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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 22, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> building a better bay area. >> neighbors in the east bay wake up to a mass caused by severe winds overnight. thank you for joining us. pg&e reports within 20,000 customers in the bay area are without power. most are due to downed power lines. we saw some of the damage of tht close. >> the car is smashed.
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>> a rude awakening saturday. strong winds took down this giant spruce tree. >> around 4:00 a.m. we heard a giant bang and saw a really right flash of light. >> the tree knocked of these power lines down, leaving neighbors in the dark. >> there was an open f f in front of my house. there were some powerlines dangling. >> removing the tree could take days. not far away, this tree was blocking the boulevard. >> this will take a good couple of days to clean this all out and get our power back on. in the meantime, we will be cold and miss the football game on tv tonight. >> strong winds down to this 50
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foot tree, destroying a car. >> i am surprised that tree fell. it just happened to be on my car. i like to park there. >> slow going in piedmont, where many traffic lights were out. some businesses are trying to make it work and stay open. this market was doing cash only transactions, hoping frozen foods would not defrost. >> we could be in trouble. >> pg&e says it could take days to restore the power to some parts of the east bay. >> thankfully no one was inside the car. now to the peninsula, where calfire says they see several reports of downed trees in san mateo county. they tweeted this photo of a tree.
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people inside were able to evacuate. no injuries were reported. rough winds better parts of the north bay as well. several power poles were knocked over a napa county. in the north bay were without power this afternoon. high winds helped fuel the wildfire in sonoma county. 2:00 this morning. crews say they contained the flames at five acres. the cause is under investigation. developing news out of monterey county. a rare winter wildfire is earning just north of big sur. it started in colorado canyon. emergency crews shut down 21 miles of highway one in both
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directions. there were evacuations of about 500 residents. they will shelter at carmel middle school. >> people are working to get out of the area. we know fires are unpredictable. any of the road leading up to highway one are narrow, tree-lined. we won every one to be safe. >> this fire is being called the colorado fire. it has burned at least 2.3 square miles. flames jumped highway one and could be seen as far away as pebble beach. it is 40% contained. shifting to the weather, are we done with this windy weather? >> it is winding down. we are not quite done with it. winds have died down significantly. here are some peak wind gusts.
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86 mile per hour guests in some areas. -- gusts in some areas. the strongest when at calistoga with 40 miles per hour. even in the hills they are contained by the bit. we will continue to see winds into the overnight hours. but we are almost done. i will have the full forecast a little bit later. >> the union representing open features says it is making progress in its dispute with the school district over covid safety protocols. they say they expect to have an update tomorrow night and have the issue resolved by monday. the district has agreed to demands for on-site testing, masks, and a plan to address staffing levels. union officials did say the
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district refuses to put the agreement in writing. teachers say they will strycova deal is not reached. a focus now on health. santa clara county today started giving out covid tests. they are being distributed at different drive-thru sites. reservations were required to pick them up. they are available to those who live, work, or attend school in the county. sarah slots full through next weekend. >> we do not have any more appointments available for the duration of this limited engagement. it will in next weekend -- end next weekend. >> the county is trying to make sure people and at risk unities have risk -- access to the tests. several new studies show that a third covid gives increased
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protection against omicron variant. we have a look at the latest research. >> three new studies from the cdc show the importance of getting a booster shot to offer the best protection against omicron. that their child reduces the risk of hospitalization by 94% when it comes to the delta variant and 82% for omicron. >> this dramatically reduces the risk of hospital visits. breakthrough infections are mostly a systematic or mild -- asymptomatic or mild. >> if you are completely unvaccinated, you're 14 times more likely to be infected and three times more likely to die compared to those who are boosted. >> protection against infection hospitalization is highest for those who are up-to-date with their vaccinations. >> the u.s. recording over 80 million new cases in the last
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month alone. more than a quarter of the total confirmed cases reported since the beginning of the pandemic. on friday, a federal judge in texas issued a nationwide injunction barring the government from imposing vaccine mandates for federal workers. the justice department plans to appeal the decision. the biden administration says free masks from the government will be available at pharmacies and community health centers in coming days. free at home covid tests have become shipping -- begun shipping. >> you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website. just bay man who dedicated his life to helping others. memories of a young police officer whose life was unexpectedly cut short.
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>> a memorial in honor of a police officer died in a car crash. he died on his birthday, january 9. he was off-duty duty when his vehicle collided with a van. people gathered at the el cerrito high school the other.
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his family says he was athletic, caring, spiritual, and focused on his goals. >> one thing about him was whenever he put his name -- mind to something, whatever you wanted to accomplish, whatever goal he set out, he got it done. he did the work. he got a john. fash it d -- got it done. i am so proud of you. >> first worked as an in home caregiver before becoming a police officer in 2020. they said he was a model officer. there will be a memorial for him at the police department. hundreds of pro-life supporters rallied in san francisco today. presence as they marched from
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civic center to the embarcadero. before the march, the pro-life group joined at civic center plaza. they heard testimonials on on on negative effect abortion had on their lives. virtual rally organized by planned parenthood advocates commemorating the 49th anniversary of the supreme court roe v. wade decision. it established a national right for abortion. >> california stance is a proud reproductive freedom state. we are committed to taking the constitutional right to abortion and expanding access to reproductive care. >> both pro-life and pro-choice groups are anticipating the possibility of the supreme court overturning roe v. wade.
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they will address the mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. the lion dance at the chinese new year parade will have additional significance this year. i was honored to be part of today's ceremony. this year it will honor the spirit of a little boy lost to gun violence. >> winds are diminishing. all advisories and warnings have been canceled. what comes next? meet ron. that man is always on. and he's on it with jardiance for type 2 diabetes. his underhand sky serve? on fire. his grilling game? on point. and his a1c? ron is on it. with the once-daily pill, jardiance.
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>> today the san jose sharks are out for blood both on and off the ice area they teased up with sanford blood center to hold a sale life blood drive. all of this comes after the red
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cross declared the first-ever national blood crisis. 70 people received a pair of tickets. the year of the tigers starts on february 1. i had the honor of helping out a west coast troop. lion to life. he was killed by freeway in november. the dragon was named after him this year. this year's parade has extra significance. bit of an audio issue so you cannot hear that sound. after not having the parade last year, this is an extra monument
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a moment for the group. the chinese new year parade is roaring back on february 19. it was a spectacular day. warm and sunny. it will fight -- felt quite festive. >> there is a festive mood now. we have warm weather. wind advisories have di have dii surface winds right now under 10 miles per hour. still a little bit breezy. the breezy as to locations. here is the view looking toward the bay. 66 in oakland. 59 degrees
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traffic is flowing freely. the wind has diminished. 70 degrees up in santa rosa. mild in our inland locations. the western s western yellow right now. these are our forecasts. winds will continue to diminish. tomorrow, perhaps a couple of degrees cooler than today was. this will continue through next friday. overnight, the disappearance of high clouds. another sunny day tomorrow. temperatures dropping into the upper 30's. it will be chilly in certain locations. mainly low 40's everywhere else. tomorrow's size will range -- highs will range from
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about 65. in the north bay, we will see 66. 67 at san jose. starting tomorrow morning, look at how the storm track stays to our north. it will stay dry until maybe friday. then there is a chance we should get some light showers. here is the seven day forecast. a string of sunny, dry days with high temperatures in the low to mid 60's inland and around the bay shoreline. increasing a little bit on thursday. cooling off again next saturday. a dry week ahead. >> very nice. let's get to chris alvarez in sports. chris: coming up, see how the rest of the bay area is united around the 49ers. in the warriors need the buzzer.
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when kids need medical care, sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at >> sports with chris alvarez. chris: the 49ers and packers are just underway with a trip to the nfc championship on the line. we will have highlights today at 11:00. bay area unites in full effect. >> sending all my support to the niners today. a huge game. everything on the line. those of the games that are most gratifying. >>
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let's go niners. >> being from sacramento, i'm a proud member of the niner faithful. i cannot wait to watch them take on the packers. >> i am faithful to the bay. i am cheering for the 49ers in the playoffs. >> we have believed in our team for a while. we always knew we could play with anyone. we feel real good about ourselves. chris: divisional weekend started in the afc. the titans hosting the bengals. mixon, touchdown. cincinnati was up. third quarter late, look at this, great pass to brown. so nice we show it twice. a one-handed grab. 30 seconds to go, his third
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interception the most costly. bengals already in titanss territory. fans cannot believe it. 52 yards out and in. bengals win 1 1 1 1 first-ever road playoff win. steph curry's first career buzzer beater last night called for a big celebration. it has been a frustrating stretch. golden state still second place in the western conference. curry says the best defense of the night happened after the game-winning shot. he tried to run straight to the locker room. but the pr guys said no. back in 2014, andre iguod iguod the last buzzer beater and made it to the locker room without being stopped.
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he got stopped. >> i hit some shots. big shots. but it is a different feeling when you walk off. you know what that feels like, finally. i did not realize until they played the best defense of the night. try not to let me go through the tunnel. that is when i realized >> it. >>where you really going to run into the tunnel? >> absolutely. >> he is just to physically imposing? >> he brought back up. [laughter] chris: with a
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>> a quick reminder that you can always get our live newscasts and much more with our new app. you can find it on apple tv, andrew tv, fire tv, and roku. downloaded for free. getting outside to play just got a lot more fun in one san francisco neighborhood. here is why. today was the grand reopening of the bayview playground. the city put $6 million renovations into the park. it includes a bigger and better play area or the kids along with the new ballfield, new exercise equipment for adults, a walking path, and a picnic lot. another great reason to get
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outside this weekend. that is all the time we have. for all of us tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. a police officer here in new york city killed in the line of duty. another officer clinging to life. both shot while responding to a domestic dispute at an apartment in harlem. the mayor calling the shooting an attack on the city of new york. the nypd officers marking the third and fourth shot this week alone. tonight, chilling new details from the deadly encounter. and what authorities are saying about the rise in gun violence across the country. also breaking tonight, the u.s. preparing to evacuate americans from ukraine, including embassy staff and their families, as the threat of a russian invasion intensifies. the first shipment of recently approved u.s. military aid, including ammunition, arriving in the country. and tonight, more details on russia's alleged plot to install a puppet reg


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