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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> a wind fueled fire is forcing evacuations, the colorado fire causing the closure of highway one. many are having flashbacks of multiple fires hitting the area years ago. you are watching abc7 forever you stream. -- wherever you stream. strong winds around the bay area, thousands of people without power, get over -- let us get over to the meteorologist. >> wind warning until 11:00.
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would advisories out towards the delta including fairfield and vallejo. these areas are looking at winds that have been gusting over 30 miles an hour. this is abovethsandeet, look at mount diablo, it has stayed consistent around 60 miles an hour. look at the surface winds, we are still pretty breezy fro2 anf mohour. you see the sunshine othis is w. in case the wind did not wake you up, peak winds around 71 miles an hour. pine flat road, 93 mile an hour wind gusts. half moon bay, 55 mile an hourur wind gusts. the air quality is good because of all of the wind.
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high clouds, the winds will subside and it will be breezy with mid to upper 60's in parts of the bay. it is still going to be breezy, windy up in the hills and we will talk about e-commerce sunday coming up. -- a comber sunda up. >> this is the pg&e outage map. up to 1000 c c power. if you do see downed power lines, stay away and call emergency crews. in the wind knocked down power lines in napa trail is close between the crossroad and old noel avenue. there is no estimated time for the road to reopen. there are people stuck in an elevator in an building -- in a
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building in oak grove that has no power. we are following downed power lines and trees and in the east bay, we have seen video overnight showing trees down in the oakland hills neighborhood near montclair village. we are tracking breaking 20 8000 people in the east bay with -- east bay without power. this is on macarthur boulevard, a man heard a loudd was surprised to see if he toppled to the ground and his power was knocked out. developing news out of monterey county, a fire burning. at lea lea so far. that is north of the people and
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near highway one. it is 5% contained. we have the latest on the fire. abc>> you can can can can c cruz, intensifying by the hour. the police office issued evacuation orders. the flames have reached the highway, this fire is burning on the west side of this area, so far highway one, l rio road, is closed in both directions. i spoke to windy root flashbacks of that. -- there have been flashbacks of that. >> fires are unpredictable and many of the roads leading to high oneway one our narrow --
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highway one are we ask you to follow the deputy's orders. >> evacuations for areas west of the road and evacuation orders are military. shelter for residents under the mandatory evacuation. it is at carmel middle school. aspca will have emergency pet supplies at the shelter. we want to get back to the strong winds causing pretty bad damage in the east bay with downed trees and power lines. our assignment manager is in oakland right now and joins us live. do you hear us? where are you right now? >> this is a show about elementary -- shabo elementary
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school. there is a lot of scenes like this around my neighborhood. this is a tree that is down, the fence is down at the elementary school. let us talk to a neighbor, what do you think? >> this has been an incredible evening. the wind was howling and our power went out multiple times. i did not realize that the power had got out but the noise was so loud and it was so dark that all of a sudden i realized, we may have some power outages here. >> what you think of the damage? >> i was surprised with the that this tree in this particular area, we have trees coming down. it was even larger than what i thought last night. >> thank you. >> this is the elementary school, we also saw damage down at the college preparatory
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school, a couple of blocks away. seven or eight trees, have come down. the birdhouse is knocked over. this is near the rockridge park station. this is a familiar scene appear near the oakland berkeley line. i am reporting live. >> we really appreciate the update and we appreciate you being out there for us this morning. thank you. of a cell signal out there is no great which is what our free -- why our camera was freezing. we are going to move on, and mother of a man who was shot is calling for an end to the violence. new details.
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>> i am still in shock. i am numb. but i have faith in god and i know that god has me. >> mourning the loss of her son, ronald sanders. he had just finished up work and went to see his cousins. and men came up to him and shot him multiple times. >> he was happy and he got along with everybody. >> the gunmen continued walking down the street was a fire station. a firefighter went do one a colleague and the gunman fired four rounds into the firemen's car as he tried to get to safety. >> we are not sure what he targeted them. they did not confront him. >> the suspect did not know
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sanders or the firefighters out of this was a senseless act of violence. as a gunman -- the gunman had been briefly convicted of -- previously been convicted of manslaughter in the 1990's. >> it is not just the fire or everything else that we are dealing with, our firefighters are confronted with the violence that plagues our streets. >> police arrested the suspect one hour after the shootings. the shooter was violating parole and had an ankle bracelet on. hay is facing charges of first-degree homicide -- he is facing charges of first-degree homicide. >> stop the violence, period. >> oakland police are also investigating another shooting that happened down the street from the homicide. a 45-year-old woman was found
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shot inside of an rv yesterday. it was a partner to a homeless she was taken to the hospital with a head wound but is stable. she was shot thursday night but they did not learn about it until yesterday when residents at the encampment alerted them. 48 police officers are being reassigned to east oakland following a surge in crime in that part of the city on the heels of one of the worst years for crime in decades. 2021 saw an uptick in violent crimes and property crimes. that has been a backlog of calls in east oakland and people who live there are understandably worried. >> residents do not feel safe or feel like they have a voice. >> rebuilding trust among communities of color is another part of opd's strategy. they are encouraging officers to
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make it part of the day-to-day job to go out and meet people in the community. as we had to pray, let us get a tick outside, winds are still pretty strong -- check outside, winds are still pretty strong. >> an advisor until noontime. wins are pretty strong. -- winds are pretty strong. temperatures are mild to start out, we will talk about the cooler weather and the calmer weather headed our way for the rest of the weekend and week. >> wrongful death lawsuit, bay area university named in the death of a student. why the family says this was their last resort. kamala harris outlining how the infrastructure deal will help california.
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princess cruises was born right here in california. for over 55 years, we've been helping californians make the most of their precious vacation time. and right about now, we could all use a real vacation. so forget the road trips and rentals and sail with princess right from san francisco to the glaciers of alaska, the beautiful tropics of hawaii, the beaches of mexico or along the california coast. sail conveniently from sf from just $79 per day. book now at >> you can see the cameras moving because of the wind. really strong winds overnight. stanford university is painted in a wrongful death lawsuit following the death of a sophomore student. the student died of an accidental fentanyl overdose at
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his fraternity. his family tells us this was the last resort for justice. >> the second grim anniversary for his family. he was found dead inside of the fraternity house where he lived on stanford university's campus. he died from an accidental overdose after taking percocet pills made out of fentanyl. >> he showed signs of an overdose, the ra was no follow-up. >> the university, they now inactive fraternity, and others -- the now inactive fraternity, and others, a wrongful death action is two years. >> they were not going to be compelled by any means to do anything. this was our last option. >> they have dedicated nearly three decades to stanford, both
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parents are employees and the graduate -- and one is a graduate. >> see an institution of a have invested so much time in turns back on you. >> stanford did not do enough to protect students, ignoring a local warnings about percocet pills made out of fentanyl and more. the university says that we have great sympathy, but the university disagrees with the allegations out of the complaint i will defend itself against the lawsuit. >> it failed to do what was right. it could be any named institution, to us, it does not matter. >> it also names a talk for -- it also needs a talk hood and roommates at the time -- it also names a chocolate friend and roommates. >> they' about t degrees.
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our sun does not get to graduate. >> pushed into the path of york city subway train, family, friends, and local leaders gathered in fremont to our hold >> i cannot imagine what her family must be feeling right now. what we can do as a community is to come together to support her and honor her legacy. >> she let a life of service, helping at risk women and children as well as the homeless. citizens for a better community will hold a vigil near the fremont community center. it starts at 5:30. kamala harris outline
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california will benefit from the infrastructure deal. she took a tour of the san bernardino national forest yesterday, there will be on the wildfire outlook for 2022 -- they will be briefed on the wildfire outlook for 2022. they are looking to help areas impacted by wildfires. $5 billion will be used to reduce the risk of wildfires across the country. >> firefighters need to be better paid. they are risking their lives, some have paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> she also talked about other important issues the biden administration is facing like the debate in congress over voting rights. >> we need to pass federal legislation that says we are not going to allow you to make it more difficult for people to vote. isn't part of our american values to say that everyone's voice counts and we want to
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encourage you to use your voice? >> has a vice president says dreamers need to be protected and they are creating a legal pathway for citizenship. let us get another check on the forecast, strong winds across the bay area. thousands of people without power right now. >> it lifted but winds are around 60 miles an hour around mount diablo. very gusty at 1000 feet. surface winds are over 25 miles an hour. here are the highlighted areas, 11 :00 in the north bay, 12:00 with side delta, and of course, into vallejo as well. those are the windiest conditions. look at the bay area, mont diablo at 57 miles an hour,
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certainly windy. look at mount hood, 53 miles an hour wind gusts. very gusty winds and oakland hills, you are at over 60 miles an hour. winds at 33 miles an hour. they will come down slowly. surface winds, 29 miles an hour in houtman bay. calistoga particularly gusty. it looks beautiful here, 60 in san francisco. we are mild, in san jose, half moon bay, as we look from the east bay hills camera, it is shaky out there. 65 in santa rosa. despite these warmer num this is bringing the relative humidity down to the 25-26
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degree range. we do not expect to see fires that we saw south of us, fanning the flames with the offshore winds. as we look at the warmer numbers this morning, it is going to may milder afternoon -- be a milder afternoon. you see the gusts from calistoga and down through oakland as we get through 1:00, sonoma has lighter winds. pretty gusty, through the noon hour. we see the south bay and the peninsula, light winds in the north bay. here are our peak wind gusts. hillsboro hills, 86 miles an hour. 55 mile an hour wind gusts half moon bay. interns moderate as we get into the second half of the weekend.
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continues all week long. look what happens as we get to an end of the workweek. a view showers and maybe sunday, that would really turn things around -- a few showers e on sunday, that would turn things around. les pres, not as mild tomorrow -- less breeze, not as mild tomorrow. we will be tracking rain next week and. -- weekend. >> a huge day for the 49ers, we talked with the family who provides emotional support
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>> fans are excited about the game against the green bay, fans arrived at sfo to head to wisconsin yesterday. we saw a lot of fans dressed up
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in the gear and caught up with some who are ready for the cold. >> it is a frozen tundra. i am excited. i am wearing a freezer suit and a thermal shoe, and i should be good. a lot of peace and face covering. -- a lot of feet and face coverings. >> one of the coldest games ever was at the isa bowl, it was with a wind chill of 36 below zero. we all need a littl animal therapy, that includes players. some very important for people lawsuit may be responsible for keeping players in the winning mindset. >> as if the custom jerseys and even masks are any indication, this family and their frenchies are full of pride.
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especially for saturday's playoff game. this is not just a family of human face. it is the frenchie faithful. they are part of the official 49ers family. >> the first emotional support talks in the nfl. >> one of the family owners of the bulldog breeders got a suspicious call. >> i thought somebody had paid a joke -- played a joke. >> the 49ers wanted an emotional support animal for their players. is what came first and the team got rookie -- zo and then the team got rookie. each player got their own personal dog. >> there is too much on the list. >> french bulldogs make
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excellent companions commoners for athletes although he has told all stew players offer many teams. >> that is why players these dogs, they want to be cuddled with and be petted. they do need a lot of attention. that is what makes them so special. look at this, how could you not want this cute puppy? how could you not want this cute puppy to be your emotional support dog? >> hoped for one thing, a 49ers win -- hope for one thing, a 49ers win. >> expanded eligibility, on who is not able to receive the antiviral treatment for covid-19. providing students with more protective masks, the teach
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>> this is abc7 news.
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>> we are going to start with another look at the weather. cracking strong winds -- tracking strong winds. >> still blowing pretty hard over into the east bay. you will notice that we have winds of 51 miles an hour, mount diablo, 61 miles an hour. the kaiser fire, the winds popped out near 90 miles an hour. the surface winds at 30 in napa, 29 in half moon bay, they are blowing in the wind advisory. that will take us until noon time into the delta. 11:00 in the north bay. 60 downtown, 6180 half moon bay. 65 in santa rosa, 60 in
9:31 am
fairfield, relative humidity down to 50%. armor everywhere, a lot of 60's to start out, noon time, we are climbing through the 60's for most of us, a few high clouds. unseasonably warm weather, we get into a coma pattern, a cooler pattern for the rest of the weekend. we detailed that in a few minutes. >> 30,000 pg&e customers are of power because of the strong winds. this map shows the outages, mostly in berkeley and oakland. 1000 are effected on the peninsula and there is more than 400 in the north bay. pg&e reminds us that if you sesh down power lines, stay and call emergency crews. thousands are without power. we have seen many images like this, downed trees all over the bay area.
9:32 am
we spoke with our assist new director, he lives in the oakland hills, power went out of his home all morning. >> i have been up since 2:00 hearing the winds and right around 4:00, we heard a big boom in our neighborhood. i have not been able to make it to the street because there were power lines down. this is an oakland firefighter in front of my house. on the other of the window, there is a power line dangling. one step into my house, just angling -- dangling. the light is shining on that side of the street, all of the power lines were down. many people, on my my my m their lines down from their house as well. this will be a long night. firefighters went through my front yard and sit stay in your
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house, please do not go anywhere until pg&e gets here. it will be a massive cleanup effort tonight. we have been without power since 2:00. we are going to be in the dark for a while. >> we are starting to see the extent of the damage, wind knocked down trees in the east bay. ate a snap and is blocking the roadway, that is in the rockridge neighborhood on keith avenue. on the peninsula, civil reports of downed trees in san mateo county. they tweeted this photo of a tree that fell onto a home, the family was able to evacuate and no injuries were reported. in the north bay, firefighters are working to contain a small firefighter -- wildfire. that is video showing high fanning the flames after it was a spark before 2:00 this
9:34 am
morning. the fire cause is under investigation. a rare winter wildfire north of pacer is forcing managed evacuations. it has burned at least 1600 acres near highway one. the highway in carmel is closed in both directions because of this. the red cross has said up a shelter at carmella middle school and we will bring you any updates as they come in. after the pandemic, as omicron continues to spread, the cdc proves the effectiveness of boosters. the details. >> as the omicron variant continues to spread across the country, the cdc is making the case for boosters. to vaccine doses or 50 7%
9:35 am
effective against hospitalizations, six months later, but a third shot boosted protection back to 90%. >> protection with the omicron variant is highest for those who are up to date with their vaccination, those who are boosted when they are eligible. >> the evidence comes as omicron surges. the best and worst case scenario, the best case is that covid concerta control. of the worst is another variant pops up -- the worst is if another variant pops up. >> hospitals are buckling under the crush of patients. >> we are seeing an overwhelming number of patients presenting to the emergency department with covid, covid like symptoms. it is beyond our capacity to be able to care for all of these patients. >> the biden administration says
9:36 am
it will not appeal for the strike down on mandates for federal workers. the free n95 masks will be available at pharmacies and local community health centers in the coming days. the free at home covid tests have started to ship. >> has fda has expanded eligibility for the use of the antiviral remdesivir treatment. the treatment can be used for anyone who tests positive for covid but is not hospitalized, has mild symptoms, and is at high risk of severe illness. patients can get the medication through an iv. it required -- acquired emergency youth authorization -- use authorization. m 95 and kn95 masks that are not available from the school districts are underway right now.
9:37 am
one teacher is stepping up to help. we have the story. >> i will take a mask. what other colors are there? >> this group of students are passing out free masks. there is even a mannequin demo. >> with the top strap -- >> protecting everyone is personal. >> i have people who are at risk at home to get covid. >> it started with a physics teacher who saw that many of her students were not wearing the safest masks recommended by the cdc. >> most likely, it is not that they do not want one, it is that there was some barrier to getting it. >> the masks can be expensive, can put the word out asking for help. >> i asked for donations and
9:38 am
then it exploded from there. >> donations started rolling in. enough to buy masks for all of her students and most of the school too. >> we have distributed between 600 and 700 masks. >> the principal says the district has provided masks to students but not n95's. >> we have done the best we can and to kim's credit, she said we can do more. >> this will district had to close the school and others because too many students and staff are out sick with covid. >> we have diseases. >> more free masks are on the way and so are donations. the pandemic is not over yet. >> i would be lying if i did not say that i felt excited every day into the building.
9:39 am
-- i felt nervous every day i walk into the building. >> a new institution has closed its doors for good. clear blue skies this morning, you can see the flag there, blowing in the wind. we will check in with lisa about ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) imagine a place where we can finally be free.
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your skin from within? dupixent helps keep you one step ahead of eczema with clearer skin and less itch. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. ask your doctor about dupixent. >> the oscars has a host and there may be more than one host. the academy is considering possibly having multiple hosts for the 94th award show. producers have contacted several celebrities and the talks are still in early stages. the show last had a hose in 2018. -- host in 2018.
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mark your calendars for march 27. amy schneider is tied with for second place for most consecutive win on jeopardy with 30 eight. she is the first woman to win more than $1 million. her winnings are over $1.3 million. can jennings, the current host, has the most consecutive win'. -- wins. >> east bay is so face advises -- still facing advisories through late morning. 56 degrees, going to 66 degrees today. another unseasonably warm afternoon. i will let you know when they went subside. -- when the winds subside. >>
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>> a live look from our camera, shaking because of the strong winds. the countdown to kickoff tonight, 49ers battled the green bay packers. the winner advancing to the conference championship game. kickoff is at 5:15 out lambeau field. the warriors have a day off after their thrilling victory. the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the warriors look barely recognizable, losing to indiana thursday night in dire straits against the last-place rockets until a rescue. rick barry in the front row and the awards in houston because nothing was going right, houston up 15 our one point. -- at one point.
9:46 am
we are tied to 85, curry started shooting, knocks it down for the two points, his best is yet to come. this guy had a dozen uphill grinds all the way, the dubs fight back. tied came over, drive home safely, the first career buzzer beater. the last couple of nights, the warriors pull it out. as a warriors honored a recently retired president with a medallion, on the warriors walk of fame, he played a pivot role in the construction of chase center. >> explaining what it is a good
9:47 am
thing, i was being put in the ground at chase center. it requires an explanation. >> he is in the hall of fame, the real one. this is a small thing compared to that. that tells you how immensely credible -- incredible this guy is and all of the things that he has done. >> to have my name alongside the best players in the game is very special. >> nfl, cold 49ers will have the defensive end back. he is good to go against the packers. women's hoops, stanford hosting cal. went open in the
9:48 am
-- would open in the third quarter. hayley jones is working hard at 26 as the cardinals pull away for the victory, 97-74. have a great weekend everybody. >> we have been talking the windy weather across the bay area all morning. people are waking up to scenes like this after strong gusts swept through overnight, knocking down furniture and trees and power lines and you have been tracking it all. abc7 the very gusty -- >> the very gusty winds orange is a high wind warning for the hills through 11:00 and the advisor has been shifted from the east bay to the delta. until noontime today today today windy. of the hills are having a 33
9:49 am
mile an hour winds. look at mount diablo, down from 60 miles an hour to 50. you see the winds from sonoma to napa, 36 miles an hour. it has been lightening up a little bit but it will take several hours for the wood advisors to expire and the winds to come down. along the coast, half moon bay, 31 miles an hour. we have 60 downtown, 61 in oakland. half moon bay at 61 degrees. good visibility here. you can see the wind has cleared out the atmosphere, 65 in santa rosa, 60 by the delta where it is windy. pretty for in livermore. the -- as we look at the wind gusts
9:50 am
is staying pretty windy through calistoga and napa, over towards oakland. the south bay is much less to windy. -- less windy. the winds will dial back in the north bay. the wind gusts in mount diablo, 71 miles an hour. pine flat road, 93 mile an hour wind gusts. oakland hills, high wind gusts. half moon bay was at 55 degrees. moderate air quality tomorrow. you can see the shaking camera, gusty winds through the afternoon. winds east, the dry pattern texas almost through the entire week. let
9:51 am
almost through the entire week. we have a little bit of rain friday, maybe into sunday as well. we have been doing this every other month, we had rain in october, nothing in november of th and and and december. we have the seven day forecast, a dry day ahead. home tomorrow, and temperatures dropping off to should be -- calm tomorrow, and temperatures dropping off to where they should be. it does not take us much to dry out. >> thank you. a beloved in berkeley has closed its doors for good, eddie's oceanview diner has been serving food since 1982. we spoke to people who are
9:52 am
disappointed at the loss of this institution. >> locals who usually stop by for good vibes and pancakes dropping off flowers, taking photos. after nearly four decades the beloved darlie -- diner has closed its doors for good. >> is hard to imagine now when betty's opened, it was one of the only places to eat on the street. it's popularity help jumpstart the neighborhood. >> a kingpin of the street. beth has been coming every two weeks for 35 years. she only learned it had closed when she showed up. >> with our roses out the door. -- there are roses at the door. >> the owner has been ready to retire and that the stresses from the pandemic and staffing issues meet operating the venue
9:53 am
difficult. it pushed him to the brink. >> they worked so hard. when betty passed away, and not think that they were going to keep going but they did -- i did not think that there were going to keep going. >> learning how to whip up their famous souffle pancakes. >> powdered sugar makes it look even more beautiful. >> that is what made this this s prickly institution, a beloved spot for locals. -- that is what made this a awesome institution, a beloved spot for locals. abc7 i a customers and he wishes them all of the best.
9:54 am
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>> a very special celebration for chinese new year. mulan's we like to see the representation and the food celebrating. >> it runs through february 13 and disney is the parent company of abc7. if you want to take part of your celebrations -- new year
9:57 am
celebrations, minecraft will have lunar new year themed celebrations. the ferry building will be showcasing chinatown's favorite businesses with a pop up on saturdays and sundays through february 13. a lot to do and a lot going on. one final check on the weather. >> 30-50 miles an hour in the i upper elevations and through the afternoon they get lighter. they have started out our day pretty mild with 50's and 60's, today is the mildest day. we are dry all week but maybe friday we return to some rain. >> thank you for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. abc 7 continues at 5:00 p.m.. we will leave you with this live picture of the east bay hills.
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have a good day.
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>> announcer: the following is a special presentation of espn on abc. tonight in anaheim the title of baddest man on the planet will be decided when francis ngannou faces ciryl gane in the main event of ufc 270. this is "ufc live" on abc presented by draftkings. >> speaking of team, your former teammate -- >> when you look at ciryl, though, as an opponent, you know him well. you guys have trained together. >> is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. ♪ you can feel it in the air coming you can feel it in your bones ♪ >>


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