piano bar, only to be told she couldn't. >> we realized this was true and we probably should change this. tim: the band goes back to 1987 and probably came about due to a multiple load -- multitude of reasons. >> i think some of it had to do with business as a decision. the less competition you have. aids it was happening and that could have had an influence on the dynamic of patronage. tim: at a board of supervisors meeting, a unanimous vote passed a new ordinance of allowing our new bar to open, welcomed in the neighborhood. >> excited.
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it is great. tim: it is not just about changing the law. it means a chance to revitalize our neighborhood hit hard by covid. the president of the castro association says the pandemic has caused devastating economic consequences. >> unfortunately, we have lost a whole bunch of businesses that went out of business permanently, but having new businesses, in, it is our hope. tim: is not just replacing the old with the new says mandolin who hopes to city rules allow for more lgbtq entrepreneurs to set up shot. >> to the extent we are trying to open up the castro to more kinds of people, especially queer people, it makes sense to allow some of those folks to try to open businesses there. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: happening now, 3000 flights are canceled as a winter storm takes aim at the northeast,
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bringing feet of snow to some areas along with hurricane strength. winds. state of emergency have been declared from the carolinas up to maine. the brunt of the storm is expected to hit from long island to coastal new england, bringing blizzards. 30 inches of snow is predicted outside boston. it will be snowing heavily today. >> not only do we expect large amounts of snow, we also expect high winds. we are fully expecting white out conditions tomorrow. this is serious. liz: amtrak is shutting down train service for several routes in new york, boston, and washington, d.c. what a contrast to what we have here, the springlike conditions. lisa: good thing it is the weekend so those folks can hunker down and stay inside where when shows in the single digits. some of those coastal winds up to 60 mph. the high tide but the snow still
6:18 am
accumulating. as we look at our weather, the west coast is hoping for a breakthrough from this protective ridge that has kept us driver over three weeks. it is not in the forecast for the bay area. california -- southern california could see drizzle with the weak system and we have had high clouds, but not much else. air quality is in the south bay and san jose where it is not particularly good but not a lot of change from today through tomorrow. we will have the hazy skies at times in that yellow category from the north bay down to the santa clara valley. unless we get gusty wind, which will be in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday, we will have hazy conditions, fog in and out of the picture around the delta. seven mile visibility at hayward and closer to the water in the 40's from union city to oakland.
6:19 am
46 san leandro but as we widen the view, notice all the 30's from livermore to antioch, 30 five pleasanton, freezing fairfield, napa, looking at 36 novato, 35 santa rosa, upper 30's on the peninsula here. pretty chilly out here. our camera that looks at clear skies -- hazy skies and time throughout the weekends. minor ups and downs throughout the week ahead, cooling off tomorrow into monday and winds ramp up tuesday but no sign of rain into the first week of february. today, the 22nd consecutive day with no measurable rain. here is a review of the month of january. the only rain we received in the green would be the first week of the new year. certainly, hope to break that pattern but as we look at the week ahead, in the south bay, look how mild with average highs around 61 in san jose, cupertino, santa clara, highs in the mid 60's, cooling off with a
6:20 am
return to an onshore push sunday and by monday, one of the cooler afternoon spot as we get into tuesday and wednesday, the offshore winds not only warm us but we are looking at the enhanced fire danger. a closed stadium at so vibrant outside for pre-gaming, upper 60's to 70, halftime in the low 60's for the game tomorrow. 65 fremont, 60 six woodford, san jose low to mid 60's in the north bay and the accuweather 7 day forecast, fog tomorrow, cooler onshore flow and into monday, kind of a day of transition because beyond that, you can see gusty winds and that will take us through the middle of the week. we will watch for that and this is the time of year you do not expect it but the past couple of years, we have seen it year-round. liz: totally. thanks. y shocks at chase center will not just be taken by the warriors today. the president of the boyars
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on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. liz: ava joins me from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. ava: the winter storm hammering the east coast. millions facing wind and white out conditions, high winds and high tides kidding desecrating concerns of coastal flooding. thousands of flights canceled and massachusetts under a state of emergency. rob is on the ground with tips on staying safe. new warning, american general sounding an alarm on ukraine as russia moves more than 100,000 troops to the ukraine border, showing indications of preparing for combat but president biden is saying about moving u.s. troops into the region as the u.s. is on alert to support neighboring countries. if we are to point -- joined by
6:24 am
steve gagnon -- we are joined by steve gagnon. a well deserved win for the number one ranked women's singles player in the world. it is all ahead on gma. liz: you are invited to go for three as in three doses of the vaccine at chase center. the warriors are hosting a booster clinic today to get fans and community members ready for a new mandate coming next month. jobina fortson sat down with warriors president and coo brandon snyder for an interview you will see only here on abc 7 appear to -- abc 7. brandon: we want chase center to be the safest venue in the country and we feel jobina: chaf five venues in the nba with a vaccine mandate but come february 1, things are going a step further.
6:25 am
brandon: we will be the only one mandating boosters for every one who is eligible for a booster. jobina: that does not mean you can get a booster that day before you show up. fans 16 and older must be two weeks removed from the final dose and if eligible, seven days removed from a booster shot. starting march 1, fans 12 to 15 must be two weeks removed from their final dose and if eligible, seven days removed from their booster shot. kits five to 11 can show proof of full vaccination or a negative covid test. >> if you're coming to an event february 1, the first day, you have to get your booster by january 27. jobina: brandon schneider has been in his new role as president and coo for six months and inherited quite a job, trying to keep 18,000 fans, the team, and the -- healthy in this era of the pandemic. brandona: we can change out the
6:26 am
entire airflow four times every hour and in high traffic areas like the concourse, it happens 12 times every hour. this is an investment we made. it cost us more money to operate that way. jobina: the stadium is collaborating to make vaccine verification faster and more accurate. healthy fans and a healthy team is a win, but could also mean a bigh wi -- a big win like a shiy gold trophy. brandon: we have so many fun moments. clay coming back after 941 days, we are as good as anyone out there so we are excited to see how the season finishes and if we stay healthy, we have a good shot. liz: today's vaccine clinic runs from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the thrive city plaza surrounding chase center. schedule an appointment got -- by going to
6:27 am
pfizer and moderna first, second, and third doses will be available today. a bridge collapses in pittsburgh. why the collapse could have been much worse. it is championship weekend. we visited at san francisco middle school to see how the younger fans are getting excited for tomorrow's big matchup. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you.
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>> moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news we will start with a look at the weather so let's get to lisa argen where it feels not like winter. lisa: right now, yes. we are in the 30's but by afternoon, it will be springlike. it has been and where is the rain?
6:30 am
we are dry for three weeks now. it is 39 in brentwood. upper 30's pittsburgh. 37 walmart creek and 34 san ramon valley. 36 livermore, freezing in napa with 30 -- 35 santa rosa. clearbrook -- view from sutro. hazy at times but overall, we are looking at a mild and sunny afternoon. 10:00 in the low to mid 50's. by 1:00 and 2:00, climbing through the 60's. upper 60's today, six to eight degrees above average and as we cool off later tonight, the sun is setting at 5:30. we look for the low clouds to increase and affordable usher in a cooler sunday with wind in the forecast for next week. gussie, offshore winds and rain. we will have to stay tuned for the seven day forecast in a few minutes. liz: the world health
6:31 am
organization says we are nearing the end of the emergency phase of the pandemic, hopeful news. nationwide, 140 5000 covid patients are hospitalized. christine sloan has more. christine: with cases falling across the country, the u.s. is seemingly approaching a transition, the world health organization saying we are ending of the emergency phase in the pandemic. the virus will remain but we have what we need to live with that health experts say. >> we may see future surges but the restrictions and mandates, a lot of those will really start easing and what that means is when we see future searches, we will have to deploy vaccines, tests, arc to get through them. christine: those tools are the first line of defense as the u.s. continues to push back against the omicron surge. 40 u.s. states and territories report decreasing or, plateauing new case averages but 99% of u.s. counties report high
6:32 am
transmission. utah senator mitt romney is one of the latest to get sick. his office says he is asymptomatic and will isolate and work remotely. many hospitals around the country continue to face overwhelming numbers of patients. >> a shortage in staff, trying to get everything. we don't have beds. we're porting an er, trying to make everything fit. christine: the cdc continues to stress the importance of a third shot. a study finds they increase protection against hospitalization by about 50% and for those with compromised immune system, 19%. liz: to an update to an itunes story about millions of dollars of ppb -- ppe purchased with your tax dollars left outside in the rain for months. dan sought outside the event center and has been asking why
6:33 am
this happened and what is being done about it. the county gave abc 7 access to the warehouse where the equipment is being stored and you can see crumpled cardboard boxes. the equipment is being wiped down, reeboks, and given away to community members and groups. >> that can help them, because the volcano ashes settled. there was a lot of trust and they are trying to get rid of stuff right now -- dust and they're trying to get rid of stuff right now, any kind of medical supplies that can help with the donation. liz: there supplies available and we put the email on your screen if you would like to pick them up. new developmentsnew developmente
6:34 am
over spotify. joni mitchell is removing her music from a platform, joining neil young in she posted a statement to her website saying irresponsible people are spreading lies costing people there lives. young pulled his music earlier saying he was upset by covid vaccine misinformation on joe ro gan's spotify. pennsylvania officials credit the winter weather with preventing a bridge collapse. from being worse because of schools no delays, traffic was lighter than usual when this bridge gave way, swallowing a bus and five other cars. 10 people suffered injuries and this happened hours before president biden traveled to pittsburgh to highlight his infrastructure law. morgan norwood has details. morgan: federal investigators are trying to figure out what led to this, a bridge suddenly collapsing during the morning commute. five cars and this bus plunging with it.
6:35 am
>> our engineering team will look for signs of stress in materials, signs of fracture, signs of deterioration but i want to stress right now, those are general. we have no -- morgan: first responders repelling the ravine to form a human chain, pulling people from abbas, the bus driver -- from the bus, the driver calling for help. >> i was more concerned with getting people off the bus because i was not sure if it would slide backwards. >> i cannot believe this happened. morgan: 10 suffered minor injuries but no one was killed. the fire chief says the outcome could have been much worse. fire chief: i half-hour later, the bridge would have been full. morgan: according to the pennsylvania department of transportation, 14,000 500 vehicles travel over the bridge fairly -- daily. the condition of the structure
6:36 am
was listed as poor during its last inspection in september. pres. biden: when the bridge was repaired, -- morgan: happening against the backdrop of president biden's visit to the city to highlight his infrastructure law, seeing the damage up close and promising swift changes. pres. biden: their 45,000 bridges in poor condition across the country and that is unacceptable. morgan: morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. liz: niners fans, in all ages and the ones we are about to profile our passionate. senior education reporter leah melendez visited the presidio middle school, the 49er empire. leah: lunchtime at presidio middle school interrupted. >> let's go niners. let's go niners. leah: as you know, the niners
6:37 am
legacy started here.almost everd for e team. sure, they may be able to throw a few toss -- passes, but let's see how many -- much the students have really learned. you know, the important stuff, like who is your favorite player? >> obviously, i just like all the players. >> do you have a favorite player? >> now, i do not. i do on the other team, the rams. leah: do you know how many super bowl say have one? >> i'm not sure, probably six? [buzzer] >> >> >> five? [dings]
6:38 am
leah: why were the 49ers named the 49ers? >> i don't have -- another question. >> it sounds familiar. >> is of the gold rush? [dings] leah: middle schoolers with enough energy to carry them through sunday and 49ers spirit. leah melendez, abc 7. liz: still ahead, 49er faithful to the next level. we will tell you how fans prepare for tomorrow baked game and entered -- tomorrow's big game and introduce you to one fan whose loyalty is so extreme he is known as the eye of the 49er. gorgeous sunrise and time is 6:38.
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[tv chatter] [doorbell] ♪ ♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal, got it at marshalls for a total steal! nice! thanks. ♪ (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. liz: the home of the wars will be home to a lunar new year celebration tonight. last night, a large crowd turned out-of-state -- chase center
6:41 am
provide performances, food tastings, and entertainment. there was a huge tiger statue since it is the year of the tiger, one of six statues placed around the city. the worriers plan another celebration after tonight's game after the nuts -- against the nuts -- nets. mckenna of pigh school caught the ball from october dribble, and drained it at the buzzer. you have to watch her go. bam! her buzzer beater mated on the espn sports center top 10 plays and her life has definitely changed since. here is what she told abc seven news anchor christians the. >>
6:42 am
haven't never talked to recognize me now and it is cool for people to recognize me. leah: she has a 4.0 gpa. that is one insanely good shot, lisa. lisa: good morning everyone. temperatures are near freezing and also in our inland valleys of the east bay, and awfully cold start out there. if fog to track or rent so we will warm up -- wind so we will warm up throughout the day. today warmer than tomorrow. 60's when we come back. liz: also next, one day away from a nfc championship game. there is so much pressure on jimmy come off about. jimmy come off about. the moment that motivates him. this tiny tacos big box is perfect- [speaking in unison] to share... jinx... tiny tacos big box... triceratops... get out of my head! my new $6 tiny tacos big box
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6:45 am
the doves take on the nets led by kai rhee and james harden, without kevin durant, who has an injured left knee. you can watch the game only on abc 7 at 5:30 followed by after the game if you are not going to chase center. we are a day away from the nfc championship game at sofi stadium. here is very deep deal with an update --larry beil with an update. larry: one question for the niners heading into the championship game in ally, trent williams did not practice all week because of an ankle injury. kyle shanahan believes he will play. the niners need him to protect jimmy cover up tomorrow -- gar opolo. he has been under scrutiny since a few years ago, a memory that lingers. >> it has been a motivator for me since it happened. it is a feeling i can't describe. it is unlike any loss i have ever had.
6:46 am
since that moment, it has motivated me and always will going forward. you know, those are lessons. sports will never be perfect and you can take those lessons and be better from it and be better off in the long run. >> you see on social media people talking about -- you know what i'm saying? jimmy this, jimmy that. numbers don't lie. that's what people say. larry: if the niners beat ally, gar -- l.a., the reach their third straight super bowl if they beat the bengals sunday, kc favored over a young bengals team but you know the phrase any given sunday? it true for a reason. >> it is another step toward our ultimate goal, the super bowl and we do not look past this but it is checking things off the list that we have started and we have been trying to achieve since back in training camp and when we first started this journey. larry: women's hoops, check out
6:47 am
the tar vendor beer bobblehead -- tara vanderveer kelly jones scored all 12 points in the first half. not a lot of defense thereby asu cardinal, of 17 of the break. jones had 10 assist. 78-50. they will host arizona in a rematch of the ncaa title game sunday. the warriors beat the t-wolves thursday night. this young fan says he has been a fan since he was zero years old, a long time. he is now nine and hopes to get a steph curry autograph. he gets the signature and does the delivery. that - is - awesome. we will have the warriors and nets on abc 7, tipping up at 5:30, followed by after the game.
6:48 am
hope to see you again -. liz: it will be a fun weekend. you say your sister cannot open the door in new jersey, there is so much snow outside her house? lisa: i'm laughing at her because she lives in coastal new jersey where they do not get snow like that. definitely a big bomb cyclone along the eastern seaboard where we have sprinkles in socal, high-pressure rage in concurrent -- control and mantras -- monstrous waves have closed roads with coastal flooding and lightning down through north carolina. this is intensifying as it lose up the eastern seaboard. snow on cape cod, the very tip provincetown is getting cold weather with wind chill in the single-digit here and those gusty winds and the snow maybe 18 inches in boston. here is a look at modern air quality across the bay area.
6:49 am
better around redwood city and fremont and san jose has improved other is cloud cover and a look from our tower camera, you can see just getting light out there. moderate air quality today, tomorrow, and it is brighter so with less cloud cover, temperatures have been allowed to cool off. 11 degrees colder in nevada with temperatures hovering around freezing around santa rosa. 48 downtown, 39 mountain view, 42 san jose, 37 santa clara. pretty here from the exploratorium camera. 35 santa rosa. freezing in napa and the delta with 37 in concord. 36 in livermore and pretty view here from our tower camera. we will have hazy skies over the weekend. minor temperature variations next week. we will cool off and warm up and as we look at the outlook into february, it is looking dry. a couple days left of january.
6:50 am
nowhere to be found storm track, moving into canada through next weekend, 10 days out into tuesday. we are high and dry. enjoying temperatures in the 60's in the south bay. 66 san jose, 64 sunnyvale high clouds but mostly sunny skies on the peninsula. a mild day from san bruno to san mateo and redwood city. low to mid 60's. upper 50's downtown. 63 today and in the north bay, highs from the low 60's sausalito and since a beach. head to the coast. it should be nice out there with mid-60's santa rosa. 64 union city and oakland today, hercules 62 and by later today, 3:00, we look at numbers from 64 in pittsburgh, pleasanton, and livermore and low 60's in brentwood. the seven day forecast will get
6:51 am
patchy fog overnight that will initiate a stronger push for sunday. that means a cooler afternoon. the clouds arrive monday. system drops to the east of us and i could bring gusty, offshore winds tuesday and wednesday. we will warm with another round of offshore winds the end of next week. liz: tickets to the nfc championship game between the 49ers and brands are selling for record prices, but you do not need to get to enjoy the game in a stadium like atmosphere. dustin dorsey shows us some of the biggest niners watch parties in the south bay. dustin: there are diehards and their fremont resident ray peña. jerseys, hats, chains, he has collected memorabilia for decades. ray: these are game tickets from the nfc championship game, what is known as they catch. dustin: his prized possession is something nobody else has. after a cancer diagnosis, he lost his right i and had it replaced with the 49ers prosthetic.
6:52 am
he is known as the eye of the 49er. with his niners in the title game, he has is ion something that could be a new addition to his collection, championship gear. ray: i will book my trip to l.a. after sunday. dustin: peña will be in the bay area to watch the game this weekend and with record ticket prices, he and other local fan clubs are hosting a watch party at metro city restaurant and bar and sunnyvale. ray: you meet people from all over. it doesn't matter if you firm here or the east coast or another country. dustin: there will be watch parties across the bay area this weekend, including at sp2 communal bar and restaurant in downtown san jose, hosting the official super bowl watch party in 2020. >> we have lines out the door before we open and the energy here is great and we play the game audio. there is a dj. kids are out so it is great energy. dustin: great energy and great
6:53 am
business. after covid-19 changed watch parties, the 49ers' deep run is just as important for fans as local businesses. that is a godsend for the restaurants. we have struggled for two years and to have this energy back so quickly and unexpectedly is great. dustin: if you don't have tickets, find a place to enjoy the game with the faithful. dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. ♪ liz: that was true dedication. the kickoff celebration for the year of the tiger. ♪ liz: francisco's historic chinatown to get families ready for the lunar you
6:54 am
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(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. liz: here the winning numbers from last nights $421 million mega millions drawing. 3, 16, 25, 44, 55. the mega ball number, 13.
6:56 am
it is one at a gas station in l.a. county that matched all six numbers and that person gets all that $421 million. lucky them. than a jackpot tuesday is $20 million. the bay area community is getting ready to celebrate the year of the tiger. it is an anti-storefront at that three embarcadero center and inside, the golden dragon. is 200 feet long and is carried by more than 100 men and women. some of the iconic cable cars are decorated for the occasion. we spotted this on california street, also showing love for the 49ers. the lunar new year begins this tuesday, february 1. the san francisco parade is february 19. to kickoff the lunar new year, the flower market fair returns to chinatown today. it takes over 11 blocks of chinatown with more than 100 booths of candies, flowers, and fruits with a mini parade
6:57 am
starting at st. mary square and a ribbon ceremony with city officials. there plenty of activities like magicians, acrobats, and line dancers to open the month-long celebration. the fair runs from 10:00 to 6:00 today and none :00 to 6:00 tomorrow and the weather, even though we need the rain, should be nice for folks enjoying that. lisa: book at the sunrise in santa cruz where temperatures are in the 30's up in the north bay, even the east bay as well. really cold out there and give it a while and we will be in the 60's with mostly sunny skies. cooler for your sunday. we will get into gusty, offshore winds midweek but no rain insight through early february. liz: what a gorgeous sunrise and thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 morning. i'm liz kreutz with ninja --lisa argen. we will leave you with a view of this gorgeous sunrise. have a great day and we will see you at 9:00.
6:58 am
♪ >> to move ahead, to build something better. >> race and social justice are a key part of building a better bay area. >> it is our commitment to meet those moments. >> the city council is meeting right now. >> tough questions. real solutions. for you, for all about. >> where did you learn to do what you do? >> this is the moment to build a better bay area. if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed
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opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. good morning, america. historic winter storm. tens of millions of americans facing blizzard conditions from virginia to maine. the states of emergency and whiteout conditions, up to two feet of snow and 70-mile-per-hour winds. >> conditions are expected to make travel nearly impossible. >> the concerns too for coastal flooding, plus space heater warnings. what can happen in seconds if not used properly. bridge collapse investigation. the federal team on the scene this morning of that horrifying accident in pittsburgh. the human chain that rescued riders trapped inside this bus. >> you can see. >> president biden's promise about the nation's crumbling infrastructure. dire prediction.


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