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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 19, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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the pipe bomb they suspected it could have been. we got an update from lieutenant ray kelly from alameda sheriffs department. he give us this update moments ago. >> the person who left this package wanted this type of response and got the response that they wanted. in looking at the evidence, there was a specific message in there for law enforcement that was left. we have since taken that evidence and turned it over to the fbi who has collected it. they will do their analysis and further investigation from there. reporter: and lieutenant kelly would not give any further details on exactly what that message said, but it apparently was scribbled on something inside of the package. they only found it after they took the package apart. thankfully, because they did not detonate this package, they were able to receive and find that message, which will now be sent to the fbi. now, again, we have video overhead from sky seven.
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this started around 12:40 today. person walking around frank plaza, dropped off a blue plastic bag at the foot of this flagpole outside of the courthouse. that prompted the evacuation of the courthouse and even residential buildings in this area. many of the streets have been blocked off. law enforcement, including alameda county sheriff's department, bomb squad, oakland pd, the fbi, homeland security, and the coast guard canine unit all responded to this scene. but again, thank leader is no immediate threat to the public right now. no threat to the public right now. it turned out that this was simply a hoax meant to get the attention of law enforcement. you can see behind us here, the police cars have left. the streets every open and everything is safe for the public again. live in oakland, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. anchor: any info on what investigators might know about the person who left this device behind? liz: right now, investigators
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are not identifying who that person is. they say they do not believe they know who that person is, but they do have video of this person. they were able to get surveillance video showing the person looking suspicious, walking around the plaza and dropping that back off. so right now, we do not believe that person has been identified. we do not believe they are in custody. that is part of this ongoing investigation. but we are told by law enforcement that they do raise pretty severe charges, including weapons of mass destruction charges. ana: liz, thank you. in the last major security issue it opens federal building was a doubly drive-by shooting in may of 2020. federal security officer dave patrick underwood was shot and killed while inside the building's security post. a second guard was injured. both men were watching the building during a demonstration of nearby over the police killing of george floyd. the accused shooter has pleaded not guilty. dan: one week after the 87 news site team discovered millions of dollars in ppe sitting in the rain in san mateo county, a
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familiar sight in san benito county now. boxes of ppe not only sitting outside in unwieldy stacks, but heading to the recycling center to be shredded. so what in the world is going on? abc 7 news i team reporter dan is back with an update to his exclusive investigation. dan: our investigation from last week is getting a huge reaction across the country. more than 600,000 views on tiktok alone. i received many comments on the report, but also tips to investigate. luke and his wife saw something familiar in last week's i team report from san mateo county. showing all that ppe, including hospital gowns, sitting in the rain. >> hospital gowns in all different sizes here. size m. there is large. and of course, here is double xl. >> she's watching the video and it is the same company. i c u eyewear incorporation.
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she said that's the same company. if they are letting it sit on the rain in san mateo, what is going on? dan: i met them in hollister yesterday went to the icu eyewear warehouse and found this. thousands of boxes of ppe stacked high, containing millions of plastic base shields. some of the columns on the verge of collapsing. and forklifts loading them onto flatbreads. i followed the trucks to a nearby recycling center and saw the face shields going to the shredder. >> to throw away ppe, that isss outrageous. i am a covid survivor. this is still a pandemic. we are going into year number three. this is not ok. dan: he took his complaint to his county supervisor. >> i discovered that these masks were being destroyed at the request of the federal government. dan: why would the federal government be requiring this county and this business to destroy face shields in a
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pandemic? >> that i could not answer you. and as i said, there are more questions than answers and the further questions we ask, the bigger the hole gets. dan: icu eyewear ceo kirk hobbs declined to be interviewed on camera or have ever courted phone conversation. -- or have a recorded phone conversation. he told me the face shields are not being shredded on government orders. he said there was no market for that, that his staff look for someplace to donate the face shields and failed. i understand how bad this looks, he said. optically, how wasteful this is. we did not come to this place without trying. we put in a great deal of effort to find a place where they can be used. supervisor gonzales is concerned about eb and destroyed and about the impact on the county's landfill. >> we have an issue right now with our landfill, in that we are at capacity. so does this refuse that is being put in our landfill, does it belong somewhere else and not in san mateo county? dan: by shredding all of that,
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he told me that icu will be able to recoup some of the tariffs they paid it to import the face shields from china. the story tips are coming in. now tomorrow, more ppe's, thousands of boxes, sitting outside yet another location. and if you have something that we should investigate, call me at one-888-i team. or our website. ana: thank you, dan. now to the south they were san jose police are investigating seven pedestrian deaths so far this year. yells -- last year, the city tied its all-time high in traffic deaths. dustin dorsey tells us city leaders believe the solution starts with the entire community. dustin: city of san jose may be on its way to a milestone, but it is a record city leaders do not want to break. three people were hit by a car along the expressway in san jose last night. police say the driver had a green light, get two more lives lost after a record-tying 60
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traffic deaths in 2021. >> it took until march the sixth of 2021 to reach six traffic fatalities. >> this time last year, we had one traffic fatality in san jose streets. and last night, to fatalities where our sixth and seventh. dustin the city of san jose's apartment transposition -- transportation says it is one of the safety quarters, big streets with lots of lanes and high speeds. police say speed was not an issue last night, but it is a point the dot wants to make to residents. >> are asked of the public is to slow down, first and foremost. our other ask us to pay attention and that applies to everybody in the road. dustin: and the accident last night, the three people involved were not using crosswalks to cross the street. in fact, police say that is the case most of the time in pedestrian traffic fatalities. >> i believe all of our pedestrian fatalities this year have been people that were outside of a crosswalk. dustin: the message is pleasing
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as a crosswalk. especially at night, especially on espresso. the city's vision zero task force has $6 billion dedicated to quick build improvements like new signage and signal timing to curve deaths. but city leaders say it alternately comes down to all of us. >> people don't decide to crash the car or get hit, so it is up to everybody to pay attention when they are using the road. >> it's going to take a collaborative effort from drivers, just rinse, us as well. dustin: dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. dan: the howard terminal ballpark development plan could clear important hurdle tonight. the oakland planning commission's meeting right now and is expected to recommend final certification of the environmental impact report. the 3500 page document provides a detailed analysis of this massive 55 acre project. if approved, the city council will likely vote on final certification month. now, a group opposed to the howard terminal project held a protest today. they are taking issue with the
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spending of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to potentially build this new stadium. >> we are saying that public money should not be going for privatization for a billionaire, who is basically pitting the city of oakland and the city of vegas to the detriment of the working people of oakland. dan: that man was one of about a dozen protesters who gathered outside open city hall this afternoon. rally years are encouraging the city to think -- to reject the final impact report for the proposed stadium. stay with us. dozens of people have already been helped at san francisco's new lincoln center. ana: up next, abc 7 what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas.
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ama: a new report says accidental overdosees declined in san francisco for the first time in three years. overdose deaths dropped from 700 and 2020 to 650 last year, a seven percent decline. officials say investments in substance use treatment, mental health, housing and other services contribute to the drop. dan: as part of our effort to build a better bay area, we are keeping an eye on programs designed to do exactly that, make things better. yesterday coming to san francisco opened its new linkage center in the tenderloin neighborhood. reporter tim johns spoke with city leaders about the goals of this center. lights of a city filled with tech workers and billionaires, one issue continues to plague san francisco. >> we are facing a drug epidemic that requires us to throw everything we have to stop it.
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tim: as part of the mayor's emergency declaration, on tuesday, a new center was opened in the cities tenderloin neighborhood. having a place where people can go and where we can refer people where they can immediately get connected to a treatment bed, to medical care, is critical. tim: the center is meant to be a one-stop shop for those living on the streets and suffering from addiction. a place that brings together a multitude of service providers for things like substance abuse and mental health care and housing needs. jerry mccoy works with health right 360, 1 of the providers. he says having everything under one roof is key. >> we are able to figure out if i am talking to a guest and funning out with a need, i can then collaborate with other service providers and figure out how can we get the next guest to use other options. tim: officials say the center is having a meaningful impact, assisting 118 people on its very first day. the linkage center is running out its current facility for
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just dashes renting out its current facility for just six months. but there is a chance that it could be suspended -- extended. >> there is potential for this building to be a place where people can get help, access medication, health care, get off the streets. i think that is something that we need permanently. tim: in addition to providing services in-house, average teams will soon be sent out to reach some of the city's most vulnerable relations. an attempt to bridge the gap in the city by the bay. in san francisco, tim johns, abc 7 news. dan: let's talk a little bit more about this. adjourning is now is abc 7 news insider phil. you sought the leakage center first town, what is your -- first hand, what is your reaction? >> it is a good step, but san francisco has done a number of good first steps. the question was whether it is going to do steps number two and number three. we have, it was attractive as an old office building. it has been converted into a place where people can have meals, showers, they can come in and just virtually any state.
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they can stay inside or outside. they are not doing any kind of judgment, they are just trying to get people help. they did over 100 yesterday, close to the same number today. but the real question is what they are dealing with and there is a mental health component, there is a homeless component, but there is also a big drug component. and just so you know to give you an idea as we said earlier in the program, over 600 people died of overdoses in san francisco. that is more than one a day. ok? it is going to take more than just a place to get a warm shower and referral to services to alter that saturday -- staggering number. dan: it's getting close to two a day. as we've known for years and years, and it is gotten worse, issues like homelessness, crime, drug problems. just a few weeks ago, finally after so much publicity and so much of people being fed up, the mayor declared a state of emergency in the tenderloin. how is that going? have you seen any real change since that declaration?
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phil: tell you one thing, you cannot walk through the streets without seeing what you call an ambassador. they have done is hired a number of people in the nonprofit world, they put on a vest and they are out on the streets with walkie-talkies. they are monitoring the situation. i counted 12 on one intersection alone. now, that is the intersection of hyde and eddie and up there, where a lot of drug dealing was going on, that was not apparent today. i tell you something else that i saw today that i had not seen before is that the ambassadors are actually escorting kids from the local elementary school, the tenderloin learning center, to home after school that's out. you know? and on street corners, they have police in squad cars and on motorcycles to make sure those kids are getting back and forth to school safely. now, that is an improvement, but the idea that you would have police escorts for kids to get to school gives you an idea of the severity of the situation. dan: yeah, it does. it is encouraging to see that and sat at the same time. phil: exactly. dan: but hopefully they will be
6:17 pm
able to keep that up and have people out there helping keep order. mayor breed wants to expand police access to live surveillance cameras. what would this do exactly. it is controversial, as we know. and you think it would actually happen? phil: that is going to be the next question. lease enforcement, law enforcement, and in the middle of that is the idea of will you allow police to monitor the area with cameras? there's ideas about this is big brother, this is snooping. but other cities do it and they want to put a tap on the open air drug dealing. board of supervisors is not crazy about the mayor's call for it. she says that they will not pass it, they will put it on the ballot. and it will be decision time for san francisco. so, first step today, we will see with the other steps are down the line. dan: massive shoplifting incident sort of reignited that debate about it. phil, thank you very much. ama: a report says saturday's tsunami caused an estimated 6.5
6:18 pm
million dollars in damage to the senate cruise harbor. the total profit court commissioners to declare an emergency in order to streamline the process to receive disaster funds from the state. the damage caused by the rupture and of an underwater volcano near tonga is far less than the devastation caused by a 2011 tsunami. that title search from an earthquake off the coast of japan caused $20 million in damage to the harbor. dan: all right, let's turn now to a relatively calm forecast. ama: meteorologist is here with that. meteorologist: it is a calm forecast and there is a lack of forecast rain. let me show you a picture from our east bay hills camera as we zoom in towards the berkeley marina area. you can see that fog right overhead. this is what you're going to have to deal with tonight and for the morning commute as we check out live doppler 7. the fog is around near the bay and the coastline. visibility right now down to six miles and half of the bag, eight miles in san carlos, so watch
6:19 pm
out. as we look it the hourly forecast, you will notice fog near the beaches. also fog from the central valley that we typically experience will spill over towards the delta. so tomorrow morning, at 10:00, watch out. visibility will be poor due to some areas of dense fog. for the afternoon, some of that fog is going to stick around near the coast. here is the view from the golden gate bridge camera and it is a murky view because of the fog. we're looking at it overnight tonight. gusty wind in the hills. or missed weather will be friday and saturday. it was warmer today by a good a few to 10 degrees above average temperatures. they are expected to the weekend. as we look from our sfo camera, here is the fog. tomorrow morning, if you are heading out of town, you might want to watch out, because there could be some delays. you might want to call your carrier. low 50's in san francisco, oakland. san jose 50 degrees. due to the fog by the way. from our emeryville camera, look at that stunning view as we look toward san francisco. temperatures in the low 50's from santa rosa.
6:20 pm
54 in livermore. high-pressure controlling our weather, dry pattern is going to continue. because of this ridge down sloping winds, offshore winds gusting to 37 miles per hour on mount diablo. those winds are going to pick up not so much tonight, but as we head toward friday morning, gusty wind 23. mount diablo, 31. those winds will continue to ramp up as a going to friday night and that wind is what is going to push the temperatures up, so it is going to be warmer on friday, even into saturday morning. numbers will be in the 40's for most of you. if you upper 30's and the inland valleys, fog is what you need to look out for. and for the afternoon, south bay number 65 in morgan hill. san jose, mild day in the peninsula. 62 four redwood city. 60 in pacifica, downtown san francisco. low 60's north bay. you're going to see 62 in san rafael up to 66 anaerobes. mild in napa. east bay,, 63 oakland.
6:21 pm
temperatures well above average pretty 63 livermore and concord. accuweather 7 a forecast. it is going to be dry and warmer , nearing 70 degrees for the first half of the weekend. and then a little bit cooler for the second half into next week. ama: thank you. you may have heard about the 5g controversy that led to several flight cancellations. dan: but up next, a tech expert
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ama: new 5g technology is at the center of a few hundred flight cancellations. dan: but what improvements will 5g mean for all of us, once airlines and federal agencies sort out the issues. abc 7 news reporter zach spoke with a local tech expert who said this is a giant technological leap. zach: more than 40 countries in the world have 5g see band technology. the rollout had been planned in the u.s. is set to be twice as powerful. san jose professor is an electrical engineer, the main focus in his career has been communication systems. the new 5g technology will give devices designed to run from it 10 times the speed and access that 4g gives. >> i look at it as going from black-and-white tv to color tv or going from a normal tv to 4k tv. you can feel the difference, you can see the difference. sac: the timing of this new technology is critical as more
6:25 pm
corporations decided to invest in the metaverse, which is described as a three internet with virtual communities that can be accessed with virtual reality goggles, headsets, and more. >> the access point could be a smart phone, it could be goggles that use 5g. so that will open the door for us to go to the next level of the internet. reporter: new 5g technology is not the last advancement we could see. in 2030, less than 10 years from now, he says we could seat 60 technology with near limitless get billy's. -- see 6g technology. >> we will cover everything. you don't need wi-fi, you don't need ethernet. this is a huge bandwidth we are talking about. reporter: before we get excited for faster and stronger connections, the focus now is still on the new see band 5g technology. an issue that airlines and wireless carriers are working to find a solution for. >> the bottom line is passenger safety. that is the bottom line for everybody. everybody is trying to best to make sure that it is safe and
6:26 pm
talk about the cost. and this is where they have the difference. reporter: zach flynn test, abc 7 news. dan: calling for reforms to home appraisers. an inside look at a new report that stemmed from several abc 7 news stores. ama: plus, two dogs sent to a trainer, but they never returned. will a local assemblywoman keep
6:27 pm
psoriasis really messes with you. try. hope. fail. no one should suffer like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc news. >> we have introduced you to more than a half dozen families of color in the bay area hit with appraisals they believe was too low and they believe their race is a factor. abc 7 news continues to highlight issues of potential discrimination in the home owning and approval process. ama: our coverage by race and culture of porter has led to federal lawsuits. now a new room work -- report by the national fair housing alliance calling for reforms. julian joins us with an inside
6:30 pm
look at the report. reporter: good evening. this report just released today, given first to abc 7 news. it highlights issues in the appraisal issue that leads to families having their homes valued for less. one of the first steps to tackling the problem with race in the appraisal industry could start by taking a close look at the racial makeup of the industry. when you are looking to purchase a home or refinance your home mortgage, the lending institution you work with hires an appraiser to assure the home value is not less than the loan amount. that is the profession of roughly 105,000 people under scrutiny in this new report. >> we didn't expect to uncover some of the issues that we uncovered. housing alliance on wednesday released what is believed to be the most comprehensive review of bias in the industry to date, spanning 80 pages.
6:31 pm
there have been lots of anecdotes of appraisal bias. what our study shows is that these issues are not one offs. there are some really deep, structural issues and barriers. reporter:reporter: for the last year, i have extensively covered allocations of -- allegations of under appraisal by black and latino homeowners. this report highlights issues around oversight and governance, gaps in fair housing training, barriers to entry into the field and a shocking lack of diversity in the field. an analysis of census data confirms those racial inequities in the appraisal industry, showing that nationally, estimated 86% of appraisers are white while only 61% of the u.s. population is white. the numbers also show hispanic, latino, black and asian appraisers are underrepresented nationwide. the same racial inequities are present in the bay area. in san francisco in the east bay, white people make up 40% of the population, but estimated
6:32 pm
72% of appraisers. the underrepresentation gap is larger for the hispanic-latino community, only 7% of appraisers. asian people, 26% of the population, but only estimated to account for 14% of appraisers for black people, 7% of the population but 4% of appraisers. in the south bay, a percentage of asian appraisers reflects the population, but white appraisers are still overrepresented. there's a double-digit gap for hispanic and latino appraisers and it's estimated only 1% of south bay appraisers are black. >> it is in the statistics you see. reporter:reporter: jim park is the executive director of the regulatory body that commissioned this report. >> not just from a race and ethnicity standpoint, but also from a gender standpoint. the majority of appraisers are male and white. >> when i first started
6:33 pm
appraising, lots of appraisers would ask, who in your family is an appraiser? very quickly, i learned this is a tradition that is often passed down from father to son. reporter: gillian white is the head of collateral at better mortgage, a technology forward home mortgage company. as a black woman, she is a rarity in the industry. she shared her experience to have to change her name to j on her resume just to train. >> but when i showed up, things changed. all of his enthusiasm was gone. instead of conducting an interview, he just kept telling me, you are overqualified and i don't know why you want to become an appraiser. the interview was very short because he never even invited me to sit. reporter: the report out today suggests re-examining barriers to becoming an appraiser that keep women and people of color from entering the industry, like the college degree requirement,
6:34 pm
education hours, and experience hours to obtain a license. >> that presents a very unique barrier for people of color, first of all, who don't already know an appraiser. reporter: the appraisal institute, the largest association of real estate appraisers in the country, provided the following statement, "the report acknowledges that enhanced standards and greater diversity are critical elements in rooting out bias in appraisal, we agree. that's why since 2018, the appraisal industry has worked to recruit and expand opportunities for appraisers of color and women through the diversity initiative and raise ethical standards for membership." the appraisal institute acknowledges there's more work to be done and that change could come in a matter of weeks when an interagency task force created by president biden and led by hud secretary marcia fudge, and domestic policy advisor susan rice, is expected to release a major report identifying root causes and solutions to the under evaluation of properties owned by families of color. >> we have to have a full throttle response from congress,
6:35 pm
from regulators. reporter: hud did release a statement to meet late today on the release of the report saying in part, it applauds the national fair housing alliance for taking up the metal and revealing and addressing bias and inequities, and looks forward to reviewing the studies as hud finalizes its own report that will soon be delivered to president biden. we will cover it all for you here on abc 7. reporting live, julian glover, abc 7 news. ama: thank you so much. you can get in touch with julian on twitter and facebook, and on instagram as well. dan: a heart wrenching story for the families of two pet dogs tonight. two and a half years ago, the families of thor and huckleberry sent their dogs to the care of this man. the families have not seen their dogs since and the man is not saying what happened. this is the latest in a long line of troubling stories concerning the unregulated dog
6:36 pm
training industry. assembly person rebecca borrower -- has plan to reintroduce legislation for oversight on this, but as michael finney reports, so far the tri-valley legislator has not lived up to that pledge. reporter: watching video of her german shepherd thor still brings a smile to the face of lauren myers of watsonville. she simple puppy -- she sent the puppy for training. lauren had hoped he can help calm him down. >> in a month, he would come back to us, have all the basic obedience skills. reporter: she also hoped thor would serve as a therapy dog for one of her children who has special needs. unfortunately, prosecutors say he never returned thor to the family. he told them thor would need extra training and he was not progressing. he then sent the family periodic videos of the training.
6:37 pm
>> good man. reporter: he told the family he had taken thor to oregon to train with other dogs. the one-month planned training extended to three months. lauren said he called her as he was driving back from oregon. then, the call suddenly stopped. lawrence family became suspicious and asked police to check on his welfare. in the course of the investigation, deputies say they learned he also took a -- another dog into his care and also did not return him. ashley king's with the santa cruz county sheriff's department. essentially accused of fraud, embezzlement, and theft of an animal. reporter: he's also accused and other consumer fraud cases that didn't involve animals. >> so he was a scam artist. reporter: he pleaded no contest to six of the charges.
6:38 pm
animal rights activist judy mancuso says we need legislation now to have some oversight of the dog training industry. >> they should be licensed. there should be some bar set for who these people are. are they trained properly or not? reporter: 7 on your side brought this to the assembly woman in 2020. she introduced legislation right before the pandemic that would have mandated oversight by animal control officers of dog trainers. this is what she said them. >> i want to thank 7 on your side for bringing this to us. it's a critical issue in california. reporter: she said the bill had to be pulled due to the covid emergency. she has until friday to submit again to the legislative council. she has yet to make a final decision. meanwhile, the families of huckleberry and thor are left
6:39 pm
not knowing what happened to their loved ones. we asked lauren how hopeful she felt about ever seeing thor again. >> well, i think pretty minimal. i don't know if we will ever get him back. i can hope maybe someone will see his picture and recognize him and maybe they will send him back to us. reporter: michael finney, 7 on your side. dan: let's hope that happens. freedom berg he is currently fag charges for consumer fraud. if you have any information about the dogs, please share it with us and we will get that with us and we will get that informatio family is just very important. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know.
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more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ama: a a a doors for good. . dan: betty's has served food on 4th street since 1980 two. liz kreutz has more on the loss of this east bay institution. reporter: at betty's oceanview diner off 4th street, locals who usually stop by for good vibes and pancakes, instead dropping off flowers and taking photos.
6:43 pm
after nearly four decades, the beloved diner has closed its doors for good. >> so painful. it is such an institution. now, but when betty's opened nearly 40 years ago, it was one of the only places to eat on the street. its popularity helped jumpstart the neighborhood. >> like the kingpin of the street. this was the place. reporter: beth fisher has been coming to betty's every two weeks for 35 years. she only learned it had closed when she showed up this morning. >> i see other people coming and there's roses at the door. i will feel very heartfelt about it and said. reporter: the diner's owner said he's been ready to retire and the stresses from the pandemic and staffing issues made operating betty's increasingly difficult. like so many small businesses, it pushed him to the brink. >> covid grabs another victim. >> he worked so hard.
6:44 pm
and when betty passed away five years ago, i didn't think they would keep going. reporter: this is an abc 7 news piece from 1999. kristin with betty herself, learning how to whip up their famous soufflé pancakes. it is that consistency and welcoming hospitality that made betty's oceanview diner a berkeley institution, a beloved go to spot for locals. it is those qualities that make it all the more crushing that they have closed. >> they will be sorely missed. kind of irreplaceable. reporter: in berkeley, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. kreutz, abc 7 news. dan to be a thriver withranc metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective
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dan: san francisco's legendary castro theater is set to undergo a major makeover as it celebrates 100 years. it will turn into a live events venue teaching music, comedy, and more. the berkeley based promotion company has signed a long-term contract which includes a proposed grand reopening next year. the castro theater will still screen select films as it has for decades. ama: amy schneider continues to
6:48 pm
rack up the wins on jeopardy. with last night's victory, she's won 35 games in a row and more than $1.1 million. she is now looking to cap -- top another streak of 38 wins. ashley chow, a -- santa clara, will try to beat her tonight. you can watch here on abc 7. dan: i hate it when we have two bay area people competing. let's get an update on the forecast. ama: sandhya patel is here with the latest. sandhya: let's look at the air quality tonight. moderate pockets around oakland, high-pressure overhead, stagnant air. moderate for all areas tomorrow, but as offshore winds come in tomorrow, it turns to good. live doppler 7 tracking the fog. a mixture of sunshine and high clouds and a mild afternoon. friday, upper 60' upper 6
6:49 pm
degrees. does not feel like winter. rainfall, unfortunately. nothing here is all going to the pacific northwest. the seven day featuring morning fog and afternoon sunshine even warmer saturday and sunday before we cool it off. the latest in sports. larry: his thumb maybe mangled and now his shoulder hurts as well, but you wouldn't know it looking at jimmy garoppolo tonight. that's
6:50 pm
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6:52 pm
larry: now abc 7 sports with larry beil. the side of jimmy graupel of throwing tight spirals, looking fine, despite a growing list of injuries. jimmy sprained his shoulder in the win over dallas. there were some reports in the twitterverse, but you know how accurate that is, indicating there could be a significant problem, but the niners have the late afternoon workout. he appeared to be ok. his toughness has impressed teammates. >> it's football. you get banged up all the time. you land weird and you get hit weird. you would not be this far into your career if you just said i have to tap out, i'm sore. football is a tough sport. you have to bite the bullet and
6:53 pm
say, this might suck for the rest of the year, but i have to deal with it. he could have tapped out and said, i can't go anymore, but he didn't. he took a week off and then came back and played at a high level since. that's what we appreciate about him. he just keeps grinding. he continues to lead the team to victory and give us opportunities to play football. larry: no tapping out. speaking of injuries, nick bosa and warner back on the field today. both i was limited in practice after suffering a neck injury. practice today was moving well. the niners will need everybody healthy dealing with aaron rodgers. flashback here, niners and packers. week three, moments after jimmy g. through a pass. rogers drove green bay into field goal range with no timeouts hitting davante adams
6:54 pm
twice to set up the game-winning field goal. green bay, the number one seed in the nfc. they know this game is going to be a challenge. >> said that too many times probably now. this is a well coached team, a very tough and physical team. they are explosive in every phase of the game. larry: the warriors don't have the whole band back together because draymond green is hurt right now, but just seeing the splash brothers on the court together, definitely a plus. steph curry and klay thompson combined for 31 points in the first half. he's showing off his new exercise. this turned out to be a blowout win over detroit. >> wish i made a couple more shots, but i just had a great time. that was fun. i'm human, so when i don't make shots, that can affect my mood, but i was happy to see the ball go through.
6:55 pm
still not satisfied. couple of really good looks that were short. i don't care if i miss a hundred shots in a row, i will never stop shooting the ball. larry: did you know this was legal? second-round action, he crosses over to the other side to hit the winner. that counts. the rule is, as long as he doesn't touch the net, he can go on to his opponent. he's going across. you can hit a shot from the other side. he advanced to round three. a lot of people thought, you can do that. you can, as long as you don't touch the net. learning new things. i hope you listen to george kittle carefully. no tapping out. dan: i want to play tennis from the other side of the net. [laughter] ama: good strategy. thank you. coming up tonight on abc 7, starting at 8:00, the goldbergs.
6:56 pm
stay tuned for the wonder years, the connors and home economics. then it is the chase at 10:00 followed by abc 7 at 11:00. watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the abc 7 bay area connected app. it is available for apple tv, amazon, and roku. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley in for sandhya patel, we will see you on abc 7 news at 11:00.
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♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- an eighth grade math teacher from new orleans, louisiana... a corporate lawyer from santa clara, california... and our returning champion, an engineering manager from oakland, california... whose 35-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- n nnheerand applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome, folks. as a 35-day champion, amy schneider has now been with us
7:00 pm
for four different federal holidays. [laughter] that's how long she's been here. she was here for thanksgiving, she was here for christmas, for new year's day, and this week for martin luther king day. next up, washington's birthday! [laughter] can she last until february 21st? i'm sure our new challengers ashley and dimitri are hoping to stop that streak today. let's see what happens. let's dive into the jeopardy! round. you'll be dealing with these categories... then we're... then... and finally, you'll have to... where to first, champ? how are we even related?, $200. - dimitri. - what is father and daughter? that's correct. world leaders for $600, please. the answer there is the... [applause] [applause] you found it right off. on the plus side, amy didn't find it, but you only have $200 so far.


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