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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 23, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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6:00. our reporter was at the anti-vax rally in marin. he joins us to tell us why they are against vaccine requirements and how they plan to fight the mandates. >> one group of the north bay says it is considering legal action to stop the mandate. they say some parents are facing discrimination. this group, calling themselves marin parents united, marched around the civic center protesting mandates. >> our message here today is we are against mandates in any form. masking, vaccines. >> i don't think people should be forced to take the vaccination. it should be a choice. there is evidence that some people have been harmed by it. >> the group says it is considering a lawsuit against
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the marin county board of education for requiring that some parents be vaccinated. >> those school districts discriminating against parents and children who are not vaccinated. they are not allowed to attend sports events for children if they are indoors if they cannot produce a vaccine card. >> in washington, thousands of anti-vaccine advocates attended this rally, denouncing local, state, and federal mandates. medical experts say two years into a pandemic that has claimed thousands of lives, vaccine mandates are needed to save lives and slow the spread of the disease. >> the only thing that has moved the dial for us are mandates. they really speak to the benefit at the community level and the hospital level. preventing hospitals from being overrun with sick patients. >> he says new cdc data shows
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vaccinated people over 65 are 49 times less likely the to be hospitalized. in regards to a possible lawsuit, the superintendent told me on the phone, the public health department requires people gathering in large groups to be vaccinated, especially where transmission risk is high. >> thank you very much. dr. fauci says he is as confident as he can be about most states reaching a peak of omicron cases by mid-february. >> there may be more pain of hospitalizations in those areas of the country that about been fully vaccinated or boosted. things are looking good. we do not want to get overconfident. but things look like they are going in the right direction now. >> in an interview today, he said there are states in the northeast and upper midwest where cases have already peaked and declined sharply.
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cases are still going up in southern and western states. the biden administration starts to ship out covid tests and masks. dr. fauci says this could keep future variance at a low level. don't forget if you want to stay , up-to-date on the latest lines and we have more information on our website. the impact of this weekend's windy weather is still being felt across the bay area. thousands spent the day without electricity. in the oakland hills, pg&e crews were repairing transformers. the company says 26,000 customers had their power restored overnight. some people we spoke with said they are trying not let the power outages put a damper on the weekend. >> the kids are treating it like a campout.
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the neighbors are all helping each other out. some of the neighbors have power back up here now. >> nice to see her smile through it all. pg&e says remaining customers who are without electricity should have power restored sometime this weekend. the east bay was the hardest hit part of the area. colorado fire in monterey county is now 25% contained. 150 acres have burned so far. highway one is closed in both directions. as crews battle the fire from the air and on the ground. easing winds helped crews gain the upper hand. calfire says a wildfire in january brings great concern. >> we are talking the grasses, twigs, ground litter, that is all very dry.
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you put some wind behind that and it got the fire moving. >> residents between carmel and big sur remain evacuated tonight. the fire damaged at least one structure. no reports of any injuries. those in need of assistance are asked to call the red cross. moving on to developing news, talks continue today between teachers and schools over covid safety measures. they negotiated with the district for 13 hours over the weekend, with some progress. district officials have agreed to the main demands -- onset testing, masking, and it planned to address staffing levels. even so, union officials say the district refuses to put it in writing. 72% of members voted to strike if the demands are not met. another developing story, the u.s. military is shipping supplies to ukraine from the bay area.
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video released by the military showed crates being loaded yesterday onto a plane in solano county. the biden administration approved $200 million in military aid to ukraine because of ongoing concerns over russian troops gathered at the border. we have a report from kyiv. >> the state department is ordering diplomat's families to leave the embassy. non-emergency staff will now be permitted to leave. this suggests the u.s. believes the risk of a major russian attack may be getting worse. this comes as russia continues to mass troops around ukraine. over 100,000 estimated to be near the border. the kremlin moving tanks and artillery into neighboring belarus. they say it is for a joint exercise. moscow and belarus deny they plan to attack ukraine.
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the buildup is certainly designed >> we do not know now to intimidate. >> we do not know now whether this is an elaborate bluff or if putin is truly going to invade ukraine. >> president biden meeting with his national security team to discuss the situation. last week's talks in geneva giving some hope that russia will continue the policy for now. >> the most import and thing the president has been doing is to deter putin from invading ukraine. he has pulled together our nato allies >> the british government . >> the british government now claims to have intelligence that russia is going to install a pro-russian leader in ukraine. the u.k. naming several former ukrainian politicians they were allegedly recruited for the scheme but they provided scant evidence to back it up. russia dismissed it as provocative nonsense. the u.s. is giving more military assistance to ukraine, including ammunition and antitank missiles. they hope deterrence might still work.
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here on the ground, the situation is very calm. a u.s. official has told us that the ukrainian government is unhappy with the message these evacuations send. they are much more skeptical that a russian invasion is likely to happen. >> talk about a great day to be at the beach. today also comes with a warning. the local spots under a beach hazard statement. the nfc championship is set. we now know who the 49ers will play for the right to go to the super bowl. >> the end to our long dry spell may be seven days away. i w
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when kids need medical care, or high blood potassium. they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at >> the nfc championship is set. the 49ers now know their opponent and where they will be playing sunday. we have more. you know where you will be on sunday now as well. >> i know the niners will be in los angeles as well. a nice little flight. it will be the 49ers and rams in los angeles. the super bowl is also in los angeles. for a third straight playoff game, the road team won on a walk-off field goal. a 30 yard game-winner as time
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expired. rams defeat tom brady and the bucs. yesterday, the bengals and niners won on a walk-off field goal. san francisco has won six straight against the rams. all of those were in the regular season. next sunday, a trip to the super bowl. warriors and nets here on abc 7. a lot going on for bay area fans. >> get some good rest of those days leading up to it. thank you. a wave warning until 1:00 p.m. tomorrow for several beaches. the advisory is for waves and rip currents. the waters may appear deceptively calm, but they are still dangerous. this includes ocean beach and montero beach. officials remind us to never turn our back to the ocean. in the north bay, two men are wanted for a violent robbery at a pharmacy. santa rosa police released dodos of the suspects. officers say that men went into a cvs on mendocino avenue,
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jumped over a partition, and stole cash and pills. they beat an employee after she could not get into the safe. that worker is respected to recover. there is a reward for information leading to an arrest. our commitment to building a better bay area focuses now on the economy. a sign today that the restaurant industry in san francisco maybe rebounding. data from opentable shows in a percent increase in reservations in january. while the percentage of restaurants taking reservations rose 15 percentage points earlier in the month. rainy weather and the omicron surge hurt. hockey fans set a new world record this weekend. >> tens of thousands of teddy bears onto the ice. >> this is a cool site. cuddly mayhem at a hockey game.
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taking a live look outside. it is clear out there. it has been a dry january. we see when we could have some wet weather next in our forecast. >> coming up in sports, the nfc championship is set. we will highlight a special effort from the special teams.
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>> hockey fans are known to throw things on the ice during games. as you can see here, one team has put cuddling into a tradition. >> it is teddy bear toss time! edie: [laughter] i love his enthusiasm. the hershey bears threw stuffed bears onto the ice. the toss is triggered by the first goal of the game. hershey players enjoyed a 30 minute game delay to celebrate the mountain of animals. look at them. the team said over 52,000 animals were collected, setting a new world record. they will be donated to local charities.
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even if you are a full-grown adult, how would you not want to do that? spencer: it looks like fun. could say it was too much to bear. >> wow! spencer: let's look at what is happening with the weather. we have elevated wave heights. a beach advisory in effect untir tomorrow afternoon the risk of strong rip currents. we have calm wind in sharp contrast to what we have most of yesterday. 58 degrees here in the city. santa claralaralaralara half moon bay at 50 degrees. here is the view from emeryville looking west across the day. -- bay. the view from the mountains.
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you can get a pretty good view. clear skies, calm conditions, a bit chilly overnight. a slight chance of rain right at the end of january. overnight tonight, we will see clear skies. the appearance of some low clouds up against the coast line tomorrow. really a bright day. temperatures up into the middle 30's. in the south bay, 40 degrees. highs tomorrow in the upper 50's at the coast. low 60s around the bay shoreline. we will see some low to mid 60's in some inland areas. let's take a look at the forecast animation for the week ahead. the storm track will remain well to the north.
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that might drop temperatures a bit. it could bring some light sprinkles to the north. not a significant rainmaker. this system will sweep in that could produce the first rainfall we have had in a while. here is the seven day forecast. dry and mild conditions through the end of the week. mainly a sunny day. going into the weekend, a further increase in clouds. >> >> how does victory sunday sound? pretty good for the 49ers who won on a field goal last night as time expired. look at that video. that's never get -- that never gets old. they eliminated the packers and advanced to the nfc championship game. special teams where the star of
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the show. that blocked field goal was huge. blocked punt. a scoop and score. this tied the game and changed the momentum. good as gold. a 45 feet -- yard game-winner. a victory over green bay. >> i would rather be black and blue and playing another game than sitting around playing catch with my kids. instead of playing football next >> we talk about how important sunday. special teams will be. we go out there and get a blocked punt for a touchdown. that was the only touchdown we had all game long. >> we thought they had an opportunity. they pulled it off. it was huge for our team. >> do not forget the third phase. bucs hosting the rams. tom brady bloodied up early.
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70 yards to the house. rams up 17 at the half. they lead this game 27-3 one point. comes brady and the bucs. connecting with mike evans, brady's only touchdown of the game. tampa down just seven with over los angeles turned it over four three minutes to go. times. the second fumble of the day puts brady back in business. the coach cannot believe what he is seeing. brady gets ready. under a minute to go. fournette untouched into the end zone. 42 seconds to go. the game is tied. what a comeback from tom terrific. the rams zipped right down the field. this monster play. they are inside the they will 15. spike it with four seconds to go. that sets up this matt gay gamem winner. third straight playoff game to end like that.
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niners and bengals did it yesterday. will brady play another year? we will wait and see. rams win 30-27. >> what an amazing game and sign of resilience, the team picking each other up. a lot of things did not go our way in the second half but the guys cap battling and found a way -- kept battling and found a way. >> i was thinking about winning. that is always my mentality. >> what will be the biggest factor for you making that decision? >> truthfully, i am thinking about this game and not anything else. >> last night, it could have been the last game for aaron rodgers with the packers. his future with green bay has been cloudy all season. he was noncommittal about his future. >> i did not think we would be talking about this after this game. i will take some time and have
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conversations with folks around here and take some time away and make a decision. >> frustrating afternoon for cal against arizona. it was all wildcats. a 21 point halftime lead. no resistance from the cal d. bears fall. they have lost five ♪
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timeline from experts on whether or not it has peaked. should we be bearish on the california bear population? wildfire, drought, and now hunting are all being examined. what one animal conversation group is asking the state to do. although stories coming up tonight on the news at 11:00. some of chinatown's most popular merchants are selling at a new venue to ring in the year of the tiger. they are hosting a lunar new
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year pop-up. every weekend through small, february 13. local businesses are selling sweets and candies along with red envelopes and other items. parts of the proceeds will go to a nonprofit that helps small businesses. it looks like fun. that is it for this edition of the news at 6:00. for all of us here, thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tonight at 11:00.
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