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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 19, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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kumasi: foggy sky starting the day, taking a live look outside from the exploratorium camera, it is bay area fog that is the source of trouble today, especially at sfo. reggie: good morning on this wednesday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with drew. drew: we have a dense fog advisory in effect for the north bay lasting until 10:00 a.m. for good reason. we have zero miles, quarter of a mile in santa rosa, half a mile in napa. we do not have a dense fog advisory in the east bay, but livermore still has issues, down to a quarter mile. low clouds this morning, starting off with gray skies on this wednesday morning. here is have the day is shaping up. thence fog early on. by noon, it lifts in the way of sunshine. by the afternoon, a brighter finish to the day and warmer compared to yesterday in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: helpmecans fight the
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latest wave of covid-19. we know this is coming as the omicron searches creating the take 4 million n95.hehite housel ship them to pharmacy and health centers. they are scheduled to be available at some places by the end of next week. they're also launching the long-awaited website allowing americans to place their first orders for free at home covert tests. white house cautions there may be hiccups. -- covid tests. >> every watch comes with risk, we cannot guarantee they will not be a bug. >> programs can make a big difference, but i hope it is just the beginning of something more robust. jobina: new data shows nearly one million children tested positive for covid-19 last week, that is four times the rate of the peak of last winter's surge. 29 million eligible children still have yet to be vaccinated. reggie: hundreds of thousands of
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face shields are now headed to the dump and hollister after they were left out in the rain. this comes day after the abc 7 news team reported on millions of dollars of ppa that was damaged in the rain in san mateo county. the ceo says the company bought millions of face shields 18 months ago, but the demand never materialized. 5 million face shields can to california while another million went to idaho. the ceo says we do not think it is appropriate to give them to folks any longer. kumasi: oakland unified schools are opened today after a stick out for three schools to close yesterday. united for success academy is one of the schools that had to close, about a dozen teachers gathered in solidarity with students who called for it. students are demanding more covid safety measures into testing, which the district has been working to provide. >> first and foremost, we ordered and received and delivered 200,000 kn95 masks for
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students. this went to schools last thursday and this morning. kumasi: oakland unified also said it is providing testing at hubs and schools and has been building outdoor eating areas since last fall. the petition has been delivered to stanford university from students who want the school to repeal the booster mandate. more than 1600 people signed the petition started by a phd candidate. university is currently requiring everyone to get boosted unless they have a medical or religious exemption. in person classes started yesterday. they must provide proof of a booster shot by the end of the month. supporters say they are not anti-booster or anti-vaccination, but they stand behind students making their own medical choices. universi you want to stay up-toe on the latest cobit headlines, we have more information on reggie: and east bay native killed in new york is being
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remembered in the bay area. the shell died after a man pushed her in front of a subway train over the weekend. -- michelle. vigil was held in chinatown to remember her. >> michelle was a high school classmate of mine. she lit up every room that she was in. reggie: showed up for her in new york city. it is unclear where the suspect pushed her. police say he has a history of mental illness and is currently in the hospital with a police guard. she was a 1998 graduate of fremont american high school, where she was a teenager -- cheerleader and part of the honor society. kumasi: if you are taking an international trip to or from sfo, check your flight status. global airlines are canceling flights as verizon and at&t launch a new 5g service which airline executives essay could cause safety issues. amy hollyfield is joining us live.
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amy: there are some flight cancellations here sfo at the international terminal today because of this issue. air india and others say they are canceling flights to sfo indefinitely. this is happening because verizon and at&t are launching new 5g cell signals today, and the airlines are worried this will cause safety issues, especially at airports like sfo with low visibility or weather issues. the airlines essay the frequency for the 5g is very close to the frequency for equipment that measures how high the plane is off the ground. >> this is unsafe. let us be clear. this is unsafe, the manufacturers have said so, airlines are saying so. the faa is saying so. so are pilots. amy: other countries have successfully launched 5g signals
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, but the faa says the 5g here will be twice as powerful. the airlines have said they hope to resume flights at the u.s. airports where they have canceled service, they are working with officials to try and alleviate the concerns. live in sfo, abc 7 news. reggie: more top stories your way including new at 6:00, looking at your health through your own eyes. the new study showing the key to your age might be staring at you in the mirror. s, security video showing cars slamming into the front of stores. the thieves after a specific target. a beloved bay area restaurant back from the dead after thinking it was permanently closed. only under one condition. drew: we are tracking a dense fog advisory for much of the north bay until 10:00 a.m. this morning, for good reason. anywhere from zero miles to half mile visibility from santa rosa to novato. we will go hour-by-hour, time what can i du with less asthma?
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reggie: new developments in the east bay for the restaurant on the corner. it is now back open, for the time being. italian pizza and pasta place said it was permanent lay shutting down at the end of 2021 after 35 years of business. according to the chronicle, the owner and landlord agreed to reopen into a deal is reached with another restaurant, which could be months from now. the downstairs section is open for lunch, the upstairs may reopen in a couple of weeks depending on staffing. drew: it is 6:09, we are tracking dense fog. thicken the north bay were the dense fog advisory is in effect until 10:00 a.m., anywhere from a quarter to half a mile visibility and parts of the
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north bay. livermore not under the advisory, but still seeing issues with visibility down to a quarter mile. a live look at san rafael, you can see the low cloud cover as the morning commute gets underway. if you are not dealing with fog, you are dealing with overcast skies. a great start for a lot of us. 10:00, still tracking the fog, into the afternoon it is out of here. a brighter end to the day. a warm refinish compared to yesterday, the big headline today is morning dense fog, sunshine hitting 59 in the city. 64 in santa rosa after the morning fog, 63 in san jose. that is whether, let's get a check of traffic. jobina: we are going to start with what looks like a black screen, but no. this is the emeryville camera, it is just so foggy, that is why you are not seeing the headlights. heads up on the low visibility, especially the north bay. drew was just talking about it,
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be careful. the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are o things are moving smoothly into san francisco. i want to let you know about something happening in the city, we have caltrans construction. some things are down to one lane on south bend 280 between six street -- 6th street and mariposa street. a slowdown out of tracy's continuing, up to 41 minutes. any to concord, slowdown. a 19 minute ride. kumasi: new at 6:00, doctors seeing your eyes may hold the key to your true biological age. researchers in australia say this is important, because it could reveal if you are at risk of early death. think about it this way. just because two people are the same age does not mean they are physically declining at the same rate. researchers say the retina, the tissue at the back of your eye, could offer a glimpse to potential health issues. if a person's retina appears a year older than their actual age, risk of death from any
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cause goes up 2% over the next 11 years. reggie: there is no way to spin that one. kumasi: let's talk about this. finding your perfect match in right in the grocery store. >> i am tired. i am always tired. [laughter] reggie: the youngest snow shovel are quickly becoming a star. hear this anti-work hero taking over the internet. kumasi: a live look outside at 6:12, that is beautiful.
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reggie: the search is on for a group of criminals who went on a 90 minute crime spree in
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downtown san jose, trying to steal atm's. police say they cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to six small businesses. in total, they got away with an atm and rabe to break open a second. police did not confirm how much cash was inside. -- were able to break a second. cameras caught the suspect struggling to load the atm onto a pickup truck. >> it is not that much. reggie: the owner of the smoke shop caught the suv reversing into the storefront. he said he does not even have an atm in the store. the caused up to $20,000 worth of damage and police have not made any arrests. kumasi: governor newsom has big plans for a program that helped california students reduce college debt. the state announced the 45 colleges and universities selected for the first round of funding for the californians for
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all college core. it includes quite a few bay area campuses. students who volunteer for 50 hours will earn -- 450 will earn $10,000. >> that is a big deal. 65 hundred people having that opportunity. if this works, we can go back to legislature, ticket it to another level. to get to the rest of the country, because nobody else is doing this. kumasi: it started as a pilot program last year after winning approval from state legislature. reggie: a 17-year-old high school senior just joined an elite club of students with a perfect sat score. he answered every question correctly and prepared when he had free time. he is vice captain of the robotics team, student body president and he recently took up a job as a software
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engineering intern. he talked about what part of the test was the most difficult. >> the first section. the reading sections. reading the long passages, then they ask you at some point in time, what was the meaning of the intro paragraph or what did the author want to convey? and you're like, i don't know. reggie: he did. he applied to about a dozen colleges and expects to start hearing back in march. kumasi: now to another kid who many of us can relate to. a nine-year-old from toronto is going viral after a news report featured him post-snowstorm signed from shoveling snow. >> it makes my back hurt, first of all. ugh. [laughter] reggie: this kid. [laughter] kumasi: school was canceled for carter because of the snowstorm,
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so he spent the day shoveling snow in front of his house. his expressions of exhaustion have made him an internet sensation. his mom says he captured the emotions of so many of us, especially with the last few years we have had. carter says he just wants to go back to school. >> i miss my friends and it has been a long time. yep. still exhausted. i am tired. [laughter] i am always tired. kumasi: he is laid out. [laughter] this interviewthis interviewthii viewed more than 2.5 million times since monday. we feel you, carter. reggie: he is so adorable. kumasi: just that side, he didn't even have the words. -- sigh. reggie: with his glasses, little hat. drew: that is not great.
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he is giving me ralphie from christmas story vibes. you could make bank as a kid shoveling snow. my friends and diet -- when you are a tenant have 100 bucks from shoveling -- and i. when you go neighbor my neighbor hitting those driveways -- i neighbor hitting those driveways, it is work though. reggie: you must have had a strong back. drew: i mean. [laughter] reggie: if i say so. [laughter] drew: let's talk about the dense fog advisory in effect in the north bay until 10:00 a.m., it is less than a quarter of a mile in spots. we are used to fog, it is especially thick right now. use the low beams as you're out and about right now. we see the fog is thick and the north bay, we will zoom down to street level, nevada down to a quarter mile visibility.
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certainly impacted in the region, highway 37 as well. santa rosa down to a quarter mile, napa down to half a mile. the north bay valley is highest hit, livermore dealing with fog at a quarter of a mile visibility. if you are not dealing with fog, overcast skies first thing this morning. 10:00 a.m., still checking the fog but it does break down. i've afternoon it is out of here and it is bright and warmer compared to this time yesterday. high pressure in control, the storm track is well north of us and remains there through the weekend. so a quiet pattern setting up again today. the big headline on your wednesday, 60 in oakland, 59 in the city. after the fog lifts, we hit 64. 63 in san jose. overnight tonight, we expect fog to redevelop in the north bay. two butchers in the low end mid-40's as we head into thursday. rainfall potential, the storm track is well north. -- temperatures. california will remain dry over
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the next seven days. it is all about the fog this morning. a brighter afternoon on the way. feeling your 70 in the warmest cities, a little bit breezy in the hills. the drive pattern continues into early next week. reggie: -- kumasi: nafta ginger with what is coming up on gma. -- now will to ginger with what is coming up on gma. >> we've got to go ahead and start with weather, because there is some serious arctic air trying to sneak its way south into the planes. we are going to be talking about that and tracking the storms that impact the east coast, including the carolinas. also, the race to get to tonga after the volcanic eruption which was more powerful than a nuclear bomb. we are live there this morning. and how you can start making million dollar decisions to improve your finances. apparently, it does not include getting rid of your latte. then, a legend.
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she is with us talking about a vegas residency, sing music and twitter. -- some a new music and twitter. reggie: we heard everything you said, but were also admires and the rat. -- wrap. kumasi: the whole look. >> my aunt viv look. tell me you started watching fresh prince without telling me. this girl. kumasi: i love it. is it a shawl? what is it? >> thank you. it is, like a big scarf and never knew what to do with. and i watched the premiere episode of the fresh prince of bel air with my children, and i was like, i know what to do with that scarf. it looks chic when you've got ice behind you. tomorrow, it not look like this. so take those moments when you can. reggie: i love it.
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reggie: special meeting to discuss the ballpark proposal. the oakland commission is expected to recommend final certification of the environment impact report you to think what needs to be done to the site. this is calling for 352 million dollars in infrastructure upgrades. final certification could come as soon as fruary by t kl.public comment will be allowd on zoom, that meeting is scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. kumasi: the red cross is teaming up with the nfl to encourage people to donate blood. last week, they declared a first ever national blood crisis. if you donate this month, you have a chance to win tickets to the super bowl. the winner will also get entry into the official nfl tailgate, round-trip airfare, three night hotel stay and a $500 gift card for other expenses.
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the red cross is calling it the worst blood shortage in more than a decade. you can find out more information about donating at their website. we've been talking about this all morning, let's get to it. if you are looking for love, the produce aisle might be the place to find the one. reggie: at least according to a former bachelor producer. he is working on a series called a series called levitt first bite. the show will take place in the midwest at highview grocery stores. i was just at a high v -- hy-vee. filming is set to begin next month. the dating show will air on their digital streaming platform. it will feature contestants on a blind date. they will meet there for the first time. this is killing me. they will shop for groceries together, make a meal, then it is up to them where it goes. kumasi: i am intrigued. it is kind of casual, you can
6:27 am
see if they have good taste, if you can make a meal together, shop together. it reggie: reggie: is the little things. i was at the hy-vee grocery store where my brother works, he is on the autism spectrum and so was his friend. she went on the announcements while we were shopping, it was the best announcement i've ever heard. it was energy, going right to the audience. moms, you don't want to cook. that's don't want to either. come by the high v -- hy-vee deli counter and get you a steak. as soon as she was done, the manager came over and said call 23 immediately. i needed the end of the story, is she ok? kumasi: hopefully she is into sales went up. more top stories at 6:30, timing out the at-home test for covid. i guide if you are having trouble getting the free ones
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ordered and the best time you should take the test once you get them. reggie: the cliff house come back, strong signs on when it could reopen and what it may look like in its new form. kumasi: canopy car security. the new - [announcer] the more we learn about covid-19 the more questions and worries we have. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. calhope can help with free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. new year, new start. and now comcast business is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7.
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: the bay area lab pumping out covid tests around-the-clock. taking you inside the largest test making facility in the state, the places they say need them the most and what to do if you are having trouble getting them. kumasi: president biden's one-year your report card set to deliver remarks as he lays out goals for the road ahead. one key issue front and center on capitol hill. reggie: the cannonballs may not be real, but this morgan hill home is about to blow up on the national stage. we discovered it here on abc 7 a couple years ago, now so does america. starting today on disney plus, i
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keep talking until we show it, where is it? where's the pirate ship? kumasi: there is. -- there it is. [laughter] reggie: good morning on this wednesday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. first, a check of your weather. drew: we have a dense fog advisory and the north bay, it is thick in spots and it will continue until 10:00 a.m. this morning. here is the advisory, less than a quarter mile visibility in spots. this again until 10:00 a.m., for good reason. zero miles in petaluma, quarter mile visibility from novato to santa rosa. you can see the fog is thick from this vantage point. we have the morning cloud cover. if you are not dealing with fog, you are dealing with overcast skies. a brighter finish to the day, the cloud cover breaks down. we see sunshine and warmer temperatures compared to yesterday in the 50's and 60's.
6:32 am
kumasi: new tools to fight the virus. the white house is making 400 million n95 available for free. they will start shipping masks to pharmacies and community health centers by the end of the week. uc berkeley researchers are seeing a decrease in covid cases based on wastewater samples. it shows fewer cases in san francisco, marin county and eastern voice shins -- portions of contra costa county. the state added one million cases in just one week, however the test positively rate has declined slightly to 21.1%. reggie: you can send to get free at home covid tests deliver to your front door. the federal government launched the website today following yesterday's soft launch. for many, it was a big relief. some bay area residents have trouble signing up. yesterday, woman and her husband try to request their free shipment but she says she was redirected to the usps website
6:33 am
saying they already requested their tests. >> clicked on the link, fill everything in. i'm trying to member exactly what it said, what it said it had already been ordered for our address. i figured our upstairs neighbor ordered it. but i didn't know, so i asked my husband. reggie: some people multifamily homes, apartments or dorms are getting the same message. if you're having trouble, have a full explainer guide on the front page of our website. kumasi: we are getting a look inside california's largest covid test making facility. it is fully automated and has labs that run 24 hours a day. company processes up to 120,000 tests rapid pcr tests every day, they say they are seeing a huge need from preschools and day cares. the fast turnaround is helping to keep the country's second-largest school district in section -- session.
6:34 am
students receive results before the next school day. >> that was the go from day one, focused on schools. we will get america back to normal life, get kids back to school. kumasi: it is in talks with state leaders in hopes of getting labs like there is in every region for large-scale pandemic response. we are getting health advice on when we should use at-home antigen test's. >> they are best used to test i youdynow u isola core jusnef myo longer hen emma i no longer infectious -- am i no longer infectious? kumasi: pcr tests are more sensitive to picking up the virus and accurate long after someone is infected to others. they say antigen test are still fairly accurate, particularly when someone has symptoms and the viral load is high. they can be less accurate when
6:35 am
someone does not have symptoms. reggie: flights canceled indefinitely. some international carriers say they will no longer land at sfo. the problem is the launch of 5g. amy hollyfield is live at the airport for us. amy: we are seeing some cancellations here at the international terminal at sfo this morning. these are the airlines that have decided to stop service at sfo for now. emirate, alan upon an air india. -- and air india. they are worried about 5g signals cell companies are launching today. verizon and at&t will start using the new cell phone technology near american airports today, and airlines say they are worried it will interfere with their equipment. and will create a dangerous very close to freque by frequeng airplanesha msu
6:36 am
how high the plane is from the ground. amy: hope to resume flights at these u.s. airports where they have canceled service soon with japan airline saying they will resume flights tomorrow. other countries have successfully launched a new 5g signal and airlines say they are working with officials in the u.s. to try and alleviate the concerns here. reporting live, abc 7 news. kumasi: today, president biden will talk about what lies ahead for his second year in office. this is coming as republicans and democrats are in a standoff over voting rights. we have moreover the battle on the bill on the senate floor. jobina: democrats accuse republicans of stifling democracy. republican-controlled states having passing bills resisting -- we voter access. they want to broaden the type of
6:37 am
id acceptable oh, but they need 60 votes to pass the bill, including 10 republicans which they do not have. now, to democrats are refusing to change the senate rules to let them pass the bill with a simple majority. >> there is no check and balance. he sweep right through, the same thing can happen if republicans had everything. jobina: president biden plans to hold a news conference this afternoon. he is expected to talk about the pandemic and inflation. the white house press secretary says his speech will be about how he will build on the foundation he laid out in his first year in office. kumasi: abc news will air a special report when president biden holds the conference this afternoon, expected at 1:00. you can watch it right here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. reggie: former president trump's family businesses been accused of possible fraud. the new york state attorney general's is the business has repeatedly missed or presented values of assets to boost the
6:38 am
bottom line. trump is trying to block her from questioning him and two of his kids as part of a civil investigation of his business. trump has called it a witch hunt. kumasi: help is on the way for people of tonga. now, you can help out. communication is cut off for much of the island kingdom in the wake of a volcanic in tsunami. now, sf enterprises and logistics is collecting essentials like masks and water that will go out on ships tomorrow. there get help. >> we are doing efforts with the lions club in new zealand, hopefully giving the monetary donations. they can get the stuff in new zealand, ship it to tonga a lot quicker than shipping it on a boat. kumasi: sf enterprises and logistics will be collecting donations near the port of oakland at the mandela parkway headquarters. you can drop things off until
6:39 am
4:00 this afternoon. reggie: noah's bagels in the north bay had the entire staff quit all at once. the reason they did it is racking up millions of use. kumasi: you are looking live at the big part of the new york stock exchange come up by about 155 points. another update on the markets next. reggie: high fashion but high-protein. the skincare mask inspired by meet -- meat. drew: no. no. what is this? here we go, let's talk by the dense fog we have out there. an advisor is in effect in the north bay, visibility down to a quarter mile many spots. even san rafael. livermore, not under the advisory but still having issues and parts of the east bay with down to a quarter-mile. here's the advisory, adolescent of 10:00 this morning for the valleys of the north bay, including parts of marin, napa
6:40 am
and sonoma counties. visibility less than a quarter of a mile. this is thick fog, use low beams as you are driving early this morning. leave extra distance between you and the car in front of you. here's the exploratorium camera, the cloud cover has a most completely consumed the sf skyline. if you are not dealing with fog, you are dealing with overcast skies. hour-by-hour, timing of the cloud cover, you can see later this morning it is still around the base shoreline impacting some of us. into the early afternoon, the fog will lift. we see sunshine later today to finish out wednesday, temperatures a little warmer today compared to this time yesterday. morning fog to afternoon sunshine is the big headline for wednesday, 60 in oakland later on today. 63 in san jose. fog in the north bay right now, sunshine in the afternoon. santa rosa up to a comfortable 64 degrees. let's get a check of traffic. jobina: the fog is definitely
6:41 am
impacting your commute, we start with the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are officially on. no back up there, so good news for anyone traveling in san francisco. the emeryville camera, i've been showing it throughout the morning, but completely fogged out. drew mentioned the advisory for the north bay, i thought i would bring in the san rafael camera to show you 101 and the conditions you face if you drive through there this morning. in san jose, crash has cleared but a slow down on northbound 101 before allen rock avenue. speeds down to around 60 miles per hour. up to san francisco, some caltrans construction. one lane is open on south bend 280 between 6th street into mariposa street. that will be closed while they
6:42 am
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for more information about side effects talk to your doctor. ♪ be in your moment. ask your doctor about ibrance. reggie: the fashion industry is
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mourning the lost of an icon. he died in new york after joining vogue in 1980 three and rose to prominence as editor-in-chief. he had a larger-than-life career as a fashion journalist, earning him a number of awards including the north carolina governor's award for literature last year. he was 73. kumasi: san jose police are invested getting a crash that killed two pedestrians. a total of three people were hit last night, the third victim is expected to be ok. cap and run it: 30 at the expressway and foxworthy avenue, the intersection had to be shut down for a few hours as the investigation went on. the driver stayed at the scene before being taken to the hospital with minor injuries. san jose police say seven people have died in traffic collisions so far this year. reggie: san francisco celebrant a ray of hope or homelessness, crime and covid are all major challenges. the tenderloin lincoln center is now open. it comes after a state of
6:45 am
emergency was declared for the neighborhood announcing an initiative to connect people to care and services. on 3:00 show, getting answers, they say a key part is to break to the barriers that keep people from getting help. >> the goal of the center is to help people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder and to get them the help and treatment they need. reggie: once fully staffed, the center will serve up to 100 people at a time. kumasi: in the north bay, the entire crew of one noah's bagels in vacaville has quit. it comes after they say a beloved manager was unjustly fired. they say it was a toxic workplace. video of all 16 workers walking out on the job is going viral. reports say the former manager was told she would be suspended because of a customer complaint. that she there was no complaint and found out she was getting fired without being told why. >> to them, i love you all so much. this was absolutely not
6:46 am
expected. but i am so grateful for every one of their support and having my back and having each other's backs. >> when you belittle somewhat to the point where they don't want to work for you, why would i spend eight hours of my day for a company that doesn't appreciate me? kumasi: noah's has not commented on the termination or the workers who quit, but a district supervisor is responding to complaints threatening every one of them can be replaced. reggie: now for the morning when he report. while other tech companies are downsizing, san francisco-based twitter has expanded its headquarters. the chronicle reports twitter renewed its lease and added an additional 80,000 square feet. it will move into a space in the building that was previously used by thumbtack, and online services marketplace. twitter says it is committed to san francisco being its biggest hub even of the company is allowing employees to work from home indefinitely. one of the biggest tech acquisitions and years making waves in the business world.
6:47 am
microsoft is buying activision blizzard for nearly $70 billion. that is the biggest by and microsoft history. activision is the videogame studio behind war craft, overwatch and call of duty. the deal would make microsoft the third largest gaming company by revenue. they still have to go through a long review process that is expected to close in 2023. 40 and 80 to crated to crated td called canopy. it is like ringed but for cars. it will alert owners to potential threats. canopy will not be exclusive to ford vehicles. it launches next year. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange as treating gets underway in a different manner than yesterday when we were way down. now we are up about 154 points. kumasi: in the east bay, family-owned institution said it served its last meal. the diner has permanent they
6:48 am
closed. they report the primary reason is a staff shortage. betty's oceanview diner was open for nearly 40 years. the lease was set to expire this summer and the owner says he was considering retiring then. still, he admits he is actively looking for a way to reopen the restaurant. reggie: the last abercrombie and fitch in san francisco is closing. an employee says the last day of business at westfield mall will be one week from today, january 26. say the stores lease is up into they are hoping to relocate. the store stopped online order pickups as a staff prepares for the closure. there are four other local locations in concord, livermore, santa clara and vacaville. there is an abercrombie kids in the mall, no word if that store is going to close. kumasi: from baloney to beauty, new skincare mask is on the market. it is inspired by baloney. oscar meyer is partnered with a
6:49 am
korean beauty company to crate a mask that looks like the lunchmeat. -- create a mask. they say promote skin elasticity, improved hydration written the packaging kind of looks like a pack of baloney, complete with the wiener mobile. they are on sale now on amazon for five dollars each and only while supplies last. drew: much different than baloney. i love a good deli meat -- reggie: really? you grew up with that, then you grew up. drew: what did you eat? reggie: baloney, but that is when you don't know any better. kumasi: i am not going to let you drag drew, you still eat stovetop stuffing.
6:50 am
[laughter] drew: we have the dense fog advisory still in effect for the north bay valley until 10:00 a.m., trying to drag me for eating a popular deli meat when i had no choice. look it up. google it. live doppler 7 showing you the dense fog advisory until 10 nick watt this morning, for good reason. we're going to press into closer into the north bay where we have the issues, novato down to a quarter-mile in the zero miles in petaluma. it doesn't get worse than that. thick fog on parts of 101 and highway 37 as you head toward napa, quarter-mile visibility there. same story in santa rosa. livermore is not underneath the advisory, but you still have aerilect in this rio a chilly start to the day, we are in the 40's. san francisco at 49, 43 in santa
6:51 am
rosa. much cooler inland, livermore with fog coming in. 10:00 a.m., still seeing issues with low clouds around the bay shoreline. it is not until midday into the afternoon cloud cover is going to lift for a lot of sunshine later today. high-pressure and control, meaning the storm track is well north of the region, keeping us dry. morning focht a sunshine, upper 50's to low 60's. -- fog to sunshine. today is warmer than yesterday. tonight, fog redeveloped in the north bay, temperatures in the low to mid 40's into thursday. the seven day forecast showing the drive pattern persists, feels like spring friday. the weekend turns breezy. kumasi: dionne waugh rick has some big news. ♪ yes.
6:52 am
this is a good throwback. member this? teaming up with stevie wonder, gladys knight, elton john for that's what friends are for. the song topped the charts 36 years ago in january of 1986, this morning we are hearing from her on good morning america talking about her new music and her upcoming vegas residency. >> looking forward to it, i hope those in vegas missed me like i miss them. come on out, hang out. >> you have so many hits, how do you decide what to do for an encore? >> i don't do encores. [laughter] iiii again. [laughter] kumasi: what is an encore? follow her on social media, you know she has some pretty electrifying opinions on just about everything. watch her full interview coming up on gma. reggie: she just said when the
6:53 am
concert is over, it is over. go back to the casino. kumasi: buy another ticket. reggie: amy schneiders epic run on jeopardy is becoming game show laura. she is breaking glass ceilings along the way. she is the winningest woman and the most high-profile transgender contestant and the show's history. she is dominating the tricky trivia. will reeves spoke to david ollis or -- oliver and they spoke about what her success means for the trans community. >> i think it means people who are in these comfortable spaces, if they were ever uncomfortable with trans people, will let them sit in that discomfort and be comfortable because these are just people like anybody else. you know? reggie: jeopardy tears weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7. -- errors weeknights -- -- -- --
6:54 am
weeknights at 7:00. kumasi: if you're interested in opening a restaurant at the site, you 120 days to submit your proposal. the park service's plan to pick an operator sometime this summer. yuri member cliff house is shut down at the end of 2020 after a 47 year run. -- you remember. reggie: this hidden pirates cove and a morgan hill backyard is about to be known across the country. it is featured on national geographic's the world according to jeff goldblum available to watch on disney plus today. they worked on this backyard complete with a one third scale pirate ship for two decades. to give people a pirates of the caribbean experience. they say it is a thrill to share it with a national audience. >> it is kind of an honor to be looked at it that way. we enjoy every day, every
6:55 am
minute, every hour when we are here at the cove doing what we do. [laughter] reggie: i love how it is called the cove. this is available right now on disney plus. dead men tell no talesad m do you know that reference? drew? drew: i do. reggie: it is what they say before you go down the first waterfall on the parts of the caribbean ride at disneyland. kumasi: i'm still waiting for my tour from you. reggie: i forgot i promised that. [laughter] kumasi: coming to cash my check. [laughter] reggie: that is what friends are for. kumasi: let's take it there. up next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: it is 6:55, we have another stunner of a sunrise. love that
6:56 am
why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within keeping you one step ahead of eczema. hide my skin? not me. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. with dupixent, you can show more skin with less eczema. hide my skin? not me. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor.
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when you help heal your skin from within you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment.
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kumasi: here are seven things to know this morning. the white house is making 400 million n95 masks available across the country. it also launched a website where you can order free at home covid tests. reggie: antony blinken arrived in ukraine overnight hoping to diffuse tensions between ukraine and russia. he warned russia could launch a new attack anytime. thousands of russian troops have been stationed at the russian ukrainian border. kumasi: if you are flying out of sfo this morning, check before you go. several airlines are canceling flights because of a major disagreement with cell phone carriers. verizon and at&t are launching new 5g signal today, but top airline executives say this could cause safety issues. reggie: all oakland unified schools are open today after a stick out forced the district closed several schools yesterday. students are demanding more covid protections. the district says it is already providing them. drew: dense fog advisory in the
6:59 am
north bay until 10:00 this morning for the valleys of marin, napa and sonoma county. his ability down to a quarter-mile. live look from the sutro tower, there are the low clouds. they will clear for afternoon sunshine, going to the 50's and 60's. jobina: a fog advisory for the richman san rafael bridge as we take a live look, headlights traveling toward the north bay. once you get there, this is what san rafael looks like. kumasi: i i i day. last week, some fans waited six hours in line at disney world for this. this special edition popcorn bucket was $25 at epcot international festival of the arts. purple dragon is the start of journey into the imagination ride and is known as epcot's mascot. reggie: let me say this. i do not understand the popcorn bucket thing. but then i saw this one, and i want to. kumasi: six hours?
7:00 am
reggie: the bucket is cute. jobina: not for good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this wednesday morning, a bitter cold blast on the move. dangerous deep freeze. temperatures plunge below zero and overnight, the blizzard conditions wreaking havoc on the roads. this morning, the new threat for snow and ice taking aim at the east coast. ginger is tracking it all. battling omicron. overnight the white house announcing it will give out 400 million free n95 masks releasing them from the national strategic stockpile as the free at-home testing rollout is now under way. how to get yours this morning. major escalation overnight. the trump organization investigation intensifying. new york attorney general letitia james now accusing the


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