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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 22, 2022 1:06am-1:41am PST

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stage. meat loaf died today surrounded by family. he was 74. that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes s s on hulu. see you back here same time next week. good night, america.
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dan: that breaking news is in
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monterey county where a rare winter wildfire has burned more than 100 acres north of big sur. thank you for joining us. we have team coverage tonight and we will begin with luz pena in the newsroom. luz: the colorado fire is being fueled by high wind. it is intensifying by the hour. the monterey county sheriff's office issued evacuation orders. this fire broke out around 7:30 p.m.. in a matter of three hours, it burned about 150 acres in follow colorado canyon. that is north of the bixby bridge and close to highway 1. flames have not reached the highway. the fire is not burning on the west side of this area. so far, highway 1 in c closed in both directions. i spoke to monterey supervisor askew.
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she said in 2020, 20% of the population had to evacuate after multiple fires hit the region. tonight, they are having flashbacks of that. >> people are working to get out of the area. we know fires are unpredictable and that many of the roads leading up to highway 1 are narrow tree lines,. we want everyone to be safe. if you are near the fire, we encourage everyone to heed the sheriff's orders. luz: again, the monterey county sheriffs office issued an evacuation order for areas west of the palo colorado road to highway 1. orders are mandatory. we will continue to stay on this. dan: luz, thanks. the winds fanning these flames. let's go to sandhya patel tracking the conditions in the fire zone tonight. sandhya: unfortunately, winds have been in the 30 to 40
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mile-per-hour range with the gusts. relative humidity at the calfire portable, 11%. this combined with the drought, down sloping wind is drying out the air even more. the wind taking you back in time. the radar picking up that plume of moisture from the fire. as you take a look at this live picture, winds are gusting 57 miles per hour on mount diablo. winds are coming down to the surface. oakland reported gusts of 58. half moon bay, close to 50 miles per hour. under a high wind warning. all areas in yellow under a high wind advisory until 7 a.m. tomorrow. gusts anywhere from 40 to 70 plus miles per hour. big concern, it will pick up again. over 50 mile-per-hour winds. winds will continue into tomorrow morning.
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it will be a little bit of time before the winds dial back so they could cause power outages and difficult driving conditions. something you need to watch out for if you will be out on the roads tomorrow. dan: thank you. pg&e officials warning about possible power outages because of the strong winds. this map shows you the current outages. there are several pockets on the peninsula and south bay without power, as well as a handful of outages in hayward, richmond and berkeley. pg&e also reminding people if you see downed power lines, stay away from them and immediately call emergency crews. the winds caused damage in the south bay on north 17th street where you can see a 100 foot tree came crashing down, crushing three vehicles, and blocking off part of the street. it also brought down power lines. fortunately, no one was hurt. tree removal crews were on the
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scene, got to work cutting it up and removing it. you can see it was a good-sized tree. another tree came crashing down about two miles away on herma silla way. it only took out a fence in between two townhouses. a neighbors says he saw the damage and called authorities. he also tells us, like so many areas in the bay today, it was extremely windy all day. remember, you can track the weather conditions where you live anytime you like on the abc 7 bay area app. it is available on roku, android tv and apple tv. we will have more on the weather in a few minutes. the mother of a man shot and killed in oakland last night is calling for an end to gun violence. after the murder last night, the suspect then went and shot a firefighters.
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ryan curry has new details tonight. >> i am still in shock. i am numb, but i have faith in god. ryan: denise carter wiping tears away as she mourns the loss of her son, ronald sanders. centers has just finished up work ed went to see his cousins. that is when a man came up to him and shot him multiple times. >> he was always happy, you know. got along with everybody. good guy. ryan: the gunman continued walking down the street towards a west oakland fire station. a firefighter saw the gunman and went to grab his colleague who was outside taking out the trash. the gunman fired four rounds into the car as they tried to drive to safety. the firefighters were not injured, but photos show the damage. >> we are just not sure why he targeted them. they did not confront him. ryan: the suspect did not know
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sanders or the firefighters and this was a less active violence. they say he was walking down the street saying he was going to shoot someone and previously had been convicted of manslaughter in the 1990's. the president of the oakland firefighters union says the street violence is another obstacle firefighters deal with. >> it is not just the fires or coronavirus or everything else. our firefighters routinely confronted with the violence that plagues our streets. ryan: police say they arrested the suspect one hour after the shootings. at the vigil, the councilmember says the shooter was violating parole and had an ankle bracelet on. he's facing charges of first-degree homicide. carter wants gun violence to stop now. >> we still have our people killing our own people. stop the violence. ryan: ryan curry, abc 7 news. dan: oakland police are also investigating another shooting that happened just down the street from that homicide we spoke about.
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a 45-year-old woman was shot inside an rv parked next to a homeless camp on 13th street near mandela parkway. she was taken to the hospital with a head wound. police believe the woman was shot last night but did not learn about it today -- until today when residents reported it. following a surge in crime in east oakland, the police department is shifting 48 officers to that part of the city starting tomorrow. it comes on the heels of one of the worst years for crime in decades. oakland police say 2021 saw an uptick in violent crime, robberies, burglaries and property crime. city council members say there has been a backlog of calls in east oakland, and people who live there are understandably worried. >> our residents would say we don't feel safe, we don't feel like we have a voice. we don't feel it theep rebuildig communities of color is another part of opd's strategy.
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captain johnson says he's encouraging officers to make it part of their day to day job making outreach to get to know people in the community. as we work to build a better bay area amid the pandemic, education is a key topic we are focused on. as omicron surges, bay area school districts have been working to balance school with health concerns. the teachers union in oakland says a strike is possible if their dispute with the school district covid safety protocols. the district has agreed to the union's three main demands for on-site testing, a supply of masks, and a plan to address staffing levels. union officials say the district refuses to put the agreement in writing, so the two sides are still negotiating. the union is trying to iron out the testing site rules, saying the hours of operation are not practical. >> if they have to go across to a place where they don't know,
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they may not have a vehicle to access that. when they close at 4:00, families are still working at 6:00. many teachers are still working. early as m dirict offiaed tommt today, butd yesterday they are hopeful the two sides will reach an agreement. some of the other covid headlines. after a two week hiatus, west contra costa schools are letting their sports teams compete again but the league has adopted a temporary no spectator policy for all indoor sports through february 1. 60,000 at home covid antigen test are set to be given out for free in santa clara county starting tomorrow. an appointment is required to pick them up at one of four sites. monday is santa clara county's deadline for workers in high-risk settings to be vaccinated, including first responders and employees in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, medical offices and
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jails. remember, if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website. go to a lot more to come. a local couple stewing -- suing stanford university after their son overdoses in a fraternity house. why they say this is their last chance. arnold schwarzenegger involved in a what we know about how it happened. >> the 49ers get a big boost for their defense as they get set for green bay.
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dan: new tonight, stanford university is being named a wrongful death lawsuit following the january 2020 death of a sophomore student. the 19-year-old died of an accidental fentanyl overdose at his fraternity two years ago. tonight, his family tells amanda del castillo this was their last resort for justice. amanda: this year marks the second anniversary for the family. in january 2020, the 19-year-old was found dead inside the fraternity house where he lived on stanford university's campus. he died from an accidental overdose after taking counterfeit percocet pills made out of fresno. --fentanyl. >> the ra called 911 and there was no follow-up in the 36 hours leading up to his death on
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january 17. amanda: the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, naming the university and the fraternity. "this is a last resort for the family." the statute of limitations is two years. >> we knew we were going to get to the point where they were not going to get be compelled to do anything. amanda: a difficult decision considering they have dedicated nearly three decades to stanford. both parents are longtime employees and ya el is a 2019 graduate. >> the challenge is the emotional toll it takes to see in institution you have invested so much time on to turn your back. amanda: it says it failed to protect students, that the university ignored local warnings about counterfeit percocet pills made of fentanyl. stanford saying "we we have great sympathy for his family and those affected by his death. however, the university disagrees with many of the allegations and will defend itself against the lawsuit."
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>> it failed to follow its own policies. it failed to do what was right. to us, it does not matter. what hurts is this is a stanford family. amanda: the lawsuit also names a childhood friend who sold the drugs and three people the family says were his roommates. >> they compromised a criminal investigation. the concealed evidence and have gone on to live their lives with no accountability. they are about to graduate with her stanford degrees. anton does not get to graduate. dan: new, the east bay community came together tonight to honor one of their own who was pushed into the path of a new york city subway train last weekend. michelle go called new york city home for more than a decade but she was a bay area native, born in berkeley and raised in fremont. friends and family gathered in fremont to hold a visual -- vigil. >> i cannot imagine what her
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family must be going through. the least we can do as a community is to come together to support her and honor her legacy. dan: michelle let a life of service, helping at risk women and children as well as the homeless. there will be another event to honor her tomorrow. a vigil will be tomorrow at the central park pavilion near the fremont community center to honor michelle go. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is safe tonight after a car crash. los angeles police say a crash involving four cars happened in brentwood this afternoon. video shows his suv on top of another car. it is unclear if he was driving or the passenger at the time of the crash. he was not hurt, but one person was treated for minor injuries. dan: vice-president kamala harris was in san bernardino today outlining how california will benefit from the infrastructure deal. evelyn leyva in los angeles got
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a one on one with the president and talked about several issues still facing the administration. ellen: the vice president's first official trip for the bipartisan infrastructure bill brings her home to california. the vice president and agriculture secretary tom vilsack took an aerial tour of the san bernardino national forest and briefed on the wildfire outlook for 2022. harrison knows the recently passed infrastructure law includes $600 million in disaster relief funding in california and $5 billion will be used to help ris reduce the risk of wildfires. >> firefighters need to be paid. they are out there risking their lives. some have paid the ultimate sacrifice. ellen: i got the opportunity to talk to vice president harris about other important issues the biden administration is facing, like the defeat in congress over voting rights and what happens next.
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>> we have to pass federal legislation that says stop it, we will not allow you to make it more difficult for people to vote. is it not part of our american values to say everyone's voice matters, everyone's voice counts? and we want to encourage you to use your voice and you make your choice. ellen: we discussed another important issue, immigration. >> we have to protect our dreamers. we have to create a legal pathway for citizenship. there are so many people who want and deserve, and it will benefit all of us. so, this is a priority for us. dan: ellen leyva reporting. let's go to sandhya patel with more on the windy weather. sandhya: it has been blowing hard especially over the higher terrain and even the lower elevations. let me show you some live pictures. even places like oakland, 58
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mile-per-hour wind gusts. so far, gusts, pine flat road, 80 miles per hour. you will notice 53 miles per hour so it has definitely been windy. high-pressure building in. low pressure over the southern portion of the state. winds are funneling right through california and we are right in the middle of it all. they are going to be gusting 2:00 a.m., 51 miles per hour. those winds will continue but they start to ease a little bit as we head into 6:00 a.m., 44 miles per hour. into the early afternoon, they will start to drop off even more so most of you will see later winds. middletown and then the winds will be pretty much done. near the fire burning along the big sur coast, i want to show you what to expect. gusts to 22. at midnight, it will be a bit on the breezy side. 18 miles per hour. winds down sloping and that is
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concerning during a drought. really dry conditions. that fire is being fanned by those winds. the offshore winds brought record high temperature to kentfield, 69 degrees. low 70's. cloverdale, santa rosa, half moon bay. hard to believe it is january. because of the winds, most of you still in the 50's and 60's. eight to 18 degrees above where you were 24 hours ago. nothing like the frigid weather in green bay. 40 take on the packers tomorrow night. it is going to be bitter cold. nine degrees with a wind chill of -3. single digits, seven degrees. wind chill to -9. it is going to be very cold. gusty winds through tomorrow afternoon. mild to warm again tomorrow. the dry pattern continues through next friday. good to moderate air quality for the weekend.
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40's and 50's on those temperatures. windy in the morning. 66, san jose. 64, cupertino. half moon bay, downtown san francisco, 64 degrees. 66 in san rafael. in the east bay, well above average. mid-60's, oakland, fremont. if you are looking for rain, all the way through next friday is dry but then we start to see some changes. late this month, rain potential saturday, january 29 through monday the 31st. gusty in the morning. not as mild on sunday but later winds cooling back to average
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dan: oakland's amy schneider continues to rack up the wins on jeopardy. she moves on to second place for most consecutive wins with 38. she's the first woman to win
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more than $1 million. ken jennings is the most consecutive wins with 74. you can watch jeopardy at 7 p.m. on monday. surprising career milestone for steph curry tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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>> abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. larry: the warriors looked barely recognizable right now. they lost to indiana last night. they were in dire straits those guys because nothing washe going right. steph is picked by kevin porter jr. warriors turnovers. you don't see curry this upset very often, kicking the chair. curry started the game 0-8 shooting and knocks it down. 22 points. the best is yet to come.
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garrison mathews at his best. from way out. he had a dozen. an uphill grind all the way. dubs fight back with authority. otto porter jr. right there. 5.1 seconds left. it is steph with a step back. good night! game over. his first career buzzer beater. looks like they won the title. warriors pull it out. before the game, the warriors honored recently retired president rick welz with a medallion at chase center. alongside names like rick barry, nate thurman. hehe constructi of chase nt >> explaining to a few of my friends why it was a good thing i was being put in the ground at chase center. to have my name alongside some of the greatest players in the
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history of the game, it is very special. larry: to the nfl as they prepared to battle aaron rodgers. the 49ers will have nick bosa back. he has cleared concussion protocol after the neck injury in dallas. good to go against the packers in freezing conditions. the women's hoops version of the big game, stanford hosting cal. jada curry wears 30. tied at 42-42 at the half. stanford opens the quarter on a 17-4 win. hannah jump, 21 points. haley jones working hard to get her 26th as the cardinal pull away to win. sports on abc 7
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