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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 24, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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do not want to get overconfident. kumasi: promising trends with the omicron surge. experts assuring what things might look like in a matter of weeks. reggie: good morning, it is monday, january 24. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with the forecast. drew: we are checking sunshine this afternoon, temperatures on the mild side. this morning, some fog in the north bay. santa rosa down to a half mile visibility, elsewhere we are doing well. generally clear skies, that allows temperatures to cool off rapidly. it is chilly, we are at the freezing mark in santa rosa. oakland at 41, take winter jacket with you this morning. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you clear skies over the city. early morning fog in the north bay, sunshine this afternoon. temperatures on the comfortable side, upper 50's to mid-60's later today. reggie: developing news overseas, the u.s. embassy in ukraine is on high alert this
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morning. it comes amid growing threats of a russian invasion in ukraine. that is forcing the u.s. state department take action. jobina: the state department is ordering diplomat families to leave ukraine immediately. but the u.s. embassy campus open, non-essential travel and -- non-essential staff has been told to get out. the biden administration is considering sending more troops to the region. abc new cviover the weekend. this comes as russia has amassed at least 100,000 troops near its border with ukraine, prompting a bipartisan call for immediate action. >> let's make sure we are pushing back right now with stiff sanctions. >> the strongest sanctions, the sorts that we used to bring a run to the table is something we should hold out as a deterrent to prevent prudent -- putin from taking the last step of invasion. jobina: the u.s. military should
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get additional supplies to ukraine after the biden administration approved $200 million in defensive security assistance. meantime, any bridge intelligence report out this morning accuses pressure of plotting to install a pro-russian leader in ukraine. russia's dismissing the comments as disinformation. kumasi: promising news in the fight against covid-19. dr. fauci says he is confident omicron cases will peak in most states by the middle of february, but the bay area may have already reached the milestone. amy hollyfield is joining us live with what experts are saying. amy: they are happy with how numbers look. they say they are feeling good about how case numbers are looking across the bay area. locally, doctors say it looks like the bay area's passed the omicron peak. the entire country could soon follow by february. the point out it is not finished with us yet, we will still see people getting sick.
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the numbers in the hospitals do not quite reflect the case numbers yet. >> hospitalizations are going to lag behind case counts by a week or two weeks. deaths are going to lag behind case counts may be up to three or four weeks. amy: doctors say even if there is another variant coming behind omicron, we should be able to handle it ok with one doctor telling us if you had omicron, you have developed a strong immunity against the whole virus. doctors say it looks like we are getting closer to moving from a pandemic to an end epic. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: no more cloth masks for students in the l.a. unified school district. starting today, they will have ffials acr tn.s th w ate been suggeso suicke n95. the district make this masks available to students upon
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request. kumasi: assigned the restaurant industry in san francisco may be rebounding brick the chronicle reports data collected from open table shows an 8% increase in reservations from january 12 to 20th. the percentage of san francisco restaurants taking reservations on opentable also went up 15% earlier in the month. reggie: a group spent their sunday protesting covid-19 vaccine mandates. >> our message here today as we are against mandates. in any form. masking, vaccines. >> i do not believe people should be forced to take the vaccination. it should be a choice. reggie: the group calling themselves marine parents united rallied and marched around the civic center. they are considering a lawsuit against the marin county board of education for requiring parents be vaccinated to attend things like sporting events. the board of education shot back sunday cindy public health department requires people gathering in large groups to be vaccinated. vaccine mandates are needed to
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save lives and to slow the spread of covid. >> the only thing that has moved the dial in the u.s. is mandates. mandates really speak to the benefit at the community level and speak to the benefit at the hospital level and preventing hospitals from being overrun. reggie: he says new cdc data shows vaccinated people over 65 r 49 times less likely to be hospitalized with covid-19. if you want to save today on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website kumasi: electricity is back on for pg&e customers who saw their power not cap by windy weekend weather. they spent all of sunday making repairs to power lines and transformers. trees fell into the equipment and oakland hills on saturday. residents tried hard not to let the outage spoil weekend plans. >> the kids are treating it like a campout. the neighbors are all helping
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each other, we had a neighbor give us some big ice blocks for the fridge and some neighbors have battery backup here now. kumasi: windy weather toppled trees into cars, christian cars like this one in oaklands rock rich district. reggie: part of highway one is closed as crews continue to battle the wildfire. 700 acres have burned since the fire broke out friday. using wins help crews gain the upper hand. calfire says there is a lot of concern about wildfire in january. >> the grasses, twigs, ground litter is all very dry. he put some wind behind that -- you put some wind behind that, it gets the fire moving. reggie: hundreds of residents are not evacuated. fire has damaged at least one structure. no reports of injuries. so far, it is 35% contained. a concerning site found in san francisco. the disturbing anti-semitic
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messages being spread on flyers and picked up in other cities. kumasi: a problem turning some iphone screens pink, making them impossible to use. what to do if it happens to yours. drew: starting with temperatures in the 30's and 40's this morning. hour-by-hour, the chilly start as we headed midday, we see numbers rise to the 50's. a lot of sunshine this afternoon will get us to 50's and 60's. taking a closer
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reggie: be careful if you go to the beach, there is a warning for rip currents to 1:00 this afternoon. there are dangerous conde are da expected. officials say this is a good reminder to never turn your back on the ocean.
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jobina:bina:bina:bina:bina:bina: with a look in just a moment, we do have a rollover in san jose that is causing a bit of a slowdown on northbound 101 to south bend to 80. the transition ramp there. it looks like entries have been reported and emergency crews are on scene. -- injuries. metering lights are not on at the toll plaza, traffic is moving smoothly at the limit. we are going to bring in walnut creek, you can see southbound traffic on six it is starting to pick up and wrapping up with the drive times. to dublin, 47 minutes for that right. -- ride. kumasi: look at this. it is you, drew? ok, i will tell you about the northern lights. this is new at 6:00. this is the northern lights combined with the full moon.
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a skier was treated to this display while checking through the wilderness in a small prevalence -- province in finland. you can see the northern lights about 200 nights a year in that region. reggie: that doesn't even look real, amazing. one woman is giving you a friendly reminder to check your email spam folder. at least every once in a while. the way she found $3 million tucked inside. kumasi: the 49ers are one step closer to the super bowl. now it is the bay versus l.a., they have serious issues with what the rams are doing to stop them from getting there. reggie: a live look out
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to appeal a tradition to the united states. rinse high court ruled in his favor overnight, meaning he can appeal to uk's supreme court. two senior judges previously ruled he could be extradited to the u.s. if the government could guarantee proper treatment. authorities have charged him under the espionage act for his role in publishing thousands of classified military documents in 2010. reggie: san francisco pierced to be the latest city targeted by anti-semitic flyers. these are about coronavirus measures. dozens of flyers are along union street, civic avenue yesterday. similar flyers were also found in the miami area. police there are actively investigating it have increased patrol. nearly identical flyers were found in southern california last month. the jewish community relations council told us they are working police and encouraging people not to shy away from going to synagogues. kumasi: the family of a woman found dead after a date is suing police and the city of bridgeport, connecticut. police say they responded to the
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home of lawrence smith on the morning of december 12. the police report, officers of the man who called 911 was drinking with her the night before. when he woke up, the man said she had blood on her nose and was not breathing. >> i cannot believe my baby sister was gone. >> she had a life, she had a business. she was in college. she had a family and friends that love her. kumasi: investigators say they are waiting for toxicology reports and the cause and manner of her death. the family is suing, playing -- claiming police refused to look at the man last known to see her life as a person of interest. they say the detective might have a connection to the man who called 911 and may have helped assist in a cover-up. reggie: passengers on a cruise ship are back in the u.s. after a frustrating weekend. the ship refused to enter u.s. waters after a miami judge issued a warrant to seize it
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over unpaid fuel bills. the crystal symphony was headed to florida, but instead docked in the bahamas. passengers had to take a ferry back to fort lauderdale yesterday. i feel company filed a complaint in court claiming crystal cruises owes them more than $4.5 million in fuel bills. crystal cruises recently announced that it to run out of money by the end of the month. the company says passengers will be refunded. kumasi: some iphone 13 users are reporting a problem with their screens turning pink. some users say this is what it looks like. statistically freezes then randomly changes to this pink color, making it impossible to use until it is restarted. apple responded, calling it a software bug. the company is telling customers to back up data and install the latest software update. reggie: spider-man kept swinging up the all-time box office charts. it is that the sixth highest grossing movie ever. it passed the lion king from
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2019 and 2015 drastic world. spider-man no way home has now tracked up $1.69 billion worldwide. it returned to the number one spot in north america, bumping scream down to two. disney is the parent company of both marvel and abc 7. adele gave some disappointed fans a once-in-a-lifetime treat after postponing her las vegas residency. a lucky group got a personal facetime call. [indiscernible] reggie: they are ok. james said he was stunned when his tiktok video voicing his disappointment and actual response from adele's verified instagram account. the message said go to a specific shop in caesar's palace, then after that, there was one of her employees holding up a phone with the superstar on the line. kumasi: this story is cool.
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one lucky michigan woman, 3 million dollars richer. all because she checked the spam folder in her email. laura spears since she was looking for an email from somebody else and decided to check the spam folder. that is when she saw an email from the michigan lottery saying she won the drawing on december 31. she confirmed it on her lottery account that she was a winner with the ticket matching five of six numbers. she said she plans to share her winnings with family and retire earlier than planned. drew: ok. [laughter] reggie: to everyone else, just know this is very unusual. most of the time, that is a scam. how may times of people tried to scam you? left and right. kumasi: that is true. reggie: the cable company, this is your long lost friend who needs a few dollars. kumasi: that is true. drew: now they get crated with text messages. do you guys get those? nonstop.
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i've got to find a friend who did me dirty. reggie: is it one of our mutuals? drew: the plot thickens, that is all i will say. reggie: in my the drama? -- amorite the drama -- am i the drama? drew: waste 16 feet hive, that high, we have an increased of strong rip currents to this afternoon. the current comes down later this evening. a little bit of fog in the north bay, santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile. 2.5 miles in novato. outside, live look from the rooftops camera, you see the bay bridge nicely. just a light breeze, flag is gently waving. they are skies, allowing temperatures to cool off quickly read temperatures in the 30's and a lot of spots near freezing. 34 in san ramon, 41 in oakland.
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certainly chile -- chi chi chi i this monday morning. upper 50's to lower 60's later today, enjoy the mild temperatures. overnight, fog is more widespread around the bay shoreline. temperatures are chilly in the 30's and 40's. rain possibly returning to the forecast, the next five days we remain dry. what we are watching is early next week. this is one week from today, next monday. looks like a storm enters the west coast, that includes parts of northern california. keep updated. looks like the pattern could flip early next week. accuweather 7 day forecast, all about sunshine. keep mild temperatures to the end of the upcoming week. the weekend will find increasing clouds with an added chance of wet weather late sunday. looks like early next week we will have to track the rain. monday, tuesday and wednesday. reggie: now, ginger is live with a look at what is happening on gma.
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>> good morning. really looking forward to being with you here on gma, we will start the rising tensions with russia. the u.s. now ordering some americans to leave ukraine, fearing an invasion. resident biden considering sending u.s. troops, you know we will get into all of it. dr. fauci with some helpful words of the omicron search, we know hospitals and parts of the country are feeling strain. what he is saying when the worst could be over and what comes next. plus, amy schneider made tying the streak for the second most consecutive wins. she is going for the record today, why not she will join us live right here on gma. plus, it is tax season. i found myself in a pile of receipts yesterday, you probably are, too. do not worry, we have tips to maximize the return and get it to you sooner here on good morning america. reggie: i do apologize, i
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should've introduced u.s. two-time new york times best-selling author. ginger: that is what i require. i am also in the weather hall of fame -- i am kidding. [laughter] it starts to get to be real long. [laughter] reggie: should i add dancing with the stars? ginger: humble is at the end. reggie: congratulations, i was thrilled for you and i saw that. ginger: i am grateful. [laughter] reggie: we will add more accolades next time you join us. it would be 45 seconds long. we will see you did new york times new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale.
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drew: 6:24 on monday, waking up to chilly temperatures. in san mateo at 39, 33 in napa. 34 in san ramon. warmer to the coast in the mid and upper 40's, but grabbed the heavier jacket. you do not need it this afternoon.
6:25 am
many clear skies, little fog in the north bay, that is it. here's how the day is shaping up. early morning fog in the north they come a lot of sunshine throughout the afternoon. at 4:00, temperatures in the upper 50's to mid 60's. reggie: a hockey game tradition set a new world record. >> pulls the trigger, scored. mayhem, it is teddy bear toss time. fans of the hershey bears are in hershey, pennsylvania through stuffed bears onto the ice during saturday's game. the toss is triggered by the first bears goal of the game. hershey players enjoyed a 30 minute game delay to celebrate in the mountains of animals. the team says more than 52,000 stuffed animals were collected, setting a new world record. those will be donated to charities. kumasi: let's talk about this,
6:26 am
san francisco has a case of a 49ers fever. several landmarks including city hall and the airport are lit up in red and gold. the team is playing for a spot in the super bowl on sunday after icing the green bay packers in green bay on saturday night. they are preparing to battle the rams once again, we might be end for another fateful takeover on the road. the rams held off tom brady into the buccaneers to win yesterday. on saturday, the 49ers want a walk-off field goal. san francisco has won six straight gamesst rams, all of those in the regular season, as you mentioned, a trip to super bowl 56 is on the line. >> we enjoy this, we've got to get ready for it seem we know has been a tough matchup. they've done an outstanding job, great game. >> it is something we went through that i don't ever want to happen. that is what made us who we are, that is why we are the team we are. that is why we are still standing. kumasi: the 49ers take on the
6:27 am
rams this sunday in l.a.. if you're trained to go down there to l.a. for the game -- trying, to figure something out. tickets for the game are limited to southern california residents only. don't you know someone in l.a. could buy the tickets? reggie: not a person. kumasi: you don't have a friend? reggie: first of all, i am not going to do that. kumasi: for everybody else going down there. [laughter] find somebody in l.a. and buy the ticket. reggie: look, i am all for the 49ers. go team. but i don't want to take someone else's spot who would really enjoy it. kumasi: we are all going to enjoy it. what if you go down there just to be in the vibe? l.a. this weekend -- that's the vibe. not you. [laughter] ok. next at 6:30, the top story we are following. teachers coming closer to
6:28 am
striking in the east bay. the last ditch talks set to start today. reggie: a study showing what most american adults are lacking. kumasi: season starts today, there is one special form this year you need to hold onto for your child tax credit. reggie: as we had to break, live look outside. 6:28, we are right back.
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moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories right now at 6:30, teacher striking the east bay is still on the table this morning. the continuing talks and reaction from parents. kumasi: reaching a peak of omicron cases. dr. fauci's message about a possible end the current surge. reggie: a change to valentine's day candy. the new messages on the hearts that are sure to get some mixed reactions. especially from our team. good morning on this monday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream.
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we are going to start with the forecast. drew: we had a little bit of fog, not widespread but the issues in the north bay are the typical trouble spot early this morning hour. issues in santa rosa, dental half a mile. less than two miles in fairfield. -- down to half a mile. a lot of us in the 30's from the north bay to the east bay, even along the peninsula. san mateo at 39. clear skies and the east bay hills vantage point. as the sun gets up, we have a lot of sunshine. early morning fog in the north bay, that is it in terms of any low clouds. into the afternoon, it is bright. 4:00 with temperatures in the 50's to mid 60's. reggie: over the peak. there seems to be in agreement that the bay area is now on the omicron downward slope, the rest of the nation appears to be just behind us. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek. amy: good morning. hospitals are still seeing cases
6:32 am
, they say they will for a while. they expect the hospitalization rate will lag behind the case rate by a week or two, and case rates are looking good here in the bay area. take a look at this map to see how the entire country looks. it is not looking too bad, it looks like in the northeast and upper midwest, they have already hit their peak, which is also what experts are saying about the bay area. parts of the south and west are still seeing case numbers go up, though. but dr. fauci thinks the country will have peaked by mid-february and local doctors say they agree. >> i think he is right that by mid-february, for probably the entire country, we will be past the peak and coming down to where cases are manageable. amy: being able to classify this as an end that make, even if there is another variant coming. they say those who have had omicron have built up a strong
6:33 am
immunity against the entire virus, so even if it changes, a large segment of the population will be able to fight it. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: negotiations are set to resume today between the oakland unified school district and the teachers union. teachers will not be going on strike right now, but it is still a possibility. the union is upset with the current covid safety measures and has not been able to come to an agreement with the district. teachers are asking for weekly testing, high-quality masks and qualified subs. some are pushing for a return to virtual learning, but some disagree. >> can't seem to be in school, it is simple. i did not know why we are continuing to use children as the ball in this game between the district and the teachers unions. kumasi: we reached out to the district for comment, we have not heard back. again, the union is not on strike today subclasses are expected to go on as planned. reggie: the michigan high school
6:34 am
where four students were shot and killed in november is reopening for the first time since the tragedy. the students have been attending classes at other buildings since returning from winter break. a fellow student, ethan crumbley, start with murder. his parents are also facing charges for giving him access to a gun they purchased on black friday. kumasi: not to the rise in cases of violence against police officers. another officer was shot overnight in the nation's capital becomes after two other officers were killed over the weekend. several states are stepping up efforts to go after illegal guns. jobina: steareer to unchask rc theyreadup me agencies across nine states and are set to meet later this week. it comes after several shootings , including an ambush attack on police reading to a standoff in washington, d.c. at least one officer was taken to the hospital after an armed suspect opened fire before barricading themselves in house. over the weekend, shooting in houston left a corporal dead and
6:35 am
another shooting in new york that killed a rookie officer. >> take care of [indiscernible] he was 22 years old. jobina: investigators say the gun used to shoot him as a clock with a high-capacity magazine. -- was a glock with a high-capacity magazine that was allegedly stolen from baltimore in 2017. they want action to stop the flow of illegal firearms between states. the nypd says it is bringing back an anti-gun unit to target gun offenders. kumasi: the federal trial is set to begin for three former minneapolis police officers charged in george floyd's death three men were with derek chauvin when he pinned him to the street. they are charged with violating his civil rights by failing to provide medical aid. the justice department launched
6:36 am
a separate civil investigation into possible patterns of discrimination and excessive force in the minneapolis police department. reggie: house committee and vista getting the january 6 insurrection has reportedly interviewed former attorney general william barr. he was a staunch defender of president trump during his tenure. he resigned from the post in december 2020 after publicly rejecting trump's false election claims. the chair of the committee says they have had multiple conversations with him and other high-level administration officials. >> to be honest, we have had conversations with the former attorney general already. we talk to the department of defense individuals. we are concerned our military was part of this big lie on promoting that the election was full speed -- false. reggie: phone records have been obtained from eric trump and they arbery resting an interview
6:37 am
with his daughter. -- they are requesting an interview with his daughter. kumasi: today is the first to you can file taxes. unlike the last two years, there are no covid extensions. unemployment support is taxable for 2021, but there was a tax break on some of that money. virus anticipates most taxpayers will receive their refund within 21 days of filing electronically. however, there is a backlog because the irs has been running endemic related programs. the deadline to submit is april 18. if you are a parent, keep an eye out for a special mail. it is known as litter 6419. it has to do with 2021's advanced child tax credit is paid out in july through december. family's receipt of dollars for each child five end up to $50 for tutor between the ages of six and 17. the letter will help parents accurately report the amount of money they received upfront in
6:38 am
2021. reggie: we are all about getting you power over money after a taxing holiday season of spending, there are four different strategies to pay down that debt. kumasi: looking live the new york stock exchange, starting down by 440 points. another update on the markets next. reggie: the current jeopardy champion talking about her victory. amy schneider sharing what this streak feels like in her first live tv interview. kumasi: you can watch abc seven for an extra hour with abc 7 at 7:00. today, breaking down a strange new real estate trend in the bay area. homebuyers looking for low-tech features like 1800s low-tech. abc 7 at 7:00 is like weekdays at 7:00 on the streaming apps and the app is free to download. jobina: we are going to take a
6:39 am
look at traffic and start with graphics. i am following two crashes that are going to slow you down. the first and is in fairfield blocking at least one lane on westbound 80. you can see speeds have dropped two miles an hour -- 19 miles an hour. in san jose, this is been an issue for about an hour. northbound 101 to south bend to 80 transition ramp, car overturned. injuries are reported and emergency crews are on scene. a life picture of the bay bridge toll plaza, the back of his building. hearing lights came on at 6:00 this morning. to dublin, it is slow to can you almost an hour to make that ride. 56 minutes. drew: yikes, that is going to take a long time to get where you are going on that route. we are finding is fog is not nearly as widespread this morning. we have issues in the north bay also along the coastline. a beach hazard statement is in effect this afternoon, 1:00 rude
6:40 am
wave height is six to 10 feet, we've northwest swell which is bringing us increased whisk of sneaker waves and strong rip current. be aware. visibility right now is improved in santa rosa come up to three miles. fairfield, half a mile visibility. some issues in the north bay. elsewhere doing good. here is a live look from the san rafael camera, showing you the sun is slowly rising. clear skies overhead. that allows temperatures to start off cool in the 30's and low 40's. live doppler 7, high-pressure think of the coastline for the next couple days. the dry pattern does continue. hour-by-hour we go on the future weather, showing you temperatures starting out in the 30's and 40's. have the heavier jacket. i midday, we see the numbers slowly climb the 50's. into the afternoon, a lot of sunshine. some high, thin clouds but overall nice afternoon. sunny skies today, 59 in the city. 64 in santa rosa.
6:41 am
65 in san jose. 59 in half moon bay. if you travel across the state, it is dry. a lot of sunshine, especially across southern california. 80 in palm springs. meissen tahoe, 47. it is chilly, sacrament of about 61 degrees. -- sacramento hitting about 61 degrees. let's take a look around the bay. >> we are going to the lost world. >> your breath, dude. you got to brush more. >> buck wild at your service. >> where are those two? >> ice ages back. >> time to get buck wild. >> destiny awaits. >> stay out of it. >> ice
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
reggie: we are hearing from a senior seen on camera being shoved to the ground in oakland chinatown. videos from multiple angles show a woman who only wanted to be identified as ms. to the ground. for six to six-year-old tells us she went to chinatown to see her doctor into the bank. >> home. i was pushed from behind. i felt. -- fell. i am ok, thank you. reggie: this incident outraged many in the community. when it happened, one witness was so angry they punched the suspect in the head. the oakland chinatown improvement council helped to identify.
6:45 am
they're calling for organizations to unite together during this time. multiple sources say the suspect has been arrested. she says that makes her feel the community is safer. she reminds everyone to be careful, especially as people get ready for the lunar new year. kumasi: san francisco chinatown merchants are setting up shop to celebrate the year of the tiger. shoppers can grab sweet and savory treats and other goodies at the lunar new year pop-up market. it is happening every saturday and sunday through mid february. proceeds go to a nonprofit. the pop-up is open from 8:00 to 3:00. reggie: more than one third of americans added personal debt this past holiday season. a lot of it going right onto your credit cards. there are smarter ways to paid and the debt. one is the debt avalanche method. the idea is you attack the card that has the highest interest rate, putting as much toward as you can afford. another way is the debt snowball method. that is about baby steps, starting with the smallest balance first.
6:46 am
experts say no matter which one you choose, always have a spending plan. >> you cannot get out of debt if you don't have a budget. these two things go hand-in-hand. while you are thinking about inducing your debt load, you want to be mindful of how you are spending and making sure that is aligned with the debt payoff goals. reggie: experts say you can lower your payments by transferring your balances to a card that charges no interest for a. -- for a period of time, 12 to 15 months. intel is hoping to lead the way in solving the global shortage on semiconductor chips. in an interview, the ceo says he plans to develop a $20 billion manufacturing plant in ohio. he hopes the complex of the complex be operational by 2025. 3000 workers will be employed to work at the plate to make the chips that power cars into devices like iphones and gaming consoles. it is set to be a big week ahead for the stock market, which is
6:47 am
been off to a bruising start into 22. this week will see fourth-quarter earnings from ge, mcdonald's, microsoft and cupertino-based apple and former palo alto-based tesla, which is now in austin. the nasdaq has been down 12% this year. a live look at what is happening at the stock exchange, it keeps going south. now down about 520 points. kumasi: china's will of the organizing committee reports more than 70 positive kobe cases among people who are going to be a part of the upcoming winter games. pcr tests caught 39 of the infections in people arriving at the airport. none are athletes. china isn't amending a bubble type protocol for all things olympics. there will be no contact between anyone involved in the games and the public. animal activists are working to ban black bear hunting in california. the humane society of the united states filed a petition asking for moratorium on the upcoming hunting season.
6:48 am
and what the state to release a bear population management plan and figure out an accurate count on the population before opening the season. currently, the population is tracked using the number of killed bears to estimate the total population. that is a practice the humane society says is inaccurate. the state fish and game commission will review the petition next month. reggie: if you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, you not alone. a cdc study finds most americans are not eating enough in their daily diet. only 12% of adults eat the recommended 1.5 to two cups of fruit every day. just one in 10 eats the suggested two to three cups of veggies. the report finds people over 50 or more likely to follow the guidelines compared to younger people. the cdc says diets rich in fruits and vegetables help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of chronic disease. kumasi: tonight, a new series promised land is premiering on abc 7. it is a drama that spans generations following a latinx
6:49 am
family vying for power. >> it was important for me to be a part of the story that is about the latina experience with a latina cast, creative and written by tina staff. -- latina staff. kumasi: the show the show the sw sets of siblings who immigrated from mexico to achieve the american dream. they have a bit of everything, family, faith and betrayal. you can watch the series premiere tonight at 10:00. it will air every monday right here on abc 7. reggie: valentine's day classic is getting an upgrade for 22. you can decide if it is an upgrade. the sweethearts conversation hearts are spreading more than just love. they are spreading what they call positivity. with words of encouragement printed. each box will include 16 sayings like you got this and high-five. crush it.
6:50 am
do not worry, the classic sayings are still there. you can still ask someone to be mine and sugar form. -- in sugar form. kumasi: 6:00, san francisco general hospital foundation is revealing this year's new valentine's day hearts that are going to be displayed. i like these. here is a look at some of the annual renditions. 20 artists donated their time to create hearts. this goes to raise money for the hospital. they are going to be on display starting next month. the locations are unveiled during a gala that will be live-streamed for bruton. i like this. -- february 10. reggie: that is better than the conversation hearts. drew: you up? kumasi: what do you do if you get the high-five heart. reggie: then you delete that person's number from your phone. drew: it all depends. if it is someone you really
6:51 am
wanted to date. reggie: someone had a good one, that is a heart with the three dots. when you are waiting for the message. drew: then it disappears. [laughter] kumasi: that is hurtful. drew: it is. kumasi: that is worse than red -- read. drew: you're like, oh. [laughter] it makes you really sad. just a few issues in the north bay, that is where we see problem spots. two miles visibility in santa rosa, the worst buys a mile and half in fairfield. elsewhere, doing just fine. fog is not as widespread as previous mornings. it is chilly, down to 33 in napa. 33 in san ramon. 39 in san mateo. would to is the current temperature in hayward. grabbed the winter jacket as he stepped out the door, it is chilly to start. a beautiful shot.
6:52 am
the sun is slowly rising, some watercolors early on monday morning. we will see a lot of sunshine later today. the chilly start, bright skies this afternoon. 59 in the city. 65 in san jose, 64 in santa rosa. overnight tonight, the fog becomes more widespread around the bay shoreline. otherwise, temperatures on the chilly side. let's talk about the weather pattern. he remained drive-through friday, it looks like things begin to change early next week as we turned the cam and february. this is one week from today. we have a storm moving in into northern california, it could linger into tuesday and wednesday. rainfall, this is the next 10 days. this is focused early next week, looks like a wetter pattern could return. we'll keep our eyes on that, it is encouraging to see. seven day, sunny afternoon we keep the mild temperatures through much of the week ahead.
6:53 am
the weekend they let ours are dry, increasing clouds sunday. include the chance of rain returning sunday night. reggie: new at 6:00, south carolina dad made use of an old golf cart to give his kids something to play with in the snow. of an old golf cart. -- a sled. the seat is still there. he has a full-time job, bu as a hobby, he rebuilds carts. he has a punch in his garage and always has different parts. his wife says the kids were excited about the sled, it was big enough they could write it together with all of their friends. --we went downhill. what is this -- dad pull us. kumasi: they need the speed.
6:54 am
reggie: is this letting? -- sledding? also, isn't it going fast? kumasi: they need the speed. reggie: find a hill. [laughter] kumasi: dragon is heading back to earth from the iss as we speak. the cargo ship is bringing medical supplies and nearly 5000 pounds of cargo and research to the kennedy space center in florida. it is expected to splash down off the coast of the florida panhandle this afternoon. reggie: oakland's own naming schneider -- amy schneider continues her winning streak on jeopardy. >> who is larry david? what is bebop? what is the later -- zoolander? reggie: she is tied for second was convicted of games at 38. she is on gma talking about with the best part is about being on
6:55 am
the show. >> the best part for me has been being on tv as my true self, expressing myself and representing the entire community of trans people and just showing a different thing maybe some people have seen of just being smart, confident woman and doing something supernormal, like being on jeopardy. reggie: you can watch the full interview on gma at 7:00, including how she developed her browser skills. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 on abc 7. i said earlier i was going to interview her, i am not. [laughter] i was all excited. >> we are all a part of this. i have a surprise. details to come. kumasi: we like a surprise.
6:56 am
[laughter] he was looking sad. [laughter]next, seven things yoo know today. reggie: i did not know these are the two people i am interviewing. a live look
6:57 am
6:58 am
kumasi: here are seven things to know this morning. the u.s. state department is ordering diplomat families and nonessential staff to leave ukraine immediately. it comes amid heightened fears of a russian invasion. reggie: dr. fauci said he is confident omicron cases will peak in most states by mid-february. doctors believe most of the bay area has already reached the peak. kumasi: negotiations are set to resume between the oakland unified school district and the teachers union over covert safety protocols. teachers will not be going on strike right now, but it is a possibility. reggie: todyou ca filing taxes. unlike the last two years, there will be no covert extensions. the deadline to submit tax returns as a play team. drew: we are talking a little bit of fog, beautiful clear sky. live look from the exploratorium camera showing you the sun is slowly rising. lots of sunshine this afternoon, temperatures in the 50's and 60's.
6:59 am
jobina: up to fairfield, we have an update on the crash we are following. we have slow patches in the area on westbound 80. kumasi: the 49ers are preparing to battle the rams for the nfc title. if you are trying to go to l.a. for the game, you either need a friend who lives in l.a. or some coins. [laughter] tickets are limited to so then only. you can go on step up or ticketmaster and a try to buy them, but they are expensive. you need to live. spend the money. drew: that was cute. reggie: it was. kumasi: like when i told you divide the adult tickets. by these. -- to by the adele tickets. get these. drew: then what happened? i am not getting a crying face time message. kumasi: she couldn't help but
7:00 am
read watch us, we have another hour coming up right now. reggie: download the app. drew: good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, a dramatic escalation in the showdown with russia, as we start a new week. breaking news. nato sending fighter jets and additional ships to eastern europe. as president biden considers sending thousands of u.s. troops to the region. and russian troops mass on the ukraine border, the state department now ordering some americans to leave ukraine as fears grow vladimir putin will order an invasion. deadly isis prison break. fierce fighting leaves scores dead after militants launched an attack attempting to free thousands of isis fighters in syria. now, the concerns that children are being used as human shields while the u.s. launches air strikes to support its allies. breaking overnight. a dangerous standoff in washington, d.c. a police officer shot in an ambush attack. this on the heels of a deadly
7:01 am
traffic stop s


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