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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2022 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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national news. >> 49ers fans can barely contain themselves, getting ready
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>> a suspected drug dealer charged with murder after a 12-year-old death. the victim's family is reacting. >> a virginia woman is being accused of stocking attacks ceo. tonight, a look at the evidence and legal action from apple. >> our days of mild weather may be coming to an end. when a possible pattern change takes place, coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> tonight, the family of this 12-year-old gil killed by a fentanyl overdose, is opening up about their heartache and pain. it comes as a teenager accused of selling the pill is facing a murder charge tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. ama: and i am ama daetz.
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the interview you will see only on abc 7. >> delilah was 12 years old and you could see she loved to dance. that came to an end in 2020 after the san jose girl ingested a pill laced with fentanyl while out with friends. >> she was loved by many people. her teachers loved her. >> in a zoom interview, delilah's mom, maria, describe the emotions after learning what happened to her daughter. someone she says had good grades and was well-liked by teachers, friends, and siblings. >> the day her daughter passed away, somebody took a photo. she was laying in the car. they sent a message saying would toss her to a river. >> delilah was taking to the
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hospital, where she was declared dead. a year later, a break in the case. the 16-year-old suspected of selling delilah the drug that looks like a percocet pill was charged. >> right now, the 16-year-old minor is being held on charges. the minor had advertised sales before this time. >> the district attorney's office saying that fentanyl and 30 drugs have become a major problem among teens and young adults. the da's office is creating a major crime and drug trafficking unit to investigate and prosecute drug cartels. as for the reaction to the murder charge -- >> she was counting down the days and she did not even know that there was going to be justice and she is glad that today there is justice. >> sadly, that justice will not
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bring back delilah, whose memories are left in these pictures and videos. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: santa clara county officials will be holding a news conference tomorrow to address fentanyl and new initiatives to combat drugs. we will bring you the details on our website. dan: apple has taken out a restraining order against a virginia woman accused of stalking ceo tim cook. in court papers obtained by abc 7 news, apple security accuses the woman of "threatening and bizarre behavior." amanda del castillo has new information tonight. amanda: for more than a year, apple says tim cook has been recently drove across thempy aln countr even trespassing on his property twice. >> under these circumstances regarding who this person is, this sounds like a certain kind
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of stalking that is often called erotomania. amanda: a delusional disorder that could become dangerous according to professor thomas plant. it is that so-called bizarre behavior causing them to file this restraining order. we are not naming the woman because she is not currently facing charges. papers include several emails allegedly sent by her to cope with photos of a loaded pistol and package of ammo. >>'s has gone way beyond just someone who is enamored with mr. cook and wants to talk to him. what the apple team is saying is that she could be very dangerous to him. amanda: stephen clark says the order goes beyond demanding physical distance and no contact because the santa clara county judge granted the order. woman is barred from possessing guns, approaching apple employees, and entering any company property. >> this is only a civil restraining order but the next
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step could be criminal charges and that is why apple wants to get this moving. amanda: according to court documents, the woman has threatened cook over twitter. apple says she claims to be cook's wife, claiming they had twins together. these delusional disorders and even things like legal means often do not stop people from trying to contact the person of their desire. amanda: in a hearing over the temporary rate -- a hearing is scheduled in march. amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. dan: in the past 45 minutes, the san jose city council has voted to approve a pair of proposals that would require most gun owners to take out liability insurance. abc 7 news reported tim johns has been tracking the story closely all evening and is in the newsroom now with the latest on this. tim. tim: the meeting has drawn a lot of attention both here locally and nationwide about the ongoing gun control debate. these new mandates are being called the first of their kind
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in the country and could serve as a model for other jurisdictions. after hours of debate tuesday night, the san jose city council decided to split the initial proposal into two mandates. the first being a liability insurance requirement for gun owners that would cover losses or damages caused by neglect or accidental use of a firearm. the second, annual gun harm reduction fee that will be collected by a nonprofit organization for firearm safety education. the proposals dividing opinion among san jose residents who called in to public comment. some voicing strong support. >> charging a fee and requiring insurance does not restrain anyone from owning a gun but it does require that gun owners show responsibility. >> and others vehemently opposed. >> you know what you are doing is wrong. you really think what you are doing is right and it's going to be your way. tim: they view the plans as an opportunity to reign in violence through stricter laws, efforts
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that opponents say are misguided. >> we are concerned about victims of gun violence but we are not to blame. this law, in essence, a science blame to lawful gun owners. tim: several gun rights groups including gun owners of california have threatened to sue. >> asking for an injunction that would prevent this from going into effect. and then ultimately, having the ordinance declared unconstitutional and overturned. tim: those efforts might not be as straightforward as gun rights activists might hope, says margaret russell, a constitutional law professor at santa clara university. >> $25 and liability insurance and articulated public interest that the money is actually going to go toward the enormous cost to taxpayers of gun violence. that seems like it will pass a tim: tim: legal test to me. even though both initiative --
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pass a legal test to me. tim: if nothing changes, the rules going to affect 180 days from then sometime in august. in the newsroom tonight, tim johns, abc 7 news. dan: jim, thank you so much. ama: turning to the pandemic, covid-19 cases continue to decline in the u.s. and the bay area and hospital admissions are going down as well. data shows an eight percent drop in covid-19 hospitalizations in the u.s. over the last week. california's seven-day positivity rate has dropped. it is at 19.6 percent, down 1.7% from a week ago but there are still concerns. the world health organization is asking scientists and governments to monitor and study the new omicron sub variant ba. 2. there are 11 confirmed cases in california with two in santa clara county. officials say little is known about the sub variant. >> early indications say that it probably behaves just like the
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ba.1 omicron lineage but it is probably too early to tell because of the small number of cases that have occurred so far. ama: officials are not releasing any information about the two people who tested positive for this sub variant. dan: in the east bay, the threat of a strike is over at oakland schools following a new agreement on covid safety measures. under the agreement between peters and the district, oakland unified will provide weekly covid testing at all sites and provide all students and teachers with masks such as kn95s. teachers were threatening to strike if their safety demands were not met. the agreement still needs final approval for both teachers and the board of education. ama: more financial relief is on the way for some california residents forced out of work by covid. the governor's office announced the state is restoring covid-19 supplemental paid sick leave. the benefit will help those unable to work or work from
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home. up to two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave will be available to those quarantining or experiencing vaccine side effects. to find the latest news about covid-19, head to our website, dan: new details about the cause of the wild fire burning for days in big sur. people still not allowed to go home. ama: police worked for days to track down the bulldog. dan: fan excitement as we close in on the nfc championship game. sandhya: i am meteorologist sandhya patel. i will have the forecast for that game plus a look at our local weather, which is changing as we speak. details, coming up. ama: a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc news at 11:00. jimmy: tonight, we are going for it. nightline is going to come on eventually. [laughter] and all right. uh-oh.
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ama: new video tonight of a fire tearing through a building in santa clara. fire broke out around 7:40 tonight. and the surrounding streets were closed for a couple of hours. it is unclear what is inside the building. dan: let's talk about safety on the streets. asian hate crimes in san francisco are up 567%. >> we will not tolerate it and when a crime is committed and those lines are crossed, we will do everything we can to make those arrests to hold perpetrators accountable. dan: security cameras captured
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some of the crimes while others will never be reported. the san francisco police department says there were 60 asian hate crimes last year, up from nine the previous year. police say 31 of the 60 attacks last year were connected to one person. the city says, many times, these crimes go unreported. one victim who did report his attack -- is i pleaded with them >> complete pain and fear on defenseless senior citizens. dan: without his knowledge, he says his attacker was given a plea deal with no jail time and one year probation. he is suing the district attorney, claiming his constitutional rights were abridged. he did not respond to our request for comment. a case of vandalism at an elementary school in palo alto may be a hate crime. that is what investigators say tonight. over the weekend, someone wrote a racial facet directed at black
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people on a sign outside the elementary school. school has removed that sign. last month, church leaders in palo alto held a discussion about recent racist attacks and other hate incidents and sent the message t devoping news, hos ae burning operation n monterey county.led col 700cres he burned sincers int nt sunday night. hundreds of people are evacuated and anxious to return home. >> we are just really hoping -- we left animals there. it is going on the fifth day. we are in shock, and this is when you are ready to go. ama: a stretch of highway one remains closed because calfire says there are numerous hazards. essential services were led through to drop off much-needed supplies to businesses offered -- affected by the fire. dan: a castro valley woman has
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been reunited with her french bulldog after it was stolen at gunpoint. the alameda county sheriffs office shared this video of the reunion that took place tonight. it was so exciting. megan lozano was out walking teedo a couple of weekends ago in castro valley when a group of suspects held her up, taking teedo and her purse. they then stole her car since her keys were inside the purse. it is not clear where tito was found or if any arrests had been made but at least tito is back where he belongs. ama: yes. that is sweet. all right, we have talked about maybe some rain. dan: our fingers are crossed but sandhya patel, we might not want to get our hopes too high. sandhya: yes, because you will get let down. possibility of rain, wet one minute, dry the next. computer models are in complete disagreement. i will talk about that in just a moment. is this beautiful or what? not so beautiful driving through it. this is the view from our sutro tower camera. you can see the fog.
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this is what you expected see in the summertime and the city. you sound that fog coming in at the golden gate earlier this evening so it is with us. it is pretty much hugging parts of point reyes and the san mateo coast along with the san francisco coast. visibility has dropped to three quarters of a mile in napa. four miles in half moon bay. as you check out the fog for past, not only do we -- forecast, we have the fog across parts of the valleys and so tomorrow morning, that is what will slow down your commute if you have to commute through those areas. by noon time, another day of offshore winds. expect the fog to get burned off by the afternoon hours. from our kgo roof camera, here's a look at the bay lights and we are looking actually conditions with foggy spots in the morning. dry, mild days into the weekend. there is a possibility of perhaps a pattern change sunday and monday but not necessarily definitively rain. one thing is for sure. with the gusty winds we have
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been experiencing lately and the lack of rain, tree pollen has been problematic. it is high. cedar, juniper, alder, and as. if you have allergies, expect that to flare again. we need some rain. rainy season. san jose is at 104 percent of average. san francisco, 142. still ahead of the game but don't forget, we are still in a drought. 18th consecutive day without rain and it looks like it will be going through most of january through at least the 29th without any rain. temperatures right now in the 30's to the 40's in the morning. bundle up. it will be a chilly one, near freezing for some parts of the bay area as we head into the afternoon hours. it will be a nice sunny day. temperatures bouncing back. mild. numbers range from the low to mid 60's. this is the wettest computer model. it is bringing us a chance of showers on sunday going into early monday. sierra getting some snow.
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the other computer model, not so much. the niners take on the rams and as we look at the forecast, it is going to be mild and sunny. dropping down to about 59 degrees. accuweather seven-day forecast, chilly morning, sunny day and the mild afternoon continues for thursday. cooler friday. we bring in a chance of a few showers on sunday and then monday, but i got to tell you, it's just a chance. we tried. [laughter] dan: you can dream. ama:
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>> and the 49ers and the rams meet up this weekend, it will be more than just an nfcti >>s stin dorsey. dustin -- here is dustin dorsey. dustin: when the opponent comest are you doing? >> my dad was a niners fan and taught me everything i know about sports and that includes the rivalry and hatred towards those pesky teams in l.a. dustin:dustin: the rivalry between los angeles and the bay area is about more than just sports but the games are what we get most passionate about. >> it has become part of the culture. dustin: mark sees the bay versus
11:24 pm
l.a. as one of the best sports rivalries, featuring some of the biggest games. giants/dodgers, sharks/kings, and 49ers/rams. >> the fact that fans can drive to each other's games, that is to me what makes it fun. we have been lucky enough to see the games on the biggest stages. in the past calendar year alone, we saw l.a. in the day three separate times. >> you need the two teams, both being good at the same time and playing for the ultimate prices. it is the closest thing the nfl has to a great college rivalry. dustin: this rivalry dates back to 1950. now all these decades later, here we go again. >> with everything else that has
11:25 pm
gone on, we in california deserve this, to have a game like this that allows for a few hours on sunday, for everybody to get emotionally involved in a football game. it is going to be fun. dustin: the rivalry were new sunday in l.a.. dan: good stuff. only one player was voted into the baseball hall of fame today and it wasn't barry bonds. ama: mary here is here with -- larry beil is here with sports. >> no call from the hall today. he may not be shut out
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for the warriors tonight against dallas. klay looked good but so did jonathan coming up. -- jonathan. second quarter. klay, check the form. warriors up nine. jordan poole. the crossover here draws the contact and the bank is open. pulling away in the third. behind the back to andrew wiggins, and one. showing off the goggles. he threw a couple behind the back passes. 2-10 from deep. 18 points. this game turned into a blowout. look at him go to work here. the drive, up and under. jonathan, inga stole the show late. the rookie had 17 in the fourth. this is the definition of with authority. my goodness. he led the warriors with 22.
11:30 pm
130-92. anthony davis in the l.a. lineup for the first time since december 17. wasting no time. lebron, the long arm of the law right there as lebron threw it up. third quarter, nets down nine. james harden, six point game. finished with a triple-double 33 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists, but the lakers pull away. the brown stole the hearted and and gets one from michael strahan and still gets off yet the lakers win 106-96. david ortiz was the only player elected into the baseball hall of fame today. he will be inducted july 24, barry bonds birthday. the former giants star snubbed despite being the m.v.p. the steroid cloud hanging over him. he received 66% of the votes. he needs 75% to get in.
11:31 pm
guys like bonds and clemens, they cheated, so they should never be allowed into cooperstown. but bud seeley is in the h big papi received a 77.9% even though he was wind to steroids in 2003. bonds could still get in if today's game era committee votes him in. sports on abc seven, sponsored
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streaming. thanks for watching tonight. i am ama daetz. dan: we appreciate your time. right now, jimmy >> lou: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- kristen bell and ike barinholtz. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, welcome. thank you. very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. wow, you came on a taco tuesday. that is very, very kind. i think i speak for a lot of us when i say we look forward to a return to "normal." the way things were, even five years ago. not so long ago. and in some ways, we are getting back to normal.


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