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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 22, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. it's our second hour. booster benefits. new cdc studies highlighting how protective third shots are amid the omicron surge. the u.s. recording 18 million covid cases in the last month but hope on the horizon with new daily cases down last week. the latest this morning. high stakes standoff. we're on the ground in kyiv with tensions high between russia and ukraine. russia amassing troops at the border even as it denies it will attack. how the white house is responding. "gma" health alert. new findings. the effects of cannabis that may last longer than the high and who is most susceptible. reaction to the ncaa's new policy for transgender athletes, leaving trans eligibility up to
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each sport's governing body. what the sport-by-sport approach means for colleges across the country. all this following a-list athlete michael phelps' comments on the controversy over lia thomas' swimming career. we're breaking it all down. also this morning, baby jonas, priyanka chopra jonas and her husband nick welcoming their first child via surrogate. what the new parents are telling fans. ♪ pantry pointers. as food prices continue to soar, go nuts with strategies to stock up now and save big and get out of the grocery gouge jam with essentials that last. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ >> and she brings the deals and always has the steals. tory johnson back with super saturday savings that treat your feet starting your weekend off on the right foot as we say, good morning, america.
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♪ all right, and don't it feel good ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ >> announcer: it's saturday morning. this is "gma." >> i thought you were laughing about the feet. >> treat your feet? if i had a dollar for every time i've said that i'd have a whole dollar. >> maybe we'll make you say it a few more times. >> maybe. >> earn some extra cash this morning. good morning, america. welcome to our second hour. hope you're hungry. that's a weird transition from feet. but we also have food this morning. we're throwing a pizza party palooza and this one takes the cake. that's a little hint. >> we always get food in the studio on saturdays. we do have a busy morning and a lot of other news we're following starting with the latest on the pandemic. while nearly every u.s. county is still reporting high transmission, nationwide the number of new daily covid cases is actually down about 5% in the last week. >> but daily deaths now stand at nearly 1750 nationwide with the number of fatalities projected to increase over the next four
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weeks. >> the cdc now pointing to three new studies highlighting the protection provided by getting vaccinated and boosted. let's go back to abc's zohreen shah in california with more. good morning, again, zohreen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, eva. less than half of people eligible for a booster have gotten it. now there is new research on that extra shot showing that your chances of staying out of the hospital and living are dramatically higher with a booster. this morning, a promising cdc study showing the strength of boosters. the study confirming a third shot cuts the risk of landing in the e.r. or urgent care by 94% when it comes to the delta variant and 82% for omicron. another study showing if you are completely unvaccinated you're 14 times more likely to be infected and 53 times more likely to die compared to people who are boosted. >> second, protection against infection and hospitalization
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with the omicron variant is highest for those who are up to date with their vaccination, meaning those who are boosted when they are eligible. >> reporter: but many of those eligible still haven't gotten the vaccine. the u.s. recording over 18 million new cases in the last month alone, more than a quarter of the nation's total number of confirmed covid-19 cases reported since the beginning of the pandemic. with covid-19 tests still in short supply, testing processing labs like this one in north carolina slammed trying to meet demands. but some places like san francisco are starting to plateau when it comes to cases. >> the light at the end of the tunnel is here. >> reporter: nationwide a 10% decrease in cases. the cdc acknowledging that drop while also issuing a stark warning. >> let me just say cases are coming down. we still are at extraordinarily high levels of disease. >> reporter: in wisconsin, hospitals overrun. >> we're finding we've had to put patients sitting on a cot in
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the hallway. >> reporter: exhausted but there is one silver lining, if you are someone who's gotten covid dr. fauci says it's highly unlikely you get the same variants at least for the next several months. >> all right, zohreen, thank you so much. now to the tensions between russia and ukraine. as the u.s. negotiates for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, we're getting a look on the ground in ukraine. let's go to abc's patrick reevell. >> reporter: janai, the talks in geneva watched closely in ukraine's capital did offer a glimmer of hope that russia still wants to continue diplomacy for now, but they did not dispel the fear of a russian attack. we just got back from the front line where ukrainian troops have been dug in for the past eight years facing off against russian controlled separatist rebels. the soldiers there told us that there hasn't been an uptick in fighting recently but as there has been for years daily firing between the rebels and ukrainian troops.
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if an invasion happens, that will be ground zero. russia has repeatedly denied it will attack ukraine but it is continuing to amass troops with more arriving daily. a senior ukrainian commander telling us there are now 127,000 russian soldiers near the borders. the u.s. and european countries trying to increase support for ukraine. germany saying it will send a field hospital. the question now is what russia will do next week when the u.s. sends these written responses to its demands. whit. >> patrick reevell there in ukraine, thank you. turning to new findings on the effects of cannabis use in the body. according to a new study that observed more than 40,000 people, the drug's impact may last longer than the high. this study found that verbal learning and memory were most affected during and after intoxication especially for chronic and heavy users and those who use at a younger age, the study offers an important link between cannabis and lasting effects.
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also coming up here this saturday on "gma," the ncaa updating its policy for transgender athletes changing who determines eligibility to compete. and up ahead, tory johnson is back with sensational savings that, whit -- >> will treat your feet. [ laughter ] and later there's this, get ready to say "i do," to the latest and greatest in wedding trends. some feet treating there as well. we'll be back with more on "gma." stay with us. so i called back? same state farm agent. texted the next day? same guy. is that even legal? and get this - he remembered my name. of course. hey, blink twice if you're in danger. whoa, guys. at state farm, we actually get to know you. it's called service. come on! like a good neighbor, state farm is there.
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>> they can't see rob's beard. >> that's the only thing. once they have that interface -- >> exactly. >> very exciting, though, now let's throw it over to will ganss who is back for "pop news." >> ain't no party like a "pop news" party. hey. what's up, everybody? yeah, let's begin with some breaking baby news this morning. we've got a bonus jonas on our hands, people, congratulations are in order for priyanka chopra jonas and nick jonas. they are taking to instagram to share the happy news writing, we are overjoyed to confirm that we have welcomed a baby via surrogate. respectfully ask for privacy during this special time as we focus on our family and now the internet is burning up with congratulations to the new family of three. >> hello. >> nick jonas trending after the news broke, congrats again to the happy couple. >> you went for it. >> i mean, yeah, i'm no nick jonas but we love a capricorn in this house, don't we, janai? >> we certainly do. >> that's right.
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congratulations again. next up, the oscars. the academy announcing they'll be bringing in a host for the first time in four years. according to "variety" they are looking for not just one, but two hosts. now, this wouldn't be the first time, in fact, in 1983 the ceremony had four hosts, walter matthau, liza minnelli, dudley moore and richard pryor. no word yet on who will take the stage this year. one of the most popular ideas on twitter, steve martin, martin short and selena gomez. no comment from the academy. but the mystery will be solved with the academy awards air on march 27th.owbouthat io?atldgrt. iou recomme t cast of "bridesmaids," maya rudolph, kristen wiig, melissa mccarthy, either that or the four of us. >> we're available. >> that could be dangerous. now get ready for a long ha batman" starring robert pattinson set to be one of the
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longest superhero flicks with a run time of, get this, two hours and 55 minutes. we're getting a brand-new look with this poster of the duo suited up and ready to go. winter release of accessories council magazine which shows lee meriwether is still a coverwoman at 86 years young, get it grandma, posing in a pair of cat ears. and "the batman is coming in march 4th. two hours and 55 minutes. >> that's like "titanic" long. finally you know how sometimes need an emotional support dog, lily the dog has an emotional support human. there she is cruising around with her bff reed, reed sharing this impossibly adorable video where it racked up 10 million views and counting and this is a >>nkwaso f you.edos ohehounng hn
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thanks for having me. >> come back. >> i got it. i'll be here. whenever you need me. all right, now to our "gma" cover story. the ncaa announcing a new policy regarding transgender athletes charging each sport with determining eligibility requirements. kaylee hartung has that story. >> reporter: this morning, the ncaa facing criticism after adopting new rules for transgender athletes. the updated guidelines punting the question of their eligibility to each sport's governing body. the ncaa releasing a statement saying it voted for a sport-by-sport approach that balances fairness, inclusion and safety for all who compete. trans college athletes will now be required to document testosterone levels before their championship selections. if a sport doesn't have a policy or a governing body, then they apply the sports' international federation rules.
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if no federation exists they follow their international olympic committee's policy. the head of the ncaa panel releasing a statement saying we are steadfast in our support of transgender student athletes and the fostering of fairness across college sports. chris mosier on team usa competing in the sprint duathlon is among those disappointed when the guidelines, saying the ncaa missed an opportunity to stand up for trans athletes rights. >> it will be difficult for the ncaa to manage compliance with these rules, to figure out what they need to do to be in compliance with these rules. i'm really worried about the transgender and nonbinary young people who are seeing this policy who are wondering if it's possible for them to be their authentic selves and continue to play the sports that they love. >> reporter: this comes as roughly 280 anti-lgbtq bills have been proposed in state legislatures, targeting transgender access to sports and health care, but the debate was
8:16 am
largely sparked by trans swimmer leah thomas. she smashed records on the university of pennsylvania's women's team after competing on the men's team the previous three years. >> i have to like re-adjust my goals, struggling to be anywhere close to where i was. >> reporter: penn athletics supporting thomas saying we will work with the ncaa regarding her participation under the newly adopted standards. prominent voices weighing in on the controversy, attacking it from a different angle. caitlyn jenner condemning it on fox news. >> number one, biological boys, i've said from the beginning, should not be playing in women's sports. we need to protect women's sports. >> reporter: and swimming legend michael phelps on cnn. >> i believe that we all should feel comfortable with who we are in our own skin, but i think sports should all be played at an even playing field. >> reporter: kaylee hartung, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to kaylee for that report.
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now we'll turn it over to rob for a check of the weather. >> favorite wintertime sport, skiing. boarding for you. close eye on ttshe s. i've got a gem for you. seven springs resort outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. this young lady is giving the report. it's very well produced but look on the outside. this woman coming down -- it's hard to come down the steps, right? i couldn't stop laughing. >> she's okay. >> the ski boot. >> oh, man. >> someone pointed out this could have been set up and if so, bravo. that was fantastic everybody is okay. they got fresh snow and will get more. clippers coming down the pipe. these are not big blowout storms. they'll give you a couple inches here and there. winter weather advisory for parts of the midwest, west of chicago with the next one coming in monday morning. could see up to six inches, enough to coat the grass in chicago and the snow that does fall has fallen is going to stick around because temperatures aren't going to warm up.
8:18 am
we're in the >> good saturday morning. nice and sunny here but the wind has certainly been an issue in the north bay and the east bay. that's going to last through the afternoon although the winds are going to come down and still be gusty at times especially above 1,000 feet. another mild to warm day, today above average tomorrow the winds will ease up, not as warm. the dry pattern looks to lagsfor most of the upcoming workweek. high today mid all right, now to "deals & steals." treat your feet with megasavings from small businesses. tory johnson is here to help us, put our best foot forward. good morning to you, tory. >> hi, eva. we are reunited. i am so excited. our first "deals" back together so had to bring a fun one. we're starting with barefoot scientist. they make incredible foot care products, all are scientifically
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formulated to make sure that you have happier, healthier feet. two fan favorites of theirs i want to call out. one is their sleep on it overnight moisturizing gel socks. little green booties, you slip them on with your favorite foot cream or theirs, you wake up with the most rejuvenated awesome feet. they also have a great cracked heel repair serum. everything is designed to just treat yourself and with really good prices because with our deal, everything ranges from $4 to $12. >> this next one looks like it will make your feet look prettier. >> yeah, so londontown. we love the options from them. these are all clean, effective formulas that offer a luxurious experience, a huge assortment from them. their pedicure sets and also have really rich gorgeous colors of their nail lacquer. what i love about this, these are long lasting chip resistant formulas, two things that you love if you're doing your own
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nails. we also have -- they have lots of treatments as well to help strengthen nails which are fabulous. and we have some of their body products too. everything from them is up to 69% off and our deal starts at $7. >> tory, janai and i have been shopping over at this next counter right here. >> excellent. you guys have good taste. this is tucketts. and what's cool about this, these are toeless grip socks so when you want that feel and freedom of a barefoot sock but you also want the kind of warmth and protection of having a sock on, this is for you. so thinkin terms of yoga, pilates, a pedicure, quite frankly, walking around the house, they're beloved for every day, any day activities like that. so many different styles from them from crew to leg warmers, all with grips on the bottoms that add stability so you're not going to ever slip or worry about that, just a really
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delightful assortment from this company starting at $8. >> i never thought to do that for a pedicure. keep your feet warm. that's brilliant. nothing says comfort like a great pair of slippers. what do you recommend? >> floopi, baby. this new year new slippers, big assortment from them, plaids, knit, chenille, all have their pillow-like footbed for warm, breathable comfort and outsole is awesome. wearing them home and need to take walter outside these are good to go outdoors. or run for your coffee, they have got you covered. they start at $16. >> you have a way for us to combat heel pain. give us the details here. >> yeah, this is vivian lou. so these are insoles for both flats and high heels designed to prevent pain when wearing those shoes, the design by a podiatrist and engineered by a d eo me shoes more there is
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comfortable, to eliminate that foot pain. we've got a big assortment from them starting at $14.50 depending on the shoe style. finally we're ending on reathlete because everybody could use a massage. leg massagers as well as one with a foot massager built in. it's all customized compression. there's three different models to choose from with or without heat and this is great for everything from eliminating tiredness to improving circulation, eliminating pain, helping with recovery and quite frankly just feeling good. with our deal they start at $100 and free shipping from reathlete. >> that's amazing. thank you, tory. we partnered with all of them on these deals. get them on our website, up ahead on "gma," the pantry pointers you need to stock up and save big at the grocery store. we'll be right back.
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this is abc 7 news. >> nearly 30,000 pg&e customers in the bay area are without power now as strong wind gust through the area this map shows the current outages, nearly
8:28 am
28,000 in the east bay, mostly berkeley and oakland. 1000 affected on the peninsula, 400 and the north bay. lisa, you have been tracking this. what is the latest? >> upper elevation winds still quite gusty, 63 miles an hour. you can see, up north, colors indicating strong wind through sonoma and napa. throughout the day, they will get gentler. we will see the 25 mile an hour wind through 1:00 in oakland. mild with high clouds and 60's tomorrow. >> thank you.
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♪ this is wha ♪ this is what dreams, dreams, this is what dreams ♪ this is what dreams are made of, everybody, hilary duff right there rocking rome in "the lizzie mcguire movie," cinematic treasure. >> cinematic treasure? now 20 years old. i'm not admitting that, eva. >> you had that same outfit. >> i did. hilary duff taking center stage in a brand-new show so it is time to get the inside scoop in "binge this." andrea boehlke is here, host of "people in ten." were we going to get the -- there's no air horn. [ air horn ] >> there it is. there it is. time for "binge this" officially.
8:31 am
andrea, thanks so much for being here. it is a stream come true to red hot shows. give us the inside scoop. >> good morning, janai. so i wanted to bring you not just "binge this" but also a weather report out of wisconsin. the forecast is cold with these two shows i have for you being hot. let's go. the first one is all about nostalgia. "how i met your father" is out, the sequel to "how i met your mother." obviously a classic, ran for nine seasons. so there's a lot of sequels and reboots these days, but this is getting buzz, hilary duff like the lizzie mcguire reboot we never got. sophie is sharing dating escapades with her friends, the year is 2022 on tinder trying to find her soul mate in new york city, what could go wrong? i don't know, just everything. i've been there, a lot can go wrong. you get scenes in the original apartment and another reason to tune in, kim cattrall stars in this as the future sophie in 2050.
8:32 am
that's on hulu. that's a lot of laughs. then as you're looking for some drama we have the fourth and final season of "ozark" out on netflix. two parts, you get the first seven episodes. if you haven't seen it yet you should get into it about a financial adviser who moves his family from chicago to the ozarks and he has to launder $500 million. great actors, laura linney, so that's out on netflix and it's one of our people picks this week. are you more of a sitcom or drama gal, janai? >> i love "ozark." in my house we've been testing our loyalty, like you haven't watched it without me yet, have you? that's on our to do list and, andrea, our weekend playlist tell us about hat. >> christina aguilera has new music out. she dropped her spanish ep on friday. so it's called "la fuerza." it's part one of three of her upcoming album. this is her first album in four years, also her first spanish
8:33 am
project in 20 years. it's a lot of fun as you're hearing, we get a lot of upbeat fast-paced songs and said the timing is great for her because now she's a mom with all these career experiences so it's coming from a deeper perspective and i'm kind of cold so i'll dance my way out into my warm apartment so i'm expecting some dancing in the studio as well. >> we'll see what we can do, andrea. we definitely hope you get warm and appreciate you being here with us this morning. watch "people in ten" thursdays 10:00 a.m. on and pick up this week's issue of "people" on newsstands nationwide. >> all i could think she doesn't have gloves on. >> yeah, it's wisconsin. man, it's cold. coming up, pantry pointers. what to stock up on now and how long those staples will last. we are walking down the aisle saying "i do" to wedding trends to watch this year. we'll be right back. we love our new home. lots of windows, great light-
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rise 5% in the first half of 2022 and this morning, we've got strategies to stock up and survive the grocery gouge. from mac and cheese to mustard, items in your pantry expecting to reach an all-time high. the usda reporting prices for food at home up by 6% from 2020 to 2021. >> procter & gamble just this week announced the price of tide is going to go up 8%. their products due to the price increase of aluminum is going to go up 10%. >> reporter: for tiffany any and all savings count. >> i'm tiffany, mom to harrison and eleanor and this year i'm serious about saving on groceries. >> reporter: bureau of labor statistics reporting the price of beef and veal increasing 20% from 2020 to 2021. >> walking to the store. what should we look for? >> store brands are typically 20 to 30% less than the national brands, and these days the
8:39 am
quality are just as good. >> reporter: experts reminding us preparation is key. >> the most important thing to do to save money is to always have that shopping list. if you don't have a list, you're going to spend about 40% more. >> reporter: along with not making any assumptions about prices. >> normally when we think of a bigger can of product, we think it's going to be cheaper. not necessarily. you have to look at that net weight on that shelf tab. >> if they don't have it, do the quick math on your phone. >> i was going to say on the phone. now to the staples to stock up on now and how long they last in your pantry. maya feller joins us with her wonderful wisdom which we are always grateful for. good morning. >> good morning. so nice to see you all. >> so let's start with discussing the classic american sandwich made entirely of pantry staples, my favorite, peanut butter and jelly.
8:40 am
starting with the peanut butter, what should we be looking for on the nutrition label, and how should we store what we buy to make sure it lasts? >> for some of us on that nutrition facts label we'll want to look at the added sugars, added salt and added fats. that's something that you really want to pay attention to. now, when we're thinking about storage, natural peanut butters and peanut butters without preservatives, those need to be stored in a cool, dry place, and they can last up to 30 days. if you put it into the refrigerator it will last even longer. >> what about the jelly part of the pb & j, you can get carried away with the sugar on that. how do we make nutritious choices on all of this? >> absolutely. an excellent question. so for some people there are going to be able to tolerate and found palatable natural fruit. you can puree it or chop it in place of jam or jelly. now, i want to remind you when
8:41 am
it says sugar-free or no added sugar, there may be some preservatives or stabilizers that have been put in to, you know, boost that mouth feel so that's when i say look for something that's 100% fruit and maybe it's just done with fruit and fruit juice and that's quite tasty. >> so, maya, let's turn to the nut aisle. nuts are not cheap. how do we pick the nuts that will give us the most bang for our buck? >> yeah, nuts are very expensive in many places. so here you'll notice that i have nuts that are in their shell. those tend to last longer, a little more work for you but last longer. also depends on how the nut is packaged and also its fat content. the higher the fat content of the nut, the more likely it is to spoil. so i always say you want to think about where you're storing your nuts. those two can go into the refrigerator. now, if you're thinking about ones that are allergy friendly i like to lean into sunflower seeds because they make a great spreadable butter, and for people who can't tolerate tree nuts, that's an excellent choice. when you're thinking about your
8:42 am
favorites, my favorite is cashews. they're incredible when you cook them and if you eat them raw. i love all nuts but cashews do double duty, so good in food and just eating. >> i'm right there with you. we have to keep cashews at our house to snack on and for dishes we use them for. thank you so much, maya, for joining us this morning. all right, now let's turn back to rob for another check of the weather. hey, rob. >> what is happening, guys? baby ella doing her thing on the zamboni. check this -- this is -- i've never seen anything like this. boise, idaho, we got this video of this cute kid doing her thing to help smooth the ice out there in boise. no ice here in this part at least of lake superior but getting there. the sea smoke sent in. southwestern side of the lake to indicate how cold it is coming over the relatively warm waters of the great lakes. nothing warm about the frozen tundra tonight, big games
8:43 am
happening in tennessee, cold, 39, in green bay, 12 degrees for the saturday night playoff game >> good playoff game it has been breezy to gusty overnight looking at dangerous winds continuing with our high wind warning for the north bay through 11:00 and the wind advisory for the delta. 50s and mid change it up and set the mood a little bit because we're talking wedding. yes, to the first look in what's new in nuptials as we take a first look at 2022 wedding trends so tying the knot as you guys well know is big business. zola polled thousands of couples and 18% are budgeting 20,000 to $30,000 for the big day. so here to break down all of zola's findings and forecasts, the latest fads, is emily forrest. thanks for joining us. a wedding has so many moving
8:44 am
parts. which vendors are couples willing to splurge on. >> thanks so much for having me today. i'm really excited to be here. a wedding does have so many moving pieces and vendors are such an important part of the puzzle and at zola we're seeing 2022 will be such a huge year and couples are willing to stretch a little bit so at number one, vendor splurge, photographers. you know, it makes sense, couples want to capture the moments and memories they're having together. and then at number two we have an open bar. i think that guests can really expect to have a super fun wedding season, get down with a little extra champagne, a few specialty cocktails. and at number three we have venue. venue sets the vibe and the tone for the entire wedding and at zola we have a new part where you can search for venues across the country and book whatever kind of venue they're looking for. >> i never had to think about any of this because i had 14 people at my wedding so i had the luxury of that but for those who are considering --
8:45 am
especially this year, because people are trying to get back to their wedding plans, some had to be canceled or delayed but let's talk about design. are couples opting for certain color schemes for their wedding decor? is that a thing? >> yeah, you know, i think specificity is the name of the game in 2022. weddings are going to be super personal and couples are planning with so much intent so 31% of couples actually did not just check a color box but they said i'm planning with a very specific color hue in mind so at number one we do have traditional wedding white. that's a little unexpected. two, we have -- yeah, number two we have green and, you know, it's not just plain old green, it's sage, eucalyptus, hunter green, olive green, very specific shades and then number three, something borrowed, something blue, you can expect to see shades of navy, turquoise, teal and a nice top of dusty blue my personal favorite. >> the other thing a lot of couples are talking about especially these days with covid
8:46 am
and the pandemic, the debate about the role technology should play in these festivities. what are you hearing? >> i think a debate over technology is so interesting considering so many couples are meeting and dating online and then 100% of couples are planning their weddings online with zola's mobile app. but in terms of should i have an unplugged wedding or not, it can be polarizing. 40% of couples are actually voting for no phones at weddings. i'm personally with these couples because i think we've all been so connected online, i'm on zoom right now, that it's so nice to disconnect on that day. but in terms of technology that's a real do we see hashtags so in our community hashtag help is the number one question and couples create their own hashtags and finally we see virtual weddings and see streaming of weddings considering not everybody will be able to make it. guest lists are still getting longer. >> okay, great tips and all the trends, emily, thank you so much. we appreciate it.
8:47 am
>> thanks so much. i hope to see you on the dance floor. >> oh, you will always catch me on the dance floor. believe that. all right, emily, we'll talk soon. up next here it's our pizza party palooza. we'll be right back. need some beats. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash classroom. and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs is a vacation home slash vacation home. find yours on the vrbo app. ♪ juliana, big mac, no pickles, extra special sauce. jimena, quarter pounder with cheese, extra pickles, no onions. thanks dad! you got it! enjoy any 2 classics for $6, like a big mac or quarter pounder with cheese, for a limited time, at mcdonald's .
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as usual janai started eating before the segment but we're back with our pizza party palooza. dough, mozzarella, marinara. we are taking things to a whole new level with a pizza cake. no sweet, all savory and here with the deep dish is chef anna gass, good morning to you, good to have you. >> good morning. so happy to be here. >> all right, so what is a pizza cake? >> okay, so you know when you go to a kids' birthday party, there's always two things on the menu, pizza and cake. so one day i thought, what if i combine the two? so pizza cake was born. you have two layers of pizza
8:51 am
bread with a filling of cheese and ham or pepperoni. once you have this cake you might never have a sweet cake again. >> so show us how you do it. i saw it on instagram yesterday and it looked so good and you start with pizza dough or do you start with pizza batter? >> so that's the thing, i start with typical ingredients of a pizza dough but make it a batter so the warm water, the yeast, the flour, but then i added eggs and that made it pourable and also created a nice fluffy cake so the bottom is 2 1/2 cups of your pizza batter, then i add ham and cheese because, you know, that's what my kids love, all right, we're going to get that in there but this is your pizza party. you want meatballs? >> this is the part we can customize it. >> exactly. you can even make this hawaiian. this is where you're taking your typical pizza toppings and putting it inside as you're
8:52 am
filling. then your pizza batter gets poured on top. so we'll pour this all over the top, all right? and spread it out. >> nice. with a cake i like the sprinkles and the roses. i like the toppings, what are the equivalents here for the pizza cake? >> roses? wow, you're fancy. >> oh, yeah. >> i do agree, it's all about the sprinkles and frosting but this is a pizza cake so we're going to use marinara as our frosting. here it will go down just like that on top of your dough. and then, of course, you can't forget the sprinkles, right? so we're going to spread this out nice. my sprinkles, though, of course, italian. we got oregano going down, a little salt, some salt sprinkles
8:53 am
and then, you know, i'm spicy, i like to keep it spicy with chili flakes. >> anna -- >> this will rest for two hours, yeah. >> sorry, we are out of time but it looks and tastes fantastic. thank you so much. we truly appreciate it and we've got this recipe on our website. look at the finished product right there. we'll be right back. we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes, without having to get up.
8:54 am
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morning. catch today's show and every show on the "good morning america" podcast available for free wherever you listen to podcasts and check out the second season of lz granderson's "life out loud." we'll see you tomorrow. i shared my pizza. >> announcer: she's breaking >> announcer: she's breaking records and making history on "jeopardy!" right now. >> who is amy schneider? >> good morning.hneider? nearly 30,000 pg&e customers in the bay area are without power right now as strong winds gust through the area. this map shows the current outages. nearly 28,000 are and the east, berkeley, and oakland. nearly 1000 are on the peninsula with more than 400 and the north bay.
8:57 am
pg&e reminds people if you see downed power lines, stay away and call emergency crews. firefighters are out in open hills after reports of downed trees and power lines and in the north bay firefighters are working to contain a small wildfire. high after it was sparked just before 2:00 this morning. the fire was burning near geyser peak in sonoma county. crews declared it contained and the cause is under investigation. there are reports of downed trees and power lines in santa rosa as well. lisa, you have been tracking this all morning. lisa: in santa rosa around sonoma county the gusty winds will continue around 11:00 with a high wind warning. you can see the colors indicating that there are strong winds. mount diablo not in an advisory area but north winds at 60 miles an hour. as we look at the 10:00 11:00 hour, they will subside.
8:58 am
in the north bay come a while we remain breezy in the rest of the bay area. looking at the numbers warmer than they have been in quite some time with 50's and 60's right now. we will be looking at temperatures above average and at 9:00, we are 61 in oakland and we will talk about the rest of the weekend coming up. liz: up next, powerful winds toppling trees in oakland. we will have a live report. and winds fueling a rare winter wildfire rapidly growing in monterey county. we will have the latest.
8:59 am
(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ (phone ringing) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea.
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>> finding solutions, this is abc7 news. >> a wind fueled fire is forcing evacuations, the colorado fire causing the closure of highway one. many are having flashbacks of multiple fires hitting the area years ago. you are watching abc7 forever you stream. -- wherever you stream. strong winds around the bay area, thousands of people without power, get over -- let us get over to the meteorologist. >>


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