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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 27, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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many. this is at home on the couch minnie. click on, join us, we will have a good time. hope good morning, america. for our viewers in the west. the supreme court on the verge of a vacancy. we'll hear from president biden this thursday. justice stephen breyer set to announce his retirement after nearly 30 years on the high court. paving the way for president biden to make his first appointment. will he keep his campaign promise to put a black woman on the supreme court? this morning, a look at the short list to fill that vacancy. the road to confirmation in the senate and justice breyer's legacy on the court. major nor'easter. the major cities bracing for a powerful winter storm with the arctic invasion already hitting millions with bitter cold. ginger is tracking it all. all eyes on russia. how will vladimir putin respond after the u.s. hand delivered a formal response to his security
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demands refusing to agree to his top priority. the biden administration saying it's ready for any scenario with troops on high alert. stealth variant. authorities tracking a new version of omicron detected in 55 countries. what experts are saying about it. plus, what moderna is saying about their omicron-specific vaccine. grocery sticker shock. one of the leading food companies now warning of price hikes for some household staples. prince andrew responds denying the allegations he sexually assaulted virginia giuffre while she was being trafficked by jeffrey epstein demanding a jury trial. abc news exclusive. the new report on social media scams costing americans hundreds of millions of dollars a year. the most common scams and what you can do to protect yourself. final "jeopardy!" for amy schneider. the clue that ended her 40-game winning streak and what she's saying about it all only on "gma" this morning.
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♪ and buble, buble, buble. the "it's all coming back to me" challenge. why michael buble says he shoots, he scores. plus, don't miss the buzzer beater, and the celebration that you have to see right now. ♪ but it's all coming back to me now ♪ good morning, america. we are so glad you're with us this very busy news morning, and now that song is going to be stuck in my head. it's all coming back to us now and robin is coming to us from home. good morning, robin. >> good morning, michael, and i tried to nail the now like celine but no one does it like celine dion. good to be with you this morning.
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>> it's good to see you again, robin. we are going to begin with the retirement of supreme court justice stephen breyer after nearly three decades on the bench. sources are telling me president biden is expected to make that formal announcement later today. >> we are covering all the angles this morning. president biden promised to nominate the first black woman to the court, and we have analysis of the leading contenders. how the process could play out in the senate and a look at the legacy of justice breyer. senior national correspondent terry moran starts us off from the supreme court. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's the end of an era here at the supreme court. for 27 years justice stephen breyer has been a voice for compromise and consensus in a time of sharp divisions on the court and his retirement is a huge opportunity for president biden and democrats to shape the court with a new justice from a new era likely deepening those divisions. this morning, justice stephen breyer is expected to announce he will retire from the supreme court at the end of this term. the move paves the way for president biden to make his first supreme court appointment
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while democrats still hold the presidency and the senate. now the search for breyer's successor is under way and democratic supporters are looking to hold the president to his campaign promise. >> we talked about the supreme court. i'm looking forward to making sure there is a black woman on the supreme court to make sure that we in fact get every -- >> reporter: now the white house insists biden won't shy away from that pledge. >> the president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the supreme court and certainly stands by that. >> reporter: if confirmed the president's pick will replace the oldest member of the court, now 83 years old, stephen breyer was appointed by president clinton way back in 1994. and although he frequently sides with the court's liberal justices he has always maintained that the court is not a political institution. >> my experience of more than 30 years since appeals court as a judge has shown me that once men and women take the judicial oath they take that oath to heart.
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they are loyal to the rule of law, not to the political party that helped to secure their appointment. >> reporter: breyer will leave a lasting legacy on the bench supporting the affordable care act, expanding free speech, and defending a woman's right to choose by upholding abortion rights. in recent years progressives have called for his retirement so a younger liberal justice can replace him. those calls grew louder in the wake of justice ruth bader ginsburg's death back in 2020 with the court shifting sharply to the right. just a few months ago breyer told our george stephanopoulos he was looking forward to a life after the supreme court. >> there are many different considerations and that i do not intend to die there on the court. i hope not, and i'm thinking about them, considering them, and that's as far as i'll go. >> when he was confirmed to the court back in 1994, breyer got a vote of 87-9 in the senate. that's unimaginable today. he knows it, and his timing, this early retirement in january, clearly designed to give president biden and senate
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democrats plenty of time to find, choose, and confirm his successor. george. >> no question about that. terry, stand by. i want to bring in the rest of our team. senior white house correspondent mary bruce, senior congressional correspondent, rachel scott, and mary, let me begin with you. we saw that promise from the president during the campaign to nominate a black woman to the court. who are the list of leading contenders? >> reporter: well, george, whoever the president picks she will be making history. the front-runner this morning is believed to be judge ketanji brown jackson, she's a former clerk of justice breyer's, and she has already been through the confirmation process. last year she earned the support of three republican senators, and she was confirmed to the powerful d.c. circuit court of appeals. also believed to be high on the list this morning, leondra kruger of the california supreme court. judge leslie abrams gardner and judge j. michelle childs of the district court of south carolina. the president as you said is expected to formally announce justice breyer's retirement at an event here at the white
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house later today, nominating a black woman means that for the first time there will be four women and two black justices serving on the bench and, george, this also gives the president a chance to shore up his base ahead of the midterm elections and an opportunity to show voters that he can make good on this campaign promise, george. >> mary, thanks. battle ahead in the senate. rachel scott, democrats have no margin for error. a 50/50 senate. they want to move fast. >> reporter: democrats are looking to waste no time here, george. they have a razor thin majority in the senate. they want to act fast, so here's the deal. democrats will be able to confirm president biden's supreme court nominee with 51 votes in the senate. that threshold was actually lowered by republicans back in 2017. this time around it will give democrats the upper hand. if they keep their party in line, vice president kamala harris could cast a potential tie-breaking vote and sources tell us that senate majority leader chuck schumer is looking to mirror the time line for the confirmation process of justice amy coney barrett. you remember she was pushed
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through very quickly just days before the november 2020 election, but a quick process means this messy political battle will likely be playing out before justice breyer even steps down from the bench. democrats can begin the confirmation process as soon as president biden announces his pick, george. >> it's at least possible, rachel, that the nominee could get republican votes. >> reporter: definitely and some republicans are ready -- appear to be keeping an open mind including senator susan collins. now the top democrat on the judiciary committee has already reached out to her. that is a sign that democrats are looking to get bipartisan support on this, george. >> let me bring terry back in. when the justice was musing about his retirement he said he wouldn't want his successor to undo his legacy on the court. how would you describe that legacy? >> reporter: you know, george, justice breyer's legacy, he's one of those justices, the legacies behind the scenes, almost as much as in the written opinions. he did work constantly to find compromises in big cases. in the obamacare case, in the affirmative action cases to win over votes like chief justice
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john roberts and justice anthony kennedy for a milder compromise. that was his skill. he once said credit is a weapon. you can get a lot done if you don't want to take credit for it. it's almost inevitable given the times today the divisions on this court are going to deepen. he had a mild voice in his opinions and behind the scenes, that's likely to change. >> almost a creature from another time. terry moran, thanks very much. robin? and george, the other big story this morning, the weather. the east coast bracing for what could be a major nor'easter. there could be heavy snow on the way from north carolina to massachusetts. ginger has the latest expected track of the storm. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. i'm going to go with the old school five ws on this, who, what, when, where, why. let's start with who. going to the maps, we have winter storm watches from nags head, north carolina, right through lawrence, massachusetts. we'll skip over what. the where and when is important.
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we'll time it out for you. it's friday night through saturday when the bulk of the impacts start, and it's going to be coastal. that's when the heaviest snow comes in really after midnight into the early morning hours of saturday. if you have travel on saturday up to boston, this could be a problem. by saturday night, it starts to sneak off into the ocean and into maine. now, you're looking at the snowfall forecast so what, we've got more than a half foot possible for many places and the heaviest though looks like it will be rehoboth beach all the way up through the cape. don't forget there's another what and that is the wind. big-time gusts up to 60 miles per hour, robin. i'll save the why for later. >> okay. i got to tell you we're waking up to single digits here in connecticut, ginger, thank you. we'll get back to you this a bit. but right now, rob is live in boston with the storm preparations there. good morning, rob. >> reporter: good morning, robin, and i'll add to that. how about the cold? you mentioned minus 4 here in boston. it is frigid and they are ready. this stockyard holds about 300,000 tons of salt. they bring it in from mexico and
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chile on ships, and front loaders like this one will pick it up and put it on dump trucks and trailers. yesterday they had 400 trailers leading up to the storm bringing that salt to local municipalities and then they spread it out, but they've been stressed the past couple of year, a lack of drivers and trucks. even with all this salt they are worried that they might not have enough manpower and machines to keep these roads clear. for these guys this is their bread and butter, they're hoping for that western track of bigger snowfall. most of us are hoping it goes out to sea. either way we have less than two days now to prepare for this potential storm, robin. >> the countdown is on. all right, rob, thank you. michael. >> thank you, robin. now we're going to turn to the latest on the crisis with russia over ukraine. the u.s. delivering a formal written response to russian demands as it takes measures to bolster nato allies and ukraine's military. our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, michael. russian president vladimir putin has now studied america's response on the security issues.
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the kremlin saying this morning that moscow's full response will be swift. the outcome, of course, could make the difference between war and peace in ukraine. this morning, the kremlin responding to america's refusal to give russia security guarantees over ukraine. the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov saying there is no positive reaction on the main issue in this document but there are grounds on other issues to keep on talking. the u.s. ambassador to russia hand delivering a formal written response to moscow's security demands, but the biden administration refusing to agree to putin's central request, a guarantee ukraine will never join nato. >> we make clear that there are core principles that we are committed to uphold and defend including ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and alliances. >> reporter: the u.s. still preparing for all scenarios as 8,500 american troops remain on high alert and additional u.s. military aid including anti-tank
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missiles and ammunition continue to arrive. >> right now, the document is with them and the ball is in their court. whether they choose the path of diplomacy and dialogue, whether they decide to renew aggression against ukraine, we're prepared either way. >> reporter: more than 100,000 russian troops amassed around ukraine's borders while russia's defense ministry releasing more videos showing warships taking part in what it says are just drills in the black sea. despite russian denials america's chief negotiator in talks with russia now warning of the possibility of an imminent russian attack. >> we certainly see every indication that he is going to use military force, sometime perhaps now and middle of february. >> reporter: well, one of the developments, separate talks in paris involving russians, ukrainians as well as the french and germans have ended positively. they'll talk again in two weeks' time. despite these dire warnings,
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the military action could happen at any time. cecilia, for now, the talking continues. >> that is a good thing, ian, thank you. we're going to turn now to the coronavirus and health officials tracking a new omicron subvariant already reported in at least 55 countries including here in the u.s. it's being called stealth omicron because it might be harder to detect but at this point experts say they're not concerned. erielle reshef has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, authorities tracking that new subvariant of omicron ba.2 spreading around the world and detected in the u.s. the world health organization saying it's not a variant of concern. so far no evidence the subvariant is deadlier than omicron. several states now seeing ba.2 including california where at least 11 cases have been reported. >> early indications say that it probably behaves just like the ba.1, the omicron lineage. >> reporter: ba.2 also detected in 55 countries, dominant in denmark and rapidly spreading through the uk. ba.2 sometimes called the stealth variant because it can
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be trickier for scientists to pinpoint its exact version. but for anyone infected with the new subvariant, those pcr and rapid tests will still work to detect infection. experts say the more covid-19 spreads, the more likely new variants and subvariants will emerge. >> what we need to do is to lower the amount of replication of the virus anywhere and that means, you know, get everybody vaccinated, not just in the u.s., but the whole world and so if we can lower the amount of virus, fewer variants. >> reporter: moderna announcing it is starting human trials of an omicron-specific vaccine. this as federal health officials say progress is being made on a universal covid vaccine that could protect against multiple variants. >> i don't want anyone to think the pan coronavirus vaccines are literally around the corner in a month or two. it's going to take years to develop in an incremental
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fashion. >> reporter: and with omicron cases still surging in pockets of the country, the cdc is now recommending those higher quality masks, cvs telling abc news they expect those free government-issued n95 masks to start arriving at about 9,800 locations as early as today. michael. >> a lot of people looking forward to getting those. thank you so much, erielle. now to fast rising inflation and a new warning from one of the leading food companies saying prices are about to get even higher for some household staples. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis joins us with more. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning, and we've seen prices climbing from the grocery store to the gas station, to rents, and now there are signs that the cost of some of your favorite foods and household staples are heading even higher this spring. kraft heinz alerting customers it will raise prices in march on dozens of popular products including certain packages of velveeta cheese by 6.6%, hot dogs and cold cuts up 10%, oscar mayer turkey bacon up 30% and the maker of maxwell house
7:17 am
indicating coffee prices could rise as much as 5%. we have seen this across the food industry, unprecedented ingredient, labor and transportation shortages coupled with surging demand have been driving prices higher. the company says the price increases are not a sweeping action across all its products and instead applies specifically to products experiencing the greatest cost pressures and just yesterday we heard this from the fed. they signaled that they're on the verge of addressing this issue with soaring prices by hiking interest rates very soon, michael. >> all right, thank you so much, rebecca. now, robin, over to you. >> we're going to turn now to american tennis star danielle collins winning her match in the semis in the australian open. this happened just moments ago. she's going to the finals. the 28-year-old's first trip to a grand slam final. she says she couldn't be happier. you think? she's going to face off against australian ashleigh barty who has the home court advantage. she beat american madison keys earlier this morning in their semifinal. barty, as you know, the number
7:18 am
one player in the world, the first australian to reach the finals in more than 40 years. and it's kind of odd to be bundled up next to the fireplace watching the australian open, but it's nice to know it's summer somewhere, right? >> that's for sure, robin. we have a lot more coming up on "gma" including prince andrew who responded to the civil lawsuit against him demanding a jury trial. also ahead, why amy schneider is saying -- what she's saying after her final "jeopardy!" how her epic streak ended. now let's go back to ginger. >> reporter: and, robin, south florida will be curled up next to that fire there on a falling iguana watch. they could see the coldest air in miami in 12 years, the windchills, my goodness. let's go ahead and get into the sunny cities sponsored by wayfair.
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drew: less fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon, temperatures mild in the low to mid 60's. later on tonight, fog reelops in the north bay values. othe coming up, oscar winner and robin's twin, halle berry, going to join us live. we'll be right back. we'll be right back.
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♪are you ready for me♪ ♪are you ready♪ ♪are you ready♪ a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone i'm kumasi aaron from abc seven morning, scientists and doctors are tracking a sub variant of omicron called the a two. it's sometimes called the stealth variant, because it can be a little bit trickier to pinpoint two cases have been detected in santa clara county and doctors say viruses mutate, so this is to be expected. covid tests that are currently on the market will detect the virus. experts say. if you are vaccinated, you shouldn't be worried. good morning, everyone checking in on traffic here. we're going to start with the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on 6 23, and we are now seeing the backup. it has arrived. and it's all the way to the 80 overpass, so heads up. you're gonna have a little bit of a delay as you try to make
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your way from the east bay into san francisco. richmond san rafael bridge is clearing up a bit. we were seeing a lot of slow traffic for people heading westbound on 5 80, so it is moving again and then wrapping up here with those drive times because our highway for commute has really slowed down. kamasi conquered is going to be 33 minutes. all right. thank you
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visibility right now. the loan issues in nevada in the north bay right now down 20 miles, visibility but elsewhere. we're doing great lot less fog this morning compared to yesterday morning and just a beautiful picture from our exploratorium cameras that sun is slowly rising this morning. we are totally clear. from this vantage point is the light shop on the bay water. so north bay fog early on a lot of sunshine today will stay in that dry pattern will find temperatures later on today, climbing through the fifties by lunchtime, and then into the afternoon. it's another mild afternoon temperatures.
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kamasi going into the low and mid sixties later on. thank you drew coming up on good morning america. oakland's on amy schneider talking about the end of her incredible jeopardy run. th okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second. it's gig-speed wifi that's “mikaela shiffrin” fast. ok, that's fast! speed's cool, but does yours block threats? yup, even for these upstairs all-nighters rocking wifi speeds faster than a gig.
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a boban bag? boban bag. boban bag? boban bag! you get tobi bag. tobi bag? go for the handful! this moment, so much bigger than me. this moment is for dorothy dandridge, lena horne, diahann carroll. it's for the women that stand beside me, jada pinkett, angela bassett, vivica fox, and it's for every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened. [ applause ] >> throwback thursday and that historic moment 20 years ago. halle berry very emotional speech after winning for best
7:31 am
actress. this morning, she is joining us live on "gma." that's coming up in our second hour, george. >> that was such a powerful moment. >> yeah. we are following a lot of headlines right now, justice stephen breyer set to announce he's going retire from the supreme court at the end of this term, allowing president biden to make his first appointment. he promised to nominate a black woman to the court. also right now, some breaking news. north korea fired two ballistic missiles overnight. this is their sixth launch this month. also right now, that major nor'easter on the way for millions, heavy snow is expected from north carolina to massachusetts. and it was an intense game last weekend between the bills and the chiefs, kansas city coming out on top, but now, thanks to the people on social media, kansas city chiefs fans started making donations to a children's hospital in buffalo in $13 increments to commemorate the 13 seconds that determined the game. so far they've raised more than $250,000 and i'll never forget
7:32 am
after 9/11 happened, the first game back we played in kansas city against the chiefs and they passed around fireman helmets and boots and they raised hundreds of thousands right there in the stands. kansas city fans are absolutely amazing. great people. >> boy, they really are. we move on to prince andrew. he's formally responded to the lawsuit filed by virginia giuffre, flatly denying her allegations that he sexually assaulted her. lama hasan is at buckingham palace with the story. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, that's right. the prince on the attack. his lawyers filing an 11-page document hitting back at claims made by virginia roberts giuffre and picking them apart one by one. this morning, prince andrew fighting to clear his name, officially responding to his accuser, virginia roberts giuffre, denying all of the claims of sexual assault and demanding a trial by jury. in the 11-page document filed on wednesday, the prince's lawyers arguing giuffre herself recruited women for convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein,
7:33 am
adding, even if there was sexual contact, which he denies, she consented. in a statement giuffre's attorney firing back on that claim of consent saying it smacks of desperation. >> it's a very high-stakes move because you have all of these methods that can be used to defend him that if he doesn't win, that can then turn around and be used against him and further amplify the damage done. >> reporter: the prince's defense again, referencing a $500,000 settlement in 2009 between giuffre and epstein that included a clause protecting other potential defendants from future lawsuits. they say it should apply to andrew. >> he knows what he's done. >> reporter: attorneys also arguing giuffre is a permanent resident in australia so the new york court has no jurisdiction over the case. giuffre has accused prince andrew of abusing her starting when she was 17 years old, alleging she was trafficked by epstein to the prince. andrew repeatedly denying ever meeting giuffre claiming this
7:34 am
now-infamous photo of them could have been faked, contesting her description of him sweating when they first met telling the bbc in 2019 it cannot be true because he doesn't sweat. the prince did acknowledge he saw epstein several times over the years and even stayed at his home in new york city even after he had been convicted of sex crimes. >> it was a convenient place to stay with the benefit of all the hindsight that one could have, it was definitely the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: the prince has been away from the public eye for months fighting this case as a private citizen, no longer his royal highness. the queen recently stripping her son of his military titles and charities. >> they've done everything that they can to cut him loose and to emphasize that he's not part of the public face of the monarchy, but, of course, this continues to reflect on the royal family because he's the queen's son and that will not change. >> reporter: now, the civil trial is due to take place at some point in the fall. because prince andrew is a
7:35 am
foreign citizen there is nothing compelling him to being there in person. and this morning, no word from the people behind me at buckingham palace because don't forget the prince is fighting this as a private citizen, george. >> lama hasan, thanks very much. michael. all right, george, now to that high-stakes race to salvage the advanced u.s. navy fighter jet that crashed in the ocean but china may have a head start in getting its hands on our top secret technology. our chief national correspondent matt gutman has the story for us. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. this incident is still cloaked in a lot of mystery. the u.s. navy still won't say where exactly in the south china sea its aircraft went down or how long it might take to recover it. that as we're learning that this f-35 fighter crammed with classified technology is fair game. that it would be legal according to international law for china, russia, even commercial interests to haul it up. this morning, what analysts are calling a free for all in the south china sea.
7:36 am
the prize, the wreckage of that f-35c that slammed into the deck of the "uss carl vinson" aircraft carrier earlier this week, and then crashed into the water. >> while the aircraft itself is very expensive, it took hundreds of billions of dollars to develop that aircraft. if the chinese get to that airplane and can reverse engineer some of that technology, it will save them hundreds of billions of dollars. >> reporter: the u.s. navy says it is dispatching salvage equipment but analysts say that could take two weeks. in the meantime, china which considers the south china sea its territory is believed to have shadowed the exercise and might even know the location of the crash. the chinese are known to have salvaged submarines that could pick apart sections of the plane. >> there is historical precedent. in the past the u.s. and the cia has pulled a russian submarine up off the sea floor and the chinese have pulled a british submarine up off the sea floor. so going after somebody else's military equipment that has gone to the bottom of the ocean is
7:37 am
not unprecedented. >> reporter: and there is nothing in international law to stop it. >> so i don't think it would be lawful as a matter of international law for china to send down drones or remotely operated vehicles to take photographs, to pick up pieces of wreckage, to try and glean information from the seabed without even attempting to raise it even if that were possible. >> reporter: meaning as long as china doesn't keep the entirety of the aircraft it's fair game. >> everything about this search is going to be highly classified and so the public will never know who won the race. >> reporter: overnight, the u.s. navy telling me there is no word yet on the cause of that crash. it says three sailors remain hospitalized, but they are in stable condition. now, our military analysts tell us that recovering that aircraft is likely the top global priority for the navy right now. cecilia? >> yeah, the race is certainly on.
7:38 am
okay, matt, thank you so much. we switch gears and turn to scam u and an abc news exclusive. a first look at a new report from the federal trade commission on social media scams. rebecca is back. what seems to really be surprising here, rebecca, who these scams are targeting, how much they're costing people. >> it's a huge number and the people involved are very interesting and the headline here, cecilia, is that social media is a gold mine for scammers. nowhere is business flourishing more for con artists than on social platforms. the federal trade commission tells "gma" some 95,000 americans report losing $770 million in fraud that began with cntact on social media in 2021. the trouble is the amount of scams here have exploded. three times as much money lost in 2021 versus 2020, and a stunning 18 times manufacture -- more than in 2017. as for the people involved, interesting in the report, tech-savvy 18 to 39-year-olds were twice as likely as older adults to report being taken by these scams.
7:39 am
it's not just grandma and grandpa, the younger generations are getting scammed here. >> some of the most common scams you're seeing in this report. >> one of the most common, cecilia, are these investment scams, particularly those that involve cryptocurrency. they've seen a big surge recently. scammers will promote bogus investment opportunities. send us money, often crypto. we can guarantee huge returns. americans lost nearly $285 million last year on bogus investment schemes. always if it looks too good to be true walk on. >> we always say that, and you're coming back in our next hour. don't go anywhere, because you will have a special warning for folks looking for love online. some of these scams in this report also. also coming up, everybody, we have our exclusive with amy schneider breaking records and making her mark on "jeopardy!" so we'll tell you about that. stay with us. ♪ so we'll tell you about that. stay with us. ♪ with depression. so, i did some research, took a questionnaire, and talked to my doctor. i'm taking my antidepressant, but i still feel stuck. adding rexulti could help.
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7:43 am
♪ ♪ we are back now with that abc news exclusive. amy schneider talking to us after her historic winning streak on "jeopardy!" came to an end. it was snapped at 40 consecutive victories. >> amy schneider has now been with us 40 days and 40 nights. >> what is an epic run? >> what is to die? >> yes. >> what is manning? >> peyton manning, yes. >> what is steel? >> reporter: last night all eyes on amy schneider, the engineering manager from california. >> the only nation in the world whose name in english ends in an "h." >> reporter: the game coming down to final "jeopardy!" >> what is bangladesh?
7:44 am
>> that is correct. you will add $12,260. you have now a narrow $2,000 lead over our champion, amy schneider. did she come up with bangladesh? you looked at this for a long time. no response. >> reporter: chicago's rhone talsma, a librarian and a daring upset ending schneider's 40-game winning streak. >> rhone talsma, you are our new "jeopardy!" champion. >> he did a great job. hard to be that sad when i've done so much better than i expected. this is it. you know, i know the answer how far i go, it's 40 and that's something that i could never be disappointed in winning that many games. >> reporter: and what a streak it was. buzzing in with 1,309 correct responses. and a 95% correct response rate, schneider cementing herself in history, second behind host ken jennings in consecutive wins and the fourth in cash winnings with
7:45 am
$1,382,800. >> it was coming to an end somehow and i couldn't quite explain it. i definitely think that part of it was once i passed matt amodio, the next milestone of ken jennings' streak still felt unfathomably far away so sort of seemed like i had done all i could do. >> what is barney the dinosaur? >> reporter: talsma lightning fast with the buzzer. on made his mark early as a formidable opponent. >> you've seen amy play and have $7,800. >> let's make it a daily double. >> reporter: his knack for taking risks that helped him prevail. >> i was worried about you all day. >> i was a little worried about you, too. [ laughter ] i got to say just felt like being in studio, i'm just playing for fun. i'm just going to go big. >> reporter: though the ride is over, amy recognizes the moment is much bigger than her, and has this message for her fans.
7:46 am
>> if you've got a goal and you're kind of beating your head against the wall with it, you know, you know, trying to achieve it and it doesn't feel like you're getting anywhere i think it's worth persisting. again, specifically to trans people out there, anything you wanted to do before you can still keep chasing those same dreams. >> and she did just that. what a run and she said the focus, the key for her was to stay focused. not let any other distractions in during the time she was playing the game for those 30 minutes. i know, george, you had a chance to speak with her on monday. >> yeah, she must have already known, but she put on her good game face right there, and boy, she's got a lot coming in her future. we'll see what she's up to next. >> no doubt. >> i agree. >> all right, thank you, robin. coming up next, we have our "play of the day." ." ♪ come on, baby, just pump it
7:47 am
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7:50 am
♪ come on, baby, just pump it louder ♪ back now with our "play of the day" and a miracle buzzer beater. with the game tied and 1.8 seconds left, charlie moore, university of miami gets the ball. the ball, you see it there, launched from half-court for the win over virginia tech. he said afterwards, i just wanted to get a shot up, get a great attempt up. well, you did it, charlie. senior point guard known as the floor general and finished with 13 points, a lifelong memory and i love how everybody ran with him to the locker room like a flock of birds flying south for the winter. we love it. >> congratulations.
7:51 am
>> congratulations, charlie. coming up, celine dion praising michael buble. you don't want to miss it, the tiktok challenge, "it's all coming back to me now." we'll be right back. back to me" we'll be right back. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness. if you switch to cabenuva, attend all treatment appointments. with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go.
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7:55 am
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi, aaron from abc, seven mornings getting right to davina for look at traffic high giovino high kamasi. thank you. good morning, everyone. we are going to start with the live camera in oakland showing you 80 at the coliseum camera because as you travel south bend, which looks light right because it's on the left hand side of the screen. but once you continue into stanley, andrew and through hayward, you are going to run into a backup because there's a transformer fire near a strip mall. we have it on the graphic here so you can see the area that's been impacted. it's going to be on dortmund 8 80 at industrial hydro. joe being. we're tracking fog alone issue in the north bay right now. nevada at zero miles. visibility elsewhere. look at this. we're doing just great. in fact, this picture this is not a stock photo. this is a live image from our east bay hills camera right now showing you a
7:57 am
lot of sunshine out there. so here we have that north bay fog early on. tons of sunshine today. the dry pattern. unfortunately it does continue for another day, and with that sunshine temperatures back into the low and mid sixties kamasi alright, thanks. drew coming up on good morning america. we're going to take you at home with chip and joanna gaines, their next big fixer upper project and how they have transformed waco, texas.
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. justice stephen breyer set to announce his retirement after nearly 30 years on the high court. paving the way for president biden to make his first appointment. will he keep his campaign promise to put a black woman on the supreme court? this morning, a look at the short list to fill that vacancy, the road to confirmation in the senate and justice breyer's legacy on the court. social media scams reaching new heights. this morning, our exclusive look at a new ftc report, the most common scams, how you can protect yourself online and red flags to watch out for. incredible rescue. how a 2-year-old saved his entire family of 7 from this devastating fire and why his parents were unable to smell the smoke.
8:01 am
♪ walking on sunshine ♪ walk the walk. how just ten minutes of exercise a day could lead to a longer life. dr. ashton is here with what you need to know. ♪ i need hot stuff ♪ hot hacks off the menu. the new secret combos coming to fast food chains like mcdonald's, wendy's, chick-fil-a and more. how to order and when you can get it, one of the secret sandwiches in studio this morning. ♪ becoming stars ♪ halle berry flying into our orbit this morning. talking about her out of this world new movie and a throwback thursday for the history books. as we say good morning, america. good morning, america. glad you're with us on this very cold morning in new york city. robin is with us from home this morning. robin, if we have to give you any advice, don't go outside. >> oh, i will take that advice. but you know who is really
8:02 am
staying warm? my studio crew here, you know, while we're informing america, they're on the couch to my left, knocked out under that saints blanket. i'm pretty sure that was a "deals & steals" from tory johnson but they're nice and warm. i'm going to show you how i'm keeping warm as well. one of the perks of working from home, slippers. yes. >> what is that? >> yeah, yeah, could use a pedicure not to mention -- >> you beat me. i saw those on instagram and was going to say i need some of those in my life. robin, you're making me jealous. >> "deals & steals." "deals & steals." >> "deals & steals," my friend. it's all about eating healthy this morning. big savings from small business, tory will walk us through all of that. >> that is coming up. we have a lot of news to get to, starting with the retirement of stephen breyer after nearly three decades on the bench and president biden has promised to nominate the first black woman
8:03 am
to the court and terry moran is at the supreme court. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. justice breyer's decision to retire from the supreme court marks the end of an era. for 27 years, since he was nominated by president bill clinton back in 1994 and confirmed by a vote of 87-9 in the senate, breyer's a moderate liberal seeking consensus and always focused on the real world impact of the court's rulings. he upheld the right to choose abortion under the constitution. he expanded first amendment free speech rights for high school students and he helped to broker a behind-the-scenes compromise that saved obamacare, the affordable care act. so now president biden gets a chance with the supreme court pick that will define his legacy and impact this court for years to come and as you say, he said he will nominate a black woman to the court. they say every new justice changes the whole court and while president biden replacing justice breyer is not likely to change the conservatives' rock solid 6-3 majority on the court
8:04 am
it will bring new perspective, the voice of a black american woman for the first time in 232 years, and as the president likes to say, that's a big deal. >> it certainly is. it is history. terry moran, thanks very much. got something else that could be a big deal, the new study that found walking just ten minutes a day could lead to a longer life. our chief medical correspondent dr. jen ashton is here to tell us more about the study's findings. good morning, jen. >> reporter: good morning, michael. so we've known for awhile that walking, running, any bit of physical activity definitely good for health. this study is really the first time that we have numbers to that. just published in "jama internal medicine" and they found walking as little as ten minutes a day could save 110,000 lives a year. more walking, definitely better but, again, it just reinforces every little bit counts and you don't have to login to do 45 minutes or 60 minutes of vigorous exercise a day to get those benefits, just ten minutes
8:05 am
does it. >> you just freed up some time for me. doc, the study focuses on walking, but are there other ways to get that ten minutes of moderate activity in? >> that's the key. they say moderate activity which means you can talk while you're doing this activity but you can't maybe sing a song in my case you don't want to hear that singing anyway but there are other things you can do. gardening, housework, just walking around a store, any of those things can do the trick, the key is just to be as active as possible, even standing better than sitting. >> all right. thank you, doc. >> a lot of good advice. a lot more coming up including how a 2-year-old saved his family from a fire. also ahead, the secret menu items you can get from your favorite fast food restaurants. and oscar winner halle berry tells us about her new sci-fi space thriller. she's going to join us live. there she is.
8:06 am
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♪ take my breath ♪ ♪ away and make it last forever ♪ welcome back on this chilly morning in times square. tomorrow, patrick wilson starring in the space thriller "moonfall" with halle berry will join us live. we'll chat with halle a little later in the show. that is coming up, robin. we are looking forward to that and only thing that will get little man lukas off the couch is "pop news" with riva and lara. good morning, lara. and riva. >> yeah, yes, coco, by the way, is at the beauty parlor, she is a diva. yesterday she got a lot of attention so she'll be back next week.
8:11 am
hi, little man. riva and i have a lot to tell you about. starting with this, the national portrait gallery has announced its honorees for that portrait of a nation award and this year's recipients are amazing. we're talking oscar-nominated director ava duvernay, tennis champs venus and serena williams, and the grammy award-winning music executive clive davis. also being honored, dr. anthony fuci, world central kitchen founder jose andres and children's defense fund president, marian wright edelman. the award, quote, reminds us history is living and that the choices people make have an impact on this nation's legacy. the official portraits of these incredible individuals will be on display for a year starting this november in the national portrait gallery in washington, d.c. congratulations, so very well deserved. also this morning, it's all coming back to me now. celine dion's 1996 chart topper has as you might have heard become all the rage on tiktok with a new challenge where
8:12 am
people are lip-syncing to the song, the more dramatic the better. household items encouraged as props and i'd like to just show you who has jumped on the dion bandwagon. fellow canadian michael buble taking it to the next level complete with a hockey stick as a mic, canadian flags, stanley cup trophy and even the help of assistance, roll 'em. ♪ baby, baby, baby, when you touch me like this, when you hold me like that ♪ ♪ it was gone with the wind but it's all coming -- ♪ >> so good. michael wrote on his post finally had the time to put in the effort this trend deserves, well, that effort, young man, paid off, catching the attention of the queen of canada herself, celine commenting, he shoots, he scores. you're amazing, michael buble. love you.
8:13 am
we love you too. we love both of you guys and, frankly, we love this trend. more, please, more, please. and finally this morning, it's time to say thank you for a great run to yolanda vega. if you're not from new york i apologize but she's amazing. the legendary host of new york lottery is retiring after 30 years calling the numbers, handing out checks and using that signature signoff. here's a reminder if you've never seen yolanda in action. >> good evening, everyone, for the new york lottery, i'm yolanda vega. i'm yolanda vega. >> good evening, i'm yolanda vega. >> good evening, i'm yolanda vega. >> so good. when she was asked where she came up with her signature style, she said that one day before the show she had a lot of puerto rican espresso. it's very strong. she was very pumped up and it just kind of came out. the rest is lottery history. the commission says vega changed so many lives handing out they
8:14 am
think about $4 billion in checks during her tenure and they called her an icon saying they were the ones who hit the jackpot by having yolanda as part of the new york lottery family. robin, i know you're a fan as well. >> huge. i can remember her coming to our studio. yolanda vega. yes. oh. tremendous. tremendous. and then lukas is really thrilled right now. he wants to go back by the fireplace, george. >> okay, we'll let him go back. we'll turn now to our "gma" cover story. the incredible rescue by a 2-year-old who saved his entire family from a devastating fire. his parents lost their sense of smell because of covid but their father, a firefighter was vigilant about teaching the kids fire drills. mireya villareal has this. good morning, mireya. >> reporter: good morning, take a look. this house was completely destroyed. this bed is all you can make out.
8:15 am
that 2-year-old boy is barely learning to talk and the family . a miracle rescue for a texas family of seven with a 2-year-old hero still in diapers. >> he was wrapped in god's arms to help protect him and to make sure that our entire family was able to get out. >> reporter: parents nathan and kayla dahl were sleeping when their home caught fire in the early morning hours of january 15th. the house was engulfed in flames and the parents had no way of knowing. both were recovering from covid-19 and lost their sense of taste and smell leaving them unable to detect the smoke. their fire alarm going off only after they escaped. how was he able to alert you? >> tapped my feet and like the bed and coughing and saying, momma, hot, momma, hot, so i turned around and i looked and all i saw were flames in the doorway. >> reporter: 2-year-old brandon dahl was in the living room and
8:16 am
ran to his parents using the few words he knows, momma, hot to wake them up. the dahls were able to grab their children and get out safely but the damage to the house was devastating. >> everything is gone. we lost my car, everything inside the house. >> reporter: they believe it was likely due to a gas heater in the living room but thankfully dad nathan a six-year volunteer firefighter routinely prepared his kids for this worst case scenario. >> if he wanted to stand too close to the oven or the stove while cooking we would kind of like move him back and say, no, that's hot. >> reporter: the dahl family acknowledging they're lucky to be alive. >> brandon saved us. we talk about that a lot. >> reporter: the family is now living a rental home, 100% credit their survival to having a plan in place for their kids. a few other tips from the u.s. firefighters association, if you can, try to teach your kids to get out of a room two different
8:17 am
ways. teach them to call 911 if they're old enough and lastly, once they get out of the home don't go back in until firefighters say it's safe. cecilia? >> such important tips there, mireya, thank you so much. we switch gears and turn to more of our exclusive first look at new ftc reports on social media scams and rebecca is back. third hit. you're back for more. we're on the lookout now for romance scams. >> and these are so frustrating because they pull on the heartstrings, romance scams are the second biggest target. people lost nearly $185 million last year. the ftc says these can start with an innocent friend request on social and it can turn into sweet talking and then, inevitably, there is a request for money but more people report shopping scams than any other social media fraud, 45% of all scams were shopping related. the usual m.o. is you place an order through an ad you see in your feed and you never get that merchandise. >> just never even shows up. okay, what should we do to protect ourselves from all this?
8:18 am
>> there are a lot of things you can do. the ftc's tips are limit who can see your posts and information on social media, a huge red flag is if you're asked to pay for something using cryptocurrency, a gift card or a wire transfer, that's what scammers like to use because you can't trace it. as far as romance scams, never send money to someone you've never met in person, and before you buy something from a social media ad, google the company. bad reviews, bad information showing up, walk away. >> basics but really good stuff there. okay, thanks, rebecca. over to you, michael. >> thank you. now to those secret fast food hacks. mcdonald's announcing new menu items based on favorite combinations of their customers, other major chains have the secret hacks too. 4 kenneth moton did some serious investigative journalism to see what it was all about. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: yo, strahan, i know you know the big mac. what about the crunchy double. who doesn't love a good fast food hack when rolling through a drive-through and places like mickey d's say they have good ones all thanks to the customers.
8:19 am
>> ordering things you didn't know you could order. >> reporter: this morning, your favorite fast food menu combos are getting the stamp of approval. six-piece chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce, a double cheeseburger. >> reporter: these food hacks inspired by customers who hacked fast food menus to create what they call delicious. an unexpected combination. their popularity soaring so high at mcdonald's they will now have a spot on the regular menu starting monday. >> bag is heavy. >> reporter: we decided to check out some of these combinations ourselves. first up, a crunchy double, chicken mcnuggets and a double cheeseburger. crunchy. and the surf and turf, that's a filet-o-fish and double cheeseburger combo. but the wildest menu hack of all, land, air, and sea. >> we got the land burger, the air, the mcchicken and then, the sea, of course, the filet-o-fish. wendy's and jack in the box have
8:20 am
their own menu hacks as well. at jack in the box, a favorite hack, the jumbo jack burger and their taco, jalapeno popper topped with taco sauce. at wendy's, there's the barnyard burger, a beef patty, a spicy chicken patty, bacon, ham and cheese. chipotle offering the quesarito, which is exactly what it sounds like. a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla and chick-fil-a has southern loaded waffle fries topped with bacon, pimento cheese sauce and drizzled with a creamy cilantro lime sauce. >> interesting that this is a trend with a lot of fast food restaurants who like to mix it up and mix and match things and just try new things. >> reporter: so what does it take for a combo to become a well-known menu hack? >> the accessibility of it, like if i can buy two 99-cent things and put them together and this is going to be spectacular. okay, i'll try it. >> reporter: you heard it right here.
8:21 am
now, michael, you saw me try all that goodness. but there's one i haven't had. it's called the mcdonald's hash brown mcmuffin. i pulled some strings and freshly delivered to you guys in times square, there you go, it's all that goodness right there. that hash brown, egg, mcmuffin, sausage, just combine it and dig right in. >> well, i'm actually only one over here so i will take all six for myself. okay, i got to save one for cecilia. she's yelling at me. don't do the calorie count. that's all i'll say if you ate all that stuff, my friend. thanks for that hard journalistic assignment you had right there. we appreciate you. >> always for the sandwich. now over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to everyone. this is one of my favorite ways to showcase impacts from a storm. that impact map if you are in yellow and you find your spot, that means you're inconvenienced by the storm friday through saturday night. orange, it's tough to travel around and through the day it's going to be not one you want to get out in.
8:22 am
major impacts mean you could see property damage with some coastal flooding and wind gusts that will be 45 to even 60 miles per hour. now, a quick look at the timing and why i really want to emphasize, a lot of people are saying it's a friday storm. it's really saturday morning where the heaviest is flying for many people. drew: less fog this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon, temperatures mild in the low to mid 60's. later on tonight, fog re-develops in the north bay values. otherwise, chilly night with temperatures in the 30's and 40's, as we head into friday. the next seven days, it's all about the sunshine with mild temperatures. it is now trending drier and it's our favorite time, "deals & steals." if you're feeling that snack attack coming on, tory johnson is here to help. all these products come from small businesses, all you got to
8:23 am
do is point your cell phone camera at that code on the screen, and go right to the deal, and a bonus, tory, they're all healthy. we're going to start with some flavored almonds down here. >> these are really fabulous. this is called the daily crunch. their tag line is the crunch you crave and, cecilia, they really deliver. they use a special sprouted method. what that does, it makes it more nutrient dense and easier to digest than a lot of sort of typical and raw and roasted nut snacks. gluten free, keto friendly, vegan. they have a lot of options to choose from. everything from nashville hot, sea salt. but my absolute favorite, that yellow bag, golden goodness. it delivers. it's a taste of a crunch like i have never had before. good day to dive in and give it a try. a six-pack is $20. >> don't be mad, my friend, if a few things are missing off the table after we're done with this. we have a new twist on fruit.
8:24 am
these look really good. >> they are really good. this is rind snacks. and it's a snack where you can eat the peel. it's all in one so it's the snack that maximizes taste and minimizes waste and there's just one ingredient and that is 100% pure fruit. no added flavors, sugars, preservatives, nothing so you get that tangy sweet kind of irresistible fruit. you can eat them just plain right out of the bag, garnish on cocktail, add it on a charcuterie board. pretty fabulous. you get more fiber, potassium and vitamin c because they leave it all intact. a three-pack starts at $10. >> okay, you've got one of my favorite food groups here, chips, a chip alternative. you're speaking my language. >> this is the good crisp and they call themselves the better for you stacked chip. no grease, no guilt, gluten-free, made only with ingredients that you can pronounce. with our deal, you'll get to try all four of their options,
8:25 am
the classic, white cheddar, barbecue, sea salt and vinegar, $10 and free shipping. can't beat that. >> they're really good. strahan just off camera, has his eyes on these tacos, alternative to meat. >> yes, this is rolling greens and it is 100% plant based. peas, beans and other vegetables replaces -- one pack replaces one pound of ground beef. billy in our crew is a vegetarian and he gave it three thumbs up this morning, said it was incredible. you can use it in taco shell, chili, you name it. a five pack is $25 and then, cecilia, we're going to move on to some spices from spicewalla. this was an oprah favorite. >> love these. >> what's fabulous about these is everything is roasted, ground and packaged right in asheville, north carolina, small batch, robust flavor, you'll get a ten-pack for $30, then we've got yukon glory that we're ending on this. this is a pretty awesome way to cook. it's three perforated baskets
8:26 am
for the oven or grill so that you can cook everything together without ever mixing the flavors or each of the individual foods, perfect portion sizes, it's a terrific product, cecilia, 50% off, it's $25. >> great deals, tory. everything is on our website. everybody, halle berry is coming up. stay with us.
8:27 am
we will get right to jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: we will start with our emeryville camera, because we are following some slow traffic in the westbound direction. it was a crash being reported on westbound 580 at 80, so a heads up if you are heading in that direction and in oakland, 880 at the coliseum camera, northbound traffic is under the limits as you pass the coliseum, so be aware that you might run into some slowdowns. kumasi:
8:28 am
8:29 am
drew: we've got tom selleck from blue bloods, plus save your sanity week at 9:00 on abc 7. visibility, the loan issue is still novato, zero miles visibility. it is cold out there, warming through the 30's and 40's this hour. a gorgeous look from our tam cam, the sun will warm us nicely later. fog in some areas, but later
8:30 am
today, sunshine and temperatures in the 60's. kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes, but you can also find us on our out and ♪ lady, you bring me up when i am down ♪ welcome back, everybody. we have got an out of this world treat for you this morning. oscar-winning superstar halle berry is joining us to talk about playing an astronaut trying to save the world in her new movie "moonfall." >> it is great to have you with us, halle, as always, and i got to say, the last time you were with us, it was hot off the heels of your directorial debut in "bruise." and now you're playing the head of nasa and is it true word on the street is that the part was originally intended for a man, halle? >> yeah, you would imagine the head of nasa is probably a man
8:31 am
so, yeah, it was written for a man, but, you know, that's what's great about these times right now. you know, we're able to challenge that, you know, status quo and we're able to say, why does it have to be a man? why can't it be a woman and why can't it be a black woman? you know, and so credit to roland emmerich who was on board with that. >> but this movie, halle, is a fun space adventure and it has a very special place in my heart because like you, i've been to space, so we're going to take a look at you in action. here's halle berry in "moonfall." let's check it out. >> you know, without electronics, we're going to need to make split-second calculations up there. >> plus, we lost our flight engineer. >> hmm. >> no, no, no, guys, i'm not cleared for this. >> well, i'm the acting director of nasa so i just cleared you. congrats. >> there it is. he is going to space. and this movie you're on a quest
8:32 am
to save the world but also family plays a big role in this movie as well. your character is a working mother who is at the very top of her field so is that something that drew you to this role because that's kind of mirroring your real life? >> no, maybe yes, maybe no. i think subconsciously i'm sort of drawn to things that i intrinsically understand maybe. but i like you, i love these kinds of a good roland emmerich disaster movie. it's a good, fun ride. the effects are on another level and people that love these kinds of movies, i think, won't be disappointed this time with this one. >> so how do you prepare to become the head of nasa? >> you know, you talk to some astronauts, you know, you talk to some people behind the scenes. [ laughter ] >> well, halle, it's throwback thursday and we really love this one. 20 years ago oscar best actress, the first and only black woman
8:33 am
to win that role. when you look back at that -- award, when you look back on that moment, what does it mean for you 20 years later? >> you know, it is still one of the, you know, crowning achievements of my career. it was a night and a time that i will never forget. i mean, you know, people talk about this when they come up to me all the time, so i know that it's a moment that resonated with people, and, you know, it connects me to people. in a very sincere way and so it means a lot to me. >> that dress you wore also still resonates, elie saab, just an iconic dress. one of the most iconic dresses from the oscars of all time. what do you remember about that dress and where is it now? >> that dress felt really risky for the time. i remember talking to my stylist philip at the time.
8:34 am
is this a little much? like i'm going to the academy awards. i'm nominated. is this a little too risque and like i usually do, i say, you know, let's go for it. let's do whatever makes me feel like i want to feel, but i just finally found a beautiful home for that dress. i had packed it up, you know, 20 years ago knowing one day that it would mean something to someone, i hoped it would, maybe i thought i would leave it to my children but i just donated it to the academy museum here in los angeles and so it's going to have a nice home there. >> the academy may be in your future in another way. "bruised," your directorial debut has been nominated for an naacp award for best actress, best independent film. must feel great to be honored that way. >> it does. you know, it was a little tiny movie and so for it to find the success that it's found was pretty unexpected and we're all really so proud of it. >> as you should be. a great movie and looks like it
8:35 am
was a lot of training to get ready for that but you kicked off 2022 with some wedding fun. you posted a picture. it looks like you are in a chapel with your boyfriend, musician van hunt, and had a caption, well, it's official. you broke a lot of hearts but you also had a lot of people wishing -- offering you congratulations, dwayne johnson, taraji p. henson, alyssa milano. tell us what was going on, halle? >> that was not supposed to happen, michael. we were just having some vacation fun. we did that because we were going to send a picture to van's mom and just really say to her, surprise! but then we saw the picture. it turned out so cute we thought let's put it on instagram and let's like play a joke and, you know, let people read it and then swipe, you know and then see what the official was, oh, it's 2022, not that we were married but we never imagined that people just don't swipe. [ laughter ]
8:36 am
they didn't get it, so we felt like such [ bleep ]. ten minutes after we posted it. all these people were congratulating us. we are [ bleep ]. why did we do it? >> well, if it's not tinder, halle, they don't swipe. just want to let you know that. we appreciate you coming on this morning. congratulations on everything, and "moonfall" is in theaters, and it's also on imax next friday, february the 4th. you gave george a coronary but it's always great to see george get a little uncomfortable. >> twice. coming up -- >> a twofer. >> "grey's anatomy" star ellen pompeo going to join us live. oh, my goodness, that was something.
8:37 am
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we'll let the studio crew catch their breath after miss halle berry. our next guest is the star, co-executive producer of "grey's anatomy," yes, the series is america's longest running primetime medical drama. ladies and gentlemen, ellen pompeo is with us back on "gma." good morning to you. can i just say, congratulations, "grey's" has been renewed yet again. here you are going to another season as you are. the 19th, the 19th season for "grey's." after nearly two decades as meredith grey, do you have an
8:40 am
ending in mind for this character who we love so much, ellen -- i almost said meredith. >> i've tried it. we're not talking about endings anymore. it doesn't go well when i do that, robin. it's nice to see you, robin. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's so early here in los angeles. yeah, we're not doing that. thank you for all the kind words. you've been there with us for a lot -- most of it pretty much. getting on the set and everything. isn't it crazy how long it's going on and how much love we get from these fans? >> but you know what, it is and it's not because you're right, i've had the pleasure and it was a pleasure spending time on the set a few times over the years. it truly is a family atmosphere, is it not, ellen? >> yes, it definitely is. including we have our ups, our downs, our pandemics, you know, we go through it all. unlike films when you film
8:41 am
something for a few months and then you leave, you don't usually see each other again ever, press days or parties or whatever, we truly are -- one-hour drama on network television, or even streaming shows, is a different situation because we are filming for long periods of time and are with each other for long periods of time so that does present specific challenges that movies necessarily don't. >> but it's good you're returning. you had the winter hiatus. returning from that next month. a lot of anticipation. i mean, there's a cliffhanger and then there's a cliffhanger. yours was a literal cliffhanger. was it not? >> it was, yes. it was a literal cliffhanger. i don't actually have the re-air date. i don't know if you do. if you have that, you can share it with me because i don't know it, but we did literal cliffhanger. whynot?
8:42 am
>> as for seeing you keep us on the edge of our seats and we've seen so many of our favorite characters come back for guest appearances over the years, i love how you do that. who are you just can't wait to see again on set? >> well, i don't know that we're bringing anybody else back. last year it was extraordinary because obviously shooting through the beginning stages of the pandemic was something new for everybody. we hadn't done it before and the ability to be able to get old characters back and bring that nostalgia to the fans and then be able to shoot on the beach safely, it just worked out in the best of ways and "grey's" is really such a blessing in that way where, you know, just when we don't know what we'll do next we get these incredible gifts from the universe and last year we had patrick and t.r. knight and so many other people return from the past that the fans really loved and this year we're
8:43 am
lucky enough to have scott speedman rejoin us and him and i are good friends and we're having a great time filming so we hope that the audience loves this season as well. >> oh, i know that they will. you know that they will and you are a gift. not just with "grey's" but your work outside of "grey's," and the fact you're co-founder, chief impact officer of your own company and this is an issue you're quite passionate about. can you tell folks about it? >> i would love to. thank you for mentioning it. so we -- me and my two co-founders, jen hoffman and livia bisterzo, we founded a company called better remedies and basically, you know, being on a medical show for 19 seasons, i have a lot of friends who are in the health care space, doctors, nurses, work in health care if some capacity, and we all know i think we've become keenly, acutely aware of all the inequities across health care. on so many different levels, and
8:44 am
it seems like a massive problem to address and so the question i had for myself was, how do we chip away at one problem, let's just start with one problem, what is one problem we see and how do we address it and how i use my amazing platform and audience from "grey's" to sort of make some little difference and change in people's lives and over the pandemic i started doing a series of zooms and i had my podcast tell me where we interview some doctors, some not, some just interesting people, but one area of health equity that is really, really glaringly unfair to me is prescription medication and medication access and that was the idea behind founding better remedies which is an over-the-counter medicine brand with a give back component so we make proudly to say i now make medicine, we make all of
8:45 am
over-the-counter medicine brands, we have 15 different brands, we're at walmart, 2,000 walmart stores this month. and we make every kind of over-the-counter medicine you can imagine but we have a give back component. which is for every box of medicine we sell we make sure that some person gets a prescription medicine that they need. i'm not sure if people are aware, i certainly wasn't before i started this, i was not aware that one in four americans struggle to pay for their prescription medication. >> right. >> that they really need for their quality of life whether it be insulin, heart medication, whatever, a lot of americans depend on medicine and we all know it's too expensive. prescription medication should not be a luxury. i won't get into, you know, my feelings about that. we all know it's unfair and that's what matters is that if you -- >> well, you know what, ellen
8:46 am
pompeo, it's very obviously your passion for what you're doing with the other co-founders and thank you for the impact and the difference that you're making in so many lives. it's always good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> you take care. >> thank you so much. bye-bye. >> any time. "grey's anatomy" returns thursday, february 24th. >> thank you, robin. ellen,9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. >> you're welcome, ellen,9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. oh, ginger, now back to you. >> reporter: hey, robin, from the bitter cold hudson river to narragansett, rhode island, calm now but by saturday i'm telling you that will be rocking, gusts could go up to 60 miles per hour. that's the big picture. let's get a check drew: i'm drew tuma with your accurate weather forecast. temperatures on the mild side, low to mid 60's as our drive pattern continues, unfortunately. we will be right back. we will be right back.
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♪ level up, level up, l ♪ level up, level up, level up ♪ back now and we are leveling up your home office. so many people are still working remotely, i myself am coming to you from my home right now. this segment sponsored by verizon and they are so committed to helping you create the right workspace where you can be productive and very comfortable and this morning, "gma" contributor megan ryte has some great tips on revamping your home office. ♪ >> reporter: millions of americans have pivoted to working from home for almost two years making it more important than ever to have a space that is positive, purposeful and productive. experts say the right equipment, decor and technology can make working from home a whole lot easier. first up, let there be light. >> lighting can have a big impact on productivity. you can use a desk lamp that casts off a warm glow that signals to the mind a calm environment. then invest in the right chair. slouching can cause stiff and achy muscles. an ergonomic chair is designed
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to alleviate stress to the body by helping with proper posture making it easier to sit comfortably for longer periods of time. next, upgrade your technology. >> nothing is more frustrating than having poor connectivity. >> reporter: the answer, 5g home internet. powered by 5g ultra wideband with its new tech available by our sponsor, verizon, to millions across the country. >> we're going to be delivering that upgrade to wireless phones and also the home. it's going to be ten times as fast. you simply order this device, it gets delivered to your home. you plug it in. it delivers all the bandwidth that you're going to need, so more capacity for everything whether work, school or gaming. it just simply makes your life that much easier. >> reporter: then to dress up your space bring in some greenery. an easy change like adding a plant to your desk can help add in color and purify the air. finally, add some personal touches to your space. surround yourself with touches of art and pictures to help improve creativity.
8:51 am
now, experts say adding a little personal touch can help improve imagination and happiness. all great tips for taking your home office to the next level. for "good morning america," i'm megan ryte. ♪ >> great tips, thanks, megan. and we will be right back. ♪ level up level up level up ♪ "gma's" "level up your life" is sponsored by verizon. visit to see the power and possibilities of 5g ultra. ♪ level up, level up, level up ♪ g g (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. - hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom.
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well, you saw right there, just slide it right in. tonight, at 8:00 eastern right here on abc, "truth and lies: the last gangster" where you can see that interview about sammy "the bull" gravano. watch "gma" and all of our reporting at "gma" by downloading the app. >> have you recovered, george? [ laughter ] ading the app. >> have you recovered, george?
8:55 am
[ laughter ]
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning,orning,orn, i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. here's jobina fortson with traffic. jobina: this is a crash on southbound 85 past camden, look on the map. speeds are down to 25 miles in the area and i want to bring in our oakland camera one last time, because we have a crash off to the shoulder on southbound 880. drew: we are tracking improving conditions with the fog and novato. lots of sunshine in this vantage point. the drive pattern continues and mild temperatures in the 60's. kumasi: thank you, drew. it's time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we will be back here for midday live and we hope you join us then. until then, have a good morning. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the hit series, "blue bloods," tom selleck. and we wrap up "live"'s "save your sanity week" as we answer the question do i suffer from depression or anxiety? and your questions and comments on another addition of the "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: hello. >> kelly: good morning. morning, deja. i want you to know, you and i wore the same eye palette today. >> deja: oh, yes. >> kelly: i


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