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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 25, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PST

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more. >> right now on "america this morning," on alert. thousands of u.s. troops now being ready for possible deployment as tensions with russia escalate. we talk to our expert on what vladimir putin might do next amid growing concern that he's preparing to invade ukraine. a new court ruling on mask mandates. this morning the impact on schools. developing right now, children caught in the cross fire as violent crimes spike in major cities. a 6-month-old killed in atlanta and an 8-year-old killed in chicago. this morning the new and controversial plan to crack down on guns. plus, the fallout from president biden's hot mic insult. >> what a stupid son of a [ bleep ]. >> using profanity to describe
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a fox news reporter. the phone call they shared after that moment. a restriction on who who can buy tickets to nfl's playoff game in los angeles ignites a firestorm. later why more people may be opting out of valentine's day this year. good tuesday morning, everyone. i'm rhiannon ally. mona is off. >> i'm andrew dymburt, and we begin with thousands of u.s. troops now on alert as the crisis with russia appears to escalate. >> more than 8,000 american troops are standing by to support our allies in the region in case russia makes a move to invade ukraine and overnight we spoke with one expert about what vladimir putin's next move might be. >> abc's em nguyen begins our coverage from washington. em, good morning. >> reporter: andrew, good morning. ukraine is now responding to the u.s.' recent order for the families of embassy personnel to leave the country calling the
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departures, unnecessary and premature. with worries rapidly rising that russia could invade ukraine, president biden has directed the pentagon to put 8,500 troops on heightened alert ready for deployment at any moment to support nato forces in europe. military bases in california and delaware are quickly loading up ammunition and other military aid to ship to ukraine. former deputy assistant secretary of state and abc news contributor colonel stephen ganyard says the administration is walking a fine line. >> they don't want to further provoke putin by moving troops into eastern nato but also want to make sure that they are on guard. >> reporter: president biden now facing a test to see if he can forge a united allied stance against russia's president consulting with key european leaders last night. >> i had a very, very, very good meeting totally in unanimity with all the leaders.
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>> reporter: the threat of russia launching cyberattacks on the homeland remains high if the u.s. or nato responds to an invasion saying in a statement, quote, russia maintains a range of offensive cybertools it can employ against u.s. networks. this comes as more than 100,000 troops mass prompting fears for what putin might do next. >> we see that he's pushing very hard to install a puppet government in kyiv which would be his ultimate goal. it's difficult to understand how putin is unable to wind it all and bring it down to something less than war. >> reporter: while recent moves may suggest imminent war ganyard says it's the last thing the u.s. wants. instead he says biden is trying to tamp it down without militarily becoming involved. andrew. >> em, thank you. meanwhile, we could see another wild ride on wall street today. stock futures down sharply overnight, and it follows a
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1200-point swing on the dow yesterday. a massive sell-off due to concerns about inflation and tensions with russia was followed by a dramatic buying spree which ended up pushing the dow into positive territory by the closing bell. also fueling the volatility, an announcement expected tomorrow from the federal reserve about its plan to raise interest rates. the other big story this morning is the new court ruling on mask mandates. it comes as many parents and teachers all across the country ask whether kids should still be required to wear them in school. this morning, a major new ruling from the supreme court of new york on the polarizing issue of masks, a judge striking down new york's mask mandate for all public schools and locations. >> the supreme court has ruled that the mandates are unconstitutional. >> reporter: overnight governor kathy hochul saying her administration strongly disagrees with the ruling and the new york state education department telling superintendents across the state, schools must continue to follow the mask rule while they
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appeal. many republican leaders applauding the ruling. >> i think it's a great victory for the people of the state of new york. it's a great victory for our schoolchildren, and it's a great victory for both the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of new york. >> reporter: the debate over masks in schools also playing out in virginia where seven districts are suing the new republican governor over his executive order, which allows parents to opt their children out of school mask requirements. in california, schools in los angeles are now tightening requirements telling students they must wear a noncloth mask with a nose wire at all times including during sports events. >> children are getting covid at record numbers, which means classes and schools are shutting down because of it and also they're spreading it to their parents, grandparents, other family members. >> reporter: more than
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1.1 million children in the u.s. tested positive for covid last week. but pediatric hospitalizations fell 11% during the same time period. and people aged 17 and under still have the lowest number of hospitalizations from covid compared to any other age group. it all comes as 31 states report a plateau or decrease in new covid cases overall. the white house has started to distribute 400 million free n-95 masks. many of the larger pharmacies tell abc news they expect to get them later this week. more high-profile shootings are renewing calls to address gun violence in big cities. in atlanta, a 6-month-old baby was killed after police say the car he was in got caught in the middle of a drive-by shooter. the killer is still on the loose. and in chicago a $15,000 reward is being offered in the search for the killer of an 8-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet while walking with her mother. her mom says the killer took away her purpose for being. police say they have strong leads in that case. here in new york city, the
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mayor has unveiled a blueprint to crack down on gun violence. the plan reinstates a controversial anti-crime unit where officers dress as civilians to get guns off the streets. the unit was disbanded in 2020 after being accused of targeting minorities. the mayor, who is a former police captain, has also announced gun checkpoints to find illegal guns on trains and buses entering the city. five members of the nypd have already been shot this year. >> we will not surrender our city to the violent few. we are going to go back -- and we won't go back to the bad old days. we're going to get trigger pullers off the streets and guns out of their hands. >> the mayor's plan also includes mental health initiatives and will expand employment and social programs in low income areas. the city of baltimore is mourning the tragic loss of three firefighters. they died battling a fire at this vacant home.
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they got trapped inside when part of a three-story building collapsed. a fourth firefighter is in critical condition. their devastated colleagues were sitting across the street, one of them holding a teddy bear and balloons given to him by a neighbor. >> a u.s. navy jet has crashed in the south china sea. the navy says the jet hit the deck of the "uss carl vinson" dring training exercises. the pilot ejected and was recovered by a helicopter, but seven others were injured. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. we're getting our first look at the coldest marathon ever. dozens of runners took part in the race in siberia over the weekend including one american where temperatures hit minus 64 degrees at the start of the marathon. the winner finished in just over four hours. with that we'll take a look at your tuesday weather. a storm system is expected to bring one to four inches of snow from the great lakes into new york state and new england
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this morning, and some bitter cold temperatures will follow that storm system. by tomorrow morning negative windchills will stretch from north dakota to st. louis, and it will feel like the low 20s as far south as alabama. checking today's high temperatures, it won't get above zero in minneapolis. the northeast gets into the 40s ahead of tomorrow's freeze and around 70 today across the southwest. coming up, the ongoing shortage of baby formula. how long it could last. but first president biden's hot mic insult using profanity to describe a fox news reporter. what he said later during a private phone call. plus, we hear from the grandmother who played a clever trick on a scam artist leading to his arrest in her front yard.
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back now with an amazon delivery driver facing off with, yes, a bear, which had roamed into a yard in upland, california. the owner got on the doorbell speaker to warn the driver. but he stayed. he raises his arms up to try to scare the bear away. it appeared to work. the package was delivered safe and sound. >> without a delay too. another animal story from california. lifeguards in malibu used a jet ski to rescue a dog that was swimming 600 yards offshore. lifeguards now reminding the public that dogs are not allowed on l.a. county beaches. we turn now to president biden, caught insulting a cable news reporter. this morning we've learned about a phone call the president made last night after the hot mic moment. this morning, the white house confirms president biden has now cleared the air with a fox news correspondent after using an obscenity to describe him. >> what a stupid son
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[ bleep ]. >> reporter peter doocy had asked a question about inflation, which was on topic for the white house event, unlike other reporters who were trying to ask about ukraine. >> that's a great asset, more inflation. what a stupid son of a [ bleep ]. >> doocy now revealing that the president called him last night. >> he said it's nothing personal, pal, and we went back and forth, and we were talking about just kind of moving forward. >> doocy is not asking for an apology. >> i don't need anybody to apologize to me. he can call me whatever he wants as long as it gets him talking. >> last week the president grew frustrated at a different fox news correspondent who asked about russia and ukraine. >> why are you waiting on putin ua make the first move, sir? an this is a big -- deal. the pa.
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>> reporter: as for doocy, he and the rest of fox news appear to be laughing off the insult. >> i think the president is right. you are a stupid s.o.b. >> nobody has fact-checked me and said it's not true. >> biden famously once said after making another gaffe, quote, assume every microphone is on. some parents are having a tough time finding baby formula, and the shortage is being blamed on supply chain problems. some parents say they've gone from store to store only to find this, empty shelves. retailers like amazon, cvs, and target say they are working with suppliers to meet the high demand for formula, but some brands may not be available for up to six weeks. and coming up, what is history, made on "jeopardy!" also ahead, a wild tantrum you don't want to miss over a
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amodio into second place all time for longest "jeopardy!" win streaks. amodio saying he's tremendously happy for her. but she still has a long way to go before catching ken jennings, who had 74 in a row. a father from connecticut is now explaining his hate-filled tirade at a smoothie shop, but his apology may not be enough. he's now facing charges, and he's lost his job. >> i'm calling the police. i'm calling the police. >> this morning, this man caught on camera throwing a smoothie and threatening teenagers working at this smoothie shop in connecticut. he's now apologizing. video of the hate-filled tirade posted on tiktok has already been viewed millions of times. 48-year-old james iannazzo now saying in a statement, my actions were wrong, and i deeply regret them. they do not reflect my values or my character.
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police arrested iannazzo soon after saturday's confrontation. he says he threw the tantrum after his son suffered a severe allergic reaction to nuts, drinking a smoothie he had bought there. >> he threatened to kill us multiple times. he tried to come behind the doors. so then i started recording. >> i really felt like he was going to throw something again or try to hit me or do something. >> now merrill lynch has fired iannazzo from his financial adviser job, saying, our company does not tolerate behavior of this kind. we immediately investigated and have taken action. this individual is no longer employed at our firm. in his statement apologizing, iannazzo said, i was out of my mind with fear after his son drank the smoothie and lost the capacity to breathe properly. his lips and face swelled up and fell unconscious, adding two epipens failed to stop the reaction. iannazzo says he advised the store of his son's allergy when ordering the drink. he credits his wife and first
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responders for saving his son's life. iannazzo faces several charges. his lawyer says his prearental instincts kicked in. >> we're now hearing from the grandmother seen getting back at a guy who tried to conher. last week called jean pretending to be her grandson. she knew something was up since her grandson isn't old enough to drive. she played along, got the alleged crook to come to her house. gave him an envelope filled with paper towels instead of cash. >> maybe they'll realize that they can be scammed too because i played the game really well right from the beginning. they believed me hook, line, and sinker. >> the suspect is now under arrest. >> smart granny. coming up, why more people may be opting out of valentine's day this year. also ahead, a restriction on who can buy tickets to sunday's nfl playoff game. it ignites a firestorm in l.a.
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♪ time now to check "the pulse," and we begin with a ticket controversy ahead of sunday's nfc championship game in l.a. >> it's the rams against the san francisco 49ers, and the rams are trying to avoid a repeat of their week 18 home game when 49ers fans flooded into sofi stadium in l.a. giving san francisco more of the home field advantage. >> so ticketmaster restricted sales to sunday's game. only people in l.a., they had to require proof of an l.a.-based address on their billing address but after an uproar they did lift the restrictions. >> now anyone can get tickets. valentine's is only a few weeks away. this year more businesses
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businesses are taking a more sensitive approach to their marketing. >> popular brands are giving customers an idea to opt out of emails about valentine's day offers. the goal, to avoid reminding single people about the holiday and realize it can cause some anxiety and depression. next rain will be no match for tesla's new vehicle that featured an oversized way to make raindrops vanish. >> this is the windshield wiper on the tesla cybertruck. last month elon musk said the big rain remover troubled him. he appears to have gotten over those issues. look at that. >> also the truck does not have any door handles, just opens the doors automatically. finally one ski resort never imagined its snow report would get this much attention. >> the resort is in pennsylvania and its snow report is getting attention thanks to the struggling skier you can see in the background. look at the right of the screen who's having trouble navigating the stairs in her ski boot. >> it was all a setup to get publicity and it worked. the video has been viewed 4 the video has been viewed 4 million times.
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> now at
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the next step in the fight against omicron. the new trial underway this morning. >> vaccines and kids. a proposed bill requiring children across the state to get the vaccine. >> in's one week, chase center's boost mandate -- in one week,'s she sent -- one week, chase center's boost mandate goes into effect. >> a north bay brewery closing its doors. why the owner says it is time to call it quits. good morning. you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven and wherever you stream. >> we will start with meteorologist drew dutra. drew: the thick fog into the bay area. three fourths of a mile in santa rosa, six miles in fairfield and elsewhere the fog is not.


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