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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 24, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we don't want to get overconfident. >> the timeline for reaching the possible peak. a major highway closer. >-- closure. >> you're watching abc watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> it was a warm and windy weekend. today is much colder -- cooler and we will find a lot of sunshine. our typical problem spots. it is much cooler out there today compared to yesterday. 35 in napa.
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40 and san mateo. -- in salmon so. a bit -- san mateo. plenty of stars over the city. we have done -- the north bay far. temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday. >> developing news. the u.s. embassy in ukraine on high alert. amid going threats -- growing threats of a invasion of ukraine. >> while the u.s. still open, all non-extensive -- essential staff is being told to get out. a receipt news has learned that -- abc news has learned -- this comes as russia has at least
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amassed 100,000 troops at the border with ukraine, prompting a bipartisan call for action. >> the very strongest strongestt this sorts of sanctions that we used to bring ironic to the table, is something we should hold out. >> the u.s. military military my additional supplies ukraine after the biden administration approved $200 million in security assistance. i knew report accuses russia plotting to install a pro-russian is -- russian leader in ukraine. >> is -- the bay area may have reached the milestone already.
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>> medical effort -- experts they are feeling good about the numbers. they like how it looks. the entire country coach soon followed by february. -- could soon followed by february. the numbers in the hospital do not reflect the case numbers. >> hospitalizations will be lack -- lack behind case counts. >> dr. say even if there is not -- doctors say even if there is another variance, we should be able to handle it ok.
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doctors say we are looking to get closer to move from a pandemic to an end,. -- endemic. >> that is an effort to spread of omicron. health officials in l.a. suggest people upgrade their masks to surgical masks. >> there is a sign of restaurant industry might be rebounding. -- shows an 8% increase from -- in reservations. >> a bay area group held all rally against vaccine mandates. our reporter explains why the
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group is against the requirements and how they plan to push back. >> stopped the mandate. >> this group rallied and marched around the county pacific center protesting mandates. >> we are against mandates in any form. masking, vaccines. >> i don't believe people should be forced to take the vaccination. there should be a choice. >> the group says it is considering a lawsuit against the marin county office of education for requiring that some parents should be asked native. >> those prints are discriminating against parents who are choosing not to vaccinate. they are not allowed to attend their sports events for their children if they are indoors. they cannot produce a vaccine card. >> in washington dc, thousands
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of anti-vaccine activist attended this rally, denouncing mandates. medical experts say, two years in the pandemic, vaccine mandates are needed to save lives. >> the only thing that has moved the dial in the u.s. is mandates. mandates speak to the benefit at the hospital it -- hospital level. >> the doctor says that new cdc data says that vaccine to people over 65 are 49 times -- is likely to be hospitalized. the public health department -- >> if you want to stay
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up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website. >> in the east bay, electricity is back on who saw -- for people who saw their power lucked out by weather. >-- >> the kids are trying -- keeping it -- treating it like a camp out in the neighbors are helping each other. we had a neighbor give us an ice block. >> as crews are continuing to battle a wildfire. several hundred acres have burned. using wins on saturday helped crews gain the upper hand.
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there is a lot of concern about the wired -- wildfire. >> we are talking the grass twix. that is dry. you put wind behind that and that got the fire moving. >> hundreds of residents have evacuated. there are no reports of any injuries and it is only 85% contained. -- 35% contained. >> there is a warning for rip currents officials sayofficials sayofficy good reminder to make sure you never turn your back on the ocean. >> we are expecting a lot of sunshine. i know a lot of folks like to hit the coast. look at current weight heights. anywhere from 7-9 feet. strong grip currents -- rick --
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current --r rip currents.s.s.s.. mainly clear skies. santa rosa down to a quarter of a mile. it remains in the moderate category. we had the haze in our atmosphere. high-pressure firm and we -- firmly in control. we tracked a lot of sunshine and temperatures comfortable. we will warm up through the upper 50's by lunchtime and we will see high clouds streaming b all, cooler today. 59 in the city. 60 in oakland. 65 in san jose.
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half moon bay at 59 degrees. let's get a check on the roads. >> we are starting out this monday commute really nice. no major blocking issues. a nice clear ride. if you do need to leave the house, live look on emeryville. 80 at the coliseum camera. looking like. wrapping up with drive times. our slowest spot will be with the super commuters. 13 minutes -- 60 minutes reggie -- 16 minutes. >> san francisco and two other places outside the area. >> the met -- the demand for answers
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the latest city target by someone putting up anti-semitic flyers. dozens were found among union street. similar fires were found in the miami -- miami area. police are investigating. nearly identical flyers were found in southern california. the jewish community relations council is working with the police department and encourage people not to shy away from going to synagogues. >> the family of this 23-year-old woman found dead after a date is now accusing the police of being negligent. the family says the police has failed to investigate the circumstances. >> a mystery that started with a dating have -- app and ended with the death of 23 or all lauren fields -- your old lauren
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fields. a man who said he met her at dating -- he told police that they fell asleep but when he woke up later that morning, he said -- he said she had blood on her nose and she wasn't breathing. her family now claiming police refused to -- person who saw her as a person of emmett -- interest. we will have more on this at 7 a.m.. >> passengers aboard a cruise script -- was headed to florida but docked
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in be bahamas. passengers had to take a ferry back to fort landwehr -- lauderdale. crystal cruises announced it expects the one out of money by the end of the month. they say passengers will be refunded. >> some iphone 13 users are reporting issues that their screen is turning pink. to make it a possible, you cannot use the phone until it is restarted. apple causes -- calls this a book. -- bug. >> a a a facetime call. >>
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done when his tiktok video got a response from adele's verified facebook account. the message said go to the merchandise shop and after that, one of the employees held up a phone with a super ash with the superstar on the line. -- with the superstar on the line. >> you can tell she is got it. -- gutted. >> go to vegas vegas vegas and wait for adele to facetime you. >> two nights max. that is my limit in vegas. >> that is because they are going too hard. >> it is vegas. >> you can go there leisurely. a pool party. >> pace yourself.
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we are tracking down the fog. visibility down 2 -- 23 miles -- to three miles. temperatures are chilly. 34. 32 in oakland. you want the heavy jacket.h sunshine. these numbers a few degrees cooler. 60 in oakland. city five in san jose. -- 65 in santa fe -- a lot of sunshine. 66 in san diego. 61 in sacramento. overnight tonight, we will find fault developing. more -- fault developing. more widespread pop. --gfog.
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we will remain dry. here's that pattern we have. it looks like rain returns the forecast. starting on monday through wednesday. it looks pretty active. what we will track is rainfall potential. we will see the numbers rise. it looks like the pattern will flip to a wetter one as we turn the calendar to february. sunshine this week. increasing clouds over the weekend and we will find that chance of rain late coming on sunday. >> thank you, drew. the seven things to know this morning. >> the rams. while you might not see a lot of red and gold at the game. >>
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kumasi: the u.s. is ordering diplomats families and nonessential staff to leave ukraine. amid hiding fears of a invasion.
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>> doctors here believe most oft the bay area has reached the omicron peak. >> teachers with the him up - union will not go on strike. >> the federal trial set to begin for three former minneapolis police officers charged in the killing of george floyd are accused of violating his civil-rights for failing to give him metal clade. drew: we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast. this afternoon temperatures in the 50's and 60's. >> things are looking great out there if you need to leave this morning. a live picture -- issues to report. >> today is the very first date that can start to file your taxes but unlike the last two
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years, there are no covid extensions. the deadline is april 18. >> a new series, promised land, is premiering and it is a drama about a latin family. here's a sneak peek. and per trail. -- betrayal. it is an expert drama about a latinx family. >> is about family, about merging into another culture and finding who you are within that process. >> the show featuring a star-studded class -- caster. -- cast.
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>> it was important for me to be a part of a story that is about a latinx experience and cas cas created by latinx staff. >> i think we all come from immigration. i think it is a topic that we can relate, whether some people want to take a deep look on their history or not, that is different. >> you can watch the premier of promised land. it will air every monday at abc 7. >> san francisco has a case of 49ers fever. the team is playing for the spot in the super -- super bowl after icing the packers.
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the 49ers are preparing to battle the rams and we might be in a full takeover. the rams head off the boxthey had a walk-off fielf san francisco has 16 straight games against ram. on sunday, eight trip to the super bowl is on the line. >> we have to get ready for a team that we know as a matchup force. >> some stuff we went through this year that i don't want to happen but that made us who we are. kumasi: the 49ers are taking on the rams sunday but if you are hoping to make the trip to l.a., you will have to do finagling. tickets for the game are limited to southern california residents.
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i know you know someone down there. have them bite the tickets because what we are not going to do is be that close to l.a. and not show up. >> this is rude. kumasi: very insecure to me. what are you worried about? >> they saw what happened to the packers, that is what they are worried about. >> find a way down there. >> the golden honoring a organization that introduce them to their careers. they hosted a family appreciation night. part of the organization -- angels for hire. opening up in hurt first interview. >> a classic valentine's day candy but with a twist.
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>> the high-tech machine that is serving up drinks. >> a live look outside at five. we will be right back. -- a we will be right back. hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years.
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get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> a teacher strike s s stable. kumasi: reaching a pea. fauci'sd
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of the search. --surge. look at hearts spreading more than luck this year. new messages on the classic candies. reggie: i can taste the chalk. you know what i'm saying? kumasi reggie: you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. drew: the chalk taste is discussing. -- disgusting. everywhere else, we are doing fine with this ability. you have will mainly clear skies and that allows temperatures to start out pretty chilly. 41 in san jose.
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47 in the city of inland. take the winter jacket with you. we have a lot of sunshine. clear skies overhead. north bay falk but -- volga -- fog. sunset getting later. 5:24. there seems to be an agreement that the bay is on the omicron downward slope. amy hollyfield -- high amy. >-- hi amy. >> -- it is looking like the bay area has seen its peak of omicron and take a look at this map at -- and how the rest of the country is looking.
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the northeast and upper midwest look like they have hit their peak. part of the south and the west are still having trouble. they are the case numbers go up. dr. fauci thinks the country will happy by mid february and locals doctors -- local doctors agree. >> we will probably be past the peak and come down where cases are amenable -- manageable. >> doctors say we are getting close to classified this as an endemic. even if there is another variant, those people who have had omicron has built immunity against the whole virus. a large segment of the population will write it -- be able to fight it. kumasi: teachers will not be going on strike today but it is a possibility. they are upset with the covid
5:32 am
safety measures and they have not come to an agreement. >> the school district has seen numerous walkouts. continue talk up-fake possible -- of a top -- possible strike. oea and ousd negotiated for 13 hours until 5 a.m. saturday. that -- negotiations resume monday. oea is not on strike. ousd teachers want more than just weekly testings and qualified masks. >> no tentative agreement should be reached that should not include a return to virtual learning. that is the key at that we need to take. >> mark air good is an instructor, which is a k-12
5:33 am
academy that is virtual. it has more than a thousand kids. some parents say they are not on board with anything virtual and opposed any strike. >> the kids need to be in school. i do know -- not know why we continue to use children as the ball in this game between the district and the teachers unions. >> the discord between union leaders and those with the district is why some teachers like this one has -- have left. >> felt like very hard for to think about -- outside the box so it was frustrating to me as a teacher and appeared to have my kids virtual. >> we reach out to open unified for comment but did not hear back. school is in session as of right
5:34 am
now. >> in michigan high four students were shot and killed is reopening for the first time. the students have been attending lysis in other buildings. a fellow student charged with murder, and his parents are facing charges for giving him access to a gun they purchased. >> now to the rices -- pricing cases in violence against police officers. another officer -- was shot. several states are stepping up efforts to go after against illegal guns. >> a group is made up of more than 50 agencies across ninth dates and they are meeting later this week. it comes after several shootings including an ambush attack against several police.
5:35 am
at least one officer was taken to the hospital, -- a shooting in houston that left a corporal dead and another shooting in new york that killed a police officer. >> we have to take care of everyone -- young people. , baby. >> inves inves inves inves inves guns use to rivera was :00 and it was allegedly reported stolen in baltimore in 2017. new york officials are demanding that the government take action to stop the flow of guns. the nypd says they are bringing back a plane close anti-gun unit. -- plane cloth
5:36 am
unit. >> they are charged with violating civil-rights and failing to provide floyd medical aired -- eight. --aid. >> investigating the january 6 insurrection as reported -- interviewed william barr. he was a defender of trump. he resigned in 2020 after rejecting trump's false election claims. >> we have with the attorney general already. we talked to several individuals. we are concerned that our military was part of this big
5:37 am
lie on promoting that the election was false. >> the panel is also focusing on the trump family. phone records have been obtained from eric trump and they are requesting interviews with ivanka. they say public hearings are expected in the spring. kumasi: today is the first day to file taxes but there will be no covid extensions. all covid -- most taxpayers will receive their refund within 21 today's -- 21 days of filing. the deadline to submit the tax returns is april 18. make sure you keep an eye on a irs mailing. it is known as
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families receive up to $300 for each shout five and up and $250 -- four children between the age of six and 17. if you swipe your card over the holidays, four different strategies for paying down debt. >> open's own amy stiger opening -- opening up about her experience. drew: we have a beach hazard statement along the coastline. the risk of sneaker waves and strong currents is there. our currents will come down later today. a live look of the east bay. you can see san francisco's tower. good visibility. falk in the lope -- this
5:39 am
morning. the haze remains in the atmosphere. here is high-pressure anchored on our coastline. you but try pattern -- bringing try pattern. we are starting chilly. 7:00 a.m. in the 30's and 40's. later on today, we see that temperatures warming up and into the afternoon, we will find clouds but it is a sunny day. highs later on today, a lot of sunshine in the city. 60 in oakland. 65 in san jose. 59 in half moon bay. a lot of sunshine across the centers -- southern states. 80 palm springs. let's get a check of traffic. >> we will start with the live
5:40 am
look in santos showing off 87. a clear flow of traffic. a brand-new traffic. northbound 101 in the transition ramp. a heads up on that. checking out walnut creek. live look at 680. things are nice but starting to pick up traffic. the drive times for the bridges are looking great. westbound on the bay bridge is eight minutes.
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reggie: we are hearing from a senior being shoved to the ground. videos from multiple angles show a woman who was only wanted to be identified as ms. tse
5:43 am
was shut down. -- shout -- shoved >> i was supposed -- pushed from behind. i fell. i did not get hurt. i am ok, thank you for everyone care. >> this incident outrage many in the community. one witness was so enraged, they punch the suspect in the head. they have identified the victim. their calling different organizations to unite. multiple sources say the suspect has been arrested. tse says it makes her feel the community is safer. kumasi: chinatown merchants are setting up shop to celebrate the year of the tiger. vacant bike goodies in the lunar
5:44 am
you -- new year pop up. a pop-up is open from 8-3. reggie: more than one third of americans had personal debt. if you have debt, there are smarter ways to do it. here is abc's of morgan norwood. -- abc's morgan norwood. >> it can be hard to manage debt. experts say there are different strategies. >> one is called the debt avalanche method. the idea is that you attack the heart that has the highest interest rate on that. they minimums on all of the cards but put more -- more towards this card because it is your most expensive debt. >> another way is to use the debt snowball method. >> is all about baby steps, starting with the smallest
5:45 am
balance. this should be something easy to overcome. >> you can lower your payments to transferring to get your payments to another card. >> if you you have a balance on that balance transfer card, the interest rate will increase and very high and you will be back to where you are -- work. -- were. >> another option is to consider a personal loan with an incident rate lower than your cards but no matter how you tackle your debt, experts say you should have a spending plan. >> you can't get out of debt if you do not have a budget. if you are thinking about reducing your debt load, you want to be concerned about how you are spending. kumasi: what is a winning
5:46 am
streak? in the schreiner -- amy snyder, considers her rain. --reign on jeopardy. >> what is the lender? -- zo kumasi: she is tied for getting the most consecutive wins. >> i think the best part for me has been being on tv -- tv as might choose -- my true self and representing the account -- entire community of trans people and showing a different thing that maybe someone -- some people have seen. being smart and confident and doing something normal like being on jeopardy. kumasi: you can watch the full
5:47 am
interview on amy, including on how she developed her buzzer skills. reggie: i am interviewing her today. i am excited. i have been wanting to talk to her for a while. a valentine date tax -- classic is getting an upgrade. those conversation harts are spreading more than love. they are spreading possibility -- positivity with special words of encouragement. each box includes things like you got this, high five, you da best. i know what i said. [laughter] the classic sayings are still there. you can still ask someone to be mine. kumasi: this is how you know that you have been friends owned. -- friend zoned.
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reggie: exactly what i wrote on twitter. don't tell me how high five, tell me you up. drew: imagine if you like someone and they say you got this. reggie: i want a heart to -- that says slide into my bms. --dms. this is as rude as rude as rude shutting out -- is out from tickets. -- us out from tickets. drew: get that zip code. you got to --ti it is a nice day. a lot of sunshine. we are tracking a return of rainfall. we have some exciting news, especially in the first week of february. three miles in napa.
5:49 am
we are doing a-ok. it is chilly out there. we are so close to freezing. 33 in fayetteville. 42 in oakland. take the heavy jacket. the afternoon is a nice finish to the day. we have 60 in oakland. 65 in san jose. 62 in san rafael. the fog is temperatures are chilly in the upper city -- 30's to mid 40's. . the next five days, we remain dry but as we head into the first week of february next week, it looks like rain will return. this is next monday. we have a storm moving to the pacific northwest and it looks like the pattern is active. tuesday and wednesday, rain in
5:50 am
the forecast. the next 10 days, looking at rain returning to california looks like the pattern will flip. here is the forecast. sunshine, mild temperatures. the weekend will find increasing clouds. it looks like the wet weather will return. kumasi: thank you. spacex's dragon is heading bacb to earth. the khaki -- cargo ship is bringing medical supplies to the candidate -- kennedy space center. it is expected to come down this afternoon. reggie: one dad's trash is another person's treasure. kumasi: a high-tech bartender.
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kumasi: animal activists are working to ban hunting. -- i hunting of animal. they want the state to release the bear population management plan and figure out an accurate count of the bears. they are tracked using the number of killed bears to estimate the total population. the state -- game commission will review the paper -- addition -- petition. reggie: most americans are not getting enough of -- in their data -- daily diet. just one in 10 east the suggested 2-3 cups of veggies.
5:54 am
fruits and veggies reduce blood pressure. kumasi: of infections. none are athletes. china is implementing a bubble protocol for all things olympics. no contact between anyone in the games and the public. reggie: a robot is serving drinks to people in the 2022 beijing olympics. they can ordered drinks from the robot, giving them a chance to do something different. it takes a minute to measure and shake and serve the drinks. i have had enough of the robots at the olympics. kumasi: is it the same one with the food from the sky? reggie: yes. where are people?
5:55 am
do they exist? kumasi: i like how i was cut -- they were kind of shaking. -- it's. --it. drew: we are seeing the fog in the north bay. 8-10. some visibility issues in the north bay. numbers in the 30's and 40's. 42 in oakland. 47 in the city. 33 and eight santa rosa a live look from sutro tower -- santa rosa. a live look from sutro tower. by the afternoon, we see a ton of sunshine. the temperatures warm to the 50's. a little bit cooler today .ompared toext -- st
5:56 am
the sunset coming at 5:24. kumasi: a key fix could be found right outside of columbus. reggie: -- masked kumasi: the one who just found -- woman who just found $3 million in herself -- span fill -- in her span -- spam folder.
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any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body,
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which means you never, ever stop worrying. that's why we got health insurance and for way less than we thought was possible. the kids' doctor and dental check-ups are free, and i get screenings for my cholesterol and my blood pressure. don't get me wrong, i still worry. just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st at >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: breaking news at the united states on high alert in ukraine. america isn't -- embassy stuff ordered out. reggie: a rare winter wildfire surrounding one of the most recognizable landmarks in the state. the progress from firefighters this morning defending the bridge. >> things are looking good, we
6:00 am
do not want to get overconfident. kumasi: promising trends with the omicron surge. experts assuring what things might look like in a matter of weeks. reggie: good morning, it is monday, january 24. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with the forecast. drew: we are checking sunshine this afternoon, temperatures on the mild side. this morning, some fog in the north bay. santa rosa down to a half mile visibility, elsewhere we are doing well. generally clear skies, that allows temperatures to cool off rapidly. it is chilly, we are at the freezing mark in santa rosa. oakland at 41, take winter jacket with you this morning. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you clear skies over the city. early morning fog in the north bay, sunshine this afternoon. temperatures on the comfortable side, upper 50's to mid-60's later today. reggie: developing news overseas, the u.s. embassy in ukraine is on high alert this
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