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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 26, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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also on we hope that you will join us. everybody good morning, america, on for our viewers in the west, on this wednesday morning. the new warnings for russia. tensions escalating. a new u.s. weapons shipment arriving in ukraine as president biden says some u.s. troops could be deployed to the region sooner than later and the new threat aimed directly at vladimir putin. plus, our exclusive with the u.s. acting ambassador to ukraine. wall street whiplash. stocks on a wild ride and now the efforts to get those sky-high prices back on the ground. all eyes on the crucial decision that will affect everything from your groceries to your 401(k). arctic blast for millions. at least ten states under windchill alerts. a snowstorm causing havoc in colorado shutting down an
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interstate and now ginger is tracking the potential nor'easter taking aim this weekend. the biden administration officially withdraws vaccine mandates for large businesses. this as a boston hospital defends its decision to reject a heart transplant patient who won't get vaccinated. race to recover. a crashed u.s. fighter jet with classified high-tech equipment. the navy trying to salvage it before china does. abc news exclusive. one of the 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti telling his story on tv for the first time. and how he says he managed to escape. only on "gma" this morning. breaking his silence. why hero capitol police officer eugene goodman waited more than a year to speak out. what was going through his mind when he faced down the mob during the attack leading it away from lawmakers. big papi's big win. >> yes! >> on his first shot david ortiz knocking it out the park, becoming the youngest living
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baseball hall of famer while two of the greatest players in history were shut out from the hall once again. and lights, camera, commercials. >> sir, sir, sir. >> the annual super bowl ad battle under way with vips. >> please, no eye contact. it makes me uncomfortable. >> surprising duos. >> we have a lot in common. >> plus, who is this mystery celebrity? >> sir, this is me seeing the monster. >> let the games begin. ♪ good morning, america. hope you're doing well this morning. michael, cecilia and i are all so happy to welcome robin back from home. how is it going, robin? >> i am feeling so much better, y'all. you know i strive to be a positive person. i have never been more thankful to be negative, to test negative as i did yesterday, and this morning, and i have to say i'm
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so also thankful that my symptoms were relatively mild especially compared to what so many others have gone through and are going through with covid. thank the three of you for your sweet text messages. hearing from the abc family, our "gma" family, our viewers are incredible. really lifted my spirits. that and all the chicken soup. >> we're glad that you are feeling better. we're happy you're back today on the show with us. we're excited to see your face. >> yeah, we love you, robin. we're so glad you are back. we'll begin, everyone, with the tense standoff overseas this morning. president biden has a new warning now saying there could be personal sanctions on vladimir putin if russia invades ukraine. >> and a shipment of american weapons to beef up the military is on its way arrived as russian troops amass at the border and our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the scene in ukraine this morning. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. no sign of an easing to this crisis. talks are under way in paris, but no signs of any imminent diplomatic breakthrough. meanwhile, more american
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military support arriving here in ukraine as russia bolsters its forces too. this morning, tension in ukraine over fears of a russian invasion as america ships move anti-tank missiles, rockets, grenade launchers, and ammunition. with 8,500 american troops on high alert, president biden now saying that they could be deployed to europe sooner rather than later. >> i may be moving some of those troops in the nearer term just because it takes time and, again, it's not provocative. >> reporter: biden even suggesting sanctions putin himself. the kremlin accusing america and nato of hysteria and this morning, warning russia will respond to any actions by the west. the biden administration insisting russia could attack at any time, but despite more than 100,000 troops massed at the border, the ukrainian foreign minister telling abc news this morning that for now that is insufficient for a full-scale invasion. >> what we currently see is a
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scenario of destabilization of ukraine and that scenario is certainly imminent. it's already taking place. >> reporter: these new images, a show of force from the russian military conducting drills that include infantry units as well as mobile tactical missile launchers. but speaking exclusively with abc news the u.s. acting ambassador to ukraine kristina kvien insisting the ukrainian army is ready. >> the ukrainians are ready and capable of defending their country, and we will be there to help them. >> reporter: so we're now waiting for this official, written response to the kremlin security's demands to be delivered from the biden administration to the russians. but we already know that it's unlikely to give them everything that they've asked for and i think the question this morning, michael, is, will it be enough to stave off the conflict? >> that's a big question indeed,
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ian, thank you. we know you'll be covering it for us. we turn to that crucial decision in the next few hours that could impact everything from your 401(k) to your grocery bill. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is on wall street with the very latest for us. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael, and that crucial decision is coming from the federal reserve. traders here on wall street believe that the fed will signal that interest rate hikes are on the horizon in order to cool this inflation, in order to make prices more manageable for consumers. everything from the grocery store to the gas station, even addressing those chip shorges on some level, but there's a flip side to interest rates going higher. it means borrowing becomes more expensive, the economy can slow and it can make owning stocks, buying new stocks for investors less attractive. now, what we've seen so far this year in stocks is a very volatile roller-coaster ride, the s&p 500, which is the thing that's in most 401(k) retirement savings accounts, is down 9% so
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far this year, but perspective is so important when you're talking about the markets. if you look back over the last 12 months, even accounting for what's happened here, the stock market is still up 13% over the last five years, robin, it is up 90% which is why the long term is so important here, robin. >> always is and we can see that you are bundled up because now to the brutal blast of winter. a deep freeze that is settling into the midwest right now. windchills making it feel well below zero. alex perez is live in chilly chicago on the coldest morning of the year there right now. alex, how is it going out there? >> reporter: pretty much feels like an icebox. good morning to you, robin. now, those bitterly cold temperatures moved in overnight and really have just parked themselves over a huge chunk of the country. some parts of the midwest are waking up to temperatures that feel like 30 below zero. here in chicago it feels like about 15 below zero, the coldest air of the season. now, i want you to take a look
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at what the cold air has done to lake michigan here behind me, and some of the nearby harbors. you can see some of the water completely frozen over. also huge chunks of ice in there, authorities are reminding people just how dangerous this weather can be. they're asking people to limit their time outside. warming centers have been open and, remember, when it's this cold, frostbite can begin to set in less than 30 minutes and robin, unfortunately this cold air isn't going anywhere just yet. robin. >> you and the crew, get inside. all right, thank you. and those frigid temperatures are extending here to the east coast and down south. ginger, of course, tracking that and a potential nor'easter this weekend. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, robin. let's start with 27 inches of snow that was reported along the colorado/kansas state line. parts of i-70 shut down for a time and the pictures keep coming in from that batch of
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snow, it was nearly stationary. even in denver where they're in a major snow deficit, they picked up some, and it impacted traffic big time. now, this morning, we already saw how cold it was in chicago, but from fort dodge, iowa, all the way to findlay, ohio, we have alerts, meaning windchill alerts and warnings saying it is really dangerous to be outdoors. you can see why some of those numbers, 19 below the feels like in des moines, 24 it feels like in atlanta and here we're 12. tomorrow morning we'll be cold too but everybody has their eye on the weekend storm. you can see that nor'easter has two paths, the european model comes closer meaning heavier snow for big cities, the american model, long island and boston get the heaviest that looks more likely so glad to have you back, robin. >> good to be back. our abc affiliate here in connecticut is keeping an eye on that european model that could really -- all right, ginger, good to see you. thank you. cecilia. robin, we turn to the battle over the federal vaccine
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mandate. the biden administration admitting defeat pulling its vaccine requirement for large employers after the supreme court blocked that rule. trevor ault has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the biden administration officially withdrawing vaccination mandates for large businesses after the supreme court blocked vaccine or test requirements. the court majority writing the mandate was a significant encroachment into the lives and health of vast number of employees. in boston, 31-year-old d.j. ferguson was in line for a heart transplant, but his family says because he's not vaccinated, he's no longer eligible. >> he's not an anti-vaxxer. he just wants proof that it's not going to cause further harm in an already compromised body. >> reporter: but doctors say vaccination is the best way to protect immunocompromised protect immunocompromised people from severe covid and death. in a statement, brigham and women's hospital say they're following the recommendations of national transplant associations and, quote, the covid-19 vaccine
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is one of several vaccines and lifestyle behaviors that are required to create both the best chance for the success of the operation and also the patient's disease-free survival. and america's covid death rate is still climbing, now topping 2,100 lives lost a day, the highest numbers in nearly a year. in ohio, where they have the second highest death rate in the country, the national guard now working to alleviate the strain on cincinnati hospitals. and the cdc is now releasing some pretty wild new numbers on the omicron variant. it's leading to some staggeringly high hospitalizations. nearly 800,000 in 7 days but it's still showing to be more mild than previous variants. george. >> okay, trevor, thanks. we're going to turn now to the search for a u.s. fighter jet that crashed in the south china sea. the navy is attempting to recover the jet and its stealth technology. matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a breakneck recovery effort under way for that f-35-c fighter jet now resting at the bottom of the
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south china sea. the u.s. navy which in 2020 hauled up this seahawk helicopter from a record depth of 19,000 feet confirming it is prepping specialized salvage equipment. >> the race is on now to get the appropriate kind of recovery gear, the deep diving submersibles that actually pull the wreckage up off the bottom of the ocean. the chinese have it, the u.s. navy has it. both those countries are going to want to get ahold of this wreckage. >> reporter: the nearly $100 million f35-c crashing into the flight deck of the aircraft carrier "uss carl vinson" earlier this week during a routine mission and then falling into the water. the fighter jet is packed with highly classified stealth technology. >> it's almost invisible to radar and so the construction, the codings that are on that airplane are of great interest to the chinese. >> reporter: seven sailors were injured. the pilot and two others medevaced to the philippines for care, the navy saying all are in stable condition. the "uss carl vinson" and ten other warships including those of the japanese navy carrying out a naval show of force in the
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south china sea, all of which china considers part of its territory. overnight, the u.s. navy telling me it is still investigating the cause of the crash, and given that the f35 program is estimated to have cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion over its life cycle, getting to that black box, figuring out what happened is critical, michael. >> getting that plane is very important. matt, thank you so much. now we turn to capitol police officer eugene goodman speaking out on a podcast in his first interview since the january 6th insurrection when he was hailed as a hero. our congressional correspondent rachel scott has the latest. >> reporter: he was hailed as a hero, officer eugene goodman caught on cell phone video facing down a mob of rioters on january 6th. luring them away from the senate chamber and from the lawmakers inside. and this morning, officer goodman speaking out for the first time, praising his fellow officers for not escalating the
7:14 am
situation. >> it could have easily been a bloodbath. so, kudos to everybody there that showed a measure of restraint with regards to deadly force because it could have been bad. >> reporter: on the podcast "3 brothers no sense" goodman says he had no idea how close the rioters came to the chamber. >> i get confronted, oh, they're actually in the building. i honestly didn't know that they were that far in the building so they lock eyes on me right away and then just like that i was in it. >> reporter: security video showing the moments goodman wrns senator mitt romney that he was walking toward the mob. it's taken him more than a year to speak out. >> people tell me you should embrace it, embrace it, yeah, but that means i got to embrace the negativity too and that's something i don't want to do. >> reporter: two weeks after the insurrection, goodman standing next to vice president kamala harris, escorting her into the inauguration.
7:15 am
he went on to be awarded a congressional gold medal, one of the highest civilian honors in the country. so, as for why he waited so long to share his story, officer goodman says he had some concerns about his family's safety, but he felt comfortable enough opening up in this podcast noting that one of the hosts is a personal friend and fellow capitol police officer. robin. >> good for him, rach. all right, thanks so much. we turn to a big win for big papi. boston red sox legend david ortiz elected into the baseball hall of fame, but two of the game's all-time greats, barry bonds and roger clemens shut out again. t.j. holmes has more on the celebration and controversy. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey there, robin. good to see that face of yours again. yes, like you said, shut out again and possibly shut out for good. the way this works, players get ten years they're eligible to be on the hall of fame ballot. if you don't get in after ten years, then you're off the ballot. well, for the tenth year in a row the voters rejected roger clemens and the guy considered maybe the greatest hitter of all
7:16 am
times barry bonds, but in their first chance to consider big papi, well, he's in. >> yes! >> reporter: big papi has reason to celebrate this morning. red sox slugger david ortiz now a first ballot hall of famer selected in his first year of eligibility and is now the youngest current hall of famer. >> it's a wonderful honor to be able to get in on my first rodeo is something that is very special to me. >> reporter: known as big papi, he rallied the city and won hearts in the wake of the boston marathon bombings leading the red sox that year to a world series title. their third. >> david ortiz got in because he was a great player and a big personality, and that is a winning combination in hall of fame voting. >> and, bonds, 756. >> reporter: but baseball's home run king has been shut out and possibly for good. barry bonds not elected to the hall of fame. he was plagued by steroids scandals during his career, and he's now not alone. one of four baseball legends to
7:17 am
fall short on their final shot at sports' highest honor including roger clemens who amassed more than 350 career wins and a record seven cy young awards but he also couldn't outrun accusations that he used performance-enhancing drugs, allegations both he and bonds have repeatedly denied. >> barry bonds and roger clemens, incredible players, not geat personalities and the fact that they were tied to performance-enhancing drugs like they were ultimately wrote them a ticket off the ballot for the tenth time. >> reporter: clemens reacted to the announcement writing, i put the hall of fame in the rear-view mirror ten years ago. i didn't play baseball to get into the hall of fame. for years hall of fame voters have taken a hard line against players with tainted legacies from the sportso with some of the most impressive records in history now facing permanent exile, some are lamenting on-field accomplishments being overshadowed by off-field scandals. george, stray, cecilia, it's not over yet.
7:18 am
there is a chance and a way bonds or clemens could still get into the hall of fame. how? the hall of fame has the what they call a today's game committee which could take up the causes of umpires, executives, and players. they'll meet later this year. they could vote them in. >> wow. we will see. thanks very much. a lot more coming up on "gma," including our exclusive interview with one of the kidnapped missionaries held by a haitian gang for two months. and where is peng shuai? questions about the chinese tennis star growing louder with the olympics in beijing just days away but first back to ginger. >> reporter: cecilia, with this friday through saturday night storm, i can promise people alol wind, gusty winds could even pa. let's get that windchill forecast sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
7:19 am
drew: dense fog this morning giving way to afternoon sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 60's later today. tonight, we will find the fog redeveloping inns box. temperatures in the 30's and 40's as we head into thursday. morning fog to afternoon sunshine. we keep the trend for the end of the week. rain chance arrives late sunday into monday. right now, it looks very late -- we're just getting started, and we will be right back.
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♪ never ever be ♪ ♪ just couldn't be ♪ ♪ anyone else but you ♪ area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc seven news. good morning, everyone. i'm kumasi aaron from abc. seven mornings, teachers in the west contra costa county unified school district are going to be meeting today to try to prevent a strike over coded safety measures. the teachers union is demanding mandatory covid testing plans in case of an outbreak and more substitute teachers. they also want kn 95 95, mass provided to students and staff daily. all the demands are being negotiated. the district says more students need to be vaccinated to contain the surge. 54% of students, 12 and older report being vaccinated. good morning, everyone on the traffic front. we are following two sig alerts that we need to get to the first is in san jose. and unfortunately, this is a deadly crash. the chp just opened one lay. they've been all
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blocked for several hours. now the crash itself is on north bo past de anza boulevard. the coroner has been called out to the scene. there are second cigarette is going to be in tracy. we have our rollover crash or injuries have been reported on eastbound 5 80 after 205 and then bringing you a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza. remaining lights came on at 6 10 in the backup is beginning. kamasi alright, thanks. okay, it's go time. team usa on the largest gig-speed network. which means this mega fan never misses a second.
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♪ hey, melissa, the whales need your help. >> i love whales. >> welcome back to "gma." just seeing her makes you laugh. melissa mccarthy, that was her wild super bowl commercial, remember, from 2017. just ahead, we're taking a look at the hilarious new ads that are entering the commercial competition this year. often as exciting as the competition on the field, guys. >> look forward to it every single year. we're following a loft headlines this morning, as well. president biden announced troops could be deployed to eastern europe sooner rather than later as tensions grow with russian troops massed on the border with
7:31 am
ukraine. president biden even suggested sanctioning putin himself. this morning, warning russia will respond to any actions by the west. also right now, breaking overnight. san jose, california, voted to require gun owners to carry liability insurance. that comes amid the wave of gun violence and the council voted to require owners to pay a fee for gun safety education and other services. and two major winter weather stories we're tracking. the deep freeze in the midwest. right now it's bringing windchills making it feel as cold as 40 degrees below zero and a potential nor'easter now forming that could slam into the east coast with heavy snow this weekend so, everybody, bundle up. that is a good message. and we have a lot more coming up including the growing international concern about chinese tennis star peng shuai. that's coming up, robin. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. but now to our abc news exclusive. we're hearing from one of the missionaries kidnapped last fall in haiti in his first tv interview about the ordeal. how he says they managed to escape after two months in captivity. abc newslive anchor linsey davis
7:32 am
has that story for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. glad to be able to share this story of austin smucker. he is 27 years old. at one point early on in the ordeal, he says he didn't know if he was going to live or die, but throughout his account, he doesn't focus on the harrowing nightmare scenarios, he talks instead primarily about the power of prayer. for 62 days he focused on his faith. it was a life-changing experience for 27-year-old austin smucker who went to haiti with christian aid ministries on a missionary trip. >> i wanted to go to this orphanage and see the children and play with them. that's where we were and we were on our way back from that when we got kidnapped. >> reporter: back in october, the group of 17 including several children, the youngest, an 8-month-old baby at the time was taken captive by one of haiti's most notorious gangs, the 400 mawozo. >> there was a pickup truck parked up across the road.
7:33 am
we turned around and tried to go back the opposite direction. i think we probably all knew what it was, and so, yeah, i was scared. i was uncertain, unsure of what exactly was going to happen. >> reporter: the kidnappers demanded $17 million in ransom. $1 million for each person captured. >> they had all 17 of us in one room. it was quite a small room, probably about 10x12. the other room in that building, there were i think 11 other prisoners. just other people that this gang had apparently kidnapped at times. it seemed like they never quite brought enough for all 17 of us to eat to the point where we were actually full. >> reporter: but austin says there were also signs of compassion from their captors. >> the guards brought us some fans to try and cool us down. then the next day they brought us two couches, and they showed up with a humongous box of american-made snack food and those three things gave me a
7:34 am
pretty good feeling that these guys probably aren't out to hurt us. >> reporter: nearly a month into their stay, there was reason to rejoice, 2 of the 17 kidnapped were freed. >> this is a faithful group obviously so was there a lot of prayer throughout the 62 days? >> we took turns about a half an hour or hour at a time praying and we would try and pray the entire 24 hours. >> reporter: and then, after more than two months in captivity spent planning and watching, they made their escape through a door typically blocked and under heavy guard. >> we talked about it. we prayed about it. they couldn't see us go out that door, and we went to those bushes that surrounded the camp and then we were able to just start off across the country. >> reporter: nearly five hours into their escape, a farmer in a nearby town would point them in the direction of a phone they could use. so what kept you going through it all? >> prayer. >> you said that you believed in
7:35 am
prayer before you went to haiti and you believe in it more now. why? >> because of all the answered prayers that we saw. god answered a lot of prayers in just absolutely amazing ways, ways that really didn't make sense to us why. >> would you go on a mission trip again? >> if i had the opportunity, yes. >> do you forgive the kidnappers? >> yes, i forgive the kidnappers. >> reporter: and austin says he doesn't know who paid the ransom or how much they paid, in fact, he really credits god with their escape and you heard him there. he says he would do it all over again and go on a mission trip. he says we are put here to serve and he intends to continue doing just that, robin. >> and as you said, the power of prayer, linsey. the power of prayer. thanks so much. michael. all right, robin, thank you. we're turning to the latest on the mystery of chinese tennis star peng shuai. questions about her safety growing louder with the olympics in beijing just days away. maggie rulli is tracking the latest and, maggie, at the australian open fans were seen wearing t-shirts asking where she is.
7:36 am
>> reporter: yeah, michael, exactly. initially ost-irts were nnis austr w sthe gh issue.abt-thaustliann sinthi on tay ts australia reversing its ban on t-shirts drawing attention to chinese player peng shuai whose safety and well-being is being questioned after she seemed to disappear from the public for weeks after accusing a former chinese official of sexual assault. allegations the chinese government have refused to even comment on. on friday, security for the open asking activists to remove t-shirts reading, where is peng shuai? these videos from activists going viral. >> too political. is there a reason why? is there someone else we can talk to? we would just like to give a -- >> you can talk to tennis australia on this. >> anyone on the premises? we just want to know exactly why free peng shuai is controversial. >> reporter: tennis australia
7:37 am
saying at the time that, while peng's safety is its primary concern, we don't allow clothing, banners, or signs that are commercial or political. the incident drawing ire from tennis legends like martina navratilova. >> i find it really, r. this is not statement, this is a human rights statement. >> reporter: and from players. >> i think that everybody should like be able to manifest their support of peng shuai. >> reporter: peng, number one doubles player, has rarely been spotted since posting the assault allegations on social media in november. the post was quickly deleted. last month she appeared to backtrack during an interview with a china-friendly singapore media outlet but that did little to reassure people about her safety. >> there hasn't been that much development in terms of contact with peng shuai, even though from our side we will continue to make any and all efforts to make sure that she's safe. >> reporter: now, with the winter olympics in beijing just one week away, experts say it's unlikely this scrutiny will go
7:38 am
away any time soon. >> the timing really couldn't be better for those of us who care about the story and the timing really couldn't be worse for chinese officials who want it to go away. >> reporter: and as much as china wants to control the narrative around this story, with thousands of the world's journalists about to descend on beijing for the olympics we should expect a lot more pressure on the chinese government for answers. guys? >> thank you, maggie. coming up next, counting down to the super bowl and the star-studded commercials. which ones will score big during the big game. ones will score bg the big game. people everywhere living with type 2 with rybelsus®. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. rybelsus® isn't for people with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if allergic to it. stop rybelsus® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck,
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7:42 am
back now with the super bowl ad battle. we don't know which teams will be playing yet, but we do know some of the stars appearing in the ads. kaylee hartung is at the home of this year's super bowl, sofi stadium in california. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, george. super bowl bowl commercials bring star power to the small screen unlike any other night so now these big brands investing big dollars are marketing for the marketing. dropping some hints to amp up the anticipation. >> allen, fires. wide open. remarkable. touchdown. >> reporter: it's arguably the biggest day of the year for advertisers. >> don't make a scene. >> reporter: this year everyone is upping their game. it's star power galore for at&t with their three-part video campaign. mila kunis squaring off against demi moore. >> you know her. you love her.
7:43 am
you wish you could be her. >> i told her not to go up there. >> it's anna. >> who? >> reporter: the current and former mrs. ashton kutcher poking fun at themselves showing up to a high school reunion for the most admired alum award. it turns out they have more in common than just losing an award. >> i had no idea we went to the same high school. >> we have a lot in common. >> yeah, but really high-profile names that are going to appear in super bowl ads this year, and i think it really speaks to brands acknowledging that this is about entertainment. >> it's going to change the game. >> it's really going to change the game. >> reporter: then there's zac efron versus zac efron? yes, that's the actor as himself and a fisherman for at&t. >> oh, my god, you're zac efron. >> do you even game though? >> yes, it's megan thee stallion. >> reporter: the grammy award winning singer
7:44 am
chipping in for frito-lay. this year a 30-second commercial going for up to $6.5 million. cryptocurrency brands getting into the game. >> nothing to see here, people. just a major vip coming through. please, no eye contact. it makes me uncomfortable. >> reporter: and sam's club debuting its first-ever super bowl spot with comedian kevin hart. >> the only thing this place is missing is a masseuse. sir, sir, sir. here you go. >> reporter: with the uncertainty of covid weighing on the country brands are ready to pivot as necessary. >> really see brands having contingency plans in place. there are various endings shot and reshot and there are definitely things that brands and their agencies are preparing for. >> oh. fishing game is nuts. >> reporter: and we will see mary j. blige in this halftime show that i know we're excited about but we can reveal this morning she's also going to be
7:45 am
starring in a commercial for a medical technology company, and now, i'm a traditionalist and love the budweiser commercials with the clydesdales. what about you? any favorites over the years? >> i agree with you, always the clydesdale. >> doritos ones. >> those are good. i'm still back on j. lo and shakira for the halftime show, kaylee. thank you, kaylee. coming up, everybody, our "play of the day." this is a really good one. you're not going to want to miss it. >> halftime show? ♪ we all need a rock we can rely on. to be strong. to overcome anything. ♪ to be...unstoppable. that's why millions rely on the strength and financial guidance of prudential to achieve their dreams. who's your rock? ♪
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♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ i'm on the edge of glory ♪ this song is very e. back with our "play of the day." you know i'm from san francisco. i can park with the best of them. take a look at this guy. a mountain road in hong kong. so you've heard of a three-point turn. sometimes you need more than three. very brave driver, 26-point turn it took to get out of this jam. now i know it looks a little steep there, robin, there is a cliff below -- it looks like a cliff but there is a road below so they are safe. 26-point turn. >> they're not safe. >> they're not safe. >> thank you, george. what dow do you mean they're safe? i can even see it from here. >> just reverse it. >> would you get out of that one? i definitely couldn't. >> no. i did win the driver's ed award
7:50 am
in tenth grade but even i, no. >> oh, boy. >> i know, every time i bring it up, nerd, okay. coming up, oscar winner javier bardem is going to join us when we come back, folks. our strength, our power, our purpose... starts within. so let's start there. with collagen that supports our body from the inside out. (sfx: playful cadence of full soundscape)
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7:54 am
course, traffic issues from it but also it's got a lot of cold air fueling it. you can see those windchill alerts that now stretch new york and vermont, so keep an eye on that. all the way from the u.p. of michigan on over to western ohio, you got that. finally, florida doesn't get away with this one. look how cold. could be the coldest since 2010 in miami. coming up here , raising kids during the pandemic. with years of bouncing between home and in-person learning, how parents can help their kids make up for lost time. also ahead, the secret streaming savings. how one woman found $170 in savings each month. plus, we've got a big surprise in store for this 11-year-old football fan. you do not want to miss it. your local news and weathe
7:55 am
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moving forward finding solutions . this is abc. seven news. good morning, everyone i'm kamasi earned from abc seven mornings here should be enough with the traffic hydro vina high kumasi. thank you. good morning, everyone. so we are going to start in san jose with a fatal that we've been following all morning long. we have gotten word from the chp that they have reopened lanes there. so now traffic can get through following this investigation on the deadly crash on dortmund, 85 past the ends of boulevard and then one quick update on the signal we were following in tracy on eastbound 5 80. after 205 that has cleared hydro hydro being a still dense fog advisory in effect until 10 a.m. this morning for visibility, less than a quarter of a mile stuff issues along the peninsula in the south. they look at mountain view down to zero miles visibility eighth of a mile in san jose, and here's our live look at our san jose camera. so if areas of dense fog right now
7:57 am
the fog is slow to lift. we will get some afternoon sunshine by four pm that son really fishing at warming us up a little warmer today compared to yesterday. we'll go into the low and mid sixties later on, kamasi. alright, thank you. ju coming up on g m a so many children struggling with unfinished learning because of the pandemic, how parents can spot the signs and get the
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tensions escalating. a new u.s. weapon shipment arrives in ukraine as president biden says some u.s. troops could be deployed to the region sooner than later and the new threat aimed directly at vladimir putin. plus, our exclusive with the u.s. acting ambassador to ukraine. pencils down for good? the college board's big announcement about the future of the s.a.t. how the changes will affect parents and students. airtag sting. how one woman caught her mover in a lie by tracking him with the apple gadget. her advice this morning. unfinished learning. the rising number of children suffering in school during the pandemic. why some experts believe it will take years to get back on track. how to spot the signs and the
8:01 am
questions parents should be asking teachers. ♪ we belong together, baby ♪ mariah carey in good company on the charts. why adele and mariah carey now belong together. ♪ easy on me, baby ♪ ♪ i feel love ♪ let's do our show. >> "i love lucy," well, we love javier bardem. he is getting rave reviews for "being the ricardos." the oscar winner joining us live on "gma." you heard the man. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ and it's a super morning as we count down to the big game. meet the 11-year-old who is an all-star in her school and community. a finalist for a super bowl-size surprise and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ and don't it feel good, hey ♪ she looks like she's ready for some football. that's right, good morning, america.
8:02 am
we are glad you are with us. we're very happy that robin is joining us from home this morning. robin, you know, we'll take you any way we can get you. >> well, you're going to get me from home for the rest of the week as i continue to get my strength back but let me ask you, the three of you this, which one of you started the rumor that the real reason for my absence was because i won the powerball jackpot? who did it? who said it? >> i wish i had. >> hey. >> not me. after the show if you're buying, robin. >> exactly. >> that's it. being with you all and saying, good morning, america, is like winning the lottery every morning. >> aw. we love you, robin. so glad you are back and i know you lover this story as much as we do, it's a "gma" super bowl tradition. we've got a surprise for an amazing 11-year-old this morning. we cannot wait to talk to her.
8:03 am
>> she is full of spirit. let's start with the news. president biden has a new warning for russia and says there could be personal sanctions on vladimir putin if russia invades ukraine. let's go back to ian pannell in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. that's right. tensions ongoing here in ukraine over these fears of a russian invasion as america sends more weapons and ammunition into the country. with 8,500 american troops on high alert, president biden now saying that they could be deployed to europe sooner rather than later. biden even suggesting sanctioning vladimir putin himself. the kremlin's accusing america and nato of hysteria and this morning, warning that russia will respond to any actions by the west. the white house is repeatedly insisting russia could attack at any time but despite more than 100,000 troops massed at the border the ukrainian foreign minister telling abc news that for now it is insufficient for a full-scale invasion. new images released showing ongoing operations, these infantry troops conducting drills as well as mobile
8:04 am
tactical missile launches but the u.s. acting ambassador to ukraine, kristina kvien insisting the ukrainian military is ready. >> thanks very much. >> michael. we turn to big news from the college board about the future of the s.a.t. the test is going digital and erielle reshef joins us with how the changes will affect students and, erielle, this is definitely something i need to pay attention to, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, yeah, you got your twins, michael, you'll be ready for this soon. these won't be the tests that you and i remember, no more filling in the bubbles and ditch the number 2 pencils, psat and s.a.t. going digital by 2024. this means the test will be shorter by two hours instead of three, the reading section will be shorter. calculators will now be allowed for the entire math section and
8:05 am
now we still know that proctors will be necessary so students can't take these at home. they're still going to have to go to a testing site or to their school to take them and all of this is coming as there is a huge debate about whether these tests are necessary, if they're fair, many schools deciding to ditch them altogether. some making them optional. coming up in just a couple of minutes we'll talk about how the pandemic is forcing some change in college admissions and also on education overall. guys. >> shorter time. less reading, use a calculator. >> not jealous or anything, right? guys, we turn to a huge moment on the nba court and i am not just talking about lebron dropping 33 points last night against the brooklyn nets, i am talking about this moment right there after this shot pointing to someone. who is he pointing to? oh, michael. how was the game? >> the game was great. lebron was pointing at my friend artie sitting next to me. >> looks like he's pointing at
8:06 am
you. shocked when i suggested we do a sports story but i was the one that found out dave pointed that out. >> too bad the nets couldn't put up a bigger fight but still a good game to be at. >> good seats. coming up, the airtag sting. the woman who used it to track her mover. what she discovered. with some kids suffering from a widening learning gap during the pandemic how parents can help them catch up. plus, what do you get when you combine an "office" reunion with ryan reynolds, the making of a dream cast. lara has more coming up in "pop news." and javier bardem joins us live. we cannot wait to talk with him. we'll be right back. there he is. hello. we'll be right back. there he is. hello. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ irresistibly smooth chocolate.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
♪ ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ welcome back. from broadway in new york city on this wednesday morning, robin is joining us from home. hey, robin. >> and my paw-ducer is hard at work again. is it 2020 all over again? but really he wanted to see lara and riva. i' s you a rsea kathere. >> well, guess what. i'll see you riva and raise you a coco. >> wonderful. >> robin, so good to see you. so good to hear that voice and we've got lots of "pop news" so we'll get right to it. we'll begin with something you guys alluded to, yeah, an "office" reunion almost a decade in the making. john krasinski announcing the
8:12 am
cast of "if" will include steve carell. john is in charge. he will act, direct, produce and it stars ryan reynolds and phoebe waller bridge to name a few. krasinski writing what if one day i could assemble my dream cast? that's a nice nod to the movie title, what if. deadline is reporting the film will focus on a child's journey to rediscovering their imagination if it stays on schedule. it is set to hit theaters november 2023. and in music news this morning, adele is not going easy on the charts. wow, her number one hit single remaining in the top spot on the billboard hot 100 for an incredible tenth week. giving her something in common with another da,enf christmas herself, yep, miss mariah carey.
8:13 am
these two are now the only female musicians in history to have multiple number one hits at the top of the charts for over ten weeks. for adele the other song was "hello" and for mariah her duet "one sweet day" was number one for 16 weeks. that was 1995. then she repeated the success with "we belong together." that stayed on top for 14 weeks and an impressive record for two talented women and artists. and we all loved her as camilla parker bowles in "the crown" and as the writer and director of "promising young woman." this morning emerald fennell is gearing up. "variety" is reporting fennell has a new film in the works that focuses on the idea of obsession. she is already casting for the film which she'll be writing, directing and producing once again, fennell's new movie set to begin production this summer. looking forward to anything she does. then finally i had to finish with jennifer garner.
8:14 am
how sweet is this woman? the actress and director showing on instagram how she served up a very sweet surprise for her local frontline workers baking them chocolate chip cookies and delivering them to the medical center in los angeles. garner writing in the post, quote, for a happy day show your local first responders some love. they are still in the thick of it and miles past burnout. garner even serving up some selfies. she handed out the cookies erself. the medical center sharing the photos and thanking her for her support saying we have been moved by the support of the community around l.a. and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy. they finished it by writing, we will be here when you need us and they sure have been. thank you to all first responders and thank you, jen garner for always being so amazing. the three of us send it back to you in the studio. >> wonderful. >> thanks, lara. guy, we'll turn to our "gma" cover story about a woman who
8:15 am
found out her mover was lying about his location because she used an airtag to track him. janai norman joins us with the story. good morning, janai. >> reporter: hey, cecilia, good morning. those popular tracking devices meant to help you find lost items have sparked debate recently over safety concerns amid reports of victims reporting that they were unknowingly being tracked when someone put an airtag in their coat, purse, even on their car. but now a new twist and a mom is crediting apple airtags with her tracking down her family belongings during a cross-country move. valerie mcnulty says military moving horror stories were fresh on her mind as her family prepared to move from their home in fort carson, colorado, to fort drum, new york. >> i was never tracking the driver. that was never my intention. i was tracking my belongings. >> reporter: according to valerie, an apple airtag she attached to her 4-year-old son's bracelet to track his busride every morning accidentally ended up on their moving truck.
8:16 am
>> we were getting ready for our home to be packed up by neighbors and my son's bracelet with the airtag in it was already in a box of toys. >> reporter: so this wasn't even intentional. you didn't put it in there to -- >> not at first and did not track it until things starting going awry. >> reporter: she says days later and past the point of expected shipping delays, her family's belongings still hadn't been delivered. then when the driver told her he was 19 hours away in colorado, the airtag revealed that wasn't the case. >> so as kindly as possible we were like, listen, like we know that our stuff is only four hours away. we were hung up on. >> wow. >> but he quickly called like ten minutes later saying that he was surprised that we could track him. he was going to go see his lady and mind you that was four hours in a different direction. >> reporter: while valerie says she didn't intentionally mean to track the driver, in the end she
8:17 am
credits apple's airtag with giving her peace of mind through her family's move. >> i would tell other military families or families in general honestly buy a few. i wish i had more than one. >> reporter: the local moving company based in virginia says that driver was put on probation for not being honest about his location. but the company says it actually now plans to use airtags to keep track of their drivers and trucks during moves. cecilia. >> wow, maybe a silver lining there. thanks. we head to ginger. hey, ginger. >> reporter: hey, cecilia. you will likely start seeing the term bombogenesis about the storm coming. i thought i would remind you what that means. as a low pressure system develops, if it rapidly deepens in pressure, 24 millibars in 24 hours or more than that, that is considered bombing out so, yes, this has the potential to do that. what it means to you aside from people who suffer from migraines and such is wind.
8:18 am
big-time wind, coastal flooding possible. looks like eastern long island up through boston and parts of maine will see the bulk of the heavy snow but watching as models come closer together. this could still be snow from virginia right through delaware and, yes, philadelphia, new york city still have to be on the lookout for just how much friday night through saturday night. that's the big picture drew: dense fog this morning giving way to afternoon sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid 60's later today. tonight, we will find the fog redeveloping inns box. temperatures in the 30's and 40's as we head into thursday. morning fog to afternoon sunshine. we keep the trend for the end of the week. rain chance arrives late sunday into monday. right now, it looks very late -- and now to raising children in the pandemic and the setbacks on their education that come
8:19 am
with covid school closures and remote learning. erielle reshef is back with more on that for us. good morning again, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. so good to see your face, to hear your voice. as you know, this pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of our lives and for kids that has meant so many disruptions to their schooling, experts say all of that change, the lack of routine is taking a toll on their education. from remote learning to quarantine to teacher shortages, this morning schools and families across the country are continuing to adapt to the peaks and valleys of the pandemic and now some education researchers warning many kids are falling behind academically. it's what dr. karen lewis calls unfinished learning? >> students have lost out on instructional opportunities.pec typical year if they got the full dose. >> reporter: dr. lewis is a senior research scientist behind
8:20 am
studies that show children are scoring 9 to 11 percentile points lower in path and 3 to 7 lower in reading compared to historic averages. it's something chicago dad adam saw firsthand with his daughters, 10-year-old olivia and 9-year-old vivian. he says their last two years of school have been complicated. a mix of closures, remote and in-person learning. >> i really did want to go back to school. >> reporter: adam says the lack of academic routine is clear. >> when they do take the standardized testing they take every year, their scores in certain areas were behind where they were supposed to be. >> reporter: experts say some students are facing disproportionate educational adversity. >> it's particularly hard if you're a student from a low income or other marginalized background where there were already inequities in your education before any of us had ever heard of the coronavirus and those have only been exacerbated over the last two years. >> reporter: experts say for high schoolers those gaps are often seen on the s.a.t.s and
8:21 am
a.c.t.s and now a growing number of colleges are dropping them from the admissions process. why are more and more schools now doing away with the testing requirement? >> 1,800 four-year colleges and universities have now gone s.a.t. or a.c.t., optional for the coming fall. it's the combination of the questions aout how fair these tests are and whether they give an advantage to some students as well as the difficulty in getting access to these tests in a pandemic. >> reporter: according to the cdc masking, distancing and regular testing are working to curb the spread in classrooms which studies show is often lower than the general public making it possible for teachers to start helping their students get up to speed, but experts say pit won't happen overnight. >> this is not a one to two-year endeavor but will take a sustained effort. >> reporter: and experts say stemming the tide of that unfinished learning starts by meeting kids where they are, by schools recognizing the kids who
8:22 am
have fallen furthest behind and making sure they have access to additional educational opportunities like summer enrichment programs, saturday academies and tutoring. >> thanks very much. let's bring in rachel simmons. welcome back. let's pick up on the idea of unfinished learning and how to spot it. how can a parent tell if a child is struggling? >> listen, i think we're all dealing with these aftershocks of extended quarantine so we need to look for things like sudden anxiety or hesitation when our kids are doing their schoolwork. frustration, explosive frustration. an increase in negative self-talk. like if your child starts saying i'm so stupid, i'm dumb, they're putting themselves down and finally a sudden change in grades, be in touch with your child's teacher. find out how they're doing relative to their peers and even how they're doing relative to last year. >> you have school anxiety and social anxiety. >> for sure, i mean, look, it's a muscle. friends.s born knowing how to b-
8:23 am
when we don't use the muscle we lose it. if you're noticing your child has fallen back, worried about unstructured play especially, going to the playground or a sleepover that's a sign not that they can't do it but their muscle is out of practice. they'll need to take smaller steps to get back. >> how do you help them build up this muscle? >> listen, first of all, we have to tell our kids it's okay to feel anxious and frustrated. this is a really anxiety-provoking and frustrating time but want to make a plan with them before they get into a challenging situation. brainstorm together. what are you going to do when you start to feel this way before you get into the situation? and then finally as parents we have to be patient. it is so scary to watch your kid fall behind. but by putting pressure on them and visiting our anxiety on them it's not going to get them to where they need to go. stay connected with their teachers and get professional help if your child can't do day-to-day actives. >> a lot of good advice, thanks very much. now to simple ways to cut
8:24 am
down on those monthly bills because you may be spending a fortune on cable and streaming services without even realizing it. this is a story we first saw in "the new york times" and our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is back now with ways we can save. hey, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, michael. yeah, tell me if this sounds familiar. you signed up for a free subscription but you had to enter your credit card information? well, now is the time to cut off all those supposedly free subscriptions that are costing you money. when it comes to monthly bills, cable can be expensive. >> i just sort of mentally added up in my head and then i actually dug out my, you know, credit card statements and looked. >> reporter: financial advice expert ann carnes binging her favorite shows began feeling the pinch on her wallet. >> before we knew it we had, you know, four maybe or five streaming services and when i got the cable bill in, it was
8:25 am
just under $400. >> reporter: now with so many cable and streaming options available, monthly statements may contain charges many customers don't expect. while a basic cable bill may be advertised for less than 30 bucks, as shown in these latest fcc findings, you can easily end up paying upwards of $70 if you go for expanded basic service. then many cable users opt in to bundled services with additional set-top box rentals, free streaming trials that expire and other fees tacked on. it all adds up quickly. >> you need to sit down with your family and figure out what are the channels and shows you really want to watch. >> reporter: so ann got smart cutting her $400 monthly cable and streaming bill nearly in half. her first step, losing what she didn't uss. >> i had this home line but hadn't used it for years. >> reporter: step two, opting for flexibility. >> you could say, well, we'll get this service if there's two shows on it that the family wants to watch. >> reporter: lastly, calling your provider to say you want to suspend your services and are
8:26 am
ready to move on. >> it struck me that they're a little more open to negotiating or being more flexible with consumers than maybe they have been in the past. >> reporter: there are also two really useful apps out there that will help you negotiate those bills and find the subscriptions you're not using, true bill and trim, michael, these are great apps. they cut out a lot of the stress for you and do a lot of the >> you got a great piece of advice on -- of advice on streaming services that you may not use as frequently. >> reporter: yeah, here's the thing, michael. a lot of the streamers will let you opt out of your subscription, shut off your subscription for a time and come back so if there's a show that you love that just launched and you're willing to wait until there's the whole collection ready to go, you can sign back up again, michael. >> all right, great advice. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, following solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning, we have a look at the roads. jobyna: we have a lot of issues this morning. i am happy to bring you some positives. in walnut creek at south that's one of your busiest stretches but there are no blocking issues. 880 at the coliseum, those vehicles are moving south bound in traffic is -- you might run into visibility issues.
8:28 am
after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle,
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insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, our r inry a attneysys wk hahard i could've made. atat t bararnefirmrm, to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you u mit bebe sprisised ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> kelly and ryan is coming out at 9:00 in nse fog advisory through 10:00 a.m. with visibility down to less than quarter of a mile and a lot of issues in the south bay. mountain view is down to zero miles. gray skies over the city and areas of dense fog. we will get afternoon sunshine by 4 p.m. and temperatures later in the low 60's.
8:30 am
reggie: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. you can always check us out on our news app and that ♪ hey now you're an all-star get your game on go play ♪ welcome back, everybody. and super bowl lvi is less than three weeks away and this morning we're counting down to the big game with one of our favorite traditions, "gma's" kid correspondent. this morning, we have one of our finalists joining us live but first let's hear a little of her story. there are kid correspondents. >> it's officially game day and we're out on the field of the super bowl. >> reporter: each super bowl bringing us the best and the buzziest. >> yeah. might want to be a news reporter for "good morning america" and, robin, i want to be in your position when i grow up.
8:31 am
>> oh, you can bring it. you're well on your way. >> reporter: and now the search for our next superkid is on. and we're heading to california to meet our finalist, 11-year-old aubrey, a motivator and star in her community teaming up with the nfl and america's dairy farmers for her school's fuel up to play 60 program. the nation's leading youth wellness program empowering students, parents and educators to build healthier communities. >> you get to be strong, active, healthy, motivated and energized. whoo-hoo. >> reporter: aubrey is active in gymnastics and dance and helped start her school's running club. this year -- >> playing flag football with my friends but going to younger kids' classrooms and giving them exercise breaks. >> reporter: she also gives back to her community packing boxes for her local food bank.
8:32 am
when she's not lifting up others she's cheering on herfavorite team, the raiders. derek carr is her mvp. so does she have what it takes to report from the sidelines? one thing is for sure, this fifth grader is ready for some football. >> you got that right, michael. and aubrey is joining us now. she is something else the way she does so much for others, so, aubrey, good morning to you and let us know why do you want to " kid >> hi, good morning. why i want to be the superkid correspondent is because i want to encourage other kids and i want them to be healthy, active and motivated and also energized because i think that's just a great way to have a healthy lifestyle. >> and, aubrey, we said it in the piece but i want to hear you say it. who is your favorite team and your favorite player? >> well, my favorite player and
8:33 am
team is the raiders. i'm a huge raider fan. i love derek carr and i love derek carr because he is an amazing football player, he's always doing his best, he's a great leader. he shows empathy for others and i overall think he's just great when he's on the field and when he's not. >> you might get a chance to interview derek carr. what would you ask him? >> if i was to meet derek carr i would probably ask him, how is it like being such a great person and being suca leer ooh. 'su.i ld you wgoa message from d watch this. >> hey, aubrey, this is derek carr with the las vegas raiders and i think you know a little about the raiders. it's what i've heard but i got great super exciting news i get to share with you and it's this,
8:34 am
you are this year's play 60 superkid and "good morning america's" kid correspondent for the super bowl. how awesome is that so i can't wait to see you reporting live for "gma" in los angeles. ♪ all that glitters ♪ >> that's right, aubrey, congratulations. you're the winner. you're going to the super bowl. that's right! [ applause ] so, so, when you go to school, what are your friends going to say when you go to school? >> they're going to be super proud of me. they'd be so excited for me. i'm sorry. i'm full of excitement right now, oh, my gosh. i think they're just going to be super excited for me and happy that i got this opportunity, which i am too so -- >> aww. >> we are excited for you to. take a breath. we'll give you your first job right now. you should take us to break. >> okay.
8:35 am
coming up next, javier bardem joins us live. >> yes! well done. well done. >> a natural. >> congratulations. >> she's a natural. [ applause ] and now for our high school's most admired alum. get up there. oh shut up. this is so embarrassing. guys don't make a scene! oh please you love a scene. there's no way it's me... was that good acting? that's why it's you. (giggling) you know her. you love her.
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8:37 am
♪ ♪ back now with an oscar winning actor who has given a powerful performance in "being the ricardos". >> that's right. it gives us a closer look behind at the power couple behind "i love lucy." there he is. javier, good morning. >> hello. how are you?
8:38 am
good morning, america. >> good morning. and congratulations on "being the ricardos." you've been nominated for a s.a.g. award for your portrayal of desi arnaz so congratulations to you for that and what was it like for you to portray such an iconic tv character? >> well, it is a gift. i mean to play such an iconic character as you say. it's a burden as well in the sense that you have to really convey all the demands that such a great person really was able -- capable of doing like the music part of it, the producing part of him. the comedian, the actor, the husband, i mean, it is an amazing character that needs lots of preparation but also is very fun to do because his energy, his spirit was a very warming, nice, charming exciting spirit to inhabit. >> it looked like you were having fun and nailed every part. it covers one week in the life of desi and lucy when they have the program and they're facing a series of crises. let's show everybody a little
8:39 am
bit. >> i'm not an idiot. i didn't check the wrong box. >> you saw the headline. >> you can see it from outer space. grandpa fred cared about the little guy. about workers' rights. it was a tribute to him and to say that i checked the wrong -- >> for a grandpa. it was wrong, lucy, yes, he didn't tell you the part where they throw your father in prison for the crime of being the mayor of a city. i was chased to this country, lucy. believe me, you checked the wrong box. >> oh, javier, it is so, so, so good and see that's nicole kidman, of course, playing lucy to your desi. is it true, i'm hearing you met for the very first time juice -- just two days before you started filming? how did you guys pull that off? >> absolutely, that is part of the challenge. we just met personally in person like two days before shooting and she did a tremendous
8:40 am
homework. i did my tremendous homework and i guess we just get together and relate to each other through lucy and desi because there was no time to waste on two actors sitting down and sharing their doubts and fears. it was trying to work and to focus on what we had to create which was this beautiful, amazing relationship. >> your work was fantastic. i love watching you do this. you show impressive skills singing. guitar, and the conga. how much experience did you have with all of that going in? >> none. [ laughter ] >> really? none? >> no. and, of course, as i said before i lied to the director and said i was superb in all of them. and he bought the lie because he's a nice person and he wanted to buy the lie and then in the moment i hung up it was like, gees, now i have to deliver. but it's all about working hard as you can get and doing a lot of zoom lessons through zoom because it was the pandemic so the guitar playing, singing,
8:41 am
cuban accent, english because i have to learn english, to speak the language which is not easy, all of that was through zoom which is kind of crazy. >> you pulled it off. some of those scenes from the club are some of my favorite in the movie. they're so great. i have to ask you about this. you did an interview recently with your friend daniel craig and you talked about celebrating his birthday. so what is this? you -- i got to hear more. you say you jumped out of a birthday cake for him? >> well, i don't know if i jump, i pop out dressed with a bow on and a blond wig and singing "happy birthday" to my best buddy, not very good as you can tell, as you can imagine and it was fun because his birthday is one day after my birthday. we are celebrating together and
8:42 am
i guess that was the surprise which it was a bit disappointing to have me out of the cake is not a big gift. >> well, your wife penelope cruz said she would like to star in a musical with you. now we know you can sing, dance, play the conga. what musical would you like to star together in with her? >> listen, anything i could do with penelope. she is an amazing actress as you can tell in her latest work which i think she should be nominated for an oscar and sings and dances and do everything right so let's ask her to choose what she wants to do then i'll do -- i don't know what i'll do. [ laughter ] i just -- i just -- in the background. >> a very smart husband right there. thank you for joining us. "being the ricardos" is terrific. it is out now on amazon prime. let's go to ginger. hey, george. did you know that the movie "avatar" was in part inspired
8:43 am
the land of pandora by this, a grand canyon, there is a catwalk there in china but it has some really beautiful fresh snow. we wanted to share those images because there is a new headline from beijing with the olympics just around the corner that this will be the first time 100% man-made snow is used. they have not had that snow. the snow cover, far from them, of course, there is elevation around there but, you know, making snow for the olympics, nothing new. they've done it from sochi back to 1980 but 100% is new. drew: dense fog this morning giving way to afternoon sunshine . we keep the morning fog to afternoon sunshine through the end of the w w w w w w w w w w w ♪ level up, level up, level up ♪ it is time to level up your workout. finding the right gear to help you achieve your goals this year. this is sponsored by dick's sporting goods helping you to
8:44 am
maximize your fitness. fitness maven jessie james decker has great tips on how to effectively work out at home. ♪ right, left ♪ >> reporter: the mother of three, jessie james decker -- >> wow! that's a good bite. >> reporter: -- finding the time to get in a workout isn't always easy. for this fitness influencer it's about doing the work whenever you can. >> working out is such a priority to me. it helps me build my stamina and my strength. >> reporter: now teaming up as a spokesperson for dick's to show us how to maximize our fitness into the new year. by building your own dream gym at home, starting with interactive exercise equipment. >> i love the nordic
8:45 am
i'll be honest, i don't love running. never been one of my favorite things so this is an amazing workout for me. >> reporter: bikes like these can help guide your workouts. >> i love the incline. really gets me going, gets my heart rate up. >> reporter: but cardio is only one aspect of fitness. >> my number one request is always have dumbbells. it can work out every single muscle group. >> reporter: when using dumbbells the most important thing is using proper form. >> i realized i was not seeing the results and i think because my form was incorrect so as soon as i corrected that i saw results almost instantly. stick your butt out. keep your chest high. and you really want to lean into it. >> reporter: after an intense workout, it's important to remember your body needs to bounce back. >> i want to recover in the best way possible and i fell in love with the theragun. i really like to work out my quads and get the gun and get in those places with a little extra push. upping your fitness game is easy when you start at dick's. their website helps you compare all the different features and workout equipment, plus, with
8:46 am
your order they'll have it ready curbside or delivered right to your door. >> reporter: thank you, jessie. great tips. coming up, great stuff, country star walker hayes joins us live bringing us a very special performance. stay with us on "gma." ♪ it's some whipped cream ♪ "gma" level up your life sponsored by dick's sporting goods. every season starts at dick's. ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck ♪
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8:48 am
♪ fancy like ♪ back now with grammy nominated chart topping country star walker hayes. he's got a brand-new album "country stuff" and he will perform his hit "fancy like" in a moment but first, walker hayes, let's chat for a sec. hi. >> how y'all doing? >> we're doing great. congratulations are in order. you just released your third studio album. give us a little bit of a preview. tell us a little about it.
8:49 am
>> oh, my goodness. the bookends are wide. there's a song for everybody, i promise, america. it's a lot about -- there's some drinking. there's some recovery. there's some jesus. there's some applebee's. there's really just something for everybody and if i could just use one word to describe it, it's just honest. it's just my heart, you know, in an album form and, yeah, that video makes me look like quite the hoopster. i forgot. those are all the good shots. >> you got all the basics covered from drinking to recovery to applebee's. you'll perform your number one hit "fancy like" in just a second. this is a huge hit but you got a boost from a tiktok you did with your daughter. >> she's an unbelievable -- she just turned 16. one of the ways that she and i bond is dancing. we love to dance. we make them up. not only to my songs but to other hits, you know, and she is
8:50 am
completely the reason why i am relevant at all on tiktok so got to give her all that credit. >> well, you got the moves, my friend. we love seeing it. guys, here we go. it spent more than five months at number one on the billboard country song chart. here it is,walker hayes with "fancy like." ♪ >> yeah, baby. whoo! come on. ♪ ayy, my girl is banging she's so low maintenance ♪ ♪ i don't need no champagne popping entertainment ♪ ♪ take her to wendy's, can't keep her off me ♪ ♪ she wanna dip me like them fries in her frosty ♪ ♪ but every now and then when i get paid, i gotta spoil my baby with an upgrade, ayy ♪ ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night ♪
8:51 am
♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream on the top too, two straws, one check, girl, i got you ♪ ♪ boujee like natty in the styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do, how we do, fancy like, oh ♪ >> come on. ♪ fancy like, oh fancy like, oh ♪ ♪ hey ♪ ♪ fancy like, oh ♪ ♪ uh, i don't need no tesla to impress her ♪ ♪ my girl is happy rolling on a vespa ♪ ♪ don't need no mansion, ooh, to get romancing, woo ♪ ♪ she's super fine, double wide, slow dancing ♪ ♪ but every now and then when i get paid, i gotta spoil my baby with an upgrade ♪ ♪ ayy, ayy, ayy ♪ ♪ i said, we fancy like applebee's on a date night, that's right ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake, ayy ♪ ♪ get some whipped cream on the
8:52 am
top too, two straws, one check, girl, i got you girl, i got you ♪ ♪ boujee like natty in the styrofoam, styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do, how we do, fancy like ♪ ♪ my new clean blue jeans without the holes in 'em ♪ ♪ country kisses on my lips without the skoal in 'em ♪ ♪ yeah, she probably gonna be keeping some victoria's secrets ♪ ♪ maybe a little maybelline but she don't need it ♪ ♪ in the kitchen light radio slows down, boxed wine and her up-do goes down ♪ ♪ yeah, we fancy like applebee's on a date night, that's right ♪ ♪ got that bourbon street steak with the oreo shake, ayy ♪ ♪ some whipped cream on the top too, two straws, one check, girl, i got you ♪ ♪ boujee like natty in the styrofoam, styrofoam ♪ ♪ squeak-squeakin' in the truck bed all the way home all the way home ♪ ♪ some alabama-jamma, she my dixieland delight ♪ ♪ ayy, that's how we do how we
8:53 am
do, fancy like ♪ [ cheers and applause ] (sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪
8:54 am
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8:56 am
wake up. >> i think amber and little man lukas can wait. they're sleeping on the couch. >> download the app to watch. have a good day, everyone. is s couch. >> download the app to watch. have a good day, everyone.
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in-store and online. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: we are taking a look at the traffic. jobyna: good morning, we will start with a live camera and we have some good news. things are moving and our blocking issues have cleared except the fog stop that's starting to move out. drew: we are still tracking dense fog advisory through 10:00 a.m. we still have issues with visibility in the south bay and the east bay. zero miles in south bay. slow to clear clouds but temperatures going into the low and mid 60's by four p.m. reggie: time for life with kelly
9:00 am
and ryan and we will back at 11:00 a.m. and have a great day until them. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from "the righteous gemstones," john goodman. and new yor new york rangers ley goaltender, henrik lundqvist. plus, "live"'s "save your sanity week" continues when we ask the question how do i recognize addiction? and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ryan: hi, deja. good morning. hi, kel'. >> kelly: are you wearing green? >> ryan: it's oversized green. i have borrowed my father sweater. >> kelly: i have a feeling you
9:01 am
did bor


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