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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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vice president kamala harris shares her thoughts, new on gma. kumasi: and waking up to one of the foggiest mornings we have seen in a while. thick clouds through downtown san francisco, so keep an eye out as you move through there. jobina tracking all of this for us. reggie: thank you for joining us this morning. we start with the foggy morning. >> we have a dense fog advisory in effect across the shoreline, until 10:00 a.m. this morning because of low visibility. a lot of spots have low visibility, less than a quarter of a mile. the san mateo bridge, you can barely see the headlights and taillights, and the bay shapes up like this. we will keep the fog into the 10:00 a.m. hour, and we will see a lot of sunshine out there eventually, so we finished the day on a bright note.
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temperatures going back into the 60's across the board, guys. reggie: drew, thank you. mr. biden begins year two of his presidency. he was inaugurated one year ago today. plenty of challenges loom over his second year. covid-19, inflation, the escalating ukraine-russia crisis and lingering questions over the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. that's in addition to the first year priorities frozen in the senate, dashing bidens hope for bipartisanship. >> i did not anticipate there would be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that president biden didn't get anything done. think about this. what are republicans for? what are they for? there is only one thing they are for. reggie: he has a lot to prove in his second year. the latest gallup poll shows the president is only pulling in a 40% approval rating, his lowest to date. kumasi: the effort to secure the
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right to vote for millions of americans has failed in the u.s. senate. this is a huge defeat for democrats and president biden. >> every republican and tw repu democrats opposed breaking the filibuster rule, allowing them to pass the voting rights bill with a simple majority. republicans likened the vote to federal overreach. >> once we had down that slippery slope, the legislative filibuster is gone. eliminating the filibuster is the easy way out. it was not meant to be easy. >> the bills would have made election day a federal holiday, expanded mail-in voting voting g early voting, and made it legal for the justice department to pursue voter discrimination. president biden is "disappointed, but not deterred." he says voting right legislation could be broken up into smaller
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bills. 19 states, most of them with republican-led legislatures, have enacted new laws to make it harder for people to vote. kumasi: vice president, harris is promising democrats are not giving up the voting rights fight. she spoke to george stephanopoulos on gma this morning. >> we are not giving up. this is one of the most important aspects of what we must do to correct what has been happening in various states. there is work convening folks around the country to uplift the message and to include what we need to do to expand the ability of all americans to understand what is at stake. i am glad we are having this conversation -- you would probably not be surprised to know how many people in the midst of the everyday burden of life are unaware of what is happening. kumasi: you can see the vice-president's entire interview coming up at 7:00 a.m. she is also talking about the escalating crisis at the ua
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border -- ukraine border and how her first year in office has changed her. reggie: the search is on for a person who left a fake pipe bomb in downtown oakland. sky seven captured a moment the bomb technician approached the object. once they determined the device was a fake, they discovered a note. >> looking at the evidence, there was a specific message and therefore law enforcement that was left. we have taken that evidence and turned it over to the fbi, who has collected it. reggie: no details released as to what the note said. it was directed to law enforcement. a surveillance video of the suspect, but have not identified them. they could face charges for weapons of mass destruction. kumasi: bart was awarded the california golden fleece award, which exposes waste, fraud and abuse in the government.
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we have more on this new report and what bart is saying about it. amy? amy: the report calls bart unreliable, dangerous, and inefficient. bart officials say this report is not even worth reading. the report was from a called the independent institute, and this is an award they handed out to bart, the 12th they have handed out to a california state or local agency. they say it tries to please politicians, not its riders, because they receive government money. >> the idea that we should not receive government money and privatize is ridiculous and goes against what the bay area wants
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for us. amy: they go on to call the group and antigovernment think tank. she things bart is on time more than 90% of the time, admitting it has dipped below that in the past when ridership was high, but right now, ridership is low, only 25% of what it was before the pandemic. reporting live at the pleasant hill bart station, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: and officials are coming up with a plan to ease congestion on highway 57. the state is in favor of a proposal to connect a rail line. jobina: this would be a major change, because improvements are desperately needed on the flood threatened and often congested highway 37. it runs between novato and solano county. a virtual public meeting is expected next week and is expected to be completed by this fall.
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the chronicle reports a state rail plan, set to be released next month, is set to include a new commuter rail line along highway 37. the passenger train would be operated by smart and could cost between 700 million dollars and $1.3 billion. but it will not get built anytime soon. a feasibility study found that it could take years for construction to begin after planners find the funding. reggie and kumasi? reggie: another arctic blast brewing on the east coast, days after their last deep freeze. the situation there alive, and where people are getting ready for the storm, plus -- >> there have been really loud explosions. i heard one and it rattled the walls of our house. i felt it in my body and my chest. kumasi: mysterious big booms
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rocking the north bay. neighbors say it is every night around the same time, but the clues are starting to come together. reggie: and the live look at our rooftop camera at kgo -- thick fog right now. typically you can see the lights of the bay bridge, but that is how thick the fog is this morning. it lifts for sunshine this afternoon. we will time this fog and show what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma that can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as two weeks. and can reduce, or even eliminate, oral steroids.
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reggie: happening now, massive winter storms are moving across the nation. temperatures are dropping 40 below zero in some places. here is a live look at philadelphia, there are winter storm advisory is in the east and the south with some areas expecting up to three inches of snow today.
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yesterday, people in pennsylvania were rushing to prepare. shelves were getting pretty bare due to supply chain issues. >> we have six or seven shovels left ear, handful of sleds -- this is all we have. we can't get anymore. reggie: because of the storm, the governor of south carolina has declared a state of emergency for the second weekend in a row. kumasi: new at 6:00, here is one way you can deal with the snow and icy sidewalks. one little boy in northern colorado figure he would stay close to the curb. his mom recorded him around on all fours. he did slip a few times, but they got to their bus stop just as fast as ever. aww. reggie: one way to get to where you are going. kumasi: but it is risky. drew: dense fog around the value
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-- the bay and the coastline. look at visibility -- oakland, hayward, sfo down to a quarter-mile visibility. euro in mountain view, so this -- zero in mountain view, so this fog is very thick right now. after 10:00 a.m., the fog will lift. the afternoon features a lot of sunshine, so while it is a great start to our day today, we will finish on a brighter note. going into the 60's, 60 three in oakland later on today, 62 in the city, 65 and san jose. very comfortable and half moon bay, 62 degrees. let's take a look at traffic with jobina. jobina: it has been a little bit messy out there. we will start with the bay bridge toll plaza, where they flipped on those metering lights at 5:38, but we also have a crash on the bay bridge and the tunnel.
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i am expecting traffic will start to slow little more. that happened in the last couple of minutes. bringing a live picture from the golden gate bridge, there is a fog advisory for this bridge and 880 for oakland, once you get to 92. the hayward area, also impacting the san mateo bridge. a new crash in san francisco involving multiple cars and several injuries, on northbound 101 to the eastbound 80 connector ramp. reggie: new at celebrity walks into a north bay restaurant on a whim, and the owner gave her a glowing review. kumasi: nice. as we had to break, -- head to break, we will take a live look outside right now -- we usually like to see the
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reggie: new development in the race to provide aid to the devastated nation of tonga. tonga was hit by what is believed to be the world's biggest volcanic eruption in three decades this past weekend. the nation was covered in nash, with 15 foot tsunami waves hitting beachside towns, leading to freshwater shortages. officials say the ashes now cleared and the airport is back up and running. pg&e will soon be off probation after the deadly explosion in san bruno. it is set to expire on tuesday. federal prosecutors declined to seek an extension. the utility says it hasn't will continue to improve safety, but listen to what a federal judge is now saying --
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in these five years, pg&e has gone on a crime spree and will emerge from probation as a continuing minister california. kumasi: in the north bay, residents living in marin county have been worried for days after hearing loud booms at night. extra deputies are now looking into the issues. the marin county sheriff's office have confirmed have been six explosions in the last month. one of the most recent booms came last sunday around 10:00 p.m. a deputy nearby found evidence that someone had lit some type of unknown device that damaged a large tree in the area. >> i heard one and it rattled the walls of our house. i felt it in my body and my chest. it was so low, it sounded like it was coming from underground. kumasi: the sheriff's office has deployed additional deputies to try and catch the person or people responsible. reggie: wine country still buzzing this morning after a
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weekend visit by kelly clarkson. the grammy award-winning singer stopped by a bar in hillsboro, and is telling everyone how great it was. she says it was amazing, and said to try to save me cocktail. apparently she did a little shopping too. she got a tip to eat at the bar at area. drew: my friend is obsessed with kelly clarkson and i texted her and she is freaking out. how did i miss this? she had her chance. reggie: i want to know every detail about kelly clarkson's visit. kumasi: what did she do? reggie: where did she stay, what wineries did she visit? is she a pinot girl or a white wine lady? kumasi: she has some good
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friends. the fact we don't know -- reggie: and have you looked at that place for a venue? they are super nice, the food is really good -- drew: healdsburg in general. reggie: i have been singing its praises for years now. i love it. drew: it is impacted by fog this morning, a lot of us are, especially around the bayshore line and the north bay. this is our south beach cam pointed at the bay bridge. you can barely see the headlights of the people heading into the city. the fog is thick at this hour. once you get above the fog, we do have clear skies, but look at all this low cloud cover right now. with the bay bridge right here, the fog is very thick at this hour. let's take a tour, because we are getting impacted by this fog in the east bay, oakland down to
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a quarter of this ability, sfo is zero miles, a quarter of a mile in napa and santa rosa, so the fog will stay with us through 10:00 a.m. this morning. here is future weather -- after we get past 10:00 a.m., the fog will break down for afternoon sunshine, but right now, the fog is chilly out there in the 30's and 40's. 46 in the city, 42 in san jose. dense fog this morning giving way to sunshine. 63 in oakland, comfortable for this time of year. 66 in santa rosa, up to 65 in san jose. the winds turned breezy and our hills overnight and i do not expect the fog to be as widespread because we have the breeze scatting out -- scattering out along this low cloud cover.
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sunshine in the afternoon, warmer, breezier in our hills, near 70 inland and we keep the drive pattern into early parts of next week. guys? kumasi: let's check in with ginger zeke, live with what's coming up on gma. good morning, ginger. ginger: good morning. we have switched over to snow here and are talking about the arctic air, snow and ice possibilities from south texas to the carolinas. but you need to hear about this -- we are diving into president biden's ride whingeing news conference -- wide ranging news conference and some of the fallout from that. and this morning, we are speaking to vice-president kamala harris. and bob saget's widow is sharing memories of the beloved actor, her husband, and the final moments they shared together. and the fbi warning about qr codes -- what are those up to and how could they impact you?
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and we have sean wyatt, olympian, talking to us about the olympics and so much more, coming up on gma. reggie: she went from and the to the abc news winter gear in 24 hours. ginger: i am just doing my best. i am trying to find the stuff i love about cold and winter. the list is short. kumasi: but you've got to try hard. ginger: not great, yeah. reggie: we will see you at what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste... ...surprise parties. aww, you guys. dupixent helps prevent asthma attacks... ...for 3!... i can du more of the things i love. dupixent is not for sudden breathing problems. it's an add-on-treatment for specific types
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plan your getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe, feel free. reggie: there's a win for the new a's stadium at howard terminal proposal. the final environmental impact report was sent to city council for certification. it analyzes the potential effects of the probit -- project on the environment.
6:25 am
city council will likely vote on the environmental report next month. kumasi: people against the howard terminal project held a protest outside oakland city hall. they are taking an issue the taxpayer money going towards the project. >> it's to the detriment of all the working people of oakland. kumasi: that man was one of about a dozen protesters yesterday afternoon, rally years are encouraging the city's planning commission to reject the final environmental impact report. reggie: next up, it's penguin awareness day. scientists are investigating the impact of climate change on an article is penguin population. some species are declining as a result ice while some are increasing due to rising temperatures.
6:26 am
previous indications given show how the species might be affected in the long term. >> although we are at the bottom of the world, we are at the front lines of climate change. when you find deli penguins -- these penguins, you know cis is nearby. when we see it declining or disappearing altogether, we see corresponding populations declined substantially. reggie: the western side of antarctica is one of the fastest warming places on the planet. collapses in some penguin populations have already been reported there. more top stories at 6:30. the major milestone expected at the warriors game tonight. kumasi: and the governor has a plan to help teachers in their state at no added cost. reggie: and the improvement the
6:27 am
bay area saw in 2021, compared to four years ago. as we head to
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after my car accident, wondnder whahatmy c cas. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered?
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call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 6:30, a big blanket of fog covering much of the bay area overnight. no joke if you are heading out this morning. drew and jobina tracking where it is worse and how long you should expect it. kumasi: and you might want to take bart instead, new numbers on ridership are out, but a new report is nothing to brag about. reggie: and building a new film studio up --, and the film studio that could be the first. you're watching abc 7 mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. drew: we have a lot of fog and spots this morning, a dense fog
6:30 am
advisory in the area. a quarter of a mile in oakland, zero miles in mountain view, same story in north bay, zero miles in novato. the fog will linger through the 10:00 hour. you can't even see the bay bridge often the distance, that is how thick the fog is. by noon, the fog is departing and the dense fog advisory is over. the skies continue to clear and lots of sunshine expected later on today with temperatures in the 60's, guys. kumasi: thanks, drew. more school districts forced to take action this morning to address a shortage of teachers, and we learned that vaccinating kids under five could take longer than expected. jobina: this is a timeline parents have been keeping a close eye on. the fda is expected to review vaccines for children under five
6:31 am
next month. >> it is likely that it will be a three dose vaccine. that being the case, it will take a little longer to get those data to the fda and approved. kumasi: it comes as -- jobina: it comes as covid staffing related shortages -- covid related staffing shortages threaten to close school. in new mexico, others are stepping into teach. and we are learning about new guidelines for treating the omicron variant. the national institutes of health is recommending hospitals avoid using any monoclonal antibody treatments from -- or eli lilly, saying they are ineffective at fighting covid bactine.
6:32 am
-- covid-19. -- >> this suspect exited his crashed stolen car with a firearm in his hand. as soon as he saw our units arrive, he shot at them more than one time. kumasi: the suspect died at a local hospital. none of the officers involved were injured. the victims in the car crash have moderate injuries. reggie: jury selection is scheduled to start today and the federal trial of three former minneapolis police officers charged in george floyd's murder. the three men were with derek chauvin when he pinned floyd to the street. the officers are charged with depriving floyd of his constitutional rights while acting under government authority. yesterday, the state trial got postponed until june. that delay will allow the federal trial to take place first. a crucial part of building a better bay area is improving the
6:33 am
type of public transit system we have, and bart is fighting to get you back on board. take a look at the latest numbers, ridership is 25% of normal, dropping because of the omicron variant. current saturday ridership is only 20% of normal, sunday at 36%. a new report is alleging bart has a long way to go to make fixes. amy hollyfield is live at the pleasant hill station, digging into the claims and the reaction from bart. amy? amy: hi there. bart says this report is not even worth reading, saying it is coming from an antigovernment think tank. the group is called the independent institute, and awarded bart its golden fleece award, calling bart unreliable, dangerous and inefficient. they select it look at private, for-profit subway systems in other countries as an example,
6:34 am
saying if bart was sold to a private company, that agency would focus more on customer satisfaction. >> bart does not focus on optimizing the experience because it does not have to. instead, it focuses on satisfying politicians who control the subsidy pursestrings. bart puts its money in excessive compensation for labor union members, which frankly, riders don't care about. they want good performance. amy: they call the idea of privatizing bart ridiculous and say that would go against what bay area residents want from their public transit system. past recipients include the dmv and calfire. bart has been awarded the group's 12 golden fleece award.
6:35 am
amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: new developments. marin county is using a series of water restrictions, after they were put in place in december. but they have replenished 95% of their water storage capacity. some swimming pool limits and irrigation limits are in effect, though. remaining restrictions will be reviewed in february. reggie: we have a lot of fog out there. it is thick and widespread in many cities. we have a dense fog advisory for the north bay valleys and the bayshore lines, so this does include oakland, san leandro, the city itself and much of the north bay. visibility is very low this morning. this is as bad as it gets and we talk about cloak how clever -- low cloud cover out there.
6:36 am
we are down to zero miles visibility -- does not get worse than that on our visibility map. oakland to hayward, a quarter of a mile, a quarter of a mile in sfo, and the bay bridge, we have fog along the bridge at this early morning hour. novato and petaluma down to zero miles visibility, a quarter of a mile in napa and three quarters of a mile in santa rosa. add a bit of distance between the car in front of you, because the fog is lingering through 10:00 a.m. we will be able to see the entire san francisco's skyline normally -- that is how thick the fog is. through 9:00 a.m., we have that fog. after 10:00 a.m., it breaks down for a lot of sunshine later on afternoon and the sunshine effective at warming us up into the 60's. today is warmer compared to yesterday. dense fog through 10:00 a.m.
6:37 am
giving way to sunshine this afternoon, 62 in the city, 63 in oakland, 66 in santa rosa. jobina: the fog has also caused problems on the bay bridge. this camera should be showing you the tunnel -- you can barely make out the brake lights there, but you see all of them starting to head in the westbound direction, towards san francisco. there is a crash in the tunnel. we have learned from the chp that a tow truck is on the scene, so hopefully they can move that out of the way soon, but the damage has been done. the backup is huge because of this crash and they turned on the metering lights early, at 5:38. give yourself plenty of extra time if you need to travel into san francisco this morning from the east bay. i want to wrap up with the sig alert in san francisco. a multi car crash on the northbound 101 to the eastbound 80 connector ramp.
6:38 am
lots of problems, reggie and kumasi. reggie: thanks, jobina. a big cat spotted in belmont and its fight caught on the security camera. and a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. how we are doing, next. and bob saget's widow opening up in a one-on-one interview. their last conversation before th
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kumasi: on the peninsula, a state wildlife expert says and mountain lion spot in the belmont neighborhood is not a threat to public safety, but things got deadly early wednesday morning. the video shows one big cat dragging another down the road, down hastings road at 4:00 in the morning. a neighbor called the police two hours before that, after hearing the cats fighting. listen to it.
6:41 am
[cats kumasi: oh, that is hard to hear. experts with fish and wildlife say the cat killed in this incident was a female, and they believe the aggressor was a male. >> we don't know whatt motivated these two lines to get into a fight. it is not extremely unusual, but it is unusual and very noteworthy that it happened in a somewhat residential area. kumasi: this is the latest mountain lion incident on the peninsula and in belmont specifically. last month, a lien was spotted walking across a driveway a mile and a half from this location. reggie: learning and school closures during the pandemic, san francisco unified students have shown resilience. the proof?
6:42 am
the district's graduation rate. 88% of the class graduated in 2021, a nearly 5% improvement in 2016 and 2017. in previous years, graduation rates were measured in four years, but they are looking at it from the eighth grade. >> going back to middle school to figure out which students are set up to be successful. that's gpa, attendance, and suspension. that's what we call high school readiness indicator. reggie: new programs have been added to the district to help with everything from tutoring to family issues. kumasi: apple says it is closing a loophole that allowed almost anyone to use its education discount. apparently, so many non-education customers have been using the discount because what was -- it was easy to get, but not anymore. now, buyers will have to verify they are actually students,
6:43 am
teachers, or suppliers to get 10% off apple purchases. the ceo who fired 900 employees over zoom is back. you probably know the ceo who fired 9% of his workforce without notice and a virtual meeting, right before christmas. that decision upset a lot of people. the ceo later apologized and took a leave of absence. the company's board of directors told employees this week that he is returning, and that he used his leave to "reflect on his leadership." reggie: get ready for more sticker shock at the supermarket. many companies are about to raise prices again. procter & gamble will raise prices by 8% on its laundry detergents, dryer sheets, and other products, as well as personal health care products. americans, so far, don't seem to mind the higher prices. >> demand is strong and we have
6:44 am
nine out of 10 categories that are growing market share in the last week, six and 12 months. reggie: i'm not sure that means they don't mind it. gas prices are also on the rise, with the cost of oil hitting a seven-year high this week. traffic is increasing to pre-pandemic levels. new details on the mega acquisition from microsoft. the purchase of activision blizzard, the largest in the company's history. wall street reports that microsoft may be looking to make itself into the netflix of gaming with a cloud-based subscription service. once the service closes next year, market soft -- microsoft will be the third largest videogame company by sales, with the makers of call of duty, world of warcraft, and candy crush under its belt. and all eyes are on the streamers subscriber growth -- netflix's stock price jumped on
6:45 am
friday after the company said it would be raising subscription prices in the u.s. investors wonder if that indicates something major might be coming down the pipeline soon, or if it is to keep up with rising costs the premium plan is going up by two dollars a month. standard -- a basic plan, is going up by one dollar, to $9.99. taking a look at the stock exchange, we are up almost 200 points. kumasi: cyber criminals have another way to get into your wallet, by using qr codes. you see qr codes everywhere -- they are easy to use because you open your phone camera and are quickly directed to a website or somewhere you can make a payment. but fbi says crooks are using fake qr codes to send people to malicious sites and hijack and steal personal information. the fbi says do not download any gap from your qr code, use your
6:46 am
phone's app store for a safer download. new this morning, remembering actor and comedian bob saget. her is -- his widow is breaking her silence. jobina, she was unleased tangibly -- understandably emotional. jobina: she talk about the outpouring of love she has received from the tv family. he died about a week and a half ago, just before he was set to return home. >> what was the last time? >> i love you so much. i can't wait to see you tomorrow. i love you so much and i can't wait to see you tomorrow. >> what was the last phone call? >> he was heading back to his hotel, telling me what a wonderful show he had and it was so amazing. he was happy and loving what he did did it aid him so happy that she did. it made him so --.
6:47 am
it made him so happy. kumasi: you can hear more coming up at 7:00 on gma. reggie? reggie: the warriors expect another full house tonight. the current streak is still going and includes both regular-season and playoff games at oracle arena and chase center. it started december 18, 2012, but does not include last season, when covid restrictions limited crowd size. this is the third longest active streak for the warriorthe team s and 99 losses. tonight, they face the indiana pacers at chase center at 7:00 p.m. kumasi: the 49er faithfulfulfull to green bay for playoffs can still buy tickets. stubhub is reporting the average ticket price is about $330. the secondary ticket seller says
6:48 am
so far, 23 percent of sales have come from california, compared to 17% in wisconsin. fans will have to brave some frigid temperatures. forecasters say it will be 15 degrees at kickoff and dips down to seven degrees in the fourth quarter. reggie: the stinking rose is is making a popular comeback. it will open a new location just down the street from the original one. the menu will be basically the same, with the garlic infused decor coming back. the legendary castro theater is set to undergo a major makeover as it celebrates 100 years. it will turn into a live events venue, featuring music, comedy and more. another plan for entertainment is taking over the theaters program. they have signed a contract which includes a grand reopening next year. they will still screen select films, as they have been doing
6:49 am
for decades. kumasi: new at 6:00, a film studio is going to literally be out of this world. a new film studio will be built and space by 2024. it says space entertainment enterprises, a company coproducing tom cruise's space movie, is launching a stadium and film studio in zero gravity. it is designed to host events and producers and artists who want to make content in a low gravity environment. drew: ok. i see the stories and i am like, cool, but we have so many stories we should solve here on the ground? reggie: i am fine with the green screen in space movies. drew: anyone like, that didn't look real enough? push them into space. sandra bullock and a space.
6:50 am
george clooney, get him out there. kumasi: who is going? reggie: and what's the point of watching a sports event in space? i don't see people signing up for this, you know what i am saying? drew: the money is right. pay a cool $20 million to go off into space? no? as far as what is happening near the ground, because we have a lot of fog to deal with, it is impacting a lot of us on this thursday morning. this is our south beach camera right now -- what am i even staring at right now -- on a clear morning, you would see the entire western span of the bay bridge. all you can see right now, the corner of your screen at this moment, you can only see the headlights moving into san francisco, right there. once you get above the fog, we have clear skies overhead. here's our east bay hills camera. take a look at the cloud cover impacting us around the bay
6:51 am
shoreline -- look right here the top of the bay bridge. the fog is low to the ground at this hour. oakland, a quarter of a mile, sfo, quarter mile, san carlos, zero mile visibility to five id i, y,ut the quarter-mile from petaluma to napa. after 10:00, the fog breaks down and we see sunshine later on this afternoon. temperatures waking up to 30's and 40's, certainly chilly on this thursday morning, but we will warm up later on today. highs after the dense fog in the morning, 62 in the city, 63 in oakland, 66 in santa rosa, 63 is the high-end conquered. i do not think the fog will be as nearly widespread or dense, because we tracked some wind picking up in our hills and it helps with fog, temperatures in
6:52 am
the low to mid 40's heading into friday. into tahoe, a gorgeous four -- forecast. overnight lows will be in the teens. the next seven days for you, a foggy start to the day today with a mild, sunny afternoon. warmer, gusty in our hills friday into saturday and we keep that drive pattern into early parts of next week. let's check in with jobina for the toyota tahoe report. jobina: here we go, hell states tahoe will be three hours 29 minutes, based total from snow, 60 inches. no chain requirements for any of the major roadways up there right now, which is great news. northstar, 42 to 92 inches of snow for the base totals and 56 inches for heavenly. sugar bowl, three hours and four minutes to get there.
6:53 am
68 to 108 inches for those base totals, and then for kirkwood, 65 inches to 77 inches in three hours -- and three hours, 27 minutes to get there. -- is still closed because of the fire damage from last year, but we want to let you know those earlier options. be safe and have fun, everybody. back to you. kumasi: six larger-than-life tiger squad -- tiger sculptures are on display san francisco for the chinese lunar new year. this will be the first time since 2020 that the parade will be held. the woman who creates all the parade floats says this is a labor of love. >> there is so much i love about
6:54 am
this. i love spending my day making beautiful things, working with talented artists, bringing joy and happiness to the world in these difficult times. kumasi: legend says the colors green and blue will bring good luck and fortune to tigers in 2022. a new art exhibit is opening this weekend during the most on days of the pandemic -- featuring art made during some of the most uncertain days of the pandemic. all art was shelter-in-place order. this will highlight artists who went out to beautify stores during the darkest part of the pandemic. > we don't want > we don't
6:55 am
go up in any original businesses, but we want to find other placements for them. kumasi: the exhibit opens saturday at pierce 70. instagram is testing out a new subscription feature, allowing users to pay extra to see exclusive content from creators. prices range from $.99 to $99 a month and the price is set by creators. it is not clear when it might expand to others. reggie: i am still laughing over this. kumasi: $100? reggie: come on, really? what contents are they providing? kumasi: that's what i am saying. if you are paying that much, it should be personalized just for me. reggie: we are not doing that. i don't like that for you. kumasi: you don't like that? reggie: i don't envision that for your future. [laughter] kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: as we head to break, a
6:56 am
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kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to know this morning. the senate has failed to change the filibuster rule blocking voting rights legislation from passing from a simple majority. reggie: jury selection is set to begin today in the federal civil-rights trial of three former minneapolis police officers charged in the murder of george floyd. the three men were with derek chauvin when he pinned floyd to the street. kumasi: the fda is expected to review vaccines for kids under the age of five as early as next month. preliminary data shows the group will need three doses for full protection. reggie: president biden begins year two of his presidency. he was inaugurated as 46 resident of the u.s. one year ago today. the president is only pulling in
6:59 am
a 40% approval rating, which is his lowest to date. drew: a thick fog advisory out there, there are many of us -- for many of us until 10:00 this morning. a live look from our suitor tower camera. a look over the bridge, but temperatures this afternoon in the 60's. jobina: and this is a caltrans camera that should be showing us the tunnel on the bay bridge. there is a crash in the tunnel that is eventually -- it moved out of the way a few moments ago, but the damage has been done from the back up there, so you will face a slow ride into san francisco. metering lights came on at 5:38. kumasi: and arthur is getting ready to say goodbye. it is coming to an end next month after 25 years. pbs is hosting a celebration marathon that include or new episodes to reveal what is in store for the future. jobina: love arthur.
7:00 am
reggie: i always think of jobina because you love dw. kumasi: tes good morning, america, f our viewers in the west. a powerful new winter blast taking aim on this thursday morning. one-two winter punch. arctic blast for the northeast. millions in at least 23 states on alert for subzero windchills, snow and ice and the ice storm warning for the south. as texas to the carolinas brace for a treacherous commute. breaking overnight, voting rights bill blocked. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> senate democrats failed to overcome republican opposition hours after president biden's marathon press conference defending his stalled agenda. do you need to be more realistic and scale down these priorities in order to get something passed? >> no.


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