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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 25, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc7 news at 5:00, on abc7, hulu live and wherever you stream. covid-19 cases continue to decline in the united states. and the bay area. and now hospital admissions are going down as well. federal data shows an 8% drop in covid-19 hospitalizations. in the united states over last week. ama: california's seven-day positivity rate has dropped. it's at 19.6%. down 1.7% from a week ago. dan: this is all good but there are still concerns. the world health organization is asking scientists and governments to monitor and study the new omicron subvariant that's called ba.2. it's been detected in at least 40 countries. there are 11 confirmed cases of
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it in california with two? santa clara county. officials there say little is known about this new subvariant. >> early indications say that it probably behaves just like the ba-1. omicron lineage. but again, it's probably too early to tell because of the small number of cases that have occurred so far. dan: officials are not releasing any information about the two people who tested positive for this subvariant. ama: some health experts are worried that the booster shot drive is losing steam. the c.d.c. says just 40% of fully vaccinated americans have received a booster dose. a new associated press poll found 59% of americans see the initial series of vaccination as essential. 47% said the same about a booster shot. mere in california, a health order requires all eligible health care workers to receive a booster shot by next tuesday. but an abc7 news i-team data analysis found many workers at
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skilled nursing facilities were not boosted. as of this month. not all of the residents were, either. i-team reporter melanie woodrow joins us from the newsroom to explain why. melanie. >> this in part has to do with a federal partnership program that does not exist for boosters. another reason might be messaging. when the booster first became available it wasn't perfectly clear who should get it. >> they're one of the most vulnerable populations. residents and staff at skilled nursing facilities or nursing homes. populations hit hardest at the start of the covid-19 pandemic. yet an abc7 news i-team data analysis found not all eligible vaccinated residents or staff have received their covid-19 boosters. >> people are not -- understanding the booster is powerful. reporter: our data team looked at self-reported data to the federal government coming from the centers for disease control and prevention and the u.s. centers for medicare and medicaid services. for california as a whole, as of january 9, this were 1,120
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facilities reporting. with just 36% of eligible staff members and 53% of eligible residents having received a booster. ucsf proffer dr. peter hong. a similar story emerges diving into the data county by county. here in the bay area. with the percentage of residents boosted as of january 9 ranging from 43% to 76%. and the percentage of staff boosted as of january 9 range prosecuting just 31% to 64%. >> i'm horrified. those numbers are horrifically low. and why? why? they don't need to be. reporter: debbie is the president and c.e.o. of chase in aging which has provided mobile vaccination and booster clinics to contra costa skilled nursing facilities. >> i don't understand why we aren't prioritizing where we know we have the most vulnerability people in the most vulnerable setting. reporter: the federal government partner with pharmacies to provide vaccinations at long-term care facilities. but that partnership doesn't
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exist. for booster shots. >> it makes no sense that there's no plan in place at the federal level. reporter: leaving individual counties and facilities to make their own arrangements. >> they rely on mobile units coming to that facility. reporter: marin county health officer matt willis says the county has documented a higher percentage of residents boosted than the federal data suggests but suggests overall the percentages are disappointing. >> clearly there's a lot of progress to make. these rates aren't high enough. reporter: other counties like alameda also questioned the federal data pointing out that not all skilled nursing facilities are self-reporting. and that some may be inaccurately calculating their percentages. contra costa, san francisco, solano and napa counties told us they're providing mobile vaccination teams to long-term care facilities as needed and expect the percentage of those boosted will be higher by february 1. >> i don't think that there is a viable excuse not to do something to save lives right now. reporter: an effort across the bay area to meet the state's upcoming deadline while
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protecting one of the most vulnerable populations. a reminder this is self-reported data as of january 9. contra costa county pointed out facilities in which the state data is lower than the actual number of residents and staff currently boosted. all of this perhaps suggesting the need for a more centralized way to keep track of this vulnerable population. in the newsroom for i hospital team -- i-team "melrose place" abc7 news -- melanie abc7 news. dan: millions of dollars of p.p.e. left in san mateo county in the rain. the board of supervisors took steps to put this controversy behind them but not before the county manager faced some tough questions. abc7 news i-team reporter dan noyest s has the story. dan: county manager faced the board of supervisors today about all that personal protective equipment purchased with your tax dollars and left out in the rain. >> when you did find out about this? >> that we had this vast amount of -- >> when did you -- when -- when
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were you first notified? >> when abc contacted me. dan: less than two weeks ago i found thousands of boxes of p.p.e. soak being in the rain at the san mateo event center. many collapsing into the puddles. gowns. face shields. goggles and more. i reported the event center moved the supplies outside last september to make space for a weekend software conference. but the boxes remained outside through several torrential downpours. >> we are now looking into how this occurred and i can assure you that i'll be putting policy and procedures in place to make sure that this never happens again. reporter: clearly there is still confusion about what i discovered, even among the board members. >> i think the most important thing to remember is that this was not hospital quality. this is not something that patients in our county hospitals will go without because it wasn't of that grade. dan: i did find boxes of disposable operating room gowns.
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and many more isolation gowns that medical personnel used when seeing patients. palates upon pammettes of them paid with your tax dollars. also the board discussed another of my reports, more than half a million hospital gowns kept in the parking lot a-at seton medical center in daly city. >> i have no idea or understanding of any of that stuff. there was stuff that we gave seton or -- any other hospital. you're absolutely right. we were in the early days, really trying to provide for everyone to make sure that everyone had p.p.e. and that no one went without. dan: he toldhe report that they will check with hospitals to make sure they are storing any p.p.e. provided by the county properly. >> we can certainly investigate that more. i appreciate it. >> i think we had best intentions. we always -- we have best intentions in trying to get that p.p.e. i guess what's disappointing is sometimes with the best intentions, there's system
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failure. and the system has failed us. dan: the board voted to allow a nonprofit the wine cent marines to bring their connections and expertise to salvage what they can and donate p.p.e. to legitimate groups working in the community. 90 groups have responded so far and will pick up the supplies start thursday. >> what a mess. dan: for i-team dan i knows abc7 dan: the threat of a strike over at oakland schools following a new agreement on covid safety measures. the agreement between teachers and the district oakland unified says it will provide weekly covid testing at all sites and provide all students and teachers with masks like kn-95. teachers were threatening to strike if their safety demands were not met. the agreement still needs final approval from both teachers and the board of education. ama: more financial relief is on the way for some california residents forced out of work by covid. the governor's office announced today the state is restoring covid 19 supplemental paid sick
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leave. it will be available through the end of september. the benefit will help those unable to work or work from home. up to two weeks of supplemental paid sick leave will be available to those quarantining pour experiencing vaccine side effects. dan: now to the issue of safety, and a report out tonight that says asian hate crimes in san francisco are up 567%. >> we will not follow rate it. and when a crime is committed and those lines are crossed, we will do everything we can to make those arrests to hold perpetrators accountable. dan: security cameras captured some of these crimes while others will never even be reported. today the san francisco police department said there were 60 asian hate crimes last year, up from nine the previous year. police say 31 of the 60 attacks last year were connected to one person. they say the city many times the crimes go unreported and one victim who did report his attack
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is onley. >> i pleaded with them to stop. but they relished in their ability to inflict pain and fear on a defenseless senior citizen. dan: without his knowledge, onley said his attacker was given a plea deal with no jail time and one year of probation. suing district attorney claiming his constitutional rights were abridged. hudin did not respond to a request for comment. ama: happening tonight san jose city council is set to vote on a new law requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance. and pay a $25 annual fee. the council drafted the ordinance last june just a month after the v.t.a. shooting. if passed, san jose would become the first city in the nation to impose such requirements. the national foundation for gun rights is threatening a lawsuit saying the ordinance would violate the constitution and punish citizens who haven't committed a crime. dan: some politics retirement is certainly not in the plan for mouse speaker nancy pelosi.
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announcing today that she will run for re-election. >> this election is crucial, nothing less is at stake than our democracy. but as we say, we don't agonize. we organize. and that is why i am running for re-election to congress and respectfully seek your support. dan: the 81-year-old pelosi made no mention as to whether she would seek another term as speaker if re-elected. she has previously stated she would not. ama: statewide, a rent protection set to run out in a couple of months. now there's a new effort in san francisco to help people stay in their homes after an eviction notice. dan: and barry bonds shut out. the former giant slugger doesn't get the call from the baseball hall of fame once again. sports director larry beil will sports director larry beil will join us first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis.
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why burn a candle when you can switch to air wick essential mist? it's the modern way to transform fragrance infused with natural essential oils into a mist. air wick essential mist. connect to nature. ama: new details on an incident that shut down the san bruno
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bart station yesterday afternoon. witnesses tell news there was a fight and someone pushed on the tracks. the person was found under a train car but not clear if the person was hit by a train. the victim was put into an ambulance but we haven't been told what their condition s our photographer at the scene saw someone being taken into custody. dan: a teenager is charged in the murder of a 12-year-old san jose girl who died of a drug overdose. santa clara county investigators say the 16-year-old suspect sold fentanyl to the girl shortly before her death in november of 2020. she died after consume about three quarters of a single pill. this is just the second case in santa clara county where a drug dealer has been charged with murder in a fatal overdose. ama: statewide rent protections are running out. the san francisco board of supervisors just voted unanimously to pass legislation giving renters facing eviction a 10 had been day warning period. abc7 news reporter liz pena tells us if the mayor signs the legislation, it would be the first of its kind in the state.
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>> inside this 300 square foot studio apartment, counting down the case and praying for a miracle. >> subcommittee is one month behind in rent -- she is one month behind in rent and owes $1,600 and got an eviction notice. her 7-year-old daughter is afraid to end up homeless. >> your didn't want to go to school and afraid she would come back home and you would be evicted? >> yeah. [speaking spanish] she was crying and you were telling her that everything was going to be ok. today the san francisco board of supervisors voted to give renters like mercedes more time to prevent evictions. they passed legislation introduced by supervisor dean preston that will give renters facing evictions a 10-day warning period. >> 10 days, is that enough? >> well, 10 days right now is three days. so we have a crazy system in
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california where landlord on day one can say give me the rent. serve a notice. saying that. >> supervisor preston is hoping this time will allow renters to get a lawyer and avoid an eviction. >> i hope more cities enact it. there's been attempts to do this at the state level that we've tried. particularly because at the end of the day, for a tenant facing eviction, who likely already lacks the resources to find counsel, to get a lawyer takes a lot of time. reporter: even though this legislation passed today, mercedes won't benefit from it. because it still needs to be signed by mayor breed and won't go into effect until march. meanwhile, she says her daughter is packing her bags. she continues to pray for a miracle. >> she says these are her favorite toys and that if you do have to leave, she's going to take them with her. [speaking spanish] in san francisco, liz pena, abc7
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news. dan: big news in sports tonight. barry bonds will not get the call from baseball's hall of fame. for the 10th time, the former giant star did not get the support he needed from the writers. and joining us now with more on this is abc7 sports director larry beil. larry, you know, he hasn't been most popular among the sportswriters. but hard to picture baseball's all-time home run leader not in the hall of fame. larry: well, especially when the commissioner who presided over the steroid era did get voted into the hall of fame. so a little bit of hypocrisy there. but as you mentioned once again bonds denied the call to the hall. he received 66% of the baseball writers association of america votes. needed 75% to get in. and this was the 10th and final time as bonds has -- is snubbed yet again and not be on the ballot anymore. bonds the home run king 762 career homers. holds the single season home run record with 73. that was back in 2001, seven-time m.v.p. but his numbers were obviously clouded by connections to the performance-enhancing drugs. david ortiz was the only player
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voted into cooperstown this year. now, he tested positive for p.e.d.'s in 2003. he also had inferior numbers to bonds. but the test in which he was implicated was supposedly an anonymous test. it just makes you wonder where the line is drawn here. and dan, as you mentioned the popularity of and bonds had a -- a very testy relationship with the writers. the giants tweeted a statement touting bonds' accolades saying we remain hopeful that he, barry l. begin election into the national baseball hall of fame through the next phase of the voting process. and that is the hall of fame has what they call today's era, game committee, 16-person committee that will consider players who fell above the baseball writers association of america ballot. they will meet in december. i believe they meet roughly every couple of years. so all hope is not lost. but for the moment, bonds is not getting into cooperstown. ama: all right. well, larry, thank you.
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you guys had a great conversation about it in the 4:00 newscast as well. sports is all about debate. and bragging rights, right? and that's especially the case when it comes to fans from the bay area and l.a. the rivalry will gear up yet again this weekend when the 49ers travel to l.a. to play the rams. and return to the golden state in 2016 after two decades in st. louis. long-time bay area sportswriter mark purdy says there's one thing a rivalry like this requires. >> to make these rivalries work, you need the two teams, both being good at the same team and playing for the ultimate prizes. and that's what we've got this weekend. >> this will be the third time this season the rams and niners have squared off. san francisco won both and owns a six-game winning streak against l.a. but we're not bragging or anything. dan: almost makes you feel bad for l.a. almost. ama: almost. dan: taking a live look outside, meteorologist sandhya patel will have your full
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>> 39-day total of $1.3 million. we now have the second longest streak in jeopardy history. ama: she did it. oakland's amy schneider won her 39th consecutive jeopardy game. giving her the second longest winning streak in show history. up next, ken jennings and his 74-game streak. see if amy can continue her historic run tonight at 7:00 here on abc7. dan: and she is killing it. ama: oh, yeah. dan: let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. ama: abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with another nice day. what are we going to do? sandhya: we sound like a broken record, right? another dry nice day. a lovely picture right now. speaking of nice, always good to see the fog, check this out, it looks so cool. as we notice, looked like something just flew by there a bird. golden state bridge the fog rolling in tonight. here's a view from our mount tam cam and over the higher terrain. it is a bit on the breezy side.
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lower terrain, we're starting to see the winds pick up as well. gusting to 31 at s.f.o., 23 mile an hour winds sustained right now in san francisco. mount diablo to 33 earlier. overnight, those winds picked up. they were stronger and that is going to remain the case as we look at the hourly forecast, tonight the strongest winds will still be over the higher terrain as we head into tomorrow morning. the winds will ease and will be back into lighter wind mode. but as far as the air quality is concerned, because the winds aren't strong enough to mix out the atmosphere moderate air quality the next four days. live doppler 7 showing you some of that fog starting to head toward the coast and here's a view from power golden state bridge camera. the breeze picking up. you can see that flag blowing. temperatures in the low to mid 50's from san francisco to oakland. san jose, 56, 50 degrees in half moon bay and highs from the mid 50's to upper 50's at the coast all the way to the mid 60's. and here's a view from mount tam one more time. temperatures in the low to mid 50's. santa rosa, napa, 62 in
5:24 pm
fairfield. and by the way fairfield hit 70 degrees today. yeah. doesn't feel like winter. 60 in livermore. 59 in concord and one or live view from our san jose camera, skies are clear overhead, chelly overnight, patchy morning tag we're looking at dry mild days into the weekend. and there is a possibility of a pattern change come sunday, monday. but for the time being, a little bit of fog near the coast a little bit out toward the delta for the morning commute. and then the fog is gone because of the dry offshore winds. the air mass will be drier so we're not expecting a lot of fog. definitely the chill and some patchy frost so temperatures in the mid 30's for a coldest inland valley. temperature in the 40's, right around the bay and along coastline. now, afternoon highs will be on the mild side. once again. but a little bit warmer i think especially with the downsloping winds. so low to mid 60's across the region. the sun will be shining. and if you're looking for rain, you might be happy to hear that there's a possibility on sunday as our first opportunity. and then into monday. now, keep in mind models have
5:25 pm
been all over the place. one model is drier. one model is wetter. but overall it looks like we could pick up a few hundred dreads of an inch. accuweather seven day forecast morning chill sunny day. a little warmer especially around the bay heading into thursday and the coast and then minor cooling friday with more clouds. that chance of showers hanging on to that for dear life. on sunday. heading into monday. we wanted to happen so bad. you know that, ama and dan. ama: thank you, sandhya. dan: the national zoo is celebrating a new arrival and may look fury but you'll
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and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. dan: finally tonight look but don't tough. this cute little fury looking critter is a baby porcupine or the specific term porcupet. ama: so cute. born three weeks alaska at smithsonian's national zoo in washington, d.c. but it is going to be a few weeks before it gets a name. zookeepers had to send some quill samples to determine its sex. it will be about six months before it starts to look a lot more like mom and dad. but you see those little claws? dan: oh, yeah. i love when he rubbed his little face and want to tickle him under his chin. not a good idea.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. in new york, an appeals court judge and what he has just decided on masks. and dr. fauci tonight is asked, will we face another tough variant like omicron? that late word coming in tonight from the appeals court here in new york. keeping the state's indoor mask mandate for schools and businesses at least for now. after another judge in new york had halted the masks. so, masks back for now. the hearing now coming in days. tonight, pfizer launching human trials on its new omicron-specific booster. and tonight, dr. anthony fauci on the question we all have -- what is the likelihood we'll see another variant that challenges us like omicron? tonight, ukraine and russia and the new images coming in, u.s. military help arriving in ukraine. anti-tank missiles and what


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