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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 20, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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bynum working one year in office. the challenges that loom over his second year. kumasi: the voting rights bill that would have made election day a federal holiday, blocked. the only two democrats who did not support it. reggie: temperatures are tumbling along the east coast. the new winter blast moving in this morning. kumasi: here at home, make sure he give yourself some extra time on the roadways. it is really foggy out there. drew is telling us how long a dense fog advisory will be in effect. good morning, everybody. it is thursday, generate 12 -- jay wright 20. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. reggie: it is the fog is morning i can remember in a long time. drew: it is pretty widespread around the north shore and bay area. it is in effect for a lot of us until 10 a.m. this morning. we experience to this yesterday, but this morning, it is more widespread. look at this building right now. we will zoom in on couple of spots. there is thick fog along the
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east bay shoreline. right now, we are down to one quarter mile of visibility. zero miles in novato, one quarter of a mile in santa rosa. this fog is going to liga for the next five hours to six hours. it will be a slow go for some of us on the roadways. thick fog right now on the east bay side. we are seeing that through the morning hours. it lists midday. into the afton is r. a inggie happeni today, president bynum begi hisdency. he was inaugurated as the 46 president of the u.s. when you're go today. plenty challenges loom over his second year. covid-19, inflation, the escalating ukraine haifa russia -- ukraine-russia issues, in
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addition to the first are priorities that are present in the senate. they have dashed bidens hope. pres. biden: i did not anticipate that there would be such a stalwart death or -- stalwart death -- stalwart effort to make sure president biden did not get anything done. think about this. what are republicans for? name me one thing therefore. reggie: he has a lot to prove in his neck year. he is pulling in a 40% approval rating, his lowest to date. the voting rights bills have failed in the senate. jobina: every republican and two moderate democrats opposed changing the filibuster rule. ending the rule would have crated a path forward for two voting rights bills, allowing them to pass with a civil majority. republicans likened the effort to secure the vote to the
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federal overreach. >> once we had down that slippery slope, the legislative filibuster is gone, women 80 the filibuster would be the easy way out. it wasn't meant to be easy. jobina: the bills would have made election day a federal holiday, expanded early voting and mail-in voting, and it way for the justice department to police potential voter determination. president biden issued a statement saying he is a profoundly disappointed, but not deterred. he told people that think is to be broken up into smaller bills. at least 19 states, most with republican-led legislatures have enacted new laws that make it harder for people to vote. kumasi: vice president kamala harris is promising that democrats are not giving up the voting rights fight. she spoke with george stephanopoulos on "gma" this morning. >> we are not going to give up
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because that is an important aspect of what we must do to correct what is happening in various states. there is work we will continue to do about convening folks around the country to uplift the message and include what we need to do to expand the ability of all americans to understand what is at stake. i'm glad we are having this conversation. he would probably not be surprised to know how many people in the midst of the everyday burden of life are unaware of what is happening. kumasi: you conceive the vice president's entire interview coming up at 7 a.m. she is also talking about the escalating crisis at the ukraine border and how her first year in office has changed her. now to pandemic. san jose's police department is being hit very hard with covid infections. the department is filling nearly 50 absences using all and terry overtime shifts. about 40 santa clara firefighters are seeking an exemption from the booster mandate. it is already operating at only
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90% because of the pandemic. starbucks is dropping its vaccine mandate for u.s. workers. this is coming after the supreme court rejected the biden ministrations mandate for vaccine or testing at companies with more than 100 workers. if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest covid headlines, we have more information on our website at reggie: the search is on for a person who left a fake pipe bomb in downtown oakland. it was backed away for hours while law enforcement investigated. our news reporter has more on what was inside. reporter: sky seven wednesday afternoon captured this moment. a bomb technician with the alameda county sheriff's office picking up what was originally believed to be a possible pipe bomb. officials now say it was a fake, with a note inside address to law enforcement. >> i would call this a hoax device designed to obviously get our attention when the bomb squad does its work. from there, it obviously caused us several hours of work. reporter: federal protective
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services saw someone put the device under the flagpole in front of the federal building. it was evacuated and's running streets were closed off. all afternoon, the bomb squad tried to determine if it was actually a bomb. bomb sniffing dogs or brought in, a bomb squad member suited up. once they determined it was a hoax, that's when they found the note. >> looking at the evidence, there was a specific message left for law enforcement. we have since taken all that evidence and turn it over to the fbi, who has collected it. reporter: authorities are not saying what is in the message to law enforcement. they also say they have video surveillance of when the person placed the device, but not have -- but have not identified anyone specifically. crews were able to collect evidence. >> we were able to collect all the evidence and preserver we wanted to preserve. we open it remotely -- we avoided opening it remotely, which would have destroyed evidence within the package. reporter: essay investigators need to determine the motive.
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kumasi: now too out of the top stories are now on bart has amy hollyfieldy hollyfieldy hol live at the pleasant hill park station in the east bay with more on this report and what bart is saying. amy: the report calls bart inefficient, unreliable, and dangerous. bart officials say this report is not even worth reading. it comes from a group called the independent institute. that group has awarded its old and fleece award to art. this is the 12 award it has handed out to a california state or local agency. the independent institute accuses bart of trying to please politicians, not its writers. it relies on government money. the group recommends selling the company to private company.
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officials strongly disagree. >> the idea that we should no longer receive any government money and privatize is ridiculous and goes against what the bay area regent wants. i am from art and public transit. amy: this spokesperson goes on to call this group and antigovernment think tank. she says bart right now is on time within 90% of the time, admitting that that performance has dipped below in the past, when ridership was really high. right now, ridership is low. it is only 25% of what it was before the pandemic. reporting live from the pleasant hill art station, amy hollyfield. reggie: massive winter storms are moving across the country. temperatures are dropping -40 degrees in some areas. here is alive look at the roads in it morning. there are winter storm advisories in the east and south, some excepting up to three inches of snow today.
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in d.c., it look like just rain. people in pennsylvania for rushing to prepare and shelves are bare as winter weather approaches. >> unfortunately, because of supply chain issues, what you see here with the shovels, the maybe six or seven that we have left here, a handful of sleds, that is all we have. we cannot get anymore. reggie: because of the storm, the governor of south carolina has cleared a state of emergency for the second we can in a row. drew: take a look outside. you cannot see that much. this is our rooftop camera at kgo. typically, on a clear morning, you would be able to see the lights of the bay bridge. that is how thick the fog is at this area -- at this hour. we are dealing with this dense fog not only in the city, but along much of the bay shoreline. you can see low clouds really well right now. look at this. here are the tops of the bay bridge right here. once you get about cloud cover this morning, we have clear skies overhead. that fog is thick this morning. we do have a dense fog advisory
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in effect right now. this includes oakland, hayward, fremont, san francisco. because of this, we have visibility less than .25 mile. add extra distance between you and the car in front of you because this will be lingering for the next several hours. down to .25 in oakland, same in santa rosa. that fog is with this right now. temperatures are in the 40's. it is a chilly start to the day. that fog will stay with us through at least the 10:00 a.m. hour, then it begins to lift leader this afternoon. dense fog early on, sunshine in the afternoon. a warmer afternoon compared to yesterday. we're going to the low end will 60's for our thursday. let's see how we are doing with traffic. jobina: if you have a moment like me, when you drive out, you will go, wow. you really cannot see well.
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member to use those low beams if you are having visibility issues. can you guess what camera this is supposed to be? you should be able to see the bay bridge right now, but as part -- as drew was just talking about, you cannot make it out. it is very foggy there. i know from personal experience, you will not see the metering lights entity get right up on them as you try to travel into san francisco. people are driving at lower speeds. the chp has issued a fog advisory they are in the golden gate bridge this money. they have also issued one for the area of 880 between oakland and all the way through hayward. you can see we don't have a lot of slowdowns right now, especially not coming out of tracy. things are on time there. antioch to concord, 30 minutes. kumasi: coming up, a brand refresh for a popular candy. reggie: wild explosions at
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learn smarter.
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reggie: pg&e will soon be off probation for the deadly explosion in san bruno. the five-year period again in 2017. that is set to expire on tuesday. federal prosecutors declined to seek an extension. utility says it has and will continue to improve safety a federal judge in san francisco overseeing pg&e's privation wanted it extended, saying that in these five years, pg&e has gone on a crime spree and will emerge from probation as a continuing menace to california. kumasi: in the north bay, people have been wary for days after hearing these loud booms at night. this is happening and extra deputies are now looking into the issues. our abc 7 news reporter looking into what may be causing the noises. >> there have been really loud explosions. reporter: christina lives with her boyfriend in san geronimo valley.
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there have been at least six explosions in the last month. >> i heard one and it rattled walls of our house. i felt it in my body, in my chest. it was so low, it sounded like it was coming from underground. reporter: the marin county's sheriff's office as one of the most recent camerin -- recent came on sunday. there was evidence that someone had lit some type of unknown device that damaged a large tree in the area. peralta heard that boom and said her windows shook doing -- during it. but she is not the only one who heard them. >> it is not to like fireworks. it is not a similar sound of fireworks. it is almost like a deep rumble, a deep boom. reporter: you can see the syndrome ovale is very wooded, but a lot of people live in this area. that is one of the reasons why the mariah carey shout of's -- sheriff's office says they have
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deployed extra resources to catch the person or persons responsible. wild explosions have been heard in syndrome ovale, deputies say at least one of the originating spots was not mere homes. >> it's a really disturbing sound. it is scary to hear that. it is 8 p.m. on any given night. i hope whoever is sending them off, if they are explosives, maybe find another spot to do it or just stop. it is really freaking out a lot of the neighbors. reggie: a new exhibit paying tribute to chinese were old workers who connected the u.s. from east to west is now open in san francisco. it is called "solid spikes," following in the footprint of chinese road workers -- railroad workers. the story is told through historical pictures, including many from a beijing-based photographer. it was a tremendous undertaking to build the western portion of the transcontinental railroad. >> this is part of our chinese
5:17 am
history and it is important to spread the word to learn more about it. it is not just for our youngsters, but for our next generation. reggie: it's estimated as many as 20,000 chinese workers helped build the railroad. it will be on display through may 22. kumasi: cyber criminals have another way to get into your wallet, through qr codes. they are really easy to use. you open your camera, scan the code, and you are directed to a website or somewhere that you can make a payment. the fbi is singing that crooks are using take qr codes to send them to malicious sites, hijack payments, and steal your personal information. one tip is to not download an app from a qr code. use your phone's app store to do it safely. take a look at this. do you notice anything different? the nm characters are getting new looks as part of a brand refresh.
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the biggest change you can notice is at the bottom of your screen on their feet. let's see what's going on here. green doesn't have the go-go boots anymore. she has sneakers on. reggie: she had go-go boots? drew: she did. jobina: brown has lower high heels. oranges shoelaces are now tied. yellow has on boots. let's go back to yellow. drew: i love yellow. jobina: the president of mars wrigley north is an effort to make the characters more current and representative of the customers. drew: outside of the kate hill -- kitten heeled, i am bored. reggie: those are terrible. drew: ask any drag queen. a kitten heel on the main stage? reggie: not on the main stage. if you want to wear that backstage or you're getting a snack, that's fine. drew: pain is beauty.
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kumasi: so you all want the m&ms walking around -- reggie: but one of the boys and heels. switch it up and give us some color. these are just boring, neutral colors. kumasi: this is why you all are not hired. this is why. i don't even know what they would look like with you two. drew: it would be fierce. they would. it is very dense fog out there and spots. look at the four cameras we have on your screen. the bottom left is the san mateo bridge. the east bay hills in san francisco, you can see all around that we have that fog at this hour. let's take a tour of the region. it is impacting a lot of us at this hour. good morning oakland, hayward. i know jobina was talking about her drive this morning from the east bay. we have thick fog right now, down 2.25 miles. a similar story in novato,
5:20 am
petaluma. a dense fog advisory is in effect for the north bay valleys and around the bay shoreline until 10 a.m. this morning because that fog is going to be slow to clear over the next couple of hours. most of us waking up into the 40's, so certainly a chill out there as you wake up to pray skies. -- gray skies. it was probably mid day that we see most of those fogs clear out. 62 in the city today, 63 in oakland, 66 in santa rosa. overnight tonight, i do not think the fog will be as widespread because the wind will pick up in the hills overnight tonight. it will help scour out any low clouds. patchy fog here and there, but i don't think it will be as widespread as what we are dealing with right now. here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. a dense fog visor until 10 a.m. we warm up as we head towards friday with 70. the week and is looking nice,
5:21 am
winds subside on sunday. the dry pattern continues into next week. reggie: larger-than-life animals on display in san francisco. this cultures you will see around the city. kumasi: bob saget would opening up a new interview. their last
5:22 am
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kumasi: it is 5:20 people here are the seven things to know this morning. the senate failed to change the filibuster. this is the fifth time that democrats have failed to pass voting rights legislation in the senate. reggie: jury selection is set to begin today in the -- kumasi: the f the f the f the ff review vaccines for kids under the age of five years old, as early as next month. pull a merry data shows that group will likely need three doses for full protection. reggie: bart is dismissing a scathing new report that causes -- that calls them unreliable, dangerous, and inefficient. sold to a private company. drew: dense fog visor referred
5:24 am
bay area and along the coast. we are socked in with barbara now parts of san francisco. it is early on, then leaves us this afternoon, with temperatures in the 60's. jobina: the chp has issued a number of fog advisories on the traffic front. we will start with a live camera showing 880 at the coliseum. this advisory is going to be 880 starting in oakland all the way to 92, which is right here, showing off a live picture of the san mateo bridge. reggie: wildlife officials say the mount line you see in this video is not a threat to the public. this mountain lion was captured on a durable camera attacking another mountain lion early yesterday morning. reggie: in today's gym a first look, we're hearing from bob saget's widow. kelly rizzo is opening up about their last conversation for his death. here is our reported. reporter: in this morning's "you may 1 look", breaking her silence. >> i'm sure you have and ask a
5:25 am
lot in the past few days how you're doing and holding up. reporter: kelly rizzo is opening up to abc's tj homes. >> what was the last conversation or phone call? >> he was on his way back to the hotel and telling me what a wonderful show he had. it was so amazing. he was happy and loving what he did. it made him so happy. he just brought laughter to people. >> i got a ball, i got a ball. >> not that one. that is my fine china. reporter: coming up at 7 a.m., we will have much more of our emotional interview and how kelly rizzo once the world tour member her husband. -- once the world to remember her husband. reggie: the planning submitted the final report --
5:26 am
some critics argue the stadium plan fails to protect the health and safety of nearby residents. city council will likely vote on the environmental report next month. kumasi: six larger-than-life tiger sculptures are now on display across the area to sell rate the lunar new year. they highlight the traditions and salvatori messages of the chinese new year. the chinese are going to be celebrating with the traditional parade on february 19. it will be the first time since 2020. a woman who leads a creation of all parade floats says it is an effort of love. >> a lot that i get to spend my day making beautiful things, aching things that bring joy and happiness to the world, especially in these difficult times. kumasi: legend says the colors of green and blue are going to bring good luck and a fortune to the tigers in 2022.
5:27 am
reggie: i'm looking forward to that parade. i really hope it happens. coming up at 5:30, the major milestone expected at the warriors game tonight. it is something all about the fans. kumasi: apple closing a loophole that allowed some people to get discount even if they didn't qualify. reggie: local students showing how resilient they have been during the pandemic. the improvement the bay area's biggest district showed in 2021 compared to just four years ago. kumasi: a life look outside. looking at a lot of fog, no matter where you are across
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and under $10,000. set your own deadlines, and leverage your experience to move at a pace that works best for you. capella university. don't just learn, learn smarter. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, a theory foggy start to the day. drew is tracking a dense fog advisory this morning. kumasi: a deadly shootout with a carjacking suspect. the confrontation with officers. reggie: also, some good news for parents and the race to vaccinate young children. we are getting a clear childline
5:30 am
-- we are getting a clear timeline for children under five result. kumasi: bart's response to report calling it reckless and inefficient. reggie: you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: start with a check of our forecast with drew. drew: we are tracking fog around much of the bay area this morning. a lot of us waking up to a dense fog advisory. this in effect until 10 a.m. it includes the entire bay shoreline and the north bay. here's the reason why. we will flip live doppler 7 over to biz ability mode. you can see low visibility in many cities this morning. oakland and hayward, down to 0.25 mile. one mile at sfo. less than one mile for santa rosa. here is the rooftop camera at
5:31 am
kgo. we should be able to see the bay bridge. that is how thick the fog is right now. by 9:00 a.m., that fog advisory, then a clear afternoon. also, warmer. temperatures going into the 60's. kumasi: developing news. an investigation is underway in san jose after police officers shot and killed a carjacking suspect. the man was involved in a shootout with officers after crushing. it all happened after 7:30 last night. here's our news reporter. >> it went from a sort of pop, pop, pop. then all of a sudden, there was a whole lot. reporter: he described the gunshots they describe -- they heard early wednesday. >> my parents thought it was fireworks. but immediately, when i was doing my school shooting training at school, i immediately heard it and was like, no, that is gunshots, that is gunshots. reporter: a frighteningly
5:32 am
familiar sound for the 15-year-old. officers first received a lojack notification about a stolen vehicle after 6 p.m. it was spotted in east san jose, as a helicopter was monitoring the suspects movement and followed him into the city of santa clara. he try to carjack another person there, but failed. he jumped back into the stolen vehicle and made his way back into san jose and crashed into a car near west headington park two people were inside. >> the suspect exited his crash, stolen car with a firearm in his hand. as soon as he saw our units arrive, he shot at them more than one time. reporter: as jp says they fired back, hitting the man he was taken to the hospital, where he died. a 15-year-old captured cell phone footage of what he says was the suspect's car catching fire. >> the car burst into flames. i was there and i watched it catch on fire. not just smoking, but real
5:33 am
flames. it was kind of surreal. reporter: we are told more than one officer was involved in the shooting. pd telling us that none were injured. the two people who were inside the car at the suspect crashed into are described to have minor to moderate injuries. we know that santa clara pd is handling the attempt to carjacking that happened in their city. reggie: jury selection is scheduled to start today and the federal trial of three former minneapolis please officers charged in george floyd's murder. the three men who are with derek chauvin when he pinned floyd to the street. the former officers of -- are charged of depriving george floyd of his rights while under government authority. it has been postponed until june. the delay will allow the federal trough with officers to take place first. kumasi: this morning, school districts are too forced to take action to address the shortage of teachers. we are learning that vaccinating
5:34 am
kids under the age of five years old could take lager than expected. jobina: this is a timeline that a lot of parents have been keeping a close eye on. the fda is now expected to review vaccines for children under the age of five years old by next week. >> it is likely that it will be a three-dose vaccine. that being the case, it is going to take if the longer to get that data to the fda and approved. jobina: it comes as covert related staffing shortages threaten to close more classrooms. in new mexico, the governor has called on the national guard to teach kids. in oklahoma, off-duty police officers are now stepping in to teach. stunning. this morning, there are new guidelines for treating the omicron variant. the national institute of health is suggesting that
5:35 am
antibody treatments are not effective at fighting omicron. kumasi: bay area nurses are helping search for one of their own in the east bay. michael odell was lessing tuesday morning, abruptly leaving his night shift at tim for hospital. his car was found in an emergency lane on the martin bridge. the chp and searched for him. >> it is been a tough year for us nurses, so we are really trying to band together. we're trying to pool our resources, use our skills, to try to bring our friend home safely. kumasi: stanford health care issued a statement saying that they are deeply concerned and are working with police. reggie: bart is defending itself against a thing tank that says the transit agency should be stripped of funding -- government funding. anyhow he filled his life with this giving report. -- the scathing report. amy: bart says the report isn't even worth reading. they call the people who wrote
5:36 am
the report and antigovernment think take. it is called the independent institute and awarded bart the golden fleece over, calling them unreliable, dangerous, and inefficient. they suggest that part should look at private, for-profit subway systems in other countries. if they were sold to private company, they would focus more on customer satisfaction. >> art does not focus on optimizing the writer's experience because it does not have to. instead, art focuses on satisfying politicians who control the subsidy pursestrings. bart put the 20 into excessive compensation for labor union members, which writers don't care about. they want good performance. amy: the bart the idea of privatizing ridiculous and says that would go against what the bay area wants from its public transit systems. the golden fleece award is given
5:37 am
every three months. the group says the award exposes agencies that fleece the taxpayers. pastor suppose since -- past recipients have been the dmv and calfire. kumasi: t t developments this morning. marin county is easing its water restrictions things to a series of storms late last year. the restrictions were put in place in december, when reservoirs reached historic lows, now officials say recent rain plunged 95% of the water storage capacity. some limits are still in effect. they plan to review remaining research and's in february. a cat caught on camera. you can hear the aggressive sounds that startled neighbors on the peninsula. reggie: would you pay for content on instagram? the new feature that social networking system is testing. but first, whether. drew: alive look at sfo right
5:38 am
now. this is a pretty ominous picture right now. if you are familiar with sfo, we are looking at terminal two. it is shrouded in we clr sk here's a look from the east bay hills camera. all of that low cloud cover right now, if you look off in the distance, this is the bay bridge. the fog is not all that that, but where it is, it is dense in spots, meaning once it burnsll r on this afternoon. dense fog advisory is in effect. the north bay valley and attired shoreline -- and entire shoreline, there is low visibility and a lot of spots. down to one mile and miles in sfo. again, these extra distance to the car in front of you. as you go throughout the
5:39 am
morning, after 10 a.m., the fog will lift. temperatures today are actually warmer than yesterday. 62 in the city, 66 in santa 63 in concord, half moon bay up to 62 degrees. jobina: about all that fog. it is really consistent with the advisories chp is putting out right now. we will start with a level look at the they bridge toll plaza. i have not shown you this camera yet. i was showing you the bay bridge view from our camera earer. i want to bring in the toll plaza because you really need to be aware that you cannot make out the metering lights as you head toward them because it is so foggy in the area. we are looking live here a would be the san mateo bridge, but it is hard to make that out as well because of how foggy it is in the area. the chp has issued an advisory from 880 in oakland all the way
5:40 am
down to 92. we know that 92 is related to the san mateo bridge here. i do have the drive types for you. i want to let you know that despite all of this visibility struggle that we have this morning, the drive types still look good for the bridges. golden gate will take about six and it's to get across, bust down on the bay bridge at nine minutes. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio.
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♪ [gasps] is that throw...? i know right! it's imported from portugal, got it at marshalls for a total steal! nice! thanks. ♪ kumasi: del mar neighbors are on alert after a deadly fight between two mountain lions. one creeps closer to home, swinging another one in its mouth. here is a video and a reminder to be hypervigilant. >> [cat
5:43 am
reporter: that terrifying sound is what woke up a homeowner, making him call police and say he heard team outlines fighting outside his home. about two hours later, video from the homes door book camera shows a lion lurking near the driveway, clutching at the other cat in its mouth and dragging it down the street. >> it is a little bit out of the ordinary that it happened in a somewhat residential area. reporter: experts with the california department of fish and while life say the mountain lion killed was a young female. they believe the aggressor was a male. the cats may have been made in, but it is difficult to know for sure. >> it could be a territorial dispute, it could be a dispute over food. one of the lions could have been unhealthy and the other one perceived it as a threat. reporter: while life officials have used upnce in that area, but are not actively trying to track down the mount line. they say there is no indication
5:44 am
it would be aggressive toward humans, but small animals could >> be a different story. >>it amount line is hungry, it could absolutely go for a small house cat or a dog. reporter: always be aware of your surroundings and stay in areas with plenty of visibility. it is something neighbor say they know well. >> we are all kind of used to it in this area. mount lines, coyotes, raccoons, skunks, we have it all. kumasi: that is a lot. this is the latest mountain lion incident in the peninsula and specifically in beaumont. last august, a line was spotted walking across a driveway. it is 1.5 miles from the most recent incident. just last week, there was a reported siding in a backyard. reggie: despite school closures and distance learning, some students have shown resilience, which is shown in the graduation rate, which is up.
5:45 am
there is a nearly 5% improvement from 2016-2017. the graduation rates have been measured within four years, starting freshman year. officials now began at the eighth grade. >> going all the way back to middle school to figure out which of our students are already set up to be successful. that is gpa, attendance, suspension, and high school readiness indicators. reggie: new funding has allowed the district to add new programs to help students with anything from tutoring to family issues. apple is closing a loophole that has allowed almost anyone to use its education discount. the special deal offers the latest devices at a lower price. apparently, many non-education customers have been using the discount because it is so easy to get. anymore. from now on, apples says buyers in stores and online will have to firefight that they are actually students, teachers, or school staff in order to get 10% off their apple purchase. kumasi: a ceo who fired 900
5:46 am
employees over zoom is coming back. probably remember this. the ceo fired fired d his workforce without notice and a virtual meeting right before christmas. that did not make a lot of people happy. the ceo at later apologized and took a leave of absence. the company's board of directors told them plays this week that he is returning. according to a letter sent to employees, he used his leaf to "click on his leadership." reggie: amazon will be putting a high-tech spin into in-person clothing shopping. the location will be about 30,000 square feet at a mall in glendale. you walk in, shoppers will have recommendations pushed to their phones and the items that you want will be sent to a sitting room. each room will have a touch screen to add more items if you need them. the next time you pick up a coke, it may look difference. coca-cola is revamping its cans for cherry coke and vanilla cup,
5:47 am
as well as its zero caffeine options. next month, they are set to unveil a mocha flavored coke with coffee. kumasi: instagram is testing out a new suspicion feature. it allows users to pay extra to six clues of content from creators. it ranges from one dollar to $100 per month. the creator sets the price. right now, it is just a test, with 10 of instagram's top influencers. it is not clear when this might expand to others. reggie: no. drew: now. kumasi: they are already getting paid from these brands. why does the audience need to pay? drew: we love instagram because it is free and you just scroll at your leisure. i'm not paying anybody to see any of their photos. absolutely not. what are you going to give me for nine and nine cents? kumasi: they have other options. drew: that is correct. it is called something else. [laughter] drew: let's move on to the
5:48 am
export-oriented camera. a light look outside. on a clear morning, you should be able to see the entire san francisco skylight. you don't see that this morning. it is totally great out there, just a real indication of how thick this fog is in spots. we are used to fog around here, but this morning, it is low to the ground and very dense. you can see a lot of spots impacted, the east bay especially. 880 in this region down to 0.25 mile visibility. half-mile in san francisco. into the north bay, anywhere from 0.25 to 0.75 mile visibility. you're looking at for hours to five hours of this cloud cover. as we go hour-by-hour, after 10, the fog will break down around the shoreline and in the north bay. we are in store for another sunny day later on today. right now, we are waking up to temperatures mainly in the 40's. it is certainly chilly out there when you have that fog, combined
5:49 am
with these temperatures. grab a winter jacket and moved a little bit slower in your car because of that fog. 62 later on in the city. it will feel nice. up to 60 degrees in antioch. overnight tonight, i do not think the fog will be as widespread because winds are going to pick up in our hills and that helps to scour out any low cloud cover. nonetheless, talking low to middle 40's as we head into friday. certainly a foggy start for a lot of us this morning. afternoon sunshine, there are gusty winds in our hills friday and saturday, bumping temperatures up to 70. the dry pattern continues in early next week. reggie: thank you. new at 6:00, a movie set in space, but for real this time. the major new plan to build a film studio among the stars in the first feature film we could see come of it. kumasi: a major milestone at the warriors game. the streak expected to continue tonight that has been going on since 2012. reggie: a new art exhibit you can check out starting this
5:50 am
weekend. the meaning behind these murals. kumasi: ww's all new personalpoints program is made just for you. you take an assessment, enter your goals, the foods you love and ww builds a plan just for you. i lost 26 pounds and i feel incredible. no two people are alike so no two plans are alike. with ww, i lost 30lbs. this new program changed my life. live the life you love. lose the weight you want. the all new ww personalpoints program. join today for 50% off at hurry! offer ends january 24th!
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5:52 am
reggie: the wars expect another full house tonight. this marks the 400th consecutive home sellout. the current street, which includes both regular season and postseason, begin in 2012. it does not include last season, when covert instructions limit across. they have compiled a 399 record, which is the third longest active streak in the nba. they face the pacers 7:00. kumasi: you can still buy tickets to the playoffs. the least expensive seats on
5:53 am
stop out cost about 100 tony five dollars at lambeau field. stubhub reports that the the secondary ticket seller says that so far, 23% of sales comes from california, compared to 17% in wisconsin. fans were have to brave frigid temperatures. forecasters say it will be about 15 degrees at kickoff. by the fourth quarter, it is going to be seven degrees. reggie: i was up there at limbo field. i left at halftime. san francisco's legendary castro theatre is said to undergo a major makeover as it celebrates 100 years. it will turn into a life events venue, featuring music, comedy, and more. another plan of entertainment is taking over. they signed a long-term contract that includes a proposed grand reopening here. the castro theater will still screen select films, like it has for decades.
5:54 am
the sticking roses coming back. the popular restaurant will reopen weight of this month, but at a new location, down the street from the original location on clemens avenue. the menu will be basically the same, with a lot of favorites coming back. kumasi: we are getting a look at a new art exhibit opening this weekend. it was all done during the uncertain days of the pandemic when we were still sheltering in place. we are at some of the street art that many businesses put up around the bay area. all of these pieces were done by local artists, in order to turn drab plywood into signs of hope. this will highlight the artists who went out to be defied their neighborhoods during the most challenging periods of the pandemic. >> the owners of the storefronts, their hopes, their dreams, their livelihoods were shut down. we definitely don't want to see these go back up on any of the original businesses, but we are hoping to find other casement's
5:55 am
for them. some are for sale. kumasi: the exhibit opens saturday at pierce 70. drew: a lot of us waking up to thick fog this morning. even around the bay shoreline, the east bay impacted by this low fog, 0.25 miles in oakland. half-mile at sfo. a dense fog advisory is in effect for a lot of us around the bay shoreline and the north bay valleys until 10 a.m. this morning. he is low beams as you are driving, and some extra distance to the car in front of you, because this lingers through 10:00 a.m. here's a look at kgo. you can see the market arrow, but on a clear morning, you'd be able to see the lights of the bay bridge. we cannot see that. at dense fog advisory early on, that fog begins to depart midday. by the afternoon, it is a much brighter and to our day. even warmer than yesterday, with
5:56 am
temperatures in the 60's. kumasi: new at 6:00, and a lister makes a surprise visit to a family-owned bay area restaurant. the owner's review of how they behave when they got there. reggie: and plan to solve the serious how we can just into. the talks to fix the stretch as the entire road could be underwater by 2040 from sea level rise. kumasi: president biden making it official, when you're in office today. some key challenges already looming as he sets out for your two. reggie: allied look at at 5:56 shows you almost nothing because it is that foggy. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories right now at 6:00, a new report claiming where bart is needing some serious work and how the agency is responding. reggie: voting rights bill blocked. senate democrats suffering a crucial defeat on capitol hill.
6:00 am
the key reasons it failed as vice president kamala harris shares her thoughts, new on gma. kumasi: and waking up to one of the foggiest mornings we have seen in a while. thick clouds through downtown san francisco, so keep an eye out as you move through there. jobina tracking all of this for us. reggie: thank you for joining us this morning. we start with the foggy morning. >> we have a dense fog advisory in effect across the shoreline, until 10:00 a.m. this morning because of low visibility. a lot of spots have low visibility, less than a quarter of a mile. the san mateo bridge, you can barely see the headlights and taillights, and the bay shapes up like this. we will keep the fog into the 10:00 a.m. hour, and we will see a lot of sunshine out there eventually, so we finished the day on a brig


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