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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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covid-19. the government. >> remembering a local woman killed in an attack in new york city. the vigils here and across the country. >> some flights into sfo now canceled and it is not weather-related. the agreement now impacting airline schedules. >> a live look outside from two of our schedules in the east bay. drew is tracking at all. good morning, everyone, happy wednesday, january 19. you are watching abc seven mornings. we are going to start with a check of the weather. drew: welcome back, hope you had a great time. tracking for this morning, dense in spots. live doppler 7 showing you the issues we had. street level, we are going to show you what is going on right now. as you press closer into napa, down to a quarter if not half a mile.
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the fog is thick on highway 37 right now. santa rosa, a similar issue at this hour. 580 certainly seeing dense fog, a quarter-mile at this hour. the fog is going to stick with us through the next several hours. live look from the east bay hills area, a lot of low cloud cover. a lot of clouds as we wake up this morning. by noon we start to see those clouds clear out. a much brighter afternoon later on today. by 4:00 p.m., a lot of sunshine and a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday. the government offering free tools to help americans fight the latest wave of covid-19. we know this is coming as the surge is creating an alarming spike in cases in kids. >> that house -- white house will take 400 million n95 masks from the strategic national stockpile and ship them to pharmacies and health centers across the country.
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they are scheduled to be available in some places by the end of next week. the government is also launching a long-awaited website allowing americans to place their first orders for free, at home covid tests. the white house cautioned there may be hiccups. >> every website launch interview comes with the risk. we can't guarantee there won't be a bug or two. >> programs like this can make a difference but i hope it is just the beginning of something more robust. >> new data shows nearly one million children tested positive for covid-19 last week. have yet to get vaccinated. reggie: hundreds of thousands of face shields are now headed to the dump after they were left out in the rain. this comes just days after the abc 7 team reported on millions of dollars of personal protective equipment damaged in the rain in san mateo county. icu eyewear owns that ppe.
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they say they bought millions of face shields, but the demand never materialized. >> that's a shame because if it went to some place that would have needed it, it would have been used in a proper fashion. it is a downright shame. reggie: 5 million for shields came to california while another one million went to idaho. the ceo says "we just don't think it is appropriate to give to folks any longer." all of the unified schools will be open today. that is the district plan after a sick out closed schools yesterday. united for success academy is one of about a dozen schools that closed. students are demanding more safety measures and testing. the district says they are already providing that. >> first and foremost, we've ordered and received and delivered to all schools 200,000 masks for students. those went to school with thursday and this morning.
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reggie: oakland unified says it is providing testing at 10 hubs and at schools and has been building outdoor eating areas since last fall. if you want to stay up-to-date, we have more information on our website. investigating a crash that killed two pedestrians. a total of three people were hit last night and a third victim is expected to be ok. the crash happened around 8:30 on foxworthy avenue. the intersection had to be shut down for several hours. the driver stayed at the scene before being taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say seven people have died so far this year. reggie: and east bay native kelce new york is being remembered in the bay area. michelle died after a man pushed her in front of a subway train. a vigil was held in san francisco. >> candles lit in san francisco's chinatown to
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remember michelle, who grew up in fremont. >> michelle was a high school classmate of mine and she let out every room that she was in. >> while dozens showed up to remember her on the west coast, hundreds remember her in new york city tuesday night, too. she died saturday after being shoved onto the tracks in front of an oncoming new york city subway train. a former bay area colleague of hers told stories of how michelle comforted her on her fear of flying even after their trip by sending her an email to see if she was ok. >> when he found out about what happened, i was sharing these stories with my ex manager who was also very close with michelle. we had a great working relationship and i told him the story about this airline email and his response was that is so michelle. >> it is still unclear why the
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suspect pushed michelle. police say he has a history of mental illness. he was apparently in a hospital with a police guard. those who spoke in san francisco and new york say attacks against asian americans must stop. >> she deserved to be safe. she didn't deserve this. >> we are going to take the spirit of her brilliance and her kindness and her desire to serve and we are going to use that to continue to fight for a better world because we have to because of violence that has to end. reggie: michelle was a 19 98 graduate of fremont american haskell where she was a cheerleader and part of the honor society. her family still lives in the east bay. kumasi: if you are taking international trip to or from sfo today, global airlines are canceling flights as verizon and at&t launch new 5g service which
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airline executives say could cause safety issues. amy hollyfield is joining us live with more on this disagreement. amy: some international airlines have canceled flights indefinitely here to sfo because of this issue. air india emirates say they are canceling flights indefinitely and this is happening because verizon and at&t are launching new 5g signals today. the airlines are worried this will cause safety issues, especially at airports like sfo with low visibility and weather issues. the airlines say the frequency for the 5g is very close to a frequency used by the equipment that measures how high the plane is off the ground. >> this is unsafe. let us be clear. this is unsafe, manufacturers have said so, our airlines are saying so, the faa is saying so and so are pilots.
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>> other countries have successfully launched 5g signals but the faa says the 5g here will be twice as powerful. the airlines have said they do hope to resume flights at the u.s. airports where they have canceled service. they are just working now with officials to try to alleviate these concerns. drew: we are tracking some right now especially in the north bay and in the east bay. the visibility right now down to a quarter mile. 580 certainly impacted in that area. napa you just saw decreased to a quarter mile. widespread low cloud cover in the north bay right now and that low cloud cover is going to linger this morning. live look outside, this is san jose right now. you do notice overcast skies from this vantage point and we are waking up to a great start and a bright finish to the day. temperatures in the 30's and
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40's. 43 in santa rosa with the fog. 50 incense tail. same temperature currently in half moon bay. let's go hour-by-hour on future weather. by 9:00 a.m., you can still see a shoreline impacted by the fog. afternoon, that fog is out of here and it is a really nice- looking afternoon later on today. the headline, sunshine in little bit warmer compared to yesterday. up to 59 the city, 60 in oakland. 64 in santa rosa, 63 in san jose, palo alto. that is the weather. let's see how we are doing on traffic. jobina: i want to talk about that low visibility because it will impact your commute. you can see how foggy it is. the headlines that you can make out are traveling in the westbound direction on 80 for you. the good news is that we don't have any major blocking issues this morning.
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live picture show menu walnut creek looking nice and clear, so that is also positive in the territory for your commute. really, it is the same story for the drive times because look at back, coming out of tracy, things are green. antioch to concord, 13 minutes. kumasi: cars crashing into the front of stores. a target for these thieves on a crime spree in the south bay. reggie: a team with imperfections, but they did do something right. when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou
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kumasi: a mother accused of hosting boozy sex parties involving teenagers is going to stay in jail until next month. yesterday a judge continued the hearing for sharon o'connor -- shannon o'connor. at least six of the alleged victims spoke telling the judge that o'connor would "torment her accusers" if she were released. prosecutors say there are 15 alleged victims which is unusually high for one case.
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>> to have the people that were victims of her conduct come forward in such a unified manner to show the court how afraid they are that she will be released is very exceptional and just goes to the bravery of these girls. kumasi: o'connor's lawyers say she is not a risk to public safety and there is no legal cause for her to remain in jail. reggie: the search is on for a group of criminals who went on a 90 minute crime spree in downtown san jose, seemingly tried to steal atms. police say they caused tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to six small businesses across the city. amanda spoke to shop owners and has more surveillance video. amanda: surveillance footage early tuesday morning shows this man casing the outside of wine and liquors in south san jose. seconds later as this sedan is seen ramming through the storefront. >> they hit with a car and took the atm machine.
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amanda: just one of several small business owners across the city whose storefronts were smashed in an early morning, 90 minute crime spree. police believe they targeted atm's. we are told they use different vehicles, hitting six separate locations. >> the first burglary was reported a couple minutes after 3:00 a.m. blast was shortly after 4:30 a.m. this occurred all over the city from the south part of the city into downtown toward the north end of the city. amanda: in total the criminals got away with one money machine and were able to break open a second. police did not confirm how much cash was inside. wine and liquor cameras caught the suspects struggling to get the atm onto the pickup truck. >> the atm machine has no money in there, maybe $500. it is not that much. amanda: elsewhere, more damage. cameras in downtown caught this suv reversing into the business. the shop owner didn't want to go on camera but confirms he doesn't even have an atm inside the store.
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instead those responsible cost $15,000-$20,000 of damage and got away with a couple hundred dollars of clothing. the criminals also either burglarized or attempted to burglarize several other local shops, a nail salon and a safe way. >> these criminals were very busy for about an hour and a half in the city. amanda: the criminals remain at large. uncovered $185,000 of stolen merchandise including from a high-end heist of a louis vuitton store in san francisco's union square. photos show leggings, jackets, lotions and sunscreen, even antitheft tags. the chp organized retail crime test force found the items after arresting a suspect known to buy and resell stolen goods. that person has been booked on charges of organized retail crime. kumasi: governor newsom has big plans for a program to help california students reduce college debt. the state just announced 45
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colleges and universities selected for the first round of funding for the college core. list includes quite a few bay area campuses including uc berkeley, san jose state. student to volunteer 450 hours will earn $10,000 to pay off loans or other college expenses at participating schools. >> $10,000, that is a lot of money. that is a big deal. 6500 people. if this thing works, we can go back to legislature and take it to another whole level. we can take it to the rest of the country because nobody else is doing this. kumasi: californians for all college core started as a pilot program after winning approval from the state legislature. reggie: a 17-year-old yolo county high school senior has joined an elite club of students with a perfect sat score. they answered every single question correctly. he says he prepared whenever he had free time. that is pretty busy as vice
5:17 am
captain of the robotics team, student body president and recently took up a job as a software engineering intern. he talked about which part of the test was the most difficult. >> the first section, for sure. the reading sections, you are reading these long passages and then they ask you at some point in time what was the meaning of the intro paragraph or what the author want to convey in this section and you are like well, i don't know. reggie: i guess he did know, right? he says he applied to about a dozen colleges and expects to start hearing back in march. right on. congratulations to this man. drew: my stepbrother got a perfect score, two. i, on the other hand, overslept the first time i took the sats. reggie: so you didn't go at all? drew: i didn't, i had to reschedule. i overslept. you had to go to the neighboring high school, it was a whole thing. kumasi: that wasn't your time. drew: the second time was my
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time. good morning, guys. tracking a great start to the day. let's take a live look. a lot of low cloud cover right now over the city. you can see the tops of the buildings right now a little chopped off, but the fog, not too dense in san francisco. let's go down to street level. live doppler 7, here is 580 right now. certainly impacted at this hour with low visibility and parts of east bay. the north bay, more widespread dense fog. down to a quarter mile. here is the region. highway 37, certainly we are seeing a lot of low cloud cover in the north bay valleys and a similar story in santa rosa. again, this fog is going to stay with us at least through the 10:00, 11:00 a.m. our cloud cover, slow to lift this morning. 10:00 a.m., you still see a lot of that low cloud cover. into the afternoon, the fog will
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get out of here. a quieter afternoon today and in warmer afternoon as well compared to yesterday. high pressure still firmly in control, keeping that storm track well north of the region. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. 63 in san jose, 64 in santa rosa. if you're traveling, it is a brighter afternoon across the entire state and it is also dry. 60's and 70's for southern california. morning fog to sunshine today. we will keep that pattern through much of the extended forecast. friday getting close to 70. some wind in the hills over the weekend but all in all, the drive pattern persists into early next week. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: a new disney bop that is even more popular than "let it go" from frozen. the highest charting disney tune in more than two decades. kumasi: and a pretty tense situation showing the dangers of an ice.
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the bod
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, the white house is
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making 400 million n95 masks available at pharmacies and health centers across the country. they've also launched a website where you can order free covid tests. just go online to sign up for years. reggie: antony blinken arrived in ukraine overnight, hoping to diffuse tensions between ukraine and russia. he warned russia could launch a new attack anytime. thousands of russian troops have been stage -- stationed at the russian heaven ukrainian border. kumasi: you need tkumasi: you ne you head out because several airlines are canceling flights because of a major disagreement with cell phone carriers. verizon and at&t are launching new 5g signal service today but airlines say could cause safety issues. reggie: all open unified schools are supposed to be open today after the district was forced to close several schools yesterday. students are still the mandy moore protections with the did -- which the district says it is working to provide. drew: we are tracking dense fog in the north bay and parts of the east bay, visibility down to a quarter mile.
5:23 am
the afternoon is sunny and warmer than yesterday in the 50's and in the 60's. kumasi: that fog is also going to impact your commute this morning, bringing you a live picture from our san rafael camera. that one doesn't look too bad, but this is an issue that you can definitely see in emeryville. low visibility on 80. kumasi: san francisco's clubhouse could soon have a new restaurant. national park service opened a leasing process this week. proposals have to be submitted by april 20. reggie: bodycam video shows the tense moments as first responders pulled three people from a frozen lake. it happened sunday in new jersey. here is alex perez. alex: surviving the dangers of thin ice. >> we have people in the water. >> tense moments captured on police bodycam. authorities racing to this new jersey late sunday night to help
5:24 am
roderigo who had fallen through thin ice. the 41-year-old says he was writing his dirt bike on the ice which he thought was six inches thick when the front wheel cracked the ice and he plunged. >> i was floating neckdeep when i first went in the water. i was like, that was intense. it was, like, fighting for your life. >> two witnesses falling through the eyes themselves, officials pulling the three victims to safety. >> it could have definitely turned out worse. i'm just glad the outcome was good. >> and the expert tips for getting out of this dangerous situation coming up. kumasi: youtube create original programming. the company will instead invest in live shopping programming, the black voices fund and youtube shorts. the company has $100 million funding dedicated to kids shows and supporting black artists. youtube original started back in 2016. the content was part of a $12
5:25 am
premium subscription that gave users access to original shows and made other videos free of commercials. it is time to talk about bruno. a song from the disney movie "encanto" just to chart heights not even reached by frozen. >> ♪ we don't talk about bruno no no... kumasi: it is number four on the billboard hot 100 singles chart and that is the highest charting disney song in more than 26 years. it has even surpassed "let it go." the only other song top five include aladdin's "a whole new world in 1993" and then "can you feel the love tonight" in 1994 and of course, "colors of the wind" in 1995. disney is the parent company of abc 7. reggie: do i need to turn in my badge because i don't know who bruno is or why we don't talk
5:26 am
about him? kumasi: that is why you need to look and lis really, who is bru? kumasi: don't talk about him. reggie: coming up at 5:30, the once-great popular chain clothing store closing its last location in san francisco this month. kumasi: the government giving out at-home covid tests for free. reggie: and a pirate paradise right here in the bay area. kumasi: and let's take a live look outside right now at sfo. what you need to check if you are traveling internationally today. we will be right back.
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announcer: this is abc 7 news. reggie: safety issues in the sky. disagreement prompting some flight cancellations today. >> throw everything in, and is it and ordered for our address? kumasi: this is the error message that some people are getting when they are trying to get free at home covid tests from the federal government. the issues still being ironed out. reggie: the donation colie: theo site you can drop things off at in the bay area today before they head out on a ship to tonga tomorrow. good morning, it is wednesday, january 19. abc 7 mornings's live right now. kumasi: one to start with a check of the forecast withdrew. drew: foggy areas out there especially in the north bay and
5:30 am
the east bay. we will zoom into a couple of locations. zero mile visibility right now, down to a quarter mile visibility. highway 37 certainly impacted in the north bay at this hour. similar story as you move north into santa rosa and into the east bay. livermore seen issues of fog as well, down to a quarter mile. certainly impacted by fog on this wednesday morning. low clouds chopping -- off the top of the buildings. the afternoon is much temperatures a little bit warmer today compared to yesterday in the 50's and 60's. kumasi: we begin with the pandemic and the new tools to fight the virus. the white house is making 400 million n95 masks available for free. the biden administration will start shipping them to pharmacies and community health centers by the end of the week.
5:31 am
berkeley researchers are seeing a decrease in covid cases based on wastewater samples. data from 2.5 million people shows fewer cases in san francisco, moraine county and the eastern portions of contra costa county. meanwhile california has surpassed 7 million cases. the state just added one million in one week, but the test positivity rate has declined slightly to 21.1%. reggie: you can now sign up to get free tests delivered right to your door. the federal government officially launched the website today. many people started ordering yesterday when the website had a software glitch. it wasn't a flawless start. there was an error message for some people living in multi resident buildings. >> this is like the modern-day diamond sort of thing. wow, a covid test. reggie: they were all asking for their free shipment of at-home covid tests. they went to and were redirected to the website
5:32 am
which show them this message saying they already requested their tests. >> went, clicked on the link, fill everything in, and i'm trying to remember exactly what it said but i think it said there was already an order for our address. reggie: four free kits are to to every residential address but some living in multi family home, apartment, and college dorms are seeing the same message. this family lives in a duplex in berkeley. >> our upstairs neighbor probably ordered it but i didn't know, so i had to ask my husband, he said i haven't ordered it. reggie: david is a medical ethics professor at stanford and says it is expected to see issues at first but hopes this issue doesn't create further inequality. >> the logistics of this are leading to the same things we've seen over and over again which is it is most likely that these tests are going to wind up in the hands of people who live in single-family homes. reggie: so far, the idea is great of the execution is terrible. he thinks going forward, the government should send out test
5:33 am
to every resident, not household. he even thinks that post offices should serve as sites where people can go and pick up tests. >> this could also be distribution centers for testing and there is some evidence that people will travel to those. reggie: she had to file a health request with the usps but is confident the issue will get resolved soon. >> i'm not too worried about it. i feel like it is just probably, they are just trying to push these out as best they can. kumasi: we are getting some help and advice on when we should use those at-home antigen test. >> those tests are best used to test out early from isolation. so if you already know you have covid and you are just wondering "when am i no longer infected?" kumasi: santa clara county public health officer sarah cody saying that the other type of test, the pcr tests is more sensitive and it is more accurate long after someone is
5:34 am
infectious to others. antigen test's are still fairly accurate particularly when someone is experiencing symptoms and their viral load is very high. it can be less accurate when someone does not have symptoms. if you need a test, you can go to our website. this is a map on our website listing thousands of locations in the bay area. head to reggie: flights canceled indefinitely. the problem, the launch today of 5g. amy hollyfield is live at the airport. amy: we are seeing some cancellations of the international terminal here at sfo. these are the airlines that have decided to stop service at sfo for now. amrit, and air india. they are doing this because they are worried about new 5g signals that cell phone companies are launching today. verizon and at&t will start using the new cell phone technology near american
5:35 am
airports today and airlines say it will interfere with their equipment and will create a dangerous situation at airports like sfo with low visibility. >> new frequencies for the 5g is very close to the frequencies used by airplanes that will measure how high the plane is from the ground. amy: airlines have said have sad hope to resume flights at these u.s. airports soon with japan airlines saying they will resume flights tomorrow. other countries have successfully launched the new signal and airlines say they are working with officials in the u.s. to try to alleviate the concerns here. kumasi: thank you, amy. president biden will talk today about what lies ahead for his second year in office as republicans they, grants are in a standoff over voting rights. we have more.
5:36 am
jobina: democrats accused republicans of stifling votes in many states recently controlled by republicans. a senate bill would force states requiring voters to show id to broaden the type of id that is acceptable. the bill has little hope of passing because democrats need 60 votes including 10 republicans, which they do not have. now, two democrats, christensen, and joe manchin are refusing to change the senate rules to let them pass with a civil majority. >> there is no check and balance because basically just sweep right through and the same thing could happen if republicans had any say. hold a news conference this afternoon and is expected to talk about the pandemic and inflation. white house press secretary jen psaki says the speech will be about how he will build on the foundations he laid in his first year in office. kumasi: abc news will be airing a special report when president
5:37 am
biden holds this news conference. it is expected to happen at 1:00 this afternoon and you can watch it right here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. reggie: help is on the way for the people of tonga and it is coming from around the world. now, you could help as well. communication remains cut off for much of the island kingdom in the lake of the volcanic eruption tsunami. now, oakland-based sf enterprise and logistics is collecting essentials like masks and water. an city is using connections to get help, too. >> we are going to be doing efforts with clubs in new zealand hopefully giving them monetary donations so they can get the stuff in new zealand, ship it over to tonga a lot quicker. reggie: sf enterprises logistics will be collecting donations new the port of oakland at mandela parkway headquarters today. you can drop items off until 4:00 this afternoon. kumasi: a ray of hope in the tenderloin. the new center aimed at helping
5:38 am
people on the street. reggie: the secret is out. the local pirates paradise now in the national spotlight. drew: just had a dense fog advisory issue for the north bay and for good reason. look at the visibility right now. thick fog from napa to santa rosa. here is the dense fog basically the valleys of the north bay were that cloud cover gets stock until the sun comes up and brings it off later on this morning and we will see a fair amount of sunshine. just be aware we will have some issues early on this morning in the north bay. here is the san rafael camera. low cloud cover and as we go through the morning commute, this is the area with the biggest issue with the fog. right now temperatures are mainly in the 30's and 40's. 43 in santa rosa. let's go hour-by-hour and show you that cloud cover later this
5:39 am
morning. it is still impacting us around the shoreline but into the afternoon, the fog will live and we will see a lot of sunshine and temperatures warmer today compared yesterday. the big headline today, that dense fog in spots early on this morning. 60 in oakland, 59 in the city. 64 in santa rosa. 62 in concord. that is the weather. let's see how we are doing on the roads. jobina: yes, i'm going to be talking about fog. drew just showed you the north bay so i'm going to star in the east bay. he saw the camera. almost spilling into where it looks completely black except for those small pockets of headlights coming in the westbound direction. just a heads up that this is becoming much thicker. those headlines are traveling southbound. we are now starting to see that slow down out of tracey, so things are beginning to pick up.
5:40 am
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you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. reggie: the fashion industry is mourning the loss of an icon, former vogue creative director died in new york. he first joined in 1983 and rose to prominence as editor-in-chief. he had a larger-than-life career as a fashion journalist, earning him a number of awards including the north carolina governor's award for literature just last year. he was 73. we now know that legendary actor cindy poirier died of heart failure -- sidney poitier. he died earlier this month in beverly hills. he also suffered from alzheimer's and prostate cancer. he was the first black man to
5:43 am
win the best actor oscar for his lead role in 1963's "lilies of the field." council has moved a step closer to creating a buffer zone around abortion clinics to protect employees and clients of planned parenthood from harassment by antiabortion protesters. last night the council unanimously endorsed the plan which will need a second vote to become official. walnut creek police received 42 calls for service at the facility between january of 2020 and november of 2021. complaint included accusations of verbal and physical harassment and intimidation patients and protesters walking sidewalks. reggie: san francisco is celebrating eight ray of hope in the tenderloin were homelessness, crime and covid are all major challenges. the tenderloin center is now open on market street. it comes after a state of emergency for that neighborhood and an initiative to connect people to care and services. on our 3:00 p.m. show, the mayor said a key part of the effort is
5:44 am
to break through the barriers that keep people from getting help. >> ultimately, the goal of the center is to help people struggling with mental illness and substance use disorder and to get them the help and treatment they need. reggie: when fully staffed the center will serve up to 100 people at a time. kumasi: while other tech companies are downsizing, twitter has expanded its headquarters. the chronicle is reporting that twitter renewed a lease and added in additional 80,000 square feet. twitter will move into a space in the building that was previously used by thumbtack, an online services marketplace. twitter says it is committed to san francisco being its biggest hub even though the company is allowing employees to work from home indefinitely. reggie: a pirates paradise in a morgan hill backyard is about to be known across the country. morgan's cove makes its disney plus debut on the world according to jeff goldblum today.
5:45 am
dawson dorsey was way ahead of this, finding it two years ago and he caught up with the pirate crew ahead of the new show release. >> in the quiet city of morgan hill there is a secret pirates cove like you have never seen before, but the secret is out. morgan's cove will appear on national geographic's "the world according to jeff goldblum" highlighting the best backyards in the country. >>, i dreaming? they've got a big ship in their backyard. >> it is kind of an honor to be looked at that way because we enjoy it every day and every minute of every hour when we are here doing what we do. >> rich and his crew worked on this backyard complete with a one third scale pirate ship for two decades to give people a real-life pirates of the caribbean experience and put morgan hill on the map. >> morgan's cove is literally the hidden treasure of morgan hill. we were here two years ago on a story and now the pirate paradise will be seen on a national stage on disney plus this week. >> it was pretty amazing when
5:46 am
they came. to have 18, 20 people here. they have these set ups, these huge cameras that are on their backs with these backpacks and it was a little intimidating at first. >> he said the team shot for 12 hours because jeff goldblum was so interested in every detail he dedicated years to and now, goldblum is officially part of the pirate crew. >> we had to put him through some tests on finding the cannons, throwing in anxe, dealing with the rating. i was really not overwhelmed by who he was other than that he was coming onto our ship as part of our crew members. >> this all took place in may and the crew has been waiting patiently to see their debut with the help of disney plus. we gave him and his friend kevin fernandez a first look at the episode. >> there it is, that is awesome. check it out. that was pretty remarkable what you just showed me.
5:47 am
not having any blueprints, no plans, we just did it from the seat of our pants. and for it to come out like this for the world to see what we have created is incredible. >> you can watch the backyard episode on january 19 on disney plus. reggie: i cannot i cannot i cant disney is the parent company of disney plus and abc 7. drew: i'm impressed. reggie: no blueprints? drew: make it as you go. amazing. kumasi: and get into character, it was the laugh for make. reggie: they had the clothing. sitting like a pirate. i like it. drew: that is a fantasy, he is living at and i love it. the dense fog advisory, we do have issues in the north they. we have visibility less than a quarter-mile in spots in the north bay. hazardous driving conditions. this is pretty thick fog this
5:48 am
morning, so use the low beams on your car. we will be dealing with this fog at least to the 10:00 a.m. hour. the issues we have, we are down to zero miles visibility, the same story in nevada. napa down to a half mile visibility. as we move north, santa rosa under the dense fog advisory for good reason. down to a quarter mile visibility. not under a dense fog advisory, but still seeing some patchy fog. 580 in the region certainly getting impacted early on. let's go hour-by-hour, show you that fog first thing. 10:00 a.m., still lingering around the shoreline. the dense fog advisory does expire but into the afternoon the fog will lift as we see a fair amount of sunshine later on today. a warmer afternoon compared to yesterday. 60 in oakland today. 64 in santa rosa. 59 in the city. concord, up to 62 degrees. later on we do expect the fog to
5:49 am
redevelop. temperatures mainly in the mid-50's as we head into your thursday. here is the rainfall potential the next seven days. nothing is changing. california does remain dry. that storm track stays well north of us. looks like early february could see a pattern change for the next seven days. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. morning fog today, bright afternoon. we keep that pattern through the end of the week. areas getting close to 70 degrees to finish out the week. the weekend, a little breezy but that drive pattern persists even in the early part of next week. reggie: looking for love? your perfect partner might be looking at you from across the produce section. the new dating show in a grocery store. kumasi: ok. a clubhouse come back. the plan to reopen the iconic restaurant. reggie: amy schneider's jeopardy hot streak continues. the impact of her success on the transgender community.
5:50 am
i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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reggie: the last abercrombie and fitch store in san francisco is closing this morning. last day of business at westfield mall will be one week from today, january 26. they say the store lease is up and they are hoping to relocate. the store has stopped online order pickups as staff prepares for the closure. there are four other locations in concord, river moore, santa clara and vacaville. there is also an abercrombie kids in the mall but no word if that store is also going to close. kumasi: in the east kumasi: family-owned berkeley institution says it has served its last meal. it has permanently closed. the primary reason is a staff shortage. the diner was open for nearly 40 years. the restaurant lease was set to
5:53 am
expire the summer and the owner says he was considering retiring then. however, he said he is actively looking for a way to reopen the restaurant. and it appears that san francisco's clubhouse building could reopen as a new restaurant later this year. the national park service opened up its process yesterday for leasing and if people are interested in opening a restaurant at the site, they have 120 days to submit a proposal. the park service will then pick an operator this summer. the restaurant shutdown at the end of 2020 after eight a 47 year run. two short-term pop art museums have been brought in since then. reggie: open resident amy schneider's epic run on jeopardy is quickly becoming game show lore and she is the winningest woman and the most high-profile transgender contestant in the show's history. the engineering manager is dominating the show's tricky trivia. will spoke to david oliver, a
5:54 am
usa today journalist. oliver talked about what schneider's success means for the trans community. >> i think that it means that people who were in these comfortable spaces, if they were ever uncomfortable with trans people will let them sit in not just comfort but enjoy and also become comfortable because these are just people like anybody else. stop being uncomfortable, this is a person in front of you is kicking ass on the show. it shouldn't be any different than watching anybody else. reggie: if you've been watching the wind street, jeopardy airs weeknights at 7:00 on abc 7. drew: we are tracking visibility issues in the north bay with a dense fog advisory. this in effect for the valleys of sonoma and napa county until 10:00 a.m. this morning because visibility is low in that region. visibility down to zero miles. half a mile in napa. even livermore is seeing issues.
5:55 am
down to a quarter-mile. no dense fog advisory for the east bay but nonetheless if you are on 580, you will notice the fog. the fog is going to linger through the next 3-4 hours, at least through 10:00 this morning. the state in live picture outside. here is a live look at the san rafael camera. if you are not starting out with fog this morning, you are starting out with gray skies. a lot of overcast conditions, but things will change later this afternoon. we have the dense fog in spots early on this morning with a dense fog advisory starting out in the 40's and 50's. by noon, we see the fog start to break down, and later today, it is a brighter afternoon with a lot of sunshine. temperatures, warmer today than yesterday. most of us going into the low to mid 60's. sunset coming your way at 5:19 later on this evening. kumasi: new at 6:00, a t inside the newest test-making facility in the state.
5:56 am
a bay area company working round-the-clock. reggie: petition in palo alto. stanford students delivering their demands to the school, wanting one big change by the end of the month. kumasi: hundreds of thousands of face shields are headed to the local dump after being left out in the rain. the company behind it defending the decision. reggie: here is a live look outside at 5:56. we are coming right back.
5:57 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: top stories at 6:00, free masks, tests. the biden administration delivering street to your home, but the white house is admitting it is working out some of the process. >> michelle was a high school classmate of mine. she lit up every room she was in. reggie: friends and family mourning the death of a woman pushed in front of a new york subway. two different visuals on opposite coasts, both sharing the message of her lost -- lost. kumasi: foggy sky starting the
6:00 am
day, taking a live look outside from the exploratorium camera, it is bay area fog that is the source of trouble today, especially at sfo. reggie: good morning on this wednesday. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with drew. drew: we have a dense fog advisory in effect for the north bay lasting until 10:00 a.m. for good reason. we have zero miles, quarter of a mile in santa rosa, half a mile in napa. we do not have a dense fog advisory in the east bay, but livermore still has issues, down to a quarter mile. low clouds this morning, starting off with gray skies on this wednesday morning. here is have the day is shaping up. thence fog early on. by noon, it lifts in the way


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