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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 28, 2022 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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caused a lot of covid infections. we end the show with this shot. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the massive nor'easter bearing down, the bridge collapse in pittsburgh, and russia and ukraine and what president biden said minutes ago about senting u.s. troops. first, the blizzard warnings. multiple major cities, philadelphia, new york city, boston, all bracing. 80 million expecting whiteout conditions, heavy snow, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. up to two feet of snow expect in the boston. new york city to hartford could get up to a foot of snow. those hurricane force winds possible. rob marciano will take us through the timing and potential snow totals. also tonight, that major bridge collapse in pittsburgh.
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five vehicles crossing the bridge when it came down. the human chain working to get passengers out, able to pull them out. tonight, hear the timing. there were school delays because of the weather. typically far more people on the bridge. we have news coming in amid the rising tensions with russia and ukraine. what president biden said about sending u.s. troops to the region. he revealed this a short time ago, and ian pannell with late news. the new images tonight showing the navy f-35 seconds before crashing on the deck of u.s. s. carl vincent. sinking to the bottom of the ocean. the u.s. navy still trying to get to that wreckage before the chinese. news on the pandemic tonight, where omicron has peaked, where it is still raging. and dr. anthony fauci tonight on this new omicron subvariant. what we're seeing in the u.s. so far. a solemn day here in new york city. thousand of police officers from across the country paying their
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respects to the first of the officers shot and kill in the new york in the line of duty. the emotional moment when we heard from the rookie officer's young wife. the parents charged after taking their children on a ride through a flooded creek. three children died. the surviving children begging the judge to cope their parents out of prison. what the judge has decided. the january 6th committee issuing more than a dozen new subpoenas tonight for people who authorities say falsely claim tey were legitimate electors. what they signed. authorities say in an effort to change the results to donald trump in seven states. jon karl standing by with that. a big weekend of football ahead, but tonight, what's already happened. who is our person of the week? good evening, and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another week together
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here. several developing stories this friday night. what president biden just said tonight about russia, ukraine, and now sending u.s. troops to the region. we'll get to that in just a moment. but we begin tonight with this dangerous nor'easter taking aim at this hour. authorities across several states are warning of life threatening conditions. state of emergency declared up and down the east coast. blizzard warning from virginia all the way up to maine. the snow expected to begin late tonight, following straight through tomorrow. boston bracing for six feet of snow. the mayor declaring a snow emergency. in the middle of this pandemic, boston and the surrounding communities short on snowplow drivers. in new york city, facing up to a foot of snow. ready conditions already slippery for the drive home. voluntary evacuations tonight under way along the massachusetts coast. residents warned about dangerous wind, snow, and coastal flooding on cape cod. tonight, more than 3,100 flights
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already canceled tomorrow. thousand of flights at boston's logan airport alone. senior meteorologist rob marciano leading us off tonight. he's right there where the bull's-eye is, boston, to take us through this. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. all week along we have been talking about several ingredients that need to come together for a major storm. now that's happening. we have higher confidence if ao to -- the lowest off the coast of the carolinas. it's taking shape, phasing in with colder air. it's going to be all snow. will get by new york city tomorrow morning. heavy at 7:00 a.m. atlanta, 50 miles per hour wind. i-95 is going to be a mess. don't bother getting on it. plows will have difficult times keep up with these rates. blizzard conditions, hartford, boston. by 5:00 p.m., new england still
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getting hammered with 60 to 70-mile-per-hour wind. coastal flooding, power outages, dangerous conditions. swath of 6 to 12 inches of snow, and 12 to 24 east of hartford through much of rhode island and all of eastern massachusetts. i think we'll see spots outside boston of 30 or more inches. looks like we'll be digging out all day sunday and then some from this event. david? >> be care to problem the team and everyone preparing for this nor'easter. rob, thank you. we're going to turn in the meantime to that major bridge collapse in pittsburgh and the urgent effort to get to the people inside several vehicles and a public bus. that bus and five vehicles crossing the bridge when it came down. they formed a human chain to get the passengers out. tonight what we're hearing about the timing. there were school delays because of the weather. typically a far busier bridge. elwyn lopez on the scene in
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pittsburgh. >> reporter: tonight, a terrifying morning commute in pittsburgh. >> a lot of screaming and static on the phone. stating the bridge fully gave out unknown injuries. >> reporter: a bridge suddenly collapsing just before 7:00 a.m. with five cars and this bus plunging with it. >> two very loud booms woke us up, 6:30, 6:45. the house shook a couple of times. >> reporter: first responders racing to the scene forming a human chain pulling people off that partially crushed bus. a driver and two passengers on board. daryl luciani was behind the wheel. >> as i was driving across it, in my mind, i knew the bridge was collapsing. i could just feel it. the bus was bouncing and shaking. i was just happy that the bus finally came to a stop and everyone seemed to be okay. >> reporter: amazingly, no one was killed and jus ten people suffered minor injuries. officials say it could have been a lot worse. snow delayed schools for two hours and traffic was light at the time of the collapse. the pennsylvania department of transportation telling us 14,500 vehicles travel oveth
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the overall condition of the 52-year-old structure was listed as poor during its last inspection in september. >> i walked under it all the time and saw the rust and decay, and that's pretty typical in pittsburgh. the collapse came just hours before president biden visited $1.2 trillion dollar bipartisan infrastructure law. the president, seeing the destruction firsthand, vowing to fix all the bridges, promising gigantic change. >> we got to move. the next time, we don't need headlines saying that someone was killed when the next bridge collapses. >> reporter: david, federal investigators with the ntsb just arrived on the scene to help pinpoint the cause of the collapse, and david, officials have also run heavy equipment to remove the wreckage, that process could take several days. david? >> we're just glad everyone survived this. elwyn lopez in pittsburgh. thank you, elwyn. as we reported at the top, there's news coming in involving
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russia, ukraine, these rising tensions and president biden late today saying he will be sending u.s. troops to the region. so, where will they go? our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell from ukraine again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, ukraine's army reherring for a war they who they never have to fight, firing western made and supplied weapons. and president biden tonight saying he's getting close to moving u.s. troops to the region, though not to ukraine. >> i'll be moving troops to the nato countries in the near term. >> reporter: defense secretary austin andn general milley warning a russian attack on ukraine would be swift and horrific. >> there's a potential they could launch on very little warning. >> reporter: american forces on high alert to support neighboring countries, but both men stressing there is a way out. >> war is not inevitable. as the secretary said. the right answer here is a
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diplomatic solution. >> reporter: the kremlin insisting today it doesn't want war, but it has over 100,000 troops along ukraine's borders, and every day it's releasing more videos of its troops in training. >> reporter: president biden speaking with his ukrainian counterpart the reaffirm u.s. support, but the two have differences on how significant the crisis is and how great the threat of imminent russian military action. today, president zelensky telling abc news he thinks the biden administration is overstating the crisis. where do you think the white house and pentagon are going wrong in their analysis? he says there are risks in repeatedly talking about the threat of war, and he says in his opinion, this is a mistake. >> yes, he wants the rhetoric scaled back. we'll see if that actually happens. ian with us in the meantime. i want to get back to the breaking headline -- president biden revealing late today he does intend to send
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u.s. troops to the region. what exactly would that mean? where are they expected to go? >> reporter: that's right, david. it's something he said earlier. we don't know the specifics but most likely you would have to think the baltic states, eastern europe, also potentially poland. critically, not here in ukraine, which isn't a member of nato. i think the eastern european states will be glad of that show of support, which is likely to come from the white house. but here in ukraine, president zelensky is likely to be less happy. he's worried by making these kind of moves, by talking repeatedly about war, it just creates panic and discontent here in ukraine. david? >> ian pannell we're grateful for your reporting all week long. thank you. now to the newly released images of the crash of a u.s. navy stealth fighter in the china sea. navy confirming video online shows this f 35 seconds before it crashed on to the deck of the u.s.s. carl vincent.
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the plane falling into the ocean, sinking to the bottom. the u.s. still trying to rover the $100 million jet. tonight china claiming it has no interest in that f-35 jet. we turn to news in the pandemic. here in the u.s., where omicron peaked where, it still raging and, tonight dr. auch onthony f on this new subvariant and what a we know so far. here's kaylee hartung. >> reporter: tonight, health experts are urging americans to stay the course with vaccinations and masking amid promising signs the country is rounding the omicron peak. >> my message would be just hang in there, because things look like, at least for what's going on now with omicron, that things are turning around. >> reporter: nationally, new covid cases have dropped 25% in the last two weeks, and hospital admissions are down nearly 10%. but in areas like the south and west, many front-line teams are still overwhelmed. texas has just 7% of its icu beds open, a record low. doctors at texas children's in houston say their sickest
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patients are unvaccinated. >> it's hard because if your children are under 5, they're just not eligible. so to me, it places even more emphasis on being vaccinated, because if you're protected, your children are less likely to get it. >> reporter: and scientists are now tracking the spread of that omicron subvariant ba.2 now detected in 24 states. >> we're keeping a very close eye on it. it looks a bit more transmissible but not necessarily more severe. >> reporter: on that subvariant, british researchers are finding vaccines are just as effective against b 2 as the b 1 omicron. they say it's spreading faster but too early to know for sure. there's no evidence it calls more or less severe illness. david? >> kaylee, thank you. there is news tonight about the three police officers shot and wound in the houston yesterday. the gun battle unfolding this the street. the suspect opening fire following a police chase. two of the wounded officers
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released from the hospital. no in the neck, barricading himself in a house for several hours before being arrested.n new york city. police officers from all over the country paying their respects to the first of the officers shot and killed in the lynn of duty in harlem. the pictures today, a mile long sea of blue filling the streets for 22-year-old jason rivera. and the emotional moment we heard from the young officer's wife. >> reporter: shoulder to shoulder they packed st. patrick's cathedral to pay respects to 22-year-old nypd officer jason rivera. >> i would say good morning to you all, but in fact it's the worst morning ever. >> reporter: officer jason rivera's young widow, dominique, posting photos of the could be, saying, this is the heaviest my heart has been.
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they met in elementary school. married just four months, she described the horror of being called to the hospital. >> i said to you, wake up, baby, i'm here. the little bit of hope that i had you would wake up just to say good-bye or say i love you one more time has left. i was lost. i'm still lost. >> reporter: outside, snow falling as a sea of blue lined 5th avenue. >>t shows we all love each other and it's truly a brotherhood. >> reporter: rivera and his partner wilbert mora were shot and killed on a domestic violence call. rivera posthumously promoted to detective. his wife with a message for her husband. >> and although you won' >> reporter: david, as painful and as sad as this day was, as you just saw for the rivera family, and for the new york city police department as a whole, they will be right back here next week to do this again
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as they say good-bye to officer mora. david? >> phil lippoff, thank you. we turn to the investigation involving the attack on the capital. the january 6th committee now issuing more than a dozen new subpoenas for people who authorities say falsely claimed they were legitimate electors. what they signed, authorities say, in an effort to change the results to donald trump in seven states. here's jonathan karl.nuary 6th d 14 people, their names all appearing on phony electoral certificates claiming donald trump won states that were actually won by joe biden. it was an audacious scheme. they pretended to be real electors, hoping to change states from biden to trump on among them, nancy cottle. her signature appears on one of the certificates as the chairperson of the electoral college of arizona. she and her associates listed as the state's duly elected and qualified electors. they were identical documents from six other states that donald trump lost, all
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phony certificates sent by registered mail to of 2020, all part of a plan to block the certification of biden's victory on january 6th. at the time, trump aides spoke openly about the effort. >> an alternate slate of electors in the contested states is going to vote and we're going to send those results up to congress. >> reporter: the committee says the documents may be evidence of a crime orchestrated by some of trump's advisors. >> when you falsify a document, in most instances, that's a criminal act. >> reporter: it's not just the january 6th committee that's looking into this. the justice department recently said that it, too, is investigating what the deputy attorney general called fraudulent electors. so, david, a criminal investigation as well as the investigation by the committee. >> jon karl here on a friday night, thank you. a lot more ahead tonight. when we come back, the parents
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finally tonight, the chiefs beat the bills to get to this weekend, but there was a remarkable gift afterward you likely didn't know about. our person of the week. >> reporter: this weekend, all eyes on the four teams who will head to the super bowl. it was last weekend, the kansas city chiefs and buffalo bills, those final 13 seconds in overtime. but after the victory, the chiefs fans had an idea to, start donating to bills quarterback josh allen's charity, the patricia allen fund, named after his grandmother.
3:57 pm
benefiting the o'shy children's hospital in buffalo. >> hi, david. >> reporter: brett fitzgerald, who runs the "chiefs kingdom memes" fan facebook page, helped come up with the idea. >> what i hope from this is more friendly rivalries donating to these charitable causes. win or lose both cities win. would be great to see a lot more of that. >> hi, david. >> hi, david. >> reporter: and the chiefs fans started donating. >> going forward, i hope that this is a trend that catches on across all sports. >> i hope this shows that no matter what our differences are or our rivals, we can all come together and support a good cause. how about those chiefs! >> hi, david. >> reporter: even bills fans cheering on for this. >> we really appreciate the love that you guys have been sending up from kansas city. thanks and go bills. >> reporter: tonight, this astonishing number. fans have now raised more than $413,500 from more than 18,300 donors. 7-year-old grace, a patient, writing thank you, kansas city chiefs. 11-year-old jackson marchetta -- >> thank you kansas city fans for donating money to the patricia allen fund. it means so much to me and i bet other kids like it too.
3:58 pm
>> hey, david. >> reporter: the stradley family too. their son, vignesh, a patient. >> that money is going to really help our community in providing the best treatment and care for our children here in western new york. let's go buffalo! go bills! >> hey, david. >> hey, david. >> hey, david! >> reporter: the team at o'shy children's hospital grateful too. >> thank you kansas city chiefs fans for your generosity. go bills! >> although we were so disappointed in the outcome of the buffalo bills game sunday against the kansas city chiefs, we want to sincerely thank the fans for donating to the patricia allen fund. >> it was certainly one heck of a game, not only because of how close it was but because of the tr >> thank you so much kansas city. >> and so we choose all those chiefs fans and their gift for buffalo. we loved it. good night.
3:59 pm
>> i believe in myself and i believe in this football team and we have an opportunity to go back to the super bowl. >> i know the road it takes to get there, and it's not easy. >> nothing easy. the 49ers one went away from the super bowl, and it could be another sea of red at sofi stadium in l.a. kristen: the countdown is on to the nfc championship game. larry: we have team coverage today. chris alvarez is at levi's stadium, but let's begin with j.r. stone, who is on the road in southern california. jr: we are pumped up down here, too. sofi stadium is picture-perfect. there is no place like sofi stadium knowing what is going to
4:00 pm
happen on sunday in the nfc championship game. 49ers fans are arriving in los angeles. >> the forces will be with them. >> for some, that meant flying the flags of the 49ers in l.a. for others, that meant getting in the car thursday night and driving to l.a. this chapter says there will be 100 49ers fans deep come sunday. >> i would say about 90% of the people have been giving us the thumb up, but we have seen some rams fans giving us the bird and letting us know that they're coming to their town, but we are going to let them know we are taking the town over. >> sunday's championship may


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